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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  March 6, 2012 6:00am-7:00am PST

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>>mark: that you for joining us on this super tuesday. 10 states are voting today as they choose the republican presidential candidate in the primaries and the caucasus. renee marsh is joining us live from cobb county georgia with more. >> of voting is underway and today is a big day. we are talking about super tuesday. more than four moderate delegates are up for grabs. that translates to one
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crucial day for all of the candidates. reporter >> mitt romney has momentum. he is fresh off of victories in arizona and michigan and in washington state on saturday. romney is hoping to break away from his rivals tonight. he has racked up endorsements from high- profile conservatives including house majority leader erick kanter. >> mitt romney is really the only man in the race who has a plan, a bold pro- growth plan to create jobs and get the economy back on track. >> santorum has not had a win in nearly a month and believes he has a fighting chance in ohio. >> the establishment that
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run the and santorum are statistically tied and the state. the >>darya: it is 6 of 2:00 a.m., it is windy, cold and wet. and that it is. here is the breakdown. we have wet roads on the golden gate bridge.
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mostly sunny and windy. a when it buys will be in effect from noon through midnight. expect the afternoon to be really dusty. clear and gusty as well. here is a quick shot of storm tracker 4. we are dry and mild in terms of temperatures. we will talk more about the wind coming up into the extended forecast as well as a full check on weather and 10 minutes. >>george: we have seen a number of other bridges added to the list of the advisories. traffic around the bay area looks pretty polite.
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>>darya: jackie sissel is taking a live look at the richmond san rafael bridge. >>jackie: it is cold out here. a wind advisory has been issued. that is no surprise to anyone who has driven across of this morning, including myself. the winds seem like they are gusting even stronger right now. i would guess the winds are somewhere between 25-30 mi. per hour. you will definitely need to be aware of the wind gusts. the wind feels like it is coming from the north. it is extremely chilly. i do not know what the wind chill is, but it is cold.
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>>mark: bay, 4 people including two children are hurt and what started as a shooting hand and it has a car crash. the driver of a bentley was shot while behind the wheel. that caused the valley to crash into another vehicle with children inside. authorities believe the man that was shot was targeted. >> we believe the vehicle was traveling westbound on the bancroft. >>mark: of the shooting victim has a minor injuries but is expected to survive.
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will tran continues from oakland. >>will: i will try to get more information on the conditions of those involved. >>darya: the new generation ipad will likely be called the ipad h d. bill ipad will have a higher resolution display that will make text messages and pictures and lot sharper. we are hearing that apple is buying a 7.1 in. screen component to maybe make a smaller ipad later this year.
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all of this is just talk and a leading up to the apple news conference scheduled for tomorrow. >>darya: we are back with more in a couple of minutes. we are focused on whether and traffic this morning. it is cold, the roadways are still wet and it is windy. here is a look at the bay bridge. - ( music playing ) - we know technology can make you more connected. but now it can make you more connected to your doctor through e-mail. test results from home. check records. change appointments.
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for when you want something light or something more. it's the new flip & fresh from air wick. the lasting fresh fragrance that brightens your world with a flip. something in the air wick. >>darya: we are focused on the weather. it is a windy and cold. here is a look at the live camerons and as a. we do have some big wind gusts out there this morning. >>mark: the israeli prime
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minister excuse me, the israeli president shimon peres is continuing his bay area visit today. the israeli prime minister is in washington. peres visited the facebook campus where mark zuckerberg work will help them set up his international facebook page. the president will be the guest of honor at and east palo also luncheon and this evening in san francisco he will join governor brown and mayor ed lee speaking to community members at temple emanu-el. he will also be given a key to this city. >>darya: 6:11 a.m., we are back with more than a couple of minutes. here is a live look from the mt. tam cam. things look quite ice. it is shaking a little. the big story in the weather is the wind. we will be right back.
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>>darya: the wind is such a factor. >>james: of the wind chill is making temperatures feel colder than the actual art. let's talk about the weather for today. this morning it is lousy and breezy -- it is cloudy and breezy to say the least. this afternoon, sunny skies. we're looking for cloud cover to disappear. our highs will be in the '50s. tonight, clear and breezy with lows dropping down to possibly freezing in some spots. as for right now, let's take
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a look and some of the wind gusts already reported. future cast 4 is set for 8:00 a.m.. we will advance the clock to noon. it was he the strongest of the will continue to be along the coast and in areas above 1,000 ft.. we're looking for conditions
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to stay when be well into tonight. one adviser will be activated at noon. it should last until midnight. this afternoon, it will be sunny and the thermometer will show 50s. bundle up. the weather looks war for thursday and friday. things agree with the victors in the '70s and maybe a slight chance of a sprinkle or two. >>george: the chp has been dealing with wind this morning by issuing wind advisories for the bay area bridges. the only bridge not included is the antioch and golden gate. all of the others are under wind advisories. activation of a metering lights has already occurred about 10 minutes ahead of schedule.
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things are already starting to slow. we're incident free your ride on the san mateo bridge is not as bad as that. let's go to the golden gate and to take a look at the right for 101 southbound. looking at the traffic maps to see how speeds are holding of, a.d. westbound, there are still no real pockets of slow and go traffic. 580 west should be slow to deliver more and it is. a little sluggish at the dublin and to change. south bay freeways look great. no problems for you there or from marin county. public transit, not a problem this morning.
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>>darya: prices are still high at the pump. the national average is down a little bit, but not in the bay area. in san francisco, $4.39 a gallon. the average in california for regular unleaded is now $4.34. the national average is $3.76. to help steer you a round of the more expensive stations, you can go to our web site, we have a special section set up to help define the cheapest prices around the area. >>mark: prosecutors say to the 15 year-old confessed to killing his parents after officers discover their bodies in the back of the family's car.
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investigators believe the teenager had tried unsuccessfully to set the car on fire. >>darya: jury selection continues in the domestic violence trial of ross mirkirimi. attorneys for mirkirimi are requesting that the trial be moved out of the city because they do not believe that he can get a fair jury seeding because of the publicity surrounding the trial. jury selection started yesterday and mirkirimi has pleaded not guilty to misdemeanor charges of domestic violence, battery, child endangerment and it does with a witness. >>darya: >>justine: t j lehmann is that teen connected machine
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to the chardon high school shooting. police say he opened fire in the cafeteria. five students were shot, three of them killed. prosecutors want to try him as an adult. we have learned that the funeral mass for one of the victims is scheduled for today. we will let you know as soon as any new information comes into the kron 4 misrata. >>mark: windy conditions around the bay. skies are clearing out. the roadways are starting to dry out.
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>>james: we are talking weather. storm tracker 4 imaging shows rain and snow falling. many resorts are already
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reporting 2-3 in. of new snow in the last 24 hours and more on the way as we continue to see the snowfall. there is a winter weather advisory in effect for the western slopes. three-7 in. expected to fall. the resorts are looking for a least another half foot of snow out of this system. wednesday is one to be windy. so these guys for thursday with temperatures near freezing, slowly warming. by thursday, afternoon highs around 50. another forecast coming up focusing on the bay area and a little bit. >>mark: 61 people on this tour bus when it it sparked flames and forced the closure of the bridge.
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>>darya: this was the scene as drivers were slipping and sliding and running into each other in ohio. it was like a sheet of ice all over the road. a few people were shaken up but most of these fender benders saw crews out there trying to prevent any more accidents on the ice. >>mark: we are waiting for the opening bell on wall street. dow futures are down 114 points.
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hopper tsk five of chips
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>>mark: the opening bell on wall street. the dow jones lighting today, nearly hitting the 13,000 mark.
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greece has a march 20th as the deadline, if they do not get that emplace they will have problems with a second bailout. dow futures are down 136 points renown. >>darya: the big stories we are falling, four people including two children are hurt in a car crash in oakland. it started with the driver of one are being shot and ram into the other car when he lost control. police believe the trucker was targeted. it is windy and cold. wind advisories in effect for the bay bridge and other bay area bridges this morning.
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>>jackie: there is 8 wind advisory. if you are driving across the bridge, of this leak be aware once you get mid span. gusts are 25-30 mi. an hour. and a higher profile vehicle you will definitely have to be aware of. as soon as you feel the wind, you will feel the cold. the wind and cold will release left in the face. sfax hopper
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>>james: light showers experienced earlier this morning. right now, mostly sunny conditions with clouds clearing out there. 20-30 mi. an hour sustained winds with gusts in excess of 50 mi. per hour at times.
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>> we do have with advisories for a number of the bridges.
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>> the 101 trip to northbound, no delays here. >>darya: it is stiffer tuesday in its decision 2012. one-third of the delegates necessary to win the nomination are up for grabs today. mitt romney is hoping for a fifth win in the gop race tonight. he is set to hold an ohio fund-raiser today and then head to boston to await the return of super tuesday. polls show romney and santorum locked in a dead heat.
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>>darya: newt gingrich is big on a big win in georgia where he is leading by a wide margin. he represented georgia in congress for 20 years. >>mark: the driver of a bentley was shot behind the wheel and caused him to crash into another vehicle with two children inside.
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we have a video from the scene of the crash. there is of the bentley, the children and the other video -- the children and the other vehicles were hit head on and taken to children's hospital. police believe the man driving the bentley was targeted. >>justine: there are renewed concerns that greece and private bondholders would not meet a deadline to complete a debt swap. this is happening ahead of the super tuesday primary. we will keep our eyes on what is happening in keep you posted. >>darya: we are back with more than a couple of minutes.
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>>darya: we are focused on our big story which is the weather today. it is cool and drying out. the wind is with us and making things feel even colder. >>mark: a union representing union city
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police officers, in november, police officers were seen dousing pepper spray on sitting protesters at an occupied cabinet. the officers' union wants to block the reports public disclosure. officers involved to not want their names published in the report. in sacramento, police arrested dozens of protesters who refused to leave the capital. >>darya: we are back with paula and a couple of
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minutes. here is a live look outside at the approach to the bay bridge. it is pretty quiet. [ male announcer ] technology accelerates at a relentless pace.
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>>mark: the dow is down 144 points. greece has a deadline to meet in two weeks today. if they do not get that deal done they will be in jeopardy before the second round of bailouts. right now the dow is off 140 points to 12,000 is a 23. >>darya: it is chilly out there.
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>> here it is alive view from the san mateo bridge. the wind is doing a number all over the bay area. a with advisory sent to defect from noon. expect to win anywhere from 20-30 mi. per hour sustained with gusts 40- 50 let's take a closer look as we switch to the maps. here are the current speeds.
6:47 am
widespread mid-40s. the windshield, this is what it feels like. do not like the beautiful view out of the window fool you. tempers of choice feel cooler than what they are. when gusts will stay in effect until 5:00 p.m.. call went and clear skies after midnight. look for conditions to be near freezing, especially in the north bay. we are looking for warmer
6:48 am
conditions by thursday and friday with highs in the '70s. the weather will go and committed to the weekend. a small chance of sparkles. let's get the latest on traffic. >>george: the wins have been responsible for with advisers being issued for most of the bay area's bridges. what are not tracking and hot spots. the golden gate bridge is not under a wind advisory
6:49 am
this morning. it is a clear right here as well as through marin county. the benicia bridge is under a with advisor, carquinez pritchett is light. some of the slowest traffic will be westbound 580 and highway 4. that is typical. not typical is to see slow traffic already on 101 northbound. this could be the beginning of a hot spot or unusual delays. so far, truck * are still only 15 minutes from the capitol expressway to the montague expressway. here's a look at the north bay ride.
6:50 am
>>darya: a judge ruled that the jill can continue to give jarred laughner medications against his will. he is accused in the shooting in arizona that killed six and injured 13 including a real difference. he was diagnosed as a schizophrenic and originally forced medication because prison officials determined that he was a danger to others. >>mark: thousands of cases of driving of the influence will face intense scrutiny because of allegations from the san francisco police department falsely reporting that they had completed accuracy tests every 10 days of the breathalyzer devices. it was found that the devices had not been properly calibrated. there is a larger
6:51 am
investigation into dui cases that could mean as many as 16,000. officials say the cases could be in jeopardy because of improper use of the >> i am somewhat flabbergasted that the fact that these trained officers did not do what they were supposed to do. >>darya: construction on a new stadium in santa clara could begin as early as this spring.
6:52 am
voters initially approved a project back in june of 2010. opponents argued that the aid of a $50 million bank loan would have been gripped the city. all
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>>mark: st. mary's had a big victory, 78-74 and an overtime victory against gonzaga last night. it is the first time they
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have won the regular-season title outright and claim the tournament championship in the same year. >>erica: to many colleges and employers are asking applicants in the student athletes to hand over facebook and twitter passwords. some companies are asking them to law again and scroll through, we are asking facebook fans with the think about this. here is what one person had to say.
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