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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  March 8, 2012 6:00am-7:00am PST

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speed freak killer was a fisherman * reveals that there could be a third member of the group out there. a freeze warning is in effect for the north and south day, temperatures in your neighborhood coming up. >>mark: will tran has more on the breaking news story, an apartment fire that broke out. >>will: the fire is still smoldering but there are no injuries 50 >>mark: i apologize, there was something -- there was some difficulty hearing him. the fire displaced residents, one of the floors of the building collapsed.
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everyone did get out of the building. we're joined on the phone by a corporal with the uc- berkeley police. good morning. has everyone got out of the building safely? >>officer: yes. >>mark: how many buildings were evacuated? >>officer: there were several buildings evacuated. we were there to assist with traffic control and evacuations and of course we learned that some uc students were impacted. we took steps to provide immediate and long-term housing assistance. >>mark: how many people are displaced? >>officer: there were two people required immediate assistance and several others will require assistance later in the day. >>mark: it was lucky that everyone was able to get out ok. they do, corporal. we will continue to follow this fire that seems to be finally getting under control.
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>>mark: a four story building going up in flames, one of the floors collapsed and several other buildings around have been evacuated. we will check back with will tran again shortly. another flare up and more water being on to douse the flames. >>darya: it is cold out there. we have a frost advisories' yet we will see a warm after it. >>erica: the temperatures will job as we head into the afternoon. right now, we do have a freeze warning to contend with. right outside the door, mostly clear skies. into the afternoon, the warm weather will make a comeback. plenty of sunshine with
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upper 60s and low 70's. i later tonight we will continue to see clear and cold conditions with temperatures in the '50's and '40's. we have 30's in the north bay, freezing temperatures for half moon bay. we do not have to much of a change in temperatures for places like san francisco coming in at 45, 43 in redwood city. a look at your afternoon highs and your 7 day around the bay forecast coming up in my next report. >>darya: in san rafael, there is a freeze warning in effect. jackie sissel is there taking a look at conditions. >>jackie: we are right at the freezing mark in downtown san rafael. and absolutely beautiful morning, but it is cold. taking a look at the temperature daygauge.
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32 degrees. we are right at freezing. it is crystal clear, not a cloud in the sky. the wind that we have the experience it is completely gone. the clear air makes the cold out. i would not be surprised to see frost and a windshield. the wind chill from monday it was a lot colder, but it is still called out. >>darya: let's get a check on its traffic with george. >>george: it has been easy rider around the bay area. a great start to compete. people-it has been a great start to the commute.
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if >>mark: the developments on the speed freak killers. wesley shermantine wrote a letter from prison to a sacramento news station and in the letter he says there is a third speed freak killers who was trained to kill and get away with it by herzog, he said the third killer's name is jason. sherman * links herds of to
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the shooting death of a hundred you taught them that are pregnant african american woman. if he says that her stock was a member of the hell's angels. herzog says there are more sites. >>justine: more people apply for unemployment benefits last week. the department put out the figures and is saying that weekly applications went up by 8000 and jobless claims are now at 362,000. >>darya: wells fargo is expanding its efforts to charge $7 a month for customers using the essential checking account. wells fargo is not say which states are getting the new
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fee but it is going into effect in may. there are ways for you to avoid defeat. -- to avoid the fees. >>mark: here is a live look outside on the bay bridge. we will continue to follow our breaking news story, a large apartment fire in berkeley.
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>>mark: ross mirkirimi has pleaded not guilty for a domestic violence incident that allegedly occurred new year's eve. the new court documents in the case revealed in to me details about his relationship with is ex- girlfriend christine floras. documents detail he did screaming matches where mirkirimi allegedly grabbed for arm party not to bruise her. >>darya: we are back with more and a couple of minutes. we will continue to follow our breaking news story. a fire at as to the apartment complex in berkeley.
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and >>darya: of breaking as out of the east today, a big fire has berkeley students out on the streets as an apartment is burning. joining us now, will tran, what is the status of the fire? >> it looks like for the first time the fire department has a firm grip on this. we do not see a huge towering flames like we saw maybe 30 minutes ago. there are still shooting water on to the building. it is a smoldering in part to breathe. it has gotten any better.
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we are happy to say there are no injuries to students or people living at the other two buildings. they received word either from their fellow residents are people who cared enough to knock on the door and told them to leave. in the meantime the red cross is still here trying to provide shelter and we also learned that the roof has been compromised. fee the roof of the third floor has already collapsed. sir, tell me what you heard and saw. heard some kind of cracking sound.
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after a few minutes as the sound was increasing. >>will: excuse me, we're going to show a video that you shot. >> i got suspicious of the sound i heard. after a few minutes i went outside and slid the curtain. there were almost flames above my apartment.
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i am a single father with four kids. i started to panic. it was a very chaotic situation.
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>>darya: what are the ages of his kids? >>will: what are the ages of your children. >> 710, 13 and 14. >>will: the fire arm is always concerned about hot spots.
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and >>darya: that is an incredible story. the video was amazing. >>mark: mitt romney may very well when the republican nomination for president. the longer the race continues, the more damage it is doing to romney. officials are worried that continued attacks may create loans that will not heal in time. some gop officials' urgings santorum in gingrich to drop out of the race. santorum said that he has no intention on doing so.
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>> let people decide what they think is best for getting a conservative, someone who will put this country on the right track. that is my objective. >> than a gingrich campaign has canceled plans to visit kansas. >> i believe with your help that we can win and extraordinary victory. >>darya: was to get a look at the weather.
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right now, it is cold. >> we expect warmer conditions as we head into the afternoon. we do have a freeze warnings in effect. a clear shot over the golden gate. cold conditions around the bay area just above the freezing mark. same for novato. we could see temperatures dropped into the upper 20s. areas of frost are certainly a possibility. future cast does show into the 9:00 hour we will see 40's and 50's. by the afternoon, a lot of color and detail with the upper 50s along the coast. here are the numbers for you. oakland could reach an afternoon high of 70
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degrees. check out santa rosa, one of the warmest spots coming in at 73. your 7 day around the bay forecast shows the sunshine and warm conditions for the next couple of days. >>george: meter in lights are active at the bay bridge. your ride on the san mateo bridge is much easier there. it is on the shoulder and not affecting the westbound commute. the golden gate bridge ride looks good as well.
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101, 87, the south bay, they all look good. we will take a break in the kron 4 news will be right back.
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>>mark: will come back as they bring you a look at the opening bell on this thursday morning. dow futures are up to 50 points. >>darya: firefighters are still on the scene of a big apartment fire in the berkeley. everyone did get out ok, but a lot of people have been displaced. there is a possible third speed freak killer according to wesley shermantine. he wrote a letter to a new station is saying that there was a third man on a loose. wells fargo customers get ready for new fees. six states will charge their customers new fees.
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>>mark: in the east bay, a big fire at an apartment complex in berkeley. will tran is live on the scene with an update. is the fire out? blowdown of the fire is still going on. the fire department continues to pour water from high above. i just got an update and i have been able to confirm the of the roof has collapsed as well as the floor of the third floor. the building there are focusing on is that taller one. they will be here throughout the day. just when they think they have gotten a handle on things, you see a quick burst of flames. there have been no injuries to any of dickens.
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we spoke to a single father who was living in the building with his four children. his a seven year old was sound asleep at the time. how are you feeling this morning? >> cold. >>will: you were asleep? >> he was still sleeping. >>will: your kids are over there and the other side? >> we did not realize what was happening in the magnitude of the fire. >>will: a lot of people were sleeping. not everyone was students. many people were awakened by remains our neighbors. as far as the cause of the fire, we do not know. it could be quite some time until they get to the bottom of it. we are almost two hours into this fire.
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>>darya: it is cold out there this morning. a big frosted buyers jury and then, things would change drastically. >>erica: we do have a freeze warning currently in effect for the north bay and inland valleys. for the santa clara valley as well. we cannot tell you how cold it is until you step outside the door. as we wanted to the weather headlines, the freeze warning expires closer to
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the 9:00 hour. past that, nothing but sunshine and warm conditions. temperatures are expected to get into the low 70's. looking ahead, we do have something to to for what weather as we head into the weekend. in terms of those temperatures right outside the door, it is freezing in santa rosa. 34 in novato. it looks like half moon bay and some of the cold spots have jumped up a couple of degrees in >>darya: we are continuing team coverage with cold weather forecasts, craig skalar is joining us live in san jose. >>craig: cold and clear. temperatures are 30's into low 40's.
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your mentioning earlier about clear conditions, it is very clear here. people who are jogging, it is not stopping them. the good news is, there is no wind. the trees are holding steady, otherwise it would feel worse. >>darya: so far so good with traffic. >>george: we have not attract any hot spots. we do see traffic building up around the bay area. on the san mateo bridge we have been noticing a tow trucks, it has been there for almost an hour now since we first noticed it. thankfully it is not slowing the ride but it makes me curious about what could cause the vehicle to stay
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out there for so long. on the golden gate, no problems or delays. >>justine: new numbers just coming out about airfares. the federal aviation administration says that it expects airline traffic to double while capacity shrinks. travelers will not see much relief until airlines started getting more competition which is years off. more on this story including new details coming up at 7:00 a.m.. >>mark: a new story out of the fairfield, investigators are searching for the
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shooter. they believe he could be driving a gold mercedes benz. >>darya: please are searching for those who destroy that the new renovations of mr. and elementary school. the removed pipe that caused flooding in the auditorium and computer area. >> everything has to be torn out and replaced. they will have to pull out all those electrical systems and rewire. even if it looks okay today, in six months it will short
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out in corrode. >>darya: school officials say because of the damage the building cannot be used for the remainder of fiscal year. >>mark: here is a live look outside. a large apartment fire still burning in at berkeley. the fire is still burning two hours after it started. surrounding buildings have been evacuated as well. - ( music playing ) - we know technology can make you more connected.
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>>darya: if an apartment fire happened overnight, just after 5:00 a.m.. everyone was asleep but they did manage to get out ok. that includes students, elderly and people with kids. look at the smoke coming out of the wind is. we know that one of the floors collapsed and one of the ceilings collapsed. no one was inside. firefighters are battling the fire from afar. >>mark: right now, earth is getting hit with the largest solar storm in five years. there are worries that it could cause problems with a satellite, gps and the power
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grid throughout the day. here is a look at the huge solar flare that came headed towards earth on tuesday. this is apparently part of the suns a normal 11 year cycle according to nasa. the solar flares are expected to peak in 2013. it has forced the of the rerouting of some flights, but the art world borealis can be seen a lot further south of the unusual. as far south as the great lakes. in 1989 we had a huge solar flare that knocked out the power grid to some 6 million people. >>darya: we are back in just a couple of minutes. here's a live look at the root to the bay bridge. applause
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>>mark: we are continuing to fall an apartment fire, will tran as live on the scene. we are still seeing flames coming from the building. >>will: every now and then it seems like they got a strong hold on it. sure enough, the flames continue. you see the letter fully extended to make sure that they are there, just in case the fire continues to grow. and joining me now is the chief of the berkeley fire department. >> right now we are so aggressively trying to suppress the fire. we still have hidden hot spots that we are not able to get to.
6:48 am
we are defensively fighting the fire by spring water from the exterior. we are also dealing with a third story in the roof collapsed on the backside of the building. that has put some of the walls in some precarious positions. we are concerned about additional wall collapse or roof collapsed. >>mark: >>will: were there any injuries to anyone? did everyone get out safely? them that for 1:00 pm the fire was reported. all of the occupants got out of the building and were accounted for. we also evacuated nearby apartment buildings. we do have the red cross on scene assisting and providing food and warm beverages to the evacuees. >>will: i know that it will take some time to get an official cause, but early on do we know where it might
6:49 am
have started? >> we are not able to start the fire investigation just yet. once we are able to get the fire suppressed week can get in and around the building. >>will: will people be able to return to the building today? >> we are working on getting people back into the buildings that were not burned. we're keeping the adjacent buildings evacuated from now. >>will: thank you so much,
6:50 am
the deputy chief with the berkeley fire department. you can see it is smoldering. when i first arrived here, breathing was very difficult. i had to cover my mouth and nose. we are here to monitor the situation, we will try to get another update in a few minutes. >>darya: let's get a look at the weather and sea when things will start warming up.
6:51 am
>>erica: we are freezing in a couple spots around the area. clear if whose skies as in step aside the door. 539 is your current temperature over in fremont. into the rest of the day, a freeze one expires at 9:00 a.m.. it looks like oakland could reach an afternoon high of 70, same for was goddess. it looks like santa rosa will be one of the warm spots around the bay area. 65 expected for death and san francisco. your 7 day around the bay
6:52 am
forecast shows a warm and sunny conditions for the rest of the workweek. we will have the potential for rainfall as we head into the weekend. >>george: the troubled skin around the bay area. we have not tracked any hot spots. a growing back on the bay bridge. 14-16 minute drive time out of the macarthur maze. your ride to the san mateo bridge has been a good one of this morning. westbound traffic looks good. as you commute, there has been a tow truck pulled over to the side of the road that has finally cleared. your ride to the golden gate, 101 southbound looks great. no problems as a head in down from marin county. picking up the traffic maps, the ride on 80 has not slowed yet. 680 southbound and was down
6:53 am
24 both look good. a little bit of slowing in a couple of spots for 101 northbound. >>darya: we're live on the scene of an apartment fire with will tran, no one is hurt, we will have more when we come back. " [ male announcer ] the draw of the past is a powerful thing.
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