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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  March 14, 2012 4:00am-6:00am PDT

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mar allman a tournament in a to san mateo. dry conditions for the south bay. as we turn our attention to the east bay, it was raining in livermore. it looks like another wave of wet weather is headed their way. as we continue to move the maps around the bay area, in the north bay, they are all contending with what weather at this hour. we will continue to see scattered showers throughout the rest of the morning. as we get closer to the afternoon, by 11:00 we will see drier conditions for the north bay.
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as we head into the afternoon showers become a little more spotty in nature and overnight we do seek drier conditions. in terms of temperatures outside the door we have mid-50s for the most part. it is a little bit warmer and fremont and mountain view. your 7 day around the bay forecast shows nothing but rainfall for the rest of the workweek. heavy rain will turn to showers as we head into the weekend. a 30 percent chance of raider exists for monday it tuesday. >>james: there are no hot spot, the roads are wet. here's a bridge check beginning with the bay bridge.
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the san mateo bridge is showing a like commute. the golden gate shows a wet deck with traffic light as your head is southbound on 101. no problems reported from nevada through san francisco. >>justine: a series of car accidents and at least one of them has turned deadly. a man was killed when he was driving off of an on ramp and loss control of his van. the driver was pronounced dead on the scene. since >>james: traffic was brought
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to a standstill after another accident where diesel fuel spilled onto the road. one lane remained closed as the crews cleared the diesel fuel. the truck driver was not injured. >>justine: a toyota truck spinning its wheels after getting stuck in the mud on the side of the road. it happened just bart of santa rosa. a tow truck eventually came to help the driver. >>james: about 10 minutes north of that, a tree fell on top of a vehicle. to his home suffered slight damage inside and out. >>justine: more on the weather in a minute. teachers at the school board meeting angry over laos. the teachers' union says there is an unfair burden on
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schools. >> teachers took over the school board seats before the start of the meeting. superintendent carlos garcia waited along the side of the room, speaker after speaker >> today i got a pink slip in the mail and you told me that my services were no longer needed. >> i am watching half the staff at my school, it is the school and teach and the school where my children go, >> we came in here tonight collectively and we were chanting something interesting. it was get some guts and stop the cuts. >> teachers are picking up said that 14 schools will be spear from layoffs meaning they say if the other schools will have to observe the losses of the more teachers. if
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>> this is the wrong way. it is divide and conquer. >> the district says the 14 steered schools are located primarily in bayview and mission and more than 7 million has been sent on hiring and training the staff in hopes of improvement. >>james: another rally held in union city, teachers there are also protesting cuts and layoffs.
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>>mark: here is a live look at the james lick. to start, we will see a wet roads as traffic streams in and out of san francisco.
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were we >>justine: we are tracking in store view on this what wednesday. here's a live look at the rate are showing us a lot of rain stretching from santa rosa into san francisco. we have received barely hitting the south bay. we are watching whether rain is going. this is the second day of downpours.
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fasad >> we did it again. >> rick santorum is that both states, a seventh suit with primaries in alabama and it's it's it be. >> this campaign is about ordinary people doing extraordinary things, sort of like america. the going out there and exceeding expectations. >> tuesday marked another missed opportunity for romney to shut down his rivals. >> our goal was to take out one-third of the delegates and do slightly better than that and i think we will exceed that. >> the south seemed unlikely territory for him to succeed, particularly with its rivals attacking him. santorum wins deal a bigger blow to another of his
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rivals, near the bridge kept his campaign focused on a southern revival hoping to win one if not to states. gingrich says he was encouraged by a cub. >>justine: we have much more ahead coming up. here is a live look for our roof camera and said the cisco as we're watching a major storm in
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>>justine: a big concern for many as potential flooding. these are pictures from some of the worst streets that flooded in san francisco in the past few years. >> sandbags are packed and ready to go for city residents to protect their homes from the rain. >> both basements are flooded right now. we have 20 sandbags. it is probably not enough of that is all we are allowed to get. >> we had about 20 residents come by. we expect more people to come by as the day progresses.
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>> on tuesday crews were clearing leaves id degree to make sure that the rain water flows through the slower. more workers are on standby. >> the department of public works is 24 hours, we work around the clock. they can call the customer service center by dialing 3- 1-1 if any bridges or trees start falling down. >>erica: we're looking at conditions of the golden gate. wet roadways. we will continue to steve light rain throughout a good portion of the morning. as we head into the afternoon it will turn into on and off showers.
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felt that we could pick up some pretty moderate downpours. in the south bay, dry conditions for san jose, sunnyvale and milipitas. in the north bay, we do have rain right now. we will continue to see the same showers over the next several hours. the light green on the screen is still indicating
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rain around the bay area. by lunchtime a lot of the wet weather will shift southwards. that is what we will see rain and livermore and san jose. we're dealing with 70 mi. per hour sustained winds at sfo. we do not have any wind advisories, it is long the rain sideways right now. the wind will decrease as we headed to the afternoon.
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on and off the chance for rain stars to decrease by monday. we have a 30 percent chance for that partly cloudy skies in did looks like we will see dry conditions as we head into tuesday of next week. on the golden gate, we do have a wet road ways to contend with.
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in the south bay we do not have any major accidents to report. >>james: families trusted him to take care of their children, now a man who worked as a nanny is charged with 14 counts of child molestation. >> i am at the campbell police department where police some of the children did a man as mr. johnnie. this is a photo of the 41 year-old man who worked as a full-time nanny for 10 years in the campbell area. he was arrested last week after one of the alleged victims came for. police say that several families left children in his care. >> we have identified eight victims but based on other
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information we have identified we believe that there were other victims. he was actually hired by a family to watch children and their home and other families brought children to that home. >> they believe he acted alone and he is currently being held at the santa clara county jail. >>justine: san francisco police are searching for a man who stabbed a woman on monday night. >>james: analysts say the market rallied yesterday for several reasons, retail sales showed a gain and on top of that the federal reserve said 15 of 19
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financial institutions passed their stress test. economists say it is still too early to tell if the recovery will move full steam ahead. >> the early returns are encouraging. when gasoline prices are moving up and fuel prices are rising, that is squeezing incomes and inevitably taking some of the steam out of consumer spending. >>mark: asian markets are up. the dow is down 21 but the nasdaq and s&p are both positive.
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>>justine: year is a live look at the james lick freeway, in san francisco the roads are wet as well. will be right back.
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fan for
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>>james: rain is a widespread over the bay this morning but anywhere around the bay area will be wet. a full look a forecast coming up. >>justine: >>gabe: last week all anyone could talk about was the new-line head. it was so big that it overshadowed some pretty
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big apple tech news. the same day the ipad was on bail, so was this. the popular picture of an editing software for apple computers is now available as an application for the ipad or iphone it is pretty cool. that's a lot of new features. it is $5.80 and download it from the absorb. it is amazing what can you do, in
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>>james: we have rain overhead ended war on the way. here is a live look out of top of. it is what outside a matter where you are. they're pretty strong earthquake shook northern japan earlier this morning. rich as a magnitude 6.8.
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so far there is enough for for hawaii or the west coast. we will continue to be the latest on that as it becomes available. >>justine: craig skalar is live to about conditions. >> it is cool and breezy. the rate is not ready to hit just yet but i'm sure it will be pretty soon. mostly wind right now, not a
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lot of rain just yet. >>erica: we are still dealing with wet weather along the coastline. we are seeing relatively dry conditions in the south bay right now. it looks like a lot of the rainfall is actually wrapping its way around we
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are really dealing with constant, steady light rain. terms of temperatures, widespread mid-50s out there. for saturday and sunday the chance of rain decreases the we will still contend with showers. >>james: on the golden gate we have a wet deck a traffic seems to be getting across without issue.
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>>justine: that toyota truck is spinning its wheels after getting stuck in the mud on the side of the road. >>justine: the lapd tried to pull over a suspected drug forever. they said the driver took off and got onto several freeways before a highway patrol car rammed into the truck. the driver in female
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passengers surrender. that is what they saw a toddler in a car seat. no one was hurt but the child was taken to the hospital as a precaution. >>james: a transformer explosion knocked out power after, you do see a lot of tourist industry to. and j.p. morgan chisel increase stock dividend by 20 percent we have much more
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ahead and will this the new
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1099-k a tax form from the irs insurers the federal government will get a cut of all mine profits.
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kohen >> when all is said and done, after everyone gets a cut, there's not much left for the artist.
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" >>justine: bad weather is
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making for worse driving conditions in this edition of people beating badly. >>stanley: when it rains, people look through their driving skills out of the window. here it is again in slow motion. the driver said he lost control while entering the 101. not all drivers feared so well. this car came on to the millbrae on ramp to fast and took out this light pole. for some reason when their reigns people speed up. this car was clocked at 80 mi. per hour of the san mateo bridge. when the officer tried to pull her overcome everything she learned about what to do with getting pulled over was forgotten. it is hard to see, but there
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is a black lincoln town car do about 70 in the driving rain. then, there was this driver and the jeep that ended up in the mud. first choice in a tow truck was needed to get out the suv costing driver $210. here is a hint, when you see a sign that reads face lebron ready ready, reduce speed you do just that. >>justine: much more ahead on this and wet and windy: warning. here is a look at what is happening in oakland right
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near the oakland coliseum. rain is really coming down. here is another look at the golden valley. cahoot the bridge does look wet. we will be falling traffic and the weather when we come back.
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>>mark: we are tracking the storm, let's go to the weather center for the latest. >>darya: it was a different " ride in. >>james: i want to show you where we are seeing some of the heaviest rain. cough everywhere on the map,
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ec rain. it is that widespread. in the east bay, you can see a lot of green, and different shades indicating different levels of intensity. for you see the yellow, even heavier rainfall. fan in the south bay, we have similar conditions, most was falling in the south they seemed to be pretty lake erie if fellow auto and redwood city is giving some of rain but it is enough to if you run your knowledge of what lift pretty consistently. very similar to what we saw yesterday morning.
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the san francisco, widespread rain all the way down to sfo, our final stop in the north gate it is a rain there. phil csi hall law will the wet weather last? erica is standing by with future cast 4. >>erica: we are continuing to see widespread light rain fell over the next couple of hours. the main front that we have been tracking for is beginning to push its way southeast. right now we're dealing with
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the tail end of it. for the most part we will see widespread light rain. san jose could remain into the clear if the 6:00 hour. as we advance the clock closer to 11 in the north bay will see dry conditions, of all for having skies. downtown san francisco, oakland and some of the inland areas are in the clear. the rain continues to push its way south. ho tells
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>>george: we are tracking a hot spot on the bayshore freeway on southbound 101 at the candlestick causeway. it is the two left lanes that are blocked. the only good news is traffic is so light that it has not yet created a big backup for problem but it is likely to depend on how quickly they can get lanes cleared. there is flooding in the north bay that has shut down highway 12. here is a bridge check for you. once again, we have wind advisories starting at the bay bridge westbound. it is still pretty light but is likely he will see a lot of standing water. a lot of cars coming through your are splashing as removal westward. on the san mateo bridge, a
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typical commute. on the golden gate is problem free so far. crews have not yet reconfigured the stand. >>darya: craig skalar is live in san jose on long- haul 101 and the the month to give its first lead. is it raining hard right now question of >> it is not raining at all at the moment. hi white now, the pavement is a dry but that will not last, at the moment, 101 is easy to drive.
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>>darya: it looks like it is a good time to get out of the house if you want to be those raindrops. >>mark: jackie sissel is live along 880 in oakland. >>jackie: the rain is coming down sideways out here on 880. you can see traffic going into this grey coming off of the cars as they go. it was a harrowing trip in from the north bay with wind coming in, extreme high winds coming in on the richmond san rafael riches. double double bat we will
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have an update of the top of forecast coming up after the break.
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but >>darya: we are tracking the storms here in this year. this is a live shot, we do
5:11 am
know that they are supposed to get it predicted amount of snow. >>erica: they could get almost a foot of fresh news note today. you can see the blue of the screen does indicate where the rain turned to snow. if you are headed in that direction you will need your chains. keep your chains handy for the rest of the week. we could get 6-10 in. of new snow above 10,000 ft. later today. more rain in coastal expected for this a.m. friday. the looks of temperatures will be sitting in the low- upper 50s. >>mark: this weekend is the one-year anniversary of the screen in this and on into a tan if rifts tsunami advisers have been if cover a 6.8 magnitude from the earthquake this morning. so far of the pacific tsunami warning center in
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white says there is not set and white or four of the eastern pacific. >>mark: the kron4 news continues until 10:00. here is a live look from the bay bridge toll plaza where traffic is just starting to grow. [ female announcer ] with swiffer wet
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and did vote for if it changes the defense and and non coast off half
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>>justine: one near st. louis to a big rig had been overturned carrying 8,000 gal. of out of. >>mark: of wind and rain, james fletcher has more on today.
5:17 am
will will look at total's continuing declines. steady rain expected throughout the morning. windy in spots. are the steady rain will turn into more of a scattered mixed. kohen the way it and we saw
5:18 am
a live shot of san jose, most of it is light in nature. the wet weather is continuing to track in that direction. we will watch and wait for the intensity to start thick hair along the peninsula is not to best. this and the rain is a little bit heavy near daily city. in the north bay, our final stop, 101, into a man with light-moderate rain.
5:19 am
here is where the wind speeds are at the moment. yeah do >>george: the chp is already on the scene of a number of accidents. the chp actually shut down all of the traffic on the
5:20 am
southbound side a few moments ago. cost kirk in san francisco and other accidents reported of of the upper deck of the bay bridge. there is no gaper's block the traffic could be a little sluggish coming off of the upper deck of the bay bridge.
5:21 am
what the golden gate bridge had overrode work. they relate resetting the bridge at the fourth lane southbound. saul sphere had heart >>darya: a pedestrian was killed overnight along the highway in san mateo. this was around 12:30 pm on southbound 101 just south of kabul avenue. all of the southbound lanes were closed for about two hours. >>mark: rick santorum swept the deep south winning both primaries in alabama and mississippi. romney finishing third behind santorum in degree at.
5:22 am
her romney did edge out both candidates in hawaii. >> in both states the conservative candidates got nearly 70 percent of the vote. if you are the front runner, if you keep coming in third, you are not much of a front runner. >>mark: here is a look at the latest delegate count.
5:23 am
>>darya: is the time is 5:23 a.m., we are fashion for more than a couple of minutes. here is a live look at storm tracker 4.
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>>mark: we're continuing to track the storms around the bay. here is a live look from 880, went in the rain coming down here brough >>darya: aha one of the
5:27 am
speed freak killers has sent out a third letter detailing the looking ha of the other victim. shermantine sent a letter to the sacramento television station and claims his accomplice bury a body behind his family's orchard and the town of linden. so far, deputies have unearthed more than 1000 on fragments of other victims on the herzog property. bounty hunter left india says that shermantine has yet to live. >> has the share of look over their property, i do not know. i tend to believe shermantine. >>darya: most of the bones found or discovered in an abandoned well.
5:28 am
>>mark: rain and wind coming in from the coast and a sliding through the bay, heavy snow in this year,- oracle on the forecast coming up.
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>>darya: the storm started yesterday and have not let up. there really hammering at all. >>james: the wind is a little bit stronger this morning. you'll get a lot more water standing on the roadway. >>darya: it was pounding heavier at times.
5:31 am
we have a lot of rain falling and were you the.
5:32 am
>>james: to 8101 are seeing the effects of water on the roadways. it looks like we have some darker green over san francisco, slightly more intense showers there. hush soft but >>erica: the widespread rain will certainly continue for the next couple of hours. as i walk you through future cast 4 into the 6:00 hour we're still dealing with the same intensity and widespread showers that you were just talking about. violetta call, dry conditions for the north sea's or facility in places like oakland greenhouse as
5:33 am
we head into the midnight hours, dry conditions bay area wide because the system will have pushed its way through. we do have another system rolling in. by 8:00 tomorrow morning, light-moderate rainfall.
5:34 am
tough the >>george: umph and there is no longer a source of delay or possibility of a delay because of the earlier occurring accident. on the bay bridge westbound, still pretty good conditions.
5:35 am
hikes and >>darya: we are continuing team covered in the south, craig skalar is live in san jose along 101 at the montague expressway 50 if it is all dry and clear, how about now this this fresh our traffic is cooking up on the 101. how of offenses
5:36 am
>>mark: overnight rain caused a messy morning for caltrans crews. will tran is at the scene and shows us what happened. >>will: the crews are very busy cutting up this 60 ft. tree. they have been able to make progress. it fell around 3:00 a.m. and a blocked both lanes. cox and
5:37 am
>>justine: an earthquake has said turkey just after the 6.8 magnitude earthquake in japan. there are no reports of damages for losses 6.1 magnitude earthquake that hit tokyo. this is new information into the kron4 news room. we will keep you posted. a second earthquake has now hit japan. >>mark: we will be right back as the kron4 news continues. land o'lakes spreadable butter with canola oil
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is made with sweet cream, canola oil and salt. just three natural ingredients. what's in your spread ?
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>>mark: and dow futures are flat or vehicle clean feel unwelcome and next. and >>darya: a bus carrying belgian students crashed into a wall near a swiss tunnel. 22 people were killed. those four kids 12 years old. another two dozen students are in the hospital with injuries. the bus was carrying a total of 15 people went it
5:42 am
hit the curb and ran into the concrete wall. costs have ballooned. the team has to pay the city 30 million a year. >>mark: a new state assembly bill scored would ban those convicted of felonies from attending major league games anywhere across the state. more in a couple of minutes. you really live look at storm tracker 4.
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for everyone we also have winds this morning filling it with the less effective if bay area !
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>>darya: we are tracking this to our team coverage of this morning. it is going to be a tough drive. here is a live look at the golden gate. there are not very many
5:56 am
cars. that is good news. the on interstate 80 in oakland, traffic is moving really well. did not go too fast, you can hydroplaned. there is a lot of standing water. with blowing rain, that makes it tough to drive. on 101, the raindrops just started. >> this is one of those things, i kind of a figure that something bad was going to happen today.
5:57 am
>> we are not going to sugar coat it. we talked about it, we laughed, we cried thor and then, we understood that the mission was still the same. >>darya: 5:57 a.m., we are back with more in a couple of minutes as we continue team coverage of our big story which is the weather. >>mark: the rain is expected to continue for quite some time. we will be right back into minutes. we will be right back into minutes. (car horn)
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