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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  March 14, 2012 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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>>mark: the big stories are the big storms moving to the bay area. on the golden gate, traffic is growing. the wind and rain continued. >>darya: it is a harder drive today. >>james: let's go to the maps to show you where the rain is the heaviest. in the east bay we're starting to become stronger rain. the rain is falling at about 1/5 of an inch an hour. hist in richmond is not bad.
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light-moderate at times. let's jump over to the north bay, that is where resolve the rain atlanta first yesterday. it continues to be heavy, here is a closer look along highway 37, you can see in stretches, the rain can pick up a little bit. that is what we are seeing at the moment. will rain let up at any point?
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>>erica: we are dealing with on and off showers bay area wide. along the coastline with concede dry conditions for the livermore valley, mountain view, san jose and milpitas. there is no rainfall to speak of, maybe on and off drizzle for the north bay and the coastline. for places like oakland in downtown san francisco the storm will continue to push its way southeast. by 3:00 p.m. with could see scattered residual showers around the bay area. by 70 of people heading home from work and we could see dry conditions bay area wide. we will remain dry into the midnight hours.
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costs we could see light- moderate rainfall from santa rosa, petaluma and san rafael. we will have rainfall totals coming up in our next report. let's see how the wet weather is impacting the roadways. >>george: we are in a little bit of a rest, we are not currently tracking any major incidents, hot spots or major delays. at the bay bridge westbound, it looks like a great ride. the metering lights have not yet been activated. they are not yet warranted because of the volume.
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the >>george: let's check the traffic maps for a look at your ride or of the bay area. on the east shore freeway and interstate 80, it is a guess right. the commute on 580 to westbound and 680 south look good. the south bay freeways, adjusted the first that of slowing tsk on 101 northbound picks continuing up the peninsula, it looks clear. it is a little slow at the 92-280 interchange but no problems reported there. the simmering ride is still an easy trip through the county, there are no delays from 37 down to the golden gate. >>mark: jackie sissel is
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live haaziq 80 and zero legs. >>jackie: the rain is coming down really steadily. the closest traffic is northbound. there is a lot of standing water on the road with is doing. along with the rain you have to deal with the wind. deaths and >>mark: traffic ... 101 is going quite well. the payment is it all the way, but not too bad. if if if if if things traffic is moving along fairly well. a lot of land but not a lot
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of rain just yet. >>mark: and oakland, caltrans crews were scrambling to remove a tree. >>will: you can see the driver of the chipper truck waiting to leave the scene. it would have been done a lot sooner but because the 60 ft. tree was so wests, the wet leaves were clogging the chipper. fortunately they were able to open one lane on the on ramp from college avenue to eastbound 580. this all happened around 3:00 a.m. when the wet ground simply could not hold this 60 ft. tree any longer. the tree crashed on to the on ramp blocking both lanes but no one was injured.
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>>mark: both lanes have now been cleared. >>justine: we are following delays as a foe because of all of the bad weather. it is causing some arriving flights to be delayed an average of three hours. >>darya: send us pictures or video or, send the strictures on our facebook fan page. we will continue team coverage in just a couple of minutes. let's take a live look at the golden gate bridge.
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we're treading a storm for you up in nazi era. the blue on your screen is were rain actually turns into snow in the higher elevations. if you are headed that way genes are required from a 89 active the 880 interchange.
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>>mark: no damage reported falling to earthquakes in japan. a tsunami roped advisory was issued and then dropped.
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>>darya: we are tracking a storm hitting the bay area. >> we have a mix of wind and rain. >>mark: here is a live look in oakland.
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>>mark: here is a look at your rainfall totals. let's take a look at storm tracker 4 and you'll see light spread-modern rain falling. coffee >>james: in the south bay, pockets of rain. we see some rain in san jose, milipitas seemed like rain. as the head of 101 towards palo alto you will run until the wet weather once again.
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it will grow in intensity. darker shades of green indicating plague-moderate rain activity. our final stop in the north bay shows moderate rainfall to the east we have moderate rainfall. give yourself extra time. there is more standing water on the roadways. traffic will be moving slower as a result. here is a look at where we see whether going over the next seven days. another round of what weather is slated for thursday. it looks like friday into saturday we have another shot of what whether that will bring us a thunderstorm activities sh george has an
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eye and traffic. >>george: a much better start of the bay bridge today the what we saw yesterday. the metering lights have just been kicked on. they're just starting to back up westbound. so far, it does not look bad. we are not currently tracking any hot spots although we did start the commute with some. right now conditions are pretty good in terms of obstructions and flow of traffic. on the bay bridge over to the san mateo bridge, and equally good ride. the golden gate to and from marin county is still problem free with no delays in either direction. let's head to the traffic maps. ha drive times are still under 16 minutes. a little bit of slowing through livermore and westbound 580, the rest of the ride is great.
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>>darya: one of the speed freak killers has sent out a third letter detailing the location where he says there is another victim buried. shermantine sent a better to san francisco television station and says his accomplice bury a body behind his family's orchard and the town of london.
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>> has the share of got out there and looked over their property? i do not know. i tend to believe shermantine. >>darya: most of the bones were found in an abandoned well. believe believes there is another abandoned well containing the remains of at least 12 victims. >>mark: rick santorum won both primaries, mitt romney finishing third behind santorum and newt gingrich. >> i looked around, i was very encouraged.
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>>mark: newt gingrich finished second and will now stay in the race. >> in both states the conservative kidded it's got nearly 70 percent of the vote. if you are the front runner and you keep coming in third, you are not much of a front runner. >>darya: we are back with more in a couple of minutes. our big story today is the
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weather and traffic. here is a live look from the roof on van ness avenue instead francisco.
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>>darya: we are tracking the storm in the bay area, you can see this stretch of cars at the approach to the bay bridge. it doesn't look like it is pouring rain just yet but there is a lot of puddling. look at the golden gate, even with a little bit of traffic you have to drive slower. the visibility is not great. the wind is kicking up and the rain is picking up as well.
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>>justine: the president has welcomed the british prime minister david cameron to the white house. here is president obama and david cameron. they did a tour of the white house lawn. a very formal state visit is taking place today. they went to an n.c.a.a. game yesterday and now they will have lunch and dinner at the white house. that does include a joint press conference as their welcoming all of the fans that are there. i will be back with an update as soon as we get more information into the kron4 news room. >>mark: here is a live look as we're checking out conditions around the bay and watching the james lick. rain coming down and adding not. a lot of roadway flooding. we're also watching wall street. as the dow jones opened from
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its highest levels in 2007 and the nasdaq at its highest level in 11 years. baba ebbs baba baba
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enlighten james dooley will recall will range look at the forecast didn't talk about your 7 day around a
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bit forecast in just a little bit. >>yoli: you can see the conditions are very wet and slick. it is raining very lightly, but since it has been constant, the roads are very wet. be careful out there when you're driving today. >>mark: the morning commute is starting to build, let's get the latest on traffic. >>george: things are already starting to back up westbound. 580 is backed up beyond the 880 over crossing into approach to the bridge.
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the commute is unfolding in a little bit better than what we saw yesterday. 101 southbound is moving a little slower than usual because of the rain. the ride on 80 is already starting to slow for the stretch between highway 4 and albany at golden gate fields. it is building up a little earlier than usual, likely because of the rain. 680 still looks good southbound, so does westbound highway 24.
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101 traffic from marin county is still fine with no problems or delays between a bottle and the closing date. >>justine: delays at sfo because of the bad weather. the faa is still saying this some arriving flights will be delayed an average of three hours. i will be back with an update as soon as we get more information. >>jackie: it is a nasty commute. there rain is coming in sideways. traffic is struggling to this early morning, wet commute. doesn't look like things are getting much better any time soon. >>darya: craig skalar is live in san jose along the
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101 and montague expressway. is the rain coming down consistently yet? >> the pavement is still quite dry, more or less. those in the morning commute are getting the better of it verses other parts of the bay. it is a lot of bluster and not a lot of rain at this point. >>darya: all around you, we have seen a storm and lane. >>mark: will tran has been driving around the bay area. >>will: i am driving northbound on 880 past 23rd ave. you can see the rain is really coming down with cars all the sudden hitting the brakes.
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people are in fact driving slower. i can see some puddling already taking place. there are sheets of water moving across the freeway. wherever you go this morning, especially when the morning commute takes up, give yourself plenty of time. you can see the car in front of me tap its brakes, i expected the morning commute could be backed up a little bit if not a lot. >>mark: year is a live look outside at the big back up already forming on the bay bridge.
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>>mark: a lot of rain coming down at the flooding of the roadways. traffic is starting to build. an update on weather and traffic coming up. >>darya: and afghan official says he has seen surveillance video of a u.s. soldier, u.s. officials showed the footage to the afghan officials.
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the u.s. denies that there was more than one attacker and involved. >>mark: will be right back, here is a live look on the golden gate. we will be right back.
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(woman) there's no doubt in my mind that komen's funding helped saved my life. the 3-day is my opportunity to help save others' lives. (woman) i'll never stop walking, not till we find a cure. it is the most rewarding experience i have ever had in my entire life. (man) register today for the... because everyone deserves a lifetime. >>mark: and a santa cruz mountains, rob fladeboe has more from highway 17. >>rob: another rainy commute. so far, so good. third it is raining, a fairly steady rain, it's
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it's so far, so good. only one accident, a single cars and out at sims road in scotts valley on the south side of the summit. there were no injuries reported. there is a lot of standing water particularly on the inside lanes. the chp is stationed on both sides of the summit as the commute picks up steam.
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the >>james: the showers are here one minute and gone the next. that will be the story as you are driving around the bay. over the bay itself between san francisco and oakland we have heavy showers. we will focus on that in a minute. in the south bay we have been hit and miss. craig skalar is down along 101. we have pockets of light
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rain here in their fifth but it is not widespread. as we slide the map to the north and look at the peninsula you will see that we are running into some areas of more intense showers. in the north bay, it looks like things are getting pretty intense.
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erica is tracking what we can expect on the commute. >>erica: it looks like we will continue to see widespread light-moderate showers as we head into the rest of the morning. you can see a band of rain hitting of the bay area and along the coastline. clear conditions for the livermore valley and portions of the south bay. we will see rainfall over san jose and mountain view. light and residual showers, pretty random in nature.
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as we head into the midnight hours we will continue to see dry conditions and another round of what weather as we head into the o'clock hour. your 7 day around the bay forecast shows nothing but rain, showers expected for the weekend as well. >>george: we have a potential hot spot for the commute westbound, it is already backing of coming out of san leandro in the westbound direction just before highway 13 on 580 in the westbound direction. tracking the rest of the commute, we will start at the bay bridge.
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your ride on the san mateo bridge has been pretty good so far this morning. there are still problems reported across the span. early this morning there was a wooded rise rain issue. request on the golden gate is a wet commute. the white through marin is still not bad. 24 is really starting to slow westbound. 80 is already starting to build westbound although drive times are still pretty good.
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>>darya: a pedestrian was killed overnight along a highway in san mateo around 1230, the southbound lanes of 101 and all of this out belt lanes were closed for a couple of hours while investigators investigated this death. the area has since reopened. >>mark: a new bill in the state assembly calls for a ban list that will keep unruly fans from attending games for the five years. it would apply to those
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convicted of felonies such as assault. the bill is before by a southern california lawmaker in response to recent steady violence. >>darya: to figure for waking up with the kron4 morning news carried a concede the wait at the approach to the bay bridge. you can see the headlights shine off the water. it is what on the roadways and to windy. to take a look at rain totals from the last 24 hours. we will be right back.
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