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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  March 22, 2012 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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>>mark: off >>james: let's get you caught up on a cliff minutes of weather and traffic 50th >>erica: relatively clear conditions on the san mateo. we do have the potential for scattered showers especially in the north bay. that will be the case for the next couple of hours. temperatures on the mild side.
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dry, wet and cool conditions in the upper 50s and low 60 serious phase of the evening, mostly for the skies this satellite fleet of russia's 11th of wet weather off of the coastline. for the unstable weather is very unlikely to make its way into the big area. has assure you current conditions you can see low fifties for the most part. check out san francisco. it is 55 there. a degree cooler in itself with siri f >>george: as we take a look at the upper deck of the bay bridge and check traffic around the bay area is still pretty light even in these three. earlier crime problems on highway 4 completely clear with no residual fact of serious no problems reported for the south bay. for >>darya: we are continuing a
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developing story in morgan hill. it has been about seven days since sierra lamar was last seen gifted with last friday morning-she left for school. she is a southward. it was friday morning and she was last seen leaving her house but never made it to school. investigators are calling it and missing persons case but they are looking at all angles of this situation. herself on was found in a field about a mile away from her home. will tran is live in morgan hill. i know that you have a great sense of this story in the the pain this family is feeling. it has been a week but that is forever to this family. >> on tuesday we saw the girl's mother of year passing out fliers. between the vigil and her
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reversal with passing out fliers thomas she is a thesis death of the face of the investigation. investigators will be out here to once again go through this remote area looking for any possible new evidence in the case. so far this cellphone as well as the computer have not turned up any new leads. in the meantime, family and friends are heartbroken and desperate to find sierra. last night, they held a vigil in fremont. it a couple of months ago, she lived there before moving to morgan hill. she still have friends and classmates in that area. here is what the girl's mother had to say. >> just stay strong. keep your strength. moths wherever you are at, use that strength and pray, do not give up.
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>> i spoke with marlene who also says there is no way that her child would have run away. investigators have no reason to disbelieve her. at this point it is still a missing persons case but they do not know if she ran away or if she was abducted simply because she is the only one that walked to the bus stop here. the bus driver did tell marlena she did not pick up her daughter on friday. her home is a quarter of a mile away from here. if she was truly seductive, it happens along this very short stretch when she walked to come to this location. some for >>james: a free medical clinic is under way in oakland. it is a 4 day clinic
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happening at the coliseum. they're looking to help about 7000 people over the next four days. free dental work, x-rays, eye exams, of physicals, they'll also be getting awfully shots and hiv testing. all that is going on at the clinic in the coliseum. yoli eceves was there in the first wave of people came in this morning. has anyone finished their exams and come out yet? >>yoli: i have not noticed anyone coming alpha yet. since i can tell you at least 400 people were here waiting. here is video from about an hour ago. many of the crowd was waiting since 10:00 p.m.- 11:00 p.m. last night. it is a first-come first- served service. right now, the most important thing for anyone to realize is, it does not
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matter where you are from, they will not deny you any service. it is specifically targeted for people who do not have insurance. no matter where you are from, you can come down here. the first thing you want to do is look for the guy with the numbers. once you're registered, you will go into triages said that you know what services he wants. >>james: yoli, thank you for that update. >>justine: police have confirmed the man in france accused in three different terror attacks and is now dead. the french president just addressed the nation and said the investigation is now underway to find out if the suspect had any accomplices.
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you are listening to new video into the kron4 news room. you can hear the gunfire that rang out earlier today in a shootout with the suspect. he is accused of killing of seven people. there were two officers for in the shootout after a 31 hour standoff. the suspect jumped on of the window after police entered his apartment and found him held up in the bathroom. we are now hearing from the french interior minister. >> we wanted to arrest him alive. he said yesterday evening that he was determined to kill officers. we have caesura officers. one was injured in the foot. neither officer's life is in danger. >>justine: as soon as developments come in, i will keep you posted. >>darya: we are back with
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more extreme costs this is a lifeless outside officials of the syrian visibility is good and the deck has pretty much dried out.
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>>erica: there are no chains currently required for interstate 80 or highway 50 in the sierra. they do have the potential for snow showers later this afternoon. mostly sunny skies on tap for friday and another round of a mix of snow and rain for the weekend. i will have a look at your ski report coming up. >>darya: we still have pain at the pump. jackie sissel has been out
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incentives go looking at forces in talking about the reasons behind high gas prices. >>jackie: if i had done the reasons i would be a rich man. i can tell you, it seems like gas prices have leveled off. the bad news is they have leveled off pretty high. $4.40 here in san francisco. it doesn't appear that highs this law quite as quickly as they went up. in the state of california is at $4.34. that is down 25 over the last week. it has gone up 305 over the last month. not going down quite as quickly as it went up. here is a look at the numbers according to aaa. for a gallon of gas, $4.40 is the average in san francisco.
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oil prices are really dictating where you pay for a gallon of gas of those prices are hovering at $100 a barrel if not more. until we see those good down significantly we will not see any real least half of sulfureous for the most part people believe it is a conspiracy and that the prices are manipulated. people feel like these prices take a few weeks to skyrocket felt always so long to creep back down. >>darya: if it were really
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reactive, they would react to the same with us then down. 6:13 a.m., we're back with more in a couple of minutes. for half for for
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>>justine: unemployment applications have just weren't reached a four year low. they have dropped by 5000. applications have been steadily declining since last fall. that is what is happening right now in the kron4 newsroom. >>darya: republican presidential candidate mitt romney is the defending his conservative credentials after picking up an endorsement from florida former gov. jim bush. he is urging santorum to drop out of the race for the nomination.
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romney's commitment to conservatives is being questioned after remarks by one of his top aides. his senior adviser was asked if romney was forced to adopt a conservative position in the race and if that would hurt his standing with moderates. the response was, it is almost like an ant to sketch, you can shake it up and restore. romney's opponents wasted no time in using against him. first >>darya: here is what governor romney had to say. for >> the issues i am running on will be exactly the same.
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i am running as a conservative republican. first the policies and positions are the same. >>darya: romney is on pace to wrap up the nomination by june. he has five under 63 delegates right now. 300 more than santorum. to win the nomination outright in the 1100 otherwise the nominee is chosen at the national convention. fifth >>james: let's find out what is in store with weather. >>erica: i do want to bring this camera shot full. for the most part visibility is clear around the bay area. it is a pretty calm morning. third it looks like temperatures are running in the '50s right now. some locations have dropped to the upper 40's. because of a lot of that cloud cover will keep the
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potential for a sprinkle or two, especially in the north bay. because of the cloud cover temperatures are actually on the mild side. as we head into the afternoon we will continue to see dry conditions bay area wide. fifth temperatures as much as 10 degrees cooler compared to where they were yesterday. certainly keep a jacket handy. temperatures are below the seasonal average. we will see a mix of upper 50s and low 60s for all of our north bay stocks. into the later evening, mostly clear conditions and clear skies. that will head into tomorrow as well. first met me and temperatures will certainly fall down.
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hist expect much cooler temperatures as we start tomorrow morning. author it looks like overall tomorrow will be the nicest day of the week with temperatures in the '50s and '60s. overnight, we are tracking another storm system expected to head our way. for that means we could see moderate-heavy rainfall for a good half of the bay area. " that starts saturday morning and into sunday. a 20-30 percent chance of more showers as we start the next work week. >>george: we have only seen what change in the commute. the metering lights have been activated westbound.
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we are not tracking and hot spot or major delays. fasad, san mateo bridge where problem free with no delays on the approach or problems across the span. it is a light and easy ride through marin county and across at the golden gate. in the east river ride on 80 is picking up a little the of slow traffic of the drive time is still under 15 minutes from hercules to berkeley. in the south bay, the 101 slowdown has completely cleared out. there are no problems for the peninsula commute. in easy ride at both the 84 and 92 interchanges.
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>>james: here is a quick look outside on the bay bridge approach. on the upper deck, at traffic is streaming in. in >>darya: in new this morning the afghan president says that he is taking a microscope to look at proposals for the country's strategic partnership deal with the united states. he will provide rules for u.s. troops after her a majority of the troupe's leading to the support team. the talks have stalled
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several times in recent months with the president demanding more control on how forces operating in afghanistan. the charges could be filed as soon as today against the u.s. soldier accused of killing 16 afghan civilians. robert bayles is currently being detained in fort leavenworth. he is accused of opening fire on afghan families as they slept on march 11th. family members say he was angry over having to be redeployed and saw a friend lose a leg in an explosion a deer to before the massacre. >> we will take a quick break. the ringing of the opening bell is just three minutes away. here is a live look outside in san francisco. we will be right back.
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fifth off off ...
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>>justine: a sieged i came to an air to 31 hours with the men in france suspected of killing people has had an
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>>erica: here is a look at your day planner. we have the potential for light, scattered showers. that is a rare possibility. a little bit of drizzle but nothing more than that. into the afternoon we will continue to see dry conditions with temperatures in the upper 50s and low 60s. as for current conditions, upper '40's and '50's. softs us then >>george: a quick check on traffic. we still are not tracking any hot spots. in the east bay, highway 4, interstate 80, 680 and 24 all look good. to 80 and 101 are delay free. no problems on the peninsula. the north bay ride is still under 25 minutes through marin county.
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>>darya: and morgan hill they are still searching for the 15 year-old who disappeared last friday morning. she was last seen as she was heading to school friday morning. there are considering this a missing persons case to the states are considering all aspects, that maybe she was abducted. will tran is live in morgan hill costs at her bus stops. >>will: according to the bus driver, she never made it here. investigators are planning to comb through the fields again, looking for any possible evidence. they did do that on saturday which is when they found herself on. here is video of a vigil
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that took place in fremont last night. that is where she lived before moving to morgan hill. she still has strong ties there. the teachers and classmates still remember her. at this point, they do not believe that she ran away. the mother says she had no reason to. she was a happy child. there was never any speculation of that. we spoke with her teacher in here is the she had to stay. >> i was hurt dance teacher for a long time. she loved to dance. it was one of her biggest passions. she was well liked fight her teachers and peers. we hope that we find her soon says she can get back to pursue in which she loved to do most.
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>>will: officials will continue to look at herself on. they are also expanding their interviews. they spoke with more than 250 registered sex offenders, many of whom wear a gps device. those who do not have been or will be spoken to. >>darya: we said mention there are not a lot of kids out there. she was the only one that stood at the bus stop every day.
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>>will: she is the only one who walks in this direction and steadily she is the only woman stands here on any given day. there are no witnesses. this
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>>james: yoli eceves is alive at the free health care operation. >>yoli: there was a big crowd earlier this morning the. here is video of them. this is taken around 5:00 a.m. just as it was announced that the clinic was opened. when you come down here, bring a lot of patience. i have seen people leave and a date were not service. it is going to take a while. it is a first-come, first- served basis.
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when you come here, you want to look for the guy with the numbers. site >>james: this will be quite a bit long bird in the week at your doctor's office. >>darya: a series of loud explosions and gunfire heard near the apartment france where a suspect was held up. the suspect was accused of killing seven people in three different attacks. this is the suspect has died. police say he was hiding in a bathroom and then was shot by police.
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the french president says an investigation is underway to see if he had any accomplices or if he was tied to terrorists. >>justine: a developing story about a commercial building that has collapsed in a new york city. three construction workers have been rescued. two of the workers were taken to hospital. the fire department said one of the construction workers was seriously injured. we're working to get more information. we will be right back. [ teen ] times are good, aren't they, kids?
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in san jose is 53. the high today will be 61. not very warm but not too cold start. >>james: walnut creek police have released a sketch of a man they believe tried to abduct a girl. the girl ran off, told her parents and the next day she saw the same man standing at the back gate of her school. so far police have not been able to identify that suspect. >>darya: we are back with more in a couple of minutes.
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>>justine: in the consumer product safety commission says they have received to underreports. >>james: crews have been able to return at the san lorenzo river to its normal
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direction. the water was flowing awfully close to the boardwalk. the crews have been working since last week. they have now been able to protect the amusement park. christine >> we are tracking and other system that will impact us overnight. we do have a wet weather activity in northern california but it is to the north and east. i am doubtful that it will
6:48 am
sag southward and impact us at all. conditions in the bay area are mostly cloudy. as we approach sunrise temperatures start to drop ever so slightly. heading into the afternoon a clear divide into the 50s and 60s. potentially 60s in the south bay and for communities along the delta. here is the breakdown specifically neighborhood by neighborhood.
6:49 am
it looks like antioch will reach an afternoon high of 62. here is a look at your 7 day around the bay forecast. mild, dry and sunny conditions on tap for tomorrow. we will have on and off showers fell be relatively heavy at times. >>george: here is a look at the maps. an accident has just occurred on the east shore freeway. 680 southbound is still doing pretty well. , lower east shore freeway, we just got word of an
6:50 am
accident in the meantime the 580 ride westbound still looks pretty good. taking a look at bridges in the bay area, of the upper deck of the bay bridge and the westbound ride into san francisco, the metering lights are active.
6:51 am
the ride on the san mateo bridge is a pretty did commute. >>darya: in news around the bay, the san francisco transit agency held a meeting about a controversial plan to balance the budget. many writers and drivers have their last opportunity to sound off to the transportation director last night. >> if they get a ticket they will not come on sunday. you will be forcing people of the small businesses and into the malls.
6:52 am
>> service on the muni late at night is virtually nonexistent. my husband works for the hour. he takes muni to work for rehearsals, it takes an hour and a half to get home at night. 20 minutes driving in an hour and half on the bus. with a $20,000 instrument on your back, it is not a good idea to. >>mark: the san francisco historic preservation commission has delayed a vote on the gold dust lounge and whether it is a historic landmark. that was postponed to allow all members julien. the landlord for the gold dust has a new retail
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tenant ready for this base. we will take a break. here is a live look outside as we check their ride on the bay bridge approach. more headlines in a minute. whatcha lookin' for hon?
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>>james: more on our forecast coming up ended the ski report. here is your 7 day around the bay forecast. whether it's looking pretty good today and tomorrow and then turns wet as we head into the weekend. police clashed with occupy
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protestors in new york taking them into custody this morning. the protesters refused to leave the park at closing time. you can see some of the arrests happening. the tensions have been high since the arrest of 74 protesters at zuccotti park last weekend. that was the sixth month anniversary of the occupy wall street movement. we're back with more in a couple of minutes. here is a look at wall street. a half-hour into trading. we are down 58. . we will be right back.
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>>darya: in morgan hill, police are still looking for the team meets girl that has been missing since friday morning.


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