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tv   KRON 4 Evening News  KRON  March 23, 2012 5:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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stairs, up e-mail victim at the rear downstairs and two victims in the crotch and an male victim on the threshold of the door. >> the medical examiner brought up the body after 1:00 in the afternoon. all the victims are adults and at least four of her related. at least two of the deaths they had deaths involved gunfire. >> we do believe that there are gunshot wounds to the victims. to some of them. >> homicide investigators spent much of the day on scene gathering evidence to determine what happened. while police will not confirm this is the murder suicide they do say they are not looking for any suspects nor do they have any custody. >> we believe everyone involved in the situation at this point in the investigation is in the residence. >> we have been in this neighborhood talking to people
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and getting more information on some of the people who lived in this house. >> friends and coworkers of the victims showed up your friday afternoon at the crime scene. kron news has learned that these two men told authorities that two of the victims were husband and wife and that there have been fighting recently. they wouldn't elaborate on why. they also said they worked together for construction company. they were corporate in what authorities and got into this police car to go to headquarters and share more information about the crime. also, this man showed up telling us that he was the best friend of one of the victims. he didn't want to give his name and as you can see he was very upset. several times he wiped away tears from his face while he was talking to officers. he said he worked with the victim and the other two men at the same injection company.
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>> back live on the scene here at 16 house, again, five dead bodies, and please do not have any suspects that would indicate the possible murder suicide but at this point they are not willing to confirm that. >> this morning shooting took place in the southwest part of san francisco. not too far from our ballpark and the shooting happened at 16th street which is just to the west of city college of san francisco between ocean avenue and geneva avenue. right now the san francisco police department has this block marked in red close down while they complete their investigation. the home we are talking about is marked in green. there are about 15 homes in this block but this is where the bog bodies were found this
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morning. >> new developments tonight in the search for missing high school cheerleader. right now at the ie agents are at the home of missing teenager see her of it's now been weeks of the 15 -year-old vanished on the way to school. inside her purse, clothing that police believe it's been an busy day for fbi. at one point and you can see they are out to see our lamarr's mother's house. and then you can see the big white truck outside. they have been working out of that truck and we have been with him all day and picks up the story from there. >> turning their attention to the home of 15 -year-old
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sierra lamarr is the disappearance of the teenager reaches day seven. investigators took photos of the exterior of the home just before the fbi's mobile clime lab was driven onto the property. these investigators went inside the home and this group focused their attention on the steel tear on the right side of the house. on the other side of the property of the six fbi investigators on the wall and slowly walked down the driveway gathering evidence. there was an checkpoint set up. people questioned whether anyone saw sierra who routinely take the bus to school to this location. but it wasn't long before the focus shifted to her home where she was last seen alive.
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>> in the distance you can see the truck that asians are using. they are on the other side of the truck. we spoke earlier about the fbi being involved in the case and this is what she had to say. >> with the fbi being and vault it puts my mind at ease as far as getting to her as soon as possible. we want her back. it's for safety. anybody that is out there, if someone is holding her against her will, please let her go. we just want her safely back home at this point, that's all we care about. >> in the distance you can see some of these federal agents still out there and still working hard. keep in mind there is the vigil set for tonight in the fremont area at 7:30 and there are plans for research this weekend
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on saturday. but we don't have times for that search. reporting live, jr stone, kron news. >> by rainy weekend is ahead. right now i live look from our sentences go with camera. it looks pretty clear but that certainly could be changing. it will get cooler and this could all change. >> it could definitely change into tomorrow. as you can see from this wide shot, we are not seeing cloudy skies just yet but it's not far off. 55 in san francisco, 63 and 63 and paulo alto. rain headlines first, the clouds are just right off the shore and that's what i want to show you. as we move into the morning, we see rain starting at about 5:00
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in the morning and it will spread throughout the entire bay area and lasts through the afternoon. there will also be quite cold out there with temperatures only in the low 50's. on future test for tomorrow morning, the rain purging through the early morning hours. moderate rain starting in the north, and also approaching the coast line at this time. through the 8:00 hour, rain is fairly widespread with continued areas of more moderate rainfall to the north along the shoreline. i knew that we will see widespread rain with areas of moderate rain concentrated over our bay shores. we will finish time to miss out on the future test coming up in just the bit. >> and another big story that deadly shooting of black unarmed florida teenager has stirred outrage across the country and now president obama has weighed in on the
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controversy. >> president obama is calling for soul-searching in the wake of the death of 17 -year-old treyvon martin. >> i think every parent in america should be able to understand why it is absolutely imperative that we investigate every aspect of this. and that everyone pulls together, federal, state and local government to figure out exactly how this tragedy happened. >> he said the case resonated with him as apparent. >> if i had at sun, he would look like treyvon. >> he was shot by an neighborhood watch leader who told police he was acting in self-defense. he has not been arrested. the shooting sparked outrage across the country. zimmerman's family said he is hispanic and not our racist. the number of area high school staged walkout in protest. students at this school formed his initials on the football field. rallies continue to be held in
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several states: for them and arrest. >> we must continue to stand together and unify and let everyone know that it's required. >> the city manager says he wants to be sure the public knows the investigation is being taken very seriously. >> we want justice. we want as many eyes looking at this as possible. >> and statement today, barnes family says they are deeply touched by the president's comments. back here in the bay area, one of our heavily traveled bridges is facing an major weekend shutdown. we will tell you when and where and how to navigate around the closure. and we want to take you live to stem the red zone. day it looks like this at cap and onlookers. the jackpot is very high tonight. why so many people were flocking to this particular
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spot though, hoping to win big. >> some companies are demanding facebook passwords from job applicants to view credit progress before committing to hire them. coming up, see what facebook is doing about it to fight back and protect their users. >> and planning their summer vacations? how high the fares will go as paying at the pump continues. [ teen ] times are good, aren't they, kids?
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it's nice having u-verse, isn't it? see back in my day, we didn't have these newfangled wireless receivers.
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fangled? no, we watched march madness in the living room... that's where the tv outlet was. what is he talking about? and if mom was hosting her book club that day, guess missed it! we couldn't just move the tv all willy-nilly all over the house. ohh! ohh! kids today have it so good. ok. [ male announcer ] the new wireless receiver only from at&t. get u-verse tv for $25 a month with free hd for six months. at&t. >> decision 2012 is really heating up in the louisiana. that romney is hoping to wheel him some votes by attacking president obama's healthcare reform law on his second year anniversary. the former massachusetts governor has been the target of criticism from some because of his state's health-care plan in the northeastern state when he was governor. rick santorum was out of shooting range in the louisiana this morning. he defended recent remarks that
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he made about rival mitt romney. he suggested some voters might as well stick with president obama rather than elected romney. here is some of his feisty exchange with reporters. >> how many times do you hear me say this? you guys should do some reporting, etc. just reporting what governor romney feeds you. i've said repeatedly that we need choice and we can't have the decision between tweedledtweedled um and tweedledee. >> santorum does hold her substantial lead. he has been doing well in the south. people in louisiana are focused on more than the primary. they are dealing with quite of bit of flooding from the strong storm system this week. some people can't even leave their homes. people have been using boats to
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get around and cars have submerged. community leaders are saying they are trying to get help to people who need it. >> and damage from very strong winds, you can see the damage to the buildings. one home with the completely off of its foundations. the weather service issued tornado warnings for this area and it's not clear yet if the twisters behind the damage. no injuries were reported. >> big changes coming to our weather forecast as we head to the weekend. starting to see some increasing cloud cover to the north but still sunny south of the golden gates. taking the wider view picture of our satellite, we have us
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towards an offshore and use the a while of clouds pushing towards the coast line and plenty of rain has been moved to tomorrow. we start with the future cast, the rain approaching the north bay and by 5:00, moderate rain moving into the north bay areas. we would see more areas of moderate rainfall especially closer to the coastline. moderate rain through tomorrow and through the portion of the north bay. san francisco and also down to the pool and that's a lot. we are seeing a lot south of the golden gate and the storm is expected to ride the coastline. we will see more rain in the south bay then we will see in the north bay into tomorrow. so you see the rain continued through the 11:00 hour, and heavier rain down south and lighter rain up north and by 2:00 sunday is finally letting up. as for the rainfall totals, let's time out on future cast. we will let this time out all the way into saturday afternoon. getting about three quarters of an inch of rain in santa rosa, the little more than the half- inch of rain in san francisco and the same thing down in san
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jose. as we move into early sunday morning, in san jose in inch and order of rain, but notice it's about the same in the north. a lot of the heavier rain will be concentrated down south, the santa cruz mountains see several inches of rain. the high temperatures tomorrow will be quite cool. publishers in the upper 40s and low 50's. 50degrees in san francisco, 52 and half moon bay, and 52 as well in san jose. for tahoe, the camera looks like it timed out but it's clear that highway 50. as we move into the weekend that will change in the tahoe region. then i rain and snow mix, and temperatures are still 48 degrees, then we will be seen the rain at the lowest elevations and snow
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about 7000 feet. sunday and monday temperatures not cooling down so any snow that does fly will be over the overnight hours. brain for tomorrow and sunday. scottish hours on sunday, not quite as widespread and heavy. but look how cool it will be this weekend. conditions improving into next week but putting rain back in the forecast monday night through tuesday and the lingering chance of rain thursday and friday. mega millions fever is on in the bay area. you are looking at allied shot at cavanagh liquors. and if the line going out the door, people hoping to get tickets. the chalk pot has reached more than $290 million and part of the reason they have a lot of regulars to get tickets, in the past kevin oz has sold five winning jackpot tickets. store owners have had to add
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extra help to handle these long- lived people wanting to buy tickets. >> we drove all the way over from foster city. >> that's big money. >> retiring planning. >> tonight i will get it and cash in my money tomorrow. >> we have two people from our other store helping out today. >> it's good that they have three machines. >> i think i got it. >> i'm going to buy all of south america with this. >> if i win 290 million, i'll leave california. >> sees dead people that bought tickets to seem to be living with her smile and that in itself might be worth of dollar or two. and this just in pope
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benedict has arrived in mexico. he has been condemning the violence around the country asking people to conquer the idolatry of money. he points out that 47,000 people have been killed since the 2006 drug crackdown. the pope is heading to did the country to leave behind marxism saying it no longer coordinates with reality. stay tuned, we'll be back after the break.
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more bay area news at five. officers made unannounced probation compliance checks last night in marin county. 2930 sex offenders were said to be in substantial compliance. and the search for missing marine will get more intense this weekend. joseph mchenry was last seen at his home in san bruno march second. he apparently said he was going rock climbing and camping overnight at the secluded beach in pacifica. his car was found near sharp park golf course.
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the rain to serve with him are planning to look for him. stay with us, more news coming up after the break.
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there's the contract virtual new trend of the companies demanding facebook passwords from job applicants so they can view their profiles before committing to hire them. today facebook very back against that practice warning employers not to demand passwords for jobseekers saying that an invasion of privacy and it opens companies to local legal liability. this book is so serious about this that they might even be willing to take legal action to protect their users. >> here's what's going on. employers want to know who they are hiring and something to
5:30 pm
best way do that is to have complete access to the job candidate space-bar profile to conduct the background check and look for suspicious behavior. this book just put up any scathing post on their site expressing their disapproval. this book warns employers that they could be sued by jobseekers. information may come across such as age or sexual orientation could bring up claims of discrimination. on the grounds that if the violation of facebook's statement of rights and responsibilities. >> as an employer says i want to poke around your facebook or
5:31 pm
twitter account, then, they say, no, i will look somewhere else. they been more sensitive positions, it's more reasonable. if you are an employer, and you say, yes, this is my facebook account, then maybe you have the second one. so in reality i don't think it's the best way to weed out prospective candidates. what do you think? send me i've tweaked or on message. >> there's more controversy around is the privacy settings and we will tell you how that affects your account later here at 10:30. drivers who take the dumbarton bridge will have to find another way across the bridge on memorial day because the bridge will be closed for repairs. jeff bush explains how long the
5:32 pm
bridge will likely be close and work crews will be working on. >> caltrans will shut down traffic on friday may 25 at 10:00 p.m. sharp. at that time crews will go into action on the major seismic retrofit project. >> the memorial day closure is needed because they are replacing of steel sides seismic bridge. >> caltrans has been working what they can under the bridge but the finishing touches will require full access to the bridge. the steel plate will be added to help get the work bridge ready for the big work on memorial day weekend. as we slow the studio down because the dissection of steel is already in place for the work to be done. caltrans said about 60,000 cars drive over the bridge on any given day but they chose the holiday weekend because they expect fewer drivers on the road. caltrans is planning on opening
5:33 pm
the bridge back up in time for the morning commute on tuesday may 29. >> the free health clinic at the oakland coliseum is continuing through the weekend. thousands of people expected to take advantages of these free services. there are doctors, dentists and eye doctors. the clinic has seen hundreds of people in the past two days. if you are going to go early because they expect very long lines. the clinic goes through sunday evening. >> it's been pretty cool out there especially close to the coastline. our current temperature is six in san francisco, 52 and half midday. oakland 57, and it will get cooler than this tomorrow. increasing cloud cover this afternoon, a few high clouds streaming into the northbay writenow but as we go offshore or we have the whole wall of clouds associated with the system of
5:34 pm
to the north that will impact us for tomorrow and through the weekend. i look at your date planner for tomorrow, it will start in the no-space around the overnight hours and spread through the rest of the bay area by seven. widespread rain with pockets of more moderate rainfall and into the 3:00 hour, moderate rainfall continues with very chilly temperatures in the 50's throughout the bay area. and we will see some snow in the sierra is coming up. >> we are looking at 680 and one that great because it's very backed up tonight. the headlights are northbound and this is of course new the 24 interchange. while it does tend to slow up this time of evening it's very backed up at this point and they were hoping that things will begin to ease up as the evening moves on. gas prices are inching closer to the $5 mark. aaa says the national average
5:35 pm
is now $3.89 per gallon which is up just attending from yesterday. in the bay area, we are paying some of the highest prices in the nation. in san francisco it's $4.43 per gallon and in oakland at $4.32. and at the gas pump is not the only place you will feel the jump in fuel prices, expected to cost more to trouble the skies. karen has been finding lower airfares for spring and summer. >> you are feeling on the road and a few poker flights in and you will feel it in the skies. jet fuel is the airline's biggest expense and when the cost of oil climbs higher it doesn't take long to be passed along to consumers. airfare watchdog becomes as consumers buy want to adjust expectations when it comes to spring and summer pairs. >> i think we have to rethink what low airfares is.
5:36 pm
for years now that would have been basically lowering airfares and competing with each other, and i think they are taking the welfare punch bowl away from the party. >> he also says more consolidation and with fewer airlines, consumers have fewer places to shop around. one way consumers can improve their chances of finding the cheaper fare is by having some flexibility with travel dates. >> i would recommend flying on tuesday, wednesday or thursday because that's what it will be lowest. >> the best opportunities for sales are usually midweek. >> in any developing story, but pope benedict has arrived and you are looking at videos of people greeting him. he's been condemning the violence across mexico, asking people to conquer the idolatry of money saying it beats drug violence. mexico has been spending millions and millions of dollars to get ready for this visit, and some people question
5:37 pm
the wisdom of that. he's heading to mexico city where there is her huge altar constructed, but mexico leaders say this is also bringing in many visitors and that means money going into mexico. stay with us, more news coming up after the break. sweetheart. we need to talk.
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him and dragged out of an airport and an 800-pound paper airplane soaring through the desert and arizona. kimberly is here with the videos that will have you talking in today's edition of take outlook updates. >> authorities are investigating that incident were officers dragged him man face down out of the airport. surveillance video shows the incident took place last month of the will rogers airport. we are going to watch it one more time slowed down. this happened after the man was arrested following gay disturbance of the security.
5:41 pm
officers used that teaser to say to him and dragged him out. the investigation is now underway to figure out what happened. and our car in his swimming pool. the driver lost control early this morning near vancouver and crashed. the cover on the pool kept the car from sinking further down. the next video is an 800-pound paper airplane that took to the skies above arizona. it measured 5-foot long with the 24-foot wingspan. the plane was lifted into the air fight the chopper and then released. it reached speeds of 98 miles per hour. and take at look at this. batman and his batmobile pulled over in maryland. it turns out the lamborghini he was driving sport of the superheroes implemented at the state tags. these videos were posted on the department facebook page. stay with us, more news after
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the break.
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want to tell you about hotspot. 680 and watch creek, the chp telling us that an accident is causing the backup that you see there. it was an accident first reported about 20 until five and it's been en masse. collision between two cars and two lanes were partially blocked. chp is still out there. and time to look at stocks. they did end up today finishing at decent week. the dow gained 34 points, the nasdaq four and the snp was also up four points. t-mobile is cutting 1900 jobs at call centers across the country, which is aimed at cutting costs for the struggling carrier. the company says more restructuring will come before july. they are still making money but losing customers to its bigger rivals. note jobs in california at least at this point will be lost. websites track your online
5:46 pm
activity and then sell that information to advertisers. that's cold to advertisers. it gives you information on your preferences and interests. but is there away for you to make money from your own personal online information? according to one startup company, the answer is yes. reni monge reports. >> each click reveals her likes and dislikes. how about you getting some of that money is. >> painting is set up is the? i would support that. >> inside this unassuming building, you find an internet startup, where they are working to turn our information into cash. >> ceo and you
5:47 pm
decide what fertile filter advertisements based on your profile without reducing your identity. >> the company is planning the fall launch. the green says on large number of advertisers are on board but won't say who. >> terry hatch cautioned it may not be quite as revealing as online users and therefore less appealing to advertisers. >> if i tell you that i'm 5- foot 10 and up 125 pounds and victoria's secret model text that's one thing. >> but green is confident advertisers and subscribers will find out. >> when you're talking about hundreds or thousands of dollars per year, then that's
5:48 pm
different. >> taking live look outside, look at our satellite radar picture. cloudy conditions over the north bay, think the resolve of the golden gate but that will soon change. let's take the wider view picture with the core of the system hitting offshore. it will dive down the coastline all the while spreading rain to the bay area. it looks like the south bay would see more rain than the north bay as the system moves through. let's look at the future cast, and the 5:00 hour brings us moderate rain through most of the north bay and also approaching san francisco at this hour. the data clock hour we see more rain spread inland and heavier rain over the peninsula and the coastline. we had areas of more moderate rain right over the heart of the bay area. as we move into the afternoon the rain continues. heavier rain south of the golden gate which will continue
5:49 pm
through the morning, afternoon and evening and overnight hours as well. heavier rain by the 8:00 hour continuing to the south, and we will see and we are expecting between one and 2 inches of way down south of the golden gate. we could also see close to the amount in the north bay that you will notice the rain teetering off there. >> is going to be warm this weekend, temperatures in the 40s down at lake level. still at chance of rain in the lake tahoe region. but by midnight, snow started over the passes and it be in the highest elevations above 7000 feet. at the 6:00 hour we will see snow but no snow in lake tahoe. by noon, notice there is no all
5:50 pm
around lake tahoe but not at the lake level. great for tomorrow, rain also on sunday although it won't be quite as widespread and heavy as what we will see into tomorrow. cold temperatures this weekend and will produce as we head into next week. temperatures expected to one but the couple systems pushed through the bay area. rain off and on through the week. >> here is stanley roberts who found people behaving badly. >> if you go to the intersection of bay and the essence of san francisco, you see a lot of drivers ignoring the sign that says no left turn from 4:00 p.m. through 6:00 p.m., everyday except sunday. because science applies to everyone else. but if you have $200 plus twos they are -- >> the reason i'm stopping you is because you are making a lot to turn. you can pay the ticket and it
5:51 pm
goes on your record, or number two to protest the ticket and you see me in front of the judge, or three, if you have not been to traffic school you are eligible for it. >> in one hour i watched driver after driver after driver ignored the no left turn sign. this bus driver may be illegal (-left-paren and apparently just got her commercial license. >> okay. on the 90 day probation this wouldn't look good. >> she did not get the ticket but i can't say the same for this driver. >> stopping you for two violations. one, you are texting while you are driving and the second is to be made to left turn from they want to ban them. >> she talked her way out of the no turn ticket.
5:52 pm
>> but she talked her way into the texting ticket by arguing the semantics of what hands- free really means. >> where your hands free of it quacks. >> answer my question. >> no, answer mine. >> she also told the officer to write out on the piece of paper what he saw her doing. and the guy that got stopped at the beginning of the segment? >> i like your show but i'm not watching it anymore. i should be arrested for crimes against potted plant-kind.
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>> we told you earlier about the basal password controversy. in addition to that, the privacy policy has barked at by -- sparked up our storm. >> they've had policy changes last week and said that they have drawn criticism from users. there is the three changes. first facebook's privacy policy
5:56 pm
is now called its data use policy, no mention of policy. that may sound scary but facebook is reassuring users that it's trying to clarify its policy. next the site says when you or your friends download an application than the content and information is shared without application. this is drawing the major heat on the site. facebook says it has been that way for a while and you are already shared this information now. the last big change centers around the legal issues. it basically says that facebook can deny services in some parts of the world for legal reasons, and it can shut down services at any time because of that. facebook hasn't said when these changes will take effect because they are waiting to hear from new users. in the meanwhile, control who has access to your content and what applications can use your data. blog into your profile and check the privacy settings.
5:57 pm
you can check cnn and for information and updates. i'm allison coptic and new york. >> next and the last six we are following the search for missing true leader last seen friday on her way to school. it's the end of week. investiga possibility of more victims.
5:58 pm
5:59 pm
a tragic discovery in a san francisco home. >> five deceased. >> police indicating one of them may have killed the others. we're not looking for anybody at this point. >> kron4 takes you inside the investigation with new details of the tension that might have led to today's violence. and the fbi aagents agents combing the cul-de-sac where sierra lamar lived with her mother and her mother's
6:00 pm
boyfriend. tonight's we're hearing from mark klass. >> i personally believe whatever happened to her happened to her on that cul-de- sac. and that developing news at 6:00, we're learning more tonight about the discovery of five bodies in a san francisco home. we're using the kron4 big board to show you exactly where the victims were found. the home is o the home is on howth. dan, investigators trying to piece together what happened? >> reporter: that's right. this is the house where the bodies were discovered, the orange one. police officers are still here. crime scene investigators left about an hour ago, and still many questions remain as to how those people wound up dead. >> we have a genuine tragedy.
6:01 pm
>> reporter: san francisco police chief suhr reacts to five people dead inside this howth street home. he says a family member found the bodies scattered throughout the house. >> there a female victim upstairs, there is a female victim downstairs. there's two males. >> reporter: the medical examiner began bringing out the bodies around 1:00 in the afternoon. police say all of the victims are adults and at least four are related. they also say at least two of the deaths may have involved gunfire. >> we do believe that there are gunshots -- gunshot wounds to the victim. >> all of them? >> no, some of them. >> reporter: homicide and crime scene investigators spent much of the day on scene gathering evidence to determine what exactly happened. >> we're exploring all options. we're trying to talk to everybody we can.
6:02 pm
we want to find out what happened in that house. >> reporter: while police won't confirm this is a murder- suicide, they are not saying if they are looking for suspects, nor do they have any custody. >> we believe everybody involved in the investigation is in the residence. >> reporter: and police say to the neighbor, there's nothing to fear. this all happened to the people in the home. but again, they are not saying the words "murder-suicide" at this point. dan kerman, kron4 news. >> neighbors say they are on edge about such a brutal crime happening so close to home. a lot of people we talked to say this is usually a nice, safe area, but now some neighbors plan to avoid it until more information is released. one person who just moved in said she will take precautions to feel safer. >> i just got out of my house
6:03 pm
and i heard five people were hurded in the -- murdered in the house. it actually freaks me out. we just moved here. >> it it caught you by surprise? >> yes. >> are you gonna do anything different? >> definitely go home early. yeah, pretty freaked out. >> a lot of people who talked to our news crusade they did not know the -- did not know the news crew say they did not know the victims personally. now we return to the sierra lamar case. here's more. >> reporter: i can tell you in the last 20 minutes or so they actually packed up and left this area. i want to stand out the way so you can see where they are.
6:04 pm
above this fence in the distance, you can see that home. they were inside that home. that's sierra lamar's mother's home. they were inside there for some time. then i want to pan the camera to the left so you can see that side gate. that, according to neighbors, is a business back behind the house. they were saven -- aveningerring -- scavengering behind there. when they went behind the house, they did what's called a grid search, basically going shoulder to shoulder and slowly walking and when one stop, they all stop, looking for different crews. now, did they find anything out here at this point? we don't know. we only know they spent several hours outside the house and several hours inside the house. you can see their truck is no longer here because they have packed up within the last 20
6:05 pm
minute oses or so. there are plans to search this weekend as well. jr stone, kron4 news. a neighbor who lives right next store to sierra lamar's morgan hill home, says during a recent fbi search for the girl, safes surprised him when they knowledged on his door. >> last night, they come knocking on the door. about eight of them came in. they just went through the whole house, looking, searching through all of the bedrooms, closets. they went into the garage, up in the loft. they walked around the perimeter. it was quite interesting when they come walking in. i -- you can't say no. >> did they have a warrant to search your house? >> no. never offered one. yeah. they came in, they were very nice and cordial and asked questions they needed to and we answered them the best we
6:06 pm
could. >> fbi investigators spent part of the day questioning fieldworkers as they canvassed the area hoping to find leads in thiscation -- in this case sierra lamar has been missing exactly one week and so far the search has focused around her home. let's take a look at a google map. she lives right here, just to the west of interstate 101. now, last friday, when she left for school, she normally goes to this bus stop at the corner of doherty and palm avenue. but, of course, she never made it to school. now, the next day, saturday, her cell phone was found her near santa teresa boulevard and then last sunday, one day later, her purse, along with some clothing, was found a little ways away at laguna avenue and santa teresa boulevard. but today, the fbi is focusing their search at her home here.
6:07 pm
charles clifford, kron4 news. earlier today, kron news talked to polly klass's father and he gives insight. >> there's perception that her cell phone was tone from a moving car and now the clothing -- was thrown from a moving car and now the clothing appears to be thrown from a car. my perception is, if you -- that's a pretty remote place. if you don't have business there, chances are very great you aren't gonna be in that neighborhood. they live at the very end of a cul-de-sac with about eight houses on each side, leading off to the road she turns left to to walk to the school bus. from that point on, it's nothing but field, nothing but farmland. i personally believe that
6:08 pm
whatever happened to her, happened to her on that comedy -- cul-de-sac. and i think the business with the cell phone and the cou. it ure bag being found in a different direction might just be ms. direction. >> and new tonight as 6:00, the mother of the teenager is expected to attend a can candlelight vigil tonight at washington high school in fremont. sierra grew up in fremont until she moved to morgan hill in october. hundreds of people are expected to turn out tonight. kron4's kate thompson has more. >> reporter: in fremont, organizers of tonight's candlelight vigil tell me there will be several speakers, including sierra's friends and the minister and teachers. there will an slide show. and then the cloud will light their -- crowd will light their candles and all of the
6:09 pm
passerbies will see. many of the students expected to wear chuck taylor, they were sierra's favorite shoes, speecketly the red ones. also, sierra on the cheerleading squad. the cheerleaders will be sewing pink and black inside their uniforms the purse of hers found was pink and black. so that's why they will be using those colors. we had sunny weather around the bay today. this is looking a little overcast in san francisco. if you did not have the time today to enjoy the really nice weather. you might have missed out. it's gonna change. it's gonna get wet. >> it's already changing right now. we're seeing the increase in cloud cover asoeptioned with a
6:10 pm
big storm that -- associated with a pretty big storm that's gonna stall. so we'll see rain all day saturday and spotty on sunday. let's take a live look. look at all of that coverage. that's gonna be moving into the bay area, diving south along the coastline and stalling into the bay area into tomorrow. we'll see a lot of rain out there tomorrow. right now we're seeing clouds increasing. temperatures, they've been fairly mild as catherine suggested. 54 in san francisco right now. let's take a look at our weather headlines. increasing clouds are gonna continue through the even evening. the rain will start at fork and continue throughout the day. it will stall over the bay area. we'll see time it in futurecast coming up. and traffic on 680, near the 24 interchange, we've been telling you about a two-car accident that happened about an
6:11 pm
hour and a half ago. it's really slowed things down. traffic is still moving more slowly than usual. stay with us. more news after the break. [ teen ] times are good, aren't they, kids?
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a sunnyvale soccer coach is accusedded of having sex with a young teenaged girl. reggie kumer tells us the victim played on the suspect's team. >> reporter: emanuele fabrizio has been charged with 12 counts of sex aabuse -- of sex abuse. investigators say the 36-year- old began having sex with the girl in october, 2011. they say he met her while coaching for west valley youth soccer league in cupertino. this is the website. the assistant deputy district attorney says emanuele fabrizio is from italy and may be a
6:15 pm
flight risk. that's why bail was set at $1.5 million. >> we don't have any specific information about other victims, although he did have ongoing access to 12-year-old and 11-year-old girls. excellent work by the detectives there. they were able to get some e- mail communication and other digital evidence to help explain the relationship and help uncover the abuse. >> reporter: emanuele fabrizio's next court appearance is april 6th. reggie you kumer, kron4 news. taking a live look outside on satellite and radar, increasing cloud cover through the bay area now. the storm apros. a wider view picture will show the storm still offshore right now. it's gonna dive south along the
6:16 pm
coastline and stall over the bay area, bringing us a prolonged period of moderate rainfall. sheer a look at -- sheer a look at -- here is a look at future cast. by 5:00 it's pretty much in full swing over the north bay extending further inland by 8:00. notice all of the yellow on the screen will continue into the noon hour and the south bay. the heavier rain will start. and into the afternoon, the's rain continues again as the system stalls over the bay area. in the area, you will see plenty of moderate rainfall in the bay area, including san jose, livermore valley, also san francisco. this will continue into 11:00 tomorrow night. but starting to taper off a little bit in the north bay. heavy rain still going down to the south. by the 2:00 hour, the rain will start to let up. wouldary expecting about 2 inches. and in the santa cruz mountains several inches of rain through tomorrow.
6:17 pm
a look at our high temperatures tomorrow, it will be in the upper 40s and 50s. 50 in san francisco. 52 along the coast in half moon bay. 50 in concord. 50 in hayward. and 52 down in san jose. let's get a look at what we're expecting in terms of snow in the sierra. future cast showing a chance of rain tomorrow afternoon. it will mainly stay rain tomorrow in the sierra. temperatures too farm for us to see snow down at the lower elevations. you see heavier rain approaching by saturday night as we move into the midnight area, snow in the passes. we won't see much snow down at lake level for sunday morning. over the passes and the higher elevations. but nothing in the lower elevations. we have rain for saturday. that's gonna push out on saturday. that will finally drift south. but we'll still see a lingering chance for sunday. it will an cold system. so notice temperatures only in
6:18 pm
the low 60s. don't be surprised to see a popup thunderstorm or two. as we head into next week, temperatures are gonna improve temperaturewise. we'll see on and off rain through all of next week. president obama says the shooting death of an unarmed florida teenager should be fully investigated. travon martin was shot and killed by a neighborhood watch volunteer. the president was asked about the case today in the white house rose garden while introducing his head for the world bank. >> if i had a son, he would like like travon, you know, i think the parents are right to expect that all of us as americans are gonna take this with the seriousness it deserves and we're gonna get to the bottom of exactly what happened.
6:19 pm
>> the president says he's very limited in what he can say because of the federal investigation. he called the situation a tragedy. this is george zimmerman, the neighborhood watch volunteer. he claim esshot martin in self- defense last month. police say there's no evidence to disprove his story. the justice department and the fbi have opened a civil rights investigation. and celebrities are showing their celebrity for travon martin. lebron james posted this photo on his twitter and facebook showing the miami heat wearing hooded sweatshirts, their hands in their pocket. the american soldier accused of killing afghan civilians has been charged. prosecutors say that army staff sergeant robert bales killed nine children and eight adults and wounded six others. bales is being held in kansas. if convicted, he faces the death penalty. the incident has made relations very tense between the u.s. and
6:20 pm
afghanistan. the country eight president is demanding that all u.s. and nato troops withdrawal from villages and return to their bases. pope ben nip dict has arrived -- benedict has arrived in mexico and is getting a warm welcome. he's condemning violence. he points out that 47,000 people have been killed since the 2006 drug crackdown in mexico. the pope is heading to cuba, urging that country to leave behind marksman saying it no longer responds to reality. ♪
6:21 pm
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6:24 pm
in a warehouse. the men appeared to count the cash after the deal. investigators say the bills were marked. both suspects were arrested the next day and are awaiting trial. five people are behind bars accused of murder. san jose police says these men shot a man in a parking lot and it was the city's third homicide of 2012. the murder is believe toed to be gang-related. a lot -- believed to be gang-related. a lot of people -- look at this -- people want lottery tickets at this store because it's up to $290, the megamillions jackpot. five winning tickets have been told here in the -- sold here in the past. so there are locals who always get their tickets here. stay with us. more news after the break.
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o next at 6:30, a bay area bridge is set to temporarily shut down. coming up, the alternate roads you will need to know to get to
6:28 pm
the peninsula. 0 to celebrate national puppy day, our viewers sent in hundreds of pictures of their canine companions. and clouds increasing through the bay area. the storm is approaching. i will tell you what it will do this weekend -- coming up. 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
6:29 pm
6:30 pm
now at 6:30, tonight's big stories in one big block of news. right now, our top story -- >> reporter: here in san francisco, police are investigating the discovery of five bodies inside this home. police are saying that four of the five people are related. they are also saying that two may have suffered gunshot wounds. but police have no suspects in custody, nor are they looking for a suspect. that's because they believe everyone involved in this incident was in the home. however, they've stopped short of saying this was a murder- suicide. dan kerman, kron4 news. in morgan hill, it was a busy day for fbi agents here at
6:31 pm
the house of sierra lamar. her mother's house. as i step out of the way in the distance, you can see the house, the agents were not only inside the house. with you they were loose -- but they were also, as you look to the left, down the road, they were actually near those trees that you can see in the distance and along that road. evidence recovery teams were looking for any evidence in this case. at one point, they had a grid search go, shoulder to shoulder, looking to find anything, there were somewhere in the neighborhood of a dozen fbi agents out here. as to whether or not they found anything, we don't know. but we do know they were here for several hours. jr stone, kron4 news. yellow ribbons like these are appearing throughout this morgan hill neighborhood as the disappearance of sierra lamar reaches day seven. >> i would like to thank everybody out there. the morgan hill community has been very supportive i.v.
6:32 pm
supportive. >> i know that everybody is on the lookout for her and i just pray that everybody continues the effort. it could be anybody. unfortunately, we don't think about that happening to our own kids. we really don't. >> reporter: in from montthere will be a candlelight vigil at 7:30 at washington -- in from month, there will be a candlelight vigil at 7:30 at washington school. several of her friends and teachers are expected to speak at the vigil and then the crowd are light candles and march, hoping to draw attention to her disappearance. they are going to wear sierra's favorite shoot tonight at vigil. in santa clara county, the district attorney charged emanuele fabrizio with sexual abuse. this is regarding a 13-year-old he was coaching. investigators say the
6:33 pm
relationship between the two started in october of 2011. investigators believe that emanuele fabrizio may be a flight rick. that's why his bail was set at $1.5 million. in santa clara county, reggie kumar, kron4 news. in another big story, caltrans just made the announcement that the dumbarton bridge will be shut down over the memorial day weekend. the closure affects both directions of traffic and it's because of a seismic retrofit. drivers will have to find another way over the bridge to the peninsula during that time. the bridge will not reopen until tuesday at 5:00 a.m. , jeff bush, kron4 news. >> reporter: facebook is warning employers to not demand the passwords of job applicants, saying it is an invasion of priorcy that opens companies to legal liabilities. there is a new controversial trend emerging in the job market. companies demanding facebook
6:34 pm
passwords so they can view their private profiles before committing to hiring the. facebook says this is an invasion of -- to hiring them. facebook is not having it saying it's an invasion of privacy for them to divulge that information. as we take a wide view, the system that's gonna affect us this weekend is still sitting offshore. but it will stall over the bay area tomorrow. that will mean a lot of rain all day long. at the 5:00 hour, moderate rain pushing into the north bay and along the coastline. the rain moves inland. but we'll see the same picture all day long, widespread rain with more areas of rain moving in. it will continue into the afternoon. south of the golden gate we're seeing moderate rain near the entire area. into the even, widespread, moderate rain again. the system is stalling over the bay area. we'll see several hours of heavier rain. a couple of inches of rain expected down into the santa
6:35 pm
cruz mountains. finally starting to taper off a little bit in the overnight hours. as we look at the tahoe forecast, it's clear. but as we head into the weekend, we'll be getting a lot of rain in the tahoe region. snow in the higher elevations. temperatures, a as you can -- temperatures, as can you see, too warm to be seeing snow at lake level. a look at your extended forecast, rain tomorrow, and we'll see rain on sunday. it won't be as quite as widespread and long lasting but seal he more air if we get some more sunbreaks. into the weekend, we'll see improving conditions but a series of storms is set to impact us next week. so off anded on rain during the with week. here's stanley roberts who found some people banking badly. >> reporter: there appears to be a magical button in every car and truck that gives drivers the ability defy the rules of law. it allows just about anyone
6:36 pm
behind the wheel to do whatever they want whenever they feel like it. >> i asked some people what that button looks like that. >> that would be in the -- in the rear view mirror. >> >> the right side of the dash. when you go across the bridge. >> i think it pops up on the dash when you get in this neighborhood. >> reporter: tonight at 8:00 p.m., i will show you exactly where this button is and when is the right time and the wrong time to use it in the next edition of "people behaving badly." they are still out there at cavanaugh liquor 20 buy lottery tickets -- to buy lottery tickets. it's a huge jackpot. stay with us. sweetheart. we need to talk.
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pictures of their dogs. kron4's kimberlee saw sakamoto. >> we received over 300 pictures. this is chico, the 9ers fan. ' yesterday ready for the -- he's ready for the season. this next photo, look, rocking some headphones. it looks like it's playing a video game. you can see the controller right there amount very smart pup. let's eccheck out one more. i love this next one showing a gorgeous day in san francisco. you can see the bassett hound striking a pose near the famous bow and arrow artpiece along the embarcadero in san francisco. there's still time to for you to send us your photos. send us an e-mail to breaking also go to our website filled with viewer pictures and the
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facebook fan page where a photo album is filled with 300 pictures of dogs from all over the bay area. kimberlee sakamoto, kron4 news. up next -- we'll open up the kron4 e-mail bag and answer your questions. and a nice guy, a heck of a basketball player and he's live in studio with gary -- next. and a final look at the 80 and walnut creek, where southbound there was an accident reported about 4 4:40 -- about 4:40. huge crash. track is beginning to move better. stay tuned. gary is next.
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>> it's called it's just lunch. our client also meet for a lunch date or a drink after work. we do all of the work for our clients. we consider a date only when they meet face to face. >> so the difference between you and an online dating service, briefly? >> huge, the time and care and we know our clients personally. so that's why we can make great matches for them because we know what their true life goals are. >> so there's hope on the horizon for the busy professional. to find out more call them at 415-985-9800. 415-989-9 800. or you can go to
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it'sjustlunchsan this segment is sponsored by -- it's just lunch all right. good evening, everybody. we're gonna talk about the fellow everybody is waiting to meet. andrew bogut acquired from the milwaukee bucks. he was at freedom hool already in oakley working. when healthy, he's the third
6:45 pm
bet -- best setter in the nba. here's andrew bogut. i know you are tired of talking about your injury. we'll do it real fast. you got something on your left foot, right? >> yes. a nike. >> okay. >> it's a pot. >> when will you be -- it's a boot. >> when will you be ready to go? >> i got a whole offseason to rehab it. >> but the thing everybody wants to know, november 1st, around there, you should be in full strength? >> not should be, i will be. >> were you hear when mr. lakum got booed? >> yeah. >> did that scare you? , is riding on you. i don't mean to put it on you. you are the third best center in the world. >> yeah. i think it's time too see the fans disapprove -- i think it's
6:46 pm
hard to see the fans disaprob- - disapprove. probably not the right time to do it. >> i was listening to captain saying what a great guy. how long have we opinion together? 30 seconds. do you have a mean streak in you? sometimes with that nba you have to be mean or -- one- dimensional -- >> i'm happy to stand up for myself and my teammates. you know, it's the industry where people try to see how you will react. if you react the right way, they will leave you alone. >> the last fight you were in? >> usually kevin garnett. [ laughter ] >> already played them twice now. >> you heard the story on garnett. he's a great player. but he liked to shove, around. >> if i'm way paying you --
6:47 pm
paying you millions, i don't know if i would want you to -- to risk it playing olympic basketball as honored as you would make me feel you are an olympian. i would want you just to concentrate on me. >> yes. it's tough. it's always great to play in olympic games. problem the greatest honor for your country. if i'm not 110%, i'm not gonna risk it. >> for as much as you are gonna spend, have them prorate your contract and have the australians pay for it. [ laughter ] >> yeah. >> when you played your professional career in milwaukee, when they tell you you are morning to the bay area, were you hip to what's going on out here? >> yeah. sunshine. first and foremost. normal snow. >> are you married?
6:48 pm
>> no. >> you will be dancing around then? have you looked at -- i tell you -- you probably never have heard of him. a quarterback named jeff george. know him. >> no. >> signed for $25 million for the raiders. they bring him in. they said what's the matter? he says i just looked at the real estate. he just signed for $25 million. has anybody showed you real estate? >> no. but i will pay for the sun. >> it just jolts you, what you can -- what you can get. catherine is from milwaukee. catherine, how many houses could andrew get for one house here? four? five? are you the type of guy that's good with the pressure? again, i can't emphasize this
6:49 pm
enough. you are the guy -- monta, you won't forget him. but everybody is looking at you. >> we saw winning, competing for the playoffs every season. nobody forgets about chris mullin on the trades. >> what's the best part of your game? >> just locking shots, rebounding, i believe when i have it on the floor, i can double team. >> i will give you credit. you are at the youth camp with your boot on and everything today s that something that's important to you? >> more to do with the kids. i try to focus on my charity. the kids. if you can help kids, by the time they grow old, you put them in the right direction. >> i got a hunch. wherever you stay it will be in san francisco. >> yes. but i'm open to offers.
6:50 pm
>> if have you a basement and a bed big enough for a 7-footer, where -- where would it be? >> walnut creek. >> walnut creek. hey, nice to meet you, do you have a basement for me? >> no, i'm afraid -- i have a young wife. what do you think -- >> i'm too old for this guy. on fridays, i can talk to you more but that without cut in my wife's time. >> i don't want to do that. happy wife, happy life, right? >> you're damned right. [ laughter ] >> that's the guy. he's gonna be the kick of the warriors season next year. we're coming back. it's e-mail time. ready to go? got any insults. >> i'm ready to go. can't say anything about the new warrior. happy wife, happy life. take note! take note! >> stop it. hey, when we come back, an
6:51 pm
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yes...but i want my own invisible cord. you already have one. oh. ♪ all right. young lay did, you have a prog blem with your -- problem with your short segment blame it on -- >> no, no. >> he's charming. >> he is charming. >> i want to come home -- look at gary, instead of bogut has -- i don't want you looking at some -- >> no. >> go ahead. what do you got? >> anderson, you don't think alex smith should let jim harbaugh hug him because the 49ers waived peyton? >> no. when a guy tries to get somebody egg that bothers me a little bit. they paid him. they kissed, made up. po gut, number one pick in the
6:55 pm
nba draft. alex smith the -- here's what i do -- you give me 6 extra million, i will say don't hug me. but i will do whatever you want. just don't hug me when you try to get somebody else. >> i can't leave -- i can't believe you thought that tim tebow's popularity would be more if he were sphwhrack i black. >> thank you for your insight. >> the new orleans saints situation will be taking fans april way. >> what -- away from the scene. every time i see favre from two years ago in the championship game, i win. >> for $1,000. >> if you got a 25-year-old french player and the only way he stays in the league is some stupid coach yelling, you go out and hurt somebody and you
6:56 pm
put that in the mind of somebody, you know, a star by like bogut. the french guys are dangerous. i -- i applaud goodell for what he did. the bottom line, you have to make this sport -- if it's america's pastime now, the first thing you think about cannot be violence and gladiators. >> sure. >> i think the penalty for peyton was just fine. >> joe lav km o promised a lot and didn't deliver. >> i think -- >> there's no one -- >> here's the thing. i think he thought i'm gonna come um there, give mullin a trip, show his jersey. i'm not giving a speech about how great i am. i think people took it to the wrong way. let's see what they do with po gut next year. >> and jour joe interview is
6:57 pm
another reminder of why you've been the boss all these years. i agree with you. your strongest suit is your interview. >> i'm the boss. i'm the boss.
6:58 pm
6:59 pm
"the insider" is taking you in depth on today's big celebrity headline. i'm brooke anderson. "the insider" is on. the official cause of whitney houston's death. >> drugs helped kill the superstar. >> whitney houston's coke tragedy. did someone cover up evidence of drug use? >> what happened to the residue? >> the toxicology report confirming our "insider" time line of her hotel death. >> whitney houston was on her way to getting into the tub when something catastrophic happened. she collapsed. >> could a cocaine-induced heart attack have caused whitney to collapse into the bathtub? >> she short circuited her heart. with cocaine. then -- kim kardashian's red carpet attack. hit with white powder. the investigation. was it a publicity stunt?


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