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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  March 25, 2012 8:00pm-9:00pm PDT

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in the rooms. that from the medical examiner. >> police say the suspect did not shoot the victims, use a sharp weapon to kill them. they are still looking for a weapon. investigators say the attack was violent and bloody, two days after the crime they still do not have the cause of the death. police are not releasing the motive in the killings. it would only say that dictums are targeted. >> even though police are not releasing the names of the victims, there are three women and two men.
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we have another report coming up in 30 minutes. i will tell you how neighbors are responding this to the arrests. >>vicki: a man in a home on snowberry court drew a black hand gun and started shooting officers with bb guns. the suspect was not hurt and took off running. police arrested him without a struggle. a suspected burglar is hospitalized after being shot by someone inside of the home. maureen kelly has more. >> this is what the scene looked like a locusts after 3:30 a.m. your ears to the
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residential neighborhood was eliminated with flashlights and crews are lights. a 911 phone call came from inside of this home with reports of a possible intruder. officers heard three shots, the alleged intruder was identified as the 24 year- old san mateo resident and was wounded. the apparently unarmed man fists was shot in the front room of the home. police say the man who pulled the trigger was one of three guests staying here along with a woman and child. police say that this to use in the shooting belong to to the homeowner.
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>> it was dark in the early morning. people have a right to defend themselves by reasonable force. tests
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>>brian: improving conditions for this evening. we will see the skies begin to clear overnight. the clouds will increase as we head into the afternoon and we will eventually get rain coming up on tuesday. >>vicki: no reports of major damage after a 7.1 magnitude earthquake in chile.
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the city was devastated by a massive earthquake two years ago. people all along the coast were evacuated in case of a tsunami. gas prices are up 115 over the last couple of weeks. the average price nationwide is $3.93 a gallon. the highest city in the nation is in chicago. analysts believe that prices will soon start rising excuse me, stop rising as there is plenty of refinery capacity. it has been 30 months since tiger woods has claimed a victory. tonight, the week for woods is over. he finished two shots under to win at the arnold palmer invitational. coming up we will take you on a ride along the streets of the future with a look at how technology will shake your future road trips.
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>> the entire concept is completely safe. the coil is only activated when another oil is over it. the technology is not ready yet. >> basically we would have to reduce the coils sizes by a half or so. islamists we're going to be retrofitting three different vehicles with this technology so that we can then have auto manufacturers and to kick the tires. some of the preliminary estimates on what a roadway would cost to imbed the coils is something like $800,000 a mile. we feel that cost will come
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down. we believe that investing that kind of money to free us from the dependency on oil is probably fairly wise investment.
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>>brian: future cast 4 is picking up on a storm headed our way. midnight, some breaks in the clouds. here is noon tomorrow. we will begin to see the clouds increase once again as the invisible season gets here. it will monday until after midnight tomorrow and early tuesday morning before we see the rain affect the north bay. look for rain north of san francisco before noon on tuesday and the train slowly spreading south as we go through the day on tuesday.
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in the sierra outlook for snow showers monday and tuesday. snow levels are about 4,000 ft.. highs samara a little bit warmer, into the upper 50s and low 60s. here is the 7 day around the bay. tuesday will be the lightest day of the week and improving conditions for the afternoon. thursday and friday minister of clouds and sunshine. there could be a few showers but it looks like that is all there will be into the northern reaches of the north bay. >>gabe: thank you bird is
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game is now available. for iphone and ipod touch the game is also a dollar. for i had and android tablets the game is $3. >>vicki: we will show you tributes that were held around the bay area and the nation for treyvon martin. >> i like your show but i will not watch any more after this. >>stanley: find out why it's in the next edition of people behaving badly. ♪
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>>stanley: between 4:00 p.m. and 6:00 p.m. you will see a lot of drivers ignoring a sign that reads no left turn between 4:00 p.m. and 6:00 p.m. every day except sunday. let's admit it, signs of
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flights after one else. if you have to wonder dollars or more to spare, there is a quick way to spend it. >>officer: i am giving you a ticket. you compare the ticket, it goes on your record. you can protest this ticket and see me in front of the judge and if you have not been to traffic school, you are eligible for traffic school here in watched driver after driver after driver ignore the no left turn signed. this bus driver made an illegal left turn. she apparently just received for commercial license. >>officer: in ended a probation, this would not ticket but i cannot say the same for this driver.
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while you are driving and he made a left turn from bay on to van ness. >>stanley: check this out, she talked her way out of the no return ticket. >>officer: we will let out a window. her way into a text in ticket by arguing the semantics of what handsfree means. she also told the officer to write out on a piece of paper what he started doing. who does that? the guy who got stopped in the beginning of this segment. >> i watch your show, i like your show but i will not watch any more after this. >>vicki: if you have a comment or story idea for >>stanley: e-mail us at m. all around the nation, attributes to a slain 17 year-old. will show you why the death of treyvon martin is
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i want so much more it's more more than a mortal man can handle. now that's more like it. [ female announcer ] complimentary drinks. free breakfast. more room. embassy suites. get more. >>vicki: da lin is joining as in san francisco where police have made an arrest in a gruesome murder. >>da: this is the man police arrested this morning. police believe he killed
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five people inside of the orange house behind me. he is facing five counts of murder. this is one of the worst mass killings in san francisco history. they say all five victims are related. we know that there are three women into men. investigators say the suspect did not shoot the victims. he killed them with some sort of sharp weapon. the crime scene is gruesome and very bloody according officers. >> if we can get some closure on this, our
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community can start healing. >>da: many neighbors are very scared. many of them did not want to speak on camera, fearing for their own safety. police are reminding people that this was a targeted crime. it was not a random crime. bethesda >>vicki: alajandra cerball continues our team coverage. >>alejandra: this is the man police believe is responsible for the gruesome killings of five people. he was taken into custody sunday morning in the books on five counts of murder. the 35 year-old san francisco man has a criminal record and ties to gangs. police say the suspect did have a relationship with the five victims of the automotive has not been released. the chief would not give other details of the arrests that they did say he would
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not surrender. he was charged with narcotics possession, a felony possession of ammunition and a probation violation. >>vicki: supporters of treyvon martin remember the team across the nation. the 17 year-old was killed last month by a neighborhood watch volunteer who says he was acting in self-defense. >> the legacy of 17 year-old treyvon martin was kept alive in memorials and services in his honor. at this baptist church in florida, churchgoers listed to jesse jackson. the worshipers flocked to the antioch missionary baptist church in miami
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gardens, florida. in new york, people wore hoodies to church, the alpha he was wearing when he was killed. it has become a symbol of the injustice of racial profiling. >> this is a difficult situation. this child was, the man who killed him is walking the streets free. >> the governor has promised a thorough investigation of the shooting. >> i have the opportunity to meet with his parents on thursday to let them know i have introduced a new state attorney. your heart goes out to them. no family ever imagines this happening to their trial.
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>>vicki: outrage has reached the bay area, craig skalar takes us to one protester in the east bay. >> these hoods that the congregation brought to the church in oakland is a symbol here and around the country. >> we are grieving with them. thousand the hood is a symbol because for many african-americans wearing them on the streets strikes fear in some people. whether the fear is a rational or not. >> a 17 year-old loses his life like that, there are no words for it. i can take my hood of and i am a totally different person, but with a hood on, you're treated differently
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if it should not be. >> we only ask for justice. >> other churches are doing the same thing around the bay area. >> even if many of us turn a blind eye, racism is still here in we still need to fight on to defend ourselves as a culture in the know that we are one peak. >> we are always profiling wanted suspect. investigators are looking for a guy by the name of mario perez. they say in april 2010 he got into a fight on florida's st. in san francisco and then stabbed a male victim that he was fighting with. perez was last seen in the pacific half moon bay area. take a look any way.
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mario perez is described as a hispanic male. black here with brown eyes. 32 years old. if you have any information on this case we have posted a link on our web site. just click on the bay area's most wanted. >>vicki: of safe we will soon stop carrying leaned text should be. dan kerman explains. >>dan: safeway says after it sells its existing stock it will not purchase any fresh or frozen ground beef and that contains only in a finely textured beef. safeway will join wholefoods, maile stones and costco that already refused to sell the product in their stores. save mart which runs lecky continues to sell beef with and without this product does says they are evaluating the policy. wal-mart, target and trader joe's have refused to answer
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questions or did not respond.
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thank >>vicki: the u.s. pays hundreds of thousands of
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victims of the massacre in afghanistan. >> for every detail release, more questions arise. a u.s. official said that army staff sgt bales left his face, went to one village, returned to base and then went to another. the question is, how was it discovered that he left. we understand that for each person who died in the family member got 50,000 and for each person injured family members got $10,000.
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and there are still so many unanswered questions in this case. one of those was brought up today again. 16 people were killed in the massacre but carme staff sgt bales has been charged with 17 counts of murder. no one seems to be able to tell us where that other person is. >>gabe: >>grant: a silicon valley
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>>grant: this cemetery is going high-tech to connect
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to the dead with a building through smart phone. you can scan a cure code added to headstone in the sierra on-line memorial of the person who has passed including eight by -- including a biography. you can have up to 500 pictures. a person could record a voice message for the family as well.
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>> cemeteries are for the living. if someone visited your grave, they could learn about you. this is a wait for your great great-grandchildren to learn about you. >> on the beach, not too bad. if we saw some clouds and sunshine.
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unlike yesterday we did not have rain all day long. wednesday we will have all- day rain before it finally gets out of here. a mixture of clouds and
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stars, as a good to tomorrow morning, clouds and sunshine. cochran here is a look at
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your 7 day around the bay. thursday and friday, most of the bay area will see clouds and sunshine. there could be a few showers in the north bay. >>stanley: the posted speed limit is 45. if you do not believe me, there are signs posted everywhere. however, what i find interesting are some of the reasons people are caught speeding, like this guy who was clocked at 65 mi. per hour.
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>>stanley: of all the people i spoke to ward never spoke to, the driver of this mercedes was clocked not once, but twice. >>officer: you are being stopped for speeding on the golden gate and on the wall look great. 45 on the golden gate, had you at 66. as i got behind you, you were at 70 mi. per hour. >>stanley: the driver was less interested in the officer into more interested in the fact that there was a camera present.
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even after i backed up in recorded from a distance, the driver still had issues. >> he is continually filming me. >>officer: he can fill whatever he wants. >>stanley: for the record you can be video taped in public at any time in your permission is not needed, ever. that even applies to me. >> i am going to record this as well. i asked the cameraman to stop filming me. >>stanley: finally after a few moments the driver's side of the ticket. in the next edition i will say the drivers who were caught and why at least six will end up with a 30 days suspended license whether they like it or not. >>vicki: it is the hottest ticket in town, we will find out why the lions are around the block for the hundred games.
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>>vicki: a hundred games made it he did you at the box office and lady gaga adds a new award to resonate. >> it was a debut weekend movie producers dream about. under games open on friday taking in 155 million in the first three days and exceeding all industry
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expectations. the only soma surpassing these levels was that harry potter. hundred games truly was hottest ticket in town this weekend. at least 6000 shillings sold out in advance. the lady gaga has been named outstanding music artist.
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>> sunny skies with highs in the upper 50s and low 60s. the wayne will return on tuesday. >>vicki: that is it for us, we will see you at 11:00 p.m..
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