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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  March 26, 2012 4:00am-6:00am PDT

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roof camera showing in san francisco which is drive. we have more of rain on the way. >>erica: it is in little freezing in the higher elevations. temperatures on the cooler side. thirties in the north bay and low '40's everywhere else. as we head into the afternoon the clouds will increase. i do have slight potential for rain in the north bay.
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it isn't until later this evening and overnight that we will see more widespread rain. taking a look at temperatures right outside the door, 38 is, for napa, 47 in oakland. from defined we are also getting snow in tahoe. the potential for rain by 11:00 p.m..
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things will start to break up around the clock tower. we do have the slight potential for rain all around the bay area. it looks like things will be more intense in the north bay picking up spotty showers along the coast line. as with checkout temperatures, a '50s in los '60s. we have the potential for rain tomorrow, wednesday and thursday as well. we do have potential for a
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light rain as we head into the weekend as well. >>james: there are no hot spots. here is a live look at the bay bridge. no problems from oakland into the city. no problems on the flat section or high-rise. >>justine: heyman is under people and a home. police say this was a target of attack. >>da: the crime scene remains blocked off.
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neighbors dropped of flowers and burned incense to honor the five people killed inside. police have not released their names. the victims were three women in the two men who were elated. a relative discovered the bodies friday morning. police walked into the home and found a body in the entryway. police also found two bodies in the back of the house. police believe the attack was a violent in the bloody. police have not released a motive for the victims were
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specifically targeted. >> i want to reassure the public that this incident was specific to this home. >>da: one of the worst mass killings in san francisco history. >> i am thrilled with the cop the person that did this. >>justine: we have team coverage of the five people who were killed as we learn more about the murder, alajandra cerball tells us that the man does have a criminal past. >>alejandra: this is the man police believe are responsible for the gruesome killings of five people. he was taken into custody sunday morning in the books on five counts of murder. the san francisco man has a criminal record and a gang
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ties. police say the suspect did have a relationship with the five victims of the automotive has not been released. police also arrested his brother, brian. he was charged with narcotics possession, a felony possession of ammunition and a probation violation. >>james: a suspected burglar is in hospital after being shot by someone inside the home. maureen kelly explains what happened. of them of this is with the scene that looked like on crane avenue and foster city curious moments before, police say 891 month from call to from inside this home. as officers came up the
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walkway, they heard three shots. the shooter was identified as a san mateo resident and wounded. the apparently unarmed man tried to enter the front door before eventually coming through a side entrance. >> it was difficult to see. the residents did not know of the person was armed or not.
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people have the right to use reasonable force. every situation is a little bit different. >>justine: we have much more ahead on this monday morning. we are waiting for the rain. we will take a live look outside out walnut creek.
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sierra >>james: we're talking politics and this is in 2012. mitt romney will be at an event in san francisco. if you would like to see the former governor it is not
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want to be cheap freda >> he is the worst republican in the country to put up against barack obama! >> waltzed new gingrich are in the race as well. >>darya: a 7.1 magnitude earthquake in chile, the
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city it was devastated by an earthquake two years ago. >>james: we will take a quick break, here's a live picture from san francisco. at last check, the chp had issued a wind advisory. we will be right back.
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the >>james: today marks the one month anniversary in the shooting death of treyvon martin. he was killed last month by a neighborhood watch volunteer who says he was acting in self-defense. supporters are remembering the team across the country. here is the latest -- here's the latest of a
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tribute. >> across the nation on sunday, the legacy of treyvon martin was kept alive and memorials and services in his honor. at this church in florida churchgoers' listened to jesse jackson. >> we must end the institution of stand your ground. >> worshipers flocked the antioch baptist church in florida. many wore hoodies to church. it has become a symbol of the injustice associated with racial profiling. that is the outfit he was wearing when he was killed. >> a child so edison, killed by a vigilante, shot in the back of the head and the man
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is still walking the streets free. >> rick scott has extended condolences to the family. >> your heart goes out to the family. i met with the parents to let them know i have appointed a new state attorney in and i introduced them to the florida department law-enforcement agents that are working on the case. your heart goes out to them. there is no family never imagining this happening to their child. >>justine: there is outrage over the death of the florida team that has now reached the bay area. craig skalar takes us to one protester happening over the lack of the arrest and outrage to the heady, and it's now happening in the east bay. >>craig: the hoods the congregation brought to the sunday service are a symbol here and around the country. it is a sign of solidarity with the family of treyvon
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martin who died in the shooting. >> a 17 year old who loses his life like that, there are no words. i can take my hat off and on in a totally different person. it should not be that way. >>craig: other churches are doing the same thing around the area. >> even if a lot of us turn a blind eye, racism is still here. we still have to fight on to defend ourselves as a
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culture. if >>james: heavy rain caused damage in triggered accidents over seven california. officials have shut down roads and businesses because of high standing water. the early spring storm also dumped fresh snow into the mountains. we had our own dose of wet weather over the weekend as well. >>erica: we do have a rain on the way. a live look outside at conditions from the roof camera. clear skies and partly cloudy conditions north of the golden gate. as we take a look at what is on tap, right now we are seeing relatively mild conditions. cool in the north bay with temperatures in the upper thirties.
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it looks like to date will remain dry. as we pushed our way into the afternoon we will see moderate temperatures, upper 50s along the coastline. 63 expected later on for those of you in sunnyvale. as we take a look at what is on tap for tomorrow it looks like we will see widespread rain. we will be dry in places
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like san jose and mountain view. it looks like the wet weather is one to be with us for much every day. we have at least a 20 percent chance of rain beginning tomorrow and wednesday, thursday and friday. temperatures in los '60s and we do have the potential for wet weather as we head into saturday and sunday. none of these systems will be a complete wash but certainly keep an umbrella you will have to contend with some wet road race. we are not looking at any hot spots. the bay bridge is moving well. not too many cars. your ride from the foot of the mes to san francisco is clocking in at 8 minutes. the san mateo is moving well in both directions of highway 92. lot of space between cars westbound. a live look at the golden
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gate, self down 101, barely any cars on the stand itself. 22 minutes out of nevada in the city limits. all is well in the east bay. highway 4 looks good with no problems on the east shore freeway. westbound 24 is a clear shot through the caldecott and into the macarthur maze. >>james: with a quick update on prices at home. they have been steadily increasing. gas prices are up 115 in the last two weeks. the average price nationwide is the $3 net 805 a gallon. in san francisco, $4.40 steps. analysts believe prices will soon stop rising. they say there's plenty of supply and refinery capacity. >>justine: in sunnyvale, a soccer coach has been charged with 12 counts of child sex abuse. investigators say he had an inappropriate relationship with a 13 year old that
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started last october. reggie kumar has the latest on this developing story. >>reggie: investigators were tipped off by the victim's father who became suspicious of the man earlier this month after noticing in inappropriate relationship between his daughter and her 36 roles soccer coach. the girl was on the team with other young girls ranging in age from 11-34 through if west valley youth soccer league. this is the organization's web site. on his face the page there ripostes attacking his character. here are what some said. the deputy district attorney says that he does have a prior domestic violence charge. >> we know that the two of them developed a friendship that eventually progressed to an abusive sexual
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relationship hand was on going for the last several months. detectives were able to get e-mail communications and other evidence to help explain the relationship and help uncover the abuse. we do not have any specific information about other victims although he did have ongoing access to burroughs under 12. >>reggie: he is considered a flight risk and his bail was set at 1.5 million. >>mark: >>james: when we come back, the latest on the trend, employers asking applicants for their facebook password and log on. here is a look at mt. tam, so far so good for now.
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fox and and and noon
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goddess weather and rain
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coming up. but the
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>>justine: thinking for starting your week ended this monday with us. here is a live look outside at the golden gate. we are waiting for the rain. erica is here with a look at today's forecast. >>erica: we do anticipate.
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the heavy rainfall as we head into tomorrow. the heaviest rain is reserved for the north bay. we are catching a dry break for today with a slight potential for overnight showers. a 46 right now in downtown san francisco. it is not too bad, but certainly bring a jacket. temperatures will be a little bit cooler than the seasonal average. satellite and radar shows what weather situated off the coast for imperialists set looks like in the bay area we are drive for national and relatively mild. into the afternoon, this is what your highs will look like.
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your 7 day around the bay forecast shows today will be a dry day but as we head into tomorrow we do have the potential to wake up to showers. by i'm that if athletes and to the rebels in north of the gold indeed become more widespread. we expect. the moderate-heavy rainfall. we have the potential for on
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and off showers as we head into the weekend. >>justine: here is a look at your ride on a 92. we do not see any major delays as the head towards hayward or foster city.
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>>da: there was no new evidence in saturday's search. the search lasted for about eight hours, it was the fourth and largest search. deputies will not be conducting another search on sunday. this is a new development. last sunday her backpack was found in a field with a clothing inside. deputies have submitted the clothing to the county crime lab for further testing. they are trying to see if they are able to retrieve any dna evidence. family and friends were at her home to comfort her mother. they plan to hold another candlelight vigil at morgan
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held church on sunday evening. >> it has been nine days since sierra lamar vanished. >>grant: two items were found in different places. this is where she lives in morgan hill. she left for school friday morning, march 16th and it is believed she went to a regular bus stop just one block away, but she never made it to school. on saturday, her cellphone was found in a field a couple blocks away near the intersection of santa teresa boulevard and schuller avenue. the next day which was last sunday, her purse along with some of for clothing was found roughly three-four
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city blocks away.
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>>justine: one of the developing stories we are watching, a man is under arrest for the violent murder of five people in a quiet neighborhood in san francisco.
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did >>justine: north korea could its face additional
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>>james: the united states has paid afghan of victims in the shooting raged. officials claim $50,000 in compensation was given to each villagers killed or the family members. they also say $11,000 was paid to people who were wounded. protests and calls for justice have continued in afghanistan since the soldier was flown out of the country. a legal defense fund has been set up for the soldier in the question accused in the afghan shooting rampage. his wife started the donation drive with support from family. in a statement she has no way of paying the legal costs and added she has no new information about what happened. >>justine: she is also saying that her husband showed no signs of post- traumatic stress disorder before being deployed.
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we will take a quick break and be right back.
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if the mother district has a limit of 5.6 million. the cuts will force schools to increase class size. kate-threefold jump from 20 students per class to 32 students per class. teachers will be required to take five furlough days.
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>> this mother says one for children is already having a tough time into the new cuts will make matters worse, especially if they increase the number of kids in each class, it putting more strain on teachers. >> my daughter is struggling. that depresses me because my daughter needs help. the size of the classrooms right now is already too much for the teachers to be able to help each kit at the different levels. >> this group of parents
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volunteers say it will be vital for more parents to help out in hopes of lessening the fallout curious set of parents will have to volunteer and stepped in to close the gap of what is going on. >> of the dumbarton bridge will be closed in both directions on memorial day weekend. crews will be doing seismic retrofit work. jeff fisher tells us what drivers can expect. jeff >> caltrans will shut down traffic on friday, may 25th at 10:00 p.m.. at that time the cruise will go into action on a major seismic retrofit projects. >> at the memorial weekend closure is needed because there are replacing a steel seismic joint. >> that joint is on the western part of the bridge and goes across six lanes of traffic. the finishing touches will require full access to the bridge.
4:47 am
because the fleet will be added between now and when they get the work ready on memorial weekend. this section of steel is already in place for the work to be done. about 60,000 cars drive over the bridge on any given day but they chose the holiday weekend because they're planning to open their bridge and time of the morning commute on tuesday, may 25th if the. but >>mark: was to get the latest on whether with erica. >>erica: we do have a grain that will develop overnight and become more widespread in to tomorrow morning.
4:48 am
clear skies. the winds will increase in temperatures will drop into the forties. here is a look at current conditions. pretty frigid in the north bay and more miles in places like downtown san francisco. as we check out your satellite and radar we have a little bit of what whether sitting offshore pushing its way closer to you read that. we also have some residual snow over the lake tahoe area but we are dry right now. we do have some changes to talk about. future cast 4 predicts a lot of cloud cover planting the entire bay area. by 11:00 the rain moves offshore. by 6:00 a.m. the rain chances will stick north of
4:49 am
the golden gate. by 5:00 p.m. on tuesday everyone is dealing with a healthy dose of local in decatur by the a la will the potential for scattered showers on thursday. we could see dry conditions on tap for friday.
4:50 am
as it turned things over to traffic, no delays or hot spots. the san mateo bridge ride is moving well in both directions a traffic beginning to build. we're checking the golden gate, you will see a lot of space between cars. if you are taking public transit this morning, you are good to go.
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>> as mobile phones become more prevalent and the methods of making payments increased it is important to look at the hurdles facing its implementation.
4:52 am
>> there could also be advantages to be all digital approach. >> adopting an option like google wallet remains far off for a lot of consumers not ready to cash in their real wallets just yet. >>james: stanley roberts shows us how drivers are creating a hazard. >>stanley: there appears to be magical but in every car and truck the gives drivers the ability to defy the rules a lot. it is the park where everyone button. the official name is the has a button.
4:53 am
with just the press of a button, drivers think they are in units to tickets. i ask people where the park wherever you want button is located. >> the button on your rear view. >> the right side of the-. >>stanley: what is it called? >> it is the one and he'll use when you go across the bridge. >> i cannot answer that. >>stanley: this vernet's using the button while parked in a taxi zone which has caused a little problem. >> it even with government fleets she is not supposed to be parked there. she is violating the law. >>stanley: just then, the van drives away. >> she felt guilty. >>stanley: this budget truck has been parked for about 15 minutes, no driver, just to the hazards. i found out, when you press
4:54 am
the park wherever button, you lose the sense of time. pressing the button also seems to cause a loss of hearing as well. if the proper time to use your hazards is if you are involved in a collision or some kind of an emergency if you are sitting in an unsafe place. remember, parking enforcement has a button, it is called print ticket. fact >> if you have a comment or story idea for salmon, let him know, send him an e- mail. >>justine: when we come back we will find out how much money a hundred games movie raked in.
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for fifth five dr.
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>>justine: of a hundred games is not near the top of box office records. the third best debut effort behind last year's. cotter. 21 jump street and doctors is the law racks also made money this weekend. the kron4 news starts in two minutes. stay with us.
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for fun and above
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>>mark: 0 maummar has not been seen in more than a week. we will bring to the latest
5:01 am
on the case. gas prices are on the rise again. we will show you how much you can expect to pay at the pub. first, a quick minute of bay area weather and traffic. >>james: visibility is very hot in the deck is dry this morning. al-awalki to the headlines. mostly cleared skies this morning if if it is cool with some spots in the 40's and a couple of spots in the '30s. increasing clouds of a few sprinkles in the north bay. the bulk of the wet weather will make its entrance after 11:00 p.m. and be with us all day tomorrow. we will break that down in detail throughout the morning peak test here is a look at current temperatures. we will be back with a full look at whether in a minute. >>erica: i have been
5:02 am
checking with the chp. we are not looking at any hot spots. on the golden gate, nice in the light conditions. a quick survey of traffic around the bay area, there are no problems on the east bay freeways. the south bay looks good. no problems on the basis and in the north bay, not a single accident report. >>mark: a man is now under arrest for the violent murder of five people at home and in english side neighborhood. police believe the victims were killed inside the home. i thought these were discovered early on friday. them of ethic friday morning we found five deceased persons who suffered blunt trauma. we really did not know what we had.
5:03 am
we have four separate homicide scenes within the residence. there could be some priorate game ties involved although we do not believe at this point that it is gain related. >>james: this all happened in the most side district originally thought to be murder-suicides. >>jackie: three days after, most of the street is still a crime scene. there are still to patrol cars out front. investigators are expected to be back here today. if they have put a tremendous a lot of efforts and resources into this case. up to 40 investigators from multiple divisions have been
5:04 am
working the crime scene. investigators are expected to be back out here this morning to get more answers to this riddle. >>mark: are companies there to guard the scene? >>jackie: yes. investigators will be back later this morning. usually patrol cars will set out from to make sure the crime scene is not compromised. >>mark: out of morgan hill, the 15 year old high-school sophomore who has been missing since march 16th vanished as she was headed to a bus stop around 7:00 a.m.. despite finding a cellphone and a bed with a clothing folded inside, investigators have not been able to find her. the fbi is now helping with the search. will tran has more.
5:05 am
>>will: there are more fliers of sierra lamar all over her neighborhood including yellow ribbons. as far as we know investigators will not be back out to search for the missing 15 year-old. over the weekend that they went as far south as san walking imperialists fees for the family is working on raising money to establish a reward for her safe return. more on this story throughout the morning. >>mark: of our on-air coverage continues online. visit for the latest details. >>mark: more at the pain at the pump. the average price of gas climbed 115 over the last two weeks. the average price nationwide, $3.93 a gallon. here are current prices in the bay area. gas in oakland averaging
5:06 am
$4.31 in the san francisco of $4.90. if the highs in the nation right now is in chicago at $4.38. the u.s. supreme court begins three days of hearing today to determine the fate of the president's health- care law. 26 states are challenging the law which requires individuals to have health insurance. opponents argue that the requirements is unconstitutional. a decision is expected by late june for. >>mark: will be right back as the kron4 news continues. here is a live look outside of this monday morning.
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>>james: of snow chains required for the sierra. monday-wednesday we're looking for a chance of snow for all three days spiff fell a winter's snow what has been issued for tuesday into wednesday. it could be anywhere from 8-12 in. above 6,000 ft.. maybe up to 2 ft. above 7000. we will have the call forecast as it develops. >>mark: police are investigating a shooting that happened during a break in over the weekend.
5:11 am
residents called 911 just before 4:30 a.m. reporting that someone was trying to break it. officers arrived at the scene in heard gunshots. inside they found a resident and a single suspect. police did not find any other suspects. we will be right back as the kron4 news continues. here's a live look at the san mateo.
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status >>james: here is video yes today from pasadena fury if the storm is moving into southern california serious live footage of the fourth half. >> here is a look at the
5:15 am
golden gate. dry conditions but that is looking to change over the net flow hours. the north bay has a small chance of light from gulf ahead of our next system. it is after 11:00 p.m. and leave that to the bay area to see decent rain. here is a live at your current temperatures. most of the bay area is seeing a 40 degree weather at the moment. the story is the rain. the rain will bring us rain and the north bay and then push on for the rest of the bay area. i want to what degree will we are seeing an future cast 4 area off by 11:00 p.m. the rain will organize itself to
5:16 am
the north. by 6:00 a.m. of the north bay will be dealing with widespread light rain. this is not a very fast- moving system. by 5:00 p.m., widespread mile-heavy rain. by 11:00 p.m. that is the way the rain store will play out. '60s will be the highs for today.
5:17 am
along the coast, '50s. as we head into wednesday, showers are still likely. we will hold on to the chance of a scattered showers thursday and friday b.f. this weekend, we have another system rolling through saturday-sunday if. >>erica: i have been checking the 58 ft.. if pretty quiet start furious fear is a live look fell flat on the favorite furious at the full plaza we are not seeing any delays. the drive time is 8-9 minutes from the foot of the base.
5:18 am
on the senate sale bridge from the traffic fill that was found for the foster city with no accidents to a fork. traffic is moving pretty smoothly on the approaches the fell fear e.f. on the golden gate, a lot of faith between cars off. fell found 680 is moving well for the caldecott and for the macarthur maze. >>mark: wall street is trying to regroup this morning purify f job creation in the u.s. is
5:19 am
seeking ness. in division 20 told a news, mitt romney is coming to the bay area furious romney had an event instead of the 58th. people are paying a $1,000 to go. $1,000 for a photo opportunity e.f. >>mark: today marks the one month anniversary of the shooting death of treyvon martin. he was killed last month in florida fight a neighborhood watch kaftan, jordan zimmerman make you feel, right. zimmerman has not been charged with a crime. the parents of martin are speaking for life and fate in have been humbling defeat the back of the people coming together looking for justice for their son.
5:20 am
>> we appreciate the support. this is really hit home. >>mark: case is the drawing national attention. there is debate on whether his death was an act of self-defense or racially motivated serious science this half his head
5:21 am
>> we are not allowing teachers to teach the kids with a need to know.
5:22 am
another >> cuts will also eliminate buses that take give from home to thwart each day. one of the pair of volunteers they will be vital for parents to help out. >> parents are pointed half the volunteers and the effect of to fill in the gap. >>mark: we will be right back as the kron4 news continues. a drive for today but more rain on the forecast. how
5:23 am
5:24 am
5:25 am
>>mark: and an irritant that of the weather forecast. up the chance of showers tuesday and wednesday. more rain in the forecast
5:26 am
for saturday in a few showers are hold on to the umbrella of this week. in world news, there were two service members shot in afghanistan. officials say the two were killed when a man in afghan uniform opened fire on international troops. similar attacks have become more commonplace in afghanistan, particularly since the incident were karan's were burned last month. the u.s. paying $50,000 in compensation for each afghan civilian that was killed in the shooting rampage by an american soldier. emmy staff sergeant robert bayles was charged with the death of nine children and eight adults. six wounded villagers received $11,000. the money was paid on saturday. officials have not yet responded to requests for
5:27 am
comments. he could be facing the death penalty. the wife of robert feels is setting up a legal hough defense fund. in a statement she says she has no way of paying illegal costs and no information about what happened. we're back in two minutes as the kron4 news continues. an update on our top stories after the break. pierre is not looked at walnut creek.
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5:29 am
police have made the rest of the man who killed five people and a home on friday.
5:30 am
we are also following the latest in the search for sierra lamar. they have found herself on and a bag with her clothing but investigators are still searching for her. gas prices are on the rise once again, up 115 over the past two week period more on bay area gas prices coming up. a quick check on bay area weather and traffic. >>james: here is a live look at the san mateo fridge. visibility is a free ticket. for now, let's enjoy the dry weather and walking through the weather headlines for today.
5:31 am
>>erica: there are no complaints in the traffic center. of looking at great conditions bay area life. as we take a look at interstate 80 your ride in san francisco you will see traffic is still pretty light approaching fremont street this morning. it looks like the east the freeways are moving well and no problems in the south and on 101 or interstate 80. it's as light conditions in both conditions of highway 101.
5:32 am
>>mark: a man is under arrest this morning for the violent murder of if five people in a quiet hillside neighborhood. police say this is the man who killed the victim inside a home and bodies discovered on friday. beyond the news of the address we have new details. >>officer: on friday morning, we fans five deceased persons who suffered blunt trauma. we really did not know what we had. we had four separate homicide scenes within the residence. of there could be the writer game ties involved only do not know at this fall house >>mark: this is where heim seamless look it, right near and yet considered college
5:33 am
of san francisco. jackie sissel is live outside of the home. the >>jackie: yesterday is when we got the information about the arrest. much of this street is still considered a crime scene. this has been a huge ordeal for the san francisco police department. they have had of the 40 investigators from multiple agencies working in this case. there is a marked police car out front on a 24 hour vigil. we are expecting to see investigators back out here. there is so much evidence to collect and process. he could take a while longer before they're able to get this crime scene evaluated. soft
5:34 am
>>mark: and jackie, we will check back with you later this morning. in morgan hill, the latest in the disappearance of 15 year old sierra lamar. she disappeared as she was heading to a bus stop. investigators have found herself on and a bag of clothes neatly folded inside. the fbi is now helping with the search along with the class kits foundation. will tran is in morgan hill this morning with more on the investigation. >>will: on friday, fbi agents were right here asking for air cover the face of sierra arm of anything that could help them find her. over the weekend
5:35 am
investigators' expense of their search in a 12 mi. radius with no luck. the klan to reevaluate to see if they should expand the search further, making narrow or change their focus. mark klass has a daughter whose objective is killed back in 1993 and says he believes would never have under happened, called the sec says she lives. >>mark: in another developing story, in san jose police are looking for in manhood to kidnap a teenage girl by using a stand us in the willow glen veinous. police say this girl was approached by a man who attacked her with a stun gun and attempted to drive her into his car. she was able to get away. the attacker fled the scene in a red compact car. he is described as hispanic and in his 30's, 5 1/7 inches. or going to be hearing legal
5:36 am
arguments today over the president's health care reform bill. these are live pictures and to kron4 news room of the supreme court. there will be three days of hearings to determine the fate of the law aimed at extending health insurance to more than 30 million americans. for the justices will hear arguments starting today. a decision after all of these arguments is not expected until late june, right in the middle of the presidential election campaign. >>mark: which are also watching the pain at the pump. the average price of gasoline is up 115 in the past two weeks. the national average is $3.93. in the bay area is always higher. for san francisco is higher at $4.39. chicago has the highest gas prices in the nation. we will be right back as the
5:37 am
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>>mark: let's talk quickly about the weather. here is a brief look at what we are seeing. most of the area's cities are in the forties. we're looking for chilly conditions in many of those pockets throughout the north bay. for the most part mainly 40 degree weather. we are expecting rain to start falling later tonight. in look at the steer forecaster of the morning. the bay area will not see
5:41 am
ran until 11:00 p.m. or beyond. we're looking for a very wet tomorrow. >>mark: the president has issued a warning to north korea that if they move forward with a planned missile test firing there will be consequences ferry he spoke during a visit to south korea. there are suspicions that the upcoming satellite launch is an attempt to develop a nuclear armed missile. >> north korea will achieve nothing by threats or provocations. north korea knows its obligations and it might stay irreversible steps to meet those obligations. on this the united states and republic of korea are absolutely united. >> the president added that north korea could face additional sanctions if they move forward with a blunt. they say they're only intention is a peaceful space program. an earthquake in south
5:42 am
america but no reports of any major damage. there was a 7.1 magnitude earthquake in chile. but people along the coast were evacuated in case of a tsunami. we will be right back as the kron4 news continues. here is a live look outside on the san mateo. traffic is starting to grow lanes of snow for the major issues across the span. hey guys, breakfast! ♪
5:43 am
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>>mark: >>stanley: the police are arresting the men on suspicion of drunk driving after he arrived at a hospital to check in a friend who had been thrown from the window of his vehicle. police suspected that he had been driving the car and arrested him on suspicion of drunk driving.
5:46 am
a south san francisco man has been arrested. because suspect was arrested for a gang-related assault and other deadly weapon and booked on the san mateo county jail. here is a live look at the bay bridge. >>james: here is a live look out of walnut creek. 680 shows traffic moving through the san ramon valley pretty well. visibility is really clear up there this morning. here is a look at what we are expecting weather wise. clear skies although it is chilly.
5:47 am
fried fish as this afternoon with a mix of '50s and '60s. faugh mostly 60s in the ife in itself a fifth off tonight is one interesting story begins. rainfall after 11:00 p.m. and it will stay awfully wet as we have to the day tomorrow. a widespread and cloud cover up with rain organizing to the north. class 6:00 a.m. the north bay will be dealing with light rain. and by 5:00 p.m. the evening commute home on tuesday, the heavy rain has made its
5:48 am
with criminals of the bay area. by 11:00 p.m. on tuesday, widespread moderate-heavy rain. if tuesday and wednesday we will have been scattered showers. here is your 7 day around the bay. things will stay with into thursday and friday with off and on shower activity. saturday we could have another round of wet weather. fill in the sierra, all of this will translate into snow. >>erica: is a quiet ride
5:49 am
around the bay area. there are no major accidents to talk about. we are seeing traffic building on most of the freeways. on interstate 80, a steady stream of cars. at the toll plaza we are now hearing of any major delays. did conditions coming down the east shore freeway and along the northbound direction of the nimitz at the bat car. on the san mateo you will see the tail lights building westbound towards foster city but no delays at the toll plaza itself. traffic is still moving well. speeds are over 60 mi. an hour. visibility it looks good to your ride comfort of a out of the north bay area traffic is moving well. not a single accident for the nimitz. if interested to the beat is
5:50 am
problem free. the drive time is 11 minutes from the capitol expressway to the montagu. >>mark: stanley roberts has a look at people misusing hazard lights in this edition of peoe behaving badly. >>stanley: there appears to be magical button in every car and truck the gives drivers the ability to park wherever they want. it is commonly called a park where you want cut in. the official name is the panic button. with just the press of a button, drivers think they are immune to tickets because of two in blinking light serious i was curious, so i asked people where is the park where you want button? at the >> the button on the rear view mirror. them on the right side of the dash.
5:51 am
of all, it is the one for when you go across the bridge. >> i cannot answer that. >> this city ban is using the button off while parked in a taxi zone if femic even of china's government cleats, she is violating the law. >>stanley: just then, the van drives away. >>stanley: this budget truck had been parked for about 15 minutes on measure, no driver, just hazards. i found out, when you press the car for every one but you lose sense of time and you also lose your hearing. the proper time to use your hazards is if you are involved in a collision or some kind of an emergency and sitting in an unsafe place for it looks like we are getting a backwards, but
5:52 am
hey, it is your button and how you use it is up to you. remember, parking enforcement has a button also, it is called current ticket. >>mark: if you have a comment or story idea for >>stanley: , you can e-mail him. here is a live look outside on this monday morning. blue skies. traffic is still light. fasad of
5:53 am
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5:55 am
>>mark: a quick check on the weather forecast. get ready for the rain. new this morning, director james cameron is back in the deepest part of the world's
5:56 am
oceans. he reached the deepest part of the oceanic trench, 7 mi. below. we are awaiting word on his condition. he was collecting samples as a part of a national geographic research. he is the third man to reach the bottom of the trench into the first to do so. tiger woods, 923 days since he won his last tournament. he finished two shots under at the arnold palmer ended -- at the arnold palmer invitational in orlando. a quick check at the weekend box office. the hunkered games filled fans appetites. that puts it near the top of the domestic record book. this marks the third best opening in terms of revenue behind kerry potter and the
5:57 am
dark knight will be. 21 jump street came in second. and dr. seuss came in third. traffic is light and moving smoothly so far this morning. more on weather and traffic coming up in two minutes.
5:58 am
5:59 am
if >>mark: thank you for joining us on this monday morning ferry the top stories we are following, please making and a left and the mass murder of a quiet session francisco neighborhood. the search continues for a


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