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tv   KRON 4 Morning News  KRON  March 27, 2012 7:00am-10:00am PDT

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. thanks for joining us. sierra lamar missing for weeks. >> suspected of killing five people was not supposed to be in the country. we will tell you how he was able to remain in the u.s. and widespread showers across the bay area. and the storm is just starting. we will go to the weather center for liz. >> we will get a lot more than 24 hours. >> just in the past sick hours. and topping the list. >> about the am could go in at 4/100th. and fifth of an inch having
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fallen already. and nothing quite yet and we see that on the radar. it is dry down in san jose. and getting a little bit. we have 9/100th of an inch. we will expect the totals to increase here as we head throughout the day. there is a lot more wet weather. take a look. this is storm tracker four. and in the -- storm tracker 4. and we begin the tour in the east bay talking about what we are seeing here and we posted the question on facebook. hey, anybody out here that is covering green on the maps. and some of it trace it out. we have a good response. folks in antioch say we are coming down good. decent rainfall at the moment. people out in concord report they have rain coming down. so, a lot of the darker areas of green, we could say it represents green. and showing us just more drizzle. that is how we are differentiating where the wet
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weather is falling. well town here, we have lane coming through the san -- wave rain coming through the san ramon valley. we are looking at drier conditions along the easter shore of the bay much we have oakland down and until you get over to 580. and it is wet through san leandro and highway 13. heading through the oakland hills and wet weather in patches. it is not widespread. but it is patches. san jose is fairly dry and we are reporting rain out here in milpitas and it is up to candlestick park that we have the wet weather and we have a moderate cell pushing through in ocean beach and looking for wetter beaches there. and seeing some moderate rainfall at the moment. rainfall rates. we will find out what they are showing right now. we will grab the id tool and
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see what the yellow is reporting. >> that's what we are seeing at the he moment. pull out wider. and dealing with it all morn long. once you get -- all morning long. folks are reporting decent rain and it is a brief break. and that's the story with the rain. more on the way. we look at future cast four. how much rain we can expect here for the next 24 hours. we have it starting at 7:00 a.m. and with amounts being reported in the north bay. that's what we see on the radar. we push it forward to 6:00 p.m. tonight. and mainly up in the hills around santa rosa. that's where the largest is. and head south. and see san jose. and we have 3/10th of an inch having fallen. and through 6:00 a.m. tomorrow. you will see we are looking at
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much more total. or more in the way of totals. 3 inches up near santa rosa. 1.3 in san jose. and inch in san francisco. inch and a half in oakland. and potentially falling there. we will come back with the seven around the bay. we have more wet weather for the rest of the week. this is how the next 24 hours is shaping up right now. beall go over to traffic. we are tracking the first hot spot. i don't know if this is weather related. and it as five car crash. and vehicle reportedly on its roof blocking the number 1 lane and big delays coming out of the coyote valley and red and yellow on the screen and below speeds at 20 miles an hour. we take a look here. 10 miles an hour speeds. and 20 miles an hour in spots of the commute and allow yourself extra 10 to 15 minutes. that's the only hot spot.
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taking a look at the bridges. it moves well back at the toll plaza. they are currently activated. we do have a wind advisory here and at the san mateo bridge and with a live look southbound 101 shows no problem comes out of the north bay. justine. sticking with weather and also traffic. and sfo, arriving flights are being reported and they are delayed about four hours. that's an average not for every flight. it could effect departing flights and you should check with the carrier. that's what is happening right now in the kron 4 newsroom. >> now, to a developing story out of morgan hill. it is less than an hour away from a new search for 15-year-old sierra: volunteers -- sierra. it is led by the klaas kids
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foundation. she has not been seen since leaving her house. it is more than a week now and never made it to the bus stop. locate add quarter mile from the home. this is the past searches and crews have found her cellphone and a bag of hers with her clothes neatly folded inches. this mornings search will last all day. eventhough this is
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coordinated by the klass kid's foundation, a sherrif will be on hand.
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more in a couple of minutes. here is a live look in san francisco from our roof on
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van ness ave. sfo!
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>>darya: our big story is the weather. we have team coverage to get you to work and school on time. so far, the light rain has not caused too much of our problem. it is getting heavy in spots. fairfield has some heavier downpours as in marin
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county in december fell. we will keep our eyes on the storm and watch it intensified throughout the day. you're on timeout leo! some things won't last 25 years. ah! woof. some things will. save up to 20% on an ikea kitchen.
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>>darya: we are tracking the storm in the bay area, it fired up earlier in this morning downpours. there are a few in the north bay. the south bay is pretty dry right now.
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james is going to tell us how things will progress throughout the day. >>james: here is a look at storm tracker 4 showing a swearing is running right now. light-moderate rain in the north bay. the rain is coming down at a fairly steady rate. we also have reports earlier out of concord. walnut creek is in the clear, all of this is trekking to the east which is why we see these locations clearing out. there is more on the way. we expect things to get wet once again for concord and walnut creek. dublin and pleasanton are still wet. in the east short so far it has been ok. downtown oakland and alameda, so far so good on
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the nimitz. on the peninsula, so far it is a dried ride. this cell is now leading alicia keys-heading flew the embarcadero. san bourse chile -- look for rain in chocolate, richmond and panel. a lot of rain continuing to track in the direction of here cnn's and san rafael. 101 seems to be what until you get to novato. it is a hit or miss drive on 101. defending on where your morning commute is, you could get by without seeing much or run into wet weather.
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effects for let's take a look at future fast furious as we saw on the rainfall, the heaviest of the rain is in the north bay. advancing the clock to noon, it is confined to north of the golden gate felt we are still dealing with light- moderate rain. do not be surprised if you have a static shower earlier in the afternoon. later into the afternoon and evening is one we are expecting widespread of moderate-heavy cream. this will impact the evening commute. by 9:00 p.m. we will still be dealing with it. it will take the overnight hours until finally kicked the system out. fear is a look at your 7 day around the bay. wednesday, scattered showers. friday will be ok until the evening and that is one another system the
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>>erica: we are tracking a hot spot, a pretty serious one in the south bay, northbound wanna 1 just south of interstate 680. a vehicle on its roof because of a five car injury accident that happened in the last hour to. as a result, the two left hand lanes are blocked. major delays and divide the red and yellow. it was backing up to interstate 85. you can see some of that will speak for nothing down to just 25 mi. per hour in some cases. we are certainly in a single digits. you can certainly add on some extra time if this is your commute this morning. you are looking at 25 minute delays, 85-87 is your best alternate. this is the only hot spot we're looking at, the bay bridge span is moving well and the metering lights are cycled on. your typical back of there.
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the sanitation thrift is currently dealing with a high wind advisory and cameras shaking around. it has not really impacted your commute yet here is southbound 101 is busier making your way into san francisco. you will probably need your when chilled letters for your ride coming out of the north bay. there are no serious accidents to report. >>mark: in a concord police are investigating reports of a man approaching 26 grade girls and trying to get them into their car. the girls refused and told administrators. a message was sent to parents. in oakland, a person was shot while driving in the 1000 block of the 54th street. the victim was taken to hospital with life- threatening injuries. the san francisco oakland area is the second most densely populated urban area with more than 6200 people
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per square mile. this is according to the u.s. census bureau. >>darya: taking a look at national news, a developing story out of florida surrounding the killing of treyvon martin fill in sanford florida. his parents are headed to washington dc to attend a forum on racial profiling. there are blaming police for leaking information about their son. saying that their son was suspended for school the week before his death, suspended for having marijuana in his backpack. police details released about the fight that he had with the the man who shot excel's hah area bid for trained his style as an aggressor.
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>> and i cannot bring him back but i am going to make changes so that this does not happen to another family. >>darya: the center police department shifts says the there was not authorized release but acknowledges there could have been a week. >>mark: can the government forced to will to carry insurance. >> we feel very confident that the individual responsibility of the kir act is constitutional and supported by a number of republicans before it became a bipartisan idea.
7:22 am
it was implemented in massachusetts but a republican governor and i think that speaks to the broad consensus that is out there that it is constitutional. >>mark: virtually every american will be affected. 26 states and a small- business group opposes the loss in congress is using its power to overstepped the boundaries. >> this is clearly unconstitutional for any majority in the house or senate to tell all americans that just a live in this country must byproduct. we are told that it is for the greatest good for the greatest number of people, that is an idea there should not have any place here. we believe in individual liberties. that has gotten shoved aside. hear arguments through tomorrow and then lightly make a ruling on the constitutionality of the law by this summer. >>darya: we're back with more in a couple of minutes.
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here is a live look from our roof on van ness ave. we have clouds and rain drops. it looks like the commute home could be messy. we will be right back. soft
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>>darya: we are taking a look at the weather. storm tracker 4 showing as widespread showers. the rain is pretty widespread. in the north and in the east bay we are getting reports into the facebook page about steady rain. it is raining pretty good depending on where you are, everyone will get what this afternoon on a ride home. >>mark: there is new word that a new video will not be aired showing the attacks on the soldiers and the jewish students in southwest france that the killer recorded. french president nicolas
7:27 am
sarkozy, other officials and family members have asked about his ear not to broadcast the footage. he was killed last week after a long standoff with police. 3 paratroopers, three children and a rabbi were killed. the television station received the footage on a u.s. pc. >>darya: mitt romney is in the bay area this morning. here is video from yesterday where protesters were outside a campaign fund- raiser for him in redwood city. they were demonstrating outside of the hotel and upset with romney because they claim he represents the wealthy and not the working class. fellow gop hopeful rick santorum is making headlines because of this angry confrontation with a new york times reporter. santorum was campaigning -- campaigning in wisconsin and a call from a the worst
7:28 am
republican in the country to run for president. santorum and then refused to answer any questions about that comment however in a second interview santorum said he would consider serving as a running mate for romney. >>mark: we will have the latest on our big stories and in of date on the weather forecasts coming up in a little bit. in san francisco, traffic is thick on the stand. if you rain showers. the rain is now picking up in intensity.
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>>mark: the big stories we are following, we are waiting for the rain to take up around the bay area. more on the timing of the showers coming up. coming up and a half an
7:31 am
hour, volunteers led by the class kits foundational fan out to search for sierra lamar in morgan health. she vanished before reaching her bus stop a week before last friday. investigators are still trying to locate the girl. the man suspected of killing five people in this san francisco home was uneven supposed to be in the united states. he was supposed to have been deported back in 2006. >>darya: we are focusing on the weather, it is slow. >>james: yes. the south bay has not seen anything at all out of this system but that will change. it will take most of the day for that to happen. let's begin the tour in the east bay. so far, that has been one of our wettest portions of the bay. antioch is reporting fairly steady rain. it is light in nature, but steady.
7:32 am
martinez and points north towards vacaville and fairfield are reporting fairly decent rain. that will be a forecast for today. the writer livermore is improving just a bit. it does not look like we have too much tracking in your direction. you may have a little bit of a break for a while. your ride along the east shore, oakland through union city is not bad. we have reports of rain through hayward about 15 minutes ago. the bulk of that has pushed off. the rain is lighter than it was 50 minutes ago. chances are, things will dry out just a touch. san francisco is only
7:33 am
catching some rain on the north half of the city. the rest of the peninsula from sfo to wear to 80 lance is doing ok. we have more wet weather just offshore trekking in the direction puff pacific and dave the city. we will watch for that. take a look in the north bay, the ride on a 101 gets hairy between san rafael and novato. we have moderate falling, tracking in the direction of the 101 right. nv is getting a little bit wet as the self runs through. here is where the right on 101 clears up. petaluma, roemer park and santa rosa is ok. on the left, there's more rain headed down. look at all of this moisture tracking our direction. that is what we will be dealing with throughout the day. we will walk you through how the rain is going to
7:34 am
progress. we will begin at 7:00 a.m. and advance to noon. heavy rain pretty much north of the golden gate. as you are headed to bed, you are still dealing with heavy rain. the beginnings of the back edge of this system is beginning to show up. it will be overnight before the system pushes out. as for the weekend, saturday will be even wider.
7:35 am
>>erica: throughout the hour we were tracking and hot spot on northbound 101, just south of where it meets interstate 680 3/82 of the traffic lanes are now completely cleared. right now we are dealing with some residuals delays. speeds averaging about 40 mi. an hour. residual delays just pass the 85 interchange. you can see the cameras shaking around. the wind advisory issued on the bay bridge this morning. the metering lights are off. there are no problems for the san mateo bridge accident lies.
7:36 am
we do have a high wind advisory in effect for the stand. here's a look at conditions on the golden gate. >>darya: our developing story, and just 25 minutes there will be a new search this morning for the morgan hill girl who has been missing since march 16th. volunteers are going to fan out and are being headed by the class kits foundation. they're showing up already for the search for sierra who vanished while on her way between her home into the bus stop. this starts at 8:00 a.m.. will tran and is out in morgan hill this morning and he is at the command center taking a look at the search. >>will: volunteers are showing up in getting ready to go out there in the tough conditions. it is cold and it's probably will be training. many people will be here. we do not know how many people will show up.
7:37 am
join me now is brad dennis, the search coordinator. >> this offers the community an opportunity to get involved and be engaged. the other side of that is the sheer number of volunteers. the search and rescue efforts and law-enforcement efforts have been tremendous. some of the best search and rescue teams in the country are here. >>darya: also expected to show up more class and the brother of michelle lei for
7:38 am
the was adapted and killed last year. >>mark: here is video of the man who shot and killed five people he was supposed to have been deported from the u.s. backed his home country of vietnam back in 2006. he had been convicted of robbing a chinese restaurant. he was arrested for that in 1996 and sentenced in 1998. u.s. immigration and customs officials took him into custody after he was released after completing eight years of that sentence. that is one an immigration judge ordered him removed from the united states. the vietnamese government never provided documents needed to process that removal.
7:39 am
the >>darya: >> the victim is understandably shaken. any time something like this happens in a neighborhood, the downside is, it is very scary but the upside is, it brings neighbors together and they keep an eye out for each other a little bit better. >>darya: take a look at the description police are releasing for the man they're looking for.
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>>justine: a wild fire is burning in colorado. we can see here from the pictures, much has been destroyed. more firefighters have been called into battle this fast-moving wildfire that destroyed a number of homes. this is happening in an area near denver. officials say it has been an extremely dry month and this has really become a problem. the winds are even getting worse. that is what is happening in the kron4 news room, we will be right back. the kron4 news room, we will be right back.
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>>james: lets talk weather. storm tracker 4 is showing as whether rain is falling at the moment. >>james: the northern half of san francisco is seen light rain with moderate rain approaching the golden gate. we have a cell of moderate rain approaching richmond.
7:48 am
look for that to start impacting downtown richmond in the next 15-20 minutes. that is what we are seeing on the radar right now. as for where weather is going of the course of the day, let's take a look a future cast 4. most of the heavy rain has been seen across the north bay. around noon it will sag down enough that it will encroach on the golden gate into the heaviest of rain will start to make an appearance in the northern peninsula. by 5:00 p.m. look for widespread heavy rain. this is the evening ride home. it is probably going to get nasty out there. give yourself time or to get around. by 9:00 p.m. as you head home, widespread heavy- moderate rain along the east bay in the south bay and begins to break up ill little bit. that is our first hint that the system will pass through overnight. that is the forecast for the
7:49 am
next 24 hours. here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. you'll see that there's a we're doing ok with plenty of sunshine and partly cloudy skies. friday, we will have a good for first half ended the latter have showers once again friday night into saturday. that is the way the weather looks, let's get a check on traffic. >>erica: i am no longer tracking any hot spots. we are still behind schedule on a one-to-one in the south bay. on the bay bridge we do have a high wind advisory in effect. at the toll plaza, metering lights to deal with. the san mateo bridge right, a high wind advisory currently in effect. the drive time is just 14 minutes from end it to end. a quick look at the golden gate, heavy conditions on the approach to the toll plaza. overall, smith conditions. in the south bay we are still behind schedule.
7:50 am
highway 101, an earlier accident ride around the 680 interchange. >> ultimately i will be myself. it is something i cannot control. that is something i learned early on, if you cannot control it, do not worry about it. >>darya: this press conference was so interesting. it is like tim tebow has no idea about anything. he has no idea what position he is going to play, he has no idea how he is being received in new york. >>gary: ans i never believe someone when they are standing behind a sodium furious yes, there is something about him that i
7:51 am
do believe. soft >>darya: the owner of the giants said he had also scheduled a press conference for the backup quarterback. i thought that was funny. >>gary: with the new york giants in the superbowl champions, the jets had a disappointing year, no one will admit it, but this has to be a lot of cr. cost >>darya: is an unprecedented you would have this big of a trade? he has a no clue what he is doing. >>gary: i am sure he does. he must have an idea. he looks so good standing of there. he said he was excited 40
7:52 am
times. everyone was playing with him repeating himself. >>darya: he was weak, engaged,, and attentive. >>darya: do you think that sean patent would work on fox?
7:53 am
>>gary: i do not think that he should be allowed to. at the end of the day, the nfl does have a say over their announcers. i cannot remember the last time when they said we do not want him, but i do think there is 8 rule. i just do not see where a guy who embarrassed to the league like that and the other players in danger for less see was the end of the mine, the coach, i do not see why they would allow him to call games. i think it would be a good publicity stunt. >>darya: how can the sharks
7:54 am
the no. 1 in the division and number 31 last week there were 10 this is amazing. >>gary: last night they moved from ninth to third. if you leave your division, you move into the third spot or something. they all the sudden became the leader of their division. >>darya: we have maybe six games to go. they can do it. we will seek. >>gary: it looks like the sharks are on their way to the playoffs. >>darya: we're back with more in a couple of minutes. the
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>>james: here is a look at your ski report.
7:58 am
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>>james: volunteers just started searching the morgan hill area looking for clues and the disappearance of a 15 year old girl. sierra lamar has been missing for more than a week. feel we will bring you the latest on today's surge. a man suspected of killing five people was not even supposed to be in the country. we will tell you how he was able to remain in the united states. >>darya: at james is here in the weather center with the latest numbers. things are really getting started.
8:01 am
>>james: the rainfall is coming down at about one- tenth of an inch per hour. here is a little better perspective. there is a line of showers cuttings to the peninsula and moving to the east. these days where we will start this tour. antioch is still dealing with moderate rain. concord and walnut creek are giving a slight breather. dublin and san ramon are seeing a light-moderate rainfall. as we take a look at the east shore, half of oakland is under the gun with light rain falling. as you head south it will clear up and he will stay relatively clear through hayward, union city and the like.
8:02 am
moderate rain falling near burlingame in the daily city. downtown san francisco is seeing moderate rain. expected to be overhead for the next 15-20 as the system slowly tracks to the east. it will be over the bay in about a half an hour into making its way towards the 80 corridor. in the north, modern rainier san rafael. wet weather to the west. we have moderate rain trekking in the direction of santa rosa. there is a lot of energy
8:03 am
still to push through the bay area. the heaviest of the rain is to the north. by noon, the system really gets organized and starts to hammer the north bay. it will slowly track to the south and impacted the rest of the bay by 5:00 p.m.. it could take a while to get home. as a purse the clock into the overnight hours it will take to at least seven or 8:00 tomorrow morning for the bulk of the wet weather to exit the area.
8:04 am
a couple of top of showers here and there for most of the first half of wednesday. here is the 7 day around the bay. thursday's dry and friday is ok into the evenings. >>erica: some wind advisories went into effect earlier this morning. there are no issues on the east bay right. on the san mateo bridge a high wind advisory is currently in effect. the changeable message signed has just been activated. 14 minutes from end to end. a minor backup down 880. a look at the golden gate, southbound 101, no problems
8:05 am
to alert you to. >>mark: in morgan hill, a missing 15 year-old has been missing since march 15th. starting in a few moments volunteers with the class kits foundation will fan out to search for any clues of sierra lamar who vanished before reaching her bus stop. the crews have found herself on and dad with her clothing neatly folded inside add to different locations near her home. here is video of the search efforts. authorities are also pouring for herself on and laptop computer but have not been able to determine if she ran away or was affected. volunteers are gathered right now add burnett elementary located here on tilted avenue. it is about 3 mi. away from her home.
8:06 am
it is also where will tran is with more on what the volunteers will be doing. >>will: there are dozens of people inside the room. the room could be too small for the number of volunteers to continue to show up. volunteers want to come here to help find sierra lamar. the search will begin at 8:00 but it looks like it will not happen because all of these people have to be briefed by the search coordinator to know exactly what to do or what not to do in case they run across any possible evidence. they may have to move this to the gymnasium. sir, what are your? >> i have a daughter and kids. i am concerned. this is the town i live in. >>mark: it sounds like it was important for you to be
8:07 am
here. >> yes. i took the day off of work. we need to find her. >>will: also here is michael le, his sister michelle was found and killed last year.
8:08 am
hopefully with all of these extra people and they will find something. coming up we will speak with more class. >>mark: look forward to that interview coming up at 838. >>darya: the man arrested for killing five people and san francisco was not even supposed to be in the united states. he was suppose to have been deported back to its own country in 2006. he was convicted of robbing a chinese restaurant and wholesale business in san jose.
8:09 am
>>darya: here are the names of the five people who were killed. they are all san francisco residents. three are women, there were two men, they were all between the ages of 30 and 65. but that's
8:10 am
8:11 am
8:12 am
>>justine: in the meantime we do have the video to show you. this is what we're trying to show you from those live shots. firefighters have been called into battle this wildfire that has destroyed a number of homes. the fires are being blamed for the death of one person. this is happening in a mountainous area near denver. it has been a very dry month
8:13 am
in the area that these fires have burned. the potential for this fire to get even worse is out there. if we can't go back to those live pictures we can see what is happening. it is a rather hazy. we will keep you posted as soon as more information comes in. look! here she comes! ♪ she'll be comin' 'round the mountain when she comes... ♪ ♪ when she comes. ♪ it'll be spinning new chrome wheels when it comes. ♪ ♪ when it comes. ♪ custom spoiler, race grade pistons, ♪ ♪ gt35 turbo charger. ♪ and they'll all know that it's kevin's awesome car. ♪ bought em!
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>>mark: will tran is joining us with more class from the class kits foundation. >>will: this turnout is huge. it almost stretches to the street. i was inside speaking with more class, he had no idea what was going on outside. you looked over and saw this in the you were amazed. what is your thoughts? >> my thought is if we're going to get so many volunteers over the course of the next several days that we should be able to cover a huge amounts of territory and hopefully resolve this. marlene is a very frail.
8:17 am
>>will: where will we be searching today? >> i cannot talk about the specific areas that we will search but we will start at ground zero and work our way out. >>will: you have said in the past that you believe what ever happened to her happened in her cul-de-sac. >> absolutely. >> absolutely. if you do not have business in that neighborhood, you would not be there. >>will: the police department is still calling this a missing persons case as opposed to introduction.
8:18 am
>> it does not seem to matter to anyone here. the few times i have been to the house with the family, the neighborhood has been swamped with fbi agents and sheriff's deputies. every time i look around and see another call for another person from the media or people lined up around the block to come and search for this girl. people can classify this as they wish, but the bottom line is, there is a lot of attention being paid in the disappearance of sierra lamar and people want to bring her home. >>will: they found her cellphone and her bag into different remote areas. when you learned about that, what went through your mind? >> i was glad. that means they're doing their job. that means that search and rescue has done a tremendous job of recovering critical evidence very early on. now, we will have to analyze the evidence.
8:19 am
was it literally, truly toss from a car? was there misdirection? did she do it to masco and intentions. we do not know they think the answers are forthcoming. >>will: look at this. there are more people here. you have to be at least 18 years old. bring your identification. the just in case you run across any possible evidence, you may have to testify in a courtroom. if you're coming down and it looks like more people are, get ready, get in line. they will search all the way until 1:00 p.m. and continues searching until sunday. much more including reaction from people and line. if >>darya: we have another big
8:20 am
story which is the weather. everyone is getting rain in is getting heavier. >>james: we had some showers a roll through not too long ago. let's look at storm tracker 4. this is what we see on the radar. feared is fairly widespread across the north bay in portions of the east bay. antioch to martinas, it is the northern half that is getting light rain. also concord to the san ramon valley down to about dublin, light rain on that stretch of 680 and heavy rain looks like it is out there towards tracy. we are looking for that to impact you as you make your ride in on 580. the seventh portion of 680, light rain for you there. as we take a look at the east shore, you can see moderate rain falling over portions of north oakland into berkeley. that is will we see on the radar at the moment.
8:21 am
we also have light rain from flint down south on 880 to about castro valley. it clears up as he had towards hayward. the san francisco peninsula salt light-modern rain over the entire stretch of the peninsula from san mateo north. another round of wet weather is coming into san francisco from ocean beach. the wet weather will continue here in the city into wide use shows you will we are looking and traffic and toward san francisco, daly city in pacifica. to the north, it is what, 101 with heavy rain as you make your way past santa rosa. to the north, heavy showers heading our way. here is what we see on a wide view. wet weather from the bay area to the oregon border. with future cast 4 is and see what we are expecting in terms of rain.
8:22 am
8:00 a.m., heavy to the north. heavy rain across most of the north bay. it will take most of the overnight hours. we will advanced the clock to 7:00 a.m. and you will see the heaviest of the rain will exit the south bay. scattered showers in the wake of this system. that will be with us into the day, at least the first half of wednesday. when we come back, your extended outlook and we will see what is in store for the weekend. >>erica: we do have some slowdown hot spots around the bay area. and they are not necessarily associated with accidents or incidents but take a look at
8:23 am
your ride coming out of milan for its solid red indicating speeds below 25 mi. an hour. the backup starts around nevada pass highway 37. taking look at conditions in the east bay it is still a rough ride on high way for into pittsburgh. an earlier accident around daily that was blocking the middle lane. that is no longer the case however we still see speeds over 25 mi. for an hour. it looks likely are seeing better conditions coming down the east shore freeway. on some of our traffic cameras the bay bridge looks good. we do have a high wind
8:24 am
advisory in effect. you are asked to drive with extra caution and keep both hands on the steering wheel. , san mateo, you can see the camera shaking around. no accidents to report. on the golden gate no problems on the stand itself cover we do have major delays on 101 coming out of the north bay.
8:25 am
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and ultimately connected to you. at kaiser permanente, we believe that if knowledge is power, shared knowledge is even more powerful. kaiser permanente. thrive. >>mark: if friday on wall street. the s&p is up a fraction and the nasdaq is up sticks. home prices dropped for the fifth consecutive month in january.
8:28 am
analysts say they expect prices to rise modestly. >>darya: we are back with more in a couple of minutes. here is a live look in walnut creek. it is all jams. more on the commute, hot spots and how long it will take to get to work in school coming up in a couple of minutes.
8:29 am
8:30 am
>>pam: about a half an hour ago, volunteers were lined up, they will be searching for any clues of sierra lamar and morgan hill. the girl vanished over a week ago. investigators have not been able to determine if she ran away or was adapted.
8:31 am
the man suspected of killing five people was not even supposed to be in the united states. he was supposed to have been deported back to his home country of vietnam in 2016 riffraff >>darya: the weather will be worse throughout the day fury if >> is starting to break up 11 along the peninsula. the east bay is getting it pretty good dose. 680 and concord, a wet right. it looks like walnut creek this is what we have in terms of rain fall.
8:32 am
it looks like probably lafayette is where the rain is right now and tracking in the direction of walnut creek. here is where we see the wet weather in dublin and pleasanton. the ec arrive from oakland down looks like it could be wet in spots. the peninsula is spotty with hit or miss showers.
8:33 am
as i do not see any rainfall, but it could be different story around ocean beach. in the north bay, 101 has been a wet ride all morning long. intense showers beginning to form just north of santa rosa. we're looking for that to play a part of a forecast. here is a widely on the satellite. 8:00 a.m., the jordy to the north. by noon, the same story pdf the heaviest rainfall was north of the golden gate. 5:09 p.m. we are still dealing with it. overnight will finally get the system to push by. by 7:00 a.m. we will be dealing with residual showers here and there.
8:34 am
for friday we will get by with a visitor friday with dry conditions. that is your weather at 8:34 a.m.. >>erica: we do have some slowdown hot spots. we're still behind schedule on sup on 101 coming out of marin county. those delays start just cassata. i have been checking with the chp. we do not have any accidents to report, only slow and go conditions. the drive time is 46 minutes out of nevada into san francisco.
8:35 am
the yellow indicates speeds averaging about 35 mi. an hour. the ride into walnut creek looks pretty good. south of the 24 interchange >>erica: and morgan hill, the search is underway for a missing 15 year-old girl last seen a week before friday.
8:36 am
>>mark: will tran is live with an update from the staging area. >>will: hundreds of people are here. you can see them out time -- outside waiting to be briefed. the line stretches down the road. hundreds of people are here and many said they simply took the day off from work to see if they can use a vacation day so that they could be here to help search for sierra lamar. they do plan on going over some of the same areas investigators have gone through.
8:37 am
let's see if we can talk to some of the people in line. while it was important for you to be here? i have a mother and i have children. i asked my hair dresser to come. i decided to walk with them >>will: it was a forum for you to lose money to be here? >> yes. >> it is nice to see everyone pulled together. even the people who are bringing donations, it is crazy.
8:38 am
>> people are still showing up and finding no parking. this is the terrain of morgan hill. it is a rugged area. we spoke with more class and he believes that what ever happened to sierra happens on her cul-de-sac. >>darya: our big story is the weather and traffic this morning. you can see the big clouds over san francisco right now. we are looking to intensify and back with more in a couple of minutes. and back with more in a couple of minutes. we are the sons and daughters of farmers who made cheese;
8:39 am
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>>justine: there are some sweeping changes that have happened to college entrance exams. beginning if with exams in september students wanna have to submit a photo of themselves when they apply to take either the s.a.t. or act. that picture will be printed on the students' test and a copy will be handed to the person who is giving the test so that proctor's will compare the picture on the test. these changes are coming because there was a scandal that happened in new york when 20 kids were arrested for cheating on the s.a.t. and act. big changes are coming in this fault. we will take a break and be right back.
8:43 am
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>>darya: rain is a widespread around the bay area. we are looking for the rain to really pick up in intensity. here is what we see on the reader itself. widespread rain through a good bit of the north bay into the east bay. mainly in the north bay and east bay we should be seen whether. walnut creek headed into concord, some portions of pleasant hill also see moderate rain falling. a bit of it to the west of danville trekking in the direction of danville. this situation could intensify for people in alamo, danville and san ramon.
8:47 am
we have reports of a light drizzle. in downtown san francisco is getting a drizzle mix right now. not a lot falling steady but the pavement is the damned. a wide view of the north bay should discontinue widespread flight rain through the 101 drive from petaluma through santa rosa curious sonoma valley and napa valley towards fairfield, everyone is dealing with damp conditions
8:48 am
and more wet weather to come. as we take a quick look at what we expect to happen we will fast for the clock from 8:00 a.m.. heavy rain to the north to new nook where the wet weather will begin to get more organized. solid rain for the east bay, the south bay into the peninsula. overnight the system will pass us by. it will take only until about 7:00 tomorrow morning and then we'll have spotty showers here and there for the first half of wednesday. the second half looks pretty good. we will try things out, the sun will come out and we will be able to salvage wednesday afternoons. here is the forecast. thursday looking for tickets, friday is not bad. friday into saturday we have
8:49 am
a system rolling through that will give us a missed on sunday. >>erica: the rain is having a toll on the morning commute. speeds are at about 35 mi. per hour.
8:50 am
same for northbound 85. as we picked up traffic cameras, all is a well for the most part on the bay bridge stand. we will wrap up on some good news, the golden gate, southbound 101, we are seeing heavy conditions compared to what we're used to. >>darya: a magnitude 6.4 located off the coast of the region that had been heavily damaged by last year's earthquake and tsunami. >>mark: the dow's fall to rating of a few points, the nasdaq is up 4.5 and the s&p down a fraction, quite a trading day after yesterday's game. >>darya: and over has
8:51 am
continues that act as a shelter for the homeless. stanley roberts returned to the san jose location to see with the city and county are doing about it. >>stanley: i returned to the overpass near communications tel blvd. after getting some new information. apparently, the city of san jose into the county of santa clara have gotten involved and sent county outreach to look around. at least one of the people living under the overpass spoke with the outreach workers. this man has been living here for about three months. he came from chicago and is a war veteran. >> if you can even get into get a hot meal even if you are a veteran. >>stanley: he has accepted some help and transfer to the veterans affairs center. this is the director of
8:52 am
communications for the city of san jose and admits there is a systemic problem with the homeless and not just limited to san jose. >> it is one of those complicated things where there is no easy solution. we are sensitive to the needs of people who need housing and we are sensitive to the concerns of residents who live in nearby neighborhoods. >>stanley: even as the city tries to offer help to one group, shortly after, someone else takes their place. this is a newcomer to the overpass. mi got out of jail three days ago,
8:53 am
>>mark: the mega millions jackpot is swelling to 365 million. no one picked winning numbers from friday. the odds of winning are about one and 176 million. >>darya: we are back with more in a couple of minutes. here is a live look outside. walnut creek has been a mess for a long time.
8:54 am
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8:56 am
>>james: here is a look at your ski report.
8:57 am
do not forget for discounts and other great things to do in tahoe visit >>mark: last week the sharks were in 10th place in the conference and now have moved up to third place because there now the leaders in the pacific division. they won over the avalanche 5-1. that was the team's third straight win and moves them to the top of the division after loss angeles and dallas have both lost. the next game is tomorrow in anaheim. they only have six games remaining in the season and four of them are against the kings. it will come down to the wire. >>darya: pretty exciting. our big story this morning is the weather.
8:58 am
we have plenty of cloud over our studios. >>mark: things will get worse before they get better, the latest on the
8:59 am
9:00 am
>>mark: sierra lamar has been missing for more than a week. we will bring you the latest in this morning's search. a man suspected of killing five people and san francisco was not supposed to be in the country. we will tell you how he was able to stay in the united states. watching the rain on and off in the bay area, we will stick more in the weather center. >>justine: action de 5 herring cardis, market and
9:01 am
san john downtown, there were two postal workers that suddenly became very sick. we do know that right now there are has netcruiser on the scene as well as emergency physicians. we do not know what the people are being treated for war with the symptoms are, only that they are very sick. has met teams and other emergency for itself are there. an adjoining city park has also been evacuated because there are too full to workers that's only became a very sick. lee are working to get more information on this breaking news story and we will keep you toasted. for
9:02 am
>>james: it looks like we have a brief break but probably in the next half hour or so we will start to see some areas to start to clear out. a brief bit of rest before more rain had our way. this is will we are seeing on storm tracker 4 right now. it looks like moderate rain falling along highway 4 between nt off. it looks like right around pittsburgh, moderate range. this continues to be a wet right along 580. from livermore, tracy, 1580 and castro valley.
9:03 am
it is continuing to move to the east. hopefully in the next 15-24 rain will break up a little bit. down in the south bay we have half of san jose underneath wet weather. feed continues to be dried along portions of 101 into 280. a good bit of the peninsula starting to dry out. san francisco is seen mild conditions with a little bit of wet weather offshore. let's take a look in the north bay. that has been under the gun all morning long. we have a green light in nature from the golden gate all the way up past novato. what weather for a good bit of the north bay. at this flying is still light but we do expect it to get a rather heavy.
9:04 am
when we come back al-awalki through future cast 4 and map out how the rain will play. >>erica: we do have a new hot spot for the 9:00 hour. it is the ride on southbound 680. a long stretch of red on the screen were speeds are down below 25 mi. per hour vf i have been checking the traffic logs. just recently we had an accident from southbound 680, it has not impacted any traffic lanes. adding to walnut creek we do have the delays.
9:05 am
picking of some other traffic cameras, there are no other hot spots to alert you to. we have a high wind advisory currently in effect. on the san mateo, the changeable message to find is active. we have a high with advisory in effect. for five more families are following the latest out of morgan hill into the search for a missing 15 year-old. volunteers are fanning out to look for sierra lamar who vanished as she was heading to a class of. volunteers are getting this morning have burnett elementary located here on -/
9:06 am
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9:16 am
center. hundreds of people are showing up the lines go out the parking lot and down the roads. everyone is happy that so many people have showed up. michael v. sister michelle lead disappeared last year and is here to help. what have you told sears mom? . >> the most important thing is to maintain your health. enough sleep. i told her get plenty of rest and be strong.
9:17 am
i advised her i would not stop looking for her daughter. >> i follow the stories of other people that have missing children. >> last year the investigators search for your sister. what can you offer the investigators. >> the investigators to not have all the manpower that a volunteer search can have.
9:18 am
with my sister we continued a search effort whereas the investigators still have the resources to continue to look. >> you never seem to lose hope. >> i felt like that i would be a terrible brother and i were to give up hope. i tell myself i would do everything i could. >> in your case there was a big reward but there's been a reward in this case. >> every word that's not necessarily change your chances of finding real looking for. >> and this man has been
9:19 am
involved and instrumental at setting up the church -- a search. this search will continue through sunday. >> here is a live look at storm tracker 4. most of the brain is like in nature. in confined to the north. while on a creek alamo danville.
9:20 am
most of the rain is confined to the north bay. this bid vance and 5:00 p.m. we will see the heavy rains come in. it will take little longer to get home. at 9:00 p.m. you will see the rain began to break up. rain will go through the night time and by 7:00 a.m. that rain will begin to clear. the second half of wednesday
9:21 am
should be clear. take a look at whether or around the bay. >> we have a couple of slow spots around the area. there's been improvement with a back up out of law on a creek. they are averaging about 35 mi. per hour. there is bumper-to-bumper and additions coming into one agree. the are still high when it buys reese for the bay bridge.
9:22 am
the san mateo bridge also has a high winds. southbound 101 is clear. >> here's a look at the golden gate bridge. back in a minute. what do you think of this one?
9:23 am
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9:25 am
>> storm we can see the rain. the concede that that activity will be picking up this afternoon. the evening commute should be wet. >> out his era will end the
9:26 am
shooting video here is a video of this standoff. >> arguments can't continue in the supreme court over the health-care reform. the question is should people be forced to carry insurance or pay a penalty. >> we feel confident that
9:27 am
individual responsibility is constitutional. the was implemented it in massachusetts. and the broad sense it is constitutional. 26 states oppose the law. >> this is clearly unconstitutional to tell all americans that to just live in this country that you must buy a product. that is a socialist idea and should not have a place here. here we believe and individual liberty.
9:28 am
>> the arguments will continue through tomorrow. will be back in a couple of minutes. he can see the cloud cover and a small break in the rain. back in a minute.
9:29 am
9:30 am
>> wet and windy weather expected through the evening commute. >> volunteers are starting to stand out and look for sierra lamar and morgan hill. >> are a big story is this
9:31 am
storm. this is our roof camera showing a look across the city. we are starting to slowly see some areas trying up. but there is light rain in north bay. the peninsula is fine. as focus in on the east bay. the rain is falling around
9:32 am
680. it is moving off to the east into the hills. the rain has not been terrible. the heavy rain will come later in the afternoon. there is a light rain around dublin. the east shore is showing clear. was a little bit of rewent to whether ever seen as a. conditions are improving ever been
9:33 am
>> when a back who will talk about how the rain is in effect the arrest the day. >> most of the slow traffic is clear marin. the project looks good. the bridge check is good. there is a high wind advisory on the same detailed bridge. southbound 101 shows no
9:34 am
major delays. >> back to morgan hill on today's search. hundreds of people are lining up right now. people are gathering at burnett elementary school. >> so far they have checked in 250 people to volunteer. the line continues to grow. the line goes out to the parking lot. the line is still long that the volunteers are being
9:35 am
handed the paper work to fill out in advance. their thinking with all these people may be the be able to find something the investigators miss. the volunteers are begin that are--are be giare again instructions on what to look for and what to do when they find something. the people'we talked to michaela
9:36 am
few minutes ago michelis brother. the volunteers will continue to search until 1:00 p.m. this afternoon. >> in san jose a man tried to use a stun gun on a teenage girl. he approached the 16 year- old girl and a hitter with a stun gun. he tried to get her in the car. the girl got away. she is understandably shaken.
9:37 am
the suspect is described as a male hispanic five-foot 7 in.. >> this shoo ♪
9:38 am
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but the more on san jose in just a few minutes. >> this comes the report. take a look at the ski report.
9:42 am
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9:45 am
at some of the disco. take a look at san francisco. her looking at the eastern portions of the north bay. concord assigned to dry out. the rain is moving to the east.
9:46 am
going south there is a little bit of rain in pleasanton. they're dry conditions along 880. the peninsula is in better shape and dryer. sonoma and napa is still dealing with some of weather.
9:47 am
but the rain is moving off to the east. there is more wet weather coming. that heavy rain is coming from the north. the heaviest rain will be just in time for evening commute. by the evening the rain will still be wide spread heavy rains. by the morning there will be scattered showers and cleared up by the afternoon. take a look at the projected rainfall.
9:48 am
does take a look at the rest of the week. there is another wet weather pattern pushing through friday night. >> i don't see any more hot spots around the area. there's a wind advisory for the bay bridge. the ride is under 50 minutes. there's also when the advisory on the san mateo bridge.
9:49 am
the golden gate bridge is clear. all is well on the traffic and maps. third no accidents on the nimitz freeway. there are some spots of slowing growth conditions. coming down the bayshore freeway things look clear. >> here following the search for sierra lamar. she has been missing since march 16th. will tran has been there all morning long. what they looking for?
9:50 am
are they making any progress? >> crack about an hour and 50 minutes into the sinai. the organizers or overwhelmed by the turnout. many of the people are from morgan hill but many people come from all over the bay area. it is a very cold here this morning. larry e. here -- why are you here? my daughter was missing and
9:51 am
she is ok but it's very frustrating and i and a stand. my daughter was missing for zero whole months. >> what would you say to sears mother. >> just pray like i did. there are lot of people out there that are willing to help. >> what chief feel compelled to be your man. >> i can imagine what this is like and is the worst pain than anyone to possibly go through. i have three dogs i intend to search for it. as a community we need to
9:52 am
come together if one of arour of wchildren are missing the chagall than to gather and somand search for her. >> the san jose post office on north first street had problems with two workers have become ill. they found and i none substance in the container in the posadas -- post
9:53 am
office. they don't know what the substance is. we will let you know what they find out. back in a minute.
9:54 am
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9:57 am
does not lock lot of snow at tahoe. but we do expect more snow there some empyrean crispi conditions. grace key conditions. >> the sarks on a winning
9:58 am
streak. that's all for now doctor fell coming up next. dr. bell coming up next.
9:59 am


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