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tv   KRON 4 Evening News  KRON  March 27, 2012 5:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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been hit pretty hard. >> the north bay has been seeing the brunt of the storm. it is finally starting to move south. the yellow on the screen indicates a lot of rain fall. fill in the north bay, san fell seeing some decent rain. let's take a look at some of these rainfall totals and see how hard the rain is coming down. fast and san rafael, a quarter of an inch of rain per hour. in the bay area near fairfield, rain also coming down at about a quarter of an inch an hour. in san francisco, heavy rains lighting of the city with rain coming down nearly one-third of an inch of rain over the city. as we move to the south bay, we are starting to see a little bit of rain. fax
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>> more moderate rainfall through dublin and pleasanton. so far we have not seen much with this system. let's look at the rainfall totals. santa rosa, over an inch of rain. the winds have been fairly dusty. this afternoon, 35 mi. per hour gusts. 26 mi. per hour gusts and concord causing havoc on the bridges and also another traffic hotspot to tell you about. here is the traffic maps, plenty of red on the 880. a sig alert has been issued for the two right lanes. and emergency road repair is going on. this will be cleared up at about 530 but the damage has already been done. phosphine again, the two flights hand lanes are
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closed. for more on that lets go to pam more. heavy traffic moving along 880 and police now say a 15 year-old high-school cheerleader has been missing for more than a week and is most likely kidnapped. hall of hundreds join the search for the missing teenager today. reggie kumar is live at the elementary were the command center was set up.
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>>reggie: nothing of significance was found during the search. this is the command center where all the volunteers are briefed and trained. there are also pictures of sierra all over the ramp. haaziq madyun called followed one of the first search teams. >>haaziq: the community search effort for sierra lamar is underway and morgan hill. the 12 people that you see here make up the third group of volunteers to get registered their assignment was to cover the is 3 mi. stretch around the coyote creek trail.
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>>haaziq: side by side the searchers form a wall as they slowly sweep through the tall weeds looking for any clues of her disappearance. for each search team is equipped with a gps tracking system. there are not enough sticks handy to help the searchers worked through the rugged terrain. with one girl who helped organize the search. she was abducted into doesn't eat and she was able to escape. here is what she had to save. >> keep your mind on your family. that is what will get you through this. when you have the window of opportunity, take it.
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if start planning your escaped. i wish i could grab her and take her out of there, but i cannot. i do not know where she is. it is possible to come home from a situation like this. i thought of my family, i cannot imagine being taken away forever.
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>> there are hundreds of volunteers trying to help out any way they can. people were broken into teams. the teams went in all kinds of directions. they started the search at cirrus home. we will show you how far the scope of the search went. fifteens and volunteers work working in a mile radius of our home. >>pam: our team coverage continues now. kron4 was there as hundreds of people showed up to sir for sierra.
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people were patiently awaiting will transco with several people including to mothers. if one with a firsthand experience with a missing loved one. at >> my daughter was missing a long time ago but i found her. >>will: how long did it take for you to find your daughter? >> almost a month she was alive. she was furbish she is ok now. >> it is frustrating and hard. they're getting more help than i did. believe me. at >>will: what would you like to say to the girl's mother? >> prey like i did. there are people out there helping you can. just great. i am a mother. as a mother i feel, i can
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imagine what this is light. it is the worst pain that anyone could possibly think of. i have three dogs that i intend to search with. anything they point me to, i will do that. one of our children is missing. we are all going to stand up, help, fight and prevent. there will have the latest search efforts alive tomorrow morning. >>pam: we are learning new details of a murder case in san francisco.
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kate thompson's has uncovered new details about the suspect. >>vicki: here is a graphic that we made up. he was a bald and a robbery back in 1986. he brought to the restaurant at gunpoint pointing begun an employee's saying we are here to rob you. while in court, he called the victim in the middle of the night who testified him and his accomplice and threatened him. we can show you what he said over the phone. he is quoted as saying be careful what you do in court, i will kill you. i will take care of you in your family and then swore at the person before hanging out.
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>>pam: ross mirkirimi has filed a petition to overturn his suspension. he was convicted of false imprisonment in a domestic violence case but refused to step down. the mayor suspended him and filed and official misconduct charge. mirkirimi says could should not be applicable because of the incident occurred before he was sworn in as sheriff. mirkirimi is accused of grabbing his wife's arm and leaving neighbors. his lawyer has asked for a court date next week to discuss the legality of the misconduct charge. the san francisco ethics commission is expected to decide on its future in the next few weeks.
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>>pam: coming that we go inside the u.s. supreme court on whether or not americans can be forced to purchase medical coverage and what happens if obama care is struck down. an emotional plea from the parents of treyvon martin. what they are asking for and what lawmakers in washington d.c. heard. plus, the latest on the investigation in the 14th killing. tense moments at the bay area post office. a rear substance sent workers to the hospital and cause an investigation. we are tracking a storm around the bay area ahead. sweetheart. we need to talk.
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>>catherine: the president's health-care overall could be in big trouble, at least the part that requires americans to purchase insurance or pay a penalty. the case will affect many of people. if the government makes
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people buy health insurance, what else might they be forced to buy? the nine justices have to decide whether that part of the health care reform law is unconstitutional. some seem inclined to say no. >> the government is saying that the federal government has a duty to tell individual citizens that they must act and that is different than previous cases. >>catherine: today's questions or amounting to a train wreck for the president according to one. harry reid did not like that. >> outside the core supporters of the health- care law and protesters maintained a steady presents. they know that the stakes
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are high. the president signed a health care reform into law back in 2010. there is one more day of arguments in the supreme court. at a decision is expected from the court engine. finger over the shooting of treyvon martin has made its way to capitol hill. this is a protest made mostly of students and wrapped up outside the white house. the parents of the teenager were also in washington. they met with lawmakers saying they believe their son was racially profiled. >> many people relate to our situation and it breaks their heart. >> if we had a better off
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for understanding of on laws against racial profiling this never would have happened. >> not all of the rallies have been peaceful. there is surveillance video showing students trashing a walgreen store where police say about 100 students ran through the store cooling things off shelves and knocking over displaced. the damage was estimated at about $1,000. to be bought up and found dead in the area of a colorado wildfire. it has destroyed 23 homes. the two victims have been identified as an elderly couple. a third person is missing from the same area. the fire still burning out of control. the crews are focusing on saving homes rather than building fire lines. 900 homestead and evacuate with thousands more on standby. the fire could be the result
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of a controlled burn. >>jaqueline: the big story weather wise is there rain as we look at storm tracker 4 radar heavy rain over the no-space auto-north bay and coastline. take a look at some of the rainfall rates. it for of an inch of rain per hour in the north bay. in sausalito very similar rainfall rates. in fairfield we have seen heavier rain as well. as the zoom towards the south bay you will notice conditions have been largely drive. at the rainfall is picking up a little bit in palo alto, a few hundreds of an inch. it has also been fear the breezy.
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at 26 mi. an hour when best in hayward. colmar in richmond. let's take a look at what we're expecting for the rest of the evening. as we move into the o'clock our moderate rain. heavy rain over concord and livermore with portions of the north bay seeing pretty easy rainfall rates. ha at after midnight conditions will start to calm down. ha was taking a look at the
5:20 pm
extended forecast. as we head into the afternoon conditions are certainly going to be improving. temperatures warming up a few degrees and a warming into thursday. rain will be back into the forecast for friday evening more likely into saturday morning. another round of rain and cold structures. how >>pam: lets check the evening commute on this wet tuesday night's. this is the golden gate bridge. traffic is slow northbound. hot we will be back with much more news ahead.
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and of called pathname of investigators say a man became tangled in a line connected to a crab trap. crewmembers pulled him from the water and performed cpr but he died later at a hospital. but his name has not yet been released. the first lady will be back to the bay area this weekend. she has made several visits here in the past. she will arrive on friday. on saturday she will participate in a coast guard ceremony in our meeting and helped send off a ship into the coast guard fleet. we will be right back.
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deaf fifth pfft at hot off of if-how various of the in-
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house assessment hull hobbling urldotbat that
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whiteurldot >>pam: urldotpostal workers were rushed to hospital. the unusual suspect -- substance and did encounter that caused an evacuation.
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more americans are in favor of ending the war in afghanistan. off snootful off reveals how many are opposed to the situation there and lottery fever grips the bay area. how much money is transferred graphs? all of that is coming of. fox its costs costs
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>>pam: back to our continuing storm tracker 4 coverage. this was the great and very wet seen outside of san francisco's city hall this afternoon. it will stay that way for a while. here is a live picture outside. this is looking at the bay bridge. traffic is backed up. also, look at the fog. it is very wet. from a different angle you concede that it is missing in cloudy. ha
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>>jaqueline: is moving and write as forecast. heavy rain over the heart of the bay area. into the evening that is exactly what we are seeing. here is a look at some of the rainfall rates. . good -- pretty good. one-tenth of an inch of rain per hour and said as a. as we move over to richmond coming down a quarter of an inch of rain writer for the average. it is obviously causing a few problems with the evening commute. cut. another view of the peninsula. hot in the south bay, conditions have been largely dry. we will talk more about their rain coming up and
5:32 pm
it's a bit. >>pam: the rain is creating headaches for drivers. dan kerman shows as a wet roads in marin county. >> along highway 101 it is really coming down. the roads are very wet. traffic is not slowing down. cars seem to be going 55 or faster. on my way here, you could really see the impact of that on surface streets. i saw several cars that had gotten into accidents, rear ended one another because they did not leave enough stopping distance. @ qr >>pam: the weather caused delays and some cancellations as a vote today. this afternoon it was a four hour delay for incoming flights. dozens were forced to spend
5:33 pm
the day at the congested airport. a spokesperson says where you're flying com -- were your flying flom will affect a delayed. >>pam: those traveling through as a vote tonight or tomorrow should contact their lines of to see if there are cancellations or delays. there were some tense moments at a south bay post office today. the post office was evacuated this morning after some workers became ill from an unknown substance. maureen kelly shows us what happened next. >> there were two workers, first floor of this post office accidently in heeled yellowish green powder that had leaked out from the scene of a package the resorting. the bowl immediately reported feeling sick.
5:34 pm
cut around 60 pull to workers were put on a bus to weeded out. the 26 workers and a third person in the room when the powder readout were decontaminated with water and brushes and then sent to a local hospital to be checked out. test results showed that the powder was not hazardous. the post office was then reopened after learning from the package recipient that it was an herbal remedy from taiwan. >>pam: grant lodes is here with details on a string of robberies in downtown oakland. >> police say to guys are
5:35 pm
riding their bikes rows and targeting and dropping victims. three of the four robberies have occurred during daylight hours serious the suspects are described as black males, 18-21, 5 ft. 8 in.-by tonight inches wearing flak jackets and dark jeans. the good news is, so far there have been the weapons used in the robberies. police are urging people to alter phones and pay attention when they are out, especially getting in or out a car. >>pam: a california lawmaker has proposed a bill that would target teachers accused of seducing students. the village in response to a high-school teacher who left his wife in the three children for a 18 year-old student. if they say the relationship did not turn sexual until after she was 18 years old.
5:36 pm
the lawmaker says there must be consequences for such accents. it would make student teacher relationships a felony even if the student is 18 and to the teacher of his or her pension and retirement health care. >>catherine: a new poll shows that the u.s. is losing support for the war in afghanistan. the poll asked if the u.s. is doing the right thing fighting the war in afghanistan. 69 percent of citizens answered no. it's a few months ago in november, only 53 percent said they were not pleased with the war. the poll is coming as the white house is considering at speeding up the withdrawal. ha ha
5:37 pm
>>catherine: the father of the muslim gunmen who attacked french soldiers said he wants to know why his son was killed by special forces. this is video of the gunman riding around in the car. he was killed after a 32 hour standoff with police. the out is there a network says it will not air video of the shooting spree that left several people as dead. the gunmen wore a camera during the killings. authorities are still investigating whether or not there was an accomplice. russia's president has some advice for mitt romney. the president was recently
5:38 pm
>> my first advice is to listen to reason when it formulate their positions. my other devices to check their clocks from time to time. its 2012, not the 1970's. >>catherine: the white house has said the exchange reflects the political realities of both countries. >>catherine: pope benedict grade for church -- great for freedom in cuba. communist leaders quickly rejected his appeal for political change.
5:39 pm
six >>pam: a while the police chase was caught on camera and firefighters rushed to rescue a man drowning in mind. och >>kimberlee: the chase involved is still in a school bus and on -- officers in heavy pursued. the buses bearing down an interstate in new mexico. the tires were shredded in an officer tried to ram the side of the bus. but at this point another officer caused the suspect to lose control of the bus and slam into the medium. the man was captured and taken into custody. a. marshall tried to evict a man from this house when it exploded. they believe the homeowner corp. gasoline throughout the house. his body was recovered later. fire rescue crews in atlanta
5:40 pm
rushing to save a man's list drowning in my. the man had walked across a muddy carrier and became totally submerged. he was later treated for hypothermia. >>pam: here is a live look outside on this rainy tuesday evening. you can see the haze hanging over the bay area. at first for
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>>catherine: i know that you are going to say that stocks are a loser. >> a little bit of a loser today. earnings are going to be lower than expected. if not lower than expected, lower than what we want. >> if you think that health
5:45 pm
care is 18 percent of our economy, would you want to expose 18 percent of your investments to health-care companies in part because of local companies and hospitals? this is going to be a will rogers moment for the economy. there are investments to be had. >>catherine: it will be interesting to see how it shapes up. support requires americans to have insurance, that are my get shut down? >> it has not been since fdr that something has been shot down so quickly or aggressively. the federal government is not supposed to impose on estates. a winner was the ipad? he said the ipad is openness biggest? >> yes. >> 15 years ago we were
5:46 pm
younger and more fearful and many people predicted that yahoo would put the new york times out of business. many newspapers have collapsed. >>pam: minutes before getting newspaper and magazine subscriptions on their ipad. >> it is a good story, keep in mind, less than a penny per ipad is going into if newspapers. >>catherine: baseball cards for attracting many? famine is called sweater card. baseball cards are a lot like stocks, bonds and realistic. accumulate them later in life. as this was originally
5:47 pm
offered inside of the pack of smokes, not them. >>catherine: it is kind of cool looking. we will see you tomorrow. >>pam: lottery fever is gripping the bay area if. fact that jackpot has swelled to 365 million. this is a video of a very popular place to purchase lottery tickets. they have sold five winning jackpot tickets in the past yeah. yes >>kate: the line is ridiculous. i have never seen anything like this. i said, i am coming to this store to play because this is where the money is. >> 365 million! >> i just want a little bit, a piece of the pie. >> i would buy a house, help my family and pay of some bills. >>pam: by the way, the odds of winning the jackpot are
5:48 pm
one and 176 billion. good luck! >>jaqueline: here is a look outside, pretty heavy rain through the heart of the bay area. also in the east a heading down to the south bay as we speak. we have clean up and down the west coast with the heaviest raids over the area right now. let's take a look at what we are yet thing in terms of rain fall. future cat's is hitting it on the head of the 6:00 hour. heavy rain to the north bay. notice as we head into the 8:00 hour, moderate rain. we have seen some moderate rate approaching oakland. also, some heavier rain over santa rosa. over the inland valleys into the east bay shores, into the 10:00 hour, much of the
5:49 pm
same. some heavier rain over oakland and hayward. after midnight is when things start to calm down. as we head into the overnight hours, it continues to be fairly spotty. dry conditions into the morning commute. tomorrow, a couple of lingering showers. it will be mainly dry for tomorrow afternoon. as for the rainfall totals, feature cast has scaled back dramatically. over an inch of rain in santa rosa. into the midnight hour we will seek up to one-third of an inch of rain in san francisco. notice are adding three- quarters of an inch of rain in oakland expected by tomorrow morning. as for snow in this year,
5:50 pm
several inches expected over 90 refund snow is flying in the sierra and will continue in the higher elevations. by midnight, you can see it is still going. into the morning hours it will start to break up a little bit. it will return in the the clock tower into the afternoon. kaufhof we will see anywhere from five nestled inches of snow. a chance of ram looks pretty likely the saturday morning. let's get a check on the ski resort. this note is flying.
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>>jaqueline: here is a live look outside, overcast in downtown san francisco. it is dreary. i will tell you when the
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>>pam: rain and heavy wind blowing in to the bay area and tying up traffic on the ground and in the year. felt we will take you live to the bay bridge were drivers are being warned about the heavy winds.
6:01 pm
>>pam: this is only the start of the heavy rain. this back up here was caused by an earlier accident. the rain is really picking up across the bay area. this is a live feature of the bay area from san francisco. the rain is coming down even as the person is running to the picture. but >>jaqueline: the rain is coming down pretty heavy.
6:02 pm
in the north bay the rain has really been coming down. in corte madera, a half an inch of rainfall. rainfall is about at a half an inch an hour. that is a pretty moderate downfall. " the green on the screen means lighter rain. notice the yellow approaching the peninsula ended down towards the south bay.
6:03 pm
it has invested in spots. let's take a look at your weather headlines. into tomorrow morning no more the wet roads. there's more rain in the extended forecast of the details on that coming up. >>pam: the weather is making for release lick roadways and dangerous conditions on bay area bridges. here's a live picture of the commute on the san mateo bridge. the camera is bouncing about because the winds are so strong.
6:04 pm
@ rows clifford is live with conditions on the bay bridge. >>charles: nine just west of the toll plaza on the bay bridge. there are a it lot of red lights. they have turned on the metering lights. you can see people slowly waiting for the return to get on the bridge. >>pam: what is the advice for those setting up? >>charles: the chp has issued a high wind advisory which means anyone causing the average in a high- profile vehicle, campers, trailers or large trucks should be aware that it is very windy. for >>pam: in union square people were writing -- dodging raindrops and puddles. very busy with the wipers
6:05 pm
on. we have weather covered on that you can become a part of our coverage by sending it weather photographs. profs >>pam: another big story tonight at 6:00 p.m., extra manpower cache in the search for missing morgan hill teenager. cl now been missing for more than a week. search crews are looking in a 8 mi. radius hoping to find clues that will lead to the missing teenager. reggie kumar is joining us live from morgan hill on where the investigations dance. investigators did not believe she is a readily. the believe she was deducted. i'm standing in the command center or the search efforts just wrapped up. ha cups at et hall macmahon
6:06 pm
on all of of hikesurldoton urldot >> line-art sense of having a stiff returned forward but are decreasing. i realize that. all ought cost people do believe in her that people do believe the issue will come home safely.
6:07 pm
haurldothoturldotcox them >> requested son is it the research effort if they at toddlers of 3746 soft search operations. zack features at the organization's founder explains why they get results. >>kate: if there are very few organizations that do what we do. that offer a volunteer search efforts. we have been doing this for 19 years now. we have been numerous cases. och hikes how people are
6:08 pm
told exactly what to do not to compromise any evidence. it was contact law enforcement if they buy anything. >>pam: the search for zero will be taking place all did its bit. ha ha >>pam: s terisa estacio reports, a short time ago the san francisco district attorney's office announced that they will be seeking murder charges against the prime suspect in the murder of five.
6:09 pm
>> late tuesday afternoon, the san francisco district attorney's office announced that they plan to charge the man with five counts of murder with special circumstances. ha there are multiple homicides that happened here in san francisco. the murders took place less for it. ha but then an accord documents revealed new details about the role passed a the suspect. keith thompson is here with more on the violent robberies at all. >> we have known for some time. at he held a gun to the head
6:10 pm
of the victim and it is to look to the victim 3-four times. but at the police were able to pull over the getaway car. all at >>pam: is here is a live look outside a trap the consensus is good. it is backed up in every direction. at that
6:11 pm
>>jaqueline: here is a live look outside as satellite reader. sweetheart. we need to talk.
6:12 pm
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>>grant: home prices in san francisco have declined among the 19 major cities track in january. prices in san francisco have dropped 2.5% from where they were in december. january was the fifth straight month prices took a dive. many sales were either foreclosures or short sales. those are usually sold at a 20 percent discount. cut housing experts anticipate prices will
6:15 pm
arrive throughout 2012. many people have their fingers crossed that the housing market will follow. at >>pam: >>catherine: the postal service wants to shut down processing plants and offices. a moratorium on those closings will ended may 15th. the senate will begin debating reform measures this week. nasa fired five rockets into the earth's exterior atmosphere. scientists want to study jet streams. the rockets are used in a chemical tracer and will help scientists see wind patterns. the rockets were launched from virginia today.
6:16 pm
will launches and trailing clouds were seen all along the atlantic coast. workers laid off from a national meat company have opened up about pinks line. production at three plants were shut down this week. the company made the decision after dozens of stores and restaurants decided to stop selling the meat filler. employees at the plant that i was say it is not as dangerous as people think. >> i have no problems having my kids need this kind of me. >> if i made a product i did not feel was safe for my own children or grandchildren, could not consciously do that. >>catherine: thinks line is usda approved. its quality has been called into question after reports indicated that it is a very often treated with ammonia
6:17 pm
to kill bacteria. >>jaqueline: the rain is pretty much into full swing. for the rain is really coming down in the heart of the evening commute. >>jaqueline: where you see the yellow, a quarter of an inch of rain per hour which is pretty strong. in san ramon we're also seeing heavier rainfall. livermore and pleasanton are
6:18 pm
getting spotty. " plenty of vl indicating moderate rainfall. near lake tahoe, more moderate rainfall in the higher elevations. let's talk a little bit more about the rain. the rain continues at this hour over the heart of the bay area. as we headed to the it o'clock our plenty of moderate rain over concord, fremont and san jose. light rain over santa rosa as well. into the 10:00 hour, rainfall over oakland. after midnight we will start to see the rain it really taper off. a couple of more moderate showers.
6:19 pm
dry conditions in the north bay. oakland starting to see dry conditions. by 7:00 p.m. scanned leader, we will certainly see dry conditions across the bay area. now, let's talk more about the snow in the sierra. it is coming down right now. we will see snow overnight and into tomorrow will continue into the morning. thursday and friday will bring as a dry conditions. 60 degrees by friday afternoon. here's a look at your extended forecast. lingering shoppers into tomorrow morning. thursday and friday we will see dry conditions as well with a slight chance of rain friday afternoon. will have a morning rain, wind and colder temperatures. >>pam: right now we're going to take you to the north bay.
6:20 pm
dan kerman has more on conditions for commuters. >>dan: in marin county, it is really coming down. the rain has been steady all afternoon and now it is coming down very hard. it is very windy. traffic along highway 101 north of paradise drive is really slowing down and backing up. cars are forced to slow down because the roads are so wet. >>pam: , golden gate, traffic is a medium heavy but you can see house with the roadways are. faugh we will be back.
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>>pam: shot and chaos on a jet blue air flight. kiberlee sakamoto is here with what happened. >>kimberlee: it was a very dramatic incident, the captain had to be subdued by passengers and crew after suffering what jet blue called a medical emergent
6:24 pm
steep. the flight was originally had its philosophy is. about three hours and the pilot became worried so he locked the captain out of the cockpit. if passengers say the captain started banging on the door and running up and down the aisles screaming about a bomb. check out video. >> he said something to the effect of we have to get this plane down. at this point several passengers heard the word afghanistan and israel. >> we heard the word on but we did not know what was going on. >>kimberlee: there were four passengers that eventually wrestled the captain to the ground. he conceded captain here on a stretcher being wheeled into an ambulance. he was taken to local hospital for evaluation.
6:25 pm
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>>pam: here is a live picture in san francisco on the james lick. traffic is a very slow. here is a look at the san mateo bridge. on the left side of the screen eastbound traffic headed towards hayward. >>jaqueline: a look outside, the rain is wreaking havoc on the evening commute with moderate-heavy rain through most of the bay area. ♪ [ camera shutters clicking ] ♪ ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] announcing southwest airlines nationwide sale, with flights all over the country starting at only 69 dollars one-way. hurry and book now, only at
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6:30 pm
degrees in one did a lot of news. right now, the top story. >>jaqueline: the rate is going strong over portions of the bay area.
6:31 pm
san francisco has also been seeing have all the a quarter of an inch of rain coming down an hour. it is definitely not fun driving in the rain that had the curious the rain has largely missed the south bay so far today. for in san ramon, heavy rainfall, about a quarter of an inch of rain per hour. moderate a sliding down towards the south bay. heavy rain over oakland and hayward, livermore and san jose has well.
6:32 pm
for it will be largely drive by the morning hours. here is a look at your extended forecast. dry conditions thursday and most of friday. >> right now you're looking at a live picture from the bay bridge toll plaza in the east bay. it has been a flat is a windy day in the east bay. as you can see, a lot of water on the road weight. a high wind advisor for cars on the bridge. be aware that driving conditions could be treacherous. a all >> and marin county, the rain is really coming down.
6:33 pm
colin cards are going 55 or even record. be >> and morgan hill there is still no sign of 15 year old sierra lamar. the founder of the class kids foundation says they have 583 volunteers to help search for sierra. he says it is the largest turnout he has seen of volunteers. if anyone would like to help out with the search effort they can show appear at the command center until wednesday. >> i am here at burnett elementary school in morgan hill where there was a massive turnout of volunteers participating in
6:34 pm
the search for sierra lamar. the volunteers will search from now until sunday. >> here at the hall of justice, the san francisco district attorney's office announced that they plan to charge the man with five counts of murder with special circumstances. those special circumstances have to do with multiple cases of homicide at the san francisco home this past friday. >> in concord, there were two children nearly objected on their way to school.
6:35 pm
the sixth graders were working to eldorado models will. >> it is awfully close to home. >> to both the workers reported feeling sick after dealing with a powdery substance in a package their handling. three workers and a going to the hospital to be checked out in this scene was cleared. the post office was reopened after it was determined that the substance was only an herbal remedy. >>stanley: when you visit a bart station, you might expect to see a train.
6:36 pm
how you might expect to see transients or it can network. tonight at 8:00 p.m., what i found in one station had one person make this statement. >> people are more open- minded around here. what do you think of this one?
6:37 pm
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6:40 pm
>>gabe: the idea is simple. watch television, earn points in game rewards. you log in to the application and press the check in button. it will identify what your watching at that particular time. he uses the built-in microphone in your tablet were smart phone to listen to the television show that is currently plane and once it identifies the show, you did confirm in demand your check into that television show. after the show, you earn points. it is like a television loyalty program. we have earned enough points, you redeem them forget cards with popular businesses. entities like best buy, starbucks, itunes. the app also act as a television guy telling you what shows are coming up based on your television channels. for example, you could watch and cis 9 for 2 to 50
6:41 pm
points. you can also watch videos with the actor earn points, like this arise in commercial. just watching that 37 advertisement gets 15 points. to get our awards generally start around 7500 points. you get between 60-900 points for each show. it is free to do in your watching television anyway. you really have nothing to lose. >>pam: still ahead, baseball is officially back. the season opener is less than nine hours away. gary has a preview straight ahead. >>jaqueline: here is a look at your ski report.
6:42 pm
caught off a at at
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6:45 pm
>>gary: in this evening. look who is still playing basketball in march, the stanford cardinals are in new york city. the semifinals. the josh owens is dunking with authority. stanford won a 74-64. they face the winner of
6:46 pm
minnesota and washington. >>gary: the stanford women aren't dancing all the way to the final four. the team has won 32 straight. this will be their fifth consecutive final four. they will play the of defeated baylor on sunday. >> we are thrilled to be going to denver. i have a lot of pressure on me. my mother bought her tickets three months ago. she paid a lot of money for them and i told her, if we go, i can give you a ticket
6:47 pm
and she said, would not have these seeds. >>gary: >>gary: on sunday, after 3:00 p.m., did not send me a tweet or text or call. i will be watching the stanford women. >>pam: we're glad your watching the women's game. >>gary: i do not care of kron4 is moving to a
6:48 pm
warehouse in milipitas, do not call me! >>gary: if there are u.s. open tickets available, do not call me. >>gary: and one of the great careers in basketball history, at summit may have coast her final game. she is suffering an early onset of dementia.
6:49 pm
the winningest basketball coach, men's or women's, of all time. her insistence book last night after they were eliminated. >> this team is about her. this team has battled in the coaching staff has tried to continue on a great tradition echo summit has built. >>gary: we will said way from that, she has not said it is our final game, but there does seem to be the sentiment leaning in that direction. in 3 hours the shots went from ninth place out of the playoffs to third place. there are six games remaining. three voice separate the six teams. sven they are leading the
6:50 pm
pacific division. croft flattery bruschetta >> in the last three games, we have a felt like we have played pretty good hockey. corporate, hackman >>gary: him to move a beautiful printer of her when jacqueline bennett and her significant other. i am sweating because i feel that one cannot help.
6:51 pm
>>pam: you're sweating bullets. fifth >>gary: i do not want to be under pressure where someone says, how about some tickets? >>gary: you can see the oakland a's at 3:00 a.m., vern glenn reports. >>vern: if you're looking at the first winning season in five years of the open a instead of the tokyo dome shows what wholesale takes apart. in less than 9 hours, branded mccarthy takes the mound.
6:52 pm
starting pitchers and star players have been traded away. how many ramirez was brought to the team. he also contracted a cuban center fielder. cocoa crisp now has moved to left field. who is left to watch at 3:00 a.m.? on the back end of this two game series is a long plane flight home, some jet lag
6:53 pm
and if the bay bridge exhibition series with the giants next week. >>gary: to have the opening of the baseball season at 3:00 a.m. in japan, that is as of 9. seth >>gary: we are supporters of the team and the game is at 3:00 a.m. list of large >>jaqueline: 3:00 a.m. our time. it is a different time over there and tokyo. >>gary: i was not aware. it is asinine. >>jaqueline: it is not for us, it is for them. >>gary: it is our team. >>jaqueline: we can watch on tivo.
6:54 pm
6:55 pm
6:56 pm
6:57 pm
>>gary: as the dodgers have announced that they have three different buyers 14 clicks >>pam: will see you at 8:00 p.m..
6:58 pm
you're on timeout leo! some things won't last 25 years.
6:59 pm
ah! woof. some things will. save up to 20% on an ikea kitchen. bobby brown out on bail after his arrest. what's next? as a new report identifies who allegedly removed evidence from whitney houston's room the day she died. i'm brooke anderson. >> and i'm kevin frazier. "the insider" is on. what happened to the residue? >> a cocaine cover-up? who reportedly confessed to clearing out houston's room after her death. and inside bobby brown's arrest report. then -- >> the reporting on the case has been hysterical. >> the media under fire over the slaying of teen trayvon martin. >> this is where it becomes outrage. the new hollywood film mirroring the case. madonna has gotten dr. drew talking about it. >> while under the influence of of it, call authorities.


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