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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  March 28, 2012 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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>>darya: coming of will have the latest on missing team is sierra lamar. the man accused of the murder of five people in a san francisco home is facing charges today. no one got all of the winning numbers, maybe you have another shot at being an american millionaire. >>mark: here's a look at the bay bridge and the golden gate. let's get a quick update on bay area weather and traffic. >>james: we do have some wet
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weather in the north bay with light rain falling. for this will continue tracking to the east. as we pull al leiter, you will see what weather fifth fruits a little bit of the east bay near concord and walnut creek and towards the delta, otherwise the rest of the bay area is looking pretty good. a quick update on the headlines, residual showers. it ended this for the morning hours. breaks of sunshine with partly cloudy after did. for this evening, dry conditions as we work to the overnight. >>george: we have been tracking the commute for an hour now and watching conditions steadily get heavier. as traffic is heavier on the upper deck of the bay
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bridge, not enough so for them to activate see, the metering lights. in the south bay, no problems. births in the north bay there are no delays for 101 southbound. >>justine: we're breaking news into the kron4 newsroom where firefighters in oakland rescued one person from a burning house fire. this is happening right now on ssl street. firefighters did find one victim and are now giving a purse and cpr. an ambulance is on the scene. in-house fire burning right now in oakland. >>darya: surging again today
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with hundreds of volunteers looking for a 15 year old sierra lamar. she has been missing now for 13 days. volunteers led by the class kids foundation are going to look for her again not too far from the bus stop located a quarter of a mile from her home. volunteers were out yesterday's cowering the area. they did not have any luck. they're going over the same area where the santa clara county sheriff's department has already gone through but maybe it will find something. this case has been classified as an abduction. before, it was a missing persons case. fact they were not sure if she disappeared by choice or sticking.
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will tran and have been following the case since the beginning it is out there again. >>will: servers from a class gets tough agent will show up in perhaps an hour from now. hundreds of people will be turning out this morning what we saw yesterday to figure is video of the volunteers. mark klass believes what ever happened to sierra happened near her home. he tends to believe that whatever happened to her happened on that coldest that. he believes the evidence should be near that area. that is where the house is. it is only a quarter of a
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mile away from the bus stop. the reason why investigators change this case from missing persons to a kidnapping is initially they spoke with the family, friends and classmates and then went back on monday and spoke with them again. they came to the conclusion that there was no indication that she was unhappy. >>darya: are they saying that there was any more information from the computer records? will
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>>will: fbi experts have come in. there is nothing of her twitter or facebook pages indicating that she was talking about running away.
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>> authorities have not yet determined the motive for the killings. an immigration judge ordered his deportation six years ago of after he served time for armed robbery and assault but he was never deported because the necessary paperwork was not submitted. tran >>darya: no one picked six correct numbers and the mega millions lottery game. everyone was lined up yesterday to get in on the jackpot. now, the jackpot grows to a record four ordered 76 million.
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>>darya: we are focused on the weather. here is a shot of that acreage. there are still some scattered showers, mostly to
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the north. >>justine: here is what we are watching and the kron4 news from. we have an update for the passenger going from north carolina to for myers, florida. the passenger is now under arrest after witnesses said she attacked crewmembers. this is in fort myers, florida at the airport. we're hearing that the woman kicked, scratched and spit on crewmembers.
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>>mark: this comes on the heels of a jet blue flight when a captain had to be subdued by passengers after suffering from what jet blue is calling a medical emergency. the pilot became excuse me, the co-pilot became worried because the captain was exhibiting erratic behavior. the captive started banging on the door and running up and down the aisle screaming about a bomb. there are four passes that help to wrestle the captain to the ground. look! here she comes!
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>>mark: here is video out of fairfax around 7:00 p.m., a significant damage done to this home. thankfully, no one was injured. a neighbor described what it was like when a tree came down. >> i heard what sounded like a jet plane. then, i thought it was an earthquake.
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>> there is some rain in the north bay. we will store the tore in the state. a mix of light rain and more moderate rain coming down. in these areas of yellow, slightly stronger. that is kind of what we are seeing right now, the system continues to track to the east.
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the rain is centered over san leandro. the south bay is still doing ok.
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afternoon, 2:00 or so we will see conditions get drier. gradually warm as it to the end of the week with dry conditions on thursday and most of friday. >>george: a little bit of slowing in the south bay. first, we will check the bridges. on the upper deck things are thinning out because the metering lights have been activated. the golden gate bridge ride is problem free from marin county.
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this tests from >>darya: international news, the case of a florida unarmed teenager has made its way to the nation's capital. the parents of treyvon martin attended a forum on racial profiling into the briefly spoke before a
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congressional panels for thinking those who have rallied in support of their son. his mother reiterated this morning that she wants justice. there really believe this guy chased my son and my son was protecting himself. >>darya: while investigators are sorting out the events, the city has become a symbol of public outcry. treyvon was wearing a heady at the time he was killed. >>mark: in colorado, two people have been found dead.
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about 900 homes have been evacuated and thousands more on standby for evacuation. the fire could be the result of a controlled burn. >>darya: we will be back in just a couple of minutes as we continue to focus on weather and traffic. we do have shower activity still happening right now.
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the >>james: tahoe getting some
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pretty decent rain in and snow, you'll see the green turning into blue. many of the passes are requiring jeans right now. here is a quick look at the forecast. anywhere from 2-4 in. could fall. up to 8 in. of new snowfall above 8,000 ft.. thursday and friday, more sunshine. temperatures will slowly warm as we head towards the end of the week. more readily for saturday. >>darya: we are back with more on developing news, weather and traffic in a couple of minutes. we're just about one hour away from a renewed search for a sierra lamar police now believe was a testify from her home in more in health. we will have the latest on the search in, we are also
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following wall street as we wait for the trading day to start. the opening bell is just three minutes away. we will see what happens on wall street in a couple of minutes. we will be right back.
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>>mark: the dow futures have pulled back from earlier gains. durable-goods numbers have come out this morning. the orders were up 2.2% in february but not as much as analysts were expecting. we are expecting a flood day on wall street. >>darya: on the search resumes today who will be searching for missing sierra lamar.
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>>james: here is a live look at the san mateo bridge.
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today, continued residual showers. we are looking for a decent afternoon. i will have your 7 day around the coming up momentarily.
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>>mark: volunteers led by the class kids foundation will fan out again this morning to look for sierra lamar who finished before reaching her bus stop. volunteers started yesterday, hundreds of them scoured in area within a few miles of her home and found no clues. searchers are going for areas where investigators had already gone through. there are hoping with all the extra help that they will be able to find something. in the meantime, the case is no longer being classified as a possible run away. definitely classified as an abduction. will trend is at the staging. this morning with more on volunteers.
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>>will: there are expected hundreds of people to turn down. if people come here, register, get details on what to do and what not to do and then go out again off to look through the fields. i can tell you, they will work their way towards a the home of sierra lamar. they believe whatever happened to sierra happened on her cul-de-sac. a couple of reasons why, the dogs went out there the day after she disappeared & disappears at the drive with.
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the police have now changed this from a missing persons case to a deduction. mark class says it does not matter to him, the fact is she is still missing in the the need to find her. there will be searching from 8:00 a.m.-1:00 p.m. through sunday. >>mark: you have been in contact with police, have they said anything more about the abduction from last friday with the girl said the man used a stun gun on her? >>will: they have not said there is a connection but
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men are still collecting in for reduced to. over the weekend worth a if reported possible sightings of sierra. yesterday, they decided to reclassify the case. " so far at this point there are no close despite finding herself on in the bag. >>justine: firefighters in oakland have rescued a person from a burning house fire.
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some of the information we have learned is that the person seems to be ok after having cpr. the fire happened at 1911 chestnut is started just before 6:00 a.m.. we do have a crew on the scene gathering more information for us and we will keep posted. sphere fothere's a place, a dark place, we go.
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>>justine: we're getting an update on the wild fires that are still burning in colorado. i want to show you video we have been monitoring.
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>>james: rain along the east shore. we will be watching for that to continue to grow to the morning hours and it would dissipate by this afternoon. here is a wide view residual sharif foo the morning they will say for off as the fifth in theory if the 7 day around the bay shows the leaky temperatures on the rise as we head towards friday. there is another system that will roll through for saturday that will give us
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showers ahead of time. we will stay dry at least for the beginning of next week. george family have an asset of reporters at sully road serious and the drive time of 101 northbound is at 20 minutes.
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your ride on the golden gate 101 southbound, no delays reported. >>mark: modest losses on wall street. the nasdaq is the three and the the s&p is down 1-3/4. an increase in durable goods orders with a rise of 2.2%. >>darya: it sounds too good to be true, but it is the real deal. you can now get paid for watching tv. a new mobile application
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the and also acts as a television guide telling you what shows are coming out. watching advertisements will also give you points. gif card rewards generally start around 7500 points. it is free in your watching television anyway, so you really have nothing to lose. >>mark: here is a live look outside with jackie sissel. >>jackie: and early morning fire sent at least one victim to the hospital.
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fire department says they received a phone call of smoke coming out at 1916 chestnut street. when they got out there were able to disk did wish the claims quickly. they found a 92 year-old woman who was a resident on the floor. they started cpr and she was sent to a local hospital. no update on her condition. they say the cause of the fire is probably a floor heater inside of the unit. >>darya: 6:51 a.m., we are back with more in a couple of minutes.
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>>darya: it is 6:54 a.m.. we are taking a look at the 7 day around the bay forecast. the showers that will be lingering will clear out. we will have cloudy skies some of the things will start to warm up a little bit. a slight chance of rain on friday. saturday does look wet sand windy at this point. sunday is kind of a split decision. >>darya: this is the san mateo bridge.
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traffic is still moving. let's check over at the golden gate. the golden gate does not look as well as the san mateo bridge does. >>mark: a group that includes former lakers star
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magic johnson has agreed to by the charges for $2 billion. >>darya: we will talk to gary ravage in a little bit about what that means for the dodgers. >>darya: we're back with more in a couple of minutes. we are live on the scene of a fire in oakland where an elderly woman was pulled for the firing and is in serious condition. we will let you know the very latest on that in a couple of minutes.
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