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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  March 29, 2012 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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>>mark: the big stories we are following, and diverse are broad and as the search for sierra lamar continues. the man suspected of murdering five people in this san francisco home has his arraignment pushed back. we will tell you what happened in court yesterday. new video showing the man accused of killing an unarmed to florida teenager being led away by police in handcuffs. we will bring you the latest in the case making national headlines. >>darya: let's get a quick look at weather and traffic. >>erica: we have a break in the rain and temperatures building into the upper 60s. we could potentially see 70's for some of the inland areas. right now, we're dealing with a little bit of fog. as we head into the afternoon, we will see a mix
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of sun and clouds. temperatures ranging from the low 60s to the upper 60s to the senate on where you are. as we head into the evening the cloud cover will roll through with temperatures into the 50s. here is a look at where the numbers will go into the afternoon. i will say exactly what is in store for the weekend and the next potential for wet weather coming up in my next report. >>george: we are continuing to monitor pretty light conditions around the bay area. we are not tracking and the hot spots or problems. on the bay bridge, traffic is slowing just a bit. we are within about 15 minutes of seeing the metering lights activated. the east bay freeways are light, so is the right to the south bay.
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there are no peninsula problems reported. 37 westbound is clear heading pass highway 121 all the way over to 101. it is a clear shot from novato to the golden gate bridge. >>justine: we have a video to show you out of the airport in philadelphia, a man was detained because he had something suspicious in his backpack. here is that video and some of the new details we have learned. the man is 29 years old. tsa agents found a device that looked like a firework in his carry-on luggage. they are saying that it looks like he left it in there on accident. there are also saying that there are no initial indications that the incident is related to terrorism but the police, the fbi and tsa are investigating. the man is still being held, no flights had been delayed.
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the security checkpoint area was closed for a little bit, we are ever more details and we will keep you posted. >>darya: another developing story unfolding in morgan hill where the search continues for sierra lamar. investigators believe that she was kidnapped. yesterday the santa clara county sheriff's department sent out five teams to nearby waterways looking for clues. they say they did not find anything and they did not have lucas defeat reason to search the water but they wanted to make sure the water was checked as a part of the investigation. a high-school sophomore vanished on march 16th. she left home and was supposed to be headed to her bus stop. will tran is in morgan hill and has been following this search all along. they will be out there again today.
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>>will: yesterday, at 200 people became alex. today being senate, they expect more people to show up. the fbi has been involved from the beginning. they are doing polygraph tests on many people including family members. the mother and the mother's boyfriend have not been called suspects that they want to make sure that they cross that off. the results have not come back. they also spoke with registered sex offenders as well as criminals and the known of parolees. it looks like that is just about over as well. for the first time we are hearing marlene make it publicly.
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she is making it publicly to the abductor. >> i'd like to put out a clique to whoever is holding my daughter against her will. with understand that there may have been events that lead to the situation and understand things can happen and and convince start to spiral out of control and get out of hand and then you do not know what to do. we just want to end this nightmare.
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>>will: last year the klass kids foundation did 47 searches and over 30 came back with finding evidence that helped investigators. and we will be interviewing many people including the search coordinator coming up. >>mark: in san francisco, the man suspected of killing five people inside of the homes will be arraigned on murder tried to today. he is facing five murder charges with special circumstances which means he could face the death penalty. he was arrested on sunday after bodies were found inside of a home on friday. officials police did not know the victim. officials say the crime scene is grissom and
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complex edited data identified the victims. there's also word that some of the responding officers need counseling because the case was so disturbing. >>darya: 6 07 a.m., litton will be back to give you one with more coming here is a live look at the bay bridge. jackie sissel is out there giving us this shot. conditions are terrific. but it - ( music playing ) - we know technology can make you more connected.
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>>darya: we have news surveillance video to show you of the man who shot and killed an unarmed teenager in florida, treyvon martin. that is george zimmerman,
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the one who shot martin. he is arriving here at the police station on the night of the shooting. it is interesting to look at his condition. he claims that there was a fight and he was defending himself. the question here is, what the ec? d.c. a broken nose, blood or evidence of a fight? he said he suffered a broken nose in it to the back of his head. it does look like an officer looks at the back of his head in the video at one point. at one time we're hearing from the father of zimmerman who said treyvon martin attacked his son. >> treyvon martin said something to the effect of you're going to die now or die tonight, something to that effect. he continued to beat george and at some point george pulled his pistol.
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aha >>darya: resident says he acted in self-defense. spike lee is apologizing to afford a couple who says they were forced to leave their home because spike lee helped to spread their address on twitter. capoot may have a son named william george zimmerman, no relation to the shooter. spike lee later treated he needed to apologize for giving their address. >>mark: we will be right back as the kron4 news continues. here is a look at philadelphia international. a man detained by the tsa. he had a homemade device inside of his suitcase.
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>>justine: we have two new stores to talk about, the economy through 3% in the final quarter of 2011 but growth will likely be slow this quarter. weekly unemployment numbers have come out, they're down three to 59,000. another sign that the job market is strengthening. >>mark: rick santorum is fund-raising in the bay area today at the jelly belly family and fairfield. he will hold a rally have for this afternoon and plans on discussing health care reform. the rally will be open to the public get followed by a fundraising thing the event. tickets are at $1,000.
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before headed to california he was in illinois and says he worries about the republican party if mitt romney wins the nomination. >> when i looked at the field and looked at to the favor was, the one that was blessed by the establishment moderate republicans, it became very clear to me that we were going to make a very serious mistake. he is uniquely disqualified to make the case against obama care. >>mark: the romney campaign is picking up a key endorsement from marco rubio, the senator from florida. he says it is increasingly clear there romney will be, the republican nominee and it is time for the republican party to come together.
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a new poll shows that the president holds a double- edged lead over romney and santorum. a new poll says that if an election were held today that obama would get 54 percent of registered voters, 43 percent for romney and in santorum and obama, obama would have a 55 compared to 42% for santorum. >>darya: let's get a look at weather and traffic this thursday morning. things are looking quite nice. >>erica: we are waking up to mild conditions around the bay area are it clear conditions for the most for with a little bit of fog of all this coastline pith if it looks like temperatures are on the mild side. 51 for downtown san franancisco. upper 40's for san jose and livermore. 50 in oakland and 50 for those of you in the san carlos.
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as we check our temperatures will go to the rest of the day, future cast 4 is predicting into the o'clock hour we will drop a couple of degrees. when the sun comes up we do lose a couple of degrees. as the advanced the clock into the afternoon, bites what the and you may want to consider eat outdoors. we could see widespread low 60s. as a push in closer to the afternoon, it looks like we will continue to see the '60s developed around the bay. here is a breakdown of the numbers in neighborhood by neighborhood. partly cloudy conditions with bricks of sunshine. it looks like the more inland and the south you go, warmer numbers. pleasanton and sunnyvale will both reach afternoon highs of 69, 62 for downtown san francisco. los 60s along the coastline. napa could see 66 degree weather.
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future cast 4 does predict that we do have a rain pushing into the bay area. right now we are tracking a storm system and a california but i think that will move past us. we have some big changes to talk about friday evening. we will see rain chances into the north bay, north of the golden gate. it will be pretty light in nature. scattered showers will be developing for the east bay and portions of the coast line, waiting up saturday morning, it looks like we will continue to see a light rain, scattered in the trough. q. your seven there from the forecast shows temperatures pretty nice for the next couple of days. we will drop by several degrees saturday and we will see partly cloudy conditions with mild weather as we start the next work week. >>george: we're continuing to monitor a good commute. we are not tracking any hot spots or unusual slowdowns.
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no major accidents, the backup is just starting to form as the metering lights have been on for five-eight minutes. it is already slow from the middle of the east parking lot where the camera is situated. looking at the right on the san mateo bridge, 92 is a problem free. the volume is close to normal for the westbound ride. the golden gate is also a good one. we have seen no problems for the southbound 101 commute. adjusted 80 still looks good with an easy drive time. for hercules to berkeley with our problem free. your ride on westbound 580, it is already slow coming through livermore. westbound from dublin is still a good ride to the castro valley. there are no delays or ill
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effects. the north bay ride still looks good. sluggish passed the nevada dumps. >>darya: the woman is found injured in a street possibly after being struck by 880 best. witnesses say the bus was traveling south on the deal street and the woman was standing on an island south of howard street. then, witnesses saw a pedestrian in the road after the bus passed by the island. the accident appears to have involved in the bus.
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>>darya: a student who brought a gun to school pleaded with his teacher not report the a after the gun went off accidentally. the bullet did ricochet off of a partition and it did come close to getting another student. >>mark: here is a live look outside on this thursday morning. we are waiting for some sunshine, traffic starting to thicken on the bay bridge stand.
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>>erica: if you are headed to tahoe, they do expect dry conditions and currently no chain requirements. we have changes to talk about as we head into friday, they do anticipate a mix of rain and snow with temperatures sitting in the '50s. bundle up overnight as a temperatures could drop down to just 10 degrees expected
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for saturday. i will have a look at your ski report coming up next hour. >>mark: a $1.5 billion deal has been approved to electrify caltrain lines. the metropolitan transportation commission unanimously voted for the track sharing system. there are concerns that using it to tracks rather than for tracks would mean slower travel times. >>darya: we are back with more in a couple of minutes. here is a live look outside at the golden gate. it looks like there is more traffic and more people waking up headed into san francisco but the ride is pretty easy still. we are just three minutes away from the opening bell on wall street.
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the >>mark: we are expecting a down day on wall street again today. the u.s. economy growing at an annualized rate of 3%, that was less than expected. also, we did have a better than expected drop in the number of americans filing for unemployment. widespread protests in the street kids of madrid right now. five things in spain have been downgraded with their credit ratings. concerns on wall street once again. and >>darya: the search continues for 15 year old sierra lamar who investigators believe was kidnapped. the sheriff's department said dive teams out yesterday to look at nearby waterways that they did not find any clues. the man suspected of killing five people in san francisco home will be arraigned today on murder charges. he was supposed to be arraigned yesterday but that was delayed because his
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brother may be a witness. he was arrested on sunday after five bodies were found in a home. there is this surveillance video of george zimmerman of killing an unarmed teen in florida. this is the night of the shooting where zimmerman arrives at the police station in handcuffs. the question is, was he involved in a fight and was this self-defense? >>erica: we are taking a live look at conditions from the bay bridge toll plaza. a lot of cloud cover in the distance. because of that, temperatures are running on the mild side with plenty of '50s, a couple of the '40's for those of the and the north bay. the fog that we have is not affecting visibility. a mix of sun and clouds with temperatures that could
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reach the upper 60s. clouds the increase as we head into the evening. it looks like pleasanton and sunnyvale could reach a high of 69. 63 for those of you and san rafael. we could see more rain coming up in my next report. >>george: we are continuing to monitor light traffic off. we are not looking at any hot spots, incidents or unusual delays. the backup regis to the end of the east parking lot for your westbound right. the rest of the traffic around the bay area is still pretty late. the drive time out of marin county is still running under 25 minutes from novato to the golden gate. >>mark: in morgan hill, the serbs will be continuing for missing 15 year old sierra lamar. investigators believe she
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was kidnapped. the sheriff's department sent five teams looking for clues in nearby waterways. investigators say they did not have a specific reason to search the area, they just wanted to make sure they have the waterway's checked. will trend has been live on this case, following it since the very beginning. >>will: there will be gathering in 90 minutes from now. the search coordinator showed up in a few minutes ago and said they found many items that they pass along to investigators. it is up to the investigators to see if the atoms are linked to the case. this is what the fbi is doing it. they are doing polygraph tests on many people including family members. so far, the results have not come back. theft and also they're
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continuing to interview known criminals and parolees in the area as well as speaking with registered sex offenders. in the meantime, the mother of sierra is talking with the public. she believes the lever is old and her daughter may have changed her appearance. >> you cannot see it in the posters, but my daughter has a black mole in the center of her neck. i do not know if whoever is holding her against her well, keep in mind, the posters that you see, she may have a different color hair. it may not be black or dark brown. she does have a mall in the center of her neck. a black mall. as far as identification, i
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wanted to point that out. >>justine: we are following a flight that was headed as a foe from philadelphia where a man was detained. he had some sort of unknown homemade device in his carry-on. if there was a slight delay because of what happened. let's go over some of the information about what happened. a 29 year old man was on his way to sfo from philadelphia international and caused quite a security scare. we're hearing now that he said he could have left fireworks in his carry-on backpack. federal law-enforcement officials are saying that there is no indication of terrorism. tsa has detained the man. there are no flight delays
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at philadelphia or sfo. we're still getting information on this story and i will keep you posted. >>darya: new this morning, the american civil liberties union says the fbi's san francisco division spied on the muslim citizens. according to records that the aclu obtained from the fbi, the bureau used its moslem our rich program to collect intelligence on religious activities that are protected by the constitution. under the privacy act the fbi is generally prohibited from maintaining records of how people practice their religion unless there is a clear law enforcement purpose. the time now is 6:36 a.m., we are back with more in a couple of minutes. here is a live look at the san mateo bridge. the visibility is great and clear. dry and a little bit of warm compared to the last a week
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>>darya: color on a wild fire officials are working in a fire and to represent county and said the fire was started by a controlled burn. we have new video showing you the flames again how intense the situation is. you can see the smoke into the glow of red coming to us from a car where a man is driving his children to safety. you can hear the panic in the voices of the kids in a car. two people died in the fire and one woman is still missing this morning. >>mark: today, house republicans are ready to approve a 3.5 trillion dollar budget that proposed cuts from food stamps, transportation and revamps of medicare.
6:41 am
it does not raise taxes on the rich. the blueprint is headed for house passage but will be a vote among party lines. it does face demise in the democratic run senate. the bill is expected to be ignored by the senate. >>mark: a senior u.s. military official says debris from a north career rocket launch could land in the philippines. north korea is calling this a satellite launch but is widely believed to be tests of long raged missile. the u.s. is canceling food shipments to north korea as a result. we will be read after as the kron4 news continues. we're watching a drop on wall street for the third
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>>darya: on the strike thursday morning things are looking pretty did. you can tell that things are looking smoothly. it is pretty clear out there right now. >>darya: >>erica: the operative word is the drive. we do have some cloud cover in the background. because of the cloud cover it is keeping temperatures a little bit on the warmer side. we are dealing with forties and fifties right outside the door. this afternoon we will see a good mix of sun and clouds with mild conditions. warm conditions into the afternoon depending on where you are. we do have big changes to
6:46 am
talk about this weekend with another potential for wet weather. here is a look at numbers for you. fo buckwheat >>erica: as its push in closer to the afternoon highs, we will continue to build up the '60s and potentially see 70's indicated by the yellow on your screen. looking ahead as satellite and radar, we do have wet weather activities to treated in the northern portions of california. it looks like the storm will
6:47 am
states hour north and will completely start of the bay area tomorrow evening. we do have a temperatures that can actually read in the '70s for tomorrow. to the overnight hours, friday and saturday, we will pick up rain in the north bay. overnight, showers are pretty late in nature. that will persist into the morning. partly cloudy conditions and temperatures in the '60s. it is time for a check on the morning to meet with george. >>george: theft we are continuing to monitor pretty good traffic conditions around the bay area. there are no hot spots, unusual delays or incidents. the upper deck of the bay bridge is still a smooth trip on the suspensions and headed into san francisco and only a minor back up at the bay bridge toll plaza, slow from the end of the east parking lot just past
6:48 am
the 880 interchange. your ride on the sanity of bridge looks good. your problem free on highway 92 eastbound and westbound. the golden gate bridge ride at last check looks good with a moderate traffic on the southbound side. a light and easy rider marin county. as we pick up the traffic maps, looking for the right here 80 has not begin to slow down yet, 680 looks great of lee down from solano county. the westbound 580 ride is heavy and deliver more this morning. it was an accident at santa rita road that back to things up a bit westbound. the south bay freeways have started to pick up slowly on a 101 in the northbound side. 85 still looks great through the west valley. as we mentioned, the marin writes, no problems. you could see green showing from the 37 to the golden gate. >>mark: a man headed to trial in the case of four
6:49 am
california women is now getting legal help. they still had been representing himself and yesterday he showed up in marin county superior court with new advisory council. the council may not speak on his behalf during the trial. a trial date has yet to be set. he is accused of killing four women. all four women were strangled and found in rural areas. if convicted, he could face the death penalty.
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>>mark: investigators believe that the items retired to a -- belonged to a retired commercial luster. in san mateo county, hundreds of towns of seafood was stolen over a weekend at a fishery near half moon bay. some of the stolen products include 200 lbs. of halibut and crab. the total value of the missing seafood is around $2,100. police have yet to make an arrest. >>darya: some owners of the new ipad are reporting issues with the battery and the way it charges. gabe slate takes a look at how apple is responding to these concerns. >>gabe: a few days ago researchers released a report that they discovered a strange anomaly with the
6:51 am
new ipad and how the charges. when it reaches 100 percent charged it is actually more like 90-94% charged. in the report they discovered if you leave it led dan it will reach the real 100 percent after another hour of charging. users need every bit of battery life. after has responded to the concern and said, there is no need for alarm. there are no serious battery issues. the batteries to function as they should. third apple says all the vices have the same charge
6:52 am
in behavior and always have. they say the devices all say they are charged to 100 percent before they hit a complete charge. devices discharge and recharge slightly until unplugged. apple designed the device is to do this to protect the battery when they're left on a charter for a long period of time. >>mark: a quick break as the kron4 news is with you until 9:00 a.m.. skies are beginning to brighten up a bit soon as cloud cover up there. it is warmer in many places around the bay. we could see a few showers in the north bay later today furiouy. persons in
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>>darya: here is a look at conditions on the bay bridge. everyone is up and moving on the speed limit. it is a little great in that
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shot. it is great, but no rain. pretty heavy traffic on the golden gate. the visibility is a great, the deck is dry. the same story over a year at the san mateo bridge. it is great out there this morning. we will see sunshine later today. >>mark: in the north bay, more clouds than everyone else if face like chance of showers this afternoon and faces life for santa rosa and sonoma counties. it should be fairly nice day for most of the bay area with sunshine in the upper 60s. in the early morning hours to concede some lingering showers. if >>darya: a nice commute until you have to fill love. gas prices are up for its 20th straight day. right now off the national average is $3.92. in california, $4.32 a.
6:57 am
finn the bay area, take a look. >>mark: we are back in two minutes with the kron4 news. the latest on our big stories coming up and a full update on whether in the traffic. here is a live look at traffic on a 680. they've really rough ride yesterday. chief for right when faulk
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half fog fact fact his when
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if >>mark: the big stories we're following right now, divers have been brought in to search for sierra lamar. we will bring you the latest on the search effort is in a live report. the man suspected of murdering five people in this san francisco home has is a rain pushed back. we will tell you more on his a an


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