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tv   KRON 4 Evening News  KRON  March 29, 2012 5:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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searchers state, father god. service, some mothers and fathers walked q crackly
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said curious the idea that something like this could happen to anyone. >> i would want everyone else searching for my children if it was one of my kids. us and we want her back. he >> there are hundreds of sheriff's deputies have surged waterways and reservoirs and are looking into hundreds of tips while searchers like cindy jennings are not about to give up hope. >> just to be able to keep it everyone and help, as long as there are people involved, to make it easy and to be together and anything in that we can hear to make it easy on the family and their friends. inner that of the sheriff's office says it has received
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some 600 tips along with numerous sightings. so far, none have been incorporated. rob fladeboe, kron4 news. >>pam: kron4 has learned that there will be a new candlelight vigil for sierra lamar tonight at holy spirit church in fremont. our team coverage continues, dan kerman just toward the command center of the search operation and joins us live with that part of the story. >>dan: i was in san jose a little earlier at esurance headquarters. there, we got to see the emergency operations center coordinating the official search. let's take video to show you, this emergency operations center is that together forbid law- enforcement events like the search for sierra as well as natural disasters tariff as you can see, there is a table of people responding to tips. they're getting tips either by e-mail or through the anonymous tip line.
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all of those are tracked. there are also several mounts on the wall that indicate the general areas that they have surged in general areas they're getting tips from and where they need to send the detectives. we got this information from sergeant jose cardoso who gives us more insight into what they're doing. >> we have over 600 tips that have come in. we have an anonymous tip line as well. we have typography maps and satellite maps, the mapping system also helps to track with its ads are coming from and where they're being generated. we follow up on each and every ticket. >> based on these tips, they create had a the information for detectives every day. it is a constantly evolving process. that is what they're doing
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at that emergency operations center of the sheriff's department. dan kerman, kron4 is. >>pam: stay with kron4 and as we continue to follow the very latest on the search for sierra lamar. now to our other big story tonight, the suspect in a mass murder in san francisco appears in court for his arraignment. first, we had to the scene of the crime for new information about the possible connection between the suspect into the victims. terisa estacio joins us live from the san francisco engle side district with new details. >>terisa: kron4 news is learning that there is a history between one of the victims in this case and the suspect. that could have been the motive in this mass murder. kron4 news has learned that the suspect and one of the victims in the mass murder were acquaintances and that
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they regularly played mahjong together, a popular board game that can be played as a gambling game. the source tells kron4 that there was possibly a debt between the two. the man has been charged with the violence homicides. the source said that the two also knew each other because they both worked in construction. kron4 has also learned that another victim inside the house, the girlfriend of a vincent was actually his wife, they married recently and lived here with vincent's parents for also a mother. the source adds that on the whites sell fog was the suspect's and number. in addition sources tell kron4 that it was the 12 year-old granddaughter who discovered the bloody murder scene last friday, she comes to the home often to stay and has our own key. she lives close by with her mother.
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sources say that ever since this mass murder, it to have been in seclusion. a source tells kron4 news that they expect the sister of a been sent to come out of hiding soon and head to the house to pay respects to her slain family. they say that it is chinese tradition to do so, but so far today we have seen no sign of his sister. reporting live in san francisco, terisa estacio. >>pam: the suspect was in court today. maureen kelly was there when the accused killer entered the courtroom. >>maureen: the mass murder suspect walked in with an orange prison uniform and his hands shackled in front of him with his eyes cast downward. the judge did not allow the media to photograph his face. the accused killer senior and a mug shot did not appear to display any emotion in the courtroom. soft
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>> he is anxious. i think he understands what is going on. he obviously is concerned about having the best representation. >> the suspect's mother asked for the arraignment to be postponed as saying that he needed time to review the numerous charges listed in his complete. five counts of murder with special circumstances. when the judge asked if that is what he wanted, the suspect replied yes in a clear voice. that is the one and only time he spoke during the proceedings. if there were some people in the courtroom that looked like they could be connected to the case including one middle-aged asian woman. she and the the other people i spoke to denied knowing either the mass murder suspects or the victims. no deal has been set and the suspect remains behind bars. his next arraignment date has been scheduled for next thursday. >>pam: much of today's court hearing had to do with the chief public defender who
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was trying to keep the suspect as a client. after hearing arguments from both sides, the judge ruled that the public defender's office could not defend the suspect because of possible conflict of interest. the suspect's brother had been thought represented by the public defender before. for the prosecution has indicated that he could be called as a witness in his brother's child. tonight, lynn are learning more about what led to yesterday's violent shooting involving a federal agent in the parking lot of this restaurant and richmond where the shooting was critically wounded. the alcohol tobacco and firearms agency says that the suspects wanted to take the agents money. >> an undercover agent met with the suspect's and their work preliminary
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conversations half about purchasing an illegal fire arm. our coverage team was alerted and came if if fanned acted to the actions of the suspect's and brought our undercover to safety. the three suspects are currently in custody. they will be looking at a federal crime of assault and attempted to murder a federal agent. >>catherine: coming up tonight at 6:00 p.m., we will take you inside the san francisco division of the atf as we hear from investigators about how pervasive the illegal gun problem is in the bay area for. it is the story did you only see here on kron4. third of >>jaqueline: cloudy skies over the north bay and the most of the bay area. as we take a look at storm tracker 4 radar, a little
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bit of rain to the north. light showers over santa rosa. this is all that we will see out there tonight. moseley, the storm will stay to the north. here's a look at storm tracker 4. let's get a look at our weather headlines. cloudy in the mild overnight, mainly dry with a few spotty showers. it's a marvel also stage rife with the breezy conditions. the rain is one to be moving in 58-9:00 p.m.. into friday night, the rain will be picking up half. >>alejandra: the school board voted to close schools months ago. community members say the fight to save the schools is
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not over. we will have that story coming up. >> he said he was beaten in a holiday, the victim of an attack, newly released video may contradict the original story from the man who killed treyvon martin. a closer look at that video and what it could mean to the controversy. another gop presidential hopeful is in the bay area. we will take you to the fund-raising stop for rick santorum. lindsay lohan is in court, why today's appearance might be the last for her in front of a judge for some time. lottery fever reaches a historic case. more than 500 million is now up for grabs. mega millions of madness is gripping the bay area.
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>>pam: the furor over race in florida and across the u.s.. the new focus
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the new focus in the tray von martin case. about a half hour after it all happened. zimmerman is being escorted into the police station about 35 35 minutes after a confrontation with the 17-year- old. the neighborhood watch volunteer says he pulled the trigger in self-defense after being attack attacked by martin last month. the teen was killed. police say zimmerman had cuts on the back of his head and a broken nose. the video doesn't show clear evidence of that, although at one point an officer appearses to look at the -- appears to look at the back of the zimmerman's head. officers say he got first aid and was cleaned up at the scene. but martin's mother says this is one more indication her son was injustly killed.
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>> this is not the first part of evidence they have had. they have had the 911 tapes and they have also had witnesses. >> george zimmerman's father who asked that his face not be shown has not talked to reporters. he claims martin attacked his son. >> martin said something to the effect of you are going to die now or you are going to die tonight. something to that effect. he continued to beat george and at some point, george pulled his pistol and did what he did. >> meantime, kind of a strange bit of fallout. director spike lee has apologized to an erld elderly -- elderly florida couple after he spread a twitter message that listed their address. he thought it was zimmerman's address. they got threats and hate mail. they had to leave their home for a motel. lee agreed to an undisclosed settlement but didn't say why he was trying to target the
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zimmerman family in the first place. despite sponge words from -- strong words from president obama, the president talking about it in the roiz garden today. a procedural vote that would have cleared the way for the senate to act on the measure didn't get the necessary 2/3 ma majority. the president has been pushing congress to end the 4 billion $4 billion in tax subsidies. >> american oil is booming. the oil entry is doing just fine -- industry is doing fine with record profits and rising production. i'm not worried about the big oil companies. >> again, the matter stalled in the senate today. the president had argued americans are getting a double hit here. first at the gas pump and then in the big money tax subsidies. when actress lindsay lo lan show p -- lindsay lohan showed up in court, this was a happy occasion. a judge took her off probation
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from 2, 2007 drunking driven conditions and it has been a long time since she has been off probation. she thanked the judge for being fair and said it opened a lot of doors for her. she has been in court at least 19 times since her first arrest back in 2007. we are keeping our eye on the wet weather up to the north. we have seen a few light showers in the north bay this afternoon. but mainly the rain is staying well to the north of us near the oregon border. let's take a wider view of this system, extending down the west coast and offshore at this time. staying pretty stationary and it will -- station nerery and it will stay that way. 6:00 hour on saturday morning as we move into the 8:00 hour, that is when the rain is going to start to race through the bay area. notice we are seeing moderate rainfall through most of the north bay, edging into san francisco. watch how quickly this is going
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to move. the account hour it is pushing towards the delta, down the peninsula. into the 10:00 hour, the southbay seeing the rainfall. later morning hours the rainfall will nearly be done. it is down in san jose and the dy diablo range. we have the possibility of pop- up thunderstorms. they are always hard to pinpoint on the computer model. you see right here in the 2:00 hour we have rain through the north bay. it looks like the computer model is favoring the north bay at first and then san francisco, oakland and the peninsula for forthe spotty thundershower activity. tomorrow it will stay cloudy and get a couple degrees warmer. temperatures mainly in the 60s. we are going to see 57 along the coast and half moon bay. 62 in oakland. 65 in redwood city. 68 in san jose. 70 pleasanton. 65 in concord. as for weather up in the sierra this weekend, when we see rain, that usually means snow there.
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so, into tomorrow mostly cloudy. the snow not moving in until saturday morning. expecting 3-6 inches of snow at lake level. lingering chance of snow into sunday. a look at the extended forecast. tomorrow again mostly dry conditions. we have is a chance for rain later in the evening for the north bay. the rain racing through saturday morning with the possibility of thundershowers into the afternoon. but improving conditions into sunday and to start next week. we will be back after this.
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airport security officials in philadelphia say that they stopped a man from carrying powerful fireworks on to a plane which was bound for sfo. tas screeners say -- it isa screeners -- tsa officials say they found it. it included commercial grade a m-80ed. airport officials say no one was ever in danger. the suspect claims he forgot
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they were in his bag. he is facing criminal charges. we will be right back.
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next at 5:30, protests and heated exchanges over the proposed scoot cuts in oak -- school cuts in oakland. dramatic scenes caught on tape. do you have your ticket yet. we look at the insanity surround surrounding the huge mega million jackpots. and the shake up at one of the biggest electronic stores. the changes coming to best buy ahead.
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the fight to save five elementary schools in the oakland unified school district is not over. this is video from last night. school board meeting where several protestors were arrest arrested. you can see dozens of people before the meeting.
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>> reporter: it was a much small smaller crowd at thursday's school board meeting. but many say they are going to physically stand in the way so that lakeview, santa fe, thurgood marshall and others stay open. the oakland unified school board voted to leave santa fe school for 3 years to the emery unified school district. but that decision did not go over well with community member s inside the school board meeting. >> we are going to mobilize this community. we are going to mobilize the parents and we are going to fight this. >> reporter: the district will get $500,000 annually for the lease of santa fe. a spokesperson tells me they didn't want to building to sit vacant. but it is a slap in the face for community members who are demanding that school and four others stay open. >> you think you fear us now. just wait. we have not started. we will bring the wrath of oakland. and i will organize until i cannot walk.
5:32 pm
, until i cannot talk. >> reporter: when the school board decided to shut the school schools down back in october, they say they didn't have the money to keep the schools running. they can't go back and keep the schools open now they are in better financial situation. we will talk more about that. i'm alejandra cerball. kron 4 news. student protestors descended on a rejentds meeting. they were discussing a new tax initiative which would bring for revenue to public universities. the students are upset because the money won't be used to bring that tuition costs. >> we have had a 300% tuition increase and we can't afford to keep paying that much. the money is there in this new ballot initiative. right now the state wants to use some of that money to accelerate bond payments to wall street. we shouldn't be paying new revenue to wall street. we should be investing it in our next generation.
5:33 pm
>> students were also upset that the regents walked out of the meeting before all of the public comments could be heard. afterwards, police moved in and arrested 3 protestors for not vacating the building. mountain view police are looking for a man who lunged towards a girl acetaminophen elementary school. this is a sketch of the suspect. the incidented happened this morning. -- ins dent happened -- incident happened this morning. the girl was able to make it back to class safely. the man was seen running away from the school. police have increased patrols in the area. they are also encouraging parents to talk to their children about being aware of strangers. in other news around the bay. police hoping this surveillance paragraph will help track down a wanted bank robber. the man entered the bank of marin on wednesday. he demanded cash and then took off on foot. no weapon was seen.
5:34 pm
nobody was hurt. it is not known how much money was stolen. in the east bay, a man accused of stealing fire fight fighting equipment is behind bar bars. this is the suspect. his name is steven wright. investigators say he burglarized a firefighting training senator -- center in concord. all taken in the early morning hours. the theft dates back to last july when a man was seen climbing the fence of the facility. and now to decision 2012 and another republican presidential candidate here in the bay area. rick santorum was here. >> reporter: rick santorum greet greeted a capacity crowd here and spoke for about 45 minutes. he compared himself several time times to ronald reagan. he took the opportunity to
5:35 pm
attack president obama several times throughout his speech and he also took the time to attack his republican rival, mitt romney. >> you saw in the supreme court debating these last few days oh obama care. and the general of this country referring to another program that was passed. that was the model for obama care. they actually mention it in the legal arguments debated before the supreme court on tuesday. and that other program of course was romney care. but that was the template for oh obama care. the mandates, all of the government prescription, something that ronald reagan would never approve of. he is the one who changed the platform of the republican par party. he stood for life. he stood for the integrity of the family. he understood the importance of family in our country. and i have been a leader on that front too. standing up.
5:36 pm
as the people of california did for traditional marriage with prop 8. [applause]. >> reporter: santorum's speech was followed by a fundraiser. he is expected to attend a private fundraiser later this evening. jeff bush, kron 4 news. a key endorsement for mitt romney made official today. george h.w. bush announced today he and his wife supporting romney's bid and mr. bush says he believes it is time for republicans to unit behind romney. another bush family member, form former florida governor jed bush endorsed romney last week. they are picking up an endorsement from marco rubio. he is the u.s. senate from florida. he says it is increasingly clear that romney will become the republican nominee and he also says it is time for the gop to come together. rubio is a first time u.s. senator and a tea party favorite whose name has been
5:37 pm
floated as a possible vice presidential nominee. he says he is flattered by the suggestion but that he is not interested in that role. and a new poll shows that president obama is holding a double digit lead over both mitt romney and rick san tore rum in hype thet -- santorum. if the general election were held today, 54% of registered voters say that they would back president obama. in a romney/obama match-up. that is compared to 43% support supporting romney. president obama would have 55% support to santorum's 42%. well, it just keeps getting bigger. the largest ever mega mill johns jackpot is -- millions jackpot is up to 540 million dollars. $540 million. grant lodes is here with more on all of this excitement surrounding the lotto. >> we actually have a live picture from cavanaugh liquors
5:38 pm
and there's people all around the store. they are out the door, down the street and wrapped around the corner. you can see there as our camera pans out just how many people are there. this is the place to be if you want to win the california lottery. considers this luckiest store in the whole state. throughout the years, four winning tickets have been sold right there at cavanaugh liquor stores. so, you know why the people are there. they keep buying tickets. the pot keeps getting bigger. lottery officials are saying this thing has spiralled out of control. the big drawing, tomorrow. and people all over the bay area and all over the country, real really, they are just trying to hope that they are the lucky one ones to get the large jackpot. can hardly print them fast enough. kron 4 was in emeryville this morning as the jackpot balloon ed from 500 to 540 million dollars. $540 million. it changed as our cameras were there.
5:39 pm
you see the lines, real long. people thinking big. one guy bought 50 tickets, hoping this will be his lucky break. >> any time the lottery gets up above $200 million, i have to try. so, when it is a half billion dollars, i have to give it a try. and hopefully win and make things better for myself and family. >> you buy on a regular basis? >> i wait until it gets larger. my odds are so bad either way you go, i might as well wait until it is big enough to be worth it. >> our facebook fans are going nuts dreaming of what they would do. dan would give one million to everyone in his life so they theycould live comfortably. custom house for big dan. he says it stinks being 6'6". he can't fit into standard bathtubs and he loves his baths. now you know how j.r. stone feel feels. kimberlee says imagine what that would do for our schools.
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i think that is kim kardashian. check out the mega millions page on our website, and feel free to comment and send in pictures of your lot to experiences. if you have long -- lotto experiences. if you have long lines we want to see them. we are in uncharted territory. 550 million bucks and it could be higher by tomorrow. the previous record jackpot, 390 million back in 2007. big changes coming for the weather forecast. seeing a few light showers in the north bay as we head into tomorrow and especially the weekend, that rain will return. storm tracker let's jump into the north bay where we have been seeing a few light sprinkles in santd rosa -- santa rosa and seeing a little bit of light rain right now. but the majority of the rain still up to the north with this system. it is going to stay there there most of -- there through most of tomorrow. tomorrow night is when the rain
5:41 pm
will finally start to move in. it is cloudy out there for current conditions and temperatures on the cooler side. 54 in half moon bay. 55 san francisco. it is 56 in oakland. a little warmer down in the southbay. 63 in san jose. 59 concord. 64 in pleasanton. here's what you can expect out there tomorrow. it is going to be cloudy and mild to start the day. temperatures in the low 50s as you head out the door. into the afternoon, the winds are going to be picking up as that storm approaches. we have a chance for rain in the north bay for the evening. but the rain likely into saturday morning. we will time it on future cast in a bit. new details in the case of the u.s. soldier accused of kill killing 17 afghan civilians. some legal experts are saying it might be very hard to kon viblthd sergeant robert bails because prosecutors have no access to the crime scene in afghanistan. that means no dna obviously or other hard evidence. his lawyer said this week that bales suffered a traumatic ins
5:42 pm
dent during his second tour in -- incident in iraq and that triggered depression. his wife has established a defense fund saying there's no way she could pay the legal bill bills. china and russia will carry joint naval war games in april and may. this was the announcement today coming from the chinese defense ministry. they are not saying where it will happen but not the first time china and russia are conducted several joint military exercises since 2005. and thousands of workers in barcelona. this is a one-day strike and it caused real chaos for traffic and business and scenes like this. people had been setting fires. workers are outraged about govm budget cuts. -- government budget cuts. fires set in downtown streets. nine people suffered minor injuries, including police officers. and a check of traffic on this thursday. look at the top of your screen. that is traffic on 80.
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barely moving at all as it heads towards the lower deck of the bay bridge. 1001 moving but -- 101 moving but slowly. we'll be back. [ teen ] times are good, aren't they, kids?
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now for a quick update on the stock market. the dow jones managed to pick up 60 points to close the day just above 13,000. the nasdaq lost nearly 10 point 10 points, finishing just above 3,000. and the s&p dipped about 2 and a half points, closing at 1403. big news in the smart phone industry. today the maker of the blackberry announced that it is cutting back on most consumer markets and focusing instead on business customers. research in motion has been struggling as the popularity of apple's iphone and google androids phones grows.
5:47 pm
the company can't succeed if it tries to be all things to all people. the comments were made after it announced its quarterly profits fell short of expectations. electronics retail joint best buy a-- giant best buy announced changes. it plans to close 50 stores by 2013. 400 employees will lose their jobs. those losses will happen in corporate and support staff. but best buy says it will open 50 new stores in china. best buy's stock dropped follow following the announcement. the company has struggled to compete in a market that has been increasingly dominated by online marketers like amazon. a new light showers in the north bay but mainly the rain has remained up to the north. a wider view if i can chur you see the -- picture you see the core of the rain closer to oregon than the bay area. it is going to stay up north for a while through most of tomorrow before the main front
5:48 pm
starting racing through the bay area into saturday mourning. so, here's a -- morning. here's a look at the future cast. 6:00 hour, rain starting in the north bay. the modification rate rain moving -- moderate rain moving in by the 8:00 hour. this is going to continue to push through into the 9:00 hour. it is going to move quite quickly. we are going to see some areas of moderate rain as it moves through. you see the yellow on your screen is going to continue down into the inland valleys and the south bay by 10. by 11, that moderate rainfall nearly gone. you will see it is still linger s over san jose and the diablo range. we have a good shot of seeing pop-up thunderstorms. the computer model favoring the north bay into the 2:00 hour and bringing the chance in for the east bay and the peninsula for the later afternoon hours. as for snow in thester ras, it is going -- sierras, it is going to stay dry up to tomorrow. saturday, 3-6 inches of snow down at lake level. on sunday, a chance of linger ing snow.
5:49 pm
just a slight chance. temperatures will cool off dramatically into sunday. a look at your extended forecast. staying dry. tomorrow a slight chance of rain into the evening. the rain again is going the race through into saturday morning, bringing rain with it and the possibility of thunderstorms into the afternoon hours. calmer conditions are expected into sunday, monday and tuesday but a slight chance lingering into wednesday of next week. check up on the ski report. we have new snow to talk about today. kirkwood a foot of new snow in the past 24 hours. alpine also 10 inches of new snow. we will be seeing more this weekend if you want to keep updated on the snow totals, log on.
5:50 pm
. we take the stress out of weight loss because we are going to make that change at the core where it started in the first place, in the mind. >> so, we know about the owe owe yo yo syndrome. how do you break that? >> getting focused and organized in your life so this is something easy. >> but everybody is so busy. you have to shuttle the kids around. who has time to do that? >> well, through positive change changes we are going the teach them how to organize their life so it is just a natural by-product of their living. whatever you are doing now you can lose weight doing what you are doing now. >> how is that done through hip hypnosis? >> we use light system that trains the brain. it is a physiological effect. it doesn't take any effort. >> you are having a person sort of calm down. i would imagine that has a side effect too. >> right. we will teach them how -- we have up time in life. we are going to teach them to have productive down time.
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>> let's hear from one of your clients. >> i have been able to stay with the eating program. it hasn't been difficult. i find that i'm not hungry. i have given up sweets. i have given up food in between meals because i find i'm eating proper meals at the right times of day. and the pounds have fallen off. >> nice to know change isn't all always that difficult. >> that is right. we make it simple. go to the website. we have over a hundred people that have made changes in their lives. >> positive changes is offering a complementary evaluation. you can also find them on the web at
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. a motorcycle has come within inches of an out of control car and a family flees from a fast moving fire. kimberlee sakamoto has the video that will have you talking in today's edition of
5:53 pm
take a look at this. >> reporter: what started off as a nice motorcycle drive on a texas highway quickly turned into a close call that some say could have turned deadly. watch again in slow motion. notice the car that spins out of control comes just inches away from hitting that motorcyclist. fortunately, the motorcyclist stayed calm and cool under pressure. managed to get out safely. nobody was hurt in this near- miss accident. and check this out. a man and his family trying to outrun a massive fire in colorado. part of their frightening experience caught on tape. you can see the smoke and the flames. even hear the panic as the man drives his children to safety. >> okay. we are out. >> reporter: the fire started out as a controlled burn. but as you can see quickly got out of control. and take a look at this video of a legally blind man taking one of google's self-driving cars out for a spin. the vehicle took him to taco bell for a quick meal and a dry
5:54 pm
cleaners to pick up his clothes. he posted the video on the google plus account. said the drive took place on a carefully programmed route and shows just one of the many possibilities that self-driving cars can offer. i'm kimberlee sakamoto. kron 4 news. óñóññd
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. next at 6:00, the latest on a san francisco mass murder. today inside the courtroom with the accused killer and new chill chilling details of the crime now revealed. a missing morgan hill teenager. we will take you along with the volunteers as the search for sierra expands. honey...? [ mom ] yes.
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for 12 months with a 1-year price guarantee. it's the fastest internet for the price. oooh. videos online? here? how much is that? nothing. at&t high speed internet at home includes access here. our invisible cord is really long, dad. oooh. [ female announcer ] get access to the entire national at&t wi-fi hot spot network for no extra charge. so call today to get high speed internet for just $14.95 a month for 12 months with a 1-year price guarantee. aren't you glad we switched to at&t? yes...but i want my own invisible cord. you already have one. oh. ♪ . the search for sierra lamar is now almost 2 weeks old. >> there's no way this is just a random crime. >> we will go live to morgan hill and what is happening right now. and the man accused of murdering five people in san francisco. >> reporter: kron 4 news is learning that one of the victim
6:00 pm
s new binh thai luc and there was probably a debt wean them. -- between them. >> reporter: people are stand ing in this line to buy a lottery ticket. now at 6:00, the search for missing teen acre sierra lamar continues to grow -- teenager sierra lamar. hundreds of people join day three of the volunteer search for the morgan hill 15-year- olds. a water -- 15-year-old. a water search has not turned up anything. she was last seen on her way to school on march 16th. th. rob reports live with more. >> reporter: pam, as you know, syria lamar -- sierra lamar disappeared 2 weeks ago tomorrow morning. still no sign of her. another day has come and gone at this search center. they are winding down after a long day and gearing up for eat day tomorrow. let's take a look at video earlier today.
6:01 pm
upwards of 1500 volunteers show showed up here to join the search. about 75% of them i'm told are the mothers of teenaged girls. and so, they fanned out around morgan hill today, armed with orange vests, walking sticks and bottled water. they searched the usual creeks and waterways around the area here. but the search was also expan ed to include vacant building and vacant office space, culverts and dumpsters. sheriff deputies wrap you would ped up the official search and they are focused on following the more than 600 tips in this case which is still being treated as a kidnapping. about a half hour ago i spoke to steve lamar and asked how he is holding up under all of this. >> it gets tough. we try to stay busy is one way to cope. talking to people -- there's people out here that have gone through something like this. that's helpful to talk to them.
6:02 pm
michael lee, mark klaas. so, that helps to be able to talk to them. it is tough when you go home at night. you are not busy and don't have lots of people around you. it is tough. still having trouble sleeping and that kind of thing. try not to stay alone. i have got some support with me. my family has been really good and my girlfriend stays with me. >> reporter: it may comfort the lamar family to know that what seems like the whole town is pulling for them. take a look at this. hundreds of pink ribbons along main street and another small army of volunteers expected to resume the search tomorrow. again, 500 people turned out here today. the search, this one here at the sierra search center, the volunteer search led by the class kids found -- klaaskids foundation will continue.
6:03 pm
live in morgan hill, rob flaeboe. >> dan kerman continues our team coverage, taking us inside the sheriff department's command center which is coordinating the official search. >> reporter: this is the emergency operations sen for for for the sheriffs department search for sierra lamar. so far more than 600 tips have come in to the people at this desk. >> via e-mail and via phone. they are gathered here. information is updated into a system. pack its are made for detective s that are -- packets are made for the detectives that are in the field that come and check in and get new tips and leads. and they follow up. in the back we have agest us -- analysts from the sheriffs office and fbi to help input information into the system. create maps. >> reporter: and the maps are extensive. these are two of the main ones. the one on the left shows
6:04 pm
sierra's mom's house in the center. and shows the different search routes that have already been scoured. on the right, a color coded map. in red, the businesses and home s in the area and in green, the locations associated with tips. >> the mapping system helps to track where the tips are coming from, where they are being generated at and we color code it to make sure we have follow ed up on each tip. >> reporter: while the volunteer search effort can'ts, there's no official -- continues, there's no official sheriffs department search going on. right now their key focus is to follow up on the tips they are receiving. in morgan hill, dan kerman, kron 4 news. the man accused of slaughters 5 people inside a san francisco home last week was back in court again today. today was supposed to be binh thai luc's arraignment but it was put off again for the second time in two days. 2 days. this after the judge ruled that the public defender's office
6:05 pm
cannot represent the suspect. the judge says there could be a conflict of interest because the public defender formerly defend defended the brother of the defendant. the chief better business bureau public defender says he will appeal that ruling. the suspected killer was assigned a new attorney who spoke to the media outside the courtroom today about his concerns about this case. >> initial concern obviously being that he is charged with multiple homicide. he is charged with special circumstances which makes him eligible for the death penalty, at a minimum life without the possibility of parole. they have not made a decision about whether they are going to seek death. that would be an initial concern that i have. >> the suspect is due back in court next thursday. kron 4's theresa -- theresa is live from san francisco. she was learning about the relationship between the suspect and one of the victims.
6:06 pm
>> reporter: we have learned that police have conducted several search warrants at e binhthai luc's home. a source says inspectors were at the home recently but they couldn't see what they retrieved. sources also say when police stormed the home last saturday, they shattered the back door. all search warrants have been sealed in this case. he is accused of robbing and burglarizing his victims in this mass murder. it is possible they are looking for what he took out of the home here at 16 howth street. all of this comes on the heels of learning there may be a history between the victim, vincent lee and binh. the two played games together, which can be a gambling game. and that the source says there may have been a debt involved. kron 4 is also learning that the victim, vincent lee, was -- lei, was also friends with binh
6:07 pm
thai luc because they worked together in the construction trade. big changes coming to the forecast as we head into the weekend. right now we are seeing a little bit of light rain through the north bay. you see that or storm tracker 4. we have seen a few traces of rain over santa rosa, napa. now moving into nevada. but mainly this rain is going to stay well to the north out there through tomorrow. it is going to started to move in, into friday. you see the heavier rain concentrated well to the north. this is going to move very slow slowly towards the bay area at first and then very rapidly through the bay area on saturday morning. so, here's what you can expect out there tomorrow. cloudy and mild conditions for the morning hours. into the afternoon, the winds are going to started to pick up as that storm approaches. we have a chance of rain in the north bay in the evening but mainly it will be into saturday morning. we will talk about it and time it out on future cast coming up. tonight we are learning more about what led to yesterday's violent shooting involving an a atf federal
6:08 pm
agent. it happened here in the parking lot of this restaurant in richmond when the shooting was over, one suspect was critically wounded. after allegedly pulling a gun and trying to rob an atf agent. our reporter went to the agency to find out more about these types of undercover operations in the bay area in a story you will see only here. >> this looks like an m-16 machine gun with a grenade launcher attached to the bottom. >> reporter: and it along with other illegal weapons on display in the lobby of the alcohol, tobacco and fire department. the federal agency spokesperson is helen. >> the problem is very pervasive. it is here. we are battling this violent crime on a weekly basis. >> reporter: special agent helen says the suspects involved in these types of violent criminal activities are
6:09 pm
getting younger. in fact, in this recent undercover atf operation here until richmond, one of the three suspects taken into -- in richmond, one of the three suspects taken into custody was 19 years old. >> now because of the gang mentality and drug trafficking involved or other illegal activity, the suspects that we are dealing with oh younger and younger -- with are younger and younger. >> reporter: going after illegal weapons here in the bay area is dangerous business. >> each time they are conduct ing undercover, they put their live s in danger. their lives are on the line. you can be pretty certain that the people that we meet with will be armed. >> reporter: kron 4 news. new at 6 tonight, gay right s groups slamming carson daly and so is the #3409er of a -- mother of a passenger who helped take down a terrorist of hijacked flight 93. the mega millions jackpot. the highest it has ever been.
6:10 pm
540 million dollars. $540 million. we are live where the line is out the door and down the block. the drawing is more than 24 24 hours away. stay tuned when you have to switch your facebook profile to the new timeline look. i'm gabe slate and that is coming up in my report. and coming up new tonight at 6:30, apple might want to ask sere ri who is a good attorney. the personal assistant program is the center of several lawsuit lawsuits and the list is growing. we will explain the troubles. and march madness takes on a new meaning. two senior citizens getting into a fistfight over the final four and where the fight happened is quite shocking. that is new at 6:30. we love gardening...
6:11 pm
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6:14 pm
highest amount ever, 540 million dollars. $540 million. the lines already long and what is said to be one of the luck est stores. reggie kumar joins us from san lorenzo. do you have your ticket? >> reporter: notnow. i have to probably wait at least an hour before i get a ticket, pam. the reason why kavanaugh liquor s is so popular because 5 winning tickets have been sold at this liquor store. the most recent one at the beginning of the year. you can see the beginning of the line and it wraps all the way around the building. that is nothing, though, pam. we don't have video to show you inside but it is more intense. there are people waiting in line in between the aisles. now, the winner of friday night's drawing, if a winner is chosen, they -- and they pick the annual payment option, they would receive 20 million a year for 26 years and the retailer that sold that winning ticket would get a million bucks.
6:15 pm
now, i have daniel barnes with me. she is an a immediate da county -- alameda county paramedic. this is her second time in line. a friend is holding her spot. tell me why you are out here for the second time again today? >> i'm out here for the second time for the hardworking emt paramedics i work with. i love you guys. let's get rich. >> reporter: how much have you spent so far in lottery tickets? >> we are going to put out a nice 790 quick picks. >> reporter: the odds is 1 in 176 million. >> that is all right. we like to dream. >> reporter: how long do you think it will take you to get through the line today? >> hopefully no more than 30 minutes. 30 minutes. but i'm willing to wait all night. >> reporter: danielle, thank you very much for spending some time with us. earlier today, she tells me she only waited about 15 minutes. since people have gotten off work, the line has gotten a lot longer.
6:16 pm
coming up tonight at 8:00, i will take you inside the store and we will talk to more people and ask them why they are wait waiting in line to purchase this mega millions ticket. obviously we know why they are waiting in line. they want to win the jackpot. but we will ask the retailer how many tickets he's sold so far. live in san lorenzo, reggie kumar, kron 4 news. big changes coming into the forecast. right now seeing a little light rain through the north bay. but mainly the rain is staying up to the north. we do have a chance of a few spotty showers through the north bay this evening. we are going to keep it cloudy through the overnight hours. but most of the rain is going to remain well to the north, near the oregon border. you see that is where the they heaviest rain is right now. the tail end of this system is going to remain right where it is until about tomorrow evening when it will finally start to sag south. once it hits the bay area ux it is going area, it is going to race through the bay area. future cast, saturday morning by 8:00, moderate rain filling
6:17 pm
up the north bay and seeing it approaching san francisco. the 9:00 hour the rain raising through the delta, east bay shores. for the 10:00 hour, inland valleys and the south bay se ing the more moderate rainfall. it looks like it is going to push through this fast. but we have the possibility, pretty good possibility of scattered thunderstorms into the afternoon. future cast is pinpointing the north bay for the 2:00 hour for that instability. and then pushing it south golden gait for the late -- gate for the later afternoon hours. as for tomorrow, the temperature temperatures will remain on the mild side. it is going to get a lot colder into saturday as that cold air overtakes the bare area. -- bay area. but tomorrow style mild. moon bay 55. 62 oakland. 65 in redwood city. 68 in san jose and 65 in concord. as for the sierra, it is going to stay dry up there for tomorrow. cloudy conditions through all of tomorrow.
6:18 pm
into saturday, the snow hitting the lower elevations. 3-6 inches of fresh snow with a lingering chance into sunday and notice temperatures going from 55 on friday into the 30s by sunday. a look at your extended forecast, mainly dry tomorrow. we have a chance of showers main mainly in the north bay. for the evening. then that rain racing through saturday morning, bringing gusty winds with it, a chance of thunderstorms into the afternoon. improving conditions into sunday and we will keep it mainly dry through most of next week. time is up for businesses, celebrities and organizations. facebook is forcing fan pages to switch over to its new timeline format. gabe slate tells us when the regular people with their private profile pages will have to make the change to timeline. >> we are calling it timeline. >> reporter: ever since mark first introduced timeline, the new look of facebook, many have avoided making the switch. i have talked to a lot of people about timeline and i have monitored what the buzz on the web about it is.
6:19 pm
the general consensus is most people would prefer not to switch over. but most users are going to go along with the change and feel they will get used to it eventually. but there are users out there that very much dislike the timeline interface and are intretening to cancel their -- threatening to cancel their accounts when the change become s mandatory. and there are user that plan to do this when timeline is forced on them. log into their facebook through m if you go in, it lays out your facebook profile in the mobile look. the look one would see on a smart foern. phone. this is closer to the traditional facebook profile look. let's clear this up. the deadline for facebook fan pages to change over to the timeline look is friday, march 30th. march 30th. if a fan page is not changed over by friday, it will happen automatically. private profile pages for regular people do not have a
6:20 pm
deadline yet to switch over to timeline. face book has not revealed when, if ever, they will make it mandatory for you to switch over to timeline. please share with us how you feel. do you like timeline? are you avoiding it? do you care either way? send -- me a tweet. gabe slate, kron 4 news.
6:21 pm
6:22 pm
6:23 pm
new tonight at 6:00, radio host carson daly slammed by gay rights group for making what many are calling home to big comment -- homophobic comments. and today one of the mothers who was a passenger on the flight 93 wrote a letter. >> reporter: this morning, carson daly talking about the jetblue incident in which passengers had to subdue a pilot and what would have happened if those passengers were gay.
6:24 pm
>> my luck, it would be like this is the flight going to pride in san francisco. [laughter]. >> that would be my colleagues. >> right. >> we are headed down to vegas for the floral convention. can we get a little help with the pilot. oh no. no thank you. >> reporter: now, he did tweet an apology saying this morning on my radio show, i attempted to make fun of myself and offended others by mistake. i sincerely apologize. let's take a look at a picture alice and her son mark. he played rugby at ucbergly. -- uc berkeley. she wrote a statement as a reminder that stereotyping gay men is wrong. part of it reads, no one among my son's pick-up team of fellow passengers was asking are you striethd, are you -- straight, are you gay. gay men and women come in every shape and size.
6:25 pm
they do not deserve to be stereotyped or categorized. she says she hopes to have the opportunity to talk to carson some time in the future. stay with us. more news straight ahead. - ( music playing ) - we know technology can make you more connected. but now it can make you more connected to your doctor through e-mail. test results from home. check records. change appointments. now doctors, nurses, techs, pharmacists are all digitally connected to each other. and ultimately connected to you. at kaiser permanente, we believe that if knowledge is power,
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checking traffic in walnut creek, the headlights are northbound. this is the 680, 24 exchange. we will be back.
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6:30 pm
now at 6:30, tonight's big stories in bun big block of news. right now our top story. >> reporter: here in morgan hill, nearly 2 weeks after she vanished on her way to school, still no sign of 15-year-old sierra lamar. but the search for the missing teen continues nonetheless. some 350 volunteers, 75% of whom are the mothers of teenage girl s searched fields and creek beds all over town thursday. sheriff detectives continues to follow up on hundreds of tips in the case in what they are treat treating as an abduction.
6:31 pm
rob flaeboe, kron 4 news. continuing the coverage, the more than 600 tips that have come in are going to the santa clara sheriffs departments operation center. a team is assembled to take phone calls and e-mails. each tip is analyzed and put up on a map so officers can track which ones detectives have followed up and which ones still have to be followed up on. dan kerman, kron 4 news. in san francisco, the man accused of slaughters 5 people inside a home near city college last week appeared before a judge thursday. with his hands shackled in front of him, he didn't appear to display any emotion during the proceedings in which the judge appointed him a new attorney. his arraignment buzz delayed for the second -- was delayed for the second time in two days 2 days because hi new lur says he needs -- lawyer says he needs time to review the long list of crimes his client is accused of. continuing our coverage, kron 4 news is learning that there was a relationship
6:32 pm
between one of the victims, vincent lei and suspect binh thai luc. a source tells kron 4 news that the two often played mahjongg. it is a board game where gambling is sometimes involved. the source say there may have been a dependent involved and -- debt involved and that could have been the motive. and the source says they knee knew teach over -- knew each other because they were in the construction trade. investigators here say a recent shooting in the parking lot of a richmond restaurant was the result of an undercover gun deal that turned into an attempt attempted robbery. >> some of the suspects pointed a gun at him and tried to rob him. the three suspects are current ly in custody. in oakland, community member members are vowing to physically stand in the way so that schools are not shut down. back in october, the school
6:33 pm
district decided to shut the schools down partly because of a budget issue. we are talking about maxwell park, lakeview, they are good marshall and santa fe. now the district is in a better financial situation. >> you can't just put the brakes on it and reverse it. i think most of the board members are intent upon continuing down this road. >> reporter: on thursday, the school board decided to lease santa fe elementary to emery school district for three years 3 years for $5,100,000 -- 5 hundred thousand $500,000 a year. continuing with our coverage, republican presidential candidate rick san tore rum is visit -- season tor rum is viz issing the -- santorum is visiting. he attacked president obama's policies multiple times during the speech and took several jabs at his competitor, mitt romney. he is upbeat and attended a fundraiser here in fairfield. he is attending another in alamo later this evening.
6:34 pm
jeff bush, kron 4 news. this just in, an east bay rape suspect is behind bars after a violent home invasion last week. san leandro police say they just got dna confirmation that cesar diaz raped a woman on march 20th th in her san leandro home on bridge road. the 21-year-old oakland man has been booked for rape, burglary and home invasion robbery. i'm grant lodes, kron 4 news. apple is being sued over what some are calling mislead ing advertisements about its siri app. it is the command system in a new class-action suit filed this week in los angeles claims that apple oversold the program's abilities. the voice activated personal asis stand is built into the apple iphone 4s. a similar lawsuit was filed earlier this month in new york. our big weather story tonight.
6:35 pm
big changes come into the weekend. we are seeing rain up to the north right now. a few light showers over the north bay this afternoon. but this heavier rain is going to stay well to the north of us until saturday morning. here's a look at your someday planner for tomorrow. the -- day planner for tomorrow. the morning will be mild, temperatures in the low 50s. winds started to pick up as the storm approaches. we have a chance of rain in the north bay for tomorrow evening but it looks most likely into the overnight hours on saturday. can have in the morning -- 6 in the morning the rain approach approaching. this will be a very fast moving storm. pushing into san francisco at this hour. the #k9d hour brings -- #k9d hour brings -- 9:00 hours brings rain. by 11:00 it is going to start winding down. you will see heavier rain through san jose. into the afternoon, looks like we could see spotty thundershowers and colder
6:36 pm
temperatures and unstable atmosphere. future cast is pin pointing the north bay for the showers in the 2:00 hour and then through place places like oakland and hey worth -- hayward through the 4:00 hour. the rain largely moving through saturday morning with gusty wind winds. a possibility of thunderstorms into saturday afternoon. but improving conditions as we head into the latter half of the weekend and next week. we will be back after this. [ teen ] times are good, aren't they, kids?
6:37 pm
it's nice having u-verse, isn't it? see back in my day, we didn't have these newfangled wireless receivers. fangled? no, we watched march madness in the living room... that's where the tv outlet was. what is he talking about? and if mom was hosting her book club that day, guess missed it! we couldn't just move the tv all willy-nilly all over the house. ohh! ohh! kids today have it so good. ok. [ male announcer ] the new wireless receiver only from at&t. get u-verse tv for $25 a month with free hd for six months. at&t.
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basketball fans tends to get a little crazy during march handst. but -- madness. but this story taking rivalry to a whole new level. tensions are high between the university of kentucky and the university of louisville. and two fans ended up in a fight at a very unlikely spot. >> reporter: police are calling it a flagrant foul.
6:40 pm
>> i think this is a first. >> reporter: officers were call called after uk and u ofl fan gave each other a full court press during treatment at a kentucky clinic. >> he was thinking that u of l would beat uk and he started running his mouth. that is what started it. >> i didn't talk to him about the ballgame. i talked to the other guy. he listened and told me shut up. and give me the finger. i said what i'm not talking to you. >> reporter: both admit they were in the zone but never an anticipated it would be a power forward. >> i wasn't going to take no more from him. >> i'm sitting there hooked up to a machine and i can't do anything. >> and i hit him. didn't hit him that hard but i hit him. >> reporter: by the time police arrived, the fight was over. >> i'm sorry it even happened. hopefully he won't come in the same time i do anymore. >> hopefully he won't. the kentucky wildcats enter saturday's contest as the number one seed from the south region. their instate rival, the louisville cardinals represent
6:41 pm
the west region as the number 4 seed. pam. the stanford men try for a college champion basketball ship. as and mariners highlights from tokyo next. and now time for a check up on the snow balm ski report. 14 inches of fresh powder in squaw valley and 94 at the base. 3-inch offense fresh snow and even more into this weekend. i will have details on that coming up. checking traffic in walnut creek. the headlights are northbound but it is the southbound traffic that is pretty heavy. very backed up at the 680/24 interchange. on the golden gate bridge, fog rolling in. otherwise traffic not too bad. we'll be back.
6:42 pm
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6:45 pm
they didn't make the nashgsca a 68 -- ncaa 68 team field, but with help from ray lewis, they get the nit. >> we get one chance in life to do whatever you are going to do. to lay your foundation and make whatever mark you are going to make. whatever legacy you are going to leave. leave your legacy. >> yeah, lewis one of the all time great linebackers with the baltimore ravens. he just never figured a stanford connection but he is friends with one of the asis stand coaches and for the -- assistant coaches and they just exploding. exploding. anthony brown, 11 points, 5 reb rebounds. minnesota the opponent tonight
6:46 pm
and they weren't much of one. the assistant coach for johnny dawkins retires after this game. spent 30 years at santa clara, finishing up at stanford. that is it. 75-51, stanford finishes the year 26-11. it is their third national title. they won the nit in 1991 and in 1942 won the ncaa crown. they picked 68 team for the ncaa. if you are not good enough then you go to the nit. so, stanford had a terrific run. they got hot at the right time. let's be honest, the teams they played, but nonetheless they are national champs. the stanford women are playing in the big one. the final four women and this is going to be at least going in the game of the year. because brittany griner of baylor, they are undefeated. stanford, you know about. they won 33 straight.
6:47 pm
and they are going to play sunday around 6:00 our time in seattle, washington. the cardinals getting ready to depart. >> it is not just ho-hum here goes another final four. it is wow. i told our team this story but when we first went to the final four in 1990, i just didn't even think anything could top the feeling of going to the final four. and then, you know -- and i told our team how special it is. it is really an amazing accomplishment and we are real ly proud. >> yeah. let real estate correct myself. -- let me correct myself. i got caught up in she pretty much said send the pack 12 tournament to a place where people appreciate women's basketball. that is seattle washington. the final four beginning sunday. we will be in denver, colorado. now, the men's floor has arrived. always laugh when you see this. outside the super dome. they had a marching band as the
6:48 pm
floor for kentucky, louisville, ohio state, kansas has arrived and that is pretty fancy floor when you have a marching band. i know we did that. remember we had the band when they were going to fix the elevator. [laughter]. >> and then something happened. i think the truck ran out of gas and then we never got the thing fixed. but sometimes to hail the arrival of something special, bring a band. >> of course. >> that will be something and saturday, it is kentucky versus louisville and as the old say ing goes, those schools and those coaches, calipari and rick pitino don't like each other. round two in tokyo. girl scouts in tokyo. here we go. no. no. beer vendors ladies and gentlemen. isn't that a shame, kids sell ing beer. >> well, yeah. [laughter]. >> meanwhile, colon, i'm stuck on.
6:49 pm
those are 12 years old. jason keeps telling me in my ear we have excitement. anyway, his first major league homerun. this guy is off to a real nice start. had a hit in the first game. homerun here. next batter is josh reddick. back-to-back homeruns. oakland is going to go on and win this game 4-1. johnny gomes. mohawk and all. there he goes. and the as win 4-1. so, they split the series in stock exchange you. now they will -- tokyo. and they will come back and play more exhibition games. i want to make sure i see those kids. >> maybe they just look young. i'm sure they have laws. >> you said 12. >> all right. they are 13. start drinking. no, but i'm saying they are sell selling beer as a teenager? >> how do you know they are
6:50 pm
teenagers? >> because jason looked it up and he's insisting don't worry they are not drinking it. you don't have to shoot a gun to carry one. i'm just saying kids that young should not be selling beer. >> okay. >> watch me appeal to our audience for e-mails tomorrow night. marge, all of you out there, if you think teenagers should be allowed to sell beer, we have our e-mail segment tomorrow night. i'm against the selling of beer by teenagers. [laughter]. >> all right. take a stand. >> yeah. all right. and jason is telling me again this will be sent over to coke stocktokyo -- to tokyo on you had a daughter or niece or somebody selling beer. >> i understand. >> i just came off a girl scout cookie thing and i don't want to bother anybody. cost me 250 bucks. i didn't want my daughter going door-to-door. [laughter]. >> you know what i mean. >> you are saying you have a stash of girl scout cookies?
6:51 pm
>> i do. >> where are they? where are my cookies? >> right next to the u.s. golf open tickets. >> i bought them. >> how much did you pay? >> 125 each. [laughter]. >> yankee is fantastic. -- jackie is fantastic. show me matt cain. this is another thing maybe i just don't quite get. right now the giants report reportedly have an offer between 90 and 100 million dollars on $100 million on the table. matt cain's agent wants more and now the dodgers and new money and magic johnson's group he may wait it out. but the word is we are still me negotiating. and i love to say this. you think you have problems. matt cain was disrespected. the offer is between 90 and a hundred million dollars. [laughter]. >> i heard you talking about that on the radio today. >> he can pitch and he's got other options. if he didn't play baseball, he
6:52 pm
could -- women's tennis. hello. sharapova and wyoming any yankee -- wozniwozniaki. she is famous for her grunting and groaning, her shrieking. there it is. she grunted her way to a 6-2, 6- 4 victory. she advances to the finals at an event in the florida. terrell owens and the raid er raiders. somebody tyke a picture of him -- took a picture of him supposedly add a trainer camp. he is playing catch. it is in los angeles. they just had an informal workout. if you can sign a guy for taking his shirt off, you would do it.
6:53 pm
but the fact is the guy, you know, has all that child support he hasn't paid. he's got everybody suing him. he is broke. you wonder what type of mental state he is in. but terrell owens playing catch with some raiders. makes for a good story. but i would not bet they are trying to get a new image going. we are back in a moment. what do you think of this one? really? what's this? this is a rose i made from a turnip. let's try together. perfect. two worlds that fit in one kitchen. come in today and save up to 20% on a kitchen from ikea.
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6:56 pm
i. time to talk to the aud jens. pam loves when people speak out. number one. >> gary, baylor, stanford, who you got? >> i'm picking the men to win the nit and the stanford women, don't -- that griner is good. she is awful good. >> the men already won. >> what is taking the giants so
6:57 pm
long to sign matt cain? >> money. it is as simple as that. root for your hero. he's got a big decision to make. 95 or wait for 110. >> goodnight.
6:58 pm
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"the insider" has exclusive new information on the investigation into whitney houston's cocaine death. was there a cleanup? >> my conversation with the man that police want to question about removing evidence after whitney houston's death. i'm kevin frazier. >> and i'm brooke anderson. "the insider" is on. the cocaine, where is it? >> is houston's close confidant now a suspect? after cleaning out her hotel room. >> if it's proven that he tampered with the death scene, he could be charged with a felony. a major development in the trayvon martin case. >> new video of george zimmerman. >> the shooter in handcuffs just hours after the killing. >> the slain teen's mom on this just-released surveillance footage.


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