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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  March 30, 2012 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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high $40,000. >> clear skies at ground level. we do have high above working as a blanket, keeping our temperatures on the warm tight. thomas and cambridge, visibility is a really nice. whether wyse, cloudy and myself. this afternoon, mostly cloudy with decent sen. heights in the upper 60s.
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this evening, he can't of rain in the no. 8 and spreading the area wide throw out the day tomorrow. a complete forecast coming. to monitor fairly light conditions. we are not tracking any hot spots. i have been marginally at the back. if you are traveling in the east bay, south a or no. a, you'll find good condition. is
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>>darya: let's take a closer look at the area where the items were discovered. it is west of santa teresa boulevard. they found a box with the word handcuffs' written across it. this was about 1 mi. away from the home of sierra lamar. this is where she was last seen as she was heading off to go to school early friday morning. volunteers have gathered for the last two days at barnett elementary, that is where they are gathered again today at the staging area. will tran has been there all along and has the latest. according to marc klaas with klaaskids foundation, the search coordinator will be
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here in about a half an hour. we will talk to him about this latest discovery. here is a video of the volunteers. it was a volunteer who found the evidence and alerted investigators who came over and took the evidence away. it is now being examined in the crime lab. it should take about one week before they are able to see if the items are related to the zero markets. -- sierra lamarck case. investigators have been out there numerous times but has not discover this evidence. they say perhaps a bit overlooked it or it was placed there. we will not know until results come back. on the surface, some are looking at this simply because it is so close to the other items, about a mile and a half away from her home. just down the road from where her cellphone and the bag that was discovered. that bad, inside, contain
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clothing that was neatly folded including the san jose sharks sweat shirt that she was possibly wearing the day she disappeared. adding all of those things together, that is why investigators are taking this possible new evidence very seriously. we will speak with the search coordinator as well as volunteers when they show up later this morning. >>darya: when you are speaking with the investigators, it seems like it would be pretty easily to find out, with the rain that we had, if that had been called for a while or is it was something that was placed there recently. >>will: you would think it is easy, but there is a reason why the volunteers went over the same areas that the investigators already went through, not that they doubted what they did, but because there are hundreds of volunteers, the extra eyes, the extra manpower, that is why they comb through the areas, just in case the professional researchers, because they do
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have limited resources, did not find it. they are not ruling out the possibility that perhaps it was there and that they simply overlooked it. we will not know until the results come back and about one week. >>darya: our coverage continues not only on kron 4, but you can get the latest on our web site, and through our facebook and twitter pages. >>mark: san francisco police are investigating the discovery of a body underneath the bay bridge this morning. jackie sissel is live on the scene. >>jackie: i am on bryant's of looking down main street towards harrison. you concede that there are a bunch of detectives and crime scene investigators. the san francisco fire department is here on the scene where they discover the body. the call came in at about 2:30 a.m.. when at the san francisco police along with paramedics arrived, they did find the
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body of a deceased male on main street. other than that, not a lot of details. right now, the investigation is under way. the medical examiner has been here and has left. as soon as we get more details, we will pass that information along. it is right underneath the bay bridge. main street is closed for now, but it looks like it will be opening soon. >>mark: does this have any effect on traffic headed to the bay bridge? >>jackie: it does not. it is on main street between harrison and a brand. it is not affecting traffic. >>justine: we have more information on a honda recall. they are recalling about five and a 50,000 sport- utility vehicles because of that wiring in the headlights. here is information of the cars that are put under the
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recall. the crb from 2002-2004 and also the pilot as you see from the model year 2003. honda will replace the parts of the wiring systems that will fail. that causes headlights to not work and that does increase your risk of crashing. they want you to bring your car in to get it fixed. for more information, i have posted it on my facebook fan page. >>darya: we will be back with more, here is a live look outside showing you from a distance, the bay bridge. all is clear. [ teen ] times are good, aren't they, kids?
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>>darya: $540 million is the jackpot tonight. it is the biggest drawing ever. everyone is coming out in droves to get their hands on tickets even though the odds of winning are astronomical. your is the line at cavanagh liquors and san lorenzo. you could get the money as a lump-sum which would be $389 million right off the bat and then, if there is no winner what are your thoughts? the odds of winning the jackpot are 1-176 million. you have more odds of being injured by a toilet somehow. that is 1-10,000. the odds are very high on that one. getting her while brushing
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your teeth, 1-99,000 are your odds. the odds of becoming a st. is a 1-20 million. you have better odds of becoming a state than becoming a millionaire from the lottery. erica has been following this. >>erica: i have been on the internet this morning researching tips on how to increase your odds of winning the mega millions. here are a few suggestions. obviously, the more tickets to purchase, your odds increase, second, join a cold and agreed to split the winnings with co-workers. research of the sequence of numbers pulled in the past. only the same sequence has been polled twice. and little but a steady and could increase your odds. >>darya: our coverage continues of the mega millions jackpot, follow us on twitter or facebook. we will have the information that you need.
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>>darya: we are taking a look at this is in 2012. before the primaries in wisconsin, maryland and d.c., santorum was here in northern california and raising cash. he spoke at the jelly belly factory in the fairfield stitched wilson sulcus his curiouser fee once again questioned the conservatism of mitt romney. >> every pro-life fight, was leading the charge. cut governor romney was contributing money out of his own checkbook of planned parenthood while i was fighting of those fights.
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i ran consistently as a strong pro-choice candidate. >>darya: mitt romney was in texas while he picked up an important endorsement. george bush announced he and his wife supports the former massachusetts governor. >> barbara and i are proud to fully and enthusiastically endorse and support mitt romney. >> i look forward to being successful and honoring that endorsement by winning. with your endorsement, i will get a boost in those contests and here in texas, i am told they know you guys pretty well. >> we have been here a long time. more republican delegates in all of its competitors combined. he is nearly half way to the number of delegates needed to win the nomination outright. >>mark: this afternoon michelle obama will be at a
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fund-raiser at the academy of sciences. tomorrow she will be at the coast guard islands in alameda. expensive tickets, $1,000 per person and more than 35,000 for a family. we will be covering her visit. >>darya: let's get a look at whether. yesterday and today it seems quite nice. too bad that will not continue into tomorrows. >> unfortunately, the weekend is going to be half what. the other half will be ok of sundays. here is a live you at the james lick. you can see the lights, they are nice and clear. there is no rain on the mix. we are doing pretty good. this is a little bit of cloud cover over the they keep our temperature smiled. a lot of the '50s. eventually that will translate into the upper 60s. this morning, cloudy and a bailout. this afternoon, bricks of
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sunshine. let's take a look at what we're expecting in terms of temperatures. by 8:00 a.m., a lot of fifties going on. by noon, we will have 60s coming into play with some 70's off of you. the upper 60s and possibly 70 degrees coming this afternoon. that will be kind of nice to enjoy today. this evening, the rain is set to start, we're looking for it to spread from north to south. fairly widespread as we head into tamara. here is the equivalent of what we see on future task force. we have the fox set at 11 pm, clean to the north, scattered at best. fans in the clock to 2:00 p.m., and more organized. heavier rain coming into view. as you are waking up to what our looking for potentially moderate-heavy rain.
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this will steadily moved across part of the day. that is the way the rain is projected as we look towards the weekend. we will be back in a moment with your 7 day around the bay looking at your long- term forecasts and conditions we expect it to the first half of next week. >>george: good morning. we are not tracking and the hot spot right now. here is a look at the bay bridge ride westbound. a smooth trip across the upper deck. metering lights have not been activated. there is no back up yet. on the san mateo bridge, the 92 rival looks good. let's get to the traffic maps for a look at what is happening in the east bay.
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you will see that the ride on interstate 80 is completely clear from hercules to pursue, so is 680 southbound. with green showing on the road sensors, speeds are above 50 mi. per hour all the way around. your ride through marin county is a problem free. yellow showing up on the northbound side. >>mark: the fight to save five elementary schools is over. all week there have been hundreds of people packing meetings in protest of the budget cuts. at the meeting yesterday, kron4's alejandra cerball it was there. >> she could barely see over the podium but her message was loud and clear.
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>> we want our schools open. >> this 5 year-old was among several committee members fighting to keep five schools open. >> if they cannot do the right thing, we will. we will defend our schools. that the district voted to close five schools last october. >> we can use the land for another educational purpose or to generate revenue which we could then redirect to remaining schools. >> on thursday the school board voted to lease a santa fe elementary to another school district for three years. that much you spent 700 million in improvements and new leasing out and you want to sell it after that, that is unacceptable.
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>>darya: 6:22 a.m.. we are back in a couple of minutes to get you going on this friday. it is friday. we have a nice commune, the weather is looking pretty good. in san francisco is 54. it feels warm out. moist. 62 for the high. they're ready for the rain tomorrow and on sunday we should get a little bit of sunshine. we'll be right back.
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if raw
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>>darya: >>darya: berkeley police have arrested one person in connection with a deadly shooting. you conceivable it shall markers on the street, sacramento street outside of bob's liquor and deli. the victim was found lying in the street with gunshot wounds. police believe the men were
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confronted by a small group of people when they walked out of the store. they tried to run away, that is when they say they were fired upon. this is the third homicide in berkeley this year. in livermore, a serial rape suspect is expected to enter a plea on charges that he targeted prostitutes. he allegedly toward women to livermore with promises of cash in exchange for sex, once he would meet a victim police say he would get them in the car and threatened them if they resisted stealing their identification and mobile phones. >>mark: we are back in 2 minutes as the kron 4 news continues until 10:00. we're waiting for the opening bell on wall street, the dow all rebounded late in the day yesterday. it looks like a positive trend may continue. we will tell you about consumer spending and income. consumer spending and income. look! here she comes! ♪ she'll be comin' 'round the mountain when she comes... ♪
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>>mark: the opening bell on wall street, the dow was down over 80 points but rebounded late in the day closing of 19. right now, dow futures are up 46. the biggest rise in spending in seven months. that is going to drive economic growth. and come only rising 0.2% in the month of february. if you take inflation and high gas prices into effect, american comes are false falling for the second straight month. >>darya: possible new evidence is being looked at in the search for missing zero lamar. she vanished from her home in morgan hill. volunteers will be out there again for a fourth day in the fields around her home. san francisco police are investigating the discovery of a body early this morning that was found under the bridge on main street between bryant and harrison. time is running out for you
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to get in on the big lottery jackpot. the drawing is tonight. the largest jackpot ever at 540 million. first, a quick look at whether and traffic. >> here is a live look at the san detailed bridge. you'll notice temperatures are all on the wild side. we have a lot of cloud cover up there that is keeping us warm. our afternoon temperatures, add another 10-15 degrees, mid-upper 60s. we're back with a full look at your forecast in a minute. >>george: if we are continuing to monitor a hot spot for a commuter around the bay area. here is a clinical effect conditions. the east bay, the south bay and peninsula, light traffic right now. what are not seeing anything in the way of slowdowns or hot spots.
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>>mark: possible new evidence has been found in the search for missing teen and zero more. yesterday hundreds of searchers fanned out around the area joined to the fields near her home. they discovered an empty handcuffs box and other evidence in nearby. it is unclear whether or not these items are worked overlooked in previous searches or recently placed here. there is the location of her home where she disappeared from. let's go live to the seam where researchers are gathering this morning. that is at the staging area at the elementary school where they have been stating for the last four days. will tran is live at burnett elementary. he has been following the case from the beginning and he has the latest.
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>>will: it is a little to world, they should arrive and a half an hour from now. yesterday's, we softness a false and we expect just as many, if not more. according to marc klaas, they have seen record numbers because some new people are involved in the case. clause it is important to know, they are going to the same areas that the sheriff has gone. fifth they do not doubt that they went through it thoroughly, investigators went through five times, but they want to double check. here is video of researchers gathering at the command center. this is just another layer. there are hundreds of volunteers. it was in fact a volunteer that discovered possible new evidence. they alerted investigators. it will take about one week for the evidence to be analyzed, to see if it has anything to do with the case. the spokesperson with the
6:34 am
sheriff's department and meant that it is possible that was overlooked or, there is another caveat, perhaps it was placed there a couple of days ago. they do not yet know. once the search for better or arrives here in the next 15 minutes or so, we will speak with him to see what they think about this evidence. they have always said they believe what happened to her happened near her home, specifically on her cul-de- sac. >>mark: friends of zero more will be holding a candlelight vigil, kay thompson has more. >> in fremont there was a candlelight vigil. more than 100 high school students gathered outside. they lit candles and also
6:35 am
signed banners, offering positive messages to her and her family. many of her cheerleading friends from washington high school where she went to school in fremont came to the vigil. there were very upset. they have been trying to hold it together going to all of these and vigils. they thanked everyone for their support cliff in fremont, keith thompson, kron 4 news. >>mark: our coverage of her research continues on line. >>darya: also, did this morning, sanford to show police are looking into the body that was found underneath the bay bridge on the mean streets. to get you one is faster, jackie sissel is live at the scene this morning. what is going on there right now? >>jackie: main street just reopened. main street between harrison and a bryant, right underneath the bay bridge is where they discover the body a rented 30 a.m..
6:36 am
detectives and crime scene investigators have left the scene, but this is what it billed to like about a half an hour ago. the call came in at 2:30 a.m., a possible body in the street. that is one police along with chairman x arrived on scene. there are a few details coming out about how the person died. san francisco police were here for about four hours of questioning people and collecting evidence. about 10-50 minutes ago is when they left the scene. right now, main street is back open. as soon as and give more details, we will pass them along. >>darya: i am confused about the cause of death. was the person shot? did they say? >>will: that are not saying anything. all it will say is that they found the body of an adult male who was pronounced dead on the scene. other than that we have
6:37 am
received no details. >>justine: here is what we're watching in the kron 4 news room. after receiving new information there will be a press conference this morning to update us on the investigation of the speed freak killers. we have learned that the press conference will happen later today. hundreds of human bones and fragments were found buried in the abandoned well in the clinton. the san joaquin county sheriff could tell us if the dna results from those bones that were sent to the california department of justice crime lab. wesley shermantine along with herman sherman her resolve were the speed for killers of the '80s and '90s. as soon as we get more information will share that with you on the air. for continuing coverage, you can also visit our web site as well as our facebook and ritter pages. >>mark: we will be right back, kron 4 morning news. a live look outside as we are waiting for skies to clear.
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>>mark: the mega millions jackpot is now at 540 million, the largest rise ever. this is the one outside of capital letters, they have had four winning tickets. the odds of winning the jackpot is 1-176 million. let's look at your odds of other things by comparison, the odds of being an astronaut is 1-12.1 million. >>darya: your odds of becoming an astronaut are better than mine.
6:42 am
>>mark: 1-3 million for spotting a ufo. the odds of being wrongly declared dead is 1-23,000 formative 83. >>erica: ask viewers on our facebook fan page how they would spend over a half billion dollars is actually won the jackpot. take a look it was some of our viewers had to say. >>erica: if you would like to leave your own facebook comments, visit our facebook fan page. we will take a quick break and be right back.
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>>james: we have grain to our north, this system will eventually make it down to our neck of the woods. we have the clock set for 11:00 p.m., that is when we will see scattered showers across the north bay. as we advance the clock to 8:00 a.m., this is what you will wake up to. we have a moderate-heavy showers across the north bay but maybe scatter charts for the eastern shore and portions of the peninsula.
6:47 am
fast forward to 10:00 a.m., you will see the front center over the heart of the day with moderate-heavy rain and all portions of the north bay, east bay, peninsula and the south bay. it is fairly quick moving. it will clear the rest of the date by 2:00 p.m.. at that point we will be dealing with scattered showers activity. it will be a lot less organized. we'll have scattered showers on the backside. here is your 7 day around the bay. things will be better on sunday. we will have sunshine with highs in the '60s. monday will be modeled, as it will be fantastic. dry conditions for thursday. that is the way the weather is shaping up this morning. let's get it checked on traffic with george. >>george: there are no hot spots or anything in the way of slow traffic. the metering lights are
6:48 am
active. a small back up at the bay bridge. on the san mateo bridge, an easy ride as you had westbound or eastbound. the golden gate bridge ride looks good with light traffic in the southbound direction. this is friday. we are likely to see more in the way of traffic through the rest of the week. snowslide on a 680, 80 or 24. they all look good. delays on the 101 northbound. it's 85 looks good, so does to 80 towards the west valley. >>mark: the man accused of killing five people was supposed to be arraigned on five murder charges with special circumstances but
6:49 am
that was delayed because he was assigned a new attorney. his attorney said he needed time to review the case which is becoming more complicated. one source tells kron 4 news that there was possibly a gambling debt between the men. they worked in the construction industry. sources also tell kron 4 that the killers of phone number was found in the cell phone of one of the victims wives. the bodies were discovered by the total knees of vincent who frequently stayed at the house. >>darya: we will be back in just a couple of minutes. here is a live look from the san mateo bridge. it is a little bit gray, but traffic is moving well. in fremont is a warm 52 degrees. a high of 67 this afternoon.
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>>james: this is what the satellite and radar is showing us at the moment. we want to take a closer look in the tahoe area. not much in a way of snow just yet. there is a winter storm watch in effect. saturday-sunday anywhere from 5-10 in. above 5,000 ft. with maybe 1-2 ft. above 6500. that is what we have to look forward to in the tahoe area. tomorrow the winter storm watch goes into effect. rain for both saturday and sunday with temperatures in the mid '50s and dropping steadily as we head through the weekend. we're back with more local weather and a minute. >>mark: here is a live look out over the bay bridge. mild temperatures, 53 in oakland.
6:54 am
we're waiting for sunshine in the '60s. rain moving in this evening, it is going to be wet, especially for the first half of saturday. afternoon we will see the rain taper off to scattered showers for the afternoon. the weekend looks fairly dry. >>darya: time is running out for businesses, celebrities and organizations. facebook is forcing those that pages to switch over to the daytime line format. gabe slate takes a look at when everyone else will have to make the switch. >> we are calling a time line. >>gabe: ever since mark zuckerberg introduced timeline, many facebook users have avoided making the switch. i have spoken to a lot of people about timeline and i have watched with the buzz is. most people prefer not to switch over to timeline but most users are going along with the change and feel they will get used to it eventually. there are users out there that very much dislike the
6:55 am
time line interface and are threatening to cancel facebook accounts when the change becomes mandatory. there are users who plan to do this, log in to their facebook through ea, that will lay out your facebook profile in the mobile looked. the mobile facebook interfaces closer to the traditional facebook profile look. it is a good alternative to time line. the deadline for facebook fan pages to change over to the timeline looked is friday, march 30th. if a fan page has not changed by friday, it will happen automatically. private profile pages do not have a deadline it yet. facebook has not reveal when, if ever they will make it mandatory for you to switch over to timeline. please share with us how you
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feel. you like timeline? are you avoiding it? send me a tweet or e-mail. >>mark: the stanford men's basketball team returning to palo alto as the nit championship. the cardinals routed minnesota 75-51 at madison square garden last night. sanford forced to turnovers during the second half to take a 10 point lead. this is the second nit title for stanford, the first came in 1991. congratulations to the cardinals. we will be right back as the kron 4 news continues. a live look in walnut creek. we are watching weather and traffic around the bay area. 51 currently in walnut creek. f think it will be 62, not
6:57 am
32 this afternoon. here are your wall street numbers, the dow jones is at 13,184.
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6:59 am
announcer: this is the kron 4 news. >>darya: good morning. the big stories we are following this hour, new evidence being looked at in the missing serial marchesa from the command center. we will have a live report in morgan hill. san francisco police are under the bay bridge this morning where a body was discovered on main street. the mega millions fever is heating up, everyone lined up to get in on the record jackpot which is $540 million. we will take a look at your chances of winning.


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