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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  May 4, 2012 11:00pm-11:30pm PDT

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a shootout, and a suspect taken down. what led to the gun fight between police and a car thief. cinco de mayo in san jose. how police say they'll keep the celebration from getting out of hand. and officers armed with heavy weapons move in on a home in san francisco. we have the dramatic video, and what happens when they pulled out the people inside. a police chase in the east bay. it ended with an officer shooting the suspect in the parking lot of a medical office. >> reporter: originally, it was the california highway patrol which spotted the stolen car on
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highway 4 and began following it, calling for backup. it's when the suspect realized he was being followed that he abruptly pulled off the highway and into the parking lot of kaiser permanente. pinole police arrived on scene to assist the chp, but there was a confrontation. police opened fire. several windows of the stolen black chrysler 300-shot out, including the driver's side window. the suspect was taken away with nonlife-threatening injuries. of the officers were not injured. a nice warm weekend is on the way. jacqueline bennett has a quick look at the forecast. >> well, temperatures this afternoon were warmer than what we saw out this yesterday. especially for our inland valleys. temperatures were in the upper 60s, we even saw 70 degrees in sunnyvale. but coastline temperatures were still cool out there this
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afternoon. the temperatures right now, although on the cooler side than what we have seen, gusty winds through much of the evening. 50 degrees in half moon bay, 52 in san francisco, 50 in liver more, warmer in antioch at 59 degrees. we're in for a significant warmup as we head into tomorrow. temperatures are going to bump up between 10-15 degrees. overnight, it will stay clear. tomorrow, temperatures again warm significantly. into sunday, continued warming. but winds are going to pick up in the morning. we'll talk more about that, and look at temperatures neighborhood by neighborhood of the san jose police are boosting the number of patrols on the eve of cinco de mayo after last year's stabbings and vandalisms. am police say they are not taking any canses this year. >> reporter: the san jose police department said friday
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afternoon, that this coming weekending they're expecting large crowds and heavy traffic downtown and in the eastern section of the city. last year, a crowd of several hundred people smashed windows and knocked over trashes can. this year, police hope to keep that from happening. they are beefing up their presence by bringing in additional officers and adding patrol, getting help from the probation department and the department of corrections. >> we want to make sure that our presence allow enforce a safe celebration of -- allows for a safe celebration of cinco de mayo. >> reporter: officers are also keeping an eye out for any gang-related problems. >> that is a concern for us. but we feel confident for this weekend that we have enough officers. some of the special operations units deal with gang activity. so those officers that work with gangs and gang crime will be on the streets working side by side with the other officers.
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>> reporter: officer garcia says they are prepared to reroute traffic if necessary, and disperse crowds if there's a problem. >> we'll move certain groups of people out of a certain area if they've congregated and started causing a disturbance or an actual fight or anything of that nature. >> reporter: the patrol starts friday, may 4th, and continues through sunday, may sixth. residents and business owners in san francisco's mission district are still cleaning up tonight and repairing their property after it was vandalized on monday night. occupy protestors were gathered here at delores dark. once it got dark, a splinter group left the parks, walking down 18th street before branching off. and these red dots represent just some of the businesses that were tarpthed by vandals -- targeted by vandals. valencia rit here was the hard -- right here was the hardest
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hit. and the clothing store westin wear had three floor to ceiling windows just smashed. locanneda, covered in paint. reggie kumar talked to business owners in the mission who are sick of it. >> reporter: most of the businesses vandalized on monday near valencia street spent thousands to replace broken windows and outdoor furniture. >> reporter: as of friday, some storefronts were still boarded up. julian westin owns this women's clothing store. she says all of the damage done to her business forced her to close four-days. >> we had all of our windows smashed, no looting, but just destruction of property. and it's very astonishing that on valencia street where everybody
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has managed to keep the big box stores out, valencia street was a target. >> reporter: this website called "we pay" was created to help these mission district businesses with some of the repair costs not covered by insurance of the so far, $7,800 has been raised. the goal is to collect $10,000. for more information, log wouldn't kron and cling -- police say a 14 year-old girl told them that she had consensual sex with him. investigators believe that camacho had sex with six other girls. of he is facing several charges, including unlawful sexual intercourse with a minor. a hydrogen leak in emeryville prompted evacuations today.
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they happened this morning -- san pablo avenue. pixar studios, and a secondary school were evacuated. the leak was capped, and they're looking into what caused it. a raid in san francisco caught on camera. officers had to force their way into that house. they did eventually arrest two gang members, and found at least five guns in the home. the two men arrested are connected to a gang-related case. a 6-year-old being called a little hero. what she learned from the disney channel that saved her classmate's life. and the pitch being made by barry bonz to get his conviction thrown out. later in this broadcast, a real, real hefty marquee. and we'll play around with the as and some nab. what'll it be?
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there's a warning for visitors to a popular hiking spo the in the santa cruz -- spot in the santa cruz mountains. deputies are advising people who visit fall creek near felton to be on guard after a jogger was chased by a man on wednesday. and a 14 year-old girl reported a similar incident in january. fliers have been posted. visitors are being encouraged to hike in pairs and carry a cellphone. >> it does concern me a bit. i've hiked here for years now, and i feel safe every time i come. of and it's really a matter of just staying in tune with the intuition. so if my gut is telling me that it's safe to hike, then i hike. and if it's not, then i don't go very far. >> i see a lot of women by themselves, and it gives me a bit of concern. but usually i'd say the majority of the people seem really cool. and that's never -- i've never felt threatened here. then again, i'm used to the backcountry, and so -- it's a little bit
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different. but for average people, it's probably a good idea to team up and be safe. >> deputies and park rangers say they did search this area wednesday and thursday and did not find the maven. some of the trail -- the man. some of the trails are now off limits to students until further notice. the music world is mourning the lost of one of the beastie boys, adam yauch. he suffered from cancer since 2009. they gained fame in the late 80s with their album, license to ill. he leaves behind his wife, daughter, and parents. [ female announcer ] safeway presents real big deals of the week. or how to get great prices on things you need. we know you look around for the best deals. that's why we give you real big club card deals each week. this week a crazy low price on tide, $10.99 for 100 ounces.
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bare bonds wants his -- barry bonds wants his felony convict topped out. his lawyers filed a 70-page brief today. they are arguing his conviction last year was based on a rambling irrelevant answer to a jury question. the university of california says that school administrators should consider mediators instead of police during protests like these. they have been reviewing the police use of pepper spray and batons during occupy-related protests at uc davis and berkeley. the report is also
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stenographing developing internal -- also internal disciplinary measures. yahoo's ceo scott thompson is facing demands that he be fired. a major share holder says that thompson died about his credentials. now he is demanding that yahoo fire thompson by 9:00 am on monday. a first grade girl is being called a little hery in sacramento -- hero in sacramento. a classmate began to choke, she jumped into action and saved the day by remembering something on tv. it was just another tuesday in the cafeteria. until a 6-year-old started choking. >> it was the core of the apple. it went down here. >> first grader anthony sat
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across the table, and noticed annia gaping for air. he alerted his class mates. >> he kept yelling out. and everybody, like, ah! and they didn't know what to do, but i knew what to do. and i did it. [ laughter ] >> i've done the heimlich on students twice, but i've never seen a student do it. >> she had seen the heimlich maneuver performed on a disney channel tv show. and this student weighing just 38 pounds dislodgeded the apple from -- dislodged the apple from her friend's throat with a single thrust. >> they say you have power you don't know you have. of she hit the sweet spot. >> and she said -- and i said did i save your life, and she said yeah, you did. as soon as the crisis was over,
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the children just went back to eating lunch, but the principle realized this was an extraordinary moment, and arranged to have all three children presented with certificates. a live look outside this evening from the golden gate bridge. seeing clear skies, good visibility, temperatures are a little cool out there right now, especially close to the coastline where we've seen gusty conditions. of 20-mile an hour wind gusts in half moon bay. calmer winds for most places except for the coastline. tomorrow we will see warmer and sunnier and calmer conditions. temperatures warming at least 10-15 degrees tomorrow. winds are going to come in from the east, picking up, blowing off-shore from the coastline. it's going to be quite windy in our inland valleys as well as the east and north bay hills. afternoon highs for tomorrow,
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warming anywhere from 10-15 degrees again. this is true in the south bay, 79 in cupertino, 76 in san jose, 80 in campbell, hitting the 80s in portions of our inland valleys. 81 in antioch. cooler for east bay shores. several categories warmer than what we saw -- degrees warmer than today. a component of sea breeze winds tomorrow morning. temperatures will be in the low 60s into sunday, and temperatures coast-side are going to warm. into the north bay, temperatures in the upper 70s and low 80s. we do have baseball games this weekend. the brewers coming to town. 1:05 start for tomorrow afternoon. temperatures will be fairly warm. of mid to upper 70s for most of the game. and the winds are expected to die down some into tomorrow afternoon. a look at your extended forecast. temperatures warming out there tomorrow, warming even more into sunday. we are going to see the winds
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kick up into sunday morning, coming from the east. so blowing from our inland valleys toward the coastline, that helps warm temperatures up. we're seeing temperatures near 70 degrees near the coast. monday and tuesday, temperatures continue to warm near 90 in our inland valleys. but we will cool down some by midweek. temperatures still in the 80s to round out the work week. canada stopped producing the penny. the very last one was minted today in canada. the finance minister says every penny was just costing more to make than it's worth. the country will stop distributing them by this fall. banks will take them out of circulation. cash transactions will be rounded to the nearest nickel, from now on. credit and debit transactions will still be figured to the cent. nba playoffs are in full swing. gary's got highlights straight ahead. tim lincecum and the giants host the brewers and try to
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avoid their fourth straight los.
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deposit checks from your smartphone with chase quickdeposit. just snap a picture, hit send and done. take a step forward and chase what matters. tim lincecum at the ball park in san francisco, bases loaded, 1st inning, and before you know it, are it's 1-nothing brewers. three pitches later,
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lacroix for the brewers singles to center, and lincecum is having a rough go opening innings giving up runs. three tonight. only allowed two hits but walked four. brandon belt under ricky weeks' glove, in the 6th inning, the jags come back to tie the game. sergio romo gives it up to ramos ramirez, and that's it. giants tie it in the 6th, brewers come back and take control in the 7th. the as coming off a couple wins in boston. taken apart tonight in tampa bay. david price doing his business here. and weeks, you know you're going to hit the ball, but you go all hit. matt joyce makes a real nice play. there we go. tyson ross, big strapping by, everybody says, hey, from cal! let's route for this guy. i don't know. gives up a 2-run
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homer to jose molina. hit seven runs, e.r.a. is almost 9. and price finishes, and that's it. 7-2, rays. the as like the giants are under 500. good nba night. lakers up 3 in denver. ty law son and the nugz with that -- nuggets with that home crowd. have you ever played basketball in the altitude of denver? your lungs burn. kenneth faried is doing his thing. and denver back in the series, 99-84. denver. rondo was suspended for game 2 in the atlanta series. the hawks won that game. tonight they come out with joe johnson firing away to force overtime. but man, is rondo good! he had 17 point, 14
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rebounds, 12 assists, as they like to say a triple-double waiting to happen. garnett had a big game too. celtics win. philadelphia beats chicago. 76erce lead the bulls. pga golf will not have typinger woods around this weekend -- tiger woods around this weekend. you know what that means. left eyeballs watching television coast to coast. charlotte, north carolina, hosting the wells fargo event. and tiger woods was not very good. he shoots over par today. he miss the cut by 1 shot. shot even par for a couple of round, but that's not good enough. scores are low. he hasn't broken 70 in his last eight rounds. he once went eight years without missing a cut. now he's missed cuts each of the last four years. andrew luck's first rookie practice in indianapolis, pretty good. the ball did not touch
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the ground for 20 minutes, they said. that means every pass he threw, somebody caught, including kobe fleener. his teammate at stanford was picked at the top of the second round by the colts. so luck has a buddy there, and this is quite a deal. first workout. there's no 4 hundred 00-pound guys charging you, but pretty good. and floyd mayweather, you know anything about this guy? >> doesn't he talk -- money shows, with a stack of money? >> he could have made $32 million tomorrow night. this is what -- it's cute. it all depends. this guy actually has hbo to promote the fight. they have a show they call 24/7. and i'm not kidding you, he had a guy behind him with the money bag. >> what? so he talks to a sack of money?
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