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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  May 14, 2012 4:00am-6:00am PDT

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are still tough to take in and it is predicted to get even tougher. gas prices are projected to
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jump in the next week or so because problems at some refineries are disrupting production. the uptick in prices has this trevor timing his prices to coincide with when he needs to fill up. the supermarket chain has a deal which shaves off as much as 505 a gallon and depending on how much shoppers spend inside the store. >> it gives the little park. it gives you a little break. >> the gas station at the cost of for was also busy. the price of that it was $4.27 a gallon, 105 cheaper than its closest competitor.
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some >> the so-called occupy the farm protesters, demonstrators said there are against development plans and took it over last month. for alajandra cerball explained they have taken down a tents but are here to stay. >> it has been three weeks since occupy the farms of the planting seedlings and now, a uc-berkeley has had enough to. they have vast protesters to vacate the land.
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university officials said they are assessing their options to insure that the concern of this week. >> a young woman was burned badly in the mission district fire and is in a hostile recovering. vicki liviakis spoke with sarah on a store you'll see only on kron4.
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copper >>justine: we have much more to get to on this monday morning as we take a quick break with a look outside at your ride on 80 as we see what is happening right now
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on the bay bridge. much more right after this.
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german a tight malaises " saw fit
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>> a special mothers did and for families and the topic over the weekend. hundreds of kids with cancer to a day off from the struggle to learn to regret america. craig skalar was there. >> mother's day 2012 as a happy day for some kids who otherwise face great difficulty. it is courageous kids day at great america. >> it is tough. some of these kids are in hospitals for months at a
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time. at one point she was on 19 bills in one day. it was not fun.
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>> there is no justice. our children's cases are so cold. my son should be bringing flowers for mother's day. he was my only son. i would love to have a number of mayflower's but i cannot have that anymore. this is what mother's day brings for me, nothing. >>justine: these moms came out to support each other and they do this every mother's day. >> a list of the most powerful moms. >>justine: let's get a check on the weather. any rain for the next seven days, but we are a little
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bit cooler. briggs of sunshine as we head into the afternoon. we're focusing our attention on your current numbers. a good mixing of '50s with downtown san francisco coming in at 55. 57 and oakland. and not coming in at 76, 62 in richmond. los 60s on a clothesline and mid 67 peninsula.
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you can expect mostly sunny conditions, a little bit more windy and cooler as we head into thursday. for the most part it is a pretty pleasant forecast with no wet weather does the gulf. in the traffic center there are no hot spots or major accidents. your approach to the bay bridge toll plaza writer is moving well of oakland and san francisco. traffic moving well from all three approaches.
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on a traffic maps you will see a lot of green on the road with sensors indicating top speeds for your ride coming down southbound 680. >> the president announced last week that he supports same-sex marriage and it has generated a lot of debate and a lot of opinions. >> the president's support of same-sex marriage has stirred a lot of discussion among christians and evangelicals, the question, do you agree with the president. costs >> i do not and the reason
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why is because of my religious beliefs. i accepted the word of god that marriage is between a man and woman. >> it is only about the couples involved. it should not be a community concern, certainly it is gone to be a religious concern. >> the president is trying to raise divisive issues up to divide the country and that is not what we should be focusing on. we should be focusing on jobs in the economy. >> and democrats deny claims of the present was playing politics. >> it was a matter of conscience. spoke it over with his wife and children and i have
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talked to him over the years, it is a difficult issue. it is a very challenging issue but i think he came down on the right side. >> for some it will come down to whether they think his decision was driven by a principal or politics. justine >> we have much more ahead on the kron4 news on this monday morning. we will take a break and only come back will get excited to the bay to breakers race. it is just six days away. stay with us. hey, your high speed internet here at home... and on the go... ...with some really big news. it's b-i-g, big. high speed internet from at&t at home... includes wi-fi access on the go -- whoo-hoo! it's an unbelievable deal. it's an unbelievable deal. [ both chuckle ] well, gotta go! but, wait, there's more! [ female announcer ] go to
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>>jan: he won first place and a costume contest while wearing this giant oak tree. he is live amid a new cost of every year for bay to breakers fifth here are some of his previous customers to.
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>>grant: here is a look at their race route. in runners and walkers will start downtown. in the haze hill climb your here is the toughest part. get to keep fresh at mile
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for your entry into golden gate park. the finish line is just one of left turns away on the great highway right along the pacific ocean. >>james: i will be out there. we're back with more in a minute. the quick look from our roof camera in downtown san francisco.
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>>justine: that morning. thank you for starting a day with us on the kron4 morning news.
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how >> it is frustrating when you are looking on cragslist and half of the search is you get are fake. >> every day he filters to dozens of false advertisements trying to find legitimate rentals in the city. he is not alone. michelle brown has been looking for new apartment for several months. >> most of the posts i am interested in are not real renters. >> she says she has seen more falls close been real close. >> it is a real place in a real building
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>> if i get a link, if they are out of town, if they cannot deal with me face to face, that is usually the biggest giveaway. >> i do not know of anyone is dumb enough to send a check for some announces keys.
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>> many are now turning to alternative websites. >> in the east bay, there are fewer homes for sale but more potential buyers. >> this six bedroom to back home has had 13 offers and will sell for more than its $616,000 asking price. >> the bidding wars are back. >> this realtor is of better homes and gardens in berkeley. >> i have one home that has 38 offers.
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>>jan: we are at about 3000 homes for sale right to. our high point was in 2007. we had 13,000 homes for sale. >> buyers do not want to get involved in a bidding war. salmon despite multiple offers a homes selling for over asking that does not necessarily mean that sellers are getting what they want.
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>> also making headlines this morning, a rally in oakland against the police shooting of a high-school student. officers said the team ran from them and then held a gun, forcing them to fire. >> i want justice, one and to go to jail. the officer fired four shots last sunday during a foot chase. police say the 18 year-old pointed a gun at the officer forcing him to shoot the skyline high school senior. his mother does not buy the story. >> he would not point a gun
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at the police, he knows that this is execution. >> he did make mistakes early in his life of the trend is life around. >> my son is dead. he cannot walk across the stage or celebrate his graduation. >> the officer also shot himself in the foot and is on paid mr. the pending the investigation which is standard procedure.
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>> by 3:00 p.m., more yellow around the bay area and the majority of us will see a range of low-upper 60s. here's a look at the numbers neighborhood by neighborhood. antioch could be one of the warmest spots around the bay area. temperatures could jump by about 20 degrees. it looks like we will see a
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little bit of a climb in temperatures just in time for the weekend. >>james: here is a quick check on your commute, not that there is much of one out there. here is a bridge check beginning with your ride on westbound 80, traffic moving well with no problems on the stand. on the golden gate, so far so good.
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>> as whigs turned into months since sierra lamar went missing, searchers have not lost their stamina. >> i do not think the urgency has left. the discovery of the red jetta is perhaps a clue that has brought a new tack for those involved in the search.
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>>justine: the fbi considers cyber crime is one of the biggest of threats to national security in the claims thousands from citizens every day. here is a new report that
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details some of the latest trends. >> with more than 300,000 complaints filed, cyber crime is on the rise. that is according to maneuver for. in 2011 from the cyber crime victim's face floss' nearly 500 million. every day he called attention on technology for nearly every aspect of their lives have been duped for their hard earned cash. the report is a result of a partnership between the fbi, department of justice and the white-collar crime center. most complaints were in california, florida, texas, new york and ohio. the top edge of the crimes are fbi related scams.
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>> in the internet crime complaints center says that internet crime goes grossly under reported. >> we will take a break, here is a live look outside from the james lick freeway camera, traffic is moving light. we will be right back.
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>> the california gold rush is on again, and new-line is opening in california.
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sutter gold mining says it took 30 years of planning and $30 million to get started. >> we have proven that it can be done and done responsibly and profitably. >> this mine is something that has been waiting to happen for a long time. you will see a lot of resources come out of here. >> we should note in five years if the industry to put a rested on the map has a shiny new future. >> from the war zone to a high-tech training field, microsoft is recruiting military veterans.
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>> and microsoft i am a manager of the support team. >> he was hired to a microsoft program targeting military veterans. >> i have unparalleled leadership experience.
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>> with the wars and iraq and afghanistan drawn down, the number of vets looking for non-military jobs is expected to increase. the >> fan wallace has a military background says microsoft's growing community of the veterans
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helps ease the transition.
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>> partly cloudy conditions but we do anticipate a lot of sunshine. downtowns have disco '61, '62 in daly city. your 7 day around the bay forecast shows pretty pleasant conditions over the next three days.
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we do not have any wet weather before the rest of the work week, temperatures will be at the seasonal averages. expected mid-70s inland. here is a quick look from the golden gate. only a couple of cars with an camera shot and a lot of space in between. a quick and easy ride coming
4:53 am
out of the coyote valley on northbound 101. not a single accident report for interest 880. >>justine: much more ahead. on this monday morning we will find out who is beating badly right after this.
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>>stanley: children are unpredictable, they can pop in and out of traffic at any time. it being in a school zone increases those odds by 100 fold. could someone behind the wheel of a vehicle, not paying attention and something could go wrong.
4:56 am
cherry street and lafayette in newark, drivers are not paying attention. this driver has a cell phone from the attached to his ear. a yellow cross what is an indication that you are in a school zone. obviously the school's on- site is another indication but completely lost by some drivers. if a pedestrian is inside the crosswalk, the driver may not enter into the person has safe across the street, unless it is a divided highway. if a vehicles already stopped at a crosswalk, you cannot go around to pass. if a small child is crossing you may not see them. pedestrians have learned to weave cars through instead of risking getting hit.
4:57 am
>> cars did not stop. >>stanley: pedestrians always have the right of way. always. one final note, when i see a sign that reads as the bucks ahead, i believe steve is the only were the drivers seat. >>jan: it is a big week for facebook, it should end up for some pricey presence for the sites founders.
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never in my lifetime
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>>mark: the top stories we're following right now, turmoil at yahoo, an interim ceo has now been named. >> the california budget crisis is much worse than anyone thought. we will bring you the latest on that and tell you what is on the chopping block. >>james: here is a quick look at whether for today. low clouds along the coast
5:01 am
and maybe a chance of drizzle. sunny and breezy this afternoon, course yesterday for. half off the temperatures will steadily climbed as we head towards the middle of the week. a full check on whether and a moment. >>george: we are still looking at a pretty good ride around the bay area. we are not tracking and hot spot. a minor accident here and there but nothing to slow your ride. a quick view check. on the bay bridge, traffic is light at the south plaza. the south bay peninsula and no. they are light and problem free.
5:02 am
jeff >> you can see that some tore officials have showed up here at the marina green and san francisco. the athletes will takeoff from marina green at 11:00 a.m. this is like the american version of the tour de france. this is really a world-class event. the entire race takes eight days to complete.
5:03 am
>> it will affect my
5:04 am
family's ability to pay for not just my education, it is not fun to do with financially. i have a part-time job and it is definitely hard to balance that and my studies. >> we're asking the people of california to approve it for half that of waits cuts to schools and public safety. the plan asks high income earners to pay up to 3 percent more on their income taxes over seven years. if would increase sales taxes by one fourth of 1%. >>darya: that is the new video out that the governor released urging voters to cast his ballot initiative to increase taxes. the governor plans to release details of the budget deficit and talk more about his ballot initiative today. >>mark: another down day for the markets, dow futures down 87 points ahead of the opening bell. we had data coming africa
5:05 am
shy defaced the ipo could value the company at nearly 100 billion. that would make it work more than companies like disney, four or kraft foods. at 20 years old, like the zuckerburg is half the age of the average ceo and the only one that wears a hoodie. >>darya: yahoo has a new interim ceo, nick this morning there are reports that the former ceo told the
5:06 am
company's board that he has a thyroid cancer and that the diagnosis influence his decision to leave. he listed a decree on his residence that he did not earn. >> you cannot have a ceo and a job that falsified his background. it is just not done. there would have to bring back and when they fired for their reason and bring into question anything else they certified. >>darya: experts say the controversy is a major setback for yahoo which is still early in its recent
5:07 am
restructuring plan. >> yahoo stock was up 2% in overnight trading. >>darya: we are back with more and a couple of minutes to get you going on this monday morning. to get you going on this monday morning.
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>>darya: says another controversial magazine cover assists, six front newsweek has put a picture of the president with a rainbow halo and the caption read the first president. he has said after lengthy discussions he now personally believes the gays and lesbians should have the right to marry. " the newsweek editor reportedly saw the time cover as a challenge.
5:12 am
>>erica: we are getting a lot of reaction this morning. >> her e is a look at what some viewers had to say. a lot of comments coming in, if you like to leave your own, visit our facebook fan page. we will take a quick break page. we will take a quick break into the kron4 news ♪ strea-ea-ea-ea-eam
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>>james: on this monday morning, we're starting off the war would on a relatively cleared up. a large shot for downtown san francisco, there could be coastal fog here and there but otherwise pretty clear, temperatures are mild
5:16 am
side. the mid '50s for oakland in richmond. we will expect decent heeding this afternoon. today will be a little cooler than yesterday. a mile the day in the south bay. in the east bay, mid-upper
5:17 am
60s. in the east, low-mid-70s but probably not much warmer than that. today, quite a bit cooler than we enjoyed over the weekend. here is what the peninsula and the north bay should expect to. a rather mild day in comparison. we should warm up nicely as we had to the week. here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. steadily warmer into toman. it looks like we will cool down as we head towards the week and then temperatures ran back up again as to get into the week.
5:18 am
>>george: is pretty nice commute. no hot spots to track, light traffic. the bay bridge was found looks good. no delays a mantra from the macarthur maze come east shore freeway ornaments. this sixth class she taught house, some moral been to of job to about tussah >>mark: a man arrested off in a san francisco's south of market neighborhood last night after police shot at
5:19 am
him during an apparent robbery attempt. the officer stopped when they heard a woman screaming around 10:40 p.m. heehaw they found her struggling. in hong yet >>darya: and high-school senior and dyed shirts when he was shot by police earlier this month. police say the 18 year-old pointed a gun, forcing them to shoot him during a foot chase. his mother does our son probably ran because he was on probation for a felony and three conflict police said the officer fired the shot is on paid administrative leave pending the a form of the phrase is in need of health issues funds that the ferry
5:20 am
in missions district fire. vicki liviakis spoke with her in the store you only see on kron4. >> i realize i can stay here and keep passing out, falling asleep, getting injured and ultimately burned to death or, i can walk through the hallway that is fully fire, even if they have to amputate my legs it would be worth it because i want to live and i am not going to sit here and give up. before >> they used kidskin and staples in order to kill me. >> icl ltd. of the dressings. it is not pretty. i am holding the hill by the time of this is still for this effects crashed at think if this is part of the stuff like a scar, some people had tattoos. i have these burned legs. bear with me forever.
5:21 am
sf we're hearing about an earthquake in chile, a magnitude 612. nativity is alton of some roads have been cut are. colleges >>darya: we are that the more in a couple of minutes. here is a live look outside of of the roof on van ness avenue in san francisco.
5:22 am
hall had high aha hough off
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the >>darya: which are now just a few days away from the 101st day but to breakers race. the seven and a half mile race is a test of endurance the showcase of creativity. charles crawford visited with one east a man who is building and wearing impressive costumes for more than three decades. >> this was my first one. >> in 1981 he ran bay to breakers wearing a 14 ft. tall redwood " weighed 50 lbs.. the tree was a did anyone first place. cockcroft since then, he and his wife had made a new costume every year. here he is as a giraffe, christmas tree and immense
5:26 am
the nine the transamerica pyramid theories fifth >> after more than 30 years he think he would be ready to keep it simple
5:27 am
>> the race starts over here near the bay and spends every year near the ocean breakers. runners and walkers start downtown at howard and beale street.
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never in my lifetime did i think i could walk 60 miles in 3 days. 60 miles in 3 days is-- is huge. if my mom can fight and beat breast cancer, i can walk 60 miles. you just put one foot in front of the other, and you know that you're walking for such a great cause that you just keep going. (man) that you have all these people coming together for one common goal. (woman) the goal is to bring an end to breast cancer. (woman) the fund-raising was the easiest part. people were very giving. complete strangers wanting to help. if i can do this, you definitely can do this. (woman) i'll never stop walking, not till we find a cure. (woman) and it has to end, but it starts with us. i knew someday i was gonna do this walk. it is the most rewarding experience i have ever had in my entire life. we can do this. you can do this. we can all do this together. (man) register today for the...
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and receive $25 off your registration fee. because everyone deserves a lifetime. >>darya: what you saw was staged to of the california bicycle race. >> a quick update on the weather forecast and traffic.
5:31 am
still dry wood temperatures on the rise. >>justine: you can now get text alerts for severe
5:32 am
weather warnings. the service starts today. now, wireless carriers and the federal government can automatically send you alerts for life-threatening events. extreme winds, blizzards and even ice storms. if you are traveling you can get an alert, it is free and you do not have to sign up. thoughtful >>darya: at this stage to of the bicycle race today. suggest bush is live in the marina right now.
5:33 am
there braise it gets started at exactly 11 05 a as >> . 170 mi. from start to finish. the bicyclist average cut of 25 mi. an hour which is going released as zairean thick could not do what they do without the technology. fat >> bikes will way into the 15-16 count mile range. a lot of aerospace technology if, a lot of aerodynamics. >> in addition to the technology, says these guys carry around a crew of eight
5:34 am
people that are the support staff for each >> they are incredibly athletic. a big trade 8-10 hours a day. >>justine: is there anywhere around here that is set up specifically for people to watch or anyone's by that is better than the other? >> it is pretty wide open. parking is a little but of an issue. the parking lot is being consumed by all of the race officials and their equipment. if you can find parking nearby, walk over here to the marina green. rates official said the cyclists will be out and about. silicified is the taste of thomas f. netflix >>darya: thank you. >>mark: yahoo has a new interim ceo following a discovery that their former
5:35 am
leader light of his arrest in may. hostages former ceo scott thompson has announced that he had every cancer. he listed a degree of his residence that he did not have but blamed a job hunting firm in chicago for the yahoo now has a fourth ceo in the last eight months. experts say that controversy is another major setback for south of which the early in its recent restructuring plan. there also announced four new board members that come from a headhunt. >>darya: the ceo of j.p. morgan tased says he was dead wrong to dismiss concerns over the bank's recent $2 billion trading loss. he says his company expects to pay a price well beyond the mess half. qr lawmakers are saying that
5:36 am
the price is likely to mean a tighter regulations. the trading blunder happened last month. he originally played down the loss, stock fund is 9.3% on friday of dragging other banks with big wall street operations down with it. >>mark: new this morning, 49 had less bodies have been found on a highway connecting the northern mexico city of monterrey to the u.s. border. the bodies of 43 men and six women were found in a tan of someone. they say a drug cartel is claiming responsibility for the massacre, the heads, hands and feet were cut off which would make identification difficult. >>darya: we are back with more in a couple of minutes. here's a live look outside at the golden gate.
5:37 am
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remain in a gold mine and how hard has opened up, it took millions entrance hall and 30 years to get resources is cutting kolkhoz or hoax >>darya: we are back in a couple of minutes. here is a live look outside,
5:41 am
you can see the approach to the bay bridge with a little more light, there are some clouds the not too much traffic.
5:42 am
5:43 am
5:44 am
will that left a are upset with pg&e and their analog leaders, they will have to pay $75 for the program and a $10 fee is a lot. they're also upset at pg&e
5:45 am
for continued to make profits instead of what they claim tried to make the pipelines safer. special with what happened after the san bruno gasoline explosion. speaking of that, the heart of this morning's rally will be at 10:00 a.m. at this building. he will be your revenues conference and introduced legislation that will limit bonuses for ceos of pg&e. hough to have to unplug them
5:46 am
5:47 am
are >>james: some breaks in the son particularly in the east bay. we will begin to see more of the graves in public. let's take a look at where we expect the weather to go for of the day. by 9:00 a.m., clouds still lingering. let's take a look at temperatures. they are on the mild side. not as cold as it was during some parts of last week where we had widespread upper 40's for the north bay and the peninsula.
5:48 am
mid-50s in san francisco. as you look across the east and spray, that is the wit whether shaping up. here's a quick look your extended forecast. here is a look at monday, tuesday and wednesday great sunshine for today. afternoon highs maxus out from 73-75. temperatures will increase tomorrow and then cool off after that before cooling back off just in time for the weekends. the complete extended forecast coming up in just a little bit. here is a quick look at the 7 day around the bay for. dry weather as far out as we can tell. >>george: of we are not seeing anything in a way of hot spots or problems on a ride to work. a bit of a back up and left
5:49 am
hand cash lanes with a normally see just before 6:00 the metering lights feed themselves have not been activated. most people are unaffected. your ride to the golden gate is still critical it with no problems or delays southbound or markdown, like traffic along the presidio park with. as we look at the traffic maps, it is a good rise to the east bay freeways, still pretty light for 24, 68580, a little bit sluggish into dublin and slipped through the old law passed and of course i would for already having to interrupt. the south bay freeways look good. credit is a look at her right coming out of the morgan house after the coyote valley. 101 southbound from marin county is still a 22 minute drive time from novato to the golden >>darya: school zones signs scanned crosswalks should be warnings to drive with caution but as stanley roberts shows us, even in
5:50 am
schools on, you can find plenty of people behaving badly. >>stanley: children are unpredictable. they can pop in and out a traffic at any given time. the in the schools on increases those odds by 100 fold. if when you put someone behind the wheel of a two- time the vehicle and they're not paying attention, something could go wrong greenhill this is cherry street and lafayette ave. this driver has a cell phone from attached to his ear. the yellow cross what is an indication of the schools on. obviously schools on sign is another indication but is lost by some of the drivers. i found many blocking the crosswalks or stopping inside.
5:51 am
if a pedestrian is in the crosswalk if drivers are not to enter until the finish crossing the street unless it is a divided highway. this intersection is so bad, pedestrians with the cars through so that they do not risk getting hit. >> even woman with strows after round. the cars did not stop. pedestrians always have the right of way. one final note, when i see a sign reads speed bumps ahead, i begin to believe that speed must be the only word driver's seat. the speed limit in school zones is 25. please slowdown. >>darya: if you have a story idea or comment for
5:52 am
>>stanley: , a rich and on twitter, facebook off for his personal e-mail. >>mark: the giants got another strong performance of a very zepa. cabrera's and 04 times driving in three runs and extended his hitting strafe to 11 games as the giants beat the diamondbacks 7-3. san francisco lost nine in a row to arizona. zito is pitching great this season although he had a horrible spring training and a horrible last couple of seasons. he allowed three runs and five hits in six innings that he pitched. he is to in one in the season. in oakland, just invertebrate struck out eight to win his fourth straight decision before leaving the game and the seventh inning because of a callus on his thumb. a set smith had a solo home
5:53 am
run, that was the only run the a's will get. detroit won the game 3-1. next for the a's, a road trip, they're going to and i'm. >>darya: qr we will be right back with more in a couple of minutes. here's a live look outside of cobb and we will be right back.
5:54 am
this is a lessening that again the time delay get all as a result, man with the mob go back out of that is to come back gate not his idea is there not as the top of this the first time he's state but the organism and it does leave herzog i heard them say were a way is is
5:55 am
and what data and get drive like not such key hamas was leaking on a state's legal my right before 7:00 is not stopped i needed i'll even at 98 et costs if but and
5:56 am
and and a and and and a lot instilling cadets >>erica: the movie beer vendors is slated to rise as high as no. 3 and beat out
5:57 am
the final harry potter and stock. >>darya: friends volume celebrates his 30th birthday next month. fog reports said that prince william will and here more than 10 million british pounds which its 16 million in u.s.. >>mark: a fatal shooting of a teenager by oakland police and why police said the officers had to open fire. it is a big win for facebook
5:58 am
starting with a birthday and ending with pricey gifts for company's founders and the second lead of the tour of california hitting the streets of san francisco, we will show you where it's you can see the action and what streets to avoid.
5:59 am
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