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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  June 26, 2012 11:00pm-11:30pm PDT

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breaking news out of colorado. a wind-fueled wildfire there has now breached fire liners and has entered the city of colorado springs. that is forcing at least 32,000 people to be evacuated. colorado springs set a record high temperature today of 101 degrees. the 6,200-acre fire is only contained by 5%. do we have that video, joe? okay, well, we're going to show
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you later in this newscast what firefighters are up against. but -- oh, here we are. here's the video we were talking about. you can see this is one of several houses going up in flames in colorado, and again, colorado springs, which is a smaller city in the area near denver, is now being phased with flames hitting the city line. we're going to continue to follow development there is and bring you more on that later on in this newscast. the east bay suburb of orinda is investigating its first murder in a decade. a woman was found dead in a home, and a suspect is already in custody. reggie, police have been called to the same home before? >> reporter: they have, for domestic-related issues, pam. now the police chief says violent crimes like this several happen in this community, and this is a shock for everyone
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here. investigators were collecting evidence all day at this home. there's now a cleanup crew here. the woman's body was found in the kitchen area of this home. >> reporter: steve sully lives next to the home where investigators say a 52 year-old woman was found dead. the 62 year-old man she was living with at the home since 2006 is suspected of killing her. he says the couple fought constantly, and he thought they were married. >> it didn't surprise me in the least. >> real. >> these fights they get into, you know, it sounded like one of them was going to get killed. when i first heard it, i thought maybe she had killed him. she was the antagonist most of the time. at 9:30, she was screaming at him again. i've never heard him scream. >> reporter: tuesday afternoon, police received a 911 call from
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a 90 year-old neighbor who wasn't making much sense. investigators heard another male voice in the room with the neighbor. they now believe it was the male suspect telling the neighbor the female victim's body was in the kitchen of the home. police found the woman lying face down in a pool of blood. jeffrey jennings, police chief, says when officers arrived they immediately spotted the suspect. >> we're getting ready to make entry, and at that time, an individual walked up and said hey, hey, and my officers turned around, saw the suspect, determined he was a suspect by how he looked, took him into custody. he had stuff on him that looked like he was in a tussle. >> reporter: the murder weapon was found near the elderly man's
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home who made the 911 call to police, located down this way. police will not say what murder weapon was used. now, they also are not releasing the name of the suspect or the victim until relatives have been notified. reggie kumar, kron4 news. stockton is bankrupt. it is now the largest city in the united states to declare bankruptcy. they are twings million dollars in -- $26 million in debt. kate thompson is here. we understand right now it looks like based on this filing that the stockton city employees are going to take the brunt of this. >> reporter: yeah, retired city employees definitely taking the brunt of this. not a pretty night in stockton. and retired employees are not happy. they are going to lose their promised lifetime health benefit, now having the carpet fulled out from under them. it was a very generous benefit. too generous. lifetime health benefits for retired stockton employees and their spouses. the cost of the plan ballooned $450 million. it went unfunded, and now stockton can't pay up. so the city is
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eliminating the plan as part of the bankruptcy which means many lifetime employees won't have their health insurance they were promised. stockton has made $90 million in cuttings trying to balance their budget, slashing service, a quarter of the police department gone, a third of the fire department eliminated, and 40% of all other employees also gone. but that has not been enough. reducing services further was not an option. so the city has chosen bankruptcy. getting stuck holding the back, also investors and creditors who bought bonds. the city invest the in several expensive projects, and creditors won't get paid back. this bankruptcy does not get stockton completely out of the woods. city leaders said there is no guarantee that this solves all of their problems, and also they're looking at filing for bankruptcy as soon as wednesday, so they are wasting no time here. >> all right, time. well, stockton residents as
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you might imagine packed tonight's meeting, some on the vernal of tears. and -- on the verge of tears. >> i can't afford medical insurance. i have notake my medication -- i have to take my medications or i will die. i don't understand what is wrong with you people? do you even care? >> benefits of lifetime medical was not obtained without the cost to city employees. the city employees gave up wage concessions that were made in exchange for lifetime medical. >> our leaders do not respect us, nor do they listen to us. what you've done to the police officers and the employees of this city is an atrocity, and if you wants to save money -- if you want to save money, get rid of the city manager. >> if you're anything like me, you've spent this last week especially absolutely sick. lying awake at night and praying that this wasn't going to happen. >> you might remember it was
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just four years ago that vallejo was the largest california city to file for chapter 9 bankruptcy. it was facing a $16 million budget deficit. and much like vallejo, stockton is cutting lifetime healthcare. vallejo emerged from bankruptcy last november. well, it was a gorgeous day out there today with temperatures reaching into the low 80s if a few of our inland valley spots and also down in the south bay. 81 in sunnyvale, 82 in napa. 70s for the most part elsewhere. but 60s along the coast line. as we head into tomorrow, forecast looks on track. little or no fog expected. if we do see any at all, it'll be along the coastline. cool temperatures early in the morning, but we're going to warm up quickly. we'll have conditions back into the 80s in another of other locations tomorrow. and the warmer weather sticks with us. but it will be cooler this
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weekend. a well-known san francisco gay rights activist was recently arrested on child pornography charges. tonight, we have the search warrant which details the alleged circumstances involving larry brinken. jr stone has been examining that warrant. >> reporter: larry brinken is a 66 year-old gay rights activist and human rights worker accused of child porn possession at the very least. a search warrant uncovered tuesday alleges that he had online conversations about children in pornographic images between the ages of 1-3. in those images, kids are performing sex acts with adult, according to the search warrant. he talks about how the site and the images make him feel. not only that but within these conversation, he is believed to have made extremely racist remarks. derogatory comments
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about the black menhown and quotes such as white power and white supremacy when talking about the might men in the images.
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developing news at the top of the hour, a wind-fueled wildfire in colorado has now breached the fire lines and is entering the city of colorado springs, that's outside denver, forcing at least 32,000 people to evacuate. colorado springs set a record high temperature today of 101 degrees. the six 6,200-acre five is only 5% contained. you can see these are pictures that californians are all too familiar with. firefighters say conditions there could not be worse tonight. the federal emergency management agency has authorized the use of federal money to fight this and six other wildfires which are going on right now in the state of colorado. after accidentally firing a
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cannonball through a dublin neighborhood, you might remember this story, the television show myth busters will rule filming at the al -- resume filming at the alameda county training center. they 30-pound cannonball was misfired and ended up careening into two homes and a parked car. fortunately nobody was hurt. the production company for the show has paid for the damage and assured the community that there will be no more experiments involving cannonballs. make sure that your 4th of july plans include watching kron4 this year. this is our annual big celebration july 4th live. you will have the best seat in the house to watch fireworks from all around the bay area. we're the only station that brings you local fireworks live and it all starts july 4th at 9:00. ♪
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a sexual assault suspect is on the loose in oakland. and police are asking for the public's help in finding a man who assaulted a woman in a public restroom near lake merit. kron4's charles clifford has details. >> reporter: according to the oakland police department, a 45 year-old woman walked into this public restroom around 8:15 pm on june 2nd. inside she found a man acting strangely. the man grabbed her and sexually
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assaulted her. he then fled. he is being described as african american, 30-39 years old, brown eyes, black dreadlocks, and a tattoo. the victim says he spoke where a jamaican accent. the oakland police department says it's not unusual for victims of sexual assaults to be reluctant to tell their stories. >> there's typically a time delay or they just never report the incident. in this case, our victim has been traumatized by what happened, which is completely understandable, finally came forward and said here's what happened to me. she doesn't want to see it happen to anyone else. >> reporter: the victim was able to get a good look at her attacker, and she's working with an artist to create a sketch. the police department also says there is a $5,000 reward be being offered in this case for any information leading to an arrest and conviction.
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the san francisco school board is slated to vote tonight on a budget for the coming fiscal year, and like many other school district, the focus is on what will be cut. here's how the numbers roll out. the district projects spending $50,097,000,000, but it is only taking about $567 million. and that leaves a gap of $30 million. and closing that gap will impact about everyone in the district. >> reporter: to close the $30 million budget gap, the san francisco school board is looking at a laundry list of cuts impacting almost everyone in the district. >> we're completely disgusted on what we're proposing tonight. but we've run out of things to cut. by the time this budget gets approved, we would have cut 22% of our entire budget over the last four years. there's no other choices. >> reporter: third graders would see class size increases from two -- 20-22. there will be cut
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s to preschool, transportation, and teaching assistants. and the length of the school year will be trimmed again by four-days. >> furlough days are a loss of learning for children. we're doing everything we can to put together proposals of the district that eliminate any kind of concept of furlough days. >> reporter: the teachers' union knows the board needs -- believes the board needs to rethink what it's cutting. >> it's not as simple as it's been portrayed. >> reporter: the district hopes to rescind all about 230 of the pink slips that went out in march. whatever the cuts end up being by the time the school year begins, district officials warn they could get worse if the govern's temporary tax measures don't get voter approval in november.
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no fog expected tomorrow. a little sliver along the coast. but mostly compleer through the overnight hour -- clear through the overnight hours. fog returns thursday and friday. but fairly mild conditions through the rest of the work week. temperatures for tomorrow afternoon, back into the 80s in a number of places like the south bay. 83 in campbell, 85 in los gatos, 85 in morgan hill. 87 in antioch and walnut creek, 84 in livermore, 82 in danville. our east bay shores mainly in the 70s, but 69 in berkeley, 69 in alameda. 72 in san leandro. 65 in ocean beach and half moon bay, 70 in san francisco, and
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more 80-degree readings in the north bay as well. 81 in santa rosa, 80 in novato. warmer tomorrow, fog returns thursday and friday. but fairly mild conditions to round out work week. more inland fog for saturday means cooler conditions saturday as well. but temperatures will rebound into early next week. michael phelps has the u.s. swim trials. and the giants blank the dodger, and it's ever so close to first place in the division. so... [ gasps ]
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all right, good evening, everybody. [ laughter ] >> dodgers' offense has yet to arrive in san francisco. smiling because any time you see the great ed lee do his thing, that's a big night of the tip of the hat, and vogelsong took it from there. the first time since 1997 the dodgers have been shut out pack to back games against -- back that back games against the giants. vogelsong couldn't be touched. melky cabrera sitting at fourth in the all-star voting. matt kemp is not going to may. 1-0 giants. kershaw, two earned run , 2-0 giants. here they come. they are one game back of the
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dodgers. pam says we have a nice young producer who's going to bless you with ten extra seconds. >> so you won't act up. >> well -- >> use it well! you already used it . >> i just wanted to acknowledge all right, search of two in a row, as in seattle. the cuban sensation delivering tonight. there it goes! seattle's 2-nothing lead is no more. it's cut to 2-1. the as would tie it on a joni gomes single. 2-2 in the 8th. and there he goes, brendan ryan. the as come up a buck short tonight in the pacific northwest. all righty, the football folks have spoken along with university presidents for the first time in history. there'll be a college football playoff. the top four teams will play semifinal games, then meet for
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the national title. it begins in the 2014 season. why did they do it after all these years? they're reaching out and answering the fans? sure. and they'll get maybe . the word is half a billion dollars more for college football without the players being paid per season. semifinals tonight in omaha nebraska. it's a 200-meter free style, neck and neck down the stretch. in the blue cap, watch him turn it on, and just edge out michael phelps by 2-100th of a second. both adadvance to tomorrow's final -- advance to tomorrow's final. venus williams to the olympic finals.
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and her sister, sareena, she joins her as well. it's tough to watch venus struggle, she's had health problems. but sarena, trying to keep the family name alive. >> i wouldn't represent einsurance unless i knowledged in the product. larry byrd, a he is stepping down -- he is stepping down as the president of basketball operations for the indiana pacers. donee walsh will replace -- donny walsh will replace him. stanford extended its athletic dominance. university won its 18 straight. emblem attic of the best athletic program in the country. stanford, you never think of
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them haza sports thing -- as a sports thing. besides just dunks, you know.
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