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tv   KRON 4 Evening News  KRON  October 1, 2012 5:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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a.m.-3:30 p.m. and i could not believe it for i still do not want to believe it. somehow, somewhere that perhaps he is still alive. >> this is typical. at albany middle school. we have yet to talk to the staff at albany middle school. this is developing as we speak. new details at 6:00 p.m. reporting live in albany, j. r. stone, kron 4 news. >>pam: charges have not filed against the sixth grade teacher. this investigation was ongoing weather there were possible additional victims. we will continue to follow this developing story through tonight's broadcast. >> the other big story is this bay. a heat wave. this is pleasanton's. attached is 102 degrees. the bay area sections. and jacqueline is
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falling this. at this hour, 102 degrees. even 90's. >> yes. pretty much everywhere. >>jacqueline: that stifling heat. look at our current conditions. with plenty of 90's and even triple digits and the north bay. with 90's in livermore inland. and antioch. we will keep you approacposted with those afternoon progresses. that is yellow to marshaling a warm start with plenty of nine these by noon. through the north bay and the south
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bay and notice along the coast temperatures are also pretty warm. '70s and '80s as the go towards the afternoon. and again we will take a look at the hot temperatures in your neighborhood and what can expect cooler weather. >> the team coverage of the bay area heat wave continues. justine you have been all over the bay area. she gives us a picture of what it is like. >> good afternoon. right now, yes it is 102 degrees. 5:02 i kind of like it and as i checked with around the coast and inland some people to also like it hot. >> this dog has bright idea. with a swim at chrisy field. temperatures reached the upper 80s at the coast and people going to the beach to
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beat the heat. the sun screen. >> in walnut creek they went shopping and the state and the shade and grabbed a drink. >> i think that it is beautiful. i am a new yorker. it is fantastic. >> temperatures reached 95 degrees. >> to you like the weather today? >> yes, i do but perhaps perhaps a little bit less heat. >> with triple digits it was just too hot to sit outside. this blast of october heat is something to saver if you like summer. >> it is warmer but it is not as hot as some places. when it gets to be 103 degrees, 110 degrees in this kind of miserable. >> miserable or not some people really do like this type of weather. when we come back at 6:00 p.m. at the kron 4 evening news what we have seen with this weather to work around the
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bay. reporting live, just in toward >> developing. with this amtrak leaving oakland and get hit with a big rig. in the central valley with dozens of injuries. the train left oakland. and how it was near interstate-5 near fresno this crash happened here. with a real video. and >>this just in to the kron 4 news room three of those five cured with arreal video. three people were taken to area hospitals at 12:30. most of those injured people or not that serious with bombs, bruises. the heat for between 100-150 people when this happened. we will continue to follow the latest developments. a panel of 46 of this fire that engulfed the swat offices of the mayor of vallejo. was intentionally
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set. officials say that they found thick black smoke plumes. they are investigating this as an act of domestic terrorism. maureen kelly believes that this could be politically motivated. then i am not now or will i believe to be impacted by cowardly terrorism. on the contrary, i going to continue to do the right thing for the city of vallejo. >> in front of his private office. police tape and portions of the windows are barricaded with the portions of the interior have been gutted. he will not speculative this is involved with the officer involved fatality of ramirez. however, he believes that this crime has something to
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do with the office that he holds. >> the number of packs of vandalism that i'd been subjected to in the recent past have led me to believe that this incident is related to my position as mayor. and also as an attorney. >> in addition, this fire. windows have been broken and trash has been dumped at his law practice and at his private home. >> even though i do not fear for my private life i am conscious of my surroundings. and i will be more aware of them in my future. >> you can see that they have not ruled out that this could be related to his role as a civil litigator. however, the fbi and atf have been notified. maureen kelly, kron 4 news. >>pam: othe is fatality showing the first homicide in san jose. that saw eight killings and 11 days. the
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34th, safe from year to date was released on the morning. near this intersection at monterey and south san jose. police were called shortly after 1:00 a.m. there or as many as 30 people involved in a road side brawl. the motive is not clear but one man was fatally stabbed. >> there were approximately 30 individuals. weather it was a brawl or if they're all involved is still not determined but there were substantial amount of people. investigators are still speaking with people who were present. and were actively asking people to come forward. if they were involved. >> the name of the adult male was not released it is not clear if this stabbing was gang related. some of those were also had guns. >> therapy has been banned changing the sexual orientation of anybody under
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18. however, the parents of therapy does not take in effect until an january 1st. mayor jerry brown is saying that this is driven people to depression, suicide and according to the american psychiatric suicide this therapy includes self- destructive behavior and anxiety. the national association of research of therapy and homosexuals denounces this band. they do not like it. they say that this takes away the right of parents and jeopardize is the livelihood of licensed therapists. we would like to know what you think. california is the first state to be and therapy. ford gained teenagers to become straight. and go to our facebook fan page. and give a is your opinion. >> the coast guard is missing for to san francisco fishermen. when
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their boat capsized. these-- 2 san francisco fisherman left san francisco candlestick marino on sunday morning. on sunday morning, that entire crew was sent overboard after a large wave crashed into the boat. only to men of the four men were wearing life jackets only two of them went to shore. >> i am nervous. i am sec.i to not want my husband to be gone want (sobbing) >> this helicopter and 87 ft. vessels have been coasting searching the coast all night. and also in southern remote beaches have been searched. the search continues and if not discussed calling off the search. >> former governor, arnold is schwarzenegger is telling all about his book. details on that, coming up.
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>> it is hot out there. temperatures are mainly in the '90s! upper 90s in a number of areas. more hot weather and where we will seek a cool down coming up. i don't spend money on gasoline. i am probably going to the gas station
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and turned into hat a thenn ed it ji
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ra. crthouse olasome of them became very shaken when the photos of the woman's bones were shown. prosecutors did that they found dna on the storm will and the back seat of her car. there were also stating that there were text messages sent. one of the text messages read that if they were not honest dead got their lives would be taken. >> arnold schwarzenagger is a book hit the shelves. he opened up about highs and lows of his life. he
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admitted in his book that he had an affair with his co- star. it happened while he was in a relationship with mark rea who later became his spouse. >> i did she know? am not rfect. >> the former california governor also admit that he had an affair with the housekeeper. >> he stated that he did suspect that he was the father of her son when he was around eight years old. he stated that theittle boys started tlo like him but was never discussed.
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>> he stated tt more real up confronted him during a counseling session. she stated that she think that seph is your kit. she nt t knowf she was off with this. she f for divorce last year. >> he reflected on his failures. it is always there. so wide open up old wounds? >> he likes opening up old wounds because he knew this would be a way for him to sail. >> it was very hot outside. in england valley is in the
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upper 90s. it is the same in the south bay. it is 92 in san jose. it is still in the '80s along the coast line. there is no fall expected. we will wake up to mild temperatures in the morning. in the afternoon it will be '80s and '90s. even a couple places will be in triple digits. >> tomorrow mornin temperaturese along the '70s near the immediate coast line. a lot of '90s for tomorrow. last take a look by neighborhood.
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92 and san jose and 92 and send us follows.. in east beasty shourd it will be in the '90s. along the coastline temperatures will be still in the '70s. 74 and ocean beach and 74 in san francisco. 96 and nab up, 96 anteaching
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>> in downtown san francisco will be low 60s on friday >> as we look at our extended forecast tomorrow will be cooling down by wednesday. by the end of the week of fog will start to take over and the temperatures will be about 60s and '70s for the most part. >> you can get the latest weather at comcast 193. >> fleet week is here. the blue angels are headed to the bay area. in the meantime we have animation. the blue angels will be doing acrobatics. the pilots approach each other and then
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they rolled 90 degrees and feel the sensation of weightlessness. this is called the diamond role. they'll all be gone about 400 mi. an hour. this is always a crowd pleas. i will be up in one of these jets do when moves to just like this. we will bring you the video from this area assume that i make it out alive. >> a reminder that kron 4 is bringing you the blue angel show life. it will be hosted by mark gannon and kron 4 blue angels will be live on october 4th at 3:00 p.m.. >> now in world news. a hacker attack has been issued against the white house. they're trying to
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really just play this down. the cyber attack has been classified. an official has stated that there is no information that anything has been removed. >> last year google blamed hackers for different things that happened. >> when i rand's president arrived to address the assembly he brought his own cameraman as part of his entourage. we have heard that the camera man does not want to return to i ran. it is not clear where he is at but he is laying low for the time being. >> a powerful type whotyphoon. t
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least 50 people have been injured and about 3000 phohomes have no electricity. this has been categorized as a no. 3. >> it has been very hot outside with the temperatures in the '80s and '90s. when and how long will this heat wave last. we will let you know coming up. >> you're on timeout leo! some things won't last 25 years. ah! woof! some things will.
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some things won't last 25 years. ah! woof! some things will. tic >> what do you think about california leading the way? teaching christopher is stating that he is gay and that it was good for him to do the therapy. as a
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>> a new poll shows that there will be a decisive victory for one candidate. >> a scary new bug has been issued for the new iphone 5. we will have more coming up.
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>> and at 5:30 p.m. a bay area heat wave. you usually
5:31 pm
see enroll of falk but you do not see that today. today jacqueline is here with the weather. >> is felt a little stifling today. in santa rosa they were at a hundred and 1 degrees. livermore was set a hundred and 2. still very hot out there. the temperatures were in the upper 90s in the in glenn valley arein the land of valley. it was still 83 in san francisco. tomorrow will still be very hot. even the
5:32 pm
'90s by noontime. it will be another hot day for tomorrow. > >> both president obama and mitt romney have been held down to very intense practice settings. >> minutes from the spent about eight days practicing. >> president obama spent a lot of time practicing. >> governor mitt romney is a great debater. >> president obama is a very gifted speaker. >> wednesday night
5:33 pm
is the restart of romney's campaign analysts say that romney will have to come across as likable. o obamas team is making sure that he is not long winded and preaching. one politician stated that we should not hope for much from the bulk of them. he stated that there was not one time where any thing grab anyone's attention. president oldobama received a recommendation. >> i am sure the president is not so happy about hearing about the endorsement. let's start
5:34 pm
with the importance for both candidates. >> let's talk about the pressure that is all both of them. the pressure on mitt romney best a lot. he has to give back on track and he has 90 minutes on wednesday to reverse that trend. the president has been playing good defense and he is ahead on points and the last couple of rounds where the challenger will start throwing everything. they are trying to make the president sound this sense. all the obama people are
5:35 pm
stating that romney may say something stupid. do that work with the voters? they only work with the voters that actually mean something. it doesn't really work unless it really includes the people. and so expectations are some what a joke. gov. christie who was on the sunday show blowup the show. if you listen to the nboth candacecandidates. nonetheless the republicans are stating that no oppose
5:36 pm
are very dimmer credit shaded and that they do not really represent all the swing voters. >> the polls are not scutes and you can go to fox news poll to see the separation between the president at mitt romney. >> if you would like to connect to michael young. kron 4 will air the entire debate on wednesday night at 6:00 p.m.. if you can tune into comcast 193 or hour over the night digital air on 4.2. >> there is a new study that is dictating how taxpayers may get an increase in their taxes. that is only if congress
5:37 pm
does not take action on cuts that are expected to expire in december. if nothing is done a typical middle house hole will see their taxes go all by $2,000. >> full body scanners at airports. a michigan marijuana tman wanted o challenge the t.s. day. >> and bay area news new security measures are and placed in san mateo. this is after a nine year-old girl was a growth and nearly kidnapped by a man. there are new security measures
5:38 pm
the park's five elementary. that put a padlock on this fence because in the past you were able to walk past and go through this past way. they are making sure that the community cannot go through this way. some said that people could still jump the fence and they are setting that they may raise the fence. the schools is under lock down when school lesson session and no one can get through. only authorized personnel can get through. when parents arrive they have to sign in and where a visitor's badge. parents cannot stand by their children's classrooms that will have to way by a holding area off to make sure that all children are account for before they are released. >> this is a no- brainer. after the fact that
5:39 pm
they jumped all over this and the parents are all satisfied. one parent told us that the school district did not act fast enough. >> >> it has been very hot outside. it was a lot of '90s for tomorrow. we would take a look at temperatures in your neighborhood coming up. sofa... desk...
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>> the company lee the legally charged late fees and promised awards and discriminated against applicants were over the age of 35 years old. customers will not have to take action to receive a check. >> marisa mayor announced her first child at google. she became the ceo of google. she said that she will go back to work after giving birth. >> apple has confirmed that a bug has called the iphone 52 consume major data. apple has not
5:44 pm
commented on how widespread the problem is but it did pushout a software up that which is supposed to fix it. it has also been a problem for verizon users as well as at&t users. >> it was 100 degrees and livermore. 98 in redwood city. temperatures did not break any highs. we will see a lot of hot days for tomorrow. temperatures will be about 90 degrees. things will start to cool down. as we take a look on satellite it is crystal blue skies. there are no clouds in place. through the morning
5:45 pm
and through the afternoon was the '90s and the south bay and 92 in san jose. it will be triple digits in inland valley. it will bay 80s and 90s and east bay shore. for our coast side location it would be a little cooler still in the '70s. we will hit these highs about noon time tomorrow. up in the north bay will be about 94 in san a rosa. fleet week is coming to town with the blue angels coming on friday. we will see falk each day and temperatures will be in the low 60s through this
5:46 pm
weekend. >> a bit cool down as expected as we head into the weekend. as we head into a thursday and friday things will cool down dramatically. >> you can get the latest sports cast on comcast 193. >> fleet week is just around the corner and the city of san francisco is gearing up for it. kron 4 will give you the best seat in the house. we will be airing everything live on saturday. > >> the blue angels will take to the sky on thursday
5:47 pm
october 4th for a practice session from 4:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.. on friday they will practice again from 3:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m.. saturday the signals will start and the parade of ships will start about 11:00 a.m.. last year kron 4 was the only newscast on the board. the car all this and will lead the parade under the golden gate bridge. as you look down you'll see all the sailors manning the rails. meanwhile the air show is of saturday october 6th and october the seventh from 12:30 p.m. to 4:03 p.m.. >> the blue angels will show off their mos from 3:00 p.m. to for both saturday and sunday
5:48 pm
afternoon. so show here it >> this reminder that kron 4 will bring you the blue angel shall show alive sponsored by g. we will bring you all the excitement and sound from the comfort of your own home. mark dan and will be hosting this. >> a look outside at our current condition is still remains very high everywhere. it is still 90 to o92 in san mateo.
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>> in take a look at this and elderly man jumped from
5:52 pm
his apartment in the arms of a good samaritans some 3 ft. below. the only way for him to jump was for him to leave out the window due to his apartment bit of fire. the man suffered only a bruised heel but his apartment this sustained some significant damages. > she shoul >>, and getting to coa big problem. a big shock from a bridge that's under demolition. after few construction workers got out
5:53 pm
of the way. croustade demolish part of the bridge to an ad. teaching
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now following news about the principle. he was found dead. they are investigating this and stating that this may have been suicide. >> i went into this office a while ago to speak with the principal and three of the teachers were crying and hugging. they had just learned the news about the teacher's death. we are talking about james as soon as saki here is the sixth grade teacher who was found dead. he was accused of having an inappropriate relationship with someone under the age of 14 years old. he was involved with
6:00 pm
the student government and athletics here in albany middle school. i talk with a number of students and parents who are just flat out shot. >> the first and went is to my of room and cried. i did not want to believe that somehow she was still here carry it >>everybody just have their own opinion and they are stating that the did it. >> big men that place. >>and obviously a difficult day at albany and middle school and some of the students are still here on
6:01 pm
their way home. this story just broke within the last hour and will bring you more coming up. >> ithe middle school teacher some body was found. this is a developing story. we're in samaras the on it was somewhere down on a family member's home that authority stated that they received a call about 10:30 a.m. this morning that the family member stated that they found his body dead inside of his vehicle. i just spoke with alameda county sheriff's. this is what he had said. >>they found a person who had apparently committed
6:02 pm
suicide. he left messages that indicated to him that. are there any details? is that a part of that investigation? this is all part of the investigation and anything that was found in the car is a part of the investigation. can use if it was a gun? was it any other visible signs? is just a matter that was consistent with someone who would commit suicide. there was no firearm involved. that is correct. we found out who he was wheat immediately notify the alameda police the party because we knew they had a pending case. >> in his car was told here
6:03 pm
and has been impounded as part of the investigation. an autopsy will be performed tomorrow on the body. reporting live to reach syrria kron 4 to >> in this is downtown pleasanton where you said live pitcher near record temperatures. it has been as high as zero hundred and two degrees in pleasanton. it is still really high at 6:00 p.m.. jacqueline bandit is a modern trend all of these temperatures. we will definitely see high temperatures for one more day. if you really do not like the heat you will not have to deal with it much longer. we did hit the triple digits and in livermore. it was still very very warm in san
6:04 pm
francisco and 90 degrees this after known. it was 90 degrees in oakland 94 in san jose. there was no escaping the heat no matter where you work. as we head into tomorrow will have another hot day. the temperatures will be warm even at 8:00 a.m.. it will quickly get into the 90s by noon. as we head into the 3:00 hour will hear a another widespread of 80 degrees. even the '70s along the coastline. i will have details on the weekend weather and a few minutes. >>an amtrak train leaves oakland and then gets hit by a big semi truck. the train left about 7:30 a.m. this
6:05 pm
morning heading to bakersfield. when did got to do. it take a look we have some video from the same period to a 5 transit be railed and the third partially 1 derail. most of the passengers had bruises and broken bones but nothing serious. if this was about 12:30 p.m.. more than a hundred and 50 were on board and the officials is investigating to how the semi truck hit the train. we will continue to follow this developing story. she checke. >> in the us coast guard
6:06 pm
along with a respite rescue team. for men riding in a foot fishing boat left rmarine s about a mile north of pigeon boat when it was hit by a large wave and capsized. all four kron into the water and two of them were wearing life jackets. the other two men are still missing. the two that made it a sure and the two that are missing names have not been released. there are still searching the area. the san matell team is still looking
6:07 pm
for the missing fishermen. >>the woman accused of killing a bay area nursing student. she murdered the lady because she roland her relationship with her child's father. this happened back in may in 2011. during opening statements the district attorney described the case as as guests a case of heated passion. the prosecutor talked about every move this woman has made within the past two years. they know what she said and where she was set when she said it. they have photographs and videos with
6:08 pm
audio and witnesses. it will be extremely critical to state that this was premeditated. this was a crime of passion for of the moment. this will be incredibly hard to convince the jury. court officials are stating that this may take up to a month before it is handed over to a jury. >>new tonight at 6:00 p.m.. and man was arrested because he has information about two bank robberies. there stating that he entered the bank back in september and he is linked to another roar gray and a san jose bank on august 28th. they stated that they found information his hotel room. he is being held or are more recharges. >>the move comes after
6:09 pm
lawyers stated that to psychiatrist should examine him estate what his. he has been charged with seven counts of murder and seven counts of attempted murder. he is being held without bail. >>and back to our he way i heat. just a little bit every degree accounts. back to our sign here. it is 95 degrees in mission plaza. with a triple digits in pleasanton hardly anyone wanted to sit
6:10 pm
outside. it was about a hundred and two degrees. and walnut creek it was pretty high but not unbearable. shoppers stayed cool whip iced drinks and in the shade. a swim in the bay did the trick with no-fault and sighed. everybody is outside. so back out here live is 95 degrees in pleasanton. his ship cool off just a bit but i know what a lot of people have their air conditioners on. pam enjoy it or hate it while it lasts. >>coming of age she plows into a florida home. the
6:11 pm
host of next year's oscars is revealed him to tell you who the person is. slavery is just around the corner.
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>>they do a lot of
6:15 pm
humanitarian and relief work. during fleet work this is where you can see the past mix with work. this is the only time you can, board. visit our web site at kron 4 dot com. >>in in national news in florida a jeep crashed into a bad loan. two people who were sleeping in the bedroom at the time were hurt but that will be ok. they are stating that the driver may have been drunk and speeding at the time. >>they have been practicing takeoffs and landings on sunday. the suspects fell from the sky and hit a tree
6:16 pm
they both died on to sing. >>bowls stand your ground and fight back. will assume that this is the woman will steered a bear away by just screaming at him. there are stating that if the bear does not go away you can use a stick or pepper spray. >>in world news a california man made an islamic fem. they are offering $200 for any one who confined and murder this person. this low budget fm has sparked a lot
6:17 pm
of violence in the museum world. bay offer $100,000 for anyone who would kill him. >>their is a lot of young couples who wanted to join this ceremony. today is a national holiday in china and most ceremonies are expected. >>it has been as stifling hot day to day. we are seeing clearing skies with no fall then typefog in sight. n the south bay is about 92 degrees. it is 85 in san francisco of this hour. as
6:18 pm
we look into tomorrow we will see temperatures in the '80s and '90s for the most part. on wednesday we will start to cool down. on thursday temperatures will drop down to the '60s and '70s. tomorrow afternoon it would be another hot afternoon. 93 and sunday della and 98 in morgan hill. inland valley will be about a hundred degrees. it will be 99 at antioch. we will seek 85 in oakland and 90 in hayward. for the coast line the temperatures will cool down for several degrees. 74 in ocean beach and we should see temperatures back into the 60s by tomorrow evening.
6:19 pm
in the north bay will be still pretty hot. 94 in san rosa. as we head into the rest of the week which will be welcoming fleet week. we will see the blue angels friday, saturday and sunday. temperatures will be cool for the afternoon and will not be very hot like last weekend. >>if you take a look at our extended forecast it will be cooler on wednesday. we will have the clouds in the morning and sunshine and afternoon. remember you can get the latest forecast on crime for comcast 193. we will be right back
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stealth may farley it will host the academy awards. i think they can expect the less like what the family guy. farley may not be a household name but he is well-known in the industry. he kohl wrote the movie ticket. >>a dell will be singing the theme song for a movie. it will debut on her web site. the movie is still edgers next month. >>lindsey local hand as stating that she was a salted. . is with the gop
6:24 pm
can a dead and he looks pretty chubby. lohan is stating that he was in her hotel room and that he took pictures of her. she stated that things got physical and that they both are countersuing. >>you can catch all of your news right here on the we can follow by entertainment and -730
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6:26 pm
6:27 pm
and police are looking for people. apple apologize for its new operating system and now there is a new problem that have customers angry. >>temperatures in the '90s
6:28 pm
for all the areas. there is more heat for tomorrow. dan hurd: when i was a child, california was a leader in education funding.
6:29 pm
erika derry: and the fact that california isn't making it a priority frustrates me. dan hurd: i'm ashamed of that, and i don't want this to continue for my daughter. brenda kealing: prop 38 is going to bring a lot of money to our schools. suzan solomon: the money stays at the school site. cade derry: what i would really like to see is that the teachers... that were laid off come back to the school. navaz hurd: a smaller class size. navaz hurd: as a mom i want that. as a teacher i want that. prop 38 is an opportunity of a generation. and endless salad bar for $11.99. we start with tri-tip that's cut fresh daily, add in seasonal salads, soups, and sweet treats. sizzler.
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>>today marks the 10th edition for air day. you will see where temperatures are still in the '90s at this hour. people all over the bay area are encouraged to car pool and thieu's bikes or other transportation. we are trying to figure on how long will will have a hot weather. >>this afternoon we did see some triple heat. was he more into tomorrow. today was 101 in santa rosa and
6:31 pm
100 and livermore. other wise we were in the '90s near everywhere. it was 91 in oakland and 82 and have fallen bay. as we move into tomorrow was see a another hot day. no fall expected. it will be sunshine and still hot. we will see a cooling trend as we head into the rest of the week. we will see a lot of '90s in the south bay and upper 90s in the inland valley. it will be a reason nine days in the shore. we will see nine days in the north bay. let's look at our extended forecast.
6:32 pm
>>in pleasanton temperatures were in triple digits. let's take a look at this time. temperatures are in the upper 90s and it is a hot day. it was a blast of heat in october. >>input and albany james as soi was accused. he was found dead. a lot of the students were shot. >>continuing our coverage the body of a zoo miyazaki was found. a family member
6:33 pm
fog called authorities and they came outside and found james inside of his car. he was apparently dead due to suicide. they're setting that a letter was found in his car. here at the alameda county courthouse in the people versus the one accused of killing a nursing student. the prosecutor is stating that it was jealousy turned into out session. this is extra ordinary profit vocation. >>in an vallejo officials are stating that a fire that started at the mayor's office was intentionally set. there have been other acts of vandalism. he
6:34 pm
believes that this is part of his job being mayor and that he will not step down. he is stating that he will not be intimidated by any cowardly acts. >>here in san jose police are reporting is first homicide over a month. police responded early sunday that a brawl that involved 30 people. they discovered that one man was fatally stabbed. there were 30 individuals and whether it was a brawl or not it is still undetermined. the victim was described as a male adult and this is the 34th homicide in 2012. >>along the san mateo shore line the rescue team is looking for two men who came
6:35 pm
of missing. four men were fishing in a boat when a wave capsulize the bow to that were wearing vests were able to swim ashore and two of them are still missing. one helicopter along with a rescue team are still searching for these two men. >>here is stanley roberts to fans some people behaving badly. >>this is because you allow your friends to bury you in the sand. but do not worry your dog will get you out. she checked i love it when the bay area gets hot because everyone heads to the beach no point intended. this is a good time for people watching and it is also a the time for something else. tonight that
6:36 pm
they will hang out at ocean beach where i found out that when the weather gets warm i find people who behave badly. >>it has not been a good week for apple. apple apologize for glitches in this new iphone 5 operating system with their maps. now there is a data sucking above. >>apple's iphone 5 cannot seem to catch a break the i o s six is slow and inconsistent. apple issued an apology but a new problem has put a lot of users over their data usage. verizon stated that some of their eye phones were using data even though it was connected to y 5. one user hit his leverage in six days and
6:37 pm
stated that he was connected to what 5. this typically means extra charges. verizon is stating that they will correct this. it is not fair that if other carriers were affected. at&t customers reported this problem as well. this line of the unhappy iphone customers is growing. >>
6:38 pm
you're on timeout leo! some things won't last 25 years. ah! woof! some things will.
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6:40 pm
some things won't last 25 years. ah! woof! some things will. >>fleet week started back and 1908. it arrived after a 14 month tour around the world. the event now honors all of those who protect us
6:41 pm
overseas. the blue angels will be here. we will have all kinds of ships at the water front. most of them are passenger ships and some of them are recreational. i hope that you will stop and wellcome. >>fleet week allows the city to training. it will be torn of the ships and watching the air shows. there'll be music and futon on r the military. >>in 1 above most exciting of the year. blue angels liven sponsored by a jeep and we will bring you the sights and sounds live. kron
6:42 pm
4 blue angels live is on saturday october 6th at 3:00 p.m.. >>coming up next 40 niners coach jim harbaugh will be tal abou half and deltalks about handing the new york jess their worst loss of the season. >>
6:43 pm
6:44 pm
6:45 pm
the essays made the coliseu a place toakland a's mae coliseum to place to be. that oakland a's can
6:46 pm
actually win the division if they sweep the raiders the next two games whether or not they win tonight. >>a little more clarity to where we are. and we know that if we win today will get to the post season. this is our main concern. >>we have nine innings of baseball and we will see how that goes. >>mr. oakland bay is so knowledgeable. hi joe. >>i have a question for you that if the oakland a's clinched a playoff spot do they have what it takes to win the american league? >>
6:47 pm
i think that if the team gets into the postseason that they do have reason to celebrate. i do know that there is champagne here but i do not know of the will pop open tonight. >>ethics is hard to say but if they do get into the postseason that will celebrate. the mvp who will that be? >> i think you've hit on the right to guys. i will go with josh riddick still because it has been an ensemble who. it is hard to overlook radix stacks. when they started they had no idea who that person would be. the middle of the lineup has really improved than
6:48 pm
last year. i will go with the josh read it because he can win a glove. >>is there anything that you come. to why this team does what no team in recent memory has done? >> it is kind of cliche to say that they never give up. this has been the case for this team even when they have lost. they have made a big comeback. they have been blown out a lot of games but i think there is just a belief that they are not really out of the game. it is just their mentality.
6:49 pm
>>i do not think so. they have the pie and the whip cream ready. i think this team is a good bunch. it is a natural extension to how they feel after a game. the only time i think it gets old as if they have had if you gas where they've blown a 9 point lead. most of their wall off wins have been pretty dramatic. >>16,000 friday night is low 20s. that oakland as stated that rather be in san jose.
6:50 pm
that has got to be a part of ed it hasn't been the giants or the yankees or white sox. they just have had a problem with drawn. on mondays and tuesday nights they hardly ever draw good here. if they can go until when said with a chance to clinch the season that will probably get up to 30,000. in it is a concern of all the attendance has been. >>have you ever saying 18 or know of a team that is playoff down with four rookie pitchers? >> know i cannot think of that. this is probably why these guys would like to get him back after an injury.
6:51 pm
>>will melt them be the manager of the year? >> all i can tell you is that if i had a manager of the year he would not give my vote. if i look at the expectations then i will have to say that his job has been a no- brainer and as he would deserve the award. >>you are done in your not be up and you both. have you talked to anyone about the was some electronic media? >> i enjoyed doing it but i may have to make some phone calls. c.j. do not let this go to your head. >>keeping up and i hope you have a nice run in the
6:52 pm
playoffs. >>in giants try to eliminate the dodgers from the wild card race. the big interests is about san francisco. tim will start prior to the game tonight. mass will be starting. we do not know if you will be cincinnati or the washington nationals. >>t 40 were the forty- niners that great and was the jets that bed? >> smith was fine but when you win 34 to nothing. carlos rogers
6:53 pm
put the game to sleep. jim harbaugh should be in a good mood today. >>our defense turn them. both players and head coach. every guy play within the framework of the defense. they hustled all-out plays rough tackling and certain guys to a man. they did a great job. >> ñóñó vo: for years, sacramento politicians have chopped away funds for our schools.
6:54 pm
6:55 pm
6:56 pm
today, we're forty-seventh out of fifty in per-pupil funding. now these politicians say unless we send more tax dollars to sacramento,
6:57 pm
they'll cut education again. here's a new approach. prop thirty-eight sends billions in new education dollars straight to our local schools, and guarantees the politicians can't touch it. thirty-eight will restore the education cuts from sacramento. so remember this number. thirty-eight.
6:58 pm
arnold schwarzenegger's new affair confessions. today, is he being fuelled by fame? >> we take you inside his new york book signing.
6:59 pm
>> i'm kevin frazier. >> i'm brook anderson. "the insider" is on. >> it makes me look back. it was painful but necessary. >> pushing his new tell-all despite the fallout. >> he is horrible. he has no guilt, nothing. >> at arnold's book signing today. could an adduction to fame be behind this? >> he is ready to sacrifice his family at the alter of fame. >> our interview with brigitte nielsen while he was living with maria.


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