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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  October 7, 2012 8:00pm-9:00pm PDT

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(male announer) live from the kron 4 news station, this is the kron 4 news. fas >> record gas prices. skyrocketing. the california governor is demanding an explanation. within days, they have risen 505 in some areas. race track in san francisco. $4.73. $4.57. san jose, the average equals $4.65. the experts are saying that it could get to $4. governor jerry brown is immediately following
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refineries to produce the winter blend gasoline. this could increase our supply by 10 percent. the purchase is right now for the winter blend is not usually sold until november. right now, we are still on the summer blind. the governor is wanting to make sure that the relief is under way. we are still on the summer- land. >> we need more days like this in san francisco. >> locals, tourists, enjoy it the mild weather. maureen kelly showed how these crowds commit big box. made- big dollars. for >> checkup these people for chrisy field. some are watching the chrisy field air show. and other at the water for the america's cup racing. and two of the big draws on sunday. hundreds of
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thousands are flocking to the city. using public transportation to. bart had a new record. 320,000 purchasing tickets. and sunday is also expected to also be huge. great news. >> 60% of our passengers pay for a ticket purchased. when there is a huge rider ship. it benefits everybody. >> a lot of money was exchanging hands at the castro district. green for gold beer. cold-a-beer. and also, cash for charity like " cheer us up ". and they were having great luck fourth donation solicitation. >> this is great. >> the parents of sanchez elementary to a good vantage of the crowd by charging $20. for parking on the
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schoolyard. that money will help fund a field trip. the $1,500 is what we're hoping. >> and look at the restaurants. gathering to watch the italian heritage parade. the owner of this north beach restaurant saying that it is a good day. >> everybody will get together and have fun. we need more days like this in san francisco court >> maureen kelly, kron 4. >> the official number from bart. rider ship got to in new record. 319,000. it is usually 200,000. the final tally for the weekend will still be going forward. >> the giants against the reds. perhaps a different story? >> right now it is the fifth inning. a bit of a down with
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the red hitting the home or for center field. with a solo shot. and a three-run and forth. right now, it is fourth inning and not a good night for madison baumgartner. however, a strong contingent at at&t park. and who fois looking for fans of all ages. >> let's go giants! >> there is a giant youth group at san francisco. not just at the field but also for at&t park and in the stands. >> i love baseball. >> i am not going to give up. i am going to be indebted to the world series. >> the game to and world series. >> they had signs. >> and it has a giant panda everywhere >> 11 year-old zachary taylor and his family are driving down from roseville.
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before he caught that free game there is an autographed he wanted to talk about the confidence that he had with the giants. despite the cincinnati reds. >> just of the new traits, acquisitions. i think that we are going to get it with the new trades. >> did the first game who worry you? >> no. >> fans say that this is not going to be easy but it is tied. with ohio for the next final three games. >> of the fans are going to be loud. and loyal and cheerful. >> the fans have not had much to cheer about. get this. the starter is throwing a no-hitter. the fourth inning. the giants need base hits to avoid losing the first two games. if you saw detroit today? with the oakland athletics losing to the
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detroit tigers. it is too-0 for their series. and it is too-0 for the series for the oakland athletics against the detroit tigers. and the giants will play the rest of these games in cincinnati. reporting live, kron 4 cured >> still time. gary radnich will be here tonight but also our focus is on the fans. and the biggest baseball fan might not have the giants chance. reggie has more for these illusive giants tickets. >> after searching craigslist cannot find tickets for the giants. fans like claudio came to at&t park one or before the game could to try to get tickets at $90 each. >> hopefully it will happen. and we can get in there. >> certainly i get the shirt
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and everything hopefully that i can make it in there. >> are you going to purchase from a scalper? >> i'm not going to say that i would not spend $45. because it is very unpredictable. >> are you desperate and not to use a scalpel? >> and others did not use a scalper. are you dustbin of to use a -- ticket scalper? >> some found a pair of tickets from a friend of mine. >> i had a friend call unexpectedly yesterday and said do you want tickets? but i still had to pay. but it was the best experience, ever. we are very, very excited. >> i received an e-mail from the giants and they said that we have gotten tickets in the past. if you want to enter a lottery for the playoffs? i said, sure. and i received a confirmation e-
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mail. to be able to purchase the ticket and i was able to get all online. only 10 minutes but i was able to get them. >> reggie kumar, kron 4. >> the blue angels were across the san francisco. it wrapped up fleet week festivities with several stunts. golden gate bridge, alcatraz and thousands were lining the waterfront. to watch the pilots press each of the of eight teen cornets. to the limit. >> and you can see those blue skies but we did have some fog at the golden gate. for most of this afternoon. temperatures at the bay were cooler with the 60s for the san francisco. 60s in richmond, oakland, hayward. 73 degrees. there is a weather system offshore. it is going to impact our weather for much of this week. clouds, tuesday,
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wednesday and also some cooler temperatures. and we will have to watch for that week and the giants, city hall. lighting up tonight and for this evening. decreasing, low clouds after midnight. tomorrow, we will start off with cloudy conditions and those will clear by 8:00 a.m.-11:00 a.m. as the go for tomorrow afternoon a mixture of sunshine and high clouds. those high clouds will be from that weather system. and tuesday could even see showers. the rest of your forecast, coming up. >> coming up cold weather is not an excuse to keeping you active for the winter season. and it is coffee that the keeping you going but how many could put your eyesight at risk
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>> welcome back. president obama and will be in the bay area with legend, john legend will be also making a musical appearance. $100.7000 $500 with a photo opportunity with the president. and also, the only vice-presidential debate if they are preparing. politicians from both parties are getting ready on who will
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>> they're getting ready to head out for the debate. and i think it is important joe biden is incredibly gifted when it comes to debating and understanding politics. >> after all, is poor showing in denver against mitt romney. democrats are provided on joe biden. -vice president joe biden will know exactly what is going on he is in touch with the american people. i am just hopeful. that ryan will tell the truth. >> the former debate coach give his opinion on how it will go. >> i am sure that joe biden got a phone call from the white house that said. we did not go after governor romney as much as zero you have to turn up the heat. i think both men will be both their repaired. >> he says that he will be
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ready. >> i am looking afford. >> both will be in place for domestic issues is the only vice presidential debate before the election. christina, kron 4. >> the next presidential debate is in new york. joe biden and gop hopeful will take the stage for their first and only debate on thursday. you can watch that go to our new channel. comcast 193 for the latest news, weather and traffic updates and to watch all the presidential speeches. uninterrupted. and on digital 4.2. >> is really a military -- from israel. this was caught on heard military surveillance. you can see that this was the first time to resist a hostile aircraft that has penetrated israeli air space in six years. it is not clear who launched that drone. however, this group has sent crones before.
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>> demonstrators in spain with an unemployment rate of nearly 25%. the government is hoping that government spending could help reduce the deficit. the financial well being will help the stability of the bureau. it is a larger economy for the euro. >> here is a look at the bay bridge. mostly clear skies but high clouds. those high clouds are making its way to the weather system that are offshore. and making some changes with the form of cooler temperatures. additional cloud coverage and the chance for showers. right now, temperatures are in the 50s. and more mild in redwood city. san jose and futurecast. looking at
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clouds that weather system is finally getting closer to the west coast. by tomorrow we will see some showers but those are sting to the north of ukiah. for tuesday, they will be sitting to the north on ukiah. notice, that rainfall will be offered shore. and towards the central coast and eventually out of california we could see some straight, spotty showers on tuesday. perhaps even on wednesday with a stray showers. finally pressing out on thursday. temperatures will be cooler with 60s, 70's. san jose, santa clara, 69. look for 60s and low 70's for the east bay. the warmer areas will be in los 70's, antioch. mid 60s near the
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bay. san francisco will be just in the upper 50s. a little bit cooler to oakland, the north bay valleys are just in the mid upper 60s. here is the seven day. with a mixture of clouds and sunshine it is not completely cloudy. we will see sunshine and a few showers possible. i cannot be venting that we will see traces of an inch. by thursday. on friday, the forecast models showing another system that could produce rain. friday, saturday. as a reminder, your kron 4 7 day around the bay go to our new channel. comcast 193 for the latest news, weather and traffic updates and to watch all the presidential speeches. uninterrupted. and on digital 4.2. >> the fbi saying that the number of laser pointers is reaching epidemic levels. these could climb up to 3700 by the end of 2012. that is 1000 increase from 2005.
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these could temporarily blind pilots. people that intentionally do this could even face prison time and financial fines. >> if you're having more than 3 c. it could be increasing your risk of glaucoma. a certain type of glaucoma exfoliation glaucoma will increase if you have more than 3 c. per day. other caffeinated drinks were not found to have that result. researchers say that the still need to confirm the findings of this study. >> coming up illegal dumping caught on tape in oakland. i will show you what is being done and the video in the next edition of people behaving badly .
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(male announcer): now, here's stanley roberts who found people behaving badly. >> stanley: you have to get out with binoculars. >> these are three men dumping furniture in broad daylight. in fact it is it is this was shot 83 concerned resident and it has been turned over to the public works. and the oakland police department. besides it was in the middle of the day at 2:55 these guys were so brazen. not one but two different patrol vehicles right here. this 3 includes tables,
8:25 pm
couches, mattresses they all went back into the vehicle and drove away. this is under the 580 freeway. according to neighbors it is popular for dumping. the neighbor was able to get the license plate. but get this they believe that this person is just a few doors down. that cadillac has been parked there for several weeks. i know the name of the owner and it is registered out of union city. residents of oakland were anybody has been trashed. it is time to take a stand. grab your phones, cameras and document people with no respect. let us put an end to this illegal dumping. if you want to help? if you
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have a comment or story idea for stanley, you can email us at m >> a commercial supply ship is on its way to the international space station. >> 3, 2, 1. >> the california-based company launched an unmanned rocket from cape canaveral, today. it is carrying a dragon capsule wi1 lb. and thousand pounds o1,000 lbs. of equipment with even ice-cream! a $6 billion between nassau. and this will reach the orbital lab on wednesday. -$1.5 billion -- deal with nasa. >> sports director, gary radnich will be abouback with sports and also records
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paramount >> we are looking at brien. and you are wearing black. perhaps we are wondering what is going on with baseball. >> justin verlander when the series returns it went to five games. everything is going to try its way. and it put the a's 1-nothing. and a couple of stolen bases here, there. brandon lost to right field and coco. and garcia. branded-moss -- and
8:30 pm
what would have been to- nothing. two-one = a's in the seventh. coco crisp getting the late break and here is the game. he tried to make the willie mays. with two-running scores. and showing that down. and they got a break. that wild pitch. after stealing a base the game was tied at 3. josh put it this ahead. and the eight inning, 4-3 = oakland athletics. however once again, at the bottom of the drug would come right back. and ryan ryancook and kelly scored making it 5-4. and take a look at this, vicki. al albuquerque kisses
8:31 pm
the ball. and i guess that in baseball, they were upset about it. with a 0-2. none the less, and here is the 84 mentioned. the sacrificed. and the a four-mentioned. and that real strong suit. with five-four = detroit. they come home. let us hear from the manager. bob melvin on cocoa crist. >> he breaks back. as he recovers, on coco crisp. -- covering ground and he obviously until you try to make that play. it balances. and he made up a basket catch. and it popped out of his belglove. >> they are an amazing team. their managers are tough. the players are tough. we have a long way to go. this is a nice win for us but we
8:32 pm
have a lot of work to. we have fellowship and a great game. >> wednesday, thursday, necessary for game 5. and a wild season for the oakland a's with improbable things. you lose the couple of things. >> we have the energy and oakland. and >> what i hate. is when i am doing the sports. and all i can hear is brian and sang wrap it up. >> we're happy to have you in here. and he is -- san saying. >> and jim harbaugh, the message. losing-for-nothing in the sex. and jim hall raw. rolling more offensive than any team on the forty- niners and history. and
8:33 pm
buffalo 10-3. here is alex smith to michael crabtree. 113 yds. this score and as we mentioned, in the history of 49ers football. they have never recorded 621 total yards it just keeps going on and on frank this running back one-for-one hundred and receivers. going over one. with 51 yds. from close range he had 106 total. rushing. brian fitzpatrick is going to throw it and buffalo is not very good. the 49ers once again living like the class of the leak alex smith to mario. with 18-24. 303 yds. with the backup quarterback. and who is the most popular guy in
8:34 pm
the newsroom? when the the. respect. for brian and aitken. they did not even want to cut into his time. anny, 49-3. anyway -- >> that is beautiful about being the th bay area spasports fan. >> and i got up at 9:00 a.m. to what and it was heartbreaking. >> did you see where you were getting up or just to or justin? ? >> and i wish that i could be vicki. >> on that note, let us go over to brian. and look at that la [laughter]
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>> is it time for me yet? [laughter] a beautiful night. there is a little bit of fog to the golden gate. and there are clouds increasing for tonight and tomorrow. as we start out for partly cloudy skies with sunshine. between 8:00 a.m.-11 and as we go for the afternoon a mixture of sunshine and high clouds. that is a weather system that is offshore. getting closer on tuesday bringing showers and also making for cooler temperatures. here is futurecast. how notice 70's are shrinking. the warmest areas are just around 70's and then advancing towards tuesday. that yellow completely disappears. the entire bay area will see 50s and 60s. a cool day. with
8:36 pm
clouds and a possible spotty showers. thursday, mostly sunny skies and there is another system on friday. we will talk more about that, coming up. police and hercules are trying to figure out what motivated this killing in a peaceful neighborhood. she was found in her own blood. the killer drove off with the victim's car if anybody in the area saw anything suspicious. or spotted her car over the weekend? it is a 2011 subaru out idaho license plate. they say that they found her body after she did not pick up her husband from the oakland airport. she died from a traumatic injury. they do not know if this was random were targeted. >> the mother of a man who was hit and killed from a new york police car saying that she was kille--she was
8:37 pm
billed for the damage to the cruiser. >> and they say that they saw him stealing. during the pursuit, he went into a coma. the mother got a bill for over a $700 to fix the police car. the mother plant on selling the city. >> this deadly shooting on early saturday morning this student at the university of south alabama was shot after he rushed officers. he said that he was naked. students woke up to the news. and they did not know why he would do something like this. several students on campus are questioning if deadly force was really necessary. they had the weapon drawn as shots were fired. university police are undergoing an internal investigation.
8:38 pm
>> this pharmacy has been pinpointed with the deadly meningitis outbreak. what has been done to put this to an end. and also a gunfight between two different guborder patrol agents that left one person dead. ñgñg
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8:40 pm
c'mon now more on the deadly meningitis that is killed seven people. --more. they have issued a voluntary recall. of all of the products beat lead compound center that they have been taking extra precautions. health officials say they're ripping 90 confirmed cases of meningitis. a union spokesperson saying that an agent killed last week opened fire on two fellow agents. this happened in arizona. the border patrol thought that they were armed smugglers. they were killed when they returned fire. and they are not saying if that dead agent shot first.
8:41 pm
>> three people are still in hospital after that canadian tour bus when it overturned on a new jersey interstate. a total of two dozen people were injured. they are still trying to figure out what caused. this happened after a car cut him off. >> this accident in china. the damage and debris. >> a nice one from the day. we had temperatures into the '60s and '70s. changes we had temperatures into the '60s and '70s. changes coming up. ♪ [ male announcer ] the first only the beginning. ♪ ♪ introducing a stunning work of technology. ♪
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about once a month. last time i was at a gas station was about...i would say... two months ago. i very rarely put gas in my chevy volt. i go to the gas station such a small amount that i forget how to put gas in my car. [ male announcer ] and it's not just these owners giving the volt high praise. volt received the j.d. power and associates appeal award two years in a row. ♪ >> this massive security barrier is on the west bank. between palestinians and attention to between christians. here is more.
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>> christians say this procession has been taking place on this path for 180 years. this is near bethlehem however next year there could be stopped in their tracks if israel continues its planned for this massive security barrier. this concrete wall being erected is a palestinian christian town is supposed to go to the land. impacting 50 families and separating a monastery from the convent. >> this wahl is one thing but christians this-- walll this is what israel needs us to do. just leave us this land. this land is not yours is for the jewish people. >> george saying that if that is complete his family will have to obtain permission from israel to access their own land and olive trees and more
8:45 pm
palestinian families will have to do the same. this is being built for one purpose and one purpose only which is security. >> it is important to remember that before the waves of terror. over 1000 lives. there is no need to persecute and dece sense that barrier has gone up, they go back to their normal lives. >> in 2000, with intense clashes militants used this as a base to launch sniper attacks. the israeli military responded. wrap are rd another jewish settlement. >> the real reason is that the war is to take the land. and to put together the two colonies. it is not a security reasons. >> the international committee considering this illegal under international
8:46 pm
law. something is real disputes. in the holiest place of christians the christian population is steadily shrinking. this father is contending that this is part of the isreali conflict. he and his parishioners argued that the ever growing wall is a crude attempt to keep up palestinians by building up borders that making it impossible. they countered that claim is saying that it has been proven effective against terror attack. they say it is down by 90%. in any case. >> every inch is open of the fence and many portions of the barry had been of use. there have been successful penetrations of palestinians. -- of that fence. >> so far they of sicker that stop order the final decision is still pending in court. so far -- that stop- order. and they're hoping
8:47 pm
for help from another court. on friday, they gathered between these trees on this land they are fighting for. and with the divine intervention. cnn and on the west bank. >> this explosion in china killed three firefighters with a tanker on its side with an explosion. seventh damaged cars and firefighters and fire trucks were impacted. the cause is still under investigation on this freeway. >> and this carrying hydrochloric acid leaked onto the road in china. the driver noted that something was wrong and a few moments later his car was hit. the crews are ride on the scene. before and there were able to contain. >> a nice day. you can see
8:48 pm
at&t park. the rest of the bay and the harbor with blue skies and nice weather for the giants. the 49ers, the blue giants and hardly the bluegrass festival. also not bad. although some clouds on the coast and right now taking a look at the bay bridge. notice that flag with that sea breeze bringing in some cooler temperatures. 50s. san bruno, 60s and the same in the saratoga. and if you how high clouds for tonight. mainly for the south bay. that is the head of a weather system that is offshore for this evening. it has been spinning around. not really moving at all. it is continuing to stay in place. however is starting to show some signs of moving to the east. towards the bay area. coming up on tuesday.
8:49 pm
it is going to take a while for this system to get to northern california. it is moving slowly. look for increasing clouds especially on tuesday. a chance for showers just spotty. it does not look like a big rainmaker by any stretch. just a few showers tuesday, wednesday. and finally departing on thursday. here is futurecast. looking at that offshore storm. here is that rainfall on to the green and it is slowly making its way towards the west coast. monday, some showers beginning to develop a note north of ukiah it will not impact us. some high clouds for tomorrow. that will press with clouds in creasing on tuesday. and maybe some sprinkles but notice, these temperatures will stay over the heavier rainfalls will stay over the ocean on tuesday, wednesday.
8:50 pm
basically clouds and a few sprinkles along with cooler temperatures. cooler for tomorrow. '60s and '70s for the south bay. in the east bay, that is the warmest it will get. 60s along the bay. san francisco, 60 degrees in oakland. 50s at the coast. with your 7 day around the bay. tuesday and wednesday will be similar because of this system is moving so slowly. the increase in clouds and some spotty showers. a break for thursday and another system on friday that could bring the chance of rainfall as we get closer to the weekend. you can always get your kron 4 7 day around the bay go to our new channel. comcast 193 for the latest news, weather and traffic updates and to watch all the presidential speeches. uninterrupted. and on digital 4.2. >> companies are trying to revolutionize the world of printing. three-dimensional printing are almost available for home use for
8:51 pm
this amazing technology. >> can you see this paper this is what you think of with traditional printing. we went where to dimensional was a thing of the past. two dimensional -- three- dimensional " read a blueprint and you can download to a computer. and here is the one getting a lot of attention it is called form one is the detail. >> the detail allows us to to get much higher resolution. >> i'm going to get some intends to tell using this one. >> this uses a different process than most three- dimensional it uses light instead of heat. in general, this is still in motion. and tech talk. however, it could becoming mainstream. they opened up a retail store in
8:52 pm
new york city. the devoted to selling these printers. the replicate your 2 is faster if that could produce higher resolution. >> the rep decatur. -- this is a were fourth generation the "replicator" they have been printing for decades. however there are getting closer for household use. and and why you is using these four schools. >> there were able to print these and also put them on eight table at nyu that allowed the children to allow the flow of the river. >> the only print on plastic and it could even take hours to print. but they could spur innovation. >> if you want to go out and download drivers for your printer. >> let it is much cooler
8:53 pm
than this? >> yes. >> collusion with david blaine on his newest stunt. this is called the electrify. it has a shocking what was grandma's cold remedy? hi, primo! asopao! right, asopao! there you go cuz, so you can sweat it out! oh, and music... ( all ) music? ... heals the soul. the power to share unites us. verizon brings your entire family the savings of the share everything plan. unlimited talk. unlimited text. and data you can share with up to 10 devices, all in one plan. get the 4glte droid razr by motorola for $99.99. verizon. hi, sweetie.
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most paints have color that sits on the surface. but nothing beats benjamin moore's color lock technology that locks color right in, no matter how often you wash it. color lock technology. exclusively from your benjamin moore retailer. find your perfect color with a buy one, get one pint offer. visit >> thdavid blaine is telling people to shoot electricity
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from his fans. using computers and beijing, tokyo. they are able to control to see how much power and how much these coils are corrected. today is the last day of the three-day event. called " electrified ". if he is still alive? kualpala -- and i will have to go see the patriots, the jets, the blue angels, the final day and it was spectacular. however, there was some fog. >> at the golden gate i was not sure if it was going to impact on them. we will see more clouds and as we see this weather system getting closer. high clouds, temperatures in the '60s and '70s. >> that is going to be in it tonight.
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good night
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