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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  October 13, 2012 8:00pm-9:00pm PDT

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moment, sergeant fails stepped out on to the field and surprises everyone. his wife and children race over and leap into his arms. the whole stadium joins in giving him a (male announer) live from the kron 4 news station, this is the kron 4 news. behalf >> the giants viewer is sweeping the bay. they are getting ready for the the relief. fanatics are scrambling to get their hands on tickets and however, after buster posy hit the first base coach in the back of the head during batting practice. kelly was able to walk off the field
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and placed on a stretcher. his injury takes place one day before their opening the national championship against the st. louis cardinals. they are getting ready for the at&t park. and philippe? >> if you're going to fame why is fourth to feel the full list were as looks in downtown san francisco for you can find all of your favorite beer. there is a common have been if your hair orange, black and where it proud. >> you can see if more people purchasing giants here. >> fans say the cincinnati reds gave their giants a scare in the divisional series. san francisco came out on top. >> what are you going to get today? >> and looking for hats
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fjord >> been nearest clothing store and bolster that theme of orange and black on the sand was cardinals are in town. >> another we can do it again. >> oxford street designer men's wear has been on this street for 20 years. they have seen a pleasant surprise. >> they cannot put a percentage on it but he says that when the giants went so does the register. >> we need the economy to get better. >> the giants are helping? >> yes. it does not hurt that they are also contending for the super bowl. and san francisco, kron 4 >> giants fans lined up bright and early to try to get baseball tickets. but not everybody is going to be lucky enough. from at&t park. we have a team coverage for the demand of giants tickets.
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>> just one more data before the san francisco giants play the st. louis cardinals. the giants have been sold out for some time season-ticket holders. all of these tickets have been sold as well. >> you could go to find tickets online at $120 at stubhub .com and even $88,000! >> that is not going to happen. and even there were 400 tickets available. for tomorrow's game. on monday, there are open 7000 tickets at the same price range. >> there are pretty strong secondary prices. what you would expect are these two teams. it would be a
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difficult time to get. >> i enjoyed the sport more than anything. some people are willing to shell out that cash. >> we will have perfect seats at home. among the only advice for post season. >> just become a season- ticket holder. >> they can also get contingent tickets. for the world series. >> at&t park is difficult for the playoff game tickets. >> if they're willing to purchase online the the benefit of purchasing early is that your seat is secure before the market fell you. and if the game to not happened? but then then there is always a full refund. in san francisco. kron 4. >> it is not just the fans, the players are getting ready with preparations at at&t park. chip pierce. all the work that needs to be done. jeff pierce. nothing
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says post season and bunting of a major league park. and of course if it is says post season. saturday morning they were trying to get it at&t park for the park ready for game 1 of the national series. groundskeepers were meticulous of the cross. seats for post season was that standards have to be adhered to two. in the exact specifications. >> printing things towards the same color. it is more art than a science. they want a pact for this one. i have to make sure that you do not see a path. >> outside of the park every detail had to be
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attended to. >> it is like 2010. >> fans without tickets had to combine with the post- season baseball was going to be played. >> to make sure that everybody is here. so that we can be with the giants tomorrow. >> it should be a great game, a great series. >> you know it is post season. at at&t park, jeff pierce, kron 4 news >> of 40's rescue two dozen people from a boat after it struck a rock. authorities- year old address. what went wrong out on the bay near alcatraz. >> this is a 45-ft butcalled " neptune " had it over 20 people on board. with a 1 ft.-that flooded the boat with water. they rescued everybody and the vessel
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assessed told it to cells toledo. they are lucky that it cannot turn for the worse it towed it sausalito.. they were lucky before it sank. and fortunately nobody were injured how lucky were they? brugge were lucky. there were only flooding and mud compartment. and if they hit a little bit differently it could have been rolling over quickly >> the neptune is owned by the san francisco bay boat " cruise company. they are calling this a navigational error. they are going to repair the boat and have a back in service within one week. the owner of the boat company is going to take extra precautions during training so this does not happen again. the coast guard is also going to launch its own investigation on exactly what caused this accident. michael pelton, kron 4. >> this woman survives a tripping hit by a train in
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san francisco. a caltran said the woman was hit on the train tracks near 16th street. she is not been identified. 160 people on board. both sides of the trucks have reopened. they are now back to normal. >> sunny skies and mild temperatures for the bay area. that rain has moved to the east and warm up nicely. a look at the highs. 74 degrees in napa. and we got up to 70's and the sunnyvale. and livermore was one of the warmer spots. a live look from the bay bridge toll plaza. towards the east bay. some increasing clouds overnight but many 50s. and the 60s. 61 in san francisco and santa rosa at 62 degrees. mostly clear skies for tonight. lows and the '50s with some patchy fog. and into the bay but that is going to decrease by tomorrow afternoon. that
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warming trend will continue. nice and sunny. in fact, about seven degrees warmer. how long this warm weather will stick around and even 90's returning to the forecast. >> the latest on the colorado shooting suspect. and when hwhat more charges he is going to finance record, and also american airlines and the shuttle ♪ [ male announcer ] the all-new lexus es comes with a story still untold. ♪ places it will take you. ♪ dreams it will make come true. ♪ with technology and style to match your achievements and desires. ♪ the question is where will your new es take you? ♪ introducing the all-new lexus es. ♪
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>> welcome back. james
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holmes is facing 152 murder and weapons charges. >> american airlines can expect packed flights they are cancelled 31 flights per day. between now and november. there were scaling back the number of ticket sales for october but they have been dealing with financial and labor issues. american airlines saying that this will help keep the company caught up financially. >> you are looking at a live picture out of los angeles. this is on its way to the california science center. it is only going to m.p.h. through the streets of los angeles. it is going to m.p.h.only going the speed of 2 m.p.h. it is not only going
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to a ride until early monday morning. for the california science center. >> this triathlon we will talk about this moving actions from a group of soldiers. one boy was actions from a group of soldiers. one boy was allow[ male announcer ] citibank's app for ipad makes it easy for anne to manage her finances when she's on the go. even when she's not going anywhere. citibank for ipad. easier banking. standard at citibank. hi, primo!
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[ male announcer ] with citibank's popmoney, dan can easily send money by email right from his citibank account. nice job ben. [ male announcer ] next up -- the gutters. citibank popmoney. easier banking. standard at citibank. >> is almost time for round 2 for all, aunt mitt romney as the presidential candidate for the second debate and-mitt romney guard key issues. christine the reports. this next presidential debate is just a few days away in the next candidates are in preparation mode. mitt romney spent saturday at a hotel and ohio before a campaign event. >> his plan is quite different. if he were reelected there is no question that there would be
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higher taxes. the vice president voiced the truth. that taxes are going up by one trillion dollars. he is going to raise taxes on the middle class, small business and will make this commitment that i will not raise taxes on the middle class of america. (cheers & applause) the president obama took off for debate preparations. he focused on the auto industry. >> today the auto sales are on the highest that they have been good for, chrysler, and the auto industry has created one quarter of 1 million jobs right here. >> met ronnie is going to more weekend campaigning in boston. mitt romney -- and they will be meeting for the town hall style debate in new york city next week >> as a reminder go to our new channel. comcast 193 for the latest news, weather and traffic updates and to watch all the presidential speeches. uninterrupted. and on digital 4.2.
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>> this nice warm up for the bay area. mid 70's. and even better. tonight mostly clear skies. increasing clouds and then another nice day expected. tomorrow morning some fog along the coast and the bay. by the afternoon of that fog will return to the coast with sunny and even warmer. with a few degrees warmer than what we saw today. with your extended forecast that warming trend will continue for the week with exactly what we can expect with even 90's. first, by 10:00 a.m. fog along the coast. by noon, from santa rosa all the way to livermore. and even over the golden gate from san to the golden gate and san francisco. with mostly sunny skies and warmer temperatures for tomorrow.
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along the coast, less sunshine but that fog is expected to stay for the afternoon. tomorrows highs are going to be nice and sunny. 77 degrees in redwood city. 80s and sunnyvale, santa clara. 80s in campbell and los gatos, 83 degrees. milpitas and if you are in any of those inland locations. 80s and walnut creek. hayward, union city and san francisco you can expect mild conditions and it is going to be a bit cooler but still nice. 69 degrees in san francisco and cooler with 65 and ocean beach. 78 in napa. 76 degrees in santa rosa. some events. the san francisco 49ers are going to be played the giants at 1:15 mostly sunny but they're going to be a bit breezy so i suggest to bring a jacket. with the increasing cloud coverage.
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and some nice baseball weather if you're going to to the giants by tomorrow? 66 degrees at 5:00 p.m. and for tomorrow evening be prepared. for your extended forecast that warming trend will continue and it is going to be hot. tuesday, wednesday, thursday is going to be the warmest friday, a bit of a mild cool down. >> this woman in minnesota is suing the meningitis outbreak from the drug company. this could just be the first in a series of mini. >> do people believe you? >> of course. i think that if you have done something wrong and you should be answering for it. >> she is going to be presen f five years before that she is going to be filing a lawsuit against coast tainted extension injunct. she had emotional exces she
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requesting that this is a certified class action lawsuit because of negligence. >> just so everybody knows the want to get the message out that this company is now not taking your best interest at heart. >> the lawsuit is one year of being indicted for mortgage fraud. after three years her inner co- conspirators' sold 22 homes and inflated prices. she fumbled the price difference between how much the house seller received and what the purchase price was. she repeatedly created fraudulent documentations. there are people are going to wonder what is going on there. but one has nothing to do with the other. i was not hurt them but i heard now. >> it is not clear if she has meningitis but she has undergone tests. 14 people have died with the steroid
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injections. 14,000 people could have received those injections. >> this for both boyflorida boy this was in pensacola, he lost his leg to cancer. he completed this when his prosthetic leg broke. one marine that was helping saw what happened and picked him up and help damp finish the race. several other marines ran with them and it was a very inspiring sight to see. >> coming up we will spend some time at the bay bridge toll plaza. you will be surprised on this next edition of people behaving badly.
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(male announcer): now, here's stanley roberts who found people behaving badly. >> let us watch this woman and a black bmw she just figured out she might not have cash for the toll plaza. so with this cell phone sheet makes a dangerous maneuver she is perpendicular to oncoming traffic. just so she get over to the fast track lane. every now and again i like to visit the bay bridge to watch people with my camera. this guy but i am not driving. and i am often amazed on what i see. this
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lady. and yes, she is polishing her nails. and she even puts on a 5 and makes sure that she did a great job. and this woman is putting on face powder and this appears to be lipstick. i wonder what would happen if the air back suddenly inflated? from the looks of it. nobody got the memo for handsfree. this woman was waiting. and this must be driving a google self driven car. this man is driving a google using and tablet, and perhaps also using a phone. they are doing everything but not driving. i can tell you that it is not for catching roach's the
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approach clip. the next time you are stuck in traffic on the bay bridge and you have heard that there is a collision. remember this video and you probably will understand why. >> oh my gosh!, really. at the bay bridge toll plaza stanley roberts, kron 4 news. if you have a comment or story idea for stanley, you can email us at m take a look at this this woman takes out her frustration on a vending machine. police say that this was in north carolina. when she was angry she put a burning newspaper inside of it. she is facing two felony charges. she confessed that yes she was guilty. >> a mother bear and three cubs causing excitement in the washington state elementary. this administrator spot it these
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bears the school was on lockdown and there were able to be shippchased away. >> the shooting that targeted the and threaten to the presidential and officials are looking at possibilities of of voter fraud. and it is probably not a big surprise.
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>> colorado police are trying to figure out who fired this shot in denver. police for inside of the building but nobody was hurt. they are watching video surveillance. authorities have not seen any threats against this campaign office.
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>> it is 24 days until the election and there are two rock stars. to win ohio. they announced that bruce springsteen will appear with former president bill clinton. and springsteen is no stranger to politics. he helped out during the 20 08 comping and john kerry in 20 04. meanwhile, clinton has been one of the highest profile supporters. >> mitt romney had a rally of firing up supporters hope side of this hotel. this was a must stop for the hopefuls. george w. bush was there, john mccain and 2008. ohio is a key battleground state. and mitt romney kept his running mate from saying something that he might not have recorded. all right in this film ever getting off the plane. they
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were waiting with congratulations with a way to go. after the wife he pointed up at reporter over their head. as a reminder go to our new channel. comcast 193 for the latest news, weather and traffic updates and to watch all the presidential speeches. uninterrupted. and on digital 4.2. with just weeks to go before the election there are serious concerns about a republican voter registration and florida. election officials have found problems with 100 voter registration forms it all started and with this strategic allied consulting with criminal investigations for providing false registration balance at the palm beach of a spurt state and locals were through one
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cam autobus even though he denies any wrongdoing. at that time the republican had are given the $3 million for the republican party but they are severing ties. however is not the end of the story toward the top democrat is asking questions including weather or not he kept doing business under a different company. >> we want to look at the various contracts. that he has with these various entities and but he has contracted to do. >> the biggest question is who is paying. the republican party is not. shawn spicer of the republican national committee saying that they are not doing business with him or his companies. democrats pointed their tankers to the american crossroads promising to help republicans help when office. however, this was
8:33 pm
also going from 2010 from door-to-door outreach but has not worked with 2012. he has not returned overcalls or also not working with democrats. we have best for an interview but he has declined through his lawyer with this lawyer that he wants to keep this outside the realm of politics. and he is been cooperative with florida officials and the investigation of irregularities. >> it was very upsetting to me and members of our committee on the democratic side. we're very upset about it because it is unusual for us to have this investigation. to say that i'm not going to cooperate with you. i'm not going to provide documents and i'm not going to appear. >> although there has been no request for interviews he has spoken to fox news. here
8:34 pm
is what he said about the investigation. >> what they will find is that our company had a systematic control that look for people to cheat the system. when we found them we fired them and we've a paper trail that those people were fired and turned over to investigators for prosecution >> the new law in california is to register online has attracted 400,000 users in the first three weeks. this found that one-third of the 51,000 registered voters were under 26. and 2.5 times to register as democrats than republicans. and other political news michael bloomberg is using a portion of its billions to support same-sex marriage and maryland. he donated to one rickety thousand dollars.$250,0s
8:35 pm
is one of maryland voters will approve or reject the same-sex marriage act. >> let us go of side and take this live look from san francisco. city hall. mostly clear skies. san francisco, 60 degrees. 63 in vallejo. with warm temperatures. 68 in antioch. and 56 degrees in daly city. the highs today are nice it was warm all around the bay. with warm through the week. 76 and santa rosa. '70s in oakland and 73 in sunnyvale. that warming trend continues into more will be even warmer. patchy fog and temperatures will have to- seven degrees warmer. monday, even warmer. even more sunshine. that high- pressure is building into
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the bay area with warmer weather on the way. we are looking at nine degrees for the extended forecast. what we can expect for the giants and the forty-niners and what you can expect for the city for the rest of the week. >> doping allegations a lo against lance even the u.s. postal service former masseuse m. o'reilly. after what she was requested to do there is no doubt that he cheated. >> this with the 1990's and cycling that was the normal way of doing things. people were not on the program and who got results. and could lord how did that happen? >> what were you asked to do? >> he asked me to go to spain and pickup something that in the it from the doctor. that they could not get it to him. and i said ok. and i said to lance i
8:37 pm
said i would do with this once but to not tell me what it is. i do not want to know. >> lance armstrong denies the allegations but has decided to stop fighting the allegations. and just ahead kron 4 news will bring you the latest international news with the violent protests in egypt. supporters and critics of the new was president clash in the streets of cairo.
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>> on friday these protests turned violent. the worst was between proponents and opponents and supporters. 120 people were hurt. after egyptian political forces called a stance on justice. after his first 100 days of each office. streets were
8:40 pm
closed and thousands of critics threw rocks at each other. this court ruling is expected to draw a new constitution. they will choose his own team and that taliban is going to choo possibly be responsible for this blast. in pakistan. wounding 40 people. they believe that there was a anti-taliban portertaliban- this is continued to rise with no claiming responsibility of the pakistan taliban has seen similar attacks in the past. >> that 14 year old girl is hospitalized after defending right for girls to go to school. the activist is in critical condition. >> pakistan is have made in another set of arrests for the shooting of the 14 year- old. and this police chief
8:41 pm
just one hour south of where she was shot. three people in custody calling themselves bucs but it is not clear how there were linked to this incident. in the meantime she is still in critical condition at a military hospital. doctors are still monitoring the swelling in her brain but the good news is that revivals, pulse and blood pressure remain stable. in the meantime the top military spokesperson told cnn in graphic detail where exactly she was shot. >> she was hit on the left side behind the forehead. >> issue is directly shot in the head? >> issue was shot in the head and it traveled through here, the neck and went behind the shoulder. and was on the backbone. >> was a point blank. >> it was a point-blank shot. >> are you surprised that she is alive today?
8:42 pm
>> yes, everybody is surprised. >> was in a small caliber gun? >> yes. >> have you ever seen someone gets shot and the head with a 9 mm and survive? >> such cases are very rare. >> that is incredible are you shocked that she is alive today. >> i was also surprised. conductors' said that these coming days will before crucial for her recovery. the outpouring of support continues with prayer vigils and rallies expected on sunday. the biggest will be and karachi tens of thousands are expected to turn out. >> still to, the death toll keeps rising. the nationwide meningitis. we are learning more about the pharmacy linked to it all. >> today's high temperatures warm up nicely. and even warmer weather on the way toward what we can expect for your city, coming up
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been a federal health officials said the outbreak is now at 15. the cdc says that this has cost 197 people in 13 different states. california have yet to report any illnesses. this is from steroid shots from helping to treat back pain. it has been recalled but new questions. brien taught reports. >> cnn has linked these fatalities are not the first deaths from this new england composting center. 10 years ago a man from william cook, an injection of this steroid toward the documents that cn
8:46 pm
and obtained. it was made from this new england compounding pharmacy. the lawsuit is seeking $2.5 million. it was a contaminated bacterial meningitis from this batch. he passed away in 20 04. it was settled in court because of confidentiality would do not know if the company admitted wrongdoing. experts have questions about of the practices. >> it raises questions about their quality. >> the is an expert of quality at the university of maryland school of pharmacy. compound and pharmacy is supposed to work with doctors to make specific drugs for individual patients. some come bounding facilities crossed over. >> you can see when they are doing tens of thousands of units that they've crossed over from an individual prescription and individual
8:47 pm
pharmacists to manufacture more they are distributing that, widely. to all of these different states. the with those facilities are supposed to be regulated by the faa. but they never got federal approval to manufacture those drugs. >> that provokes a important questions. kennetif regulators had done tht could these current meningitis at least a and one in maryland have been prevented. >> they do not have jurisdiction over, hunting but are wanting to change that. the health department officials of massachusetts say that after complaints of instructions received on the same day. cast cook got his shot. it is not clear if those agents were made aware of coca's specific case. they did not shut down the company's but after
8:48 pm
investigation of three years. they gave the company of several requests of faxes and suspended the probation because the company fixed-- the problems. however initiative not gotten that far. >> could this have been prevented? >> i feel that they could have stuck to their original business of compounding and they should have not crossed the line. >> we could not get a representative to comment. asked about the case involving gook they declined to comment about cook case.. >> with increasing clouds tonight and tomorrow. overcast conditions by 11:00 a.m. and that fog will return to will be nice and sunny and even warmer. and for your extended forecast
8:49 pm
the warming trend will continue. we have 90's. and with that fog lingering it will only be in the 60s. that yellow is representing the 70's. some 80s but it is going to be nice and pleasant. let us take a look opposed temperatures. '70s in fremont, redwood city and 80s inland like antioch, fairfield. 80s and walnut creek. 69 degrees for downtown san francisco. 70's for the north bay. 70 expected in napa. vallejo. nice and pleasant in santa rosa. if you are going to be in the north bay. there are two different events. the forty-niners at 1:15. 70 degrees for the start of the game but an increasing clouds for the night. perhaps take a jacket with sunny and breezy. and also at candlestick. they are
8:50 pm
home that is an evening game at 5:00 p.m. with mild conditions for that came with 56 degrees. 60s. keep that in mind for that--game. and let us take a look at your extended forecast with a born trend rollicking in. monday, tuesday and by wednesday midweek we are back into the '90s. the warmest day will be for a stay of.thursday but a beautifuy for the october. and if you do not like that hot weather is going to be a bit of a cool down with friday. mild conditions on saturday go to our new channel. comcast 193 for the latest news, weather and traffic updates and to watch all the presidential speeches. uninterrupted. and on digital 4.2. >> the names in golf
8:51 pm
planning in the bay area this weekend. it is the sotuh bay with john mallenger and ken ventury and the frys he is born in san francisco and he is even golfed with frank san fo--siantra we had a time to chat... >> will you be signing autographs? >> i'm not going to charge a lot. [laughter] >> he has a great sense of humor. they are going to be making their rounds. and he'd get a free autographs
8:52 pm
and the top players like ernie els that is happening between sunday. the final round and talk about a work ethic. we will introduce you with one judge, that only has missed one day of work and 60 years.
8:53 pm
8:54 pm
am not imagining going to your job every day for 60 years and all the missing one that day. gus is his 16th anniversary of this
8:55 pm
prime rib. >> the house of prime rib. >> he has been greeting people for six decades. >> thank you very much. >> known to everybody else because he is the impeccable maitre d and he will greet you, seek you and shake your hand. >> i've been it shaking hands for 13 million people. why does anybody did not shake hands? >> i am the only ones. >> gus is celebrating 60 years on the job that he loves so much. he has only missed one day. >> i had struck throat and my wife said del. i had strepped througat.. >> i hav been here because i get inspiration from my
8:56 pm
customers. >> some have been coming here since i was a child. >> since i was 10 years old. >> with beef, and specialty side dishes with 500 dinners. the matter who you are. >> we love people. a problem that is what we is we love people cured and like the endless slices of prime rib what goes are ron will come around. >> and i love you. >> in san francisco, vicki liviakis. no plans to re tire however the weather is going to be so great. >> it was nice to day with plenty of sunshine. today is the start of a warming trend. tomorrow a few degrees warmer and tuesday will be mid week it is going to be hot. thursday is the warmest day of the week. and a cool down however
8:57 pm
beautiful weather and perfect for the fall season. as we go towards the fall. >> a little bit of that rain and thank you that will wrap it up of will to back at 11:00
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