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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  December 16, 2012 11:00pm-11:30pm PST

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this is is the bay area's new
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case kron4 news at 1:00 starts now. >> 20 children and six adults were killed on friday in a school shooting. more than 2,000 people packed the high school to hear president obama offer words of comfort on behalf of the entire country. tori dunhan is there. >> reporter: president obama came to a community that is grieving. prayers,. >> the lord is my shepherd. >> reporter: and 26 candles for the 26 lives lost. more than 2,000 people gathered to grieve and to mourn sunday night. after meeting with the families of those gunned down. president obama tried to offer comfort in the aftermath of an
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unthinkable time. >> i am very mindful that mere words cannot match the depths of your sorrow nor can they heal your wounded hearts. i can only hope it helps you are not alone this your grief. >> reporter: candles, teddy bears and mememtoes left by people traveling to pay their respects. 20 children, 12 girls 8 boys, all six and seven years old were killed. 20-year-old adam lanza blasted his way into the building with a rifle and fired hundreds of bullets. he killed himself. his mother nancy was found dead in the home.
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investigators continue to comb through both crime scenes. the president issued a call to action. >> no single law. no set of laws can eliminate evil from the world or prevent every senseless act of violence in our society. but that can't be an excuse for an action. >> reporter: in just hours, people will be waking up and continuing to remember the victims. the funeral will be starting. in newtown, connecticut, i'm tori dunhan. >> hundreds of bullets were found at the connecticut school. that suggest that's the gunman was planning a more gruesome massacre but was stopped short. lanza had a sig sauer 9mm as well as a bushmaster assault rifle. and this is a photo of lanza's
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mother, nancy lanza. authorities say he shot his mother in the head four times and drove to an elementary school with enough am in addition to kill every student there. gun control is once again in the spotlight on the sunday morning talk show meet the press, it was said on the next day of congress' session, new legislation will be introduced to get weapons of war off the street. >> it will ban the sale, the transfer, the importation, and the possession. and it will ban the same for big clips, drums or strips. >> but as the nation mourns the staggering loss of so many innocent lives. she believes americans are ready for a change. >> is this the way we want america to go? in other words, the rights of the few overcome the safety of
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the majority? i don't think so. i think america is ready. >> she also helped champion the law brought in by bill clinton. the repercussions of the school massacre are being felt here in the bay area. school safety is now being questioned. here is how some districts are addressing the fear. from berkeley unified, we want you to know all berkeley schools have safety plans and we have drills. and this from san francisco. in the root of national triage, we are working together to see that our school students and staff are safe. we are working to provide support needed in the event of
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any school crisis. reggie kumar tells us some parents are thinking about home schooling in light of this massacre. >> reporter: some parents couldn't stop thinking about the newtown, connecticut school shooting during san francisco's holiday snow event at the civic center plaza. many people have mixed feelings about the security in place. and some were debating to send their children to class on monday. diana wattson was moved to tears thinking about the innocent lives taken way too soon. >> yes. it's sad. it is really sad. i rather my child be safe even if it do look like a prison. i want my child to come home safe than it looking like an average playground and anyone can come in. >> i feel we are sending our
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children to prison. it wasn't any exit. there was no way to exit out the windows or exit out the doors. the children are not safe. not in america today because of the mental issues that we are dealing with. ingly don't think it will prevent me sending my child to school. i feel it is an isolated incident. as horrible is it is, it is those that stand out. if it happened everyday, obviously, no one would send their child to school. >> reporter: san francisco, reggie kumar, kron news. wet weather moving into the bay area tonight. we have some scattered showers about. we have some in the north green. it extends into richmond and in vista. it is moving through the rest of the bay area. so the rain will pick up through the overnight and as we get into the morning commute.
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by the time this is all done monday afternoon, look for a quarter of an inch of rain afternoon the bay. half inch in the north bay and as many of an inch in sonoma. and now, live, at the golden gate bridge. we have dry conditions. the rain will pick up and spread to the south. the morning commute, look for periods of rain light to moderate and we will see improvement for the afternoon. showers winding down an increasing sunshine. i will let you know more about the forecast in just a minute. jason? >> jason is here 20 talk to us about the win tonight for the 49ers. >> it was probably the game of the year. they clinched a playoff spot in the process. nasty weather tonight. rainy and cold, temperatures in
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the 30s , a sloppy game. 49ers already up when michael crab tree comes down for the touchdown. could are been worse. but tom brady leads an amazing come back. they tie the game up. brady. cappernick finds crabtree again. he is off to the races. that would be the winning touchdown. it gave them a 38-31 lead. cappernick four touchdowns on the day. 49ers win 41-34. they clinch a playoff spot and they would win the division if they beat seattle. we will come back with complete highlights and reactions from both coaches in a minute. [ female announcer ] here's to a whole world
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. >> in national news,
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authorities in topeka, kansas says two police officers are dead outside a grocery store after a shooting. they are looking for -- near the grocery store. authorities found the vehicle nearby but were unable to locate the shooting suspect. the officers have been identified. we will be right back. kron4 programming is sponsored by acura.
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>> continuing our coverage of the connecticut school massacre, we remember one teacher who was heroic. >> she was truly selfless. she would not hesitate to save someone before herself. especially children. she would put herself in front of them any day, any reason. it doesn't surprise anyone that knows vicky that she did this. >> police say is the 26-year- old substitute teacher shielded students. we are getting new photos and videos of the victims. this is a picture of --
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especially his twin sister. he will be remembered as the fun little boy with lots of spirit. and this was grace mcdonald. she loved soccer and her little spaniel. she will always be remembered adds a wonderful little girl. this is emily parker. her father described her as an artist who carried and her art supplies so she never missed the chance to draw a picture for someone. >> ready and go. >> and this home video of anna marquez green. she was a child devoted to god.
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officials say that hochsprung tried to stop the gunman entering the grounds. >> some rainfalling in the area. we have some heavier rain to the north of the bay area pushing south. so for tomorrow morning, a wet start to the day. the morning commute looks a little bit rainy. here's a live view right there. there's the transamerica pyramid lit up for the holidays. temperatures are cooling off, but not as cold as we have had because we have some cloud ins place. we are looking at rain increasing during the overnight hours. so we have the morning commute, rainy, then improvement late morning and into the afternoon, clearing. we will will see the sunshine lateener the day. tuesday, we will have sunshine, clouds, cold temperatures,
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winds, and a few showers an thunderstorms. so tuesday could be interesting. the big story will be cold weather. here's the story for now. a storm up near eureka. a lot of cold air in comeing in from the gulf of alaska pushing into northern california for tuesday and wednesday. we are seeing temperatures in the morning just in the 20s and highs in the afternoon in the low 50s , but first, we have to deal with this rain. 11:00 p.m., notice most of the rain pushing to the south in the overnight. 6:00 a.m. still rain in the east day and south bay, but things already begining to lighten up. a few scattered light showers through noon and then relatively dry conditions. then tuesday, we have another weak system coming down the
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coast, but most of this rain will stay offshore. still a chance for a shower tuesday. and again maybe even a thunderstorm coming through briefly. temperatures tonight and into tomorrow morning, coolest north bay, mid 40s here, definitely not as cold. same for the east bay. as we go into the afternoon, look for mid to upper 50s , low 60s for the south bay with partly to maybe even mostly sunny skies at times. and here's the 7-day around the bay. so this week will be pretty interesting. tuesday and wednesday, blustery, cool. especially in the morning. look at the inland lows for wednesday morning. upper 20s , 30s by the bay. then we shift into wet weather thursday, friday, and saturday. look for continuous rain. could be heavy at times. vicki? at this time of tragedy, phillipe jegal talks to parents
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glad to have these precious holiday moments with their kids. >> brian stop to listen to usic clinging to his 5-year-old son. his 7-year-old daughter also close by. >> i do feel a little bit of somewhat of a guilty feeling that i am able to be enjoying this moment and on the other hand, there are people who are having such a hard time with the losses of their children and their family members. >> reporter: diane sharing similar sentiments and spending the night at union square in san francisco, thankful to be with her family while at the same time, remembering the innocent lives lost in newtown, connecticut. >> this was a horrible tragedy i can't even imagine what the families are going through. so being with our family, i'm really blessed and happy.
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>> this family is bringing visiting family from the middle east to the ice rink. laughs and smiles mean a lot more today. >> what happened in connecticut, it really brings you back to what's important in life and family's really important in life and our hearts go out to them. and we wanted to be with one another during this holiday season. >> reporter: in sacramento, phillipe jegal, kron 4 news. you won't take my life.
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>> all right, welcome back everyone. the 49ers made a statement today and clinched a bowl spot. a moment of silence before the game as was the norm today to remember the shooting in connecticut. and really nasty weather. rainy and cold. colin kaepernick hits former patriot randy moss with the 24- yard touchdown. the 49ers are rolling. 9ers defense, steven ridley gets the ball, deshawn runs off as he weaves in and out of traffic. sloppy game today. here was a fumble, but gore picks it up. he races in for the touchdown.
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and following over, colin kaepernick makes them play. michael crabtree splits the defender. san francisco is just destroying tom brady and the patriots. brady leads the patriots 29 unanswered points. brady 443 yards. two interceptions. mid way through the fourth, the patriot's come back is complete. the run by danny woodhead. colin kaepernick is the quarterback of now. he finds michael crabtree. an amazing game, 38-41. colin kaepernick is the first to throw fur touchdown ins a game for a long time. the pass is incomplete.
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9ers take over, tack on a field goal. they would win 41-34. they improved it. 10, 3, and one and here is what the coaches had to say after the game. >> great victory. really loved the way the team sucked it up so many times. >> we didn't play well. >> it's a huge task. it's a huge challenge. you know. this environment. in december. >> in december, how about referring to the fact that new england had won 20 straight home games in december, but the 49ers end that streak tonight. up next, seattle kept place with the 49ers. russel wilson came the first
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ever. -- with a 50-73 drubbing. the 9ers, if they beat seattle the clinch the division. meantime, the raiders trying to stop a six game losing streak. 51,446 die hards at the coliseum. sebastian file field goals on the day. as the raiders held the chiefs to just ten yards rushing, 119 total yards. the chiefs failed to get a first down until late in the first quarter. good for the raiders. they win 15-0. >> and we are going to end on an up note right there. the raiders win. the 49ers win. have a great day.
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