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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  December 29, 2012 8:00pm-9:00pm PST

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and we leave you today with a superhuman fete. don't try it on your holiday vacation. >> look at these guys go. somehow they manage to
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(male announcer) live from the kron 4 news station, this is the kron 4 news. it's gonna be cold tonight at eight. the last saturday of 2012 -- and boy is it going to be a cold one! i'm here with brian at the weather center. a lot of people want to know how things will look
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this snow system has gone towards southern california for tonight. we do have some arctic air from the north that is going to make for a cold night and chilly days for the next couple of days. the futurecast, showing the pink and purple. 20's, 30's. the coldest inland east bay, north bay how cold it is going to get for tonight. >> it took two hours and more than 100 fire fighters to knock down a three alarm fire in san francisco this morning. three buildings at 20-third and capp streets in the mission district of san francisco were heavily damaged. the fire department says it started just after 9-30. some 35 people are displaced. including two children. there were no injuries. but all three buildings
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received hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of damage. the people who live in the buildings were allowed inside shortly after the fire was out. >> people were able to salvage their items and get some of their personal belongings. it is a difficult time of year. >> i'm glad nobody was injured, it is just a material loss. happy new year to everybodyto grab some of their the fire department says it has narrowed down where the fire started. at this point, investigators say the fire does not look suspicious. but the cause is still under >> dozens held candles and sang songs tonight. in memory of a 22-year old shot and killed by the walnut creek police earlier this week. kron four's philippe djegal was there. he spoke to family and friends still in disbelief. devastated by the loss just before the start of a new year. >> reporter: this gathering
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these people are heartbroken, this pamphlet of the vigil they described anthony as a man who found beauty and every person, place an experience that he met. >> just trying to get through it is a tough process. >> the grandfather, a morgan was here to pay respect and wondering how this could be. he was not a violent person >> i never thought that he would do this, he and his brother were co captains on the wrestling team in high school we just cannot understand how somebody could have done this. >> he was a stylist at this here st sign along salon. they e bichette a lot of tears. >> he was extremely gentle, kind. he was irreplaceable.
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you do not find people like that. >> early thursday morning, there was a nine 1 0 1 a call at these apart prince in walnut creek-he was really had his head on straight i do not know what happened that night. but i think that the outcome could have been much different. >> reporter: the written statement says that our thoughts and prayers go out to the peace officers to pull the triggers. phillipe djegal, kron 4 news authorities have released the names of a father and son who died after they were swept into the sea while fishing near the golden gate bridge 37-year-old juan escamillo- rojas and nine-year-old juan carlos escamillo-monroy died after waves pulled them into the water last night. the father and son were fishing near the marin
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headlands. a fireboat crew pulled the two from the water, but they were both pronounced dead. another adult was also swept into the ocean, but >> the kraft hunger games kicked off at at&t park today. arizona state walked away with the trophy. and although it was a landslide win, navy fans were in good spirits because the game was all for a good cause. kron 4's alecia reid tells us more. a s u (chanting0 >> reporter: >> they were in full force. >> it was awesome! >> i am very pleased on how the sun devils played. is a good day for the sun devils. (cheers & applause) >> fans of the navy cheered on their fans as well.
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>> i was expecting a good hard hitting and game. that is what i am seeing, goat maybe. >> reporter: a s u picked up an early league. >> we were thinking that there were going to get at least two touchdowns ahead. >> is great to see the navy fans walked out early. >> i am sorry! [laughter] >> many people troubled the long time. and it traveled--- >> we came all the way from hawaii, we came from orinda. >> it is a great game. and we came from oregon. >> -- cove doubles. (marching band songs)
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>> the are going to fight hunger claim the kraft. kron 4's team coverage on the kraft fight hunger bowl continues with kron 4's mike pelton. he caught up with fans of each team as they prepared for the game. when everyone was still in good spirits. >> reporter: hundreds packed the parking lots. between the navy and arizona. >> we brought salmon, orders and profits. the most tense and lots of food, he is ready with a we brought- tents... brats and burgers and he took the drive that was 11 hours. >> it is exciting. >> displayed at at&t park brought people from across the country. >> i am a big baseball fan and i have always wanted to be here. i would but did not expect a football game at a
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baseball park. >> they did not take long to see the difference between the teams on and off the field. >> differently a contrast. perhaps we envy their life style maybe they do not envy or lifestyle. >> we cannot hate the military academy. >> how does this tell kate, the mid-ship mend tail gate? >> we tell gate, sobsober. tailgating -- >> the way that the mid ship men. tail gaite sober. >> democratic and republican leaders are working through the weekend in an effort to keep the country from going over the "fiscal cliff." if they don't reach a compromise by the stroke of midnight on the 31st, a combination of sweeping
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spending cuts and widespread tax increases will take effect in days. jessica yellin has the latest. >> reporter: in washington, there is still hope a deal can be cut in time to avert the fiscal cliff. on saturday the president was at work here at the white house, but all eyes were up on the senate where negotiators were trading deal points and revenue figures, to try to reach an agreement all sides can stomach. the base line for the president - any bipartisan bill would have to extend unemployment insurance benefits that would affect some two million americans. and it would have to increase taxes on the highest income earners. but negotiators could still work out exactly where those tax increases would hit and whether they would halt an increase in the estate tax. now in case that deal breaks down, the president has asked democratic leader harry reid to prepare a separate bill to put on the senate floor. that bill would increase taxes for households that earn 250- thousand dollars or more. now that's a democratic proposal, and you can expect
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republicans would block it. so rather than thinking of that as a stop-gap measure, think of it as a political move to try to shift the responsibility of failure onto republicans just before the nation reaches the hour of reckoning. jessica yellin >> still ahead on kron 4 news at eight. a multi-million dollar lawsuit. on behalf of a six year old who survived the newtown school shooting. we meet the lawyer who is taking up the case. then. police put up sobriety check points just in time for the new year celebrations. we'll tell you where. plus. >> coming up the best and the worst in the next edition of people behaving badly.
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police are cracking down on people drinking and getting behind the wheel
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this holiday weekend. to do so. several departments have set up d-u- i chekpoints throughout the bay area including checkpoints in san rafael, pacifica, san francisco, mountain view and the san jose area. remember to celebrate that start of 20-13 safely and if stories... if you drink, do not drive. also, we will celebrate one year anniversary of eight gay couple celebrating their first anniversary. of a gay couple -- ♪
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>> brian: this live view from the bay bridge with clearer conditions. just a few moments ago i could see the moon but if it is out there. it looks like it could have possibly moved out of the shot. with temperatures right n.l. already dropping into the 30's. petaluma, right now-- already 30's in petaluma. and albany, checking in at 42 degrees. for tonight, a cold night the coldest temperatures are right at
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sunrise. we could be in the upper 20s. for tomorrow, some patchy fog in some spots. and a cool afternoon with highs only in the low mid '50s. and a weather system that could bring a little bit of rain fall. for new year's eve night. here is the satellite and the storm. with clear skies and there is the next system. that is due in for monday. clear conditions and noon tomorrow there is the bay area. cloud-free. this will remain off into the ocean for midnight tomorrow. and that will allow temperatures to get even colder for tomorrow night. these clouds will arrive by 8:00 a.m. on monday. they will continue to thicken. gray notice,
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some of this rainfall will stay offshore but some showers will be rotating to the bay area for new year's eve. i think that by that time it will o'clock roles are around that we could bring and the new year. by -- midnight rolls around. >> with temperatures below freezing in the north bay. the highs will reach the low mid '50s and some places like daly city, will be in the upper 40's. your kron 4 7 day around the bay clouds will affect and on monday with a couple of evening showers and thickening clouds on monday. as we start 2013, tuesday, wednesday, sunny. the next chance for showers will be on thursday two men in maine are celebrating their first day as a married couple, after tying the knot in the state's first-ever same-sex
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marriage ceremony. steven bridges and michael snell were first in line when the doors opened at city hall in portland at midnight. more than two-hundred supporters greeted the couple as they came out of the clerk's office. voters in maine approved same-sex marriage at the polls in november, and the law takes effect today. several cities around the state opened at midnight to give couples their first chance to get marriage licenses. a new york woman has been charged with second degree murder as a hate crime for allegedly pushing a man in front of a subway train. police say the surveillance video they released helped find erika menendez. authorities say she told officers she pushed the man because of her hatred for hindus and muslims who she blames for the 9-11 attack in new york. witnesses to the death say they saw a woman pacing the elevated platform and muttering to herself just before she pushed her victim. this was the second time this month someone was shoved to their death in front of an approaching train. a connecticut lawyer
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wants to sue the state over the sandy hook elementary school shooting. irving pinsky says the state failed to provide a safe setting. he's pursuing 100-million dollars in damages on behalf of an unidentified 6-year- old girl who survived the massacre. pinsky says the girl heard gunfire, screaming, and conversations over the intercom and was left with emotional scars. 26 people, including 20 children, were killed at the newtown school two weeks ago when 20-year-old adam lanza entered the building and opened fire. former president george h.w. bush's health condition has improved. he's been moved from the intensive care unit to a regular patient room at a hospital in houston. doctors were initially treating him for bronchitis and a cough. he was preparing to go home until he developed a fever and other complications last week. friends say the former president's recovery may have had something to do with a special performance from the oak ridge boys, they serenaded him friday at the request of his wife barbara. number one ranked stanford women haven't lost at maples pavilion since the bush administration in 2007. but all that's changed today.
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stanford's impressive 82- game home winning streak in women's basketball has come to a sudden halt. second-ranked u-conn turned the showdown into a mismatch with a 61-35 victory. the huskies took control early and never looked back. it's the worst cardinal home loss in the tara vanderbuilt era. this is the cardinal's final game before opening the pac- 12 conference next weekend in the rocky mountains. kron 4 news will be right back. ..... look at you guys with your fancy-schmancy
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stanley roberts shows us the best of the worst of the "people he found behaving badly." for 2012. >> and i watch your show i like your show but i'm not going to watch it after this. >> it is that time of year when we cover all the subjects i have covered. and it is going to be a bumpy ride. basically, many people think that i am number one. >> we are still going fast. >> and you have heard of people living under the freeway and alongside a freeway but how about you have not seen anything like this before. this man is living inside of the 280. yes, inside of the 280, nearthe mira posa in san
8:25 pm
francisco. this ban on alcohol. the ban of alcohol at the zazzle bay- to-breakers and the mission from giants fan... to get you to this point it is important to that we bring you up-to-date. a word of advice... from these so-called the giants fans....if you're going to go to a strip club and drink in the middle of the afternoon? >> what time to start drinking? >> 1:30. >> would that be 1:30 a.m.? >> i did not get caught behaving badly. and i am guilty. >> not only did he ignore the officer he was cutting across several lanes of traffic and he was really just running from police.
8:26 pm
this park is zero tolerance on the clicker did you see this that it has no on liquor. >> this also had to be opened and dumped. this is the head stone on the where bodies were entombed. the oldest was 1930's. >> they tried to break into all three but they only got the one body open. >> let us face it this lady forgot her purse. and the moment that she got at the bay bridge toll plaza. and his driver forgot that she should not be texting. however, she did remember and then forgot again. >> you are going to want to get that with binoculars. >> these three men are building furniture in
8:27 pm
richmond in broad daylight. it is 2:55. these dogs are playing in the water at pine lake at stern grove in san francisco. normally, they are not playing in the water this light does not allow - this lake does not allow dogs in the water. there is where one-a real but this--lake does not allow dogs in the water. >> this car was doing 80 mph in a 65 mph. oofficer): >> go to the right and exit the freeway toward >> need i say more? >> and sign at the bottom. throwing a cigarette out the window. >> put the camera down. you have been watching women.
8:28 pm
>> when it rains some people put their driving skills straight out the window. >> and this you should have had enough to finish your food and this was 11 unmanned through fecal matter on this other man. getting it in his face and his eyes. this man threw fecal matter on to this other man. >> do you want a large ticket? >> there is a magical but and in every car that is the ability to defy the rules. this is commonly called the however you want drive button. >> i got caught behaving badly. >> my passenger got caught behaving badly. >> if i put a go pro in the window, it is hidden inside of this chocolate cake mix however, no instructions about putting a hidden camera inside to catch a thief and yes, the giants are celebrating. but i am not here to watch the
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parade i am here to watch... and i cannot wait until i see what 2013. stanley roberts, kron 4 news. >> coming up some public transportation schedules for a new year's eve...
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>> this new year's eve, many of the bay area's transit agencies are offering extended and in some cases free service. kron 4's charles clifford >> reporter: bart is going to extend train service until 3am on new years day. they will also be running additional trains into and out of san francisco to accommodate new years eve crowds. if you want to ride muni, service will be free between 8pm new years eve and 6am new years day. muni will also be offering extended metro service and added owl service on several routes. along the peninsula, caltrans will be offering free rides after 11pm through the end of service. they will also be running four extra trains out of san francisco after midnight to help people get home, the last one will leave at samtrans will also be offering free rides between 11pm and 2am in the east bay ac transit, will be offering extened service on the broadway shuttle, or "free b". the shuttle will run from 7pm to 1am on new years eve. vta will be offering free service on all light rail and bus lines from 7:00 p.m. monday evening through 3:59 a.m. tuesday morning. they'll also have extended golden gate transit will be running it's normal bus schedule on monday and it's and finally, san francisco
8:33 pm
operating on it's normal now, if you plan to drive into san francisco on new years eve keep in mind that because of the fireworks show near the ferry building, there will be traffic delays along the embarcadero between 11pm and 1am in san francisco, charles clifford kron 4 news. and if want to avoid the hustle of bustle of a crowd stay home and tune in to kron 4. it's the bay area's favorite way to ring in the new year. right now, just a slight chance of showers and colder temperatures. this live look at the transamerica building. it is going to be cold. temperatures below freezing in the north bay. plenty of sunshine however, it is still going to be cold. the futurecast by 6:00 a.m. showing a lot of cool colors by 7:00 a.m., purple,
8:34 pm
but ken indicating 20's and 30's. is another system coming on monday. it is of the pacific northwest but it is going to permit the chance of showers. with sunshine in the 2013 but some precipitation. eve. 2012 is about to slide into history.leaving behind some unforgettable images. here is a look back at some of the year's big stories. (music)
8:35 pm
>> this for is terrible, with nobody following and the of the procedures. (music) >> 355, whitney houston was found dead. >> this water filled bathtub. >> vandals painting satanic symbols on a catholic church. >> this lot luxury car took a detour into the pacific. >> i am tired being trapped. >> this high school teacher to move in with one of his students. >> great whales, what everybody has been talking about. >> is awesome! >> the boardwalk.
8:36 pm
>> i never imagines that this could happen to me. >> there is no way that this is a random crime. >> 364 million. >> it is one have been in dollars. >> these five people dead inside this home. >> this is a genuine tragedy. >> a father and daughter killed in a teenager driver behind bars. >> gunshots at etch wate. at at- promote he started just shooting everybody. at edgewater >> the calls for the arrest at george zimmerman grow larger. (music)
8:37 pm
(suspendsful music) >> he was charged with beating a priest on a camping trip in 40 years ago the jury delivered a " not guilty " on the felony assault of a william lynch. >> we heard shots. >> he was addressing an armor he says that he was the joker. >> this happened yesterday. >> i do not plan on to resign. >> he was not officially misconduct. >> sustained!
8:38 pm
>> what are you reporting? >> the richmond refinery would not know what is going to happen, >> this whole entire sky turned black. >> they are suffering from headaches. >> chest tightness. >> richmond residents are confronting the chevron officials. >> you do not understand. >> decision in 2012. >> be tough, be smart. >> he is the worst republican. >> a except your nomination. >> client eastwood? >> i want a good man who wanted the good sense to mara michelle obama. >> big word. >> binders -- >> big bird -- >> and it is called romnesia...
8:39 pm
>> do not be stupid, get out. >> make no mistake this was a devastating storm. >> san francisco giants are giving the fans something to cheer about! >> a sweet sweep! (music)
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>> this live look. with chilly temperatures tonight, concord, menlo park. and there are a lot of places, and petaluma, and the north bay, was already in the 30's. the coldest readings
8:48 pm
will be below freezing. that will be below 32 degrees. and the sierras, certainly, cold with snow showers expected. just light accumulations. we will see a mixture of clouds and a son. as we take a look at this system with clouds/ sun temperatures in the mid 30's and on futurecast by noon. just to the south of lake tahoe. some snow showers but notice in the bay area clear skies and will remain clear. for tomorrow night and that will make for another cold night for tomorrow. and going into monday. this next storm system is getting closer. monday morning, the high
8:49 pm
clouds increasing what sunshine. these clouds will thicken as to go for the afternoon. watch what happens with the rainfall. and most of it will stay over the ocean with some light showers. it just before new year's. but i think that by the time before it rolls around, this will be tracking further to the east. temperatures in the morning. look for upper 20s, 30s. 30's for the east today. and the 30's in hayward, fremont. 40's and oakland. the highs will be in the low mid-50s. sunny skies. sunshine, and inland by the base san leandro. alameda, union city. by the--bay. and 50s for the north bay. here is a look
8:50 pm
going towards 2013. increasing clouds and some showers possible for new year's eve. and sunshine tuesday, wednesday but it is not going to be that warmer toward only 20's. and the next chance of showers will be on thursday. 2012 was a huge year for that tech worldamong other things.there was a big lawsuit involving apple and samsung. private space exploration took flight. kron 4 technology reporter gabe slate gives us a look back. stop online piracy act...or 'sopa'.. activated an online protest.. and the web cried was protest. with petitions calling for and organized boycotts. and wouldn't you know, that it worked! ahhh.. the power of organized
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internet community. when facebook went public it was the most hyped stock ip0 - however many lost money when it opened at $38 but that was much overvalued. and dropped quickly. it bottomed out below $18. since then it has been steadily rebounding at currently, $25. also, the trial war of 2012 from apple & samsung it is going to take a while for it to unfold. patents related to their tablets and smart phones... and so far apple is winning. samsung will pay apple $1.5 billion in damage. for infringing on their ideas >> also the era of commercial private space
8:52 pm
exploration has been started by the founder of tesla motors. the space exploration " dragon " made history when it successfully delivered cargo to the international space station. >> we are bringing phones into the windows family with windows eight. >> with the new gadgets, 2012 the new windows eight 2012. the explosion of the mid-size tablet and also, apple released the ipad mini it is still however, difficult to get to it is an ipad with so light thin,
8:53 pm
portable the ipad mini.. and also, the iphone 5 has been a great success with the larger screen. one of the best features is how light it is. light weight. and with the full 4 g network and also the samsung galaxy is giving the iphone 5 a run for its money. gabe slate tech report >> coming up the top you tube videos
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>> this was the most watched site video of gungham styale and this parody of rap
8:57 pm
battle and check out this viral video rewind you tube rover and call me maybe and gamgham si rewind you tube sy >> what we are worried about our rainfall and cooler temperatures for new year's eve. >> you might need an umbrella. there could be a weather system but it's the same could be cool with tonight temperatures in the 20's. napa, fairfield, below freezing. 30's and '40's by
8:58 pm
the bay. >> and we must conclude that you should stay home and watch kron 4 is a new year's like. see you at a 11:00 p.m. new year's live on new year's eve, right here on kron 4. ..
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