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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  January 22, 2013 11:00pm-11:30pm PST

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(male announcer) this is the bay area news station, kron 4 news starts now. concerned residents speak out. as the oakland city council
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weighs in whether or not to bring in police and security heavyweight bill bratton. to consult its struggling police department. bratton formerly served as police chief in los angeles, and police commissioner in new york city and in boston. but last week. a number of oakland residents voiced concerns about bratton's controversial tactics. which include the "stop- and- frisk" policy. tonight at 11 -- the city continues hearing from those concerned residents. kron 4's reggie kumar is live in oakland tonight. reggie what's the latest? >> they have been consulting, with over 200 people that wanted to talk about this item. let me show you what it to looked like tonight. it has been mowemore subdued. about the safety consultant team. he is calling the former la p d
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bratton one of the brightest minds in policing and he is one of the best to work with limited to resources we will hear from parents of blouferd if you remember, he was shot by police. >> stop and frisk we will exercise constitutional policing >> if they let this go on if there will be children that will be killed. >> hire those that are needed! bratton whoever the mayor has requested, and if our chief has requested for these people to come in the.
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>> he is a strategist he can help i am supportive and i would think that he should come in. >> reporter: they will consider to whether or not to approve the budget expansion for the son of over $250,000 it is expected to last for several more hours reggie kumar, kron 4. >> pam: the manhunt for the suspects involved in the shooting of an undercover officer in oakland is over. police arrested 5 men. who they believe have gang ties. the shooting happened monday night between seminary and harmon avenue. police say, the officer was working as part of a new violence- reduction crime team. and was alone when he was confronted and shot by several suspects. the officer is at home tonight -- recovering from his injuries.
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>> tonight-- police are on the hunt for the gunman who shot four teenagers in brentwood. police say just before shots were fired. a white car drove past the group of teens on breton drive. this is video from our helicopter partnership with abc 7 news. some words were exchanged between the group and the suspect or suspects. in the exchange of words the suspects mentioned something about the victims clothing, which led us to believe it was gang motivated. after the exchange they drove by started to shoot. >> pam: police say the victims are between 13 and 16 years old. they are expected to be okay. >> a dozen high-end cars were stolen from a used car lot in unincorporated hayward early monday morning. the 12 cars -- all mostly foreign makes and older models, were taken from auto world motors on mission boulevard. police say as many as four suspects kicked in the
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dealership door and found the box with the car keys and drove off with the vehicles. you're looking at surveillance video from the dealership. police found one car nearby.after the suspects left it when it ran out of gas. >> in bay area news. san jose police are hunting for at least three suspects in connection with a brazen home -invasion robbery. it happened monday evening, here on bret harte drive in san jose's almaden valley neighborhood. police say, three or four suspects tied up an elderly couple and then ransacked the home. making off with jewelry, other valuables and both family cars. police suspect the couple may have been targeted by the bandits, as neighbors expressed shock over what happened here. >> i do not believe that the tide of the victim's, this is in an affluent area.
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>> we're hoping that this will not escalate the violence level of this crime. >> pam: the suspects are described only. as being either hispanic or pacific islander. police are also looking into a possible connection with a recent car-jacking in the area. a 22-year-old man has been charged in the texas campus shooting. that left him and two others wounded. carlton berry is charged with aggravated assault. he remains hospitalized tonight. investigators say a fight between two people escalated and that's when shots were fired. a maintenance man was caught in the crossfire. the other victim has not been identified. fortunately -- no died in the shooting. >> jacqueline: of still, temperatures showing these clouds impacting our rainfall offshore. this flume of moisture to the
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south. and this system to the north. we will time it out on futurecast and talking about a potential wet weekend, coming up. >> pam: sprinklers malfunctioned in the doyle drive tunnel this morning. coming up. the overnight work affecting late night commuters driving through. plus -- security cameras caught the heart stopping moment when a woman fainted and fell onto the tracks. >> coming up later in this broadcast this tthe super bowl talk about harbaugh and jerry rice and tim brown saying that they were recanting the possibility of a super bowl being sabotaged years ago. .
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>> pam: take a look at this! a security camera caught burglars doing destructive work. you can see a car come crashing through a kwik stop in waterloo, iowa. lets take a look at the
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video again--- police say the suspects were after a video poker machine. authorities tracked down three suspects after one of them left a cell phone inside the truck. >> incredible video of a rescue -- that luckily had a happy ending! a woman waiting on the platform in the madrid metro in spain-- fainted and fell onto the tracks. as a train approached. an off-duty police officer sprang into action. he jumped onto the tracks and dragged her to safety. passengers on the platform tried desparately to warn the drive. the train was able to stop in time the woman made a full recovery! >> this dog in chicago learned just how dangerous winter weather can be. the pooch was stuck on the ice on jackson harbor on the city's south side rescue crews were called in to help. they managed to sedate the dog and move him to dry land. >> jacqueline: the rainfall will return. it is already approaching the coast.
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>> pam: san francisco police are asking for the publics help in identifying two suspects involved in a bank robbery on january fourth. the two suspects entered a bank on geary boulevard and proceeded to rob the bank at gunpoint. they later ran off with an undisclosed amount of cash and fled in a dark colored vehicle. both men are described as black males, and one of them may have been wearing a fake beard.
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police are hoping someone will recognize the two men, and help lead to an arrest. >> in san francisco -- caltrans are working overnight to reset and re- test the sprinklers inside the doyle drive tunnel. it's the tunnel that leads to the golden gate bridge. the sprinklers accidently went off this morning. causing slippery roads. officials say the system was triggered when cal trans workers were doing routine maintenance. late night commuters can expect to find one lane of southbound traffic inside the tunnel. closed starting from 11 p-m tonight, until 5 a-m tomorrow morning. sharks oilers >> this homegrown rising crust pizza is best buy jan
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2013 annies said no metal was found and this recall is only precaustionary >> there is not much indication that the republicans and democrats would get along better. torrey done and has more.
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will be back overnight ravens.
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the president's second term really gets underway. and he has a lot to say it's busy is an understatement. president obama is dealing with everything from cabinetand the fall-out from his inauguration speech. and then there's the debt ceiling. dull. no one was particularly surprised today when republicans began bashing speech. he offered a liberal vision - touching on preserving the social welfare safety net. some thought it overly partisan and aggressive. >> "the era of liberalism is back.unabashedly far left of center inauguration speech" congress to pass tighter gun
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the presidential inaugural celebrations came to end. and president obama iscoming up. his broad and ambitious agenda for his second term. and why republicans probably won't be making it any easier during the next four the investigation underway. into what caused this massive fire at an airforce base yesterday. the 40th anniversary of the so far president obama has laid out a broad and ambitious agenda for hisbut signs are scant negotiating with republicans will be any easier for the next four years.
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on tuesday the inaugural celebration was capped off cathedral in washington. now the president begins a second term - with plenty on his plate. threat of climate change >> reporter: in his inaugural addreess -obama pushed for action on the environment - saying the impact of natural disasters can no longer be ignored. white house press secretary jay carney followed up. >> this is not only an issue of helping our climate and our national security >> reporter: some top republicans appear more focused on spending in washington. >> we should start with that nothing else matters. >> reporter: house republicans are of the debt ceiling - but with a stipulation the senate passes a budget inthe white house says it's ready to work towards something lasting. >> what we support is a long-term raising of the debt ceiling so that we don't have any doubt or uncertainty for businesses the simple proposition that pays its bills >> reporter: also on the president's radar in the next four years- comprehensive immigration reform. and in the aftermath of the in washington, i'm tory >> pam: beyonce.lip syncing the star spangled banner it could be perhaps because of the freezing cold temperatures and yesterday during the inauguration. >> jacqueline: hous and cooler
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temperatur. for the sierras, this is not going to permit much cold air but we're going to see rainfall at the highest elevations. dry conditions on thursday, friday but there's a chance for more rain this weekend. a look at your extended forecast and dry on thursday. the chance for showers it just a 30 percent chance. 40 percent chance on friday, the computer models are not quite in agreement of what could happen but we will keep you posted as we get closer. this dog in chicago learned just how dangerous winter weather can be.
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heroic dog up for adoption step aside, lassie. this two-year-old malti-poo earned hero status after defending a puppy from a coyote. sophie and seven-month-old lulu were in their california backyard when a coyote tried to attack the sophie came to the rescue, fending off the animal and but despite the brave rescue the owners of sophie and lulu gave up the dogs after the attack--- fearing it might happen again. lulu has already found a home. sophie is still up for gary radnich is next with sports
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>> gary: good evening, everybody. the hockey is
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back. and exploding! [laughter] low, 4-1, one more time. five-one, and it is a six- one. and this is a franchise record. 6-3. sharks. that is just some of the people, and all of that yelling. if [laughter] >> and i still got it, and anyway, the sharks will continue this with thursday. and i'm trying to prevent pam moore from tweeting. >> pam: you are exploding! a lo
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>> and when i leave you will never see anybody like me. >> nobody. >> and they get them on, they get them off and a nuisance. >> and you are never going to see this again. to get him on, get him off. this is the end of an error, pam. >> pam: it is not the end. chief ahmad it is setup are true. >> jacqueline: what about espn? >> gary: no. and they are all a bit robotic. and with one false move they will get rid of them. anyway, back to the cover of sports illustrated. sharks oilers harbaugh's on cover of sports illustrated no surprise that the most recent issue of sports
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illustrated to hit the stands tomorrow will feature brother's jim and john harbgaugh face to face yesterday >> for the first time, the super bowl team will be coached by brothers. today that i will only be disappointed in my view, no matter what happens law >> the story about jim harbaugh on kaepernick. >> he is a man for all seasons. he is a tremendous athlete, basketball, football, baseball and the way that he runs the gracefulness of his stride and the ground that he covers it reminds me of when i run. and then i wake up. [laughter]
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serena has lost at the australian open thshe had some of back spasms. it is her first loss in five months. look at it that. she is only 19 years old >> and we will see you tomorrow. >> good night, everybody. .


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