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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  March 3, 2013 11:00pm-11:30pm PST

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looks like he's >> next on kron 4 news at 11. the swat team called to a san francisco home after a break in turns into a standoff. and we break down the bay area's multiple officer involved shootings. all with deadly endings. the latest one happening today! [ woman ] my boyfriend and i were going on vacation,
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is faster or more professional. aladdin bail bonds. bigger because we're better. (male announcer) this is the bay area news station, kron 4 news starts now. >> a swat team called into after a burglary attempt leads to a standoff at a home in san francisco. kron 4's scott rates was at the scene to show what happened. >> reporter: the police say that she finally did give up. she had a shotgun in one hand. she had a hatchet in the other hand. this man came home to find that a woman was burglarizing his home. he rushed out. the woman was inside the house with the shotgun that she
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found inside the hall. she was threatening to hurt herself inside the -- home. >> the neighbors had to get out of their homes in the adjacent areas. choruses negotiations had to intervene. >> i did not believe what was going on a first i thought the were filming a movie a bit frightening. >> reporter: the could news is that no injuries and there were able to get the suspect and woman is being charged with burglary and possession of weapons. scott rates, kron 4. >> an officer involved shooting leaves one person dead in hayward after police say that another suspect tried to run over an officer.
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us the details from the early morning incident. this routine traffic stop quickly became violent. he drove at an officer anti- clinton the car door. the driver drove approximately another half mile. his speech seemed to be a factor it became disabled and the driver fled. >> reporter: the victim has not been identified. this speed--seemed to be a factor and the driver could
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be held responsible for the death of the press enter. >> it is othe fortune that it is non-fortunate. this is evident that the death of the passenger could be blamed because of the driver. it has been in my experience that if they were just comply it would be less violent. scott rates, kron 4. >> that was the fourth shooting involving an officer in the bay area this weekend. the first happened early yesterday morning when a daly city officer shot and killed a man who led them on a chase into san francisco, near candlestick park,. the second happened later that afternoon when san jose police shot and killed chase. city police who shot and killed a suspect after an turned into a footchase. the fourth, as we just mentioned, was the shooting with hayward police earlier this morning. >> an police assault weapon unaccounted for and out on the streets tonight. authorities say an ar-15.
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whch is pictured on your screen. was stolen from an unmarked san francisco police car over the weekend. suspects broke in to the car and stole the gun. this weapon is issued to specially trained officers so that they are immediately available for incidents like a barricaded suspect. the investigation is ongoing and police say tonight no resource is being spared to recover the weapon. >> this weather system that question through created clouds and sprinkles. that the weather system that created some clouds that pushed through. notice some snow showers for the sierras. that is moving east. low clouds and fog. this live you showing that read to help low clouds in the sky. the clouds are even extensive. the north bay, the south bay, and the only place that is not seeing the fog is the san pablo and san rafael. but that could
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change drizzle and a clearing will be slow and not until the afternoon however, some sunshine by late afternoon. temperatures will be cooler. most areas in the 50s. the 83 degrees with 57 degrees in oakland. but the seven-tomorrow. the rainfall possible on tuesday >> meter mark-up. starting tomorrow, the cost to park around a-t-and-t park in san francisco gets more expensive. pay meters to park after six o'clock at night. but as kron four's philippe djegal explains. that's all about to change. from as far north as harrison street,,, as far south as mariposa street. as far west as seventh
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street. and, as far east as the embarcadero. parking around a-t-and-t park will now take an even bigger bite out of your wallet. on non-event days, monday through saturday, metered parking in these areas will cost 25-cents an hour from six until ten o'clock at night. on event days, the price skyrockets to as much as seven-dollars as hour. this means san francisco giants games, and events like the world baseball classic. and-t park mid-month. the san francisco municipal transportation agency says the changes will make more parking spots available. and, help reduce congestion, by discouraging circling around the ballpark for parking. but as you might imagine. drivers aren't buying that. in san francisco, philippe djegal, kron four news.
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>> san francisco's waterfront continues to be an area of growth and change. and yet another new development is in the works for mission bay. kron4's maureen kelly talked to long time residents about the latest plans to redevelop that part of town. >> reporter: most of these people have been here for 20,30 years, 40 so they've built their own little community the mission creek harbor association.where boats berth next to floating homes is a unique san francisco neighborhoodjust upstream from att park. this area has seen a lot of buildings go up around it since the ball park was builtand more are in progressand there are other projects in the pipeline recently anchor brewery announced they were going to convert an old pier across from the giants ballpark into a second breweryand become the anchor tenant of the proposed mission rock development which will transfrom this parking lot into 15-hundred residential unitsoffice and retail space. . even though the residents of the houseboats aren't in danger of being evicted the harbor has a lease until 2055.some still concerned with the changes to this part of town. >> personally i hate it the character is changingi liked it better when ti was all open fields and not just condominiums >> we are going to be downtown in a couple of months it seems like >> when i first came down here you could do anything you wanted to do and now they have all these rules and restriction i guess i
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just outlived my time >> right now it's really peaceful here, it's always amazing when i come over here how quiet it is so i am kinda hoping that will be preserved >> reporter: othershaving gotten used to seeing new growth spring upare more optimistic. >> it's been here since 1971 so i've seen a lot of changes but they've been for the good so far >> reporter: there is still time for those here to get used to the lastest proposalif approved the mission rock development isn't expected to be complete until the year 2021. maureen kelly kron4 news. >> coming up on the kron 4 news at 11. 8 triathlon this-triathlon through albatrosses turns deadly. and the vice president is showing an apology and a deadly triathlon through
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alcatrazeshaven't been to fisherman's wharf in a while? we sent out our stanley roberts to find all kinds of people behaving badly in thisplus.the vice president he *didn't* do in college for the civil rights movement.
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>> the search is on for a missing san francisco man. be on the look out for 32- year-old chuong nguyen nguyen was last seen on friday. he is reported to have the mental capacity of a 12 to 14 year old and easily becomes confused. he's described as 5-1, 90 pounds with black hair and brown eyes. last seen wearing a blue jacket, white t-shirt, gray sweat pants and red and white shoes. >> tonight new photographs emerge showing the family of the two santa cruz police officers who were shot and killed last tuesday. detective elizabeth butler and sergent "butch" baker interview a suspect about a sexual assault. the suspect. jeremy goulet. was also gunned down in the shootout with police. meanwhile -- the memorial service for the two fallen officers will be held. thursday, march seventh starting at noon. it will be held in san jose at the h-p pavilion. and a motorcade procession will happen prior to the memorial service. dennis rodman returning from his trip to north korea plays diplomat.
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vallejo police are investigating what appears to be a murder-suicide. officers were on their way to an apartment for a welfare check this morning, when they received a second call reporting that neighbors heard gunshots. a male and female were both found with bullet wounds. the identities of the victims were withheld today until family members can be notified. an investigation into the
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deaths is ongoing. >> the annual escape from alcatraz triathlon turned deadly today. authorities say a 46-year- old man suffered what is described as "a massive cardiac event" when he was getting into the water to start the race. emergency crews noticed him right away. pulled him from the water. and began administering c-p-r but were unable to save him. this is believed to be the first death at the grueling event. more than two-thousand amateur and professional athletes compete. first participants plunge into the 51-degree water. swim one-point-five miles from alcatraz to shore. then there's an 18-mile bike ride and an eight-mile run through san francisco. javier gomez of spain. took home the races top honor. and heather jackson of california came in first place among women racers. >> we had some sunshine with the clouds returning. from
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mt. tam you cannot see that much that is the bay bridge the eastern span. there are a lot of low clouds for tonight. through the north bay, the south bay and gray skies with drizzle shower activity over california have departed to the east. we are going to get a break. with low clouds to deal with but this storm over the pacific. this is taking a means for tuesday. look for the rainfall tuesday. as it takes its name towards tuesday it could stall out. taking aim--winston,
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thursday, the chance of thunderstorms. unstable air. while snow levels at the higher elevations here is futurecast at 8:00 a.m.. with sunshine early on and the clouds will increase to the north and to the west. and still, the rain to the north it is spreading south. it will continue to head south bound for the evening hours 6-8, with steady light moderate range. that could continue on wednesday. have and look for showers on/off. sell all those could be heavy. with lesser amounts for the north brae perhaps 1 in. at the higher elevations. temperatures and with breaks of sunshine.
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only 50s. here is your kron 4 7 day around the bay showers on/off with a sunshine mixture. even a thunderstorm possible. and looking good for next weekend. >> it's a medical first coming out of mississippi. a baby born with h-i-v is now considered cured. the baby was born to an h-i- v positive mom and put on anti-retro-viral drugs for 15-months. then around that time the mom decided to take her daughter off of the drugs. when doctors examined the baby girl eight-to-ten- months afterwards they couldn't find any signs of h-i-v. doctors are hoping that this may pave the way to eliminating h-i-v infection in children. and could lead to a cure if they are able to repeat the process. for now researchers will try and pinpoint what exactly lead to the girls miraculous recovery. >> a husband and wife are dead tonight after a car
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plowed into their cab early this morning in new york city. the couple's unborn baby survived the crash and is in critical condition. they were heading to the hospital when a b-m-w struck the cab they were in. the crash threw the wife from the backseat and pinned the husband inside. doctors were able to perform an emergency c- section and deliver the baby boy three months premature. police are searching for the driver of the b-m-w. family members are still coping with the loss. >> "it's terrible. they're not even married a year and they're going in for the happiest time, to have a baby and that's what happens. terrible." >> the 21-year-old newlyweds were married for less than a year. family and community leaders say that the couple's parents are coping the best they can. and that the baby will be taken care of by family. friends. and their entire brooklyn neighborhood. >> americans are remembering "bloody sunday". vice president joe biden traveled to selma, alabama today to help mark the 48th anniversary of the historic civil rights march. in 1965,
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peaceful protesters, asking for the right to vote, were beat by police and attacked by dogs as they tried to cross the edmund pettus bridge. police used batons and tear gas on the demonstrators. in what became known as "bloody sunday." civil rights leaders joined vice president joe biden to commemorate the day. the vice president said he was a senior in college then and he apologized for not taking part in the march. >> i was involved in my state in a small way, which was still fighting the lingering vestiges of jim crow, but i regret and although it's not part of what i'm supposed to say, apologize, it took me 48 years to get here. i should have been here. i should have been here. it's one of the regrets i have and many of my generation have. >> the vice president went on to say the march and events surrounding it were an awakening for him and other americans as well.
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>> former n-b-a star dennis rodman is talking about his trip to north korea. he met with the country's dictator young, kim jong un. and brought back a message for our commander in chief. >> he wants " but just to do one thing. >> just to call him. he says that he does not want to do war. he is only 28 years old. former nba star dennis rodman is talking about his trip to north korea. dictator young, kim jong un. and brought back a message thing -- call him." "he wants a call from president obama?" that. he said, 'if you can, dennis -- i don't want to do
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war. i don't want to do "did you say, 'why don't you " know, it's a different story, a different story. the kid's only 28 declared kim a "friend for life." "he want obama to do one thing -- call him.""he wants a call from president you can, dennis -- i don't want to do war. i don't want to do war.' he said that to me.""did you say, 'why don't you pick up the phone and " know, it's a different story, a different years old. 28." rodman sat courtside with the leader during a made- fisherman's wharf can be full of excitement - from quirky street performers to the pungent smells of cooked crab. but it is also a place to find, well. we'll let stanley roberts show you, in this special sunday edition of people behaving badly. down on fishermans wharf the san francisco police are not clowing around about the rules this is kenny the clown and he is getting a ticket for skateboarding which is not permitted the port of san francisco has just opened this promanade which looks nice with the new seats but it seems even the new places have that home town feel and for what ever reason even with all the wonderful sites to photograph this is what captures some people's attention this police officer is trying to clear up a little dispute, apparently this man wasn't sharing with these men you see there are rules for
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street performers when it comes to sharing space to preform this guy who calles himself one leg chuck was suppse to give up his spot so reverse order could perform but refused so after a long dicussion with the officer the other band got to play for a while dispite the no open container law in san francisco it's not hard to find . well open containers some people try to be descret and others not so descreet. with a little harder lemonade and you can rest assured that if you see a sign that says do not feed the birds, you will always fing someone feeding them it's like seeing a sign that reads no stopping with a vehicle stopped right next to it if you come to fishermans wharf briung a good book and enjoy the sights but always be aware of your surrondings in san francisco stanley roberts kron 4 news coming up this elementary school student...
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an elementary school student still doesn't know why he was suspended. coming up, we tell you what he did with his breakfast pastry that put him in trouble with the principal. a seven year old student says he got suspended from school over breakfast. josh welch suffers from a.d.h.d. but he excels in art class. but that creativity got josh into trouble at park elementary school welch was eating his breakfast pastry when he shaped it into a gun thats when the school called his dad and suspended him for two days the school is not commenting, but josh's dad says his son also said the words, 'bang bang' while holding that breakfast pastry and that


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