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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  March 10, 2013 8:00pm-9:00pm PDT

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>> you just can't take somebody's life and expect to keep on breathing without paying some type of serious consequences. >> kurtis: 12 years after norma rodriguez was murdered, her son is grown, his life and his family's changed forever by a murder that makes no sense and an anger that refuses to settle. >> all i got to say is all i needed with the guy was about two seconds personally for him to understand that, you know what i mean, the anger that i have towards you cause you changed my brother and the rest of my family's live forever. never be the same. >> i will not forgive him. like i said, i curse him for the rest of his life. i have so much hate on him, so much hate. >> i have forgave him. that's who i am. that's the christian person that i am. and that's the only way that i could go on living. they say in time you will heal from your pain, and it's still there.
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>> kurtis: on march 28, 2005, warren mackey is sentenced to 15 years to life for his crime. the other man mentioned by austin rodriguez as being with mackey has never been charged in the case. ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] now's the time to save 5% off every day
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with your lowe's consumer credit card. (male announcer) this is the bay area news station, kron 4 news starts now. >> tonight. oakland police are turning to the public for help in tracking down the suspect who shot and killed a san francisco man early this morning. kron 4's scott rates walks us through what happened. >> it was around 3:00 a.m. on this intersection of ninth anticly when they heard shots fired. they
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thought that a man had been shot multiple times. on this intersection, before he collapsed. they believe that as he was driving in his car there was a collision. we don't know that it was a 37 year-old -- we do know that it was a thirtysomething year-old. they are hoping that some type of witness will come forward to help solve this case. they are offering a $10,000 reward scott rates, kron 4 news. >> voters in san jose say "show me the money." tomorrow, the city's minimum wage will go up two dollars. to 10-dollars an hour. that goes for both part-time and full-time employees. it also includes those working on tips. kron four's philippe djegal works out the numbers for the average worker. >> so, this is how it works. and, we'll use part-time workers as an example. someone now making eight
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dollars an hour, six hours a day, thirty hours a week, is making about 12,470- dollars in a year. but with minimum wage now going up to 10-dollars an hour, that all changes. that person now making 10- dollars an hour, multiplied by six hours in a day, equals 60-dollars a day. multiply that by five days a week, comes out to 300- dollars. multiply that by four- point-three-three weeks in a month, comes out to about 1,299-dollars. multiply that in a year, and that comes out to 15,588-dollars. that's an increase of about three thousand dollars a year. city councilmen sam liccardo says that's good for employees. but in the long run, could have a negative impact on small businesses. a three-thousand dollar raise for ten employees, is a 30-thousand dollar hit for a small business. a hit some businesses can't afford.
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>> we recognize that this is a significant challenge for small businesses. we recognize this transition is going to be challenging. in san jose, philippe djegal, kron four news. we're taking a look at minimum wage around the bay area. the state sets the bar at eight dollars an hour. meanwhile san francisco has the highest minimum wage in the country at ten-dollars- and-fifty-five-cents. and now san jose checks in at ten-dollars an hour. >> at this time next week. we should know who will be the next pope. cardinals from across the globe will meet in the coming days. and will vote to decide which of them will lead the church. kron 4's mike pelton breaks down the process. >> this process will begin on tuesday when the 115
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cardinals will start their voting and they will start whvoting at tuesday afternoon. after they are voted , they are going to be burned. the white smoke will say that a new poll has been chosen and black smoke will say that black smoke means that is still the choice is out. mike pelton, kron 4. >> we have team coverage on this story. kron4's maureen kelly went to sunday mass in san francisco to find out what the faithful here are looking for in their next leader. >> reporter: here at saint mary's cathedral.prayers were lifted up for those in charge choosing a replacement for pope benedict. >> lord here our pray
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some worshiping here are hoping that the next steward of the catholic faith will continue to maintain ancient beliefs and tradtions. >> we need someone to preserve and protect that and probably not acquiesce the whims of what's important for the last 50 years, pop culture and to modern society, >> reporter: others are praying for a leader who will shake things up >> i wish that priests would be able to be married >> reporter: with many empty seats here amongst the pews.there is a growing desire for a pope who can draw in new believers. >> i think we need to reach out to more peoplea pope that's willing to travel be out there to show his face, still be to true to our beliefs >> i feel that people are really looking for a change someone who is relatable, especially to the youth the church has really stepped back from our daily life >> reporter: there's also a wish that the next pontiff be someone who can help lead
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the church into the 21st century. >> traditional catholic values but them taking into consideration our changing world because everyone has their own yearning and we have to satify everybody win their hearts and their souls. >> i think the church has an opportunity to be a better church but be true to the christian values. >> reporter: maureen kelly kron4 news >> so far this year, california is experiencing some of the driest winter weather on record, stretching all the way back to the gold rush days. kron 4's charles clifford has details. >> reporter: despite a handful of small storms over the past few weeks, 2013 has so far been pretty much bone dry. san jose state professor and meteorologist, jan null. it was indeed the third driest january and february we've seen since going back to 1850 >> reporter: he says it appears that a high pressure weather pattern has become locked in over california, keeping most the wet winter weather far to the north.
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>> the jet stream is taking the storm tracks up around that area of high pressure. all the storms we've heard about in the middle of the country, they've gone up over british columbia and dropped into the middle of the country and gone right around us. >> reporter: california normally gets the majority of its rainfall between november 1st and the end of april. this season, november and december were very rainy and january ,february and march have been very dry and overall we're on track to have a below normal amount of rainfall for the year. however, it's still to early to know if californians will face drought conditions next summer. >> when california gets into trouble is when we have to really dry years in a row. last year was sort of low/normal this year will be one of the dryer years so i'm sure water managers are looking at this with a very cautious eye now saying "ok, we're nearing the end of the rainfall season so we need to really manage these resources more carefully than if we had twice as much rainfall. in saratoga, charles clifford kron 4 news.
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half have >> this dry pattern shows no signs of letting up. temperatures in the '60s and '70s. the warmest and the north bay. of low mid 70's and the 60s for san jose. concord, antioch. these attempts in some places kidding about five, eight degrees above average. the readings will continue to climb for the next couple of days. away from the bay. this live look at mt. tam. and those low clouds will keep temperatures and shocked by the beaches. but away from the bay and the ocean when things are going to warm up. '70s through san jose, concord. going towards tuesday. it 70's for some of
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the valleys. nearly 80 degrees on wednesday. >> still ahead on kron 4 news at 8. the site of a deadly lion attack reopens to the public. then. a vallejo special education teacher found guilty of preying on one of his students. the disturbing details. plus. protestors for the free tiber movement take over the streets of san francisco. -- free tibet... [ male announcer ] with citibank it's easy for jay to deposit checks from anywhere. [ wind howling ]
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okay. [ male announcer ] with citibank's popmoney, dan can easily send money by email right from his citibank account. nice job ben. [ male announcer ] next up, the gutters. citibank popmoney. easier banking. standard at citibank. >> a fresno animal sanctuary where a lion killed a 24- year-old intern reopened to the public this morning. the park closed after dianna hanson was fatally attacked by a 550-pound male lion on wednesday. following a moment of silence in memory of hanson, the park returned to its normal operations. investigators believe the lion--known as cous cous- lifted the door of a partially closed feeding cage and attacked hanson. hanson's relatives say they believe her death was an accident. and that safety protocols were followed at cat haven. the 5-year-old lion was
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>> va former vallejo special-education teacher has been found guilty of raping and impregnating his developmentally disabled student aide. the vallejo times-herald reports the 57- year-old jerry johnson of elk grove faces up to 11 years in prison at his april sentencing. johnson's attorney had argued the sexual relationship was consensual and legal. however, the 20 year-old has a mental capacity of a six year-old. he is facing joe time. >> six people were arrested in gilroy for suspicion of prostitution. the gilroy police department
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initiated an undercover operation where detectives had contact with several suspected prostitutes. the suspects were arrested right after agreeing to intimate acts with the detectives. one of the suspects was as young as 18 years old. >> hundreds of tibetans and supporters marched through downtown san francisco today to peacefully celebrate the 54th anniversay of the tibetan national uprising against china's occupation. organizers say this year's protests is bigger than other express outrage against china's policies in tibet. the rally began with a flag raising ceremony in berkeley. then up market streets to city hall then onto the chinese consulate. the crowd chanted "free tibet" and "shame on china" -- the day will conclude at union square from 5 to 8pm.
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>> motorists are finally finding some relief at the gas pump. the lundberg survey reports that the average price of a gallon of gas has dropped six cents over the past two weeks. it's the first decrease in gas prices since late december. lundberg says the price of a gallon of regular in california is $3 and 74 cents. midgrade costs an average of $3 and 91 cents. and premium is $4 and four cents. in california the lowest average price is $4 and two cents in sacramento. >> president obama is taking a new approach to resolve the impass in congress over the 85-billion-dollar spending cuts. down what the president is doing this time around to get a deal in place. >> "none of this is necessary. it's happening because a choice that republicans in congress have made." >> reporter: from that, to this. >> "i've been reaching out to republicans and democrats to see if we can untangle >> reporter: after a political blame game left congress with no compromise to avert 85 billion dollars in automatic spending cuts, president obama is trying a new tactic.
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the olive branch. obama broke bread with some republican senators last week, and is meeting with the g-o-p house and senate caucuses. majority whip kevin mccarthy is skeptical of the president's motives. >> "this should have happened four years ago. i'm glad it's happening now. but is this about politics or is this genuine? only time will tell." house says obama's bipartisan approach will hopefully defuse some republican opposition. >> "i think that these meetings are not something to say, well, i'll do this with you now and i'll do that with them later. i think it is let's -- let's get some things done together." republican ron johnson was
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among the senators who dined with the president, and is giving obama the benefit of the doubt. >> "this is a good first step. i mean, you have to start meeting with people, you start developing relationships, you got to spend a fair amount of time figuring out what we agree on first." i'm cristina mutchler for kron 4 news. >> defense secretary chuck hagel had dinner with afghan president hamid karzai in kabul. it was an attempt to ease tensions between the united states and afghanistan. hagel was asked if they talked about karzai's comments on back-channel communications between the u-s and the taliban. r >> "be led by afghans." hagel also said the united states is still on track to end its 11-year combat mission in afghanistan. >> this just in. senior police official says man accused in delhi gang rape has committed suicide in jail. this is in connection to the brutal gang rape that caught national attention in india.
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the victim who was attacked by several men succumed to her inuried weeks after the attack. >> angry spaniards took to the streets to protest spending cuts. rising taxes. unemployment and corruption. the protests -- organized by spanish unions -- took place in 60 cities across the country. the number of people without jobs in spain has surpassed five-million. with about half of spain's younger work force currently unemployed. these protests come as the country struggles to get out of its second recession in three years. >> tomorrow marks the second anniversary of the devastating earthquake that triggered a tsunami in japan. nearly 16-thousand people died as a result of the disaster. this is the same earthquake and tsunami that triggered a massive meltdown at the fukushima nuclear power plant. that meltdown forced thousands of people to abandon their homes in order to escape the dangerous levels of radiation. >> what a beautiful day. checkout this view from the beautiful bridge. making it into the 70's! that is something that we are from
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mt. tam. the bay bridge off redwood, 62. mostly clear tonight to. there are some lots that are going to press into the bay. but to those it should clear away quickly. lots of sunshine and look for temperatures to warm up even more than today. '70s. it's been a rough week for justin bieber. and it doesn't seem to be getting any easier.
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a rep for bieber confirms that the pop star has canceled one of his upcoming concerts in portugal. bieber's rep also promised a refund to fans who had purchased tickets for the concert. the news of his canceled concert comes after the star was booed for starting a show two hours late.collapsing on stage the next night. and later lashing out at paparazzi. >> by the afternoon, '60s and '70s. san jose, 72 degrees. low 70's inland and concord antioch livermore. cooler by the bay. 65 degrees and the 70's for the north bay. your kron 4 7 day around the bay temperatures
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are going to increase a few degrees by tuesday. the warmest today is on wednesday. and even the degrees with a bit cooler if might even see a show or as this bleak weather system passes five. >> it has been a rough week for justin bieber. he has been cancelled his concert in portugal. this was after he started his show to our slate in london. and he was lashing out after paparazzi. >> mötley crüe singer vince neil was forced to leave an australian stage and go to a sydney hospital because of kidney stones. the group's manager says neil will have to undergo
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mötley crüe had planned to keep the next stop on the tour. but now there's no word if that will happen. on sunday, neil's bandmates tweeted their apologies for the short show >> it appears charges against rapper m-c hammer have been dropped. dublin shopping center two weeks ago and was charged for resisting an officer. last night, m-c hammer took to twitter to announce that the charges had been dropped. the 50-year-old was arrested on february 21st following a verbal altercation with an officer who pulled him over. following the arrest, hammer accused the officer of racial profiling. alleging the officer had asked him if here was on probation for parole.
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(male announcer): now, here's stanley roberts who found people behaving badly. >> no matter how many signs you post drivers are still going to ignore them unless the sign reads free money. i have proven that fact time and time again but now if you don't notice the not one but two "no turn on red signs" at otis and park in alameda you might just get a surprise (siren chirp) because alameda police are now issuing tickets to anyone who ignores those signs
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or just flat out claims they don't see didn't see them and just in case you haven't been following, back on january 9 2013 the city of alameda put up this sign that was pretty much not noticed by too many drivers but now if you go to the very same intersection you will see a couple of changes first off the original no turn on red sign had been moved here and it has been replaced with this larger no turn on red sign here not to mention a 100 feet away is this sign reading changed traffic condition ahead to alert drivers but for some drivers it's business as usual but honestly if was so bad gthat even as officers pull over drivers for ignoring the sign .more violators would appear like this truck and it appear the driver might have missed getting a ticket except (siren) looks like were are gonna to need more cops >> the lady in front of me
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was doing had jesters and issue was weaving costs. i washe was waving-offs are around. >> the fact is the alameda police stood here all day there hands would grow tired of writing tickets, it wernt for the fact that they use computers in alameda stanley roberts kron 4 news [ woman ] my boyfriend and i were going on vacation, so i used my citi thankyou card to pick up some accessories. a new belt. some nylons. and what girl wouldn't need new shoes? and with all the points i've been earning, i was able to get us a flight to our favorite climbing spot, even on a holiday weekend. ♪ things are definitely... looking up. [ male announcer ] with no blackout dates, you can use your citi thankyou points to travel whenever you want. visit to apply.
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>> today the san francisco exploratorium is celebrating its pre opening festival! kron 4's scott rates is live at the embarcadero where it's all taking place. as he waits for a pyrotechnic show from one of the museums atractions! >> reporter: this is a giant octopus. it is pretty impressive. they are
8:33 pm
shooting flames out of that. this is a large caterpillar. and let us take a look at this thing it looks like a snail this is called 'on the move'.. on the mission district. this will grow until 10:00 p.m. tonight if you can enjoy. this will go on until 10:00 p.m.. let me show you are we going to do with this questio and let us see this. ?. and every once to
8:34 pm
see this. >> jerry is going to get in the scene. >> hello, doreen. (cheers & applause) a very impressive display. come on down and check it out. >> thank-you. a crackdown on the size of sugary soft drinks is beginning to take shape on tables new york city's ban on large sugary drinks goes into effect on tuesday.
8:35 pm
it limits restaurants and stores from selling sodas and some other beverages more than 16 ounces. some restaurants are ordering smaller glasses. dunkin' donuts shops are telling customers they'll have to sweeten and flavor their own coffee. coca-cola has printed posters explaining the new rules mayor michael bloomberg says this law is bigger than his city. >> every food and the soft drink manufacturer has portion control. they want to maximize their profits and government wants to inform you that if you are overweight and you have all of these empty calories and you keep eating that your help is going to suffer. you will not live a very healthy life and a shorter life. >> "shorter life" convenience stores, vending machines and some newsstands will be exempt from the new law.
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democratic sources in washington say president obama's has made his choice for the next labor secretary. this man, thomas perez. perez currently heads-up the justice department's civil rights division. if nominated, he'll have to be confirmed by the senate. he would succeed hilda l. solis, a former congresswoman who resigned in january. >> ever wonder what it would be like to trade punches with your local congressman? well imagine the surprise when new york congressman peter king stepped into a boxing ring at a local pub in wantag last night. he went two rounds in an exhibition match against former kickboxing champion josh foley. no winner was declared in the match. 68-year-old king is an avid boxing fan and has been training for the past nine years. >> this is a beautiful shot of the bay and partly low clouds along the coast that will press for tomorrow. but it should clear out. sunshine for out today. look
8:37 pm
for a 60 as well as the north bay. looking at temperatures the yellow is showing temperatures in the '70s. the east bay, the north bay. and here is the map as we go towards tuesday. warmer temperatures i'd i think that it could go a bit overboard we could see some 80s for wednesday. with the details, coming up. >> six teenagers were killed today in an early morning accident in northeast ohio. investigators say that their s-u-v swerved off the road. hit a guardrail and flipped. before finally landing in a nearby pond. you are looking at video of the aftermath. according to the ohio state highway patrol two people
8:38 pm
managed to survive the accident. the accident occurred just south of warren. 60 miles east of cleveland near the pennsylvania state boarder. >> at least two firefighters were injured in a five- alarm-fire in jew jersey. you are looking at video taken from the scene. the injured firefighters were transfered to the hospital. their injuries are not considered serious. the fire started in a building in harrison new jersey. it burned for several hours and spread to some of the neighboring buildings before firefighters could get it under control. an investigation into what sparked the fire is underway. >> a woman's unique effort to help her best friend suffering with memory loss goes viral! sanaa orra explains how a simple and funny little memory cheat sheet is still taking the rounds on the internet years later! >> it is called read this from the huffington opposed to tell less websites. they are all showing this memory loss letter by what is
8:39 pm
calling the ultimate best friend. his >> i did it because i did not want her to not be able to reach anybody if she were to ever get to the hospital. >> but they put together this cheat sheet. >> it has been nice. >> reporter: she continues to bounce with about -- with short-term memory and the rest is history. >> i started calling in and i said you have to get up because it is everywhere. >> the popularity is its playful answers to the common questions. >> i wanted her to read it
8:40 pm
and laugh it and so i try to put some humor >> the one thing that is most is the constant fascination with the hospital floors. >> and i tried to mention that. and i kept was that a local hospital? >> yes. and i guess they have really nice flores. and i guess it was really important to me. >> if your going to tie the knot coming of the real cost of a modern day whiting. and an early easter to book travel with good family idea of traveling destinations coming up.
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>> weddint site-- the knot- dot-com says brides and grooms spent more money to get married last year than they have since the start of the economic downturn. more than 17-thousand couples were surveyed. and the site says the average wedding bill was 28- thousand-427 dollars. the spending increased in almost every category -- from photographers and d-js to invitations. couples in manhattan spent the most -- averaging nearly 77-thousand and alaskans were the most frugal. >> in palo alto bar is a new change coming to your facebook profile coming up. >> we have some nice changes in the bay area. >> we have some nice changes in the bay area. warmer temperatures hello? the words are going this way-there's no way. >> we have some nice changes in the bay area. warmer temperatures oh, the lights came on. isn't technology supposed to make life easier? at chase we're pioneering innovations that make banking simple.
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deposit a check with a photo. pay someone with an email. and bank seamlessly with our award-winning mobile app. take a step forward... and chase what matters.
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>> facebook held a press event this week at its headquarters in palo alto. where mark zuckerberg showed the media a preview of some major changes coming to the social media site. kron 4's tech reporter gabe slate was there he has a
8:46 pm
sneak peak at the new look coming to your profile. >> facebook's redesigned its news feeds custom tailored for your likes. this new control panel will be in the upper right of your news feed. this is feed. switcher . and if you want to see content only from your friends, click france, or just from your fan pages. or just from friends, 'click 'friends...with photos. news, music. and the most recent if you want to make sure that you are seeing the
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latest you do not have to use these. you can view this as you do now. another change our images are going to be bigger. they will be posted larger as well as videos. this is a really big deal the new views feet will be the same on every device. what you see on your laptop, desktop will be the same on your mobile devices. or tablet. this will make this so much easier to interact with facebook on multiple devices. >> we have been asking our own readers and their number one come plane to is that they do not want to see the stories from the people that they care about it is about more irrelevant updates. if you only want to see the updates on pictures, or from my very close friend. if that is the biggest news they are going to love this! >> if you would like to get
8:48 pm
this quickly go to facebook /about/newsfeed.. gabe slate tech report >> if you're thinking of a spring break getaway for the whole family, time is running out to book flights and hotels. especially if you're hoping to snag a deal. karin caifa has family- friendly tips. in today's consumer watch. >> reporter: an early easter means less time for families to book spring break travel. >> in this more compact travel season with this high demand, we typically see that the hotel rooms and the airfare seats book out sooner. >> reporter: according to travel website orbitz, the number one spring break destination for families is orlando - home of walt disney world. but for alternatives, it recommends the beaches of saint petersburg, florida, family-friendly resorts of the bahamas, and in europe, london, still in its off- season. it's a popular seasonfor
8:49 pm
cruises, with the recent drama on the carnival triumph doing little to curb bookings. >> we haven't seen any changes in terms of bookings or cancellations due to recent events and think that it's still one of the most popular vacations out there right now. people are still taking advantage of the deals they can find. >> reporter: and most parts of the country are seeing the tail end of winter weather, but travelers should still plan for possible disruptions. even if you're planning on heading to somewhere like a great warm weather destination, you want to prepare yourself for any connections that may cause you trouble and make sure that you have anything you really need for 24 hours packed with you in your carry-on bag. >> reporter: for consumer watch, i'm karin caifa. there might give europe out and about and it feels it chilly you can always go to the flaming octopus that the embarcadero the festival
8:50 pm
tonight. that is pretty cool. and another cool shot looking out over san francisco. if you look closely maybe you can see the octopus you can see the lights of the bay bridge. the skies for this evening and look for some low clouds but release sunshine will be the main weather pattern. the and warm temperatures. readings in the '70s even 80s. and some sea breeze scatting stronger. for tomorrow look for mid 60s in san francisco that will be the same by the bay. temperatures will remain pretty flat. to get away from ave. concord. and a few degrees warmer as the week
8:51 pm
progresses. 75 degrees and '70s and '80s on wednesday. some high clouds focused in the pacific northwest. if this is how it will remain for the entire work week. the storms to the north and we could see a weaker system on saturday. the slight chance but fell drier weather will remain. even in the sierras appeared nearly 60 degrees. for tomorrow morning look for the coolest readings in the north bay. 30's in the east today. and temperatures for the afternoon are going into the '60s and '70s. sunny skies. 73 in the santa clara. low mid 70's inland.
8:52 pm
antioch, pittsburgh 73 degrees with cooler by the bay but still nice. mid upper 60s in the forecast for mid-60s for san francisco. upper 60s for berkeley. your kron 4 7 day around the bay watch as those temperatures will be climbing to the midweek. the possibility of a shower and cooler weather you can find all types of places and for chinese in san francisco however, check this out and market street it is pure posh and this exotic appeal. >> let us dine and dish
8:53 pm
>> chinese cuisine is popular repairing a to a different element of space, music and a sense of smell. we engage all of that in our restaurant. it is really a fantastic experience for our guests. >> the michelin star chef...creates the dishes from the wok beutiful with wine infused beef and food is the only part.. it is really great when you come in and embrace san francisco. >> the one that that we have it is a trademark is a burn style--bourbon style
8:54 pm
cocktail called 'the broken promise'. coming up next. after battling back from injuries last year a's pitcher brett anderson is looking forward to a healthy start to the new year. but two batters into today's game - something goes wrong. find out what happened coming up next after the break.
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>> "oz the great and powerful" lived up to its name at the box office this weekend. disney's new take on thestory of "oz" conjured
8:57 pm
up 80-point-three million dollars in ticket sales. that's the best debut of the year so far, and the third largest march opening in history. in its second week in theaters, "jack the giant slayer" picked up another 10-point-two million dollars. and still in the top three after more than a month in theaters, "identity thief" grossed six-point-three million dollars. >> a's starting pitcher brett anderson injured his back and had to leave today's spring training game against the arizona diamondbacks early. anderson only faced two batters before he strained a muscle in his upper right back. after giving up a lead off single. former oakland infielder cliff pennington hit a ground ball that caromed off the glove of third baseman josh donaldson. so anderson ran over to third base to cover the bag. after the play anderson kept twisting and rubbing his neck. after consulting with manager bob melvin and the teams medical staff -- anderson left the game. the a's ended up winning anyways seven-to-five. >> tiger woods is hitting his stride on the way to taking his 17-th world golf
8:58 pm
championship title. woods was in full control -- never letting anyone get closer than three shots -- as the w-g-c cadillac championship came to a close today. woods finished with 27 birdies on his way to winning the tournament with a one under 71. steve stricker made a late run but finished two strokes behind the lead. if woods can win the bay hill competition in two weeks he becomes a lock to regain his spot as the worlds best golfer. >> at the age of 48. boxer bernard hopkins becomes the oldest person to win a major boxing title. hopkins took the i-b-f light heavyweight championship from tavoris cloud in a twelve-round unanimous decision last night. by winning the fight hopkins broke his own record. a record he set back in may of 2011 when he beat jean pascal for the w-b-c light heavyweight title.
8:59 pm
>> yesterday, harvey looked at 54 ----barbie.. made her first appearance on march 9th, 1959. this is what she would look at at 54. >> maybe some botox... ñá


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