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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  March 16, 2013 11:00pm-11:30pm PDT

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(male announcer) this is the bay area news station, kron 4 news starts now.a deadly crash at a northern california race track. the victims.14 and 68 years old. how the car went out of control. plus, how an iconic berkeley dance and music club is back open after two of its employees are shot. brian has our st. patricks day forecst. join us next at 11. a developing story we have been following all night. there has been a fatal crash at a race track in marysville, california.that's about 40 miles north of sacramento.
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authorities are confirming a race car ran off the track into the pit area.killing two people. the victims have been identified as a 68-year-old man and a 14-year-old boy. a witness to the accident describes the horrifying scene. the two victims were part of the pit crew and officials say they had a right to be in the area, but no more details were revealed about their roles. tonight was the opening night of the california sprint car civil war series. you can see a large police presence at that shooting. police officers from several jurisdictions responded with no officers hurt. this is the first officer involved in shooting when this is
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created during this task force in the 1990's. there will be a investigation. we'll continue monitoring this story. and we'll bring you updates as we get them throughout the newscast. in other news. one gunman is in police custody tonight. and two victims are recovering from gun shot wounds after two suspects robbed a crowded dance club. this suspect is described as a 19 or 20 year-old caucasian man with short, black hair. dave brown, goatee with a piercing in his eyebrow. on the right side of his face. this is one of the main the driveways and bundle. a 12 year-old girl was walking home from school and bundl bunde ----pinole.. he asked if she wanted a ride and she said " no ". he tried to this is
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kind of a wake-up call phillipe djegal, kron 4 news. >> temperatures were pretty cool even 70 seller, and the end. nearly 80 degrees for santa rosa. santa rosa, nearly seven degrees but prerecorded be even cooler with the 70 degrees-with blowing and green for st. patrick's day. mostly clear skies wstill, some breezy windst
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a 30 m.p.h.! tomorrow, some patchy clouds and clearing out by 9:00 a.m.-10:00 a.m. in the some clouds in preconditions. 20 m.p.h.-30 m.p.h. how much cooler it is going to be? coming up. >> happy st. patrick's day. >> happy st. patrick's day. officers from several >> happy saint patrick day. >> it's a great day, happy saint patrick's day. fire chief joanne hayes- white and police chief greg surh kept to tradition.leading off san francisco's saint patrick's parade this morning. following behind.a
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contingent of the city's finest and wide variety of fire trucks. thousands lined market street for a parade that had more than one hundred and fifty different groups and floats, many reflecting the strong support this parade has always received from the cities uniformed services. san francisco the police department and the fire department, i mean there's a whole bunch of irish people.that's all there used to be on the police and fire department years ago in san francisco which is now very mixed just like the city is, which is great but they are still strong supporters and they have a ball, everyone has fun at this parade. thousands came out to see the parade, and as many as two thousand people marched in the parade this the 162nd san francisco st paddy's day parade. here in the bay area.police are reminding drivers to be safe and sober this saint extra c-h-p officers will be on patrol throughout the weekend. and there will be several d- u-i checkpoints. here are a few of them. in san rafael.the check-
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point lasts through sunday at 2 a.m. san francisco police have a roving checkpoints through sunday at 3 a.m. and in santa rosa, d-u-i checkpoints will run through sunday at 3 a.m. the c-h-p says it made more for d-u-i's during st patrick's day weekend last bay cheerleader - and the struggle for her family and exactly one yearplus.a college lacrosse coach who's a pregnant mother dies in a bus crash. happened.and who else is dead tonight. and former 49ers player delanie walker honoring his late aunt and uncle in the headed to nashville to play.keep it here.we're back right after this. well, well, well.
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new tonight at 11- symphony officials cancelled tonight's 8 p-m perfromance and sunday's scheduled two- p-m performance as it continues contract talks with musicians. the musicians say they're unhappy with a management proposal that would include a pay freeze and then a one percent pay increase during
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the next two years. people who had tickets to tonight's concert at can get a refund, trade tickets for a future show or donate the money to the symphony.
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a deadly helcopter crash in afghanistan is promptng an investigation by a u.s.-led coalition. this is the second deadly helicopter crash there this week.
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nato officials say the chopper went down in southern afghanistan, killing a service member and injuring another. on monday, a black hawk helicopter crashed, killing five u.s. troops. it was the last day of the conservative political action conference, known as cpac. and it ended with its g-o-p presidential nomination straw poll, which is considered a key gauge of conservative sentiment. senator rand paul of kentucky took the top slot with 25 percent of the vote. senator paul finished just ahead of florida senator marco rubio. earlier in the conference. feast senator paul said that the establishment wing of the republican party is dead. today marks one agonizing year for sierra lamar's family, friends, and volunteer searchers. one year ago.the 15-year- old vanished on her way to school in morgan hill. kron 4's mike pelton spoke with her family and shows us how they, and the communityare coping. in an emotional day of testimony, the alleged teenage victim took the stand saturday in the rape
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case involving two high school football players in steubenville, ohio. below one year ago today the most important person in my life went missing. >> i did not want to wake up by started reliving the tragic things that happened. >> reporter: the parents are pushing on hoping that they will have answers. >> i did not believe that it would be and one year and she was still not found. >> reporter: she was found onto a bus stop to eight school bus. the dna this
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d.a. is the person that can make something happen, the search is have you done? >> over to one of 40. >> over 240. >> i hope that she is back with us and that we are back with a normal life. >> the family of zero lamar is still offering its $35,000 reward. of finding her loved one. mike pelton, kron 4 news. >> and emotional day 17-year-old trent mays and 16-year-old ma'lik richmond are accused of raping a 16- year-old girl who prosecutors say was drunk. she told the judge she had two drinks and then did not remember anything except throwing up and then waking up the next morning naked.
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others have testified she had more to drink. the trial captured national attention because of lurid text messages, cell phone pictures, videos and social media posts taken of the girl. attorneys for the two boys say they are innocent. this picture speaks a thousand words, and depending on what you have to say or where you stand, it does not tell the story. you heard a variety of explanations for this photo. it was a joke. she stumbled, they picked her up, it was a joke. the judge says he will hand down a decision tomorrow morning at 10. a bus carrying the seton hill university women's lacrosse team crashed this morning -- killing the team's head coach and the 61-year-old bus driver. the 30-year-old coach.kristina quigley. was six months pregnant. her unborn child did not survive. authorities say the bus slammed into a tree off the pennsylvania turnpike. the team was headed to
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millersville pennsylvania for an afternoon game. the bus was carrying 23 people. many of whom are being treated for minor to major injuries. two people -- including n- f-l wide receiver donte stallworth -- are in the hospital after their hot air balloon crashed into power lines. it happened this morning outside of miami florida. according to stallworth's lawyer -- stallworth suffered severe burns but is in stable condition. there was a third passenger who escaped unscathed. the cause of the crash is currently under investigation. this is file video of stallworth. whose agent added that the receiver should be able to play again. >> we started out with some low clouds and napa valley. but those cleared out by 10:00 a.m. into lots of sunshine. a beautiful day with an emerald green hills. 73 degrees in downtown napa.
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not quite as warm but here is a live look over the bridge. it is a bit windy along the coast. point reyes. 36 m.p.h.! over 30 m.p.h. and even 40 m.p.h.. 22 house with the wind going over tonight but they will pick up with mostly clear skies and for tomorrow mostly sunny and the breezy afternoon. 20 m.p.h.-30 m.p.h.. this pacific northwest system is spinning around. this is slowly going to trend towards the west coast as for go for the next couple
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of days. tuesday and wednesday the, the clouds will increase. not a significant a system but enough to thing make things the coolest will be upper 30's. 40's and lent. 47 in the san jose. and 40's and-- inland. 60s and '70s with evergreen, morgan hill making it up to 70 degrees above four low 70's. concord, pittsburgh, looking for a 60s by the bay. san francisco, 64 degrees. your
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kron 4 7 day around the bay as the weather system approaches. we're 63 days away from this year's bay to breakers. kron 4 is proud to be part of this san francisco event. we'll bring you the race from start to finish. bay to breakers is happening -- sunday, may 19th. the american humane association put it's animal rescue truck on display at justin herman plaza in san francisco this afternoon. the 80 foot long rig travels to disasters and treats injured and sick animals while it's staff constructs temporary housing for animals whose owners may have lost their own homes.
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coming up after the break. after sticking it to the kings on thursday night. the sharks headed down to l- a tonight for a rematch. find out who came out on top. coming up after break. former san francisco 49ers tight end-- delanie walker held a fundraiser at a san carlos restaurant this afternoon. walker signed autographs and there was a set dinner menu at izzy's steaks and chops-- to benefit the group mother's against drunk driving. c-h-p officers came out to show their support. this event was held to honor walker's aunt and uncle alice and bryan young-- who were killed by a drunk driver the morning after they watched their nephew play in super bowl 47. the oakland athletic league is inducting its first hall of fame class. the event is honoring the cities homegrown high school stars that went on to become national icons in their respective sports. notable names on the list include rickey henderson. joe morgan. frank robinson and bill russell. the honorees are selected by a committee of local athletes. coaches. and other community members.


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