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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  March 17, 2013 8:00pm-9:00pm PDT

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>> he could never be dead enough for me. they could put him in the electric chair 50 times; it's never going to be enough for me. >> kurtis: chatsiam lioy pleads guilty to a charge of first- degree homicide and receives a term of life in prison. for lynn lopez, none of it really matters, as she lives out her own life sentence, one from which there is no respite and no reprieve. >> the love of my life was taken from me.
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tonight. a north bay family is in mourning after a fatal race car accident. this is video of lst nights scene. a 14 year old santa rosa boy was one of two people killed when a race car sped out of control during a warmup lap on a race track in yuba county and crashed into the pit area. adding to the tragedy.the driver was the boy's older cousin. kron 4's jeff bush is live at a memorial that's sprung up at petaluma high school.
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jeff? kron4's maureen kelly continues our team coverage and has uncovered new information about the victim.and the driver. 14 year old marcus johnson.known by the nickname m-j was a lifelong racer.starting with smaller vehicles like go karts.since he was five years you can see him posing with a trophy in this snapshot here..alongside his older cousin chase.who you see on the right hand side of the screen. that young 17.was behind the wheel during saturday's fatal crash. chase johnson has also been a competitive racer since a young age.his website reveals that he comes from 4 generations of race car drivers.the 17 year old
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lives in penngrove.a town outside petaluma..some of the championships he's won have been here at the petaluma speedway.the teen is a senior at petaluma high school. his shop teacher says chase is a good of several kids at the school that are very involved in the sport. chase johnson's website lists marcus as a member of his crew.but the yuba county sherriff department. reports that marcus was not an official member of the pit crew, and his presence in the pit area is still being investigated. maureen kelly kron4 news. the second person who was killed has been identified as a 69 year old grass valley man. the cause of the accident is still under investigation. right now, the california highway patrol is responding to a fatal crash involving multiple vehicles including a motorcycle on northbound interstate 680 at the rudgear road offramp in walnut creek. northbound traffic is being diverted to livorna road
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due to the crash, according to the chp. traffic is also backed up on eastbound state highway 24 due to the crash. we'll keep on eye on this and update you with any details we get later on in our show. the united states baseball team didn't quite make it to a-t and t park for the baseball classic game. but puerto rico and japan basebal fans still filled the stadium. showing off their love for the game! thick columns of smoke could be seen hanging over antioch, brentwood and oakley today due to a grass fire on sherman island. this was the startling sight people in the east bay saw today. according to fire officials, the blaze started around 3- thirty this afternoon on the island. it's located where the sacramento and san joaquin rivers meet. kron 4 viewers sent in these photos of ash dusting homes in the east bay. firefighters have decided to let the grass fire burn
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itself out since no structures are threatened. it made for smokey skies above the east bay, right brian?
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attempts to they were pretty nice. the '60s and '70s. if the temperatures. -with low 70's and fairfield. 70's this afternoon. as for go for tonight look for some high clouds approaching the storm system and precipitation on tuesday.
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low and patchy clouds. and sunshine and for the afternoon oppose high clouds will increase. more about the rainfall coming up. tonight an investigation continues after a deadly shooting and 10 hour standoff in oakland. the standoff started just after one this morning when police went to inspect a residence after two gunshot victims were hospitalized. police traced a potential suspect to a home on 25th avenue. the scene was cleared at about 11:30 a.m., according to police and they detained several people for questioning but at this time it is not clear if the shooting suspect is in custody. one of the shooting victims died, the other victim is in serious condition tonight. four people hurt in vallejo today when a pick up truck drove through a thrift store. one of those injured included the driver.
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the seriousness of the injured to the driver and other customers are not know. the cause of the crash is also investigation. a d-u-i and license checkpoint in santa rosa leads to multiple arrests. santa rosa police arrested five for driving under the influence. 17 were cited for driving without a license and four others for driving with a suspended license.
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plus - the verdict is in for two football players accused of raping a 16 year old and
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posting pictures of her. we bring you the nationally followed trial. and bay area home prices - heating up? we'll have the latest on real estate sales and whether it's a seller's market. large crowds gathered for one of the world's largest celebrations of saint patrick's day in dublin, ireland. the city hosts an annual parade resembling a mardi gras style extravaganza. brightly colored floats, bagpipers and marching bands wind their way through the city streets. and cheering spectators keep with their irish tradition -- dressing in shades of green. the latest figures in from dataquick show the real estate market took a small hit from january's figures. take a look the median house price in february dropped 1.8 percent from january's numbers. however. the numbers also show that prices are up 25 percent from last year at the same time. experts say with fewer bank owned properties pushing prices down, the market is heating back up. as kron four's terisa estacio reports, an open house today, revealed a close up look at what the overall numbers are showing.
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at this open house in the berkeley hills sunday. prospective buyers just kept coming. real estate agent julia temple with red oak realty says - what is opening here is typical these days as the real estate market bounces back after several bleak years. >> i have had 75 and a line when i got here at 2pm. priced at 679 thousand dollars, temple says this 4 bedroom one and a half bath is already attracting a lot of attention and it's only been on the market a few days. >> everyone wants to know when i they can offer price. for both my buyers and sellers, multiple offers, 40 at least. q. different then a few years ago. very. temple says low inventory is driving the demand. the latest figures show foreclosures have dwindled - allowing the prices to percolate up. however, if you are a
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buyer, looking for a bargain, the bounce back has been brutal. listen to this person's experience. >> we are just getting knocked out. cash only. it is rough out here. terisa estacio, kron four news. tuesday afternoon, some wet weather and possibly some showers. there are those high clouds. just to the north of hawaii slowly
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making its way to the east. we are going to see a lot of clouds and not much rain. the futurecast, by noon. they will thicken and through the afternoon. notice we are looking at mostly cloudy for most of the bay area. we could see breaks of early sunshine but otherwise, mostly cloudy and here is noon. that will get closer as we get closer to 4:00 p.m.. light/scattered showers. for the morning, we will see it showers on & off and clearing with only
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one quarter-one-half inch. temperatures tomorrow and decent. 60s and '70s your kron 4 7 day around the bay >> authorities are investigating a drive-by shooting saturday night in sacaramento county. police were called to the shooting scene in a town south of sacramento at 10- pm. they found six male victims laying in the front yard of a home. the victims were taken to a hospital in the area with
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non life-threatening injuries. police say they do not know what sparked the shooting -- but they believe it is gang related. a man is dead after he barricaded himself inside the bathroom of a sporting goods store near philadelphia -- and then killed himself. authorities say the man -- 58 year old joseph campbell -- entered a dicks sporting goods just after 7 pm on saturday. he pointed a handgun at a worker and demanded an unlocked shotgun and ammunition. campbell then took the shotgun and locked himself in the bathroom. the store and nearby businesses were evacuated during the four-hour long standoff. a small plane crash in indiana has killed two people and injured several others. authorities say the jet crashed into at least three houses this afternoon. the f-a-a says two of the four people on board died -- and three people were taken to the hosptial with non life-threatening injuries. the pilot reported a problem with electrical power on approach to the airport. investigators say the jet took off from tulsa,
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oklahoma and went down about eight miles from the south bend regional airport. the department of defense is releasing the names of the five service members that were killed last monday in afghanistan when their helicopter went down. they are staff sergeant marc ski-aldo. staff sergeant steven blass. chief warrant officer bryan henderson. specialist zachary shannon. and captain sara knutson. their helicopter went down while traveling through a rain storm. officials say there was no enemy activity in the area at the time of the crash. an ohio judge found two high school football players guilty today of raping a 16-year-old girl last august. christina mutchler has the latest. >> "i'm sorry to put you guys through this. but i'd just like to." >> reporter: ma'lik richmond's apology choked with sobs -- after he and trent mays were found guilty of raping a 16-year-old girl who was impaired by alcohol last august.
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ohio's attorney general says no stone went unturned in this case, and plans to convene a grand jury. >> "my commitment is, we're going to push this thing as fast as we can, bring finality to this, to determine if there's anybody else that should be charged, and then the community needs to move on after that." the victim was not in the room when the ruling was handed down. after court was adjourned, her mother read a statement saying the two boys lacked compassion and moral code. >> "this does not define who my daughter is. she will persevere, grow, and move on." ma'lik's father comforted him in court, and says his son is going to be o-k. >> "i told ma'lik to put all his trust in god. god will see him through this. i told him that i love him." the victim's attorney says the trial could possibly have been avoided if the young men came to the family sooner and apologized-- but that the family will
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forgive them as they support their daughter. i'm christina mutchler for kron 4 news trent mays also apologized in court -- and both defendants' families spoke of their remorse in court. mays was also found guilty of disseminating a nude photo of a minor, and was sentenced to a minimum of two years in a juvenile correctional facility. richmond was sentenced to a minimum of one year -- but like mays -- could be in detention until he is 21. like mays -- could be in detention until he is 21. mom, i invited justin over for lunch. good. no, not good. he's a vegetarian and he's going to be here in 20 minutes! [ mom ] don't stress. we can figure this out. ♪ [ male announcer ] get the speed to make a great first impression. call today to get u-verse high speed internet for as little as $14.95 a month for 12 months with a one-year price guarantee. this is delicious. ♪ [ male announcer ] save the day in an instant. at&t. ♪ at&t.
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thousands of people came out and lined the street to celebrate the holiday. and as you can see pretty much everyone is having a good time. >> the san francisco symphony says that the musician's strike is forcing the cancellation of the upcoming east coast tour.
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more than 100 musicians started striking on wednesday when their union and the symphony failed to reach an agreement on a new contract. the musicians rejected a proposal to resume playing concerts during a cooling off period. the last time the musicians went on strike was from 1996 to 1997. that strike led to the cancellation of 43 concerts.
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(male announcer): here's stanley roberts who found some people behaving badly. lets look at the lady holding flip flops near the corner of 7th and market streets in san francisco
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see appear to be trying to sell the then to whomever is interested, then finally she get the attention of these men then the man with the black baseball cap takes the flip flop and places then in his back pack it's not unsual to see people items being sold in this area in fact this man is the grey beenie is selling get this raw meat someone please tell me who sells raw meat out of a plastic bag on a warn sunny day or anyday for that matter here it appears that someone is selling a white polo shirt, but what all the sellers have in common is this guy in the wheelchair apparenty anything someone has to peddle he appears to be the go to guy from jewelery to flip flops but not raw meat this guy selling get this large containers of crest toothpaste all packed in a shopping basket do you ever get the feeling that your welcome warn out, well it seems that just
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happened now eariler i tried to talk to them and they acted like they did not understand a word i said however when the man in the wheel chair approached me i want you to let listen to the exchange nats: you want pictures to me i don't care i don't know why the people wory about you i don't know why. more people worry about you yes i don't care i don't care about you exactly i'm just a guy with a camera right you wanna take me to the police office, i'm not a police officer you wnt to take me to jail (broken english) now whey this excahge was going on pay attention to what happens next they guy who was with them tries to sneak up behind me don't stand behind me like that now i don't know if any of this stuff sold stolen goods i'm not a physic, but i can tell you this, there is a sign that read please do not peddle without a permit but to be frank selling of goods has been going on here for years you just have to have the right amount of
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cash in san francisco stanley roberts kron 4 news close to a dozen law enforcement agencies joined forces for a statewide sting called "operation shoulder tap." and stanley roberts was there catching the whole thing on tape. their goal is to catch any adults purchasing alcohol for anyone under the age of 21. tune in to kron four news on monday to catch those people behaving badly. it's the pope's first sunday mass for millions of catholics around the world. coming up, we show you how the bay area faithful feel about their new leader. plus - inmates make a prison break by stealing a helicopter. we take a look at how they did it. >> after a beautiful weekend there rainfall returns.
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better information. better care. kaiserpermanente. thrive. >> for millions of catholics. today marked the first sunday mass since the
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announcement of a new pope. kron 4's mike pelton shows us the excitement from parishioners here in the bay area. inside the walls of st. mary's cathedral. you can sense the sign of relief. >> it is a good choice. >> throwing. much more approachable and understandable. >> he will lead to 1.2 billion catholics, worldwide. as he becomes the new face of the catholic church. >> i was looking for a surprise and i was not let down. >> he wanted to see and understand the needs and st. francis is not taken lightly.
8:33 pm
>> we are deeply blessed and it is something that is very dear to our hearts. and it is choosing that was central and amazing for us. >> they are hoping that this will be a long-lasting for much needed. >> progressive. >> a great change. i think that we are in for the long haul. >> city hall is lit up with green but high clouds. those will be with us tonight and tomorrow, tuesday. this storm system from the pacific will bring rainfall. in the meantime, temperatures in the 50s. for
8:34 pm
tonight, we will still continue that high clouds and haze the conditions. tomorrow, scattered low clouds. as we progress towards the afternoon of the sunshine and the clouds will diminish. temperatures will be futurecast at 6:00 a.m.. notice the dark blue in the 40's. as we go through the day 60s in most places. still, some 70's in the north bay valleys in the east bay. as well as the south bay. cooler temperatures in the chance for rainfall. how much we can expect? coming up. >> turkish police arrested a suspect in the murder of an american tourist. this man -- identified as "ziya t." -- was captured in a sothern province sunday. he's charged with killing 33-year-old sarai sierra. a mother from new york. sierra's body was found on
8:35 pm
february 2nd near ancient stone walls in istanbul. she had taken a solo trip for photography. officials say the suspect has been questioned and handed over to judicial authorities. >> authorities are investigating a drive-by
8:36 pm
is also investigation.
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it's not unsual to see tries to sneak up behind me close to a dozen law enforcement agencies joined forces for a statewide sting today marked the first oklahoma city police are investigating a discovery of a dead baby. detectives say a family dog found the infant in a field and brought it back to a house saturday morning. a woman house sitting at the residence found the baby and called 9-1-1. the dog usually roams the rural wooded area. investigators believe the baby was dumped -- and they are asking the public's help in solving the crime. michael vick made a special appearance earlier this weekend at an atlanta area church. vick has been working hard to try and reshape his appearance since he was convicted on dog fighting charges. the quarterback spoke to teens about making the right choices and encouraged them to avoid having to get
8:38 pm
second chances. vick was invited to speak on behalf of team freedom outreach. a program dedicated to working with teens in youth detention centers. on saturday he brought a special message to them. "every decision counts, it's very important to think before you speak, think before you act and kind of depend on the people who really believe in you." vick also took the opportunity to sign autographs and promote his new autobiography "finally free." north korea says it will not negotiate when it comes to their nuclear program. meanwhile the chairmen of the u-s house intelligence committee is worried about the stability of north korean leader kim jong un. saying that kim's youth and the countries massive military may prove to be a anna coren investigates what many south koreans are thinking about their nuclear powered neighbor. while kim jong un may have perfected the art of bluffing after weeks of apocalyptic threats. the north korean regime and its quest to become a nuclear state is being taken very seriously, south of the border. "the question is for south koreans, can we live peacefully with nuclear armed north korea? the answer is no". south korean lawmaker mj chung -- the son of the founder of hyundai -- believes his country can no longer sit on its hands, watching its belligerent neighbor develop nuclear weapons. he says its time for south korea to have its own nuclear arsenal. "the nuclear deterrence can be the only answer. we have and it would appear south koreans tend to agree.
8:39 pm
recent polls show that two- thirds of citizens surveyed support the idea, especially in the wake of north korea's third nuclear test, carried back in 1991, south korea voluntarily gave up its nuclear deterrence after signing a denuclearization agreement with pyongyang, which saw the us remove its nuclear tactical weapons from the country. the us remains south korea's ultimate insurance policy by falling under its nuclear umbrella - there are also 28,000 american troops stationed in the country -- a sign of commitment to its ally. but conservatives believe seoul needs to position itself the same way israel has against its nuclear enemy iran. "in iran or in the middle east we know the existence of israel which is a huge determine to any power, any country in the region trying or wishing going nuclear. because we know that the israeli have a proven record of retaliating or pre- emptively striking". "while there are concerns that a nuclear armed south korea would damage its economy and effect its relationship with its neighbors and key ally the united states, mr. chung and his supporters believe it's the price they may have to pay to ensure denuclearization on the korean peninsula". regardless of whether or not south korea down the nuclear route, the south korean government under new president park geun-hye says if there is any military provocation from pyongyang it will retaliate with destructive force. anna coren, cnn, seoul. three people have been arrested after two inmates escaped from a correctional facility in quebec canada. using a helicopter.
8:40 pm
police caught one of the escapees -- who was described as a high profile offender. he was behind bars in connection with an attempted murder investigation. the other inmate is still on the loose -- and police have not identified the other people who were arrested. the helicopter's pilot is considered to be a witness -- not a suspect. cleveland has the rock n roll hall of fame. coming up, we'll show you the rock stars of sf state's hall of fame. plus we'll get a look at that sea lion pup onboard a kayak - making big waves. and the duchess of cambridge says she's like a boy. those stories, coming up. and before we send you to break here is a look at the duchess of cambridge performing a st. patrick's day tradition. you can see her here handing out shamrocks to the members of the irish guards in the city of aldershot. near london. she was accompanied by the duke. prince william. who is colonel of the guards. [ teen ] times are good, aren't they, kids?
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including a hollywood director - an award-winning journalist - a deaf theater artist and in this photo - civic leader and philanthropist for three decades - judy marcus.she's in the middle here. guess it pays to stay in school! new technology to track your pet with your smart phone >> a gorgeous weekend with '60s and '70s but it is going to be cooler. your kron 4 7 day around the bay
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[ teen ] times are good, aren't they, kids? it's nice having u-verse, isn't it? see back in my day, we didn't have these newfangled wireless receivers. fangled? no, we watched march madness in the living room... that's where the tv outlet was.
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>> a nice weekend this live vview there is alcatraz flashing. and as we go for the rest of the night some high clouds. and those are going to be numerous for tomorrow and tuesday. first, let us talk about tomorrow. to say, mainly clouds. the rain looks fairly light. wednesday, some showers here is the system on the satellite. notice this shield towards the bay area of. just to the north of hawaii. and notice of those clouds are going to take a
8:49 pm
while before the rain gets here. here is futurecast. and this cloud coverage high, thin clouds will become more intense. clouds by 6:00 p.m. and will continue. there could be some breaks of sunshine early. but notice those clouds are going to increase to out the day. there is the rain offshore. that will arrive by 3-4:00 p.m. but it will be wet by the afternoon commute on a tuesday. showers on/off. the wet weather continues. light scattered rain showers....
8:50 pm
almost 1 in. at the highest elevations. for tomorrow 30's in the north bay. otherwise 40's and for the afternoon temperatures in the 60s. some 70's in fairfield, antioch. had and your kron 4 7 day around the bay tuesday, cloudy showers .... >> a sea lion pup is making big waves after a recent trip on board a kayak. jeanne moos' takes a closer look at the story behind the sea creature. >> he is not afraid of going diving at night of the california coast but what does scare him is this see land. >> and immediately it was
8:51 pm
melting my heart. >> it was a bit of a stowaway and it would not go away. >> and what did he do? he called his wife. >> right now i am sitting on this guy act in this bbc land.this be the -- sea lion and 10 seconds later. this time the state. he had a scuff on it and the pup could have been cold in this case near seattle ... this one slip
8:52 pm
off. this had a camera at one dismounted. and back at the kayak he was on there for the entire 20 minutes. he finally got close and these you can see our is screaming like cumins. now, the scopes -- like--- humans... this is the second video that he has posted. this was 1.5 years ago. >> i guess that i am an animal a magnet. >> comparison between the life of ric and the vo--
8:53 pm
movie the life of 'pe'... coming up after the break. the warriors face the rockets for the fourth and final time today. could they get their first win of the season against those rockets or will it be more of the same. find out the answer to that story and more after the break. but before we go lets take a look at the nations capital. where even the white house fountain got into the holiday spirit. it was dyed green for the day. white house officials tweeted a photo of the south lawn fountain with a holiday greeting.
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with a lot of good movies in theaters this weekend lets take a look at which movie took in the most money. "oz the great and powerful" is living up to its name. at least at the box office. disney's blockbuster leads all films for the second week in a row. taking in over 42-million this weekend alone. this makes oz the biggest hit of 2013 so far. other top movies include halle berry's thriller "the call" which took in roughly 17-million dollars. and rounding out the top three is steve carell's magician comedy "the incredible burt wonderstone" grossing a little over ten-million. the warriors haven't won in houston since december 31- st 2007. but that would all change today. stephen curry scored 29 points and klay thompson added 26 points of his own as the warriors beat the rockets 108-to-78. andrew bogut scored twelve points and pulled down twelve rebounds. adding some much needed presence at the
8:57 pm
center position. this snaps a five game losing streak against the rockets. that stretched back to last year. with the win the warriors managed to stay in front of houstan in the western conference standings. next up the warriors head to new orleans for a monday night match up against the hornets. the giants were in action again today in scottsdale arizona taking on their division rivals the colorado rockies. and the giants won in walk off fashion beating the rockies seven-to-nine. this is video taken from n- b-c. as you can see the giants and rockies were in the holiday spirit with their green caps. hunter pence and brandon belt each went three-for- four with some key hits but todays hero is cole gillespie. with the giants down seven- to-six in the ninth inning gillespie hit a three run homer to send the giants after an action-packed saturday, the dance card of ncaa men's basketball contenders is filling up fast. some of those teams earning tickets this weekend to the upcoming ncaa tournament, such as kansas, are perennial contenders.
8:58 pm
several other potential cinderellas also punched tickets to join the "march madness" after winning their conference tournaments. the full 68- team ncaa tournament field will be announced sunday, after yet more conference championship games. we have been showing you celebrations on this st. patrick's day. this is from the shanghai, china. this is organized by people of irish descent that are currently living in china. and i noticed that there is a little bit of green on
8:59 pm
your necktie. and a gorgeous day! is it going to last? >> no. '60s and '70s but by tuesday gray. and that system is coming from hawaii? >> yes. >> aloha! [ male announcer ] citibank's app for ipad makes it easy for anne to manage her finances when she's on the go. even when she's not going anywhere. citibank for ipad. easier banking. standard at citibank.


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