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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  March 22, 2013 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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for college grads to live- in. here's a list of the top five cities were young grants would be most likely to find housing, work, and a reasonable paycheck. in atlanta georgia the main annual in come is $46,000 and average when price is $800. and houston texas, and grass are making $47 and dollars a year and the average rate rise is about a hundred dollars. in denver colorado, the mean annual income is $50,000 an average win prizes $970. in seattle washington they come in at 54,004 in common the average rent at $1,300. finally, raleigh, north carolina press are making an average of $45,000 a year and paying
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>> i will back off. rocks are still falling as we speak. this is still a bad situation. this happened around 5:00 a.m. this morning and this bolder came down on the west side of the love waldo graves. you
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concede that this mercedes slammed into this area. there were transported to a local hospital the last word that i received was that they were waiting for caltran to remove the debris. this is still very unstable and i cannot imagine if they will even open this back up yet. as i was stating that you can hear rocks tumbling down. at this point i cannot believe that they will open this up until they're sure. >> one of the large boulders are hitting the roadway. do you have any indication when this was first reported? we saw before 6:00 a.m. that the first report to the chp. >> and they stated that for 50 3:00 a.m.. as you can see there are trying to determine whether or not it is safe to open the roadway.
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it still is crumbling. >> a quick look at the location we are talking about 1 01 southbound south of the tunnel. the golden gate bridge traffic is still a reasonable amount of traffic getting by the scene. the back up now only reaches to the tunneling do not expect this to last for long. it is likely that this will have a major impact. >> we are starting this friday with mainly clear skies. we do have a little bit of fog. it is when the outside. the winds are picking up in afternoon. it will be sunny this afternoon in some locations may come up to seven days. warmer weather is on the way
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just-in-time for the weekend and i will have your full details and a few minutes. >> new this m dead after a standoff at a marine base in virginia. the standoff started last night around 11:00 p.m. at the marine base at quantico, virginia. a bay spokesperson says of the gunman shot a marine. that led to a standoff with the suspect, who apparently killed a another marine and then killed himself. no names have been released, but authority say that the gunman was a staff member at the officer candidates school at the base. the base was initially put on lockdown, but that has since been lifted. >> overseas, president obama is wrapping up his three day trip to israel this morning. if this is video of him pain respect to heroes of the jewish state and to victims of all holocaust. he laid
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wreaths at the graves of theodor herzl the founder of modern "zionism" and formerisraeli prime minister, and yitzhak rabin, who was assassinated back in 1995. the president next has to jordan. >> this morning we are continuing to monitor the school bread that was made against a san mateo high- school that force police to increase patrols near the campus. the threat was posted on the internet and it mentioned dollars this date. well, nothing happened. will tran is live at aragon high school and he tells us what police are
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still there. >> in the meantime we had a chance to talk to the police captain of the san mateo police department. here's what he had to say. >> wednesday morning a student noticed a suspicious posted on the face book page. it was an anonymous facebook page. it was brought to the attention of the staff at the school. threats like this are taken very seriously. the first point of action is for us to immediately contact the school to reassure them and to work closely with them to make sure that the communication internally is working well. >> school is expected to start and 90 minutes from now. you should expect to see police here when your ride. they're taking this so seriously that they do plan to patrol the other schools in the area and to define
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who did this. >> cal pulled out an upset in the ncaa tournament and now they are prepared to take on search crews on saturday. alan crab had 19 points and 9 rebounds, robert thurman scored all 12 his points on dunks and the 12 seeded california held off a fit seeded u.n.l.v. 64 to 61 in the second round of the ncaa tournament thursday. the golden bears held the running rebels without a basket for more than 11 minutes in the second half. cal turned a tie game into a nine point lead during the second stretch and withstood a late
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u.n.l.v. push for the first tournament win since 2009. >> st. mary's at season is officially over after a heartbreaking loss in yesterday's match against memphis. they kept it close most of the game but and then, mistook the win. the final score was 54 to 52. >> we have this scene on 280 in san jose where a fatal accident and a pedestrian was struck by a car. as you concede there is police on the same. we will have the latest coming up. [ engine revving ]
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>> welcome back. we are tracking hot spots. here is a live look from our helicopter partnership with
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abc 7 news. if you are looking at the planes that are shut down while chp is waiting for caltran to deal with boulders that have fallen down on the roadway. in fact this hillside is unstable and that we did notice that more boulders were started to fall down. this may have to stay close for a least a couple more hours while they tried investigate the stability of the hillside. this may not be open through the and rest of the morning commute. >> we are tracking a another hot spot in the south bay. here is a live look interstate 280 with a two right lanes are closed down for cleanup operations of a fatal accident that occurred. >> criminal charges have been filed against a woman who lied about being raped at the you see santa cruz campus. the d.a. says, that
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more gan triplet, is charged with giving false information to police. triplet claim that she had been beaten and sexually assaulted by a stranger on february 70. she will be arraigned next week in the santa cruz county superior court. >> we will take a break the time is 6:12 a.m.. here is a live look mount tam. this is a look at the bay bridge leading into the city. we do have a fantastic day to look at. >> we will be right back. >> we will be right back.
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>> friday, is usually an easy ride but not this morning. we had two major hot spots. first in the south bay to 80 remains closed due to an accident that occurred at the 3:00 a.m. hour. mike pelton has been on the scene. >> we just heard new is that this is not likely to be cleaned up as quickly as possible. >> they had hoped to have all these lanes reopened but clearly this is not the
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case. you concede that the traffic is moving slowly on the left side of your screen. the chp just opened the second lane and currently tool before on the 280 are closed. caltran just arrived on the scene and you concede among the right side of your screen. they have to clean up after the mass. they stated that this began after 3:00 a.m. when drivers called to report that a body was on the freeway. there was a deceased woman found. they stated that they believe the issue was struck by car but they're not sure what type of vehicles struck her. if you have any informational your access to call the authorities. this will determine when they will have these lanes open. there is a lot of blood on the freeway. they stated that
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they wanted to get this done between 6:30 a.m. and 7:00 a.m.. >> a game, the case in marin county where they're hoping for an easy cleanup. the boulders are continuing to fall and we did see some of our last report. boulders are on the roadway and several vehicles were struck by the boulders. there is a look at the here outside where they believe that some of the voters have been coming from this area. the two right lanes remain to be close and the traffic is backed up. the location of this incident, here is good news. a front loader is scooping up some of the
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boulders. but until they discover that it is safe, that may continue to see closures. >> this is the backup that is forming and it is not all the way over to the bridge exit. you do not need to detour around this at this early juncture. the golden gate bridge you concede that some traffic is getting past but it is lighter than usual. the bay bridge westbound pass the metering lights activated. the san mateo bridge is still an easy ride would just 11 minutes. >> we are waking up to clear skies and we will see sunshine later on. the temperatures are not too bad. we are talking about 40 degrees for just about everyone. it is kind of breezy outside right now due to the winds. the national weather service did go ahead
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and cancel the wind advisory. even into the afternoon the winds will pick up. they will be at about 60 m.p.h.. we may see dust and about 20 mi. an hour. we should see some what of a decrease as we head into the evening hours. if there is plenty of 60's here and although cupertino may come in at 70 degrees. it may be seven days for the east bay interior. this is for danville and pittsburg pierrette mid 60's for downtown san francisco and 67 will be are high for oakland. there is high pressure in control and we will see a little bit of a warm-up as we head into the weekend. >> there are big changes in store for wednesday and thursday. if spring showers are back in the forecast. do
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not put your umbrellas away just yet. remember, you can always watch our weather forecast right on our 24/7 news channel comcast 193. >> demolition crews have started tearing down the old elevated portion of the doral drive right before the approach to the golden gate bridge. this has been close to the public since the new tunnel went in last year. crews are breaking up old asphalt, tearing out radar and removing the support still. the work began this week and will continue for several months. eventually new northbound lanes will be built and they should be finished by 2015. >> authorities are working
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to hand out reward money that was offered in the hunt for x an lapd cop christopher dorner. multiple parties have claimed afford to claimed that they provided the key tip that led officers to the cabin where he up. law- enforcement officers from all agencies involved in the week-long manhunt will read reports, listen to tapes, and come to a consensus by april. dorner was wanted for killing four people including two police officers. >> nearly 100 days after the school massacre that put a gun control back in the spotlight, the sandy hook advisory committee meets to discuss violence prevention measures today. vice president joe biden was a new york speaking with the
6:25 am
mayor michael bloomberg with the families of the december school massacre is sandy hook elementary. both men also talked about the importance of having a strong background check system for all gun sales. if the parents of a grace mcdonnell one of the sandy hook students that were skilled, hope that their grief will motivate the lawmakers. >> the nra has bottled to fight the bill that is set forth by senate majority leader harry reid. the nra also filed a federal suit their stake disputing the constitutionality of governor andrew cuomos safe act. the safe act is sweeping gun control bill cuomo signed into law in january. >> we will be right back.
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>> welcome back. the time is 6:26 a.m.. here is a pitcher from the south bay at interstate 280. we had a female who was struck and killed by a car earlier this morning. there was a call that came into police that there was a dead body on the road. at this point the lanes are closed while they do the investigation. >> here is live pictures out of sausalito where bogart's were falling on the road along highway one on one. this is a broken fence. there was a bmw that was damaged by one that hit the car. jackie sissel was out
6:30 am
there liven you could still hear boulders falling. we will have more on this. >> taking a look at the markets this morning. futures trading shows all three indexes in the negative as we start this friday morning. the stocks were down wall street after auricles weak sales weighed down big u.s. technology firms yesterday. here is a look at the closing numbers. the dow was down 90 points. the nasdaq was down by 32. the s&p closed down 13 points. we will be watching the stock market all morning long starting at 6:30 a.m. with the opening bell.
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dad: you excited for day? ♪ dad: you'll be fine, ok? girl: ok. dad: you look so pretty. ♪ i'm overprotective. that's why i got a subaru. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. >> will come back. the time is 6:30 a.m.. kron4 and jackie sissel is live.
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>> right now, we are trying to determine if they're going open a parole. if caltran is out here to remove some of the debris. right now there are stating that they may open these of relatively soon. rocks continue to fall. it seems like a very dangerous situation. there was a large boulders that were falling on the roadway. at least three cars or stroke. the worst was this mysterious as you the. if you concede it had extensive damage. the driver of this car was transported to a hospital due to pains. you can see how large that they are. more rocks are falling. within the last few minutes caltran came out and they have cleared the debris. they stated that they may
6:34 am
open this up but you can see the damage that it did to the fencing and the barricade on the side. the question is this how safe is this hillside? >> i drive this area all the time and there's no netting and it makes you wonder whether not they went up to survey these rocks. >> nobody has gone up there. obviously, they are slashing lights up there to see it. some of these boulders were the size of a small 80 be. they were very large. the question is is if the hillside is actually safe? will we see more rocks come down later. house safe would be for them to open up this role? basically, this is
6:35 am
right here and the question is who will make the decision? kohl will ultimately make the decision to open this back up? >> maybe they can send an engineer out there so they can keep the traffic going through the commute. >> sure. this has been two hours ago we saw are rocks come down the cole's a major accident. potentially this may be a very serious situation if they are allowed to open this up and more rocks continue to fall. >> it does look like this is slowing down the commute. >> on a good morning is starts to back up on this bridge. the traffic is slow
6:36 am
but by the time you get up here a gets back up. we are basically in the heart of the commute in the morning. you concede the chp is out making traffic breaks. it may get worse before it gets better. >> as you can see that the crews are working in the center divider with this front loader. this is why they are run and the traffic break to clear the debris. i did hear from the golden gate bridge district and they stated that whether or not the role ways we opened it is the call of the highway patrol. it will be their decision. the chp stated the they will revert to caltran and if they give them okay then that will open the back up.
6:37 am
>> let's go live to mike pelton who was watching our other hot spot. mike, we have been waiting for these plans to reopen is there any new news? >> caltran arrived here about 20 minutes ago. here is here to assess how much clean up the they have to do. currently the two left lanes are open here on the south bay side of 280. the two right lanes are closed. this began when chp stated that they receive a call that a body was on the road. there responded and found a deceased woman and they believed she was struck but at this point they do not know who hit her or what type of car was. they're asking for anyone to call
6:38 am
and a corner transported the body but there's so much blood on the freeway that it is a biohazard. they want to get this cleared up before they opened up these lanes. if this is why caltran is on the scene and if they have to bring in additional crews this may be close for a while. it as you know, this is the morning commute time. >> i will show you here on the map the exact location. this is on the southbound side in the traffic in this area is mostly on the north side. it could have an impact in both directions if this day is much longer. >> let's take a look as some of the weather headlines. it will be breezy and the skies will be clear. i do have a little bit of fault or run half moon bay. tomorrow, will be very similar. we
6:39 am
are looking at quiet weather for the weekend. we do have a potential for what the weather for next week. >> there faa is expected to announce later this morning the decision on whether to shut down as many as 238 air traffic control towers across the country. if this includes a small in control towers and san carlos, concord, livermore and napa. transportation secretary ray lahood said that major airports, including as f o, could face flight delays of about 90 minutes because of worker furloughs. if this is all part of a plan to trim $600 million under the federal government's forced to spending cuts. the faa decides to shut down a tower, it will close on april the seventh. >> we will be right back.
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>> you are watching kron 4 urs 24/7 bay area news channel. i am james fletcher. here are the top stories. >> a preschool teacher is now formally charged with giving sleeping pills to children in her care. 59 year-old, deborah gratz , is facing five counts of attempted child endangerment
6:41 am
for putting the sleeping a its "sominex " into her for putting the sleeping a its "somin♪ yeeeowwww!r hot mess hot mess hot mess ♪ ♪ your'e a hot kind of love you set me on fire you spice up my night feed my every desire ♪ jack's one hit wonder is now a burger. the hot mess is loaded with spicy jalapenos, onion rings and gooey pepper jack cheese. ♪ your'e a-a hot mess and that's how i met your mom. ♪ hot mess the d.a. says, that morgan triplet, is charged with giving false information to police. she will be arraigned next week in the santa cruz county superior court. >> police are still looking for the head coach of a traveling bay area baseball
6:42 am
team. heat is being charged with multiple felonies, including lu and lascivious acts on a child younger than 14. at $300,000 arrest warrant has been issued for his arrest. he coaches the " california small " a baseball club out of san jose. kaufman is also the owner of triple play usa, a batting cage facility in san leandro. >> those are our top stories. that you for watching kron 24/7 bay area news channel.
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>> the chief executive of black berry maker " r i m " says that apple's iphone is outdated. the executive made the comment as the new black berry " easy-actaeon " goes on sale in the united states today. he also said that the keyboard version of the new library will not be released for another few months. both models are part of our ibm's
6:44 am
attempt a comeback after the brent lost its timing a long after apple's 2007 release of the iphone. died barry says that a lack of innovation that apple has left iphone users interface outdated. >> some bad news for silicon valley. if you want your pick of interesting i t jobs the bay area is not the place to look anymore. tech jobs site " " has a new lift of the five fastest-growing metro areas for i t jobs based on job postings. they are " st. louis, missouri, charlotte, n.c., austin, texas, a phoenix, arizona and, detroit, michigan. dyson
6:45 am
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>> welcome back. here is the first hot spot on 1 01 in marin county. if this is a live video from our
6:49 am
helicopter partnership abc 7 news. the traffic that was backed up. jackie sissel was is live on the scene and that caltran will reopen these lanes. southbound lanes for 101 will be reopening. even though we observe the boulders falling caltran has decided that the debris has been cleared and that they feel that it is safe to reopen it. we should likely see all the lanes available. the traffic is still a little sluggish. >> this is the location 101 at the waldegrave. we did track a another hot spot in the south bay. this is interstate 280. where kron 4
6:50 am
mike pelton has been on the scene. there was a fatal accident and we just receive bad news. >> and there are saying that these two lines will be shut down for another three to four hours. caltran stated that day evaluated this and that the cleanup is sold much blood and body parts in the area that it is a biohazard. they will keep the two right lanes open and that they wall also closed other ramps. this started about 3:00 a.m. wednesday from a dead body on the freeway. at this point they do not know how whether or not she was hit by a car or what type of car hit her. if this is getting right into the heart of the commute and
6:51 am
the traffic is moving and in fact, >> this is going to have a major impact. this will also create a visible hazard for the southbound area. this is bad news because these two lines will be closed for hours on an estate to 83 downtown san jose. >> here's a quick check from the golden gate bridge. you can expect the traffic to return to normal quickly for the golden gate bridge. for the bay bridge westbound the metering lights were activated. right now is just a 14 minute drive time. >> the morning george. we
6:52 am
are starting out with a live look from our roof cam. if the temperatures are not too bed. downtown is a 47 degrees. he is upper 30 is right now for a concert. we also have some men especially for the mountains. the wind advisory has been cancelled. it looks like a pretty mild start. future cast 4 shows that by noon will have 60's drop the bay area. it will be warmer for the afternoon. it will be plenty of sunshine possibly low 70's. as we head into the 8:00 hour most locations will return to the '50s. breaking down your high downtown san francisco will be at 69 degrees. satellite radar shows clear
6:53 am
and dry conditions and high pressure in control. we will continue with warmer weather for the weekend. it will certainly feel like spring. wet weather will be for next wednesday and thursday. >> showers are on the horizon and i will have more on your extended forecast coming up. if you want to see a another forecast you can always tune into our kron 4 24/7 weather channel on comcast channel 193. >> to oakland city council members are accused of breaking a law by interfering with the bidding process for a major construction projects. this city's auditor conducted dozens of interviews and reviewed thousands of e-mail and phone calls. spotter alleges that the council members desolate brodesley brood
6:54 am
larry reed directed staff members to use a certain contractor for the oakland army base a demolition project. that contract was worth $2 million. the council members preferred company did not get the deal. both brooks and read denied the allegations. if the city auditor intends to turn the findings over to the county d.a. and the fbi. >> san francisco police will soon change the way that they would deal with people who are chronically drunk in public. the city's new plan is similar to the one that is in san diego. the new program will charge, drunks with a misdemeanor if they're picked up for public intoxication and more than 5
6:55 am
t a month which meese said they will be taken to jail. a judge within awarded them to enroll in a drug treatment program. police say that these crown drunks cost the city a lot of time and money. >> police say that they're trying to accomplish two things with this new program. one is to get caught in drunks off the street and, to to get them to help the they need. the new program goes into effect on may 1st. >> where will be right back. ♪ i'm your venus [ female announcer ] what does beauty feel like?
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>> the time is 6:56 a.m..
6:59 am
the fda says that a georgia compound think pharmacy is recalling all of their a injectable madison's following a federal inspection. clinical specialties and compound the pharmacy in augusta, ga. issued a recall on monday of the drug the avastin. the farmers insisted they received reports of i infections and five patients that were treated with medication. the fda inspectors found issues at the pharmacy that raised questions about the solidity of their drugs. >> we will have more as we continue to fall this house byfollow this hot spot.


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