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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  March 24, 2013 8:00pm-9:00pm PDT

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statute of limitations on that crime has expired. >> the only crime that she could have been prosecuted for would be the homicide itself, and there just was not enough evidence to prosecute her for homicide. >> kurtis: as for fred bates, fitzgerald's case is made. in december 2003, however, bates decides to cut a deal and pleads guilty to first-degree manslaughter. he is sentenced to 35 years in prison. >> i consulted with the relatives, and there was agreement that they were satisfied that justice would be served if we let him plead guilty to manslaughter in the first degree. i think he'll be eligible for parole when he's about 70, if he lives that long. >> kurtis: in the town of deadwood, 127 years after wild bill hickok breathed his last, another outlaw takes a fall, and the family of his victim finally
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has some answers. >> david rose had two children, and they grew up. they were very small children when their dad was killed. and so i know that they were happy to see that this man, his life was so important that, 20 years later, they pulled out the file and dusted it off, and they solved it, and i'm just really proud to have been a part of that.
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(male announcer) this is the bay area news station, kron 4 news starts now. >> developing right now at eight. a possible relationship dispute could be to blame in a deadly marine base triple shooting.
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the tragedy happened this week in virginia -- both the shooter, and one of the two murdered are from the bay area. new at eight -- we are learning more about them. tonight -- only on kron4 we've spoke to the east bay victims' god mother. but first, kron4's maureen kelly has just uncovered new details about the pacifica man. government officials say pulled the trigger, then turned the gun on himself. facebook photos posted by sgt oo-say-bio lopez.better >> reporter: known as levi to his him goofing off in his dress blues.making funny faces has he runs in formation in camouflage.and proudly posing with action movie star chuck norris. over his family home in pacifica.the people inside saying they did not want to talk to the media at this time. a neighbor who did not want to appear on camera says she was surprised to hear the allegations against the young man who would wave to her when he occasionally came home to visit his family. who she described as nice people. according to the marine corp.the 25 year old joined up seven years ago. serving
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in both the afghanistan and iraq wars.he was heavily decorated.earning 11 awards. he was promoted to sergeant in 2011and was a tactics instructor, specializing as a machine gunner at the officer candidate school. that's where the lopez allegedly turned his gun onto 19 year old lance coporal sara castromata of oakley, ca and 23 year old corporal jacob wooley.of mississippi. one of lopez's facebook friends who served with him posted a comment that he was quote a great marine, one the the best the corps had.he made a terrible decision and i feel so bad for the lives that were taken but lopez was an amazing man, not a coward at all. he just made that terrible mistake. i love and miss him.: rip brother, semper fi. maureen kelly kron 4 news our team coverage continues with kron four's philippe djegal. he has new information about lance corporal sara castromata. these are photos of lance corporal sara castromata posted on her facebook page, and others shared with kron 4 from her family.
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she was 19 years old. born and raised in oakley. and, via instagram, kron four has learned that castromata is a recent graduate from liberty high school here in brentwood. she joined the marine corps in december 20-11, serving as a warehouse clerk. last month, she was promoted to her current rank. though she was not deployed. she earned a number of awards. including the national defense medal. and, global war on terrorism service medal. friends and family say she was best known for her charity work. they say she would often volunteer for her church. she is described as a melow person. she has two sisters. philippe djegal, kron 4 news. >> castromata's godmother vennessa salas says she can't believe her god daughter is gone and shares her emotions in an interview you will see only on four. >> it has been very very devastating she had a great personality, sense of humor
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and great with kids. she was a wonderful person and volunteered a lot and had a heart of gold. she was honest and her goals were to be an astronaut. she wanted. >> reporter: i see that you are emotional about this? >> yes. >> reporter: how do you move on from this? are remembering her smile. >> tonight at 11. we'll hear from vanessa salas's daughters. they were close to castromata and are also having a tough time dealing with her loss. that's coming up tonight at >> developing right now. the coast guard searching for a man missing off the coast of half moon bay. it all started when he jumped in the water during a football game at the beach. kron4's scott rates has the latest.
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>> reporter: i just checked with the coast guard and they might begin to stop the search with daylight ending. however, they have been doing an air search and their water search doing several different routine check points. he was last seen at pillar point by a friend. and he went into the water to take a quick swim and the turned around and he noticed that he was gone. right now the coast guard is not going to release his name as they're going to notify family members. i will stay on top of this and pass it along to you. scott rates, kron 4. >> and here's a closer look at the beach where the man was last seen. we'll continue to follow this developing story -- and bring you any updates as
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soon as we get them >> after years of struggle on both sides of the issue, the supreme court will hear two separate appeals this week on the issue of same- sex marriage. arguments will be made to establish same-sex marriage as a constitutional right. cristina mutchler has more. >> reporter: people are already lining up at the supreme court in hopes of getting a seat to witness history. arguments over the right to same-sex marriage start tuesday. central in the debate-- whether marriage should be considered a state or federal issue. >> "americans on both sides of this issue are deeply invested in this debate on marriage. we don't need a 50 state solution presented by the supreme court when our democratic institutions are perfectly capable of >> "there are certain things that shouldn't be put up for a vote. and gay people, like non-gay people, deserve, under the constitution, the ability to shape a family to build a life, and to have these dreams." >> reporter: appeals will be heard on california's "proposition 8" that outlaws same sex marriage and and the federal defense of marriage act - or doma -
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that legally defines marriage as between a man and woman. conservative leader rand paul says he believes in traditional marriage, but not doma. >> "i don't want the government promoting something i don't believe in, but i also don't mind if the government tries to be >> reporter: although recent polls show a majority of americans support of same sex marriage, california's attorney general says it's more important to read the constitution. >> "i am absolutely against a ban on same-sex marriages because because they are simply unconstitutional." >> reporter: i'm cristina mutchler reporting for kron 4 news. >> military officials say a soldier from hayward has died from wounds suffered last week in afghanistan. the department of defense says 31-year-old sergeant. 1st class james grissom died thursday from wounds he received from small arms fire on march 18. grissom was assigned to a special forces group and was shot in remote southeast afghanistan bordering pakistan. >> lots of sunshine around
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the bay area. temperatures fairly cool along the coast. just barely 50's & '60's along the coast. however, mid 70's for the inland valleys livermore. hand and things are going to change. there is a storm system offshore that will make for a lot of clouds and cooler temperatures. even the chance for some wet weather. mainly clear skies with high clouds increasing. tomorrow, look for a extensive low cloud coverage. dave will be slow to clear. combined that with gusting winds at 35 m.p.h. some places will even be cooler. highs in the 50s
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for san francisco 60s in fremont. the warmer places in concord, livermore about five, 10 degrees cooler. and wet weather on tuesday >> coming up at eight. a crazy car crash --- how a california couple accidentally ended up on the roof of somebody's house. then -- severe weather wreaking havoc across parts of the u-s. it even forced the cancellation of a major sporting event. and at 8-30. the memorial for a young teenager, killed on a northern california race- track. kron4 was there the emotional event. the news at eight continues next.
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>> authorities say there are no reports of damage after a four-point-three-magnitude earthquake hit eureka this morning. the u-s geological survey says the quake hit about 39 miles southwest of eureka. by the oregon border. a u-s-g-s seismologist says the quake was recorded in an area that is subject to earthquakes. >> a glendale couple was
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cruising around.when the couple's car went airborne and landed on a neighbor's house. galnia wynn says she and her husband were coming down a hill.but couldn't stop their car as they turned the corner. when she opened the door.she saw the edge of the roof. the back end of car rested on the edge of a retaining wall. a neighbor heard the accident. >> smash, crash, boom. and a neighbor said that i think there has been >> he grabbed a ladder and helped the wynns off the roof. one man was inside the house when the crash happened, but he wasn't injured." in order to remove the car, the fire department called for a crane to do the heavy lifting. the caddy has major damage, but remarkably the roof needs only minor repairs. galnia and her husband suffered minor injuries. >> drivers on a major los angeles freeway witnessed a horrific scene when a shooting victim was pushed out of a car.onto the 110 freeway. investigators say witnesses flagged down a passing patrol car after seeing the victim tumble out of the
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car. the man who was shot twice in the head and neck was rushed to the hospital in grave condition. the suspects vehicle took off and investigators are looking into whether the shooting was gang-related. >> mostly clear skies and look at this site. almost a full moon had more clouds with your folks h full forecast, coming. [ man ] i got this citi thankyou card and started earning loads of points. we'll leave that there. you got a weather balloon, with points? yes i did. [ man ] points i could use for just about anything. go. ♪
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>> a massive rainstorm blows through central florida. and with it comes heavy rains and destruction. you are looking at a time lapse video of that very storm over orlando. as you can see wave after wave of rain sweeps through the city. many florida residents are spending today cleaning up after that heavy rainstorm. alex hill takes a closer look at the damage that the rain left in its wake. >> "all you heard was wind whipping and the next thing we know, we heard the tree crackling out front and everything just went black."
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>> reporter: minutes later, mark brummels front yard looked like this. and his was far from the only lake city storm story. take a look at what used to be morris timmons carport. he was inside when the whipping winds sent debris flying. >> "i head like a big boom outside and when i went to the back door and looked out i saw all the debris over the yard." >> reporter: on saturday, as storms spiraled through north florida, lake city got hit with some of the worst damage in the area. more than 200 trees fell through columbia county alone. and then came the rain. causing wet roads and wet houses too. a messy situation only made worse by the lack of power. city traffic lights were down for hours. along with the power in many people's homes. >> "i'll probably go stay with a family member for the night and contact the insurance company first thing monday morning." >> "we're lucky, lucky to be alive." >> reporter: the rain was so bad today that it forced the delay and evacuation of the arnold palmer invitational at bay hill in florida. as you can see here there was heavy rains. whipping winds. and rapidly moving
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water. it got so bad at one point that a tornado warning was issued. despite the storm there were no immediate reports of damage to the course. this marks the third time this year that weather has delayed a p-g-a tournament. that storm that's toppling trees in florida is doing the same thing in atlanta. after heavy rainfall all weekend this tree fell over -- smashing part of an abandoned apartment complex and crushing a truck. it happened just after noon today. luckily no one was injured. >> meanwhile a massive snowstorm continues to threaten the central portion of the country. today hundreds of people were temporarily stranded in saint-louis' lambert airport. the snow is forcing some airlines to cancel flights into and out of the area. passengers say they aren't sure how long their flights are going to be delayed. forecasters are calling for up to eight inches of snow in the saint-louis alone. that snowstorm is dumping up to fifteen inches of snow in parts of colorado and kansas as it makes its way east. this is video from colorado.
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winter storm warnings for today and tomorrow have been issued as far east as pennsylvania. the storm is expected to reach indiana later tonight -- dumping roughly six to ten inches there. then it will move onwards to ohio, pennsylvania, and new york. the storm is expected to hit the atlantic by monday night. >> we have a storm headed our way but it is not going to do much. here is about one of were ago. it is not quite full. still, the officially by tuesday night. the first full moon of the spring season. the following sunday is easter sunday. right now on the bay bridge there is mostly clear skies. for tonight not only high clouds but low clouds increasing. fog pushing into the valley. and once that
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fog begins to clear increasing high clouds from this storm system offshore with gusting winds. making for cooler temperatures. for the rest of the week and settled at two different systems. making for clouds, cooler weather and occasional showers. here is the first system. high clouds beginning over northern california. still offshore but moving to the east. the high clouds will increase and the sea breeze increase for tonight and tonight temperatures will drop. the chance for showers tuesday and wednesday but light and scattered. and a second system arrives on thursday. that could bring more significant rain these are
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the low clouds. mostly clear by 10:00 a.m.-noon with high clouds moving in and basically it is going to be pretty cloudy. highs only in the 50s and 60s. as we go for the evening hours lots of clouds and notice the rain showers. look for upper 30's in the north bay. highs in the 50s in the 60s much cooler. your kron 4 7 day around the bay on settled tuesday. sunshine and sprinkles possible. the same on when stay in a better chance for showers on thursday, friday. that same system will stay in place
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for the weekend go to our new channel. comcast 193 for the latest news, as well as our facebook and twitter feed. >> today marks the beginning of the christian holy week - starting with palm sunday. pope francis led his first palm sunday mass in saint peter's square. the week's celebrations come to an end next sunday with easter. ben wedeman has more. >> tens of thousands crammed and to st. peter's square is the beginning of the holy week. the new pope has electrified a plane homily facing the challenges of the young, war weary. let us look are round he said and how many wounds are inflicted on humanity by
8:24 pm
evil. economic conflict and greed for money which nobody can take with them. as he did before his inauguration polk francis went through st. peter's square without the usual bullet proof plexiglas kissing babies and shaking hands. his security was challenged by his unpredictable ways. later he will break with tradition with a holy thursday ceremony and a juvenile prison. instead of traditional church. he is clearly determined to break tradition. >> passover begins at sundown tomorrow. all over the world, people are gathering to celebrate the holiday that commemorates the jewish people's escape from slavery in egypt. for seven days in israel-and eight days everywhere else- friends and family come together for festive seder
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meals packed with ritual foods. >> coming up the behavior of bicyclists on polka street polk. street polk
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(male announcer): here's stanley roberts who found some people behaving badly. >> on polk street in san francisco bicyclist get full use of the roadway and apparently everything else there has been talk about limiting private vehicle access on polk street as part of the city's transit first policy however maybe we should include bicycle training first, like telling bicylist to read signs like this one that reads skateboard and bicycle riding prohibited on sidewalk a sign ignored by many riders but what really amazed me was the sheer amount of riders that run the red lights on polk like this riders and this rider also watch this rider, he has the red light so he rides his bike in the crosswalk another no no then still runs the light in the crosswalk followed by riding against traffic and finally riding on the sidewalk it wasn't hard to find people riding their bikes in the crosswalk where they should dismount and walk
8:29 pm
now i personally would never think about running the red light on any street but on busy california yup it happened it was this guy he is half way into the intersection and waits and while the light is still red there he goes it is interesting bike behaviour on polk street and yes there were drivers behaving badly too but i want to look exclusively at bicylist today one thing i noticed when ever there was a cop present not one bicylist ran the red light do they know it's wrong they choose to do it and that is bad behaviour oh and to the city of san francisco, you might want to consider updating the signs to reflect the updated municiple code numbers just saying on polk street in san francisco stanley roberts kron 4 news if you have a comment or story idea for stanley, e- mail us at 'people behaving badly' at kron- four-dot- com.
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now at 8-30. a very sad day in the north bay. hundreds came out to remember 14 year old marcus johnson. he died last week at the marysville raceway -- struck and killed in a freak accident by his cousin's racecar. all after it went off the track and crashed into him in the pit. kron 4's j.r. stone is following the story. and was at today's funeral. his name was marcus johnson?.he may have only been 14 years old when he died but during those years he touched the lives of many marcuss mom, gina johnson, spoke at his memorial sunday and fought back tears the entire time.
8:33 pm
johnson was an up and coming racer?he started competing on go karts at age 5 and in nine years won more than 200 races. his race suits and trophy?s were on stage at his memorial sunday?.along with his basketball gear. one by one his classmates came to the microphone but they didn?t talk about marcus?s athletic ability. they talked about marcus their good friend. through the tears his mom remembered the good times and one of her last memories with her son.
8:34 pm
>> there were lots of tears shed here at this memorial on sunday. also lots of parents holding their kids a bit tighter. some of the teens i talked with said school just won?t be the same without marcus. reporting in santa rosa, j.r. stone kron 4 news. this wednesday toll takers will be gone from the golden gate bridge. kron4's charles clifford has everything you need to know for the change over. >> reporter: the golden gate bridge has 6 lanes of
8:35 pm
traffic. the number of lanes travelling in each direction on the bridge changes throughout the day based on traffic flows. at the toll plaza, which is on the southern end of the bridge, there are 11 eleven toll lanes. only cars traveling south into san francisco have to pay tolls...northbound travel is free. currently, at the toll plaza, the southbound lanes on the left are fastrak only, the rest accept fastrak or cash, via toll takers. the number of each type of toll lane varies depending on how the bridge lanes are configured. but after the conversion to all electronic tolling all of the of the toll lanes will function in the same way. every lane will become an electronic toll lane and there will no longer be toll takers accepting cash. fastrak will continue to work at all of the lanes and for drivers who don't have a fastrak account, cameras will record license plate numbers and send a bill to
8:36 pm
the car's registered owner. commuters will also be able to set up an account based on their license plate number, where every time they drive through the plaza a charge will be sent to their credit card. for people who still want to pay cash, there will be cash payment locations off the bridge where toll crossings can be paid 30 days in advance or within 48 hours after a crossing. finally, lane two which is the second lane from the right if you're traveling south will become a dedicated toll lane. in san francisco charles clifford kron 4 news. our team coverage continues. kron4's gabe slate has a closer look on the kiosks where you can still pay cash to cross the golden gate. there is a map of these pay station kiosks. >> these are easy menu options to pay cash. you can make a onetime payment had
8:37 pm
funds to your license plate pay a toll and voice repay a violation. you can choose a one time with how many crossings you want to pay for. and the number of pre- crash are available. >> this is my receipt that i bought it today. my license plate number my confirmation number has and is still good for 30 days. >> if you cross it with out the fast track and have not had a pre-cash payment these will be your new best friend. and even 48 hours after you cross the bridge you can pay to avoid the flying. avoi the tax penalty--
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>> gas prices are down for the fourth straight day. aaa reports the national average fell to three- dollars and 67 cents for a gallon of regular unleaded gasoline. that's down 11 cents since last month people in wyoming are seeing the lowest gas prices-- at three-dollars and 33 cents a gallon. drivers in hawaii are dealing with the highest prices in the nation. they're paying four-dollars and 39 cents for a gallon of regular unleaded gasoline. here is what drivers are paying around the bay area. a gallon of regular in san francisco will run you 4.14. oakland -- and san jose drivers are paying 4.03. more bay area news. after a 90-minute stand off with police a novato resident is now undergoing a psychiatric evaluation. this is video from our helicopter partnership with a-b-c-seven news, over the scene friday. someone reported the suspect starting a fire in a home near the corner of center road and stasia drive in novato. relatives say that the suspect was acting up and in possible need of psychiatric help. after talking with police the suspect surrendered. no one was hurt. we have new video tonight of archie -- the missing
8:39 pm
service dog who was stolen from his owner while riding on bart on wednesday night. the owner was riding on bart between san francisco and san bruno when she fell asleep. when she woke up archie was gone. archie is a pomeranian service dog who was last seen wearing a tuxedo. archie's owner is offering a three-thousand dollar reward for his safe return. after years of struggles, stockton is poised to become the most populous in the nation to enter bankruptcy when its trial begins tomorrow in federal court. creditors who lent stockton money are challenging its chapter 9 bankruptcy petition, but most observers say the city of 300,000 will be successful. its largest creditors are bond insurers who helped the city refinance pension debt. >> we are seeing changes with the wind coming off the ocean and increase with
8:40 pm
clouds.hall signs of changes. even wet weather. temperatures are cooling to 50 degrees in san francisco fairfield, brentwood. low clouds coming off the ocean. tomorrow you will see gray skies but as we go for the afternoon some high clouds with clouds and gusting winds will be expected. and on the in income if chance for rainfall. new york's coney island is now open for business. today senator chuck schumer
8:41 pm
the start of the park's season. coney island opens the week before easter every year. but this year a lot of work had to be done to the electrical system that was damaged during superstorm sandy. officials say that today's celebrations serve as a reminder to renew their focus on recovering from the devastating storm. police in georgia say an anonymous tip helped them death of a 13-month-old baby in a stroller. someone saw a person crouched in the back seat of a vehicle as it drove away from the shooting on thursday. detectives followed up and arrested a 14-year-old suspect. the boy's statements led them to take 17-year-old de'marquise elkins into custody. today is the anniversary of the supertanker exxon valdez disaster. 24-years-ago today a massive oil spill in the waters of alaska's prince william worst oil spills. 11- million gallons of crude oil poured into the waters. today- a british columbia first nations group is pointing to the tragedy as proof that massive oil tankers don't belong in the b-c waters. on this very day back in 1973 pink floyd released the dark side of the moon.
8:42 pm
now 40 years later the album is one of the best selling and most critically acclaimed rock albums ever created. it became the first pink floyd record to top the billboard album chart here in the u-s. last week the library of congress selected the album for preservation. calling it an example of "brilliant, innovative production in service of the music." >> if you look outside you can see the bright side of the moon. cooler temperatures '60s and '70s. your forecast, coming up.
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number one seeded indiana hit a three-pointer with 14- seconds left to down ninth ranked temple 58-to-52. unable to stop temple star khalif wyatt for most of the day -- the hoosiers shut him down for the final three minutes. and went on a ten-oh run to advance to the sweet 16 for the second year in a row. on thursday indiana will play syracuse. in the final seconds of a
8:45 pm
tie game -- with the clock winding down -- ohio state point guard aaron craft sinks a three-pointer to take the lead and the win. as number two ohio state beats iowa state 78-to-75. the buckeyes will play number six arizona on thursday. and in perhaps the biggest cinderella story of this years tournament -- number 15 florida gulf state university keeps on rolling. beating san diego state today 81-to-71. in their first year in the tournament f-g-c-u advances to the sweet 16. now they will go on to play number three florida on friday night. big changes.
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makes it easy for anne to manage her finances when she's on the go. even when she's not going anywhere. citibank for ipad. easier banking. standard at citibank.
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take a look at this. during today's p-g-a tour action in florida sergio garcia climbed up into a tree to tee off after his ball got stuck. rather than taking a drop -- garcia used the back of his club to smack the ball out of the tree. he went on to double bogey the hole. a few holes later garcia withdrew from the tournament. but not before taking this shot which is in the running for shot of the day. a last-ditch effort is under way in brussels to find a bailout deal for cyprus. the european central bank promises to pull emergency funding for cypriot banks, unless there's an agreement.cyprus has reached a deal to stave off bank collapse. the deal will shrink cyprus' financial industry and clear way for a bailout the country desperately needs to avoid collapse. the deal-- struck just over an hour ago -- comes days after frantic negotiations that followed the rejection by cypriot lawmakers. this deal includes a bailout program to restructure the country's two biggest banks -- bank of cyprus and popular bank of cyprus. without a deal, the tiny
8:49 pm
state risked losing emergency funding from the european central bank as early as tuesday. that would have meant financial collapse and almost certain exit from the eurozone. last night's gala dinner for president obama in israel was attended by many high-ranking government officials. but last week, the white house requested one additional invitation - special guest yityish aynaw , otherwise known as miss israel 20-13. aynaw made history this year, becoming the first miss israel of ethiopian heritage since the pageant began in 19-50. she spoke exclusively with c-n-n earlier this week as she prepared for the special event. fredericka whitfield reports >> reporter: nearly ten years after her arrival as an ethiopian immigrant in the holy land, yatyish aynaw gained worldwide attention when she was chosen as the first black miss israel: a triumph that has led to a dinner invitation date with the first black president of the united states. the 21-year-old beauty queen served in the israeli army and worked as a sales clerk in a clothing store before a friend entered her name in the contest.
8:50 pm
within a matter of weeks, she was invited to an exclusive 120-seat gala dinner for barack obama in honor of his first visit to israel as president. first of all, i am very excited to meet the two presidents, president shimon peres and president obama. they invited me because of a historical significance. for the first time, an ethiopian is representing israel and he was the first african american that was chosen to lead a super power. her new international star- status comes at a time that israel is facing criticism over its treatment of some one hundred thousand ethiopian jews who have immigrated to the country since the 1980s. in january, thousands took to the streets, protesting their difficulties attaining citizenship and all the privileges that go with it. i can overturn those stereotypes of being dark- skinned, ethiopian and other racist things. everything. it's not just in israel. we are talking about the whole world. it's something that exists and if i can change it i am going
8:51 pm
to try a hundred times over. an orphan, yityish relocated to israel to be with her grandparents when she was 12. obama has been one of her idols almost ever since. i did a research project about him in high school, and i know he is a very powerful man; charismatic, and he achieved a lot on his own by virtue of the fact that he believed in himself, and this stuck with me. as miss israel 2013, there will be ceremonies and appearances galore for yityish this year. i was chosen but because i made history as the first ethiopian. i feel i have to prove myself. i don't want to disappoint people that chose me. there are those gaps that exist not just in israel but in the whole world. still, she's determined not to let fame get the best of her. i tried to remain who i am and not imitate other things or people because that is the easiest thing to do. the easiest thing to do is to look at others and try and be like them. i will do my very best and i will do it my way. yityish often talks of her previous life as a child walking barefoot in ethiopia and the changes she discovered in herself on her first visit back to her homeland. i stood there as a girl who had finished the israeli army as an officer and thought, how much a person can go through in nine, ten years? i learned a new language and culture. i've been to good places. i enlisted and trained people and return as a totally different person.
8:52 pm
from the streets of ethiopia to the presidential gala in israel, to the world stage. fredericka whitfield, cnn, atlanta. >> we can see a change with 35 m.p.h. in some places. it will be cooler. san francisco, 57 degrees only 60 in oakland. temperatures will decrease about five, 10 degrees. and tomorrow, the extent of that cloud coverage. through the morning they will clear. 10:00 a.m.-noon but by noon, all those storm clouds will continue. that will start on tuesday. it shows
8:53 pm
this cloud coverage and notice some areas on the radar with light and spotty showers by 11:00 p.m. monday night. and for tuesday it will be that type were briefed clouds, sunshine and some sprinkles. just spotty showers in nature. temperatures will be in the 30's and for the afternoon mid-60s. much cooler and look for mid 60s in the east bay. 50s by the day. the warmest places will be low 60s with partly to mostly cloudy skies. tuesday the chance for sprinkles light and scattered on wednesday.
8:54 pm
this system could stick around. cloudy, cool, and even showers. go to our new channel. comcast 193 for the latest news, as well as our facebook and twitter feed. >> facebook has been slowly rolling out a new search function to its one billion users, one that draws upon your connections to better sort through information, photos, and likes. karin caifa got answers from the social networking site about the new tool, and what it means for your privacy, in this week's clicked in. >> if you are looking for a book, movie, restaurant wine not get help from 1 billion french? that is the promise. >> basically it takes that everything you have sent out that you have shared. and it gives you a way to search.
8:55 pm
>> that is largely driven by phrases. if you are connected to the idea it gives them the recommendation. for example movies or cafes and washington. and you can see who likes what. this function is only available for a small amount of users. >> we are rolling this out slowly because we want to get feedback. >> if you have friends of friends getting information use that path icon. and adjust your privacy settings.
8:56 pm
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>> this actress tilday shows her sleeping all day. the museum says that she will be there >> to remarks about last
8:59 pm
eight men came in first at the box office. and $44.7 million in ticket sales. and also this action movie came in the second with $3.5 million. had and oz is still going strong. >> big changes in this week with the weather?. but it does not look like a lot. >> that is it we will see you and 11:00 p.m. +


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