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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  March 30, 2013 8:00pm-9:00pm PDT

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noteworthy. >> i never thought i would say this, but that raccoon is so cute. >> (male announcer) this is the bay area news station, kron 4 news starts now. >> tonight a seven year old boy shot during a family barbeque in antioch. he was rushed to a hospital. and, as kron four's philippe djegal reports.' he is expected to survive. >> reporter: neighbors to not think that this was random. this seven year-old was the innocent by standard the shooting happened at this home on the 200 block of william read drive. and somebody standing on the cheap gas overpass she
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g streett... overpass. the board does not even live here. he and his parents were visiting the received a 911 call from the antioch police department. he was air but do to children's hospital with non-life- threatening injuries. nevertheless, they are fed up with crime in this neighborhood. it was not long ago that somebody was shot and killed on this street corner. something has to be done. >> i heard five or six gunshots. and then i heard the sirens. >> i have a tier 3, 4 years now. not long after i moved and nothing i saw was crime. murders, break-ins, vandalism. >> we have been here for about two months and i think that we are going to get out
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of this area. >> reporter: no arrests, the suspect suspect is still at large. phillipe djegal, kron 4 news. >> this marks the third shooting where a child was injured within the past few days. yesterday afternoon in east oakland police say a ten year old was hit by debris from multiple rounds of bullets being fired off by two suspects nearby. this is video from our helicopter partnership with abc 7 news of that scene. then back on thursday a one year old was struck by a bullet while in his grandparents apartment in richmond. the baby boy was released from the hospital yesterday. both children are expected to make a full recovery. >> we're following another developing story out of san francisco's mission district. where a man was shot and killed. kron 4's alecia reid is there live tonight. alecia you say he was here visiting family during his college spring break? >> reporter: that is correct, vicki. this 19 year-old was here on the spring break. let me show
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you this rolling memorial. this is where he was shot. this has left an entirely family shaken. he was just a few steps away when he was tragically gunned down early this morning >> tragedy. and especially in front of his feet as he was going to go and. he had a lot of potential. >> this 19 year-old was a top scholar. as an honor student on a college student. he was walking home just a round 3:00 a.m. when a gray sedan pulled up. and they asked if he was in a gang. before he was able to speak they shot him. witnesses say that he was rushed downstairs and he was
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found lying on the stairs. his father helped him until he went to the hospital and died. one after another, they went inside and how could this have happened? these t-shirts were maimed and is best friend got a tattoo. >> and i could not get my mind clear that this really happened when i was walking away from the hospital. it is sad. >> reporter: police are still searching for that suspect. jacob was planning on going to back " to school on monday. the family now has to plant his funeral. reporting in the mission district, kron 4 news. >> it is going to be a wet easter weekend. as we take a look outside we see some slick pavement. brian, i
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guess that if you are going to wear your easter bonnet? >> correct. not only rainfall but also thunderstorms notice those lightning bolts. that shows that we have some thunderstorms over the mount diablo range. there are some showers. indicated by the orange, and south of livermore. highway 84 rumbles of thunder and notice lightning strikes. that is to the south and to the east of livermore. and this is headed towards walnut creek. also, light/moderate along the peninsula, the san mateo. notice, the yellow is slightly heavier rainfall. and also towards vallejo. the showers will continue for the overnight hours for tonight and for tomorrow.
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so, it is going to be a wet sunday. the chance for storms details coming up >> this just in. officials at p-g and e reporting a power outage in san jose. officials say it started just before 4 p-m and originally affected over 900 homes and businesses. now the number of those affected down to just under 200. the problem is said to be coming from the area of san antonio west of 30th street. streets impacted are listed on your screen. officials say they hope to have power fully restored tot hose areas before 10 p- m tonight. the official cause is still under investigation >> the san mateo county sheriff's department is investigating a flasher who has struck at least once in the last week. kron four's jeff bush shows you where it happened and explains who police are looking for. >> reporter: laurel street in san carlos is a charming area with antique shops and a small town flarean
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unlikely place for a flasher to show up. but, that's what happened. according to the sheriff's department, a woman was getting money out of the atm near cherry street on tuesday around 6:30pm. then, all of a sudden, a young man approached her and exposed himself. police say the woman screamed and the man escaped in a waiting car. fortunatly the woman was not injured but was left shocked at what had just happened. as you might imagine, locals are concerned about the indecent exposure. >> kaytha clawson, resident: it doesn't happen much around here. i think you expect it in bigger cities. so, i guess it can happen anywhere but, yeah, i am a bit surprised. >> reporter: i talked to several women in the area. none of them wanted to go on camera but they all expressed their concern that something like this could happen in this quiet town. police say the suspect is a hispanic male in his late teens or early 20's and the escape vehicle, is a silver sedan with a spoiler. i'm jeff bush in san carlos, kron four news.
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>> the bay area's favorite ball teams - going at it. the san francisco giants paying a visit to the home of the oakland a's this afternoon for the bay bridge series. i took my cellphone behind home plate. and caught some of the action. the teams tied one to one going into the last game of the series. a's fans got a thrill early on. when a bearded josh reddick connected with the ball. and drove in a run by coco crisp. giants fans not so happy in the end. san francisco losing to oakland 4-3. the a's will then have their season opener at home on monday against the seattle mariners. and the giants will open their season on the road to take on the la dodgers. that is also on monday. >> oakland police have arrested a man they say was responsible for the deadly shooting at the bay fair bus station. the shooting happened in january. police say jabrie bennett fired shots near the bus zone killing kenneth lee seets, who police say was an innocent bystander waiting for a bus. this is file video of the
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scene. bennet is facing murder charges and a narcotics violation. >> authorities from siskiyou county are searching for two bay area men who made off with more than a million dollars worth of gold. arrest warrants have been issued for david johnson of el cerrito and scott bailey of el sobrante. the two broke into the siskiyou county courthouse in yreka back in february 20-12. they made off with roughly one-point-three million dollars worth of gold. jewelry and artifacts from the courthouse's historical collection. just under a week since the golden gate bridge well all electronic. how are commuters doing without the toll-takers? we've got a report card. plus.still haven't filed your taxes return to uncle sam. coming up, we've got tips to avoid the biggest tax payer mistakes. and it's easter at the vatacan. the new pope is celebrating in a new way - we'll show you, next.
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>> it's been four days since the golden gate bridge got rid of the toll takers and switched over to a new way of doing things. kron 4's jeff pierce is out on the bridge seeing how drivers are adjusting to the new toll plaza. >> reporter: it's not quite a week into the electronic toll collection on the golden gate bridge and it appears that most everyone has made the transition. those in doubt tend to slow down through the unoccupied toll gates and are prodded by their fellow travelers the few that actually stop are treated with a bit more insistence from those behind them. (car hours).... (horns) the truly unitiated stop at the toll collection office somewhat bewildered. >> i was wondering where to pay the six bucks at so i took the next exit to find out. >> reporter: this gentleman stopped before he even went through the toll plaza, afraid of what might happen should he pass through the gateway to the city without
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pause. >> i didn't want to get a penalty for not paying by going through here. i don't have a cell phone and i only have cash so i thought i should find out what's going on. (european accent) >> reporter: for most the speed of transit is welcome but tradition dies hard for those accostumed to the human touch. >> i like the old fashioned way, the way we were. we had somebody there to say hello, good morning, you gave them the money they gave you a receipt, and everything was fine. >> reporter: there's something to be said about that. at the golden gate bridge jeff pierce kron four news. >> terror threats against a paris landmark? coming up, we've got the latest on a bomb threat made against the eiffel tower and who's behind it. >> this lightning strikes. coming up
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>> a security perimeter has been lifted at the eiffel tower after a fake bomb threat saturday. this is file of the iconic landmark. officials in paris evacuated the monument and searched it after the anonymous threat was called into police. about 15-hundred visitors were forced to leave, according to french media. bomb threats are nothing new for the tower. it has been the target of several threats over the years. >> pope francis presided over his first easter vigil as the head of the romanthe holy saturday papal mass at saint peter's basilica started with the blessing of the fire and the easter proclamation. francis was also expected to baptize four adult converts from various countries during the vigil. after the service, pope francis will prepare for easter sunday which is the holiest day on the christian calendar. >> back here in the states. some of us celebrate easter a little differently. some families did so by watching a helicopter dump 50- thousand easter eggs! it was all part of an event hosted by the life church.
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the church said its eggs were filled with candies and mini-toys. the celebration also included balloon animal twisters and four bounce houses for kids to enjoy. >> the stormtracker 4 shore rainfall along the coast and it thunderstorms with flashes of lightning. mainly over the mountains but mainly those weather cells are drifting into the valley. notice have your with this activity moving northbound at 25-35 m.p.h.. light/moderate ground concord greely in vallejo. just to the north. near the canyon going towards napa. light rain as indicated by the green. the yellow, the orange around half moon bay.
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25-30 m.p.h.. it will get heavier towards san francisco and about 45 minutes. here is a time lapse from the bay bridge. a lot of those high clouds are increasing. and producing rainfall for tonight. this live in view of the golden gate showing wet roads. they will continue to stay wet for most of the day. the first band of rainfall is what is bringing us that first round still more to this system over the ocean. this is all going to move to the east for tonight and tomorrow. even the chance for showers tomorrow. possibly even wednesday. showers on/off toward producing heavy rainfall the chance for storms tomorrow. some could produce even small hail. the futurecast,
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by midnight tonight. not steady rainfall we can see showers on and off wet and dry spotty showers which also breaks of sunshine of your a cloudy day. the best chance for storms will be in the afternoon. those will be in the central valley road fairfield and antioch. temperatures will be cooler in the 60s for most of the bay area. and with your 7 day are run the bay. i think that most of those showers will end before sunrise. warmer weather on tuesday, wednesday the best chance for rainfall will be next week. andand remember you can watch the weather forecast whenever it is convenient for you on our 24/7 bay area news channel. you can also get hdlines and live traffic. it's on comcast 193 and you can also watch it live on
8:20 pm >> water supply. the department of water resources says that the state only has about half of the normal amount of snow in the mountains. has details on whether or not we may be facing drought conditions this summer. in their third snow survey of the season, the state department of water resources says that california's snow pack has fallen to %52 of normal for this time of year. making matters worse the spring melt season has already begun. >> reporter: as a result, the dwr says it will reduce the amount of water it plans to deliver to agencies around the state. meaning that this summer 25 million people and about 1 million acres of farm land will be
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receive less water than they have requested. but right now we aren't facing drought conditions because the state's reservoirs are actually in pretty good shape. heavy rains in november and december filled them up to at or above normal levels. so, the dwr say the reservoirs should be able to meet most of the california's water needs for this summer. but they warn that if we have another dry winter next year, drought conditions could return to some areas. in the newsroom, charles clifford kron 4 news. >> google now offering a new service which will help you shop from home. google shopping express. will provide same-day delivery of local food and local products purchased online. so far, this service is for consumers in san francisco and suburbs located south of the city. if everything goes well, then it will expand delivery service to other markets. other online sites already offer same- day delivery, such as amazon and ebay. >> americans are now making fewer mistakes on their tax returns. that's according to the i-r- s. on 2011 returns. the agency found two- point- seven- million errors. made by two- million taxpayers. that's less than half the mistakes found on 2010 returns. tax software programs such as h-and-r block and turbo-
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tax. may be the reason for the decline. experts say, taxpayers who use them are less likely to make mistakes. speaking of taxes. mark zuckerberg's wallet will be a little lighter when he files his taxes this year. roughly one- billion- dollars lighter that is. the facebook c-e-o can thank his decision to exercise his stock options. he bought more than 60 - million facebook shares when the site went public. now the i-r-s is treating the two- billion-dollars he got from those stock options, as income. and with zuckerberg's tax rate, at roughly 50-percent -- you do the math. >> coming up operation drive safe....
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(male announcer): here's stanley roberts who found some people behaving badly. >> i wasn't behaving badly that what he says! there were a few people caught behaving badly today in operation drive safe on highway 24 today it's speed enforcement conducted by the contra costa office of the california highway patrol >> at the highest sppeds they can be in any lane because usually their using the whole freeway to back and forth the driver of thse red sentra was clocked at 88 miles per hour in a 65 so the motor units conducting the enforcement pulls the driver over and has a chat with him then
8:26 pm
goes to grab his ticket book i asked the driver why he was driver so fast his answer s>> i was going with the flow of traffic the next car watch the lidar gun it goes from 86 to 88, 89, then 90 yes the driver od this bmw was doing 90 in a 65 >> how are you the reason i stopped was for speed can i see you driver license and proof of insurance while the driver looks for his papers the officer explains how he was caught as you were coming towars us about a quarter mile back we were sitting there i got you on radar one at 88 once at 98 and one at 90 and to let you hear how bad the problem is on highway 24 listen to this >> just got a call for 100 mph going east bound but i needed to talk to the driver listen in >> why? its important that you give you life to jesus christ huh . what" >> so if you crash at 90 wouldn't you be giving you life to the lord really quick no sir anyway he was issued a ticket for going 88 >> if i wrote you a ticket for 90 they would suspend your license
8:27 pm
he signs the ticket but not before one final thought if you do crash and die at least you will be in the presense of god so give you life to christ and do not speed i do not think that i was going 86 mph. >> i think i was going about 75 mi. per hour. if you have a comment or story idea for stanley, e- mail us at 'people behaving badly' at kron- four-dot- com. we're all aware of the possibility of earthquakes in the bay area.but tsunami's? coming up, we've got some life-saving tips of what happens if the ocean starts to move in. plus, it's not just the teens texting and driving. how to convince your adult friends to put down the wheel. and the dentist from hell.why hundreds of his patients are now being tested for hiv and hepaitis.
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>> this week is tsunami preparedness week. today, city officials came awareness to what you need to do if a tsunami hits. kron 4's mike pelton shows us what they are calling >> san francisco has not had a tsunami warning in several years. however, we are being severed she is making prepare this. >> this is a muscle memories you do not have to think you just get up and act. this is a designated this tsunami route. this is a tsunami walk. >> we want to make people aware and be safe. >> put on part by the department of safety and if
8:31 pm
and when if there is a threat you need to be prepared. >> if you feel there is an earthquake and to or near the ocean and you see the ocean reseeding you want to go inland. you would want to make a move within th first 10 minutes >> this magnitude 9.0 earthquake of the tsunami that killed thousands of people in japan. >> we do not think that we are at that risk level because of our geography however it pays to know what to do. >> they will make this walk every year so they are prepared. >> it is great that we will not have to worry. in san francisco, mike pelton, kron 4. it is to wet saturday night. the yellow and orange
8:32 pm
showing heavier rainfall mostly lighter towards the north bay. all of the peninsula, we do have some showers and even thunderstorms. this as over the higher terrain. some of these have drifted over to the livermore valley. notice east but some lightning strikes to the south-east of pleasanton. and also in the last couple of minutes at the 580 and 680. also rainfall totals at half moon bay. this is all pressing to the north. notice this is near pacifica and when this is all done by tomorrow we will see rainfall amounts at one-quarter of 1 in.. the bay. sometimes in some areas could have more.
8:33 pm
>> san francisco opened it's first new firehouse in more than 40 years friday. kron4's maureen kelly shows how the state of the art design will help keep the city and the firefighters who work there safer. >> reporter: it's got shiny new poles.brand new lockers.and was built to some of highest environmental standards. but the most important thing about the new home of fire station that it's now seismically safe.because the last thing one of the busiest fire station in the nation needs during an earthquake is to have the building that houses it's first responders and their rigs collapse on top of them. it also has a modern generator that can provide power to the station for up to three days. >> if there was a powder power outage we would not lose power --. another important improvement is the decontaimination room for the firefighters to clean up after fires and haz mat situtaions.this is a special washing machine called an extractor.used to clean their protective gear of the harmful particles that cling to their clothesthe room also includes a shower and a place to try their wet thingsright next to the
8:34 pm
locker rooma simple idea.but it will help keep the fire fighters from tracking containments thru their living quarters.and thus keeping them healhier than previous generations. >> when my father was a firefighter, none of this existed. many of these particles added to their cancer. >> maureen kelly kron4 news. >> most of the money for the 12-million dollar station house came from the museum of modern art. the moma is taking over the land where the previous fire station one stood for a multi-million dollar expansion project. they begin demolition next month. >> today hundreds of dental patients in tulsa oklahoma are getting tested for h-i-v and hepatitis. this after investigators found what they describe as horrific conditions at a local dentist's office. we go now to shelby lin for the latest details. its a nightmare she never expected. >> "if i get sick, like, i could be sick for a long time. it just freaks me out a little knowing that this
8:35 pm
could kill me." >> reporter: a few hundred like marissa smith lined up for h-i-v and hepatitis tests on saturday. all because an investigation found unsanitary conditions at tulsa dentist w. scott harrington's office. this mother and her son - who asked not to be identified - say he had his wisdom teeth removed by harrington last year. >> "i'm scared, i am scared. i spent, up all night last night. now we just have to sit and wait, and that part's going to be the hardest part, it's the waiting." >> reporter: he describes a horrific experience that he says landed him in the hospital. >> "i was just like bleeding, profusely, and it wouldn't stop. it was just gushing and just pouring out of my mouth." >> reporter: now the horror continues for him and thousands of other patients, like colton scott. >> "that's the last thing in the world that you're going to think, going into getting your wisdom teeth out, that you're going to
8:36 pm
get hiv or hepatitis." >> reporter: no criminal charges have been filed against harrington. he and his lawyer have not returned numerous calls for a comment. >> "how do you say you're sorry to seven thousand people that you could have possibly infected?" >> reporter: screenings will operate ten hours a day starting monday. but patients have to wait two to three weeks for results. results that could potentially change their life. i'm shelby lin reporting. >> the f-d-a says, it has approved the first diabetes medicine, that uses a new method to lower blood sugar. the new drug from johnson and johnson. is for adults with type-two diabetes. which affects roughly 26- million americans. the once- a -day medicine is designed to lower blood sugar levels by eliminating more sugar from the patients urine. it works by blocking the re-absorption of sugar by the kidneys -- which is more common in patients with diabetes. this differs from previous drugs. which targeted sugar absorption in the liver. the c-d-c is kicking off a new anti- smoking campaign on monday. this is the agency's second set of public service announcments. which use real life stories from
8:37 pm
people who have been harmed by tobacco. the campaign is called "tips from former smokers". and aims to save lives, money and reduce the suffering caused by smoking. according to the c-d-c. tobacco is the leading preventable cause of death in the u-s. it affects eight- million people -- killing an estimated 12-hundred every day. in one year alone, health care costs range up to 200- million dollars. have you ever been guilty of texting while driving? turns out those who do it most, may not be who you'd think. lisa sylvester is behind the wheel with the results of a surprising new survey. >> reporter: you take your eyes off only for a few moments to respond to a text. but all it takes is seconds. this video is part of a national campaign aimed at young people called "it can wait." but it turns out, it's not just teenagers who are texting while driving. >> "don't do as i do, do as i say, right?"
8:38 pm
>> reporter: their parents are actually much worse. >> "we're finding that people tend to justify their texting saying there's a lot traffic, or i'm not moving fast, or i'm not speeding, or i'm at a red light. but the thing we tend to forget about is we have to be able to react to what other drivers do. we don't know how distracted they are. they may be speeding, they may be drunk. so you really need to put the phone down >> reporter: a new survey conducted by at&t found 49 percent of adult commuters admitted to texting and driving. compare that to 43 percent of teens. of those adults 98% said they know it's unsafe. 60 percent said they didn't text and drive 3 years ago and 40 percent admit it's a habit. sending or receiving a text message takes a driver's eyes off the road for an an average of 4.6 seconds. if you were driving 55 miles per hour. it would be like having your eyes closed while driving for the length of an entire football field. >> "driving is 90 percent visual, it's 5 percent
8:39 pm
touch, and 5 percent hearing. so anytime you take your eyes off the road you're reducing your ability to control that vehicle by 90 percent." >> most states ban texting while driving. according to the centers for disease control and prevention.every day more than 9 people are killed by distracted driving. >> coming up foodie truck friday..
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rewards registration it's very simple. you can even use facebook to sign up. you can earn points right now with by answering trivia questions and it's free to join. upon entering, you will b automatically entered for a high- definition television, home surveillance system or a rocker home system.gaming chari. .. chair.. remember, this all starts on monday at 8:00 a.m. and at 8:00 p.m.with kron 4 rewards. ♪ >> coming up the solar plane has been seen here in america. what this means for
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commercial aviation coming up. >> this live look with showers and even thunderstorms. the livermore valley, downtown. how much longer this will last.
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8:45 pm
>> this is a historical moment in aviation for this zeppelin. >> for the first time this was able to fly day and night with only solar power. >> this is only powered by the sun. the company is based in switzerland, they have been working with silicon valley. because of the bay area's involvement, they have used
8:46 pm
moffett field for landings. this is the first time it has been seen in america. it will be back in the month of may for a flight from san francisco to new york. in 2015 they will fly across the world. this will also start in the bay area. >> it is important to start here in this part of the world. and the center and heart of silicon valley. with our partner, "sun power" is just next door. >> the silicone valley company is "sun power". >> this solar panel is just about the thickness of a human hair. >> it has successfully flown dozens of test flights. including one at 26 hours...theoretically, it could fly forever. but the human pilot needs sleep. it is reenergize for the day and flies that night but
8:47 pm
the pilot needs sleep. the longest is 26 hours it is difficult to grasp the size but it is enormous. it is the same as a 747 wingspan. the total weight is only 3,500 lbs. that is about the weight of a small car. 2000 square feet of solar panels that charge lithion ion batteries. of commercial flying. that would hopefully lower the cost of airline travel. gabe slate tech report if you'd like to connect with our tech reporter. you can follow gabe slate on facebook, or at-gabeslate on twitter. you can also send him an e- mail, at slate-at-kron-4- dot-com.
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we're looking at what what are. for the what will looking at for easter sunday, some wet weather. producing heavy rainfall kirchhoff and also near the east of the 680. these are converging were mainly it light rain. notice that shower activity near livermore. kidding heavier northbound it will be approaching antioch walnut creek. we're also looking showers to the north bay and towards napa. this live look at the san mateo bridge showing dry conditions. but heavy shower activity near san mateo. and he word in the next 15-20 minutes. for
8:49 pm
tomorrow it will be a mixture of sunshine clouds showers and even thunderstorms as we get into the afternoon. it will be a busy day. sunday and monday mainly dry monday tuesday wednesday that temperatures will be warming backup did the 70's. the next chance for rain fall on thursday. futurecast notice some scattered showers. some of these will be heavy at times. and a bit of a break as we go for the morning. notice they will be degreasing just temporary. some sunshine but the rainfall is forecast to intensify for the afternoon the best chance for storms and there could be strong for storms into the central valley near fairfield and antioch. the rainfall could
8:50 pm
really pack up and the chance for lightning. for the sierras, the rainfall continuing with rainfall at 7,000 ft.. temperatures are going to be cooler with this storm system moving through. 60s. monday, morning clouds and sunshine with mostly sunny. sunny tuesday, wednesday, with warmer. back into the 70's but this number next storm system. believe it or not! we're now 49 days away from this year's bay to breakers. kron 4 will bring you the race from start to finish. bay to breakers -- happening -- sunday, may 19th coming up after the break. >> this parking lot of the electronics store.
8:51 pm
>> this is curry up! these food trucks are in the south bay. now it is food and drug friday. it is in sunnyvale, this is going gourmet. food truck--friday. >> this is one of the best. i live on the peninsula so this is much more convenient. >> the chance to give the silicon valley workers a taste of the city. >> this is the best and the bay. >> this payment lemonade. >> these sexy fries. >> burgers with slaw. some sweet bell pepper and fresh lime and >> that sounds pretty gourmet.
8:52 pm
>> we do our best. >> the trouble french fries. and the roasted chicken and the margarita pizza. to find out more go to our website. wrapping up this weekend. find out which teams punched their tickets to the final four. the answer to that story and more coming up next when kron 4 news at 8 returns. hello?
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now that it's the weekend many people are heading into theaters to see something new. g-i joe returns to the big screen. with the newest installment in the series. and there's also a new film based on a novel from the author of the twilight series. carl azuz has a preview of what's showing. the fight against cobra continues in "g-i joe: retaliation." in the follow up to the 2009 film, "the rise of cobra," the team struggles against threats from within their own government. starring dwayne johnson, bruce willis and channing tatum, "g-i joe: retaliation" is rated "p-g 13." "tyler perry's temptation" tells the story of a married woman seduced by a handsome billionaire. the choices she makes will change her life forever. featuring performances from vanessa williams and kim kardashian, "tyler perry's temptation" is rated "p-g 13." "the host" is a love story set in a future where humanity is nearly extinct. an unseen enemy has inhabited almost every human's body, erasing their memories. but a few survivors are
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fighting back. based on the novel by "twilight" author stephanie meyer, "the host" is rated "p-g 13" for now showing, i'm carl azuz. march madness is heating up as we get closer and closer to the final four. even president obama was in attendence to watch number- four syracuse shut down number-three marquette 55- to-39. syracuse advances to their first final four appearance since winning the championship in 2003. and their opponent will be. the lowest ranked seed left in the tournament beat number-two ohio state advance to their first final four appearance since 19-65. the other half of the final four schedule will be set after tomorrows games. and remember you can watch the weather forecast whenever it is convenient
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for you on our 24/7 bay area news channel. you can also get headlines and live traffic. it's on comcast 193 and you can also watch it live on and remember you can watch the weather forecast whenever it is convenient for you on our 24/7 bay area news channel. you can also get headlines and live traffic. it's on comcast 193 and you can also watch it live on i am there doing the weather. >> wet weather tonight see you 11:00 p.m.
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