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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  July 9, 2013 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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ldren. bring your gift to any sleep train, and help a foster child start the school year right. not everyone can be a foster parent, but anyone can help a foster child. (male announcer): this is the bay area news station, kron 4 news starts now. >> pam: amazing pictures show one asiana flight attendant carrying an injured passenger to safety on her back. young survivors describe their ordeal on flight 214. as their airliner slams into the ground at 130- miles an hour. >> dust everywhere >> pam: and asiana's top executive has his own rough arrival in san francisco.
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>> pam: we are learning new details about what may have caused saturday's deadly plane crash at sfo. monday and today the n-t-s-b interviewed all four flight crew members who were on the plane. 3 of those pilots were in the cockpit at the time of crash.. kron 4's details... >> reporter:according to the ntsb, the pilot controlling asiana flight 214 was making his first landing attempt in a boeing 777 at s-f-o. he was controlling the plane from the left hand seat in the cockpit. the training pilot, who was assisting with the landing, was in the right hand seat, there was also a relief first officer in the cockpit jump seat and a fourth pilot seated in the plane's cabin. >> reporter:according to the ntsb, the training pilot says that as the plane descended towards runway 2-8 left, the crew set the planes auto throttle to the required airspeed.
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>>he set the auto throttle at 137 knots and he assumed that the auto throttles were maintaining speed. but realized that the plane was >> reporter: to low and travelling to slow. they attempted to correct the problem by throttling up but by then it was to late. the landing gear and tail of the plane struck the seawall, the aircraft broke apart and skidded down the runway. >> reporter:ntsb chairman deborah hersman says that investigators will analyze the planes flight data recorder and voice recorder to determine if there was a problem with the auto throttle. their initial inspection of the wreckage shows that the auto throttle was armed, but that doesn't mean it was malfunctioning. one of the critical things that needs to monitored on the approach to landing is we need to understand what was going on in the cockpit and also what was going on with the aircraft. >> reporter:hersman also said today that none of the flight crew have been drug or alcohol tested because the u.s. doesn't require such testing for foreign based crews, such testing is deferred to the country in
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which the airline is based. in this case, south korea. and finally, the ntsb revealed that 2 flight attendants, who were seated in the rear of the aircraft, were ejected onto the runway during the crash. both were injured, but survived. in the newsroom, charles clifford kron 4 news. >> pam: asiana president yoon young-doo arrived in san francisco from south korea on tuesday morning, fighting his way through a pack of journalists outside customs. >> reporter: will pam is not often the to see a c zero yelled that by family members from korea and today he was bombarded by reporters. complete chaos as is geodesy 092 arrived at
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the airport to a survey the tragic crash that happened on saturday morning. >> reporter: as he walked out into the customer marin always, until he opted not to talk to reporters. >> any comment sir! any comment! >> did that! get back! get back! >> reporter: then and layoffs screens to be heard as he she was blond and the malay and sell to the
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ground. but fortunately the lee that phil was ok and that was the good news of all that the changes all. j.r. stone kron 4 news. allowed until the investigation is completed. >> i was horrified because we have a 9 month old baby and could easily been on a flight after being up country for almost 80 years. >> woonsocket wreckage and saw how much those people must of suffered. the good fortune and a shining honest. >> i just think got this
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some kind of guardian angels succeeded and we were not allowed to book that flights hard to get that flight in your action discipline meant that we did not get on that flight. >> pam: and new tonight at 8-- pictures emerging of one of the flight attendants on board asiana airlines flight14. carrying passengers on her back. you can see the flight attendant taking the injured away from >> pam: the ntsb investigation is focusing part of its investigation on the two teenage girls who were killed. fire officials acknowledged that one of their trucks *might have run over one of the two teens killed. the 16-year-olds were good friends. and came from an affluent coastal province in eastern china. their parents flew into s-f- o last night.and they had a briefing from the coroner. >> i asked if you are ok capt. and he said yes. i ask
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if i should form an evacuation. i close the door and made an announcement because the passengers were upset and things were confusing. i said please and german are plain has completely stopped please remain seated to the to the plan will now move anymore. " >> pam: with a fine interesting is that the pilot said no to the evacuation why would he the late even for a second. they also described how one of the infection asian inflated inward instead of outward.
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>> >> reporter: year in sampras's coach ron hospital doctor said that barry into a child from indiana to 14 is showing some progress. i critical to serious condition now they're 12 people still admit at san francisco general their interests remain from very significant situations to traumatic brain injury to paralysis as well as road rash from possibly be a and on the ground after the trash after the crash. they
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have shot and st. mary's hospital one person is there as well. at stanford there are four people who still need care. and totaled 39 people are still being treated from wide range of injuries all because there were heard to. in san francisco to assist us to kron 4 news. kron4 alicea reached >> pam: kron4's for police here read it to will tell us more about it. alecia up? >> >> reporter: there is no getting it across security corporate passengers was
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back in the parking lot opened umbrellas to block anyone from cn the victims' faces as they walked through the door. security on high alert employees manned entrances. these women from the food organization or on foot and still cannot get very far. they help people in need received calls about the victims and shoulder to see if they need any assistance. >> that taxes here for reasons. but they state that we can get in and courage we did not even get close at the front door. right over there was a police officer is that. you cannot even get to where they argue lot is at. >> reporter: their organization plans to hold a
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candlelight vigil for it derrick lee still read kron 4 news. alecia redreed >> i want everyone to know how happy i am prepared after months of silence the three victims from cleveland ohio, own in cleveland ohio come speaking publicly for the first time since their rescue. next.
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>> pam: three women, who were rescued after nearly a decade in captivity, have
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quietly started their lives over. away from the public.taking time to get used to their freedom. now amanda berry, michelle knight and gina dejesus are breaking their silence. to say thank you. >> pam: >> reporter: their names. and for two months we've known them as come forward. as survivors >>"first and foremost, i want everyone to know how happy i am to be home with my family and my friends." amanda berry, gina dejesus for >> pam: and michelle knight released a video early this morningto say thank you. amanda berry was the first to talk.expressing her gratefulness for her freedom.and the support for her family. >> "i wanna thank everyone who has helped me and my family through this entire ordeal.everyone who has been a blessing.
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>> pam: this image of a confident amanda berry matches the escaped ariel castro's home.running to a neighbor's house to call 9- 1-1. >> pam: details of their ordeal or mention ariel castro by name. gina dejesus with her mother thanks. >>"i would say 'thank you' for >> pam: her mother took the opportunity to thank her community for their help and give this advice. >> don't be afraid to ask for available." >> pam: perhaps the most powerful words came from michelle knight--the oldest of the survivors. she endured painful beatings at the hands of ariel castro, but says her spirit is unbroken. >>"i may have been through hell and back, but i am strong enough to walk through hell with a smile on my face and my head held situation define who i am i will define the situation."
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>> pam: the video was shot last week at a cleveland law firm. the cleveland courage fund was established to help michelle knight, gina dejesus, amanda berry. and berry's daughter. more than one million dollars has been donated to the fund. >> pam: meantime. the accused kidnapper, ariel castro, has pleaded not guilty to 329 counts. >> pam: many reports indicating tonight former n- f-l player aaron hernandez made an alarming admission about some murder charges he's facing in massachusetts. kron-4's jason appelbaum is here with the latest on that. jason? >> reporter: one of the alleged it a compliment cup accomplices was told this
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man calls batiste that supposedly was what her grandest the another accomplished artist wallace told him that her menendez admitted to killing lloyd the day after the shooting. is not exactly is mostly done this is done, plaza told another conference they fired the shot. and probably not the last time that these guys will point the thing they're at each other. hernandez has maintained his innocence. >> pam: canadian authorities have now opened a criminal investigation into a deadly oil train derailment that killed at least 15 people dozens more are still missing after 72 tanker cars carrying crude jumped the track saturday. setting off a huge fireball. officials now say they have
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gotten a handle on the fire. they will now allow many of the people evacuated from their homes to return. but say about 800 people will still have to stay away. >> pam: quebec police today say investigators have "discovered elements" that have led to a criminal probe. they didn't give any details but ruled out terroim. >> reporter:the white house isn't commenting - saying the latest on edward snowden and his whereabouts. is. just a >> reporter:the anti-secrecy group venezuela. >> reporter: russian lawmaker tweeted that
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snowden had, in fact, accepted that offer -- but few minutes later. be holed up in the airport. jack-lynn? bridge >> jacqueline: soggy conditions. fofggy pretty wide spread for the overnight hours. as we move until tomorrow afternoon will have the falk back up the coast line. effective cooling trend for the rest of the week ended a little bit warmer into the weekend. and she has epidaurus 6:00 hour light spread fault. fog. the to o'clock hour brings back again a little
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bit more toward the shores. so will have plenty of guys everywhere. the result of the cooler condition 83 in cupertino and sunnyvale and san jose. for alan belly shall civil 5 to 10 different and cooling and 95 in pleasanton and livermore and concord. for the most part 82 any city. 677 francisco. antipater's run in the '80s for theperiod tomorrow build a cooler thursday for the same deal current into the weekend a reverse trend less salt little warmer temperatures. a little less fog.
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you can catch the latest news, forecast and traffic conditions whenever it's convenient - on our 24/7 bay area news channel. you can watch live on or on comcast channel 193. 24/7 bay area news channel. >> pam: our live coverage on the crash of asiana fight 214 continues after the break. plus: we'll tell you why a bay area student is being honored at the white house. >> pam: + >> gary: we have a young man and to honor for the raiders this guy is no ordinary football player. he has interests in other things instead of letting me grab my crotch and then spit tobacco.
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>> pam: (male announcer): this is the bay area news station, kron 4 news starts now. >> pam: try to get to the bottom of the crash of asian on a flight to 14. this is a live look at the chart record chart wreckage. kron4
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this carmen has the latest of us of all. >> reporter: he only then realize that there was a problem because the wrong signal that the plan is too low. >> he told the pilot to pull back. he says speed at 137 nights. he assumed the bottle throttle was maintaining speed. >> reporter: but there are not maintaining speeded 200 ft. he aborted. >> the other pilot had pushed the throttle forward. >> crew is required to maintain a safe seat
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aircraft. that means to me to monitor a swine pilots and two other pilots that are in the cockpit with monetary and functions. of the very critical things the need to be monitored on approach landing is speed. so we need to understand what was glad on at the cockpit and also was quiet on with the aircraft. >> reporter: no member of the asian on a flight crew was drug tested or out on tested. >> 4 per 129 are foreign carriers there is no specific you as requirement stood they are referring to their country and which dealt their carriers are based.
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>> reporter: while both survived both are injured debra herdsman indicated she walked the runway and sought exactly where the plane was hit right at the sea wall where the landing gear hit first and then i tell section of the plane in s f o kron 4 innings. >> pam: be home. >> pam: he joins live with a look at the scene ended up day at what happened today. scott? documenting the debris all round the crash. they are working all over
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flight to see if we concede anything all here. investigators walking back and forth around the fusil lodge area. and you heard about a landing gear. a lot of work going on out here. this is the staging area and also brought up the trailer to help the with their search using gps tracking device as well. pam? >> pam: scott, i think you for that update. no children sharing their stories.
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>> reporter: the chaos of the car crash. >> was no warning or anything. it just happened. >> reporter: returning from a family vacation there parents and children were on the plane. >> i remember it being dust everywhere. but was freaking out and then in just stopped. >> i was also calling out for my parents. i couldn't breathe because i had been knocked off of me. after >> everything stopped and
8:35 pm
are realized i was alive i looked over and i saw my brother and sister they were both fined. and a look to my mom and my dad and i were both on the floor. the steer seats filled down and i call their names out and they both like moaned kind of. >> reporter: all five of them were heard to when the till hit the sea wall their heads snapped ford and luggage fail making it challenging for them to escape quickly. >> it was hard to get out. >> reporter: >> my brother and sister but not an exit on the right i noticed that was limping sold mexican i have a slight. there for a flight attendant brought me to an opposite side of the plane had exit that had a slide.
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>> when we all united and the i my family in died i really great and i started crying. >> reporter: on the way home they learned a frightening lesson of survival. >> pam: as a result of sunday's crash, forge a push has more on that part of the story. jeff? >> reporter: until they get the runway cleared delays and cancellations have been going affecting in going outgoing and incoming flights.
8:37 pm
>> i am so tired that i cannot remember my first name. >> it was for 18:00 flight, 1240. the lay like for five times. we're really tired. really exhausted right now. >> reporter: you're wrong lanes me if your takeoffs and fewer landings. killing time in the airport is something that you never these two. >> we to settle around and wonder what was happening. we go to their poor we realize you were the late 0430. because of what happened at the airport in two days ago and all the things attending to work on with the crash.
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>> of action is supposed to fly at a sunday night at 850 and it was canceled. seoul and is with a little round and we left that at 3. >> pam: stay with kron4 as we continue to bring you the latest on the ocean and a 214 flight crashed. >> jacqueline: can't see much. but though low cloud coverage temperatures maintaining on the mild side. and seven in all three
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locations and a three and concord right now. just goes to show you or the fault is sitting right now. fog. and to to mama through the latter morning hours with cooler temperatures to mall as well as close to bush to the rest of the week we will have more on that coming up next. takeoffs and landings. ha with the crash. kate bayham >> pam: bart representatives and its two bigest labor unions will resume formal negotiations on friday. both sides did meet separately with state mediators today. it marks the first time since bart management and
8:40 pm
bart unions agreed to extend the existing contract for 30 days. so that both sides can continue working on a new contract. ending the 4 day bart strike. >> pam: the group gathered at the college downtown campus and then marched to the u.s. department of education office and set francisco. requesting a review of the decision and if the decision is upheld the school officials say they would seek an appeal. vicki? >> reporter: talk about the recipe for success in bay area chrome is as much with the obamas.
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>> jacqueline: it was warmer out there but is cooler today. stills and low 90s are out there but by thursday and friday 70 '80s
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but there are the norm. stretching into our inland valleys. stretching that then declares to the north and south bay by 10 and back to the coastline by one. the coastline, no surprise here. instead of for cisco 70's and 80's and falkfog. now, for our own leadbelly's will lose about five to 10 degrees from what we had today. 95 in pleasanton and 93 for livermore. south bay in the '80s for the most part 85 for los gatos and in
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stores in 94 northern hills. also, mainly in the '80s. the look pitcher extended forecast tomorrow a little cooler than to that with our inland valleys of the most cooling. even more as the fall becomes more widespread. fog. beckham up into the low 90s away from the coastline. (male announcer): now, the orchard supply sports report with gary radnich. >> gary: every time you mention the case this these days is something good. a's! >> gary: was the sky clear here comes pedro alvarez
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wearing no. 24. meanwhile trailing we go into the forest. the 27 year old has hit 15 league team. the third best record in all of the american league. if you look that most talented guy hit the to 20 in the home run derbythe home run derby takes place next monday july 15th at citi field in new york. >> gary: espn is reporting major league baseball will suspend up to 20 players, including a's all star bartolo colon, sometime
8:49 pm
after the all star break for their alleged involvement with a performance enhanced drug linked bio genesis clinic in miami. >> gary: the list also includes former mvp's alex rodriguez and ryan braun and while nothing his official, both players could face 100 game suspensions for comitting multiple offenses including lying about their involvement. melky cabrera could also be suspended >> gary: the giants signed outfielder jeff francoeur to a minor league contract,
8:50 pm
the 29 year old has been horrendous his last 2 seasons in kansas city, as he hit just.208 with 3 home runs and 13 rbi's in 2013, before he was released by the club on july 5th. however, as recently as 2011, the former first round pick hit.285 with 20 hr and 87 rbis. the giants only have to pay francoeur the major league minimum, as the royals will pick up the final $6.57 million dollars remaining on his contract. >> gary: the warriors continued to bolster their bench today agreeing to terms with point guard toney douglas on a one year deal worth $1.6 million dollars. the 27 year old split time with the rockets and the kings last season, where he averaged 7.5 points and 2.1 assist. >> gary: the team also agreed to sign 17 year veteran center jermaine
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o'neal to a one year deal. the 34 year old spent the majority of his career with the pacers, but also played with the raptors and suns where he went to 6 all star games. quarterback colin kaepernick dolphins hat to a july 4th >> jacqueline: written a book called a beautifully unique and pushing his book to that he was on conan o'brien and troy this earlier talking about athletes. the thing that people have this misconception about nfl but the thing is you only hear about the guns the two bad
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things and not the guys that do good things that take your business and go home. >> gary: give me some quick hitters. it was good for him the package this the was made from his article is that he felt like he was faking an aide of in for three years 30 years. if your job is to get the most of a trip where you want those players to build the country on what they are doing. treat other people treat people the way you want to be treated. a look at the world all round the world this if i can be freely of malacca and everybody else needs to be freely their life. >> gary: them body was great. pam thought that he
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was great. >> gary: >> jacqueline: he was very quick. pate >> pam: yes. >> gary: he could not handle kron. i can get down and held the lead in the mud and dirt. we will take a break and come back on kapernick face a my apology.
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(male announcer): now, the orchard supply sports report with gary radnich. >> gary: if you want an apology from kapernick for
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wearing a golf san for wearing a dolphin had to you can forget it.
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