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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  July 20, 2013 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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"no justice" >> a week after the acquittal of george zimmerman for the murder of trayvon martin. rallies and protest continue around the nation including in the bay area. today has been dubbed "national justice for trayvon day." you just heard from the mother of trayvon martin. calling for justice at a rally earlier today. the same message could be heard at a rally in oakland. kron 4's jeff pierce has more.
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>> hundred scattered. >> what do we want? >> hundred -- gathered. >> we are gathering all over the country. that we will not be silent! it will not be silent. >> reporter: to route their rhetoric. of the undercurrent. this was counterproductive. >> throughout the rhetoric. oake department. has their hands full and we want to encourage them not to destroy the buildings. we are asking you to please respect our city. >> reporter: city and community leaders and asked
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them to not say that violence would serve the purpose. >> the movement throughout the country. >> this is not acceptable in other cities. so i am urging youngsters to practice peace. anybody that takes place and breaking windows, for this trayvon martin issue for this purpose. and it is hurtful because it is hateful. the most left the rally hoping that would leave with keeping in that sentiment. >> respect our city! >> jeff pierce, kron 4 news. >> this was a look and earlier in the day. now, lets head out to kron he's live at frank ogawa
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plaza. where it seems things have remained calm. philippe. >> reporter: oakland police officers are still around frank ogawa plaza in case any trouble breaks out. there is hardly any body here. just a few police but some of bike riders were here. you can see them around lake merritt. taking part on this piece by cried all around 5:15. and this -- by gregg. and there were on their way to this final destination on the revolution cafe on this bicycle ride. they say that this was not a protest. this was just an opportunity to promote peace. >> this was very significant because of what happened with trayvon martin. we wanted to get together.
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often, they are profiled. with a criminal background and this is to show our love. and we had many people. >> our kids are dying. >> this was great. >> there was not a heavy police presence. >> we are here to take back our city. >> reporter: at the end of the bicycle ride, there was a small scuffle. with just some pushing and shoving into the and the police department says that things could not be going better. and there have been no arrests. there have been several other agencies helping this with the elevate alameda county-sheriff's
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office. and again, things have gone very decent tonight. reporting live, phillipe djegal, kron 4 news. >> experts are reporting that this isoakland police officers arejust in case trouble does break out. but as you can see. at this hour, there's hardly anyone here. here you can see them riding around lake meritt. about 70 people taking part in the sixth annual peace the evening in a park by the lake. their way to their final oakland. police followed close behind the entire time. this was not a protest. an opportinuty to promote peace in a time where there's been so much unrest. some experts are now criticizing the ongoing protests. professor carol swain. a law professor at vandebilt university. calls these protests misguided-- saying the politics around this issue takes america backwards. stick with kron 4 news as we continue our coverage on the asiana flight 214 crash and the ongoing investigation and pending lawsuits all on kron 4. kron 4 dot com and our 24 7 news channel >> vicki: developing tonight in southern california fire
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crews have been working to contain "the mountain fire" that fire has been burning all week in the town of idyllwild. flames fueled by strong winds and dry brush has forced the evacuation of thousands of people in area kron 4's scott rates joins us now and shows us how bad the fire is tonight. >> reporter: this is springs. you can see that it is heavily close to these homes that are in jeopardy. as we take a closer look you can see that these homes are near these trees. this is a concern for firefighters. just to give you an idea of how tried these trees are. let me show you video. with 27,000 a. of brush fire burning out of control. mayor kevin newson had to declare a this state of emergency for idlelwodl 6. thousand people have been
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evacuate did and 6000 people, with thousands of people, just today. 5600 homes are in the path of kamal potentially of this fire. there are 68 crews on the ground. with over 20 helicopters tried to fight this fire. all right just checked tonight and this fire is about 20 percent containment. and with the thunderstorms could courpromote more of a problem. >> those thunderstorms are going to be here by next week but in the meantime we have seen a huge contrast in the weather. with the inland valleys. with mid-upper 50s. and inland, 50 degrees warmer in some places, antioch, 91 degrees! fairfield, 94 degrees. and also the low 80s and a lot of fog. notice, this blanket
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of fog for the north bay valleys. and temperatures were a bit cooler inland. it did cool out but for the coast it is going to surge along the coast. and that is what we are seeing with this live camera from mt. tam that is what we are seeing from this from the bay. and for tonight, look for the fog to increase. eventually increasing and tomorrow mostly cloudy but sunshine for the afternoons. and cooler. i will let you k let you know more about it. and now,families of the three chinese teens killed in the asiana flight that crashed at s-f-o have hired lawyers. the chinese families retained a new york firm to represent them. one of the victims, 16-year- old ya-ming-one survived the july sixth crash. but was fatally struck by a rescue truck. one's relatives issued a statement through their
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attorneys saying they were "devastated and heartbroken." the national transportation safety board is investigating one's death. >> a man with a machete and a gun is accused of chasing children in a vallejo park. police say, this man- 44- year-old fredrick hines ran through the popular delta meadows park last night with his weapons. and chased kids around. no kids were injured. but residents say the incident has them very concerned. officers attempted to make contact with hines at his home. >> i've seen this man before. you know, very confrontational. again, it would be nice but it is very sad it is a beautiful neighborhood, with beautiful people. it is a quiet place. just this man needs help, that is all. >> officers attempted to make contactthey fired foam bullets and used a flash-
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bang to get his attention. after a 70-minute stand-off with police, heinzheinz was arrested for assault with a deadly weapon. and booked into solano county jail. >> there's now a reward out for any information about who left out hundreds of poison meatball throughout san francisco. the animal legal defense fund is teaming up with the ceo of yelp and vegnews magazine. they're offering $5,000 dollars for info leading to the arrest and conviction of the suspect or suspects. police say the meatballs contained strychnine and believe they were left out in a malicious plan to kill dogs. oskar, the dachshund who ate one of the poisoned meatballs, died earlier this month. the college board and educational testing service has invalidated more than 200 advanced placement tests at a san francisco bay area high school due to "seating irregularities." the college board says mills failed to follow protocols 11 exams to 224 students in may. seating, including the distance between desks, the the size of tables at which have gained an unfair advantage. but he didn't immediately respond to a question about whether there test scores rather than re- administer the tests next it's one year ago, that a gunman shot dozens of people dark knight rises. we'll see how people in aurora are remembering.
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what went terribly wrong. and a sexual harrassment hotline - for victim's of the mayor of a major california city. we'll show you where - next. look at 'em.
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>> one year ago today a gunman shot dozens of people during a showing of "the dark knight rises" at a theater in aurora, colorado. last night, family, friends and activists gathered to remember the victims of the attack. and of recent gun violence. they also called for stricter gun control. ted rowlands has more.
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>> i remember the terror and ideals in that instant that i would get shot. >> reporter: many changes. 70 injured this theater has been opened. james holmes is claiming insanity going to the colorado justice system. this grew after auroran and the victim's are calling for stiffer the laws. and he would like to see restrictions on high- capacity magazines. >> this guy walked into a movie theater and the next
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thing is that he was dead. >> this inconsistency. >> the sister, victoria. killed in the new town, to honor of the victim's in the theater shooting. >> from the movie theaters. we all share the same of grief. and wanting to change of our gun laws. >> reporter: advocates were also of their protests in the event. police kept the two groups apart. >> this is an event for all people of colorado to remember that a tragedy. and also but it was not allowed to be used in theaters. would have prevented that that tragedy. for over 10 hours volunteers took turns
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reading the victims' names with a moment of silence. the moment the shooting started at this theater changing lives forever. there are a couple of other events planned. one couple that is planned to say that this is actually decided to get married. >> a fun day at six flags over texas in arlington ended in tragedy for one family. a woman died while riding the theme park's "texas giant" roller coaster one witness says he and his girlfriend were next in line to get on the coaster at the time. he describes what happened when the cars returned to the gate. >> the man was sitting next to a woman and they were both sitting let me out. her let me out. my mother fell out. and i need to find hover at the park workers were taken aback by what
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happened and they did not think that it was a serious. they-in a statement, the theme park said it has closed the ride pending further investigation. arlington police are also investigating. >> sexual harassment investigations against the san diego mayor. still, investigators are preparing a case and now the potential victims are saying that there'sserious sexual harassment allegations are still facing san diego mayor bob filner. but so far they are just allegations. still, investigators are preparing in case an investigation is needed. and now potential victims have a safe and private way to come forward with information. a new victims' hotline is available specifically for the filner investigation. when calling, victims will be connected with the central investigations division to file your confidential report if needed they'll bring you in for further discussion with detectives. >> five people have been convicted in the deadly costa concordia cruise ship wreck that happened off the italian coast last year. it comes after a judge accepted their plea bargain this morning. the ship's hotel director,
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the second in command and the third officer were among those convicted of manslaughter and causing personal injury. under the plea deal, all five defendants were sentenced to prison time. the ship's captain is also facing charges in the disaster that left 32 people dead and 150 others hurt. >> take a look at the fog. notice, which did not have the fog temperatures pretty warm. temperatures in the 50s this log view over the ocean. there is the sun setting on this beautiful saturday night. look for those low clouds over the bay moving into the inland bay. mostly cloudy and look for the fog to clear slowly. 8:00 a.m.-11:00 a.m., with temperatures in the dirt going to be cooler. three-
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five degrees cooler than the highest for saturday. and relatively quiet. to the east, notice the showers and to the thunderstorms this is the western edge. the pretty large area of showers and storms. this is going to start drifting our way by monday and tuesday. we could see increased and a tropical high clouds for both days and in the meantime, just that fog. here it is by midnight. noticed near the coast. and the north bay valleys. and as for go towards tomorrow with most places seeing graybac gray skies and a eventually 10-0 11:00 a.m. and will see the clouds for most of the day with partial clearing. high temperatures about the same. with the
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coast and who look for the highs and the self with upper '70s and '80s. 83 degrees with mid '80s in evergreens. the warmest place is will not be quite as hot. a bit cooler with low-mid 90's in antioch. and 70's with 60s in richmond. mid-60s for san francisco. berkeley, and upper 60s for the north bay. your kron 4 7 day around the bay temperatures will be coming down a bit but it is going to be coming down by the latter part of next week. 90's and sunshine. >> lot of gas prices coming up a break at the gas pump.
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coming up, where we're finally getting a break at the pump. we're getting a break from 11 straight days of increasing gas prices. today. triple-a reports the national average of regular unleaded gasoline is unchanged at three-dollars and 72 cents a gallon. it comes after the average price crept up by nine cents a gallon in just the last week. and it's up 22 cents compared to last year. people in hawaii are seeing the highest prices in the country-- at four dollars and 36 cents for a gallon of unleaded gasoline. south carolina has the lowest prices for unleaded-- $3.34 on average. taking a look at prices here in the bay area. in san francisco, $4.09. in oakland and in san jose, $3.99 rallies for trayvon martin - or - an excuse to vandalize? coming up, stanley roberts
8:27 pm
takes a closer look at people behaving badly at protests. (male announcer): now, here's stanley roberts who found people behaving badly.this is video from out helicopter partnership with abc 7 and if you look closely you see people trashing a bart police cruiser, some people mixed in with protestors took to breaking windows and tagging, here is video of the bart crusader being driven away with flat tires i blurred the vehicle because of the profanity spray painted on the car, this people behaving badly segment is not looking at the protestors because i believe every one has the right to protest, it is for the people who chose to vandalise private and public property like when the american flag was set on fire, or how about this video where people are setting the flags at an oakland mcdonalds on fire, the sad part is i'm not surprised this happened because in the city of oakland it appears the some people are looking for any reasons to tear up parts of the city, some people had there faces covered so just their eye were exposed a slight hint that therye were up to no good, i get it you are angry because you believe the justice system failed you but trashing things is not the way. oh wait, it's believed that many of people trashing oakland don't even live in oakland and for these who live in oakland doing this, what were you thinking. oh like my mother use to say you weren't thinking. if being trayon martin means destoying property i don't want any part and i know there are many people who feel the exact same way in oakland stanley roberts kron 4 news. if you have a comment or story idea for stanley, e- mail us at 'people behaving badly' at trayvon martin remembered
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over the weekend. rallies being held around the u.s.
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(male announcer) this is the bay area news station, kron 4 news starts now. >> plus, the president weighs in. with a personal comment about the slain teen. 'justice for trayvon' rallies are taking place all across the country today marking one week since george zimmerman was found not guilty in the death of trayvon martin. here in the bay areathe first rally took place in san francisco this morning kron 4's mike pelton shows us what many protestors say justice means to them. >> reporter: today's rally lasted about one hour. they want justice for trayvon martin. >> as this movement we must not just react but we must respond! >> reporter: just outside the federal building many people gathered to send a message and to seek justice. >> zimmerman >> clearly. not. happy with
8:31 pm
a >> reporter: the verdict, they say that in order to get justice they need the department of justice to investigate for the civil rights violation. >> this was to say to violate the we seem to be very reluctant to have that conversation. to want to believe that everything is flying. >> many people say that here in san francisco their voice will reach all the way to washington. >> together as a nation and we will hear ourselves in washington. >> we are hoping that they will hear us in washington. >> over and over. five plus several police officers saying that this was a
8:32 pm
peaceful with no arrests. mike pelton, kron 4 news. almost one week after a florida jury acquitted george zimmerman in the death of 17-year-old trayvon martin, president obama delivered his first live remarks on the verdict and relations in the nation. karin caifa reports from washington. >> reporter: in an unexpected appearance in the white house briefing room friday afternoon, president obama offered his first public comments on the verdict in the george zimmerman trial and some personal reflection. >> when trayvon martin was first shot, i said that this could have been my son. another way of saying that is that trayvon martin could have been me. >> reporter: late last saturday evening, a 6-member florida jury acquitted zimmerman in the death of 17-year-old trayvon martin on february 26, 2012. zimmerman's attorneys said the shooting of the unarmed teen was self-defense. others saw the crime as racially motivated. >> there's a lot of pain around what happened here. i think it's important to recognize that the african- american community is
8:33 pm
looking at this issue through a set of experiences and a history. >> reporter: on sunday, in the wake of the verdict, the president had released a written statement urging calm. in friday's remarks, he reiterated that any protests should remain nonviolent. >> as difficult and challenging as this whole episode has been for a lot of people, i don't want us to lose sight that things are getting better. >> reporter: dozens of demonstrations are planned throughout the nation this weekend. the justice department is currently weighing whether to pursue a federal civil rights case against george zimmerman. in washington, i'm karin caifa. >> a white house official says the president made the decision to speak last night. since the verdict, the white house says, he has been watching the reaction in the african- american community and in communities around the country. >> hundreds of people
8:34 pm
gathered in cities across the country today for what many are calling "national justice for travon day." in chicago demonstrators took to the streets by thousands. at one point the crowd grew so large that police had to close off streets to allow marchers to proceed. in los angeles. demonstrations remained peaceful. a much different scene from last weekend where police were put on a citywide tactical alert after some protester became unruly. in miami. travon's father, tracey martin, spoke to demonstrators who gathered to show their support. they sang and waved signs. tracey martin said, "their peaceful support gave him strength." and in atlanta. rain did not deter demonstrators, who chanted "no justice for travon." the crowd there echoing the sentiments expressed by so many across america in the aftermath of the shooting. once the george zimmerman verdict was read.oakland saw destructive protests saturday, sunday and monday nights. now police have released new video and images of some of the vandals who have yet to be identiefied.
8:35 pm
you can see in this video a man on a bike kicking and denting a car. other photos show people trying to break the windows of businesses in the downtown area. some people were also caught on camera spray painting the ground.trayvon martin. another throwing a trash can towards a store window. if you know who any of these people are. oakland police would like to hear from you. >> while we have some fog there are some clear skies. also, the mood is getting full and you will see less of it as we go for it this evening. the club's coming off the ocean. san
8:36 pm
francisco, alameda and it is chilly! 50s. it is warmer inland, antioch, nearly 100 degrees! with a six degrees and look for lots of extensive fog and slow clearing. but the inland temperatures are not quite as warm. the rest of a high temperatures in a just a few moments. >> legendary journalist helen thomas has died at the age of 92. sources tell c-n-n she passed away after a long illness. elizabeth corridan has a look back at thomas' storied career as a journalist covering the white house. >> once the unofficial helen thomas was here she was the every american president from john f. kennedy, barack obama a taste of the question. >> what is it that prevents your are you waffling? can
8:37 pm
you not be able to make up your mind. and the daughter of a lebanese immigrant started writing for her high-school newspaper. she spent 50 years for the united press, with women's issues, and the white house bureau chief of first woman to hold that job. in 1962 she helped prevent president kennedy to boycott the dinner if women were not able to attend. >> if women were not able to say they finally realized that it is okay to have women. she's >> reporter: considered to travel with nixon in china a career highlight. and in that role she became a harsh critic of the role saying that they did not do enough to help with george w. bush
8:38 pm
over a war that she called illegal and immoral. the and i think tha aftermath of 911 wih the challenge and are seeing and on american and unpatriotic and also, as a consequence, the let the americans people down. >> reporter: she was asked about israel. >> and if they said to get the hell out of palestine. they said to go home. and and america and everywhere awls. >> this video went viral and sparked outrage. she retired. but later she said that she stood by her remarks and she was not criticized but instead of showing support for palestine. >> we have the right to ask questions. with underprivileged people with
8:39 pm
no voice. and i wish that reporters would have more responsibility to speak for the oppressed. >> reporter: controversy, helen thomas always stayed true to herself. >> the white house press corps. and as a journalism student, i admired her tenacity. even took a snapshot with her in dc in 2010. here it is. at a press event, just before her now infamous comment that pretty much ended her long career. she was tough on president no matter what their party. very few of those left in washington these days. been a people called her feisty. but she helped people accountable!. >> it is rare! in these days. >> the world is waiting. for william and kate plus one. we count it down to the royal birth. plus if you needed motivation to drop some about being paid in gold? we'll show you where, after the break. how's this for an incentive to lose weight -- gold! that's what dubai is offering dieters in the city.
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>> somebody called this a workshop stake for sushi. this london-based restaurant. >> this yellowtail. for
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tomorrow, it is going to be released difficult with that fog. it is going to be difficult with antioch. upper 80s in concord, pleasanton. and for the afternoon as for go for next week. we could see some interesting temperatures. that tropical moisture over arizona is getting closer to us. with high clouds. the fog in the morning and the mixture of sun shining. have and those showers and thunderstorms. there is a slight possibility. i think that you will notice the humidity will increase accurate plenty of temperatures will be increasing. through the sierras, that is going to be the case for tomorrow. with
8:48 pm
pretty warm temperatures. nine degrees at lake tahoe. with mostly sunny skies at 90 degrees -- @ lake tahoe. temperatures in the bay area for tomorrow look for upper 70's slush low 80s in the bay area. clearing a purely quickly. sunshine. san jose, 83 degrees, campbell, evergreen. as i was showing you. nearly 94 degrees. 80s for martina's. we will see mainly highs in the '70s for san leandro. and mid 60s for san francisco. and upper 50s and 60s to the ocean. '70s and '80s along the peninsula. a nice day in napa. f sunshine
8:49 pm
for the afternoon. have and your kron 4 7 day around the bay those tropical high clouds of we're talking about for monday and tuesday. sunshine and warmer for the rest of the week. overweight and lose at leastin britain - william and kate could be new parents at anytime. but the fuss over babies -- and baby merchandise -- is big business all over. last year, parents spent nearly 49 billion dollars on baby items. kron four's terisa estacio took a look at what kind of days. >> this is what all the celebrities are buying. >> reporter: from baby stroller systems to organic cotton bedding to designer outfits >> this is a petit bateu layette. 70 dollars >> reporter: welcoming home
8:50 pm
baby is big business these days with a big price tag. but then if you are bringing home a royal bundle of joy, like will and kate will soon be doing, then of course nothing but the best will do. >> if i were getting a gift for will and kate, this horse, 700 dollars. >> reporter: at mudpie in san francisco, a lovely children's boutique that has been around for more than 30 years, tessa showed me some items that sot: this blanket, swaddle set, bamboo cotton. and don't forget the silver. >> this rattle, or spoon and fork. >> it swivels. at day one, another speciality children's store in the city - known for
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offering the items that are not only top rated, but also green certified, aerial showed me some best sellers that would probably be in will and kate's nursery. and what do these child royal couple might bring home? >> girl, >> girl. hmmm, we shall soon see. terisa estacio, kron 4 news. it's a snails race to the coming up, we see what movies made it to the top of the box office.
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it's a big weekend at the movies. including some animated fun. elizabeth corridan has a preview -- in 'now showing.' >> red 2 is a big hit... it is rated pg-13. and another thriller ronald ryan o ryan reynolds. >> teams up with the dead criminals tried to make your way into the living world. it is rated pg-13. white and reynolds is also in another movie. he is the voice of a swift moving snail. taking
8:55 pm
extremes into the indy500. >> this is crazy, that is awesome, the animated film also features samuel l. jackson o it is rated pg 13. and also paranormal investigations. this horror film the conjuring. you might want to carry a flashlight is rated " r ". >> some of the a lot of big news great moviessuperman and batman are warner brothers officially announced the project today at the comic-con festival in san diego. henry cavill is set to reprise his role as clark kent, a-k-a superman. it's not clear yet who will step in as the dark knight. christopher nolan will be one of the film's executive directors. nolan directed the last three batman movies and co-
8:56 pm
wrote the story for "man of steel." the new batman-superman movie is planned for release in 2015. that looks cool. brian! with the sequel to the weather! >> let us talk about the beaches we are going to be cloudy. and santa cruz will get some sunshine. '70s but closer to the bay area. with plenty of clout in the morning but some breaks of sunshine in the afternoon. 60s and for the rest of the bay area look for some fog. 60's and 70's. not as hot inland. low 90s. >> wahl flannel swimming trunks? >> yes! [laughter]
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that is going to wrap it u we will see you a 11:00 p.m. [ dad ] ah! lilly.
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new details on the details of cory monteith. his father's first tv interview. cory's sudden death. the autopsy revealing heroin and alcohol. and now what his father knows. and the frightening moment when cory nearly died once before. >> he was a code blue. so they had to give him a shot. >> and cory's girlfriend leah michelle. were they planning to marry? >> hold on. >> plus, is "glee" co-star, they're in mourning. >> he was always aware that it was a gift. >> then the first interview with cory inside his bachelor pad. >> i was a taxi driver, a roofer, a


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