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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  July 23, 2013 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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gabe slate tech report (foreign language) gabe slate tech report (foreign language) (foreign language) (foreign language)
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are absolutely horrific i cant believe its happening in our little town a former employee at a charges tonight after police say may have molested at least three children in his care. >> catherine: there's new information tonight about a daycare worker accused of molesting young children - he's 20-year-old nicholas ler-min-ee of morgan hill. he has worked for a ymca in morgan hill for more than 4 years. authorities added new charges today. he's now accused of sexually abusing four children - ranging in age from 5 to 17. as kron four's terisa estacio reports. police say in several cases them. >> reporter:absolutely. it is against ymca police to allow any childcare worker, male or female to be alone with a child. but it allegedly happened, several times. ymca officials say they are devastated about this case. especially since, not only was l a loyal employee with an excellent record. but he went to camp here as a child. plus, his mom also works for the ymca, so this is really hitting this communityh hard.
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>>we have many policies all designed to prohibit this type of exposure consequentially we going to have to evualte them, where we missed. >> reporter:elizabeth jenkins is the chief operating officer for she says they are cooperating fully with investigators as they search for more potential victims. kron four news has learned that l was not only a daycare worker but also a soccer coach >>he could have come in contact with hundreds of kids. we are now going over
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our rosters and handing it over to authorities. >> reporter:perkins says this case has been difficult to deal with - the entire staff had known l for a long time. plus, his mother works for ymca in administration, she is currently on leave because of her son's arrest. >>we have known him for a long time. plus he attended here, so this is a big betrayal of trust, if the charges against him are true, yes. >> reporter:perkins adds that they have hired a 3rd party investigator to review their policies - plus they have held a community meeting last friday to inform parents about what they are doing. they also handed out fliers children about this case to see if they could have been a victim. >> reporter: to continue interviewing the end of the week. >> should something come across as an issue we would get immediate notification. and he had employee of their
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traditionalists there is solid. detectives say that they have been 100 explicit photos there are looking at other digital evidence. >> catherine: new tonight-- kron 4 news has learned that a nine-year old boy. reported as missing from oakland today. has been found safe. oakland police say nathanial binder was found by investigators. >> catherine: his family reported him missing this morning. his father told the police that he and his son had argued earlier - over a new pair of sneakers. >> catherine: in san jose today - the suspect in the case of missing teenager sierra lamar was in court. antolin garcia was scheduled the daphne webb case
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>> reporter: >> should have left one of us of the center staff to pick one up. i know she had the animals interest in mind. bassoonist the >> reporter: pro protocol she took immediate action the bat was euthanize them instead to control for rabies taste testing. the results came back positive as for the teenage volunteer she is torn through rabies' post exposure treatment. a series of a few injections to boost her immune system and keep the virus from spreading if she actually was inoculated by the virus. >> reporter: this is normal procedure, once a human or animal stars showing signs of rabies is already too
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late and there is no treatment for that. elise your read kron 4 news. >> catherine: missing teenager sierra lamar was and court to that schedule to make a plea but that was postponed again and is moving much too slowly. the teenager has been missing since early garcia's next court appearance is august 22nd. tomorrow will mark two weeks since a taller was reported missing from all was.
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>> reporter: a achsah she thought o p d was to learn everything they could to find this little girl. >> you need a viable search areas and viable places to look and not the father's house and then start searching every inch of space from ben off and to the paternity. i believe the police does no more. international boulevard and seven that ave is a mean streak. other large businesses are round their
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would have surveillance cameras because they're such a high violence area. but apparently he was parked in a place where there were no surveillance cameras anywhere that is showing a baby-sitting. baby daphne parish daphne webb. reported in oakland scott rates kron 4 news. >> catherine: morgan hill police have arrested a teenager who they say stopped to help an intoxicated woman into her home. then later returned to prey on her.not oncebut twice. the second time - they say he brought friends along. police say a woman needed a cab after leaving a morgan hill bar -- and the cab driver helped her get into her home in the venetian neighborhood. he needed help - and flagged down the teenager and his mother. er. police say that teenager later returned and raped the woman - and came back yet again with friends - and robbed her. >> catherine: the 16-year old could be tried as an
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adult. >> this was almost this was obviously premed it whether teenager was ready to wait and dropped the victim. ".tried as an adult" >> catherine: the teenager lives only about a block away from the woman. >> catherine: police say they found some stolen items at his house -- including jewelry, money and a video gaming console. >>san francisco's public parks could soon be shut down overnight. supvervisor scott weiner wants to close city parks from midnight to 5 a-m and violators could face misdemeanors, or tickets. weiner says this will help reduce vandalism and illegal dumping. which cost the city about a million dollars a year. homeless advocates are upset by the proposal. but weiner says it's not directed at them - sleeping in parks is already illegal.
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".in the united kingdom" >> reporter: >> let them bart and to let them bargained for contract. >> a lot of people have been marking for a lot of years and not having races and they're still glenn a job. >> these people need to get on with the rest of us are all far all of those blue- collar workers. >> why are we met at the
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workers? if they can get more tried to get more. it is being greedy ben that is not cool. >> jacqueline: warmer than what we expected but cloud coverage for the must've for most of the day and pretty muggy. done in the south bank palo '80s same thing for the north bay the core of the sites. still same limits for the high cloud coverage as this area of moves to the north and to the east. but will have a low cloud coverage returning tonight will have more on
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that and extended forecast cannot. coming up. century. coming up-- >> reporter: these happened a couple of years ago now with his high-profile wife by his side he admitted to setting this up as we saw in as last summer a year after being forced to resign from, from congress. >> exchanging inappropriate
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contacts from our marriage and that was a mistake and i bear responsibility for that of that is behind me and we are trying to move forward kurt now things are not different from what they were yesterday. the behavior idea was problematic to say the least destructive to say the most causing many stresses and strains on my marriage. but i am pleased to blast the she has given me a second chance >> anthony has made some horrible mistakes before he resigned from congress and after. but i do strongly believe that this is between us and our marriage. i have for giving him and i believe in him and as we have said from the beginning we are moving forward. the thank you very much. it >> reporter: willis says he
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is not dropping out of the race even though some of his opponents may like that. (cheers & applause) >> catherine: what kate and will have to say about their bouncing baby boy. will explain it cured what officers are about to do to change the way you drive on a tight 80. [ male announcer ] you know that sizzler grills the world's best steaks.
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>> catherine: britons newsprints, just one day old grant lotus is here to bring us up to date to the royal baby.
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>> reporter: still no word on the name. (cheers & applause) a princely handoff. and proud father's first words. >> reporter: >> he has to appear along on him that is for shore. we are still working on a name. it will have that soon. it's a very emotional time right now. >> very special. >>
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>> reporter: the car seat to be tough but he did a nice job there. welcoming the future king on the destroyer screw to the throng creek he is to be less this >> jacqueline: more normal summer patterns will return. and tomorrow more afternoon sunshine with to bridge is warming and the near '90s for the alan valley spirit in the land of bally's. inland valleys.
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we're still clinging to the fall for the bay shore spy been pyrrhic moving back to the immediate coast line. temperature wise not a whole lot of change. 70's and 80's for the peninsula. we will see a lot of 70's there and still in the '60s with for places like richmond. he spake in the balance coming to the upper 80s and low 90s. 89 low 80s and sunnyvale with cupertino and san jose. in the north bank temperatures in the '70s and '80s was 77 in santa rosa and 834 napa bob. through
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the weekend things will start to cool some. all average for inland valleys sunday into monday. i can watch whenever it's convenient for you 247 you can catch the latest news, forecast and traffic conditions whenever it's convenient - on our 24/7 bay area news channel. you can watch live on or on comcast channel 193. some >> reporter: for the next week highway patrol officers will be teaming up for the i-880 challenge to reduce accidents and fatalities along the roadway. there are 11 states participating in this enforcement ph
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peace pick pieces they want to make sure drivers are all dame the speed patrick make sure that the motorist >> to ensure that the motor is practically the drivers are driving in a safe distance al eliminating distractions so that they can drive to arrive alive at the destination. >> catherine: passengers are talking about a close call for a southwest flight that made a rough landing at laguardia this week. the nose gear collapsed on impact monday -- sending the plane skidding off the runday. investigators are trying to >> gary: the giants are one game down and out each! they
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are getting pounded. its a text story you see only kron 4 news.
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>> catherine: figure out what happened. passengers say -- they just wanted to get off the crippled jet. >> terrible job of the pilot. but i didn't realize what happened until i actually left the plane." >> "it was like getting smashed in a car wreck." "very chaotic, nobody knew what was going on, flight attendants crying."." >> catherine: the incident closed the airport to incoming flights for about
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an hour. but there were flight delays for the rest of the night. >> catherine: still ahead-- cherished dance between an auburn woman and her father.
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why it's bringing people across the country to tears.and place your bets! how everyone wants to have a say when it comes to the name of britain's newest prince.
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>> jacqueline: now we will be dealing with falk more coming
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>> catherine: four children on making accusations so far this, but there could be more. to montmartre's two months to weeks of seeing 21 month old deafening while. still lookingdapphne webb. still looking for more information. >> catherine: california's highest court rejected another request to stop same sex marriage in the state. a county clerk in charge of issuing marriage to
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halt gay marriages that resumed last month. he argues that despite a u-s supreme court decision, it still remains illegal in the state. california supreme court asked for written arguments.a similar request from supporters of prop 8 was rejected last week. >> catherine: the wait to get a marriage license. in some cases.might be longer than the couples engagement. kron 4's justine waldman tells us how long the wait is in san francisco and why. >> reporter: helen chen waits outside the county clerks office with her husband to be. to finally get married. they waited more than a month to get this mid-week appointment for their marriage license. >> from 3 to 3 1/2 weeks this is the first say that we had available to book to receive our marriage license.
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>> reporter: this couple, not the only one who waited a while for >>"it took a couple of weeks to get the booking for today." >> reporter:at city hall, as newlyweds pose for pictures on their big day the busy summer wedding season is one reason marriage license appointments are filled-up until september the other reason: >> reporter:karen lee hong / director >>"we have same sex marriage that is no legal in ca we have couples that were not eligible to get married before so they are adding to the increase in demand." >> reporter:when they finally got to say i do this bride and groom say it was all worth the wait. kiss the bride! claps! francisco "the county clerk has this advice for anyone trying to get their marriage license get on line and get an appointment as soon as possible in sf jw k4n." .
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>> catherine: a wildfire in kern county has forced families to evacuate. it's called the "water fire" - and it started this morning off the five freeway near lebec. families in a nearby canyon area have been ordered to evacuated. the fire has burned about 350 acres. it's not clear yet how it started. >> jacqueline: we are seen clearing skies. temperatures right now running in the '60s and '70s for most of the bay area action at 81 degrees and antioch. as we look ahead tonight the fall returns tonight mainly at the bay shores and inland valleys spirit slow to move out tomorrow and it will be warmer and especially away from the coast. their average temperatures but we have changes into the
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weekend and that will have more on that coming up. >> catherine: it was the perfect wedding --the only thing missing-- was the groom. but that didn't matter, because this wedding was about a father -- dying, with only months to live -- and his daughter, who wanted to make sure that their father-daughter wedding dance happened. nick monacelli has the emotional story. >> reporter: to say that this for times calls for desperate measures the some of the story best. the person almost hear is her father chasing facing time with pancreatic cancer and afraid of what he will miss out on. >> i am saddened that i will not be here for the best of her life as it is very difficult on me.
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(crying) so >> reporter: even though she is engaged she has a special occasion the community will call off a fake marriage a few miles down the weather or down the road friends family and patience of the doctor are waiting. >> is a drain, it is an absolute dream pyrrhic dream. >> my honey you look gorgeous. >> i love view, i love film. i love you, i love you.
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(crying) music >> reporter: almost did mess it by having to get a blood transfusion that morning. he is lucky may have another three months. james is not afraid of dying and he will not miss his girls because he will always be there. the girls on the other hand spot. >> there' missing, and there's lots of missing lots of missing. (crying)
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hi, are you almost here? miss out on. the fact that i won't be i've been waiting for this moment.i can't tell you how long i've been waiting for this moment. i love you, i love you rachel. let's go dance okay? i picked this song out forwill you spin me? he almost did miss it there. i'll always be around, i want you to know that.
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>> catherine: now for today's market update. corporate earnings news left investors with virtually no direction today. meaning stocks didn't change much. the dow gained 22 points. the nasdaq fell 21. and the s-and-p fell by only three points. >> catherine: the royal baby made his public debut today there is no name. there has been a lot of guessing occurred and bedding. the top name is george
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harrington and author. henry and authur. people are also betting on his grandmother and when a royal sibling might, mont. come along! >> catherine: jerry had gary has all the sports next coming up look at 'em.
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(male announcer): now, here's stanley roberts who found some people behaving badly. >> reporter: this is a trash can yes a trash can, but this in no ordinary garbage can, it's a very naughty trash receptacle >> reporter:some how this can posted itself up here near the corner of elderwood and cherrywood drive in martiniez and it's full of stuff like, used motor oil, dog litter bags. kelly moore paint cans, mineral spirits, and a used slurpee cup >> reporter:and this can dosen't care what anyone thinks expecially the person that cited the can yes it has been cited >> reporter:according to this notice posted it is in violation because its wheels were not aginst the curb. umm it has no wheels also the container lid was not closed . wait it has no lid either and the container was too close to cars/ mail boxes/ basketball hoops ect apparently 100 feet is to close so it would seem that
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this trashcan is in violating all the codes of being .well a trashcan so here it sits since the trash can has been here since the regularly scheduled annual pick up that was back in june >> reporter:i have looked at it on my daily walks and it's all hazardous waste but wait there is a twist your company dosent service martinez no that would be allied waste >> reporter:the trashcan was originally cited in the ciy of pittburg and somehow made it's 13 miles to mattinez so let's call allied waste which is now named republic services >> reporter:if you are a residential customer press three ah i'll go with residential customer >>im arfaid all the operators are busy at the moment but please hold and you will be transferred when somebody becomes available
8:44 pm
must be a >> reporter: lot of trash!!! i'm on hold >> reporter:so getting this rouge pittsburg trash can that is leaking oil picked up is a little more complicated that just making a phone call you call has been transfrred to a residential customer mailbox because all representatives are on another line in martinez stanley roberts kron 4 news . if you have a comment or >> catherine: story idea for stanley, e-mail us at 'people behaving badly' at kron- four-dot-com. >> jacqueline: same goes for thursday but friday and weekend temperatures will start to cool off just a bit. widespread coverage including inland valleys. lifting from the delta by aid and by tam is selling back to the bay shores. by
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1:00 p.m. is back to the coast line. the and o'clock hour tomorrow morning to the tremaine while mild. by noon we are getting the heat in the '90s for central valley is stained to our east for to marron. and look at the south bay will a lease for places like cupertino and san clara 84 and lost battles. inland valleys is where we will get the upper 80s and low 90s. low 90s only in livermore and brentwood pure and nine in antioch. we will remain in the '60s and places like are going thanks to that lingering fault. fog
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dealing with the threat of thunderstorms and high cloud coverage. pretty boring weather forecasts for the next few days but as we head into the weekend it will start to cool some. with temperatures below average as she headed to sunday and monday with temperatures in the low 80s. once we head into tuesday. 247 day in you can catch the latest news, forecast and traffic conditions whenever it's convenient - on our 24/7 bay area news channel. you can watch live on or on comcast channel 193. channel. you can watch live
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(male announcer): now, the orchard supply sports report with gary radnich. >> gary: eric surcamp making his 1st major league start and 1st appearance this year top 2nd/ 1-1 tie david mescorano takes surcamp deep for a 3-run home run 4-1 reds top 3rd/ 4-1 reds >> gary: moss is a point to go deep i mean real deep! coming in tonight it boosted kestrels oftentimes spirit houston to the american league accurate the only pitcher in baseball and closer giving up and two wall to mass to me this. there is the game is now tied kron4 has deejays all
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over the place. joey votto takes surcamp deep for another home run5-1 reds bruce bochy has seen enough top 5th/ 7-2 reds >> gary: the houston astros words you will only hear on kron! >> catherine: wow! >> gary: is good to have reporters all over the place. anyway... >> gary: the giants plan to cincinnati in game no. 1 we are in the third ending.
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game no. 1 air answer cap off yusmiero petit 8-2 reds >> gary: >> gary: battered young giants fan score: 9-2 reds in the 8th
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>> jacqueline: at the >> gary: rodriguez could be facing a life time that band. much more than what was presented to ryan bronzed of the milwaukee brewers. quickset a expend an extension for the rest of the season. they have the goods apparently on registrar to buy off. no word from rodriguez. the mvp of 2011 he beat met camp for the award. that was at the they should he be the mvp or should they take the honor away from him. scissors and discovered that he's been playing with a lot of help. kent says yes they should
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probably take it away. but is not my job. >> gary: football program come? season tickets at stanford stadium are now sold out. a record 33,000 plus season tickets have been sold - marking the first time the stanford has sold out all of its season tickets in the wake of jim harbaugh, david shaw has led the team to 23 wins in his first two seasons - which has translated into ticket sales. the stadium holds 50,000 and single game tickets are still available. the cardinal is 24-2 at home the past four years the warriors introduced >> gary: former all-star jermaine o'neal todaywho will be entering his 18th season and be playing for his 7th team. the 34 year old o'neal averaged 8 points, and 5 rebs for the phoenix suns last year and will wear #7
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>> i always think of it is new year's when the veteran stars the first of the day appeared is like a birthday the start of the long journey its all those things in one day. >> gary: can i speak for the media six more months of that by hale cares?
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>> gary: 1 we come back the conclusion of the a's game appeared catherine house after reporting? >> catherine: and a
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(male announcer): now, the orchard supply sports report with gary radnich. >> gary: cash stood a bad throw! here comes the la holmes houston after 10 straight losses to the case pages 15 to 4.
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>> gary: the national champion louisville cardinals men's president obama at the white house louisville beat michigan in the title game. kind of odd - obama was first presented a louisville tonight
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