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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  July 24, 2013 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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switch today and get but hurry. this offer ends soon. [ male announcer ] choose at&t and build your bundle. it's whatever works for you. ♪ (male announcer): this is the bay area news station, kron 4 news starts now. >> pam: now at eight. >>why did they kill her? i want my sister back >> pam: raw emotions at san francisco's hall of justice as the accused jewelry mart killer appears in court. >>i want her to come home, i don't want anything else if i can have her to come homecrying >> pam: the greiving the
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family of 51 year old lina lim cried out for justice >> reporter:holding her picture and posters reading tragic with the date of her death they mourned the loss of the mother, daughter, sister and wife >>ahh ach ach ahc why why why that happen?? >> reporter:lim and another woman 35-year old khin minwere brutally shot and stabbed to deathwhile at work at victoga a jewelry store. >>what did she do to deserve this? the killer is beyond human to do this >> reporter:before a packed court room 23 year old barry white sat cuffed and calm . he did not enter a plea. white's new public defender worries his client will not get a fair trial >>it seems to be he had a serious mental breakdown on july 12 and the kinda of press that we have seen has been inappropriate. the >> reporter: district attorney had called the case
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chilling. the family of lim wants her accused murdered to get the toughest sentenced possiblesome calling for the death pentatly. >>he is still living, he has no right to do that >> reporter:white's arraingment was moved to next week. lim's family tells me the delays is only adding to their anguish. in the newsroom jw k4n. >> pam: developing tonight in oakland. police are searching for at least one suspect. after finding a woman in her sixties. shot and killed while driving through east oakland this afternoon. you're looking at video taken by our helicopter partnership with abc 7 news. over the 24- hundred block of fern street. >> pam: kron 4's alecia reid in oakland at the scene. with what we're learning tonight. >> reporter: police say the victim, judy sullivan was driving when shots rang out.
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our cameras spotted five still casings and she was hit at least once and it was fatal. her feet came up off the pedal as it is she hid her feet can off the accelerator and she hit a car. >> this is pretty scary. the special someone is shooting at the cars, and now. >> reporter: the investigators are are investigating if the woman was the intended targeta friend checking on a woman at her north san jose apartment, made a grim discovery late this morning. san jose police say, the 62-year-old woman, who lived in a first- floor unit here at the creekview apartments on lundy avenue, is the victim of a homicide. >> reporter:neighbors say,
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the woman lived alone but was quote - the words of one, who says she often scolded her neighbor for leaving her door open. police revealed little about a possible motive. or whether the woman had been robbed. >> pam: here's san jose police sergeant jason dwyer. "inside the apartment" >> pam: the victim's name has not been released. this is the 30th homicide so far this year in san jose. seven more than a year ago
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at this time. >> pam: a napa school wrestling coach has admitted to having child pornography. richard rach-fal was a coach at justin siena high school for five seasons. police arrested him yesterday after finding photographs and videos in his house on fairfax drive. rachfal voluntarily told investigators, he has been downloading images for years. >> richard rockwell was identified as the suspect. he was interviewed in a minute to possessing and disturbing child pornography for the last".five or six years" >> pam: rachfal is also a professional photographer. >> pam: police are now trying to determine whether he also shot child pornography himself. >> pam: a peeping tom has hit one san carlos neighborhood twice in less than two weeks. the san mateo county
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sheriff's department says both incidents two blocks apart on laurel street.and both happened around 10 pm. >> pam: in each case the victims were women who caught someone peering into their bathroom windows as they showered. the peeper got away both times without anyone getting a good there is no suspect description >> pam: people who live in the area say they are disturbed by the incidents. >> >> pam: the sheriff's department says they are boosting patrols. they are asking residents to call 9-1-1 if they see anyone suspicious in the area. they also suggest those who live nearby to close their blinds and lock their windows at night. >> pam: happening now--- crews are on the scene in the east bay open by a construction crew this morning forcing an evacuation. >> pam: this is video taken from our helicopter partnership with abc 7 news. kron 4's terisa estacio is
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live in alamo. next to the site where this happened. >> reporter: this road is not completely open tonight because of that. p g any are still out here working try to repair the gas line that was richard this morning. early wednesday morning this is the same gross converging on danville boulevard in alamo. snagging the pipeline that true gas into the air which cost a dangerous situation. >> aspect went according with the county sheriff's
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office to start establishing a safe area evacuation >> reporter: spokesperson says that they're responding to a broken water lines and received clearance from that agency they started to date with tobacco. back up. however controversy pg tells wednesday that they never gave the ok to use machines to get to the line. >> we did, here and did our market across the however because you weren't able to pinpoint we did not actually marked the line with revised to gate access for safe process. >> reporter: in the meantime many businesses were affected that were shut down for the rest of the day.
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>> i went to lunch with a friend and she picked me and on the street. at the back from lunch and to me that i need to get my car and leave the area. some measure moon will be back in the area appeared converging on danville the wouldeast bay municipal utilities responding to a broken line from an agency that helps started to dig with a >> reporter:in the meantime, many businesses and residents were affected as they the area was shut down for most >> jacqueline: 82 in livermore as we look ahead and to tonight with the falk returning appeared it will.
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the extensive as our recently statedfog. a cooling trend is ahead as we headed to the weekend more on that with our extended forecast coming up. lawmakers hoping to restrict >> pam: n-s-a surveillance failed tothe u-s house of representatives defeated a proposal to severely limit the national security agency's phone surveillance program. edward snowden leaked classified details of that program to media outlets, last month. program too broad and intrusive. but their attempt to limit it today was narrowly defeated: 217 to 205. >> pam: it looks like n-s-a leaker edward snowden is staying at the moscow airport a while longer. he's been trying to get asylum in russia. because he's wanted by the u-s on charges of espionage. today his lawyer brought him >> pam: some new clothes and books. and says snowden still hasn't received the
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documents that would let him leave the airport's transit area. russian media reports say paperwork had been issued. but if so - his lawyer says they certainly haven't seen it. >>with this endless parade of distractions and political posturing and phony scandals, washington's taken its eye off the ball. and i'm here to say this needs to stop. this needs to stop. >> pam: president obama launching a strong attack on his political opponents. and warning that they could undermine america's fragile economic recovery. catherine heenan joins us >> pam: now with what the president said. and why he said it today. >> pam: the president stepped onto the stage at knox college in illinois today ready to vent. over the last six months, this gridlock's gotten worse. i didn't think that was possible ready to point fingers.
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right now, what we've got in washington -- we've seen a sizable group of republican lawmakers suggest that they wouldn't vote to pay the very bills that congress rang up. and that fiasco harmed a fragile recovery in 2011, and we can't afford to repeat that. >> catherine: and ready to portray himself as the true friend of the middle class. >>you ask some of these folks, some of these folks mostly in the house, about their economic agenda, how it is that they'll strengthen the middle class, they'll shift the topic to out-of-control government spending, despite the fact that we've cut the deficit by nearly half as a share of the economy since i took office. >> catherine: the president brought his promising to work for the middle class/ >>the only thing i care about is how to use every minute of the remaining 1,276 days of my term to make this country work for working americans again. >> catherine: the president is hoping to whip up public
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support now. he's facing a potential minefield in september. the budget has to be passed by the end of the month. republicans and democrats are nowhere near agreement and what to do with the money saved by the mandatory spending cuts, those cuts were triggered by gridlock over the debt ceiling. some senate republicans say they won't raise it unless the president's health care law is gutted. >> reporter: to refine details coming up terret >> pam: ahead at eight. the bay area socialite is found dead inside a home near lake tahoe. plus: an east bay little league is switching fields, after a young boy is bitten by a rattlesnake. we'll tell you where it happened. and the new heir to the british throne now has a royal name. those stories. coming up.
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big environmental risk. >> reporter: the train came off the tracks and occurred in the northern part just tinkered you can see it right there. one of the trains were broken in half and quite literally, it looks like us what happened. -this thing was capable of traveling hundred and to defy moss per hour, at no were and how fast it was calling. it does not appear to be terrorist related and nancy kruse scrambling to give survivors of there. 218 passengers on board and more
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than 20 are in critical condition. pam? near the well. they have >> pam: a san francisco socialite found dead in an apartment near lake tahoe. douglas county sheriff's deputies are investigating the death of a san francisco businesswoman and socialite who was found dead in a gardnerville, nev. apartment. authorities say the body of 34-year-old amber marie bently was discovered friday by a process server who went to serve an eviction notice. >> pam: sheriff's sgt. pat brooks says it appears she had been dead for several weeks. he says no one had reported her missing. brooks says there was no evidence of criminal activity or foul play. cause of death is pending toxicology reports. >>authorities say bently is the former wife of minden businessman christopher bently. gardnerville has a population of about 6,000 and is located 16 miles south of carson city. >> pam: new tonight at eight- a local little league is switching fields, after a young boy is bitten by a rattlesnake. it happened at blackhawk field in danville. parents of little leaguers tell us, snakes have always been a concern in the area,
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and they will be keeping a very close eye on their children. >> it is really dry up their paris ischanged my best baseball team because of it. ".lots of snakes." >> pam: kron 4's scott rates went to the field where the bite occurred, and he shows us what happened. >> reporter:well parents tell us it happened here, this is blackhawk field. it's a popular little league location! and it's also home to these guys!!!! >> reporter:it was a rattlesnake like this one that bite a little boy as he was roaming around the bottom of the hill in the day brushy area. he was out here watching is older brother play baseball when the snake attacked! right now there no word on why the snake bit the boy >> reporter:but we are told snakes are a big problem in the area because of how dry it is! we did reach to the homeowners association they tell me the safety of the public is their top priority. now i'm told the tassajara valley little league will be playing their games here. at
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a place ironically named 'snake' park and while parents tell me there are not as many snakes here, you can see there are still signs warning people that they could be lurking. >> reporter: tell you the little boy was bit was treated at oakland children's hospital with antivenin and is back home with his family. >> jacqueline: and is starting to move back into san francisco in a little bit we will be saying great fault of their tomorrow morning occurred then sunshine for the letter morning hours and through the afternoon. with temperatures in the 90 again and friday the temperatures will cool off as a result of extensive fault. also
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through the shores is not very extensive out there but in the clock is started starting to move back by 10. at the cosigned setting skies by 10 in some patches of sunshine for the coast line. for the afternoon not much change year low 60s expected 68% for cisco and '70s and '80s down the peninsula in east bayshore spirit largely 70's tomorrow and into low eighties for union city and fremont. antioch will be 96 degrees and 95 in pleasant 10 along with a 94 danville and livermore. 85 in sunnyvale and 86 in los gatos and 94 for morgan hill. 86 and napa and 82 in palo lomond
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parent with tricks in the forecast poor and very similar to what we saw today in friday saturday and sunday. and there is monday with a cooling trend getting at the way west low below average temperatures. >> pam: coming up-- >> pam: plans being laid out for commuters. in case of a *second bart strike. plus: what's in a royal baby >> pam: the history behind the name of the royal family's newest addition.
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>> pam: the royal baby has a name. it's george alexander louis. >> pam: in his first 24 hours out of the hospital -- he's been busy. kron 4's catherine heenan reports. >> catherine: little george is already going places. his parents left kensington palace today in their black land rover to visit kate's parents. earlier -- great grandmother came to see him. the queen - spending just 30
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minutes. she presumably approves of the name. george alexander louis. >> catherine: the queen's beloved father was a george. so was 'his' father. and in fact there have been 6 english kings named george. >> catherine: going back to the german-born george the first - who took the throne in 1714. including 'mad' king george the third -- who lost the colonies. >> catherine: montbatten was a favorite uncle of prince charles.executed by the i-r-a in the 70's. baby will have plenty of room to play. >> catherine: kensington palace in london is being renovated for the little family. for now - they're in a 2- room cottage on the grounds. >> catherine: as for the big debut yesterday.a woman who was a close friend of william's mother says diana would have loved it. that diana had told her she >> catherine: wanted william to be a prince of the people. >> off in the was
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marvelous to see that." >> reporter: ♪ ♪
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(male announcer): this is the bay area news station, kron 4 news starts now. next on kron 4 news at 8-- >> pam: unions in bart management struggle as they negotiate to try to find common ground kron4 j.r. stone has more on the latest contingency plan to be put in place in case of another strike. longue ferry lines in part boat spiritboston bombing victim:
8:31 pm
>> i'm holding for the best but we need to start preparing for the worst. >> reporter: however spokesperson john goodman says there is a a limit when using series. >> you only have so much capacity in oakland and alameda. and then of course that francisco you have everyone's boats as so much capacity there. >> reporter: casual car pooling and chief alternative to and from the city. >> other cases for to go in afternoon a lot of willing passengers, but too few of willing drivers. >> reporter: bart used up
8:32 pm
most 79 charter bus is a day for five different stations. there is talk about upping that number but serving reserving of additional buses is expanding and more money >> pam: they are looking at contingency plans? who talks for the writers in the public? >> the governor is keeping quiet about the spirit and likely will for some time. he would like both sides map out their differences and come to an agreement without them becoming involved because if they become involved and they have to pick a side. it will likely be after it are restarted where he did more buses on
8:33 pm
the roadway for a temporary injunction to get them back to work. but both of them would be temporary fixes for the situation which is much bigger than that. >> pam: this is just awful that the bay area suffering cup could be suffering and another strike prepared >> we are paying closer to were a couple of weeks ago. >> pam: will was to have an j.r. stone spirit grant? >> reporter: wenner faced a swarming reporters where everyone today due to the and many to more 16. sext ing.
8:34 pm
wiener was booed as he took the stage and then cheer loudly after speaking with the crowd. winter said he would keep campaigning derrick >> at the end of the day citizens are challenged to of what they are facing in their lives to more than what i have done in my scandals. i'm fine i have a wonderful life and a child upstairs. >> thought that they would come out at the end of the campaign as some of them have appeared on pressing for continuing to face issues. >> reporter: long time top aide to clinton his wife. admitting he regrets to san hawks lazuli this sex thing went on for. the behavior has stock stopped " the
8:35 pm
reality should take his marital troubles and personal compulsion's compulsions of the public eye ". >> jacqueline: ashley near 100 degrees near antioch. plaza 1095 so most places were in the '70s and '80s with a few low 90s. we expect the same conditions for your thursday. low clouds are moving in and they will make a push to our bay shore spirit. clearing
8:36 pm
about 10:00 in the morning. on the warmer side for tomorrow cooler weather i had starting on friday. content in just a that coming up and just a bit! >> pam: y 5 in 36 plaza accord street. the lack >> reporter: the lack a wife by is limiting what he could do. ♪ >> i will write a book and taking inspiration from that the many things that i can do now. by spring of next year that will change. announcing a new free wife
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tried to 31 different parks and other spaces across our city. >> reporter: internet as kron 4's dan kerman reports, a private- public parks and plazas across the city. >> reporter: wi-fi is limiting what he wants to do but by spring of at a news conference at balboa park, san francisco supervisor mark farrell announced google has given the city a gift of 600- thousand dollars to fund the locations across the city >> reporter:googles gift will cover installation and maintenance for two years, but the mayor says the project will continue indefinitely and expand with the help of money from the
8:38 pm
city's general fund, the private sector or a combination of >> reporter:balboa park is one of the parks that will be wi-fi enabled and mothers watching over their kids are looking forward to connecting >> reporter:installationat parks , scheduled to begin in december and completed by spring. >> reporter: dan kerman kron 4 news. >> reporter: imperiling mark cross workers are now considered stripes i will explain in the next edition of people behaving badly.
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but (male announcer): now,
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here's stanley roberts who found some people behaving badly. >> reporter: there were no traffic lights no stripes, i just drive so >> there was not traffic lights or stripes you just kept driving yea! >> reporter:the stipes on the road is what this castro valley chp also called a crosswalk. siren in a attempt to bring awareness to pedestrian safty the chp set up a sort of impromptu test for >> reporter:however if you fail, hey guys, the reason i pedestrian coming towards to have a conversation with an officer >>when their out of your right away and their safely on the sidewalk then you can continue on >> reporter:this truck driver got to driver but the driver tell might cost him twice
8:42 pm
>> don't have any tickets all year it's like a 200 dollar bonus >> pedestrian, i gotta go by what i see >> reporter:most of the people i spoke to all said the same thing what happened, im not sure i >> >> guess there was a pedestrian he said i did stop for a pedestrian >> reporter: can out a face on pedestrians safty until i >>i got hit in the crosswalk in hayward on a street about two years ago that collision according to roy is the reason why he is wheelchair bound castro vally blvd only has a few corsswalks that are not >> reporter: light controlled this is one of them heck even the postman has trouble crossing. >>a couple of times i had to get belligerent to get people to stop it's unbeleivable i would say go postal usually i will stop to let the people walk but that's the first time and i even didn't know so this is
8:43 pm
the first time ever that you didn't stop for sombody and you get caught on camera not stopping hahahahah i don't >> reporter: pedestrian in the marked crosswalk, any time they are coming towards you in the crosswalk you cotta treat it compete againt a car that >> reporter:in castro valley stanley roberts kron 4 news >> pam: and gary has the highlights in the rest of sports coming look at 'em. living on cloud nine with that u-verse wireless receiver.
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>> jacqueline: one tot one should be seen signs guy is premature everywhere with one temptress away from the clothesline. into saturday and sunday it would intensify beginning to be more widespread was cooler conditions. fog trecker tomorrow morning of their extensive stretching to the north bay and that's it. but in o'clock it will be moving back over over oakland hayward and richmond. you will see sunshine with mild conditions to start the day and temperatures in the '60s. as we head into the new hours things start moving moving up edging on
8:46 pm
the '90s however we mostly see the 70's. here's a look at the south bay with temperatures in this paula also in cupertino 86 and some appeared senate clara. 95 and plaza 10 with 96 in antioch. the coastline of much change with the low sixties there 688 for san for cisco and arrange as upper 70's for the north bay. thursday very similar to assault today as we headed to florida and saturday and sunday appeared experiencing a cooling trend with temperature shopping will average more clout coverage over the entire bay area by tuesday and wednesday things will return
8:47 pm
to normal parent quashed a weather forecaster never is convenient for him on bay area and this channel you can catch the latest news, forecast and traffic conditions whenever it's convenient - on our 24/7 bay area news channel. you can watch live on or on comcast channel 193. (male announcer): now, the orchard supply sports report with gary radnich. >> gary: good evening everyone! the all smiles >> gary: carlos court brung goes deeper looking like a houston party again. eric sole guard astros to 3 to 2. and coco crisp and usher ball game. census back to the starting line.
8:48 pm
the american west struggling one more time. six to one in the fourth ending. in doing this zito impression. $15,000 would do you do with the memorabilia to a guy was pretty much shane the franchise? that is what happened to nick milton not they have all of this ryan brung mirabella and lebraun ryan braun memoralbia? >> gary: defending drumlin
8:49 pm
the one brian said he was an asset last time. he took office less than play to than he took off his license plate today. gabriel slate high-tech piece of equipment. my point is to not buy memorabilia x planation. i rather have a plaque from elks club from maybe what i've won and stuff someone else's achievements all over my wall. >> pam: i have my michael jordan basketball cards (laughter)
8:50 pm
>> gary: you like to have a relative for someone you would actually know do not buy memorabilia. >> gary: training camps open with practice is find but everyone says the same thing that every is going to be a good year. the first of many causes of sound bites ... >> my main thing is how can i fit and? protruding to the team. >>contributing to the team.
8:51 pm
>> is going to be fun. they're a big trash talking in and but what we are representing and gone back to oakland with a better team than we are starting year with >> it feels good to be back. i believe everyone passed it and we look for to the rest of practice and practice some more. >> gary: both teams are optimistic about the year. we're starting in this segment sold we've only been here a short time. i'm involved with the new kron thing helping children. it kron4 helps the kids if the price is right. kron4 helps the kids if the prices right accurate will be back with a segment in a moment!
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(male announcer): now, the orchard supply sports report with gary radnich. >> gary: we have a couple of special gust. seth smtih comes all the way bran to cry cam crash elementary auctions fund-raiser. audit "no wory" to an usher less name so last? so last and sicilian are arriving at kron4 they can't believe the
8:56 pm
some of the runs have not been cleaned in a while. the oakland raiders veterans napa earlier today. my name is cecile and i am so last. solest. >> reporter: you want to do sports? how bad the want to do it? it >> very bad. >> reporter: you guys are good public speakers >> gary: di wash off for el all? the watch kron 4 x all? >>
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>> gary: wafer your queue next time you are jumping (laughter)
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