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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  July 29, 2013 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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(male announcer): this is the bay area news station, kron 4 news starts now. now at eight. thank >> pam: landfall right now on the island of hawaii. you want to be at home and in a shelter bring as much as 15 inches bay area flights cancelled by what forecasters are calling the most dangerous storm since 1992. kauai. >> pam: kron4 grant lotus has more of what is going on. grant? >> reporter: this is what mollie looks like right now. it's just a few minutes ago
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we received this image. based on a pond trains the when does it seem to respond to hard there. just a few people visible in the shot. this is just out of honolulu several surfers and joined the waves with people on the street of waikiki as they embrace for tropical storm flossie. >> pam: now. kron 4 chief meteorologist jacqueline bennett is tracking the path of the storm. jacqueline? >> pam: em >> jacqueline: so now it is crossing through wahoo and headed towards maori it is the dining down a little bit
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in weakening beard but we will still be seen when spirit went. winds. still seeing impacting some of the islands here as the have and to the pacific. glasphalt flash flood what is still in effect this evening. and will bring you the very latest app as it continues spiri >> pam: the tropical storm is causing problems for travelers across the country. at s-f-o. united airlines alone has cancelled a total of six flights so far. half inbound and half outbound. these were flights bound for honolulu, kona and maui. for passengers it means trying to re-book a flight. and that is becoming more difficult.
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we caught up with one hawaii bound passenger, who left his home in new york this morning, he was just supposed to have a brief stop in san francisco. now he's here for almost two days. >> i am on standby for another reservation so it looks like as soon as i am getting out of fear is midnight tomorrow and that is on standby. continuing our coverage. >> pam: kron 4's alecia reid is at oakland international airport. where passengers are also travel troubles. >> reporter: canceled flights to and from the main white violence. some people heading to the big island hawaii in awhile to and now we are delayed. and rep tows
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was that all passengers have been rebuilt. starting not to travel to moscow the week the has been waived. the gang also get a refund if they begin to fly with another carrier. between now and august 2nd must redbook and make those changes by tomorrow. at oakland international lease to read kron 4 news. we've also >> pam: we've also host posted links to state a bit on the storm. >> pam: the bay area. one of the prime targets in a nationwide crackdown on child prostitution. the f-b-i says. more than 1=hundred children have now been rescued nationwide. our team coverage begins with kron 4's grant lodes. he is here to break down the
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numbers locally. >> reporter: oakland, hayward, the official also participating in total 12 child prostitutes were rescued and 21 pence to is not the bay area problem. the final four. the super bowl. >> reporter:and a statistic you won't find in the sports pages. more girls going to be sold at the super bowl than tickets probably. former child prostitute asia graves agrees with the fbi's assistant director for enforcement. >>we have had children recovered from each of those events, multiple children from each of those events in the past. the bureau says a three-day
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law enforcement sweep covered 76 american cities. >> >> >>"street tracks, truck stops, motels, casinos, internet sites, social media platforms and the like >> reporter:operation cross country six rescued 105 children forced into prostitution and arrested 150 pimps and others. >>knock knock >> reporter:the justice department estimates that nearly 450,000 children run away from home each year. and within 48 hours of leaving home, one out of three teenagers living on the street will be lured toward prostitution. >> reporter: some of them end up here, on backpage, the web's leading site for adult sex listings. >> >>well it's a 27 million dollar a year industry. i was sold on backpage myself as a minor >> reporter:the fbi says it is also using the web site to rescue child prostitutes.
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it appears as though we were 30-40 percent more successful in identifying both victims and pimps on this operation. >> reporter: the idea began back in the bay area. when the loss' working group came up with an idea of a joint multi idea of rescuing prostitution and the ones that were in a resting those that were exploiting them. >> pam: and new tonight at 8-- >> reporter:the coordinated effort by law enforcement. to rescue children forced into prostitution. actually originated in the bay area. kron 4's john fenoglio explains. >> the area of oakland that is known for this type of activity is gnomic nationwide.
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>> reporter: day in the bay area 12 children have been rescued in 21 camps are in jail. >> established a partnership with the fbi which is brushed off with other agencies to put on our collective paget to rescue children. we tried not to meet these young girls as suspicious as suspects but the victims. when connecting to families for services support services so they can get their lives back. this is kind of organized crime. they're not used it exploded by exploiting ticked by one person there uc traded.
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>> reporter: is also a $27 million industry for the most vulnerable victims from age 13 to 16. >> pam: of bart riders are once again on the edge of their seats. waiting for word on whether bart workers will strike again one week from today. or reach an agreement and keep the trains running. >> pam: live in oakland tonight. negotations between the union and management representatives. he has the latest. j.r.? bart said today. that it can give the unions the raises they want. but would have to increase ticket prices to cover the costs. >> we have been devised by the mediator in the district that we will have some discussions on the general
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topics tomorrow and that is some relief. >> >> we are having a conversation to understand each other's interests in see if there's a way to bridge our differences. >> reporter: other still major issues at hand and both are ticketing earlier in the dead appeared. >> reporter:kron 4 asked some bart riders today. whether they would be willing to pay more for a bart ticket. if it meant that the union workers could get a raise. and prevent a second strike? >> is simply, that we are
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not like going to deal with it and we are not interested. that is not the way the up your suppose to rectify these issues. >> reporter: rates would have to increase its union demands are met. >> that is not true. >> reporter: specifically when it comes to supplemental agreements with certain union spirit the anaplastic a bunt to lead negotiator tom hawk. >> somehow could lead negotiator in me will be the lead negotiator. >> reporter: both parties are done negotiating this evening. both the unions will be back here tomorrow morning reporting live in oakland j.r. stone crawford
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new spirit >> pam: >> pam: here is what some had to say. >> if they defied financing in other places. >> the economy is not good for everyone and every single penny counts. >> you pay a lot to get over here for the east bay ethic to pay $4.80 dollars total as a lot already. >> the consumer seems to".pay for everything!". >> pam: also today, bart parking increases are taking affect at two stations. the price to park at west oakland is now five- dollars- and fifty- cents. and at the mcarthur station
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-- the new fee is one- dollar and fifty- cents. parking costs at both of those locations. are up half- a dollar. the >>the new eastern span of the bay bridge is not supposed to be ready until december. but, word tonight. there is a slim chance the roadway could be ready before then. engineers are currently working to replace 32- broken bolts with a network of cables. crews also plan to install metal plates for more support they say, those plates would make the structure strong enough to open the bridge before december. >> pam: cal-trans has now asked the federal highway administration to review the new plan. >> pam: president barack obama has once again welcomed the san francisco giants to the white house. the president honored the champs in their second world series win. the giants took the 2012 series in a sweep over the detroit tigers. the crowd of well-wishers included giants hall of famer willie mays, house democratic leader nancy pelosi and san francisco mayor ed lee.
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>> pam: later in sports we'll have more of the giants visit to the white house. ahead at eight. >> pam: plus: a major southern california surfing event erupts in chaos. we'll show you the video of the riots. >> pam: anarchy.after a skate and surf event in huntington beach. a large crowd began tearing through the streets.fighting >> pam: told france's and gay men and more.
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>> pam: kron4's dam, and reporting >> reporter: united airlines reporting has been arrested for stealing passengers'
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necks at ubs f o. two days after the as young as an airplane crash in delays and cancellations and unattended bags were the order of the day. >> there are a lot of backs down near as we all know after is young and there was a lot of chaos. >> reporter: handling of the back to his girlfriend and another woman pure and appears as if he was looking through the day and then taking the entire deck thomas and the still unidentified woman woman was seen leaving with two backs. that is a bags. >> the victim's personal shopper clock a bit them
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that and stop while you're turning to axe while she returned items. carlos sisters beckham return the item the victim does not have a sister. >> we did find more than four suitcases. one was full the rest for empty. >> reporter: and the assistant and now how long the s f o employee was helping himself to people that spiribags. >> pam: and tipping porta potties. police say the madness may have started after a fight broke out. >>cops started to move in and they were throwing tear
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gas at everyone and everyone was like plugging their noses and coughing and dodging into stores and everyone was just running down main street." more than 100 officers were >> pam: called in to help control the destructive crowd. to public properties. one person was was taken to the hospital. police say some officers suffered minor injuries. seven people were arrested. . >> jacqueline: remaining on the kusaie this '60s and '70s thanks to the widespread fog coverage. as we look live from the bay bridge toll plaza clouds are moving fog is moving back then. dense fog near the close my will we would pick of drizzle as well. temperatures a little bit warmer for inland valleys
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and that is about it. that is our clear that san jose by eight. in fact the spot will splinter at the north bay and then move back to the coast line that will be more to livermore valley. to the south bay, we will get some low 80s and antioch, anyone in livermore and 64 east bay shores for the most parker little change for the calls mind your a little warmer and places like not but and about a small afternoon. there little changed for the next few days temperature and running
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below average for the season. we will see below glasphalt which means warmer conditions. you can catch the latest news, forecast and traffic conditions whenever it's convenient - on our 24/7 bay area news channel. you can watch live on or on comcast channel 193. still ahead-- >> pam: scandal. the setback anthony weiner is facing in the race for new york city mayor. celebrity citing at this >> pam: weekend's america's cup. he's not a sailor - but he played one. we'll show you who - after >> gary: twitter in this
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"he's stuck!!!" >> we but we will be just cruising and you know you are on this one and i'm on this one and then the goal go-go's stop! >> reporter: his team is willing beat several about the benefit of tom cruise at the ram. >> pam: sparking outrage n. bascom not.
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>> pam: it was all part of a bay area five days we called operation across kron tree. that ended friday court this week rescued a total of 105 children am 100 suspected camps were taken into custody. >> pam: before talks wrapped up tonight bart union workers are calling the lead contract negotiator tom hope to step down. by and directing a speech earlier today. tharsis they have no plans of saying goodbye to bars lead negotiator tom on. hotom hawk
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said >> pam: had a home now to the vatican and unexpected move he used his time on a long flight to make a little history. and a scattering of reports he made some very candid and surprising remarks about gay men. >> catherine: someone gave him a microphone and he began asking and answering questions from reporters. if the person is gay and except the lord and has good will when my to judge them. >> catherine: he want to say that a priest should not be
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discriminated against. his headline-grabbing the role of women in the a visit to brazil. heading home to the vatican. but who knew that he would use his time on that long history. the pope's visit to brazil was considered wildly successful. he drew big crowds. he kissed babies from the pope-mobile. and often made his security detail nervous as he got gays as no other pope ever has. on his flight back to rome -- someone gave him a from reporters. this is what he said about gays - including gay priests. priests should not be discriminated against. pope francis is not making a change in official teaching. >> catherine: he was responding to a question about the so-called 'gay lobby' at the vatican. >> catherine: shift in tone. >> catherine: progress. >> catherine: remember - his predecessor, pope benedict, signed a document in 2005 saying that men with 'deep- rooted should not be
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priests. maintained that >> catherine: the pope was also asked about the role of women in church should embrace their church work, but not embrace them as ordained priests. no new ground there. >> pam: poll ratings for new york city mayoral hopeful anthony weiner are dropping. that's according to today's quinnipiac university poll. the poll says that weiner's support fell from 26 percent last week to 16 percent. last week's survey was taken largely before weiner's latest sexting scandal was revealed. weiner has acknowledged sending lewd photos and messages to women online. >> pam: good news for burning man fans! the popular week long festival has secured a four year event permit from the federal government. kron 4's charles clifford has details. >> reporter: august about 100 miles north what's called the black rock desert. every year the event attracts more and more people and organizers have struggled to manage the growing crowds. last year, the event attracted more than 56 thousand visitors. but under a new event permit just issued by the bureau of land management, the festival has actually been given an increase in the cap was set at 60 thousand 9 hundred people and this year the limit has been raised to 68,000. the permit is also good for four years. >> pam: organizers have to
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meet a laundry list of requirements that includes posting proper sinage, debris and garbage removal, traffic control, fire prevention, security and public safety, and event take down and clean up. >> pam: they don't actually expect to reach the attendance cap but that they are planning accordingly. they add that for the first time ever service at the event as well as increased efforts to manage traffic flow into and >> reporter:this year's burning man starts on august 26th and ends on in the newsroo, charles clifford kron 4 news. >> pam: following the crash of asiana flight 2-1-4. the f- landing protocol for certain pilots at s-f-o. all foreign to use g-p-s when landing. that's because some non u-s experience an increase in aborted landings or go-arounds. including asiana air. the temporary change is not mandatory the change is expected to be in effect until the instrument landing system is back up in late august
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>> jacqueline: where san 59 al but and santa rosa. the folk will make its and work pushed tonight we will see the wide spread low coverage so for tomorrow afternoon and will be a little bit warmer actually in places like away from the coast line. places like the north to bang. we will still warm up into the weekend and more of that coming up.
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>> reporter: numbers. >> reporter:he's stuck! the small pilot will build such a dolphin and then on the debt for about 25 minutes. the laws also lightning at the time in the show had to be canceled. they do not have staff members because of the lightning storms but the well was fined. fine. the animals seemed to enjoy it and had no effect on his health or well-being.
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sometimes the tipple locker because they haven't mastered the technique yet secured the well was never in danger according to see world. >> reporter: coming up wearing a brillo pad is not a good thing twos on your license plates. people behaving badly, an
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>> pam: your the closing numbersthe dow fell 36 points. the nasdaq fell 14 points. the s-and-poor's 500 fell six points. >> pam: amazon-dot-com has announced plans to hire seven-thousand new workers across 13 states. including california. the company says the new positions are to meet growing customer demand. in california. jobs are available in patterson, san
8:40 pm
bernardino and tracy. amazon says some of the positions pay 30-percent more than traditional retail jobs. hiring is expected to start immediately. >> reporter: 2 stars of the new york to does of the rear house wires of new jersey has been indicted a 39 count of indictment in new york new jersey accuses the conference of bank and a bankruptcy fraud. the land to do file 5 years of tax returns. she supports her husband and is continuing to support her career. i am vicki levy got this kron 4 news.
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>> pam: nasa has discovered a giant hole in the sun's north pole. you can see the coronal hole highlighted in this video. coronal holes are common on the sun. they have little solar material, lower temperatures and appear darker than their surroundings. the holes help scientists get a better understanding of space weather. >> pam: still ahead. more on the giants visit to the white house. plus.gary goes 1-on-1 with warriors summer league star kent bazemore who answers the question - was he mad when his teammates filled his car with popcorn? don't move.gary's next!! look at 'em. living on cloud nine with that u-verse wireless receiver. you see in my day, when my mom was repainting the house, you couldn't just set up a tv in the basement. i mean, come on! nope. we could only watch tv in the rooms that had a tv outlet. yeah if we wanted to watch tv someplace else, we'd have to go to my aunt sally's. have you ever sat on a plastic covered couch? [ kids cheering ] you're missing a good game over here. those kids wouldn't have lasted one day in our shoes. [ male announcer ] add a wireless receiver. call to get u-verse tv for just $19 a month
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with qualifying bundles. rethink possible.
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(male announcer): now, here's stanley roberts who found some people behaving badly. >> reporter:while a brillo pad is great for cleaning pots and pans, using them to clean parts of your vehicles might cause some problems this food truck was spotting rolling along interstate 880 however take a look at the licence plate, do you see anything wrong? >> reporter:if you said the license plate is hard to read. you are correct >>keep driving until you see a large shoulder or take the next exit so the driver gets to have a chat with officer swartz of the castro valley office of the california highway patol it turns out the place was sprayed with 409 and scrubbed with these brillo
8:44 pm
pads then someone colored in the numbers with a sharpie >> reporter:this pickup truck driver in unincoperated san leandro has a similar problem >>the reason why i'm pulling you over is because the refectivrized portion of you license plate looks like it's been sanded off did you do that yourself >> reporter:however upon closer inspection it appears that some kind of coating was applied which damaged the refelective coat and when asked who applied the coating >> i don't know the problem now is people are spraying their plates with something that makes so it's not refective while officer swartz it dealing with this driver let me show you something else this is a sanded licence place >> reporter: people aren now sanding off the refective coating to defeat enforcement cameras and yes you can be stopped for that
8:45 pm
>> reporter:another thing you can be stopped and ticketed for >>you have that clear cover over your rear licence plate is there any reason why you have that there? no i thought it looked rather cool. >> reporter:but the worse offender was this driver with paper plates not only was she missing her plates, no id at all, do you have any kind of registration paperwork in fact the vehicle was listed as inoperative.soooooo >> reporter:so i am going to tow your car riding with the castro valley office of the california highway patrol stanley roberts kron 4 news story idea for stanley, e- mail us at 'people behaving badly' at kron- four-dot- com. >> jacqueline: as you head into the 8:00 hour you start
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to see clearing. sting like that and tilton o'clock piquancy highway 101 trodden to fault coverage. temperature allies of the door, widespread to the start the day in. so much of the bay area was known as the blue at the medical slime indicates fifties. for an afternoon high was steve fifties and seventies in the fuel '80s. down through portions of the south bay like morgan hill. as for san jose will be 77 degrees. 76 for palo alto. temperatures in the low 80s and pleasanton and antioch will be the upper 80s. brentwood
8:47 pm
71 in union city, very little changed at the close line upper 50s and 60s there. 62 for san francisco. and arrange a 70's for the north day. all lunch towards napa. a list toll warmer towards the napa. s to handcuff friday in the weekend a little less fault and keep it llama earlier next week as well. (male announcer): now, the orchard supply sports report with gary radnich. >> gary: good evening everyone! larry baer with the president and a a threepresident obama flanked by giants manager bruce bochy, and president and ceo
8:48 pm
larry baer as they walk to the south lawn of the white house earlier today. years the president welcomed the giants to the white house. >> we want to present you with a couple of kids on behalf of the giants. thank you for taking out time for us today and, at this great baseball club. >> you should know that camry any of the signatures but i greatly appreciated (cheers & applause) >> and the course we have someone to say hey kid willie mays and the house explanation. (cheers & applause) >> gary: willie mays, nancy pelosi and ed lee were among the notable attendees. bochy and the giants presented the president with a signed world series ball and bat.
8:49 pm
>> gary: everyone will like to see the seat president obama give him dubois remains that . players, half of them read been asleep in philadelphia think and how to get out of last place. i know that i am a sour died. soured by sour guy.
8:50 pm
>> gary: the athlete's heart able to go with the children are able to go because of the sequestered. like i said and sometimes we do not >> reporter: (laughter) >> gary: if the whole world was all to me i would just want to work at home and close the door. can you give a shot of mine bodyguard to mike cavan that is who i want to spend time with my family and kevin.
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(laughter) >> gary: hey we have soccer coming your way to! but that did not stop his u.s. team. from coaching in the gold cup final in chicago due tofinals but that didn't stop team u.s.a from winning their 5th gold cup championship, and 1st since 2007, beating panama 1-0 thanks to a goal by brek shea in the 69th minute. it was a team record 11th straight victory, 4 more than the previous record. >> gary: the win means the u.s. will likely leapfrog mexico as the best team from north and central america in the next fifa rankings. the opening of the and >> gary: earthquakes' new soccer stadium has been delayed until the 2nd half of the 2014 season due to excavation issues at the construction site.
8:52 pm
planned to open the stadium at the beginning of next season. the $60 million dollar, 18,000 seat stadium will be located across the street from mineta san jose international airport. >> gary: nhra somoma nationals the funny car final ron capps beats the legendary john force who was going after his 136th but capps had the better start finishing in 4.085 seconds and clocking in at almost 308 miles-per-hour se >> gary: capps dedicated his win the late chief spkoesman for sonama raceway john cardinale who died in march from castric cancer >> gary: leading the tournamentgets the call that his wife's about to give birth so he leaves the tournament up 2 strokes. dollars after the win, snedeker thanked mahan's wife for going into labor. mahan's wife kandi gave birth to a healthy daughter named zoe olivia mahan. >> gary: when they loaded to occur with popcorn and animal trick going to say is
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sworn to be so much fun... what thirty was talking about is just a team showing commodity. i think you can do that without debased defacing my car? >> yes you can take me out to dinner and to show, airing. the modern look at 'em. living on cloud nine with that u-verse wireless receiver. you see in my day, when my mom was repainting the house, you couldn't just set up a tv in the basement. i mean, come on! nope. we could only watch tv in the rooms that had a tv outlet. yeah if we wanted to watch tv someplace else, we'd have to go to my aunt sally's. have you ever sat on a plastic covered couch? [ kids cheering ] you're missing a good game over here. those kids wouldn't have lasted one day in our shoes. [ male announcer ] add a wireless receiver.
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>> pam: >> gary: at home against the
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blue jays of toronto. krupp course kron4 will provide it [ male announcer ] how do you do a summer clearance the dodge way?
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narrator: in the criminal justice system sexually based offenses are considered especially heinous. in new york city, the dedicated detectives who investigate these vicious felonies are members of an elite squad known as the special victims unit. these are their stories. any word on ricki's new album? heavily pop. hear they're holding it back for the london concert. connie: jared's still on tour but ricki's on her way here. you know recording sessions, always running late. where's the birthday boy? corbin? my assistant forgot to pick up a card. well, he's probably, um... oh... i think i know where he is. hey, ashley, have you seen your brother?


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