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tv   KRON 4 Evening News  KRON  July 30, 2013 5:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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>> every employee sees extra it in money in their pocket and not only that they can option for a cheaper medical plan. >> reporter: union members counter that bart invoice continue to lie. >> we are here to negotiate a contract not to play games with the district or with the public. >> reporter: for many of its workers manage this proposal will lead to a net loss. >> i am a utility worker i have them bart for seven years and i make 40 to tell some with two children and the current proposal on the table that will put me back at $2,000. >> reporter: plus a cost of
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living increase with a 3 percent pension contribution after two years. >> we crunched the numbers costing over a hundred and $34 million with 18 percent rate. >> reporter: in other words bart management says it will not happen. >> reporter: as far as we know, both sides are in there. they continue to be at the table. we do not know how long this will go on tonight. one thing we can tell you both sides are quick to say especially to the news media and into to the public that they do not want to strike. they're trying to move forward to avoid that from happening. bin carmen kron 4 news.
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>> pam: and keep it here, as we monitor negotiations between bart management and unions. you can also find up to date information on our website -- kron 4-dot-com. there is a special bart section, showing you everything. from what people involved in the bargaining are tweeting, to alternative transportation options. >> pam: if you were stuck on the highway 101 thoroughfair through san francisco today you are not alone. protesting cab drivers backed up van ness avenue for two hours. >>kron 4's j.r. stone was there with the cabbies who are upset about uber, lyft, and sidecar -- competing ride services they say are taking a slice out of their profits. >> reporter: pure pandemonium outside of san for a cisco city hall. >> we have to pay big money for licenses and and have to
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be fingerprinted. sidecar has nothing! >> these people have families to feed and so what do they get out of it? >> reporter: to say that the cabdrivers were upset that will be an understatement. >> this guy's so your bowl and regulate in cannot regulate the other's part. >> reporter: cabbies refusing to move from the intersection. >> this is the opposite of what should be happening at understand why but i and hissed at the cabdriver's because i cannot even go anywhere!
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>> when you get into a fender benders and they receive a whiplashed end we have no assurance? how will that feel? >> >> reporter: this california utility commission issued a proposal on regulations to that, you have a chance to vote on that proposal in early september. >> reporter: vandals are to blame. a big radio tower.collapsed in the east bay. take a closer look. here's the top of the tower. these aerial images courtesy of our helicopter partnership with abc-7 news. >> reporter:it's located near the danville san ramon border on ricky ridge at the las trampas regional wilderness area.
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>> reporter:police showed up to find cables that hold the tower in place had been cut. the mangled tower was discovered typically supports radio communications - which includes public safety communications throughout the east bay.back-up radios were used. multiple gates and fences seperated the tower from public access lands. the motive is not known.but the damage is estimated at one million dollars. >> pam: in richmond, nearly half of the home mortgages are underwater. an estimated 46-percent. and now the city has come up with a way, which it says, will help struggling home owners stay in their houses. >> pam: on the steps of city hall, the mayor and supporters announced a plan for the city to buy mortgages from banks. both current and delinquent . the city would buy the loan at fair market value. and allow the homeowner to refiance. the city says, if the banks
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do not agree to the plan, the city can take the action by using its eminent domanin powers. >> this is not taking homes away, this is keeping people in their homes at. and building our neighborhood stability. >> pam: in all, the city of richmond wants to buy 626- underwater loans with the intention of adding more homes, if the plan is successful. they believe the action will help to keep neighborhoods stable. those against the plan say, it could make borrowing more expensive for the entire community. >> pam: richmond would be the first city in the nation to take on local principal reduction. >> catherine: the verdict is in -- in the military trial against bradley manning. he's the army private who admits to leaking classified documents to wiki-leaks. it was a mixed verdict for
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manning.but it still means a lot of prison time. >> catherine: the former army intelligence agent walked into court - having already pleaded guilty to nearly a dozen charges. months ago - private manning confessed to being the wiki- leaks source for leaking thousands of classified files. >> catherine: they included video of air-strikes in which civilians were killed. >> catherine: diplomatic cables. >> catherine: afghanistan and iraq wars. but as manning stood quietly tuesday in his dress suit. the judge found him 'not guilty' on the most serious charge he faced -- and the one he had fought -- aiding the enemy. >> catherine: that could have meant life in prison. >> catherine: still - the 25-year-old could end his days behind bars - because of the string of lesser charges, including disobeying orders and stealing government property. prosecutors argued he's a traitor whose leaks helped terrorists. to supporters - manning is a brave whistle-blower. it's a case the world has watched carefully in this internet era. >> to risk to to risk, being
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a martyr. we call people these heroes >> catherine: press freedom specialists have warned that it could have broad consequences for the future of investigative journalism on national security. >> catherine: that he's gay -- and was ridiculed for it in the military. some question why gay rights groups have been largely silent on his case. as for sentencing -- it's expected to happen tomorrow. >> jacqueline: as we look live from the golden gate bridge there is still an overcast here but sunny skies for rest of the bay area. take a look at art and leadbelly's and we will seek a east and 88 degrees in antioch at this hour. and we will have more on the cooler temperatures for the rest and the temperature for the rest of the week coming up!
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>> pam: new tonight. >>we are learning more about a deadly train crash in europe. the stunning information revealed on the wrecked trains black box. including, what the train >>but first - a young girl - fighting for her life tonight. >> catherine: the rare and deadly brain parasite she's infected with -- and how she got it. >> reporter:then -- he was the hero in the giants 2010 worls series win. but now san francisco might need to fear the beard. the new team closing pitcher with. [ male announcer ] you know that sizzler grills the world's best steaks.
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>> reporter:developing tonight in florida. you're looking at the aftermath of a massive explosion and fire at a propane gas plant. propane tanks at the blue rhino plant in tavares - northwest of orlando. >> reporter:there were about 53-thousand 20-pound cylinders of propane at the facility. the plant refills tanks used for gas grills. monday night's explosions injured at least eight workers. >> >> reporter:the blasts led to evacuations of nearby homes. resident's there said it sounded like bombs going off. dozens of emergency people, while firefighters tried to put out the fire. >> reporter: accounted for the two-dozen time., at least seven were taken to area hospitals.but no one died. authorities are
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investigating the cause, but believe human error and or equipment failure may be to blame. the bill more bay area news now. >> pam: firefighters in san francisco discovered a marijuana grow operation while battling a house fire this morning. >> pam: the fire broke out overnight on tucker avenue. that's near mc-laren park. investigators say, they found at least 60 marijuana plants inside the house. and the electric meter was bypassed in order to steal power. time - now word on any arrests. a seagull flew into a power >> pam: line this morning near jack london square. causing a power outage in oakland. >> pam: a p-g-and-e spokesperson says the bird made contact with two different spans of wire. triggering a power outage to several blocks around fourth and franklin streets. all power was restored this afternoon. >> pam: recycling workers in the east bay walked off the job today to protest what they say are dangerous working conditions and low wages.
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>> pam: to demonstrate dangerous working conditions they set up a table and re- created a recycling processing line at oakland city hall. >> pam: the one-day strike included workers from waste management and california waste solutions, who say they make less money than their counterparts in other bay area cities. >> catherine: a 12-year-old girl in arkansas is in critical condition, battling a rare but deadly brain-eating parasite. what's more alarming is how doctor's believe she got the infection -- after going swimming at a water park. elizabeth cohen reports. >> reporter: a 12 year old girl went for a swim.and is now fighting for her life. kali hardig went swimming in this lake at a water park in little rock, arkansas and came down with parasitic meningitis.a rare infection caused by a brain-eating
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amoeba. this infection has struck only 31 other people in the past ten years. and the centers for disease control says all were fatal. >>"the child has a grave prognosis, i'm afraid." >> pam: the amoeba, a parasite called naegleria, loves warm water, like lakes, rivers, >>"the amoeba then finds itself way back in our noses and then can work its way into our central nervous system, around our brains, and once it's there it just causes destruction." >> reporter:kali's mother took her daughter to the hospital when she noticed alarming symptoms.exhaustion and high fever. >> is hard for us to even think about a child getting sick. >> reporter:doctors at arkansas children's hospital have put kali in a coma to stabilize her. and the willow springs water park has closed down.
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>> reporter: asking for prayers. >> jacqueline: but the fall will head back and over nine hours. over night hours. santa rosa, today a high of 72 degrees with 11 degrees below for this time of year. livermore not too bad just a couple of degrees lower. oakland, a couple of degrees below average. because of the fog we will see cool temperatures for the rest of the work week. tomorrow the pope will clear a little
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faster though so it will help things warm up. the foggy mornings will stay with us and low average temperatures in most places. tomorrow morning, widespread low cloud coverage. already starting to clear by eight. to the clock hour brings the folk back to the bay shores and back to the coastline by one. not much change temperatures in the upper 50s and lower 60s. 71 for san mateo and 76 for read what city. 72 for union city appeared imminent east date of delhi's with 80 degrees for concord and 84 for
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pleasanton. south bay right into the '70s and '80s as well. 84 for morgan hill the north bay you will see warmer conditions especially would santa rosa 77, indianapolis. extended forecasts, not a lot of change for tomorrow other than mild to perchers depending on where you are. this what it slightly warning for the weekend. you can catch the latest news, forecast and traffic conditions whenever it's convenient - on our 24/7 bay area news channel. you can watch live on or on comcast channel 193. >> reporter:giants fans may be fearing the beard. former closer brian wilson is joining the rival dodgers. he was one of the hero's of the 2010 world series title. >> reporter: serious elbow surgery - tommy john surgery last april - it's the second time he had that serious procedure on his throwing
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arm. >> reporter:the giants released him this off-season - and now he's agreed to a 1 million dollar minor deal with l-a.he could be with the dodgers in 2 weeks. >> reporter: seven seasons with the orange and black, but now he's gonna rock the beard in dodger blue. the eccentric personalty was a fan favorite in the bay area.and people are remembering wilson on facebook. >> reporter:what? traitor! booooo the beard. this actually helps the giants. wilson's a headcase and he'll blow at least one game when he faces his former employer. good luck brian. i know it is only business. thank u for 2010. >> reporter: was in the tweet this after announcing things to the fans and center cisco. it was an honor to pitch before you all of those years. wilson
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will be in a dodger blue. vicki? coming >> reporter: up drama for two stars of "the real housewives of new jersey" reality t-v show. coming up, why they face as many as 50 years behind bars. [ male announcer ] with at&t,
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>> reporter:an attorney for "real housewives of new jersey" star teresa giudice says he believes the federal government is prosecuting her because she's a celebrity. >> reporter:teresa and her husband joe - for fraud. today, a magistrate in newark set their bond at $500,000 each. they also had to surrender their passports, and their travel was restricted to new jersey and new york. real life is starting to look dicey.for the guidice's. >> reporter:it's a real life legal saga for two stars of bravo's "the real housewives of new jersey," a reality series that's famous for bringing the drama. >> reporter:a u-s district court has indicted table- flipping housewife teresa giudice and her husband joe on 39 counts of fraud and tax charges. the giudices are accused of exaggerating their income while applying for loans before
5:24 pm
'housewives' debuted in 2009, then hiding their fortunes in a bankruptcy filing after the first season aired. the federal indictment alleges "the giudices lied to the bankruptcy court, to the irs and to a number of banks." >> reporter:the pair faces pretty stiff penalties on the most serious charges up to 30 years in prison and a million dollar fine if convicted. >> reporter:joe giudice was also charged with failure to file tax returns between 2004 and 2008, a time when he earned nearly one million dollars adding to an already checkered legal past. >> reporter: to rhesus future with the show is in jeopardy now here is a plot twist joe is not an american citizen he could be reported
5:25 pm
back to italy. deported. look at 'em.
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>> pam: now at 5:30. stunning new information about a deadly train crash in spain. tonight, we now know what investigators say the train operator was doing, when his train derailed going twice the speed limit.
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(male announcer): this is the bay area news station, kron 4 news starts now. >> pam: we now know what that train operator was doing when the train derailed. catherine? catherine heenan is here now with more.
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>> catherine: catherine? >> catherine: today we learned that information on the train's "black box" - shows the train conductor was talking on the phone speeding. little -- but going way over the limit. this was the scene today as block boxes into court. investigators are getting a lot of information from them - including the fact the driver was on the phone with railway staff.and apparently consulting documents at the same time. >> catherine: that driver is francisco jose garzon. this is a photo taken not long after the crash. he's facing 79 counts of reckless homocide -- one for each of the 79 people who were killed. about 70 other people were injured in the crash last week -- and are still in the hospital. investigators say when the train reached a dangerous curve -- garzon hit the brakes -- but it was too late.
5:33 pm
>> catherine: and then there's monday's train crash in western switzerland. investigators are trying to find out why two commuter trains collided head-on. but it's becoming clear that one of the trains left the station too early. police have found the body of one of the train drivers rescue crews used special equipment to pry the two26 passengers were injured. >> catherine: in canada - there's still controversy over the parked train that somehow came loose and crashed in a small village earlier this month. in the huge fire that followed - 47 people were killed. the train has been carrying crude oil. the obama administration is trying to boost safety standards for the type of rail car involved in the canada crash.but the oil industry and u-s railroads are resisting the changes. >> reporter: now let's talk about 2016. two and a half years to go before the opening of the next presidential primary season. and one candidate already seems to have a lock on her party's nomination. former first lady, senator and secretary of state hillary clinton hasn't even said she's running yet but one day after this.
5:34 pm
>> reporter:comes this: ka-ching >> reporter: >> reporter:ready for hillary=dot=com has raised more than one=million dollars since march. million facebook supporters. >> reporter: million through other facebook sites. thosee numbers aren't that big by political standards. president obama has 36 million facebook followers. but clinton won't be on any ballot for two years. and these numbers may be more impressive. >> reporter:a marist mcclatchy poll this week gives her an overwhelming lead over potential democratic rivals ranging from vice president joe biden to maryland governor martin o'malley. >> reporter:in fact all of her rivals have said if clinton runs, they will not oppose her. whatever her decision, clinton will be competing against herself on the big and small screens. cnn is producing a full=length documentary that will be shown in theaters next year. nbc is making a four=part
5:35 pm
miniseries about her life from the monica lewinsky scandal to her time as secretary of state, >> reporter:and a hollywood movie is in the works. >> reporter: "rodham" will cover the younger years of her life when she was learning the ropes politically. >> reporter: one new wrinkle is the huma factor. huma abedin is the head of clinton's transition team, her top aide since leaving the state department. >> reporter:she's also the wife of new york's sexting mayoralabedin's defense of her husband has reportedly irritated her boss, who stood by her man during the lewinsky scandal, but never defended him. >> pam: is interesting ever won a san but she's going to get in. >> reporter: >> the at delays continue to fall eventually she would
5:36 pm
jump into the race. >> pam: brett a man has been acquitted of most of the serious. nonetheless he did get off on the heavy one spirit >> i think he would've had a much tougher time with the jury. the sentiments of politics are out and they have two different levels all review. even with the military judge i think, i think this is not to hit unexpected.
5:37 pm
>> pam: let's talk about the bigger picture here. the thing that all these crackdowns on whistle- blowers and journalists are having a chilling affect on the public does have a right to know some of this affirmation. >> there using 1917 espionage act. only been used three other times since 1917. snow may be no. 7 during which is twice as many as the previous so there is a lot of confusion. a gut on transparency which is putting a crackdown on release of information right there. >> pam: you have the journalists from fox tv, snow and and manning?
5:38 pm
>> is interesting because the question is or the one thing i believe snowdon and many have both done to the dialogue is understanding what is the limit or definition of what is secret or what is classified? the manning case there are a lot of documents released and it seems like a lot. but when you look at what they were in high court and they were there some issues, there are some issues snowdon maybe it maybe a different issue appeared on the rest is easy that many deny it aiding and abetting charge. >> pam: and if you'd like to connectyou can find him on twitter -- at-yaki blog. >> jacqueline: son skies
5:39 pm
there. looking at our satellite image would unseat the fog up and down the coast. it will be a big issue over night serious. 82 in livermore and 88 in and to antioch. >> pam: a record setting delivery. one of the happiest of babies ever born. we have the picture stay with us! ♪
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>> pam: now for today's market update. u-s stocks ended mixed today. investors are awaiting the latest from the federal reserve and friday'shere are the final numbers. >> pam: the dow slipped a point. technology stocks did better than the rest of the market. the nasdaq composite rose 17 points. the s-and-poor's 500 rose
5:43 pm
less than a point. >> pam: full steam ahead for the housing recovery. a new report on home prices shows the biggest *one-year jump* in 7-years. alison kosik has the details from new york. >> reporter: and prices are up from may this year to met from may last year to may this year. and a tightening supply of homes for self have kept prices up even as mortgage rates start to rise. san francisco has the phaistos growing home prices. up 24% since may of 2012. year over year 20% in vegas who, plus angeles and phoenix. that has some analysts worried about a bubble. warren about unhealthy price increase in
5:44 pm
the southwest. but in most regions prices have a long way to go before they return to what they were. i'm alex in york and allison caustic in newark. >> catherine: president obama is offering they've wanted for a long time -- a simpler tax code. but only in exchange for more spending on programs to create jobs for the middle class. the president toured an amazon-dot-com warehouse in tennessee today. he delivered his fourth speech on the economy and jobs in just the past week. he's challenging congress to >> we keep on shifting our way and shifting our attention away from what we should be focused on, which is how we strengthen the
5:45 pm
middle-class and grow the economy for everyone. and as washington had toward another budget debate, the states could not be higher. " >> catherine: the president like the backdrop of the amazon warehouse.since the on-line retailer says it's adding 7-thousand jobs in 13 states. >> pam: this little baby girl just mean easily weighing at about 13 and 1/2 pounds. officially germany's biggest baby wandering the biggest baby ever bar and a super sized a boy weighing 23 lbs. and 12 ounces at birth weight back
5:46 pm
and 1879. jacqueline? >> jacqueline: ahead of clear skies in the distance. it will be moving back into the bay area wide spread into the overnight our spirit no change for the next few days the mound and cold afternoon. so here is a look at the fog. it checked this out? army starting to clear through the north bay. the clearing through the north bay having anny warmer temperatures. so, out the door '50s and '60s to start the day. nine hours and even somewhat a degree in reading salami up a lot more in north bay because we will
5:47 pm
have lost fault there during the morning hours. less fog >> jacqueline: 84 in morgan hill. eighties and concord and 87 antioch. '60s and '70s for east bay shore and at the coastline and little change their with the upper 50s and lower 60s. upper 70's and low eighties for east bay appeared. >> jacqueline: into the weekend the expression on sunday looking for a morning and last fall it might contain to the coastline. fog. you can catch the latest news, forecast and traffic conditions whenever it's convenient - on our 24/7 bay area news channel. you can watch live on or
5:48 pm
on comcast channel 193. >> pam: the tuesday traffic picture at the bay bridge toll plaza all lanes are open and moving well with no problem spirit 7 te'o bridge is sluggish with eastbound heading into the hayward. in a little slow on the receptor screen with a westbound traffic as well. last september. [ male announcer ] you know that sizzler grills the world's best steaks.
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(male announcer): now, here's stanley roberts who found some people behaving badly. >> reporter: using them to clean parts of your vehicles might cause some problems this food truck was spotting rolling along interstate 880 however take a look at the
5:52 pm
licence plate, do you see anything wrong? if you said the license plate is hard to read. you are correct keep driving until you see a large shoulder or take the next exit so the driver gets to have a chat with officer swartz of the castro valley office of the california highway patol >> reporter:it turns out the place was sprayed with 409 and scrubbed with these brillo pads then someone colored in the numbers with a sharpie this pickup truck driver in unincoperated san leandro has a similar problem >>the reason why i'm pulling you over is because the refectivrized portion of you license plate looks like it's been sanded off did you do that yourself >> reporter:however upon closer inspection it appears that some kind of coating was applied which damaged the refelective coat and when asked who applied the coating >>i don't know the problem now is people are spraying their plates with something that makes so it's not refective >> reporter:while officer swartz it place people aren now sanding off the
5:53 pm
refective coating to defeat enforcement cameras and yes you can be stopped for that >> reporter: another thing you can be stopped and ticketed for you have that clear cover >> over your rear licence plate is there any reason why you have that there? no i >> thought it looked rather cool. >> reporter: this driver with paper plates not only was she missing her plates, no id at all, do you have any kind of registration paperwork in fact the vehicle was listed as inoperative.soooooo so i am going to tow your car riding with the castro valley office of the california highway patrol stanley roberts kron 4 >> pam: if you have a comment or story idea for stanley, e-mail us at
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'people behaving badly' at kron- four-dot-com. look at 'em.
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>> pam: and daring present prison escape and then prisoner is still on the run. we will show you the video as howled in all happened. look at 'em.
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living on cloud nine with that u-verse wireless receiver. you see in my day, when my mom was repainting the house, you couldn't just set up a tv in the basement. i mean, come on! nope. we could only watch tv in the rooms that had a tv outlet. yeah if we wanted to watch tv someplace else, we'd have to go to my aunt sally's. have you ever sat on a plastic covered couch? [ kids cheering ] you're missing a good game over here. those kids wouldn't have lasted one day in our shoes. [ male announcer ] add a wireless receiver. call to get u-verse tv for just $19 a month with qualifying bundles. rethink possible. with qualifying bundles. hellheo. i"on monchesch.yosee se" funnfu yes y no. therths nos ingin mi m funnfu yes y no. therths nos ingin mi m i'hugehu yes y ahem. emy hoy eve emy mywrapwrpehar a wra flavor?vo'm b'mstinstwithwit. . cre cy? iy?oze oz.. qualitallikelihis.hi (mu (led)'t n'me meeverevay. ay (muwellwe technecallyalt dot causcai'm i' the trocero but..... ooh, hh, you yoin'oi ri. cr. my. myd 10d turatucheech..
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minimiabybab.. snack aclittli big br.r. snack aclittli big br.r. >> pam: now at six. >> pam: a senseless murder. a child's pink coffin a family's grief. an eight year old girl killed when she opened a friend's door during a playdate. kron four is there as an oakland neghborhood says good bye to one of the smallest victims of the city's violence.
6:00 pm
(male announcer): this is the bay area news station, kron 4 news starts now. >> pam: a sad day in oakland. >> pam: carradine -- who was gunned down during a sleepover in oakland -- was laid to rest today. family, friends and well- wishers all gathered to honor her memory. >> pam: funeral for the 8 year old girl who was shot while attending a sleepover in east oakland eariler this month. >> pam: kron4's maureen kelly shows us the emotional video you'll see only on 4. >> reporter:here you can see alaysha the funeral home >> reporter:her 8 year old body.tragically too light a burden for her pallbears.but the grief of her loss.nats. weighed heavy on her mother and other family and friends who packed the chapel to say their goodbyes (crying)
6:01 pm
>> reporter:cameras were not allowed in during the service which overflowed with well wishers. i can tell you her mother told the crowd that her daughther was nowher guardian angel.and that she would pray to her . one of the other people who spoke was this little girl said she was alaysha's b-f- f.and that she's cried for all the things they hadn't gotten to do togethermany speakers couldn't finish because they were choked by emotion. >> reporter: quite a few tears were wiped away for the little girl known as ladybug.her coffin was loaded into the hearsealong with hello kitty balloons.several mourners wore pink- her favorite color in her honorand white.representing her purity.nearly everyone wore a badge with her picture.other bore her likeness on their clothing. >> reporter:many here expressed their frustration over the senselessness of her death. >> and angry and upset for the family and are raised by the violence in our community. i do not want to attend another child's funeral.
6:02 pm
>> reporter:maureen kelly kron4 news. >> pam: oakland police continue to investigate the disappearance of 21-month- old daphne webb. taken from her father's car outside an east oakland supermarket just 20 days ago. webb's grandfather spoke exclusively to kron-4's haaziq madyun last week, questioning the story the father -- john webb -- told police about what happened. the father was arrested and later released on child endangerment charges. daphne's mother is not considered a suspect in the case. >> pam: and oakland police are investigating another open case. the shooting death of 66- year-old judy salamon. she was shot in the head while driving just a few miles from her home in the maxwell park neighborhood. >> pam: salamon was an advocate for who was involved in her shooting have been very few >> pam: anyone with information on either case
6:03 pm
is asked to call the okaland police >> pam: time keeps ticking away between bart and its biggest unions. progress on a new contract so far has been minimal. here's the latest. there are only five days unitl the contract expires. that means union workers can go back to the picket lines next monday. it will be the second strike by bart workers in 31 days. but before they can start picketing, the union has to give 72 hours notice. that means they have to do it friday -- that's just three days away. >> pam: but today was the first significant meeting between the two sides since mid-july. that's because bart's lead negotiator -- thomas hock -- returned from vacation. kron-4's dan kerman is live in oakland -- at the site of negotiations. and dan -- any chance at gettting a deal done before sunday night? >> reporter: side is calling the other lyres and others are breaking the gag order
6:04 pm
and talking to the media. issues are selling, health care, salary. that is a lot more with pensions the two parts are so far apart from the table and as you can see. no change for the union, the want to keep it at this current increase which is 3 percent every year. listening to the back and forth between management and union and you tell me if they're making any progress spirit >> we want to tell the public what it's all going on and we also wanted to know the truth. knowing that it is false is >> the numbers but the bart
6:05 pm
board of directors to have been giving the media and public is false it is not true. >> we do not want the public to fall for the banana and killed tailpipe derrick we're here to negotiate and not to play games with the district or with the riding public. >> reporter: back at the caltran and building toward as they talk about the proposals to the media today is still seems as if they're far away from reaching an agreement. the actions are not there yet her reporting live the anchorman kron 4 news. >> pam: any negotiations "
6:06 pm
on to the ninth? >> reporter: we do not have any idea. the first time there were on a bill on the table meeting and getting my to the 9:00 or maybe even a thirty. we in the senate until 12 31:00 this afternoon if the order that they did not sit at the table together until 1130 this morning it is anyone's guess as far as we know how negotiations are still on inside the building behind you see behind me. that is the best kept secret at this late in regards to what time it will be meeting tomorrow morning and how far to go tonight spirit >> pam: if you iwant to know more about the bart negotiations. >> pam: case of a strike? log on to our website -- kron-4 dot com. that, as well as other decide to take to the picket line.
6:07 pm
>> pam: discussion on the bart negotiations by going to our >> pam: in richmond, the city has come up with a plan it says. will keep struggling homeowners in their houses. it wants to buy loans of over 600 houses that are underwater. this is a map of where the homes are. represented by the yellow dots. nearly half of the homes there are underwater. kron 4's justine waldman explains how the city can do this >> today is assessed accessed at 170 or $175,000. >> reporter: she is all about the city richmond plan to purchase her property from the bank and refinance at a affordable rate. >> i think that would stand a fair chance of owning my home. >> this program will not cost the city any thing. >> reporter: at the steps of
6:08 pm
the the mayor stated that resolution partners in marty to get the funding for the program heard if the banks do not play along the will use part of intimate domain. >> we're very, very committed to keeping our committee and tech support so that richmond can recover and move for from this crisis that we still suffer. >> reporter: >> a small group of people may be helped by the in marty proposal if it goes through. or it may have adverse consequences as a whole. >> >> reporter: >> i think that this is an
6:09 pm
important step with helping the people who truly need help. >> reporter: richmond justine waldman kron 4 news. >> catherine: in national news. private bradley manning is in. he's the former intelligence analyst who admits to leaking thousands of classified documents to wiki-leaks. the most serious charge against him -- was 'aiding the enemy.' shannon travis has the story. >> reporter: bradley manning is found not guilty adding abetting the enemy which is one of the most serious charges he was facing. he could still face the rest of his life behind bars. and is sending classified materials to we keep leak appeared
6:10 pm
manning gave some 750,000 classified documents and videos to wickedly. the secret sharing site including us classified assessment on afghanistan and seekers on iraq the supporters to supporters he's a whistle blower concerned of for the u.s. national interest. >> to risk of being a martyr for all the rest of us we call these people heroes and rally many as 0% >> reporter: in washington i am shannon travis spirit have leaked the largest
6:11 pm
history hears his verdict. videos to wikileaks -- the secret-sharing site. manning is a hero." >> catherine: sentencing is expected toin washington, im shannon travis. >> catherine: moments after the verdict came down, wiki- leaks sent out a tweet. it said that "manning faces 136 years on the charges he's been convicted of. and went on to accuse the obama administration of "dangerous national security >> catherine: extremism." >> catherine: >> pam: construction of a new stadium in san jose for the earthquakes soccer teams has hit a snag. as kron four's rob fladeboe reports now, the opening of the $60 million dollar facility will have to wait for the 2nd half of next season. >> reporter:the earthquakes new stadium, along coleman avenue just west of mineta san jose
6:12 pm
>> reporter: but now that debut is being months. >> reporter: prepping the site, excavation crews like these have uncovered several large undergound concrete vaults, used munitions and other remnants of defense contractor f m c occupied the site. as a result of the delay, the earthquakes will play their first eight games of the 2014 season at nearby buck shaw stadium in santa clara and one game at stanford, before taking the field here for the 2nd half of the season. also, the exact date for the opening of the be known until the schedule is announced for the 2014 world cup soccer tournament in brazil, which will in turn impact the earthquakes schedule. in san jose rob fladeboe kron 4 news. >> pam: still to come. >> pam: if you paid an electric bill within the last decade, you may be in for some cash. why a rebate check might be coming your way from one of the biggest banks. and goodwill here in the bay area has a big problem. the health issue at the heart of the problem, and why. >> amazing video of a daring escape by a prisoner in arkansas. how he did it, and where he is now -- on the kron-4 news at six.
6:13 pm
6:14 pm
6:15 pm
>> pam: in bay area news. police in newark are searching for a group of people accused of smashing the windows of thirteen cars sunday night. according to the police report, a group of men smashed car windows with baseball bats and sticks on reina place, near musick park. >> pam: a motorcycle was also pushed over in the incident. all of the suspects are described as males wearing dark, hooded clothing. >> pam: j-p-morgan chase will pay 410-million-dollars to settle charges it manipulated electricity markets in california and the midwest. >> pam: the bank's energy unit, j-p morgan venture energy corporation, was accused of raising rates in the two markets over a two year period.
6:16 pm
>> pam: 124-million-dollars will be paid to california residents who overpaid for electricity. ratepayers in the midwest will receive one-million- dollars. the rest of the fine will go to the u-s treasury. bank officials did not admit or deny the violations --but said they were glad the matter was settled. >> catherine: >> reporter: the bad bugs have been found so far? on the left and the emission bedbugs reported over the weekend at the berlin game warehouse on california drive. both have been shut down for the time being. exterminators are treating the effected areas and other parts of the warehouse the steam clean. the outbreak could cause a good will
6:17 pm
hundreds of thousands of dollars. >> jacqueline: in the mid to upper 70's. now, temperatures are below average for this time of year unless you have today is higher temperatures on the right where we should be at this time of the year occurred center roses is santa rosa is 11 degrees lower than what we should be accurate livermore pretty close to where we should be pure the same thing for oakland and hayward. the fault is what has been keeping us on the cooler side. things will warm in spot and mainly the north bay. the fog will be closer will stay with us during got work week. the up trecker for tomorrow morning is
6:18 pm
widespread. especially at the north bay pettifog remains there and over the south bay. my tam back to the bay shore spirit so we will see more sunshine for tomorrow with warmer temperatures. that and the south bay with evergreen 78 in sunnyvale as well. deep in concord, at 84 in pleasanton and livermore creek east bay shore 70's there appeared at the coastline no change. upper 70's and low eighties for our wednesday. foggy mornings in pool tomorrow afternoon spirit again, a little bit below average for this time of year.
6:19 pm
fourth and franklin streets. expenses. >> catherine: a federal agency is now stepping in. to help investigate what caused the fire that damaged a drilling rig in the gulf of mexico. the bureau of safety and environmental enforcement says it will work closely natural gas rig exploded and miles off grand isle, louisiana. 44 rig workers >> catherine: no one was hurt. >> catherine: in kansas city.police say an s-u-v rear-ended a parked car -- and sent it crashing through a day care center today. three children were injured -- and so was the driver of the s-u-v. they're all in stable condition tonight. a range rover hit the back of
6:20 pm
a parked cadillac -- sending building. no one was in the >> catherine: two children were briefly trapped under it. it's not clear yet what caused the accident. >> pam: the beard. brian wilson is back. but will tell where he landed coming up later in sports. >> pam: an arkansas jail you will not believe this video. the inmate? still on the run! that story's next. it's great having at&t u-verse high speed internet. walter likes to download fix-it videos... and watch "boardwalk empire." it helps sam with math...
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6:23 pm
>> reporter:police in arkansas are escaped from jail by running right out the front door! lisa hutson shows how it all went down. >>he had 26 charges varying from aggravated robbery, breaking and entering, several, several other charges. >> reporter:a dramatic escape all caught on tape but this isn't the first time he's evaded back in march authorities spent hours searching for derrick estelle, a man with several warrants who ran
6:24 pm
>>he went into a wooded area, we set-up a perimeter and several hours later we took him into custody. estelle's driver sunday afternoon, tamera upshaw, has a criminal record herself. arrested last september for shoplifting. with estelle and upshaw both on the loose garland county deputies are warning both of them could be armed. >>typically, in the past any dealings with mr. estelle there's been a fire, he's been in possession of a firearm. >> reporter: down after the escape. he tried to break the window of upshaw's car, but couldn't grab estell. the inmate who helped estell make a run for it is now charged with assisting in an escape. >> pam: the mystery of the royal family grows deeper. who was buried along side king richard the third? the debate is coming up a little later. >> pam: and still to come. a sad day in oakland as an 8-year-old -- gunned down at a =sleepover -- is laid to rest. the kron-4 news at six continues after this. a lot more to come on the kron-4 news at six.
6:25 pm
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6:31 pm
(male announcer): this is the bay area news station, kron 4 news starts now. >> pam: an emotional day for several people in oakland, as an eight-year-old -- gunned a friend's house -- was laid to rest. >> pam: let's recap all of our top stories, beginning with kron-4's maureen kelly. >> reporter: in oakland for more services were held here for all we should count
6:32 pm
carrying brett the concealer small pink coffins carried out by the pallbearers. her mother and family housing each other. the working in her honor and white representing her purity. there also some killing invert and frustrations over the senseless death. maureen kelly kron 4 news. >> reporter: it does not appear that much progress is being made with the bart negotiations by coming for and at informing it of his latest plans to the news media he disobey the deck order. again that order in oakland dan kerman kron 4 news.
6:33 pm
>> reporter: and richmond. , the city will lead to market from mortgages from banks and then thumb by keeping people in their homes meant the committee a better place your in richmond justin want a crime for newsprint >> reporter: the soccer stadium being pushed back result of construction delays. exhibition proves like this one working on inside of the stadium has uncovered removed large underground concrete blocks used emissions. womens' of the that occupied the site for decades. as a result will play their first eight games in nearby bob shaw
6:34 pm
stadium in santa clara and one game and samper appeared san jose rob fladeboe kron 4 news. to be king richard iii. the tongue like richard the city. (male announcer): now, here's stanley roberts who found some people behaving badly. >> reporter: many of the markers are for those who has spent a couple of days on this earth of those of children can you imagine >> can you imagine someone who is to correlate lost a
6:35 pm
baby and loved ones are coming out, maybe they have left trinkets and they see as skiffs that they're given that baby and someone has taken them. well be well beyond the hating badly. >> reporter: someone stole a burial marker of a police officer killed in a line of duty. even randy's great- grandfather memorial has been vandalized. >> over the years her wings have broke and then broken have replaced them twice. the >> reporter: >> there was a guy selling flowers that i hadn't that i happen to recognize about a block from the cemetery.
6:36 pm
>> stop! whatever is going on in your life if you are willing to be this close to people who have done nothing to you. i am afraid of which could do to people other people. >> reporter: in santa cruz stanley roberts kron 4 news. >> jacqueline: as we head into the weekend a little bit of the change. the fog will become less expensive. extend self. temperatures will still be below average for the extended period. >> pam: and gary will tell you the beard land that and how he will face his former
6:37 pm
team! who was buried in the same coffin as king richard the third? english scholars are debating and that is up next. ♪ you like to keep yepour far my lyalthaland ant.
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6:40 pm
>> pam: underneath a parking lot of all things, it is calling puzzling of a sealed lead coffin of an on died on identified person. of an on identified person >> this was the moment the world learned that the skeleton found in the parking lot was king richard
6:41 pm
the third the last english monarch to die on the field of battle. immortalized by shakespeare popularize by salons olivier prepared another burial a stone coffin inside and let casket. the whole thing shrouded in mystery >> 3 potential candidates, and two of them are per vigils and 1 the other possibility is someone called william d'amato. none of the names that tripled the tonk like richard the third. >> reporter: it may be a treasure trove of scientific information of the medieval
6:42 pm
world his bones are still being carefully tested of close in about his life >> the plan next year may of next year because the remains will be headed over to west cathedral >> reporter: his reconstructed face a one goal of the past from a grave that continues to yield and discoveries occurred under an english city. cnn >> pam: giants fans are not going to like where he landed! gary has the news coming up next with all the
6:43 pm
6:44 pm
6:45 pm
6:46 pm
(male announcer): it's now time for gary radnich from the jack in the box sports desk. >> gary: good evening everyone! >> gary: he is not a loss angeles had the dodgers. three-time all-star from his perspective the giants could have paid him 6.9 million to come back and rehabilitate under their " ownership. they did not want to pay him and they let him go. so now he signs with the dodgers with a two week stint at the minor league facility in florida reportedly joined the first- place dodgers and san is for
6:47 pm
years and years. the fans get riled up and we hate the dodgers. but with the money so high their mercenary spirit if someone will pay you it would bid to go pitch for the no. 1 rival, they are gone. so love the mother here and then let them fly. >> gary: man they packed it in. with the philly fanatic wearing his or rather into the crowd he does not make it out of the fourth ending. 221 lead. this is sworn to be tough because the giants, it you are not world champs for nothing. >> gary: >> gary: era now over five.
6:48 pm
this is giants debut right now seven to three separate this is a point to be a rough nemerov final couple of months for the defending world champs. of the slips by the kings of the bay area are riding high in our core to host toronto coliseum. >> gary: >> gary: 42 years of age! still doing his business there. now in a member of the cleveland indians. and there he was last night. so j.c. guiliani his team won 94 but when he comes through and deliver the goods last night.
6:49 pm
>> gary: baseball commissioner is planning on issuing rodriguez along this suspension in history possibly for life for his involvement with steroids at a clinic biogenesis. rodriguez's court to appeal the suspension which means it is still try and play under appeal. there is a possibility but he could deal with the results for a yearlong suspicion that will leave him open to returning to baseball and this to get him to come down as early as friday. the bottom line on this is a lease for the moment lawyer yourself up you want your money. and that is how is one to work for this guy. 40 years old just about over so now is about rodriguez getting his money accurate.
6:50 pm
>> gary: >> gary: the word is, florida fired him because of verbal abuse. martinez came back and said hey, they were not picking up their balls in the batting cage. i pushed him and some to pick up the balls of the next second, ahead and it was an altercation. . >> gary: 20 years ago if a coach said to beckham calls you pick up the balls but now these guys? >> pam: money should not dictate authority but i know that that is not how is this.
6:51 pm
>> gary: everyone gives their opinion. their older people in the audience creek the man was dropped and how barry did not want to go to the white house. and like these long pieces and believe me every time you get a contract... after all these years and carry still get them that spirit gary, can still get them mad. >> gary: if you only knew gramont and the rest of you ... do not know at the guts to get over that accurate if you said that i did not like you or you staying at the laugh all the way to the
6:52 pm
bank. that's what keeps you alive but the point is when someone at are you have children and you get people john beard of the old people that watch a system untrod all the time come down and out stumbling into the baking and all follow me. >> pam: (laughter) >> gary: you have to be a healthy, nice guy. you got me in it flabby! we will be
6:53 pm
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(male announcer): it's now time for gary radnich from the jack in the box sports desk. >> gary: you are not living
6:56 pm
these days if you do not have an act!app! a beer app! i can drink all day long you old goat! >> pam: (laughter) >> gary: tension or in separate bowls boat race loses control of his boat and skid off into the grass and into the crowd or recklessly the bottom line is no one was seriously injured in this accident. it does make you cringe a little bit. >> pam: but i will see you back at 8 and will do much
6:57 pm
more >> gary: i will probably do more sports >> pam: have a good that everyone will see what is a clock look at 'em.
6:58 pm
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call to get u-verse tv for just $19 a month with qualifying bundles. rethink possible. "omg! insider" the top trending stories you need to know. >> are you worried the show will be used against you? "the jersey housewives" day in court. teresa granted a fraud bribe. the couple facing prison. >> each for 50 years. >> alleged crimes caught on tape. >> oh, my god, bankruptcy, i would just die. >> weiner's cocky new words about his young son. >> he's going to have a father who will be the mayor of new york. >> as spitzer makes headlines. >> you don't think he should be mayor of new york? >> that's correct. then the bachelorette dumped on national tv. >> sorry. >> host chris harrison today is he about to quit? >> is des going to say to hell with it all? robin williams' new tv role cracking up kelly clarkson. >> you didn't give me enough ketchup packets. >> oh, my god. >> ever. >> oh,
7:00 pm
cbs stars after hours. >> "ncis" on their exiting co-stars. >> you may not have heard the last. and i make ll's night, you're welcome. i bring you ladies. i bring you ladies. >> i like your style, mike. where yahoo! and broadcast meet for 24/7 access to celebrity news. "omg! insider." things are table-flipping bad for "real housewives of new jersey." welcome to "omg! insider," i'm thea andrews. anthony weiner won't shut up about his grand plans as future mayor for nyc, if you think his twit pics were shocking, wait until you hear his new interview. but, first, free on bail and fighting to stay out of prison "real housewives of new jersey" teresa and joe presented a united front in court, could teresa's bravo hit be used against her in the case that may send her and her husband to prison? it's trending now. >> give us a walkway. give us a walkway. >> from the tv screen to a real-life courthouse.


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