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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  November 14, 2013 11:00pm-11:31pm PST

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. >> this is the bay area's news station. kron4 stoortskron4 starts now. could this scene be repeated? another strike. it is hurting tens of thousands of commuters. the bart contract may not be ratified by the transit agency after all. tonight a member of the bart board of directors said a provision was added to the deal. they may vote it down. charles clifford has more. >> reporter: it appears the process may have hit yet
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another snag. bart management believe there is a provision in the contract they didn't agree to with the family medical leave act. 6 weeks of paid medical leave and didn't agree to that. today a bart board member addressed this situation. >> it is true. there is a paid family leave benefit that somehow managed to be in the contract despite agreements that it would not be a part of this contact. constract. contract. it is under investigation. >> reporter: the bart board of directors will have a review session where they will go through the contract and hammer out a solution. a final vote by the bart board of directors is expected
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thursday, november 21st. meanwhile atu union leader antoinette bryant said they are attempting to go back on agreements and were part of the final deal. she said this is unconsionable. we want to grow our regional economy. out of hercules, an intense fight at a middle high school is getting attention after a school board member said a student may identify as transgender. there may be a hate crime.
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>> reporter: hercules middle high school student witnessed a transgender student being harassed by two girls. caught on cell phone video taken by another student. we bleeped the name out of privacy. >> i heard i don't want you sitting next to me. the girl said that to them. then the other girl kept saying get out of here. i don't want you sitting next to me. she didn't give a good reason. she just said i don't want you sitting here. it got more serious and then the teacher came. mr. harris stopped them and the
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girl was sent out. yesterday i hear about the fight. >> reporter: why the girls picked on the transgender student. >> she didn't like the way they are. >> reporter: the student started the fight as a result of mounting frustration of being bullied. it was 3 girls on 1. >> i hope for the best. >> reporter: the students are sophomores and could face disciplinary action. they are looking into whether or not a hate crime was committed. this little boy doesn't even know it, but he who is battling leukemia is going to get his wish coming drew.
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he will be bat kid tomorrow. what will he be doing to save san francisco and how the city will transform into gotham. >> reporter: extra extra, bat kid saves the city. miles will capture villains. he will be a super hero and the city needs him. >> we were talking about for anybody to live out their dreams is the most important thing about life. >> reporter: he has a big day of crime fighting ahead of him, saving a damsel in distress he will eat at the burger bar. there were 7,000 requests to
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dine with him. there were special shoes made just for him. >> we are excited to do it. they are the best crime- fighting shoes on the market. >> reporter: next stop is at at&t park. he will get another mission on the jumbo tron. >> it is a full-blown phenomenon. >> reporter: the department needs the young crime fighter's life. thousands of people will cheer on bat kid in the streets. >> we got this. >> reporter: finally bat kid will be rewarded for all of his heroics where he will get a key to the city. it will be made of ghiradheli
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chocolate. it is already chilly out there in spots. we have clearer skies than what we saw last night. temperatures down to 44 in napa. 48 in daly city. we have 30s tonight. it will be breezy in spots like the coastline in the north bay. still cool. into the weekend a chance of showers. we have a better chance into next week. more on the extended forecast coming up. also coming up east bay commuters are about to get good news. a tunnel is about to open. the biggest thing in video gaming will go on sale in an hour. who is getting the new playstation 4. an update on a man who
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tried to kidnap a child in lafayette up next.
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. >> only on 4 the district attorney's office filing charges against a man attempting to kidnap a child in lafayette. ralph is a transient who frequents the area. he attempted to kidnap a child while walking down the street. he is held in county jail and due in court for a preliminary hearing next thursday. coming up, traffic at the tunnel may be easing soon. a pre view of the tunnel. the biggest thing in video gaming is coming to the bay area. playstation 4 goes on stale in
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40 45 minutes. oklahoma city we will have the highlights and the record setting shot from the globetrotters, longest shot. we will go to new orleans for sports later in this broadcast. stay tuned for inside edition with debra norville and [ female announcer ] welcome one and all to a tastier festive feast. so much to sip and savor, a feeding frenzy to say the least. a turkey from safeway is just what they crave. a hero of the table, "so delicious" they'll rave. fresh, natural, frozen. it's the best selection around. spend $30 and a frozen safeway turkey is just 59 cents a pound. so raise your glass, pull up a chair, grab a plate.
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. >> commuters frustrated at the tunnel the soon have a new tunnel. >> reporter: traveling through the calducutecut tunnel will be easier. >> we want to make sure all of the devices and electronics is all working and the operators are going through scenarios. >> reporter: a smoke bombe bomb
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was set off. passage ways were assess i assess i iible. >> they come individually. when the fans come on the tunnel will be cleared. >> reporter: the $417 million bore will open. the third bore will close for restriping which should take a few hours then all 4 bores will be open. travelers in the non commute direction should get through in 15 minutes. >> on the weekends weekends
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when you want to get through a cal football came, you will not have to predict the bore switch. you will have 2 in each direction. >> reporter: the goal is to have it open for monday's commute. in the fourth bore, dan kerman, kron4news. they will get their hands on the sony playstation 4 soon. jeff bushes with people who have been camping out. >> the line was 100 people deep until 15 minutes ago when best by employees handed out
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tickets. they went to their vehicles to get warmed up. you can see these gamers take their gaming very seriously. many were out in the cold san francisco night so they can get their hands on a new machine. others i spoke with say they came from another country to get their hands on a new playitation 4. >> in my country the system is released the 29th. it is worth it. it is totally better than the other one. >> i got here at 4:00 in the afternoon and figure i will wait here. games, i have a couple already. i am looking forward to 2k14. need for speed looks like you
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are actually racing. >> i will be on here 24/7, the whole day. . >> i just love fifa and fell in love with how the game looks and looking forward to play it. >> reporter: the store will open in 45 minutes. jeff bush in san francisco. it was significantly cooler thanks to fog. we were in the 60s more for for the most part. look at the change. over 24 hours we were down 16 degrees in santa rosa. 11 degrees in hayward, 10
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degrees in concord. the cloud cover has moved to the south. we have clear skies over the bay area. it is not quite south enough. we will keep clear skies. with the cooler air temperatures will drop in the 40s. 30s in napa. 43 in pleasanton. temperatures in the 60s. 64 in palo alto. 63 for mountain view. 65 in livermore and concord. low 60s for bay shores. 62 in richmond. for san francisco tell it will be 60 and for the north baivment bay. cooler out there. in saturday another storm moves to the north of us.
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there is a slight chance and better chance into tuesday and wednesday. in sports a sharks player bruteally injured comes back. a thunder game goes down to the wire. gary has sports highlights next.
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. >> good evening. it doesn't get much better thran the than the warriors finish. 3rd quarter. curry going for 3. 84-77. 22 points, 9 assists, 5 second it iss left. looks like a game winner. they come back. there it is. take another look. shot shot oflast shot of the game. 116. russell gives oklahoma city the lead. the warriors great finish against one of the better teams in the nba. college can't follow that.
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anthony brown hits a 3 pointer. stanford beats northwestern. 71-58. sharks never seem to get it done in regulation. thomas turning on the red light. rookie, 11th goal of the season. dan boil boyle. it is reviewed. replay shows yes, yes, it is over the sharks win tonight. the replay helps this time. 49ers will be 3-point
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underdogs. 2 games back of sea a little. seattle. saints play at home. undefeated 5 and 0. drew bre. ses as well as anybody. >> the saints really have things working for well offensively. very very hot. playingplaying extremely well. >> they are playing well. we have to be ready for that. >> how do they do sports in new orleans? >> reporter: the saints have
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matched up worse against the 4 4 49ers. >> i felt like i was in a classroom. fabfabulous. >> thank you. >> real quick raider news. terrell pryor could be in uniform sunday when they travel to houston to play the texans. matt would get the start. thursday night football. show you the head butt. delaney walker gets it. they beat tennessee 27-24.
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mvp p mckutchen. . >> join us on facebook and twitter.
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guilty. alec baldwin's stalker. >> come on ma'am let's go. >> she's thrown into jail. as baldwin freaks out again. then -- the tv show "cheaters." the show says everything is real. >> this will [ bleep ] you up. >> but is it really? >> she wasn't really your girlfriend? >> no uh-huh. "inside edition" investigates. >> you don't care that your show is fake? and "american idol." mariah carey says working there was hell. >> going to work every day in hell. with satan. plus face-off. man versus elk. caught on video. then -- >> who in the world would turn down $3 billion? >> can you believe these guys


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