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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  December 2, 2013 6:00am-7:01am PST

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school in just a few hours from now. i will have details coming up in a live report. bus in oakland. but you're right into the weather and traffic. erica has details. >>erica: we are just above the freezing mark and santa rosa 37 and now. we're still holding onto upper '40's in places like san francisco and richmond. temperatures will drop dramatically by wednesday morning. you're talking widespread mid to upper 20s. the wins will pick up heading into tomorrow. we have a lot of winter like changes to talk about. i will be walking you through that prettier 7 day around the bay coming up at 615.
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>>george: the meeting might have been activated and a fog advisory is in place so things are backing up a little early. it's not a bad back up. adjutancy it just reaches into the middle of the eastern parking lot but we are beginning to see a slowdown. not tracking any hot spots but a little slowing for your ride on highway 680 in the southbound direction as you head towards the single great. --sonole grade. >>darya: thanks george. the east bay teenager who was left on fire sleeping on a bus is expected to go back to school this morning. kron4's will tran is live at maybeck high-school and berkeley with more on the team's first day back in class as grid >>will: yes sasha fleshment should return here in about 90 minutes from now. it's incredible because he suffered second and third
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degree burns in month ago. here's a picture from the teenager. he returned home last week. they're still bandages around the teens or legs. this is a huge development because many people believed fleischmann would be and hospital for much longer. fleischman is a school editor so has a pivotal role in the school. the 16 year-old may be tried as an adult for this heinous crime as they call it but the fleischmann family believes he's been tried as a juvenile because he's too young to understand the ramifications are consequences. we will get
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reaction from sasha as well as such as family and friends. >>darya: thanks a will. >>mark: the los angeles
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county sheriff's department says speed was a factor in the crash that killed fast and furious star paul walker of the weekend. this is video of the makeshift memorial near the crash site and valencia. investigators say it will take time to determine how fast the car was going. sheriff's deputies found the car engulfed in flames when they arrived at the site of the crash. the crash also killed walker's friend and financial adviser roger rodas. walker's publicist said walker was a passenger in the car when the two drove away from a fundraiser in a 2005 red porsche carrera gt back here in the bay area, more than 500 people turned out for a ""car meet"" in milpitas to celebrate paul walker's life. hundreds of cars passed through a parking lot off barber lane, honking their horns, paying their respects last night. some people lit candles and placed them on the street. the organizer of the event says it was put together last minute through facebook. he says walker was a role model and an easy person to
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root for. inmate a pretty big impact when i heard he passed away. all of us in some way or another try to play that fast and furious role. i was a fan. >>darya: police say one man is dead after a meeting to sell the new p-s-4 gaming system online went wrong. it happened sunday afternoon around 3:30 p-m near bayshore boulevard and jerrold avenue in san francisco. police say a suspect shot and robbed the victim. the victim died at san francisco general hospital. no word on the identity of the victim. sonoma county supervisors will meet tomorrow to also consider creating a task force to explore police and community relations. 13-year-old lopez was shot in october by a deputy while walking through his own neighborhood.
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the deputy told investigators he believed the airsoft b-b gun lopez was carrying was an assault rifle. >>mark:a team of firefighters is being called heros this morning for saving the life of an oakland toddler that nearly drowned in a vallejo creek over the weekend. the boy from oakland was visiting his great grandmother who took the child fishing at blue rock springs creek off fairgrounds drive in vallejo on saturday afternoon. police say the boy fell into the water and got stuck in a drainage tunnel. before his great grandmother and a good samaratan jumped in to try and save him. veteran fire fighter dyhanne strohmeyer and her crew arrived within minutes and she immediately got into the water, searching for him. the boy wasn't showing any signs of life until he arrived at the hospital. eventually, his heart started beating again and his pulse returned. he's currently in critical condition at kaiser hospital in oakland.
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still ahead on the kron four morning news. a new report shows whether or not americans are "trusting" of each other. we'll have the findings coming up. plus, shoppers hit the malls and stores over the long holiday weekend. find out how much they emptied out their wallets. and cold weather moving in to the bay area this week. live look outside at the bay bridge approach.
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>>darya:today is cyber monday. and the consumer electronics association estimates that 18-percent of consumers of will join in on online shopping today. that would be the highest participation in three years. overall, online sales have already set new records. on thanksgiving day alone, consumers spent more than one billion dollars. >>mark:cyber monday means big deals for shoppers. but what are some of the best deals? here are some picks from deadspin dot com. amazon is offering a roku 2 for 59.99.20 dollars
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off its regular price. best buy is offering one hundred dollar i-tunes gift cards for 85 dollars. on e-bay, you can get a gold x-box live year membership for $ will usually cost you $60 and amazon is also offering a 55 inch panasonic h-d-t-v for 15 hundred dollars instead of its usual 23 hundred dollars. for more deals, visit deadspin dot com. while online sales are hitting record numbers, shoppers have been spending less on holiday shopping than they did last year. that's according to the national retail federation that says a record 141 million people shopped at stores and online from thanksgiving day to sunday.
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this is video from "small business saturday" when shoppers were urged to buy local instead of going to the big box stores. last year, 137 million people shopped the same four day stretch. but, spending expected to fall about three percent for the first a reminder, join kron 4 for the 7th annual tree lighting hosted by vornado realty trust. its happening tomorrow starting at 5 p-m at 555 california street in san francisco. grammy nominated singer carly rae jepsen will perform. and honorary chairs karen and ronnie lott along with 49ers marcus lattimore and alex boone will light the tallest tree in the city. the event benefits the u-c- s-f medical center and the benioff children's hospital.
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welcome back to the kron4 morning news. weather and traffic time for it was our with weather. erica has details of the very cold weather coming this way. >>erica: as we take a live look outside for our mount tam cam beautiful start to
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this monday morning. we do have some low clouds above the coast line. but temperatures nowhere near as what we will see by wednesday morning take a look. napa 37 out the door. 45 degrees in redwood city. here's why it's going to get so cold. we have a lot of cool air filtering out of the bay area. satellite and radar shows this cold from bring in some light rain to the pacific northwest. although we could see a few raindrops. wins will pick up into the afternoon. i think the bigger story is just how cold temperatures are going to get to. we will be below freezing and the mid to upper 20s for possibly three to four consecutive days. the sec a look at futurecast 4. perhaps some moraines
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snow showers for the sierra nevada really not too much for the bay area. afternoon highs for today will probably be the last day of mild temperatures with oakland at 67. 65 degrees or higher encountered a looks like mid to upper 60s for those of you in the south bay. in 7 day around the bay forecast of early-warning you that really chilly temperatures are on the way. severely cold mornings. highs and land will be in the mid 40's. it really looks like we will continue with this pattern even heading into the weekend. 617 as the time now on to traffic right now with the george. >>george: the ride on interstate 80 really starting to heat up a bit. with a drive times up 16 to
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18 minutes from hercules to berkeley and look what's happening here on six '80s out between zero concord pleasant hill and walnut creek. we're starting to pick up some slowing. and heavy traffic on 680 southbound for the seminole grade. a simple stall here is what's been backing up the traffic because it ended up liking the third lane from the left. a report of an accident on 237 and milpitas and the westbound direction of 237 that could start to back up the ride here on 28 '80s out of bounds. and your north bay ride 101 southbound still looks good from 37 down to central san rafael bridge no backups yet or delays. over to the bridge's eight still fog advisory. the backup hasn't much abroad. really reaches to the end of the east a lot would drive times are about 14 minutes for it in for the 92 commute in the san mateo bridge, a falcon
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free ride in a pretty some of commute although the volume is definitely picking up and quickly for this westbound 92 trip over to foster city. >>darya: 618 right now. today, federal investigators begin a two day hearing on the crash of asiana flight 2-14. a passenger jet that was flying too low and slow trying to land at san francisco international airport in july. the national transportation safety board says the hearing will focus on "pilot awareness in a highly automated aircraft."
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safety experts and government and industry studies say, pilots are becoming so reliant on the computer systems that on the rare occasions, when something goes wrong, they can be unprepared to take control of the plane. three people died in the july 6th crash. and more than 300 were injured. one man is dead and three people are in custody after an altercation in the parking lot of arrowhead stadium during the game between the kansas city chiefs and denver broncos yesterday. police says the death is being treated as a homicide but no arrests have been made.
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he says the man who died was found inside someone else's vehicle and a struggle ensued. the man, who was in his 20s, was found unconscious on the pavement. paramedics began administering first aid before he was transported to a hospital, where he died. his name has not been released. in new york this morning, investigators want to know what caused a deadly train derailment that killed four people. at least 60 others were injured in yesterday morning's crash, 11 of them are in critical condition. the train was travelling around a 30 mile per hour
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curve when it left the tracks. investigators don't know yet how fast the train was going. investigators from the n-t- s-b will review data from event recorders recovered from the scene. here is what passengers on the train had to say. passengers trying to get
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home, to school, or back to work after the thanksgiving weekend are expected to get by on the undamaged train track or be taken by bus. the obama administration says it met its goal to have the health-care-dot- gov website working smoothly for most users. gov website working smoothly fi love watching tv outside. and why can you move the tv out here? the wireless receiver. i got that when i switched to u-verse. but why? because it's so much better than cable. it's got more hd channels, more dvr space. yeah, but i mean, how did you know? i researched. no, i-i told you. no. yeah! no. the important part is that you're happy now. and i got you this visor. you made a visor! yes! that i'll never wear. ohh.
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new this morning, increasing insurgent attacks in eastern afghanistan. today, a suicide truck
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bombing killed four police officers near kabul. officials say the truck bomb was extremely large and destroyed a police headquarters. more than a dozen other officers were injured in the blast, four are in critical condition this morning. the taliban is claiming responsibility for the attack. afghan insurgents have increased their attacks in the area as foreign forces continue to withdraw. israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu is under fire today on allegations
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he's been living an overly expensive lifestyle. in a document released by a civil liberties group, netanyahu reportedly spent more than 900-thousand dollars on flowers and candles in 2012. that includes 17-hundred dollars on scented candles and 23-thousand dollars on flower arrangements at his home in jerusalem. israelis have long accused the prime minister of leading a lavish lifestyle while failing to address the middle class' economic
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problems. he's come under fire in past for spending 127- thousand dollars on a special sleeping cabin on a flight to london. netanyahu's office says his spending has decreased this year. new this morning, a new report finds about two- thirds of americans don't trust their fellow man. or woman for that matter. a poll conducted by the associated press says most americans are suspicious of each other in everyday encounters, such as clerks who swipe their credit cards, other drivers on the road or people they meet when traveling. some studies suggest it's too late for most americans alive today to become more trusting. that research says the basis for a person's lifetime trust level is set by his or her mid-twenties and unlikely to change, other than in some unifying event such as a world war. watching wall street this morning. the s and p 500 closed out it's 8th straight week of gains on friday, and stock investors are hoping the upward trend will continue this week.
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opening bell on wall street this morning. it will have more on wall street with our financial expert rob black coming up in about 15 minutes. police are investigating a fatal shooting in san francisco. kron4's jackie so is live in san francisco police headquarters with the details. jackie? >>: according to the san francisco police department yester day around 330 the victim have posted an on- line ad to sell a video game consoles. he was to meet a person over on the bay shore ave right off of 1 01. when he got there that's when he was robbed and shot multiple times. if he was taken to san francisco general hospital unfortunately- unfortunately died from his
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injuries. the stanford to a police department continues to gather information on this case they're hoping someone saw or know about this shooting. obviously that are given a warning to never meet anyone in an isolated situation. be careful when you are arranging things through on- line marketplace. public places are encouraged even the police station to exchange. this is a developing story and as soon as we get more information from the san francisco police department we will pass along. >>darya: a start with weather and traffic. this half-hour. >>erica: temperatures in the '30's and '40's. as we head into the afternoon, it will be the last mile to warm day around the bay area. we have a cold blast of air headed our way bridge light rain and the pacific northwest and that will head south were to the bay area. not
6:32 am
only is it going to bring us the possibility for some showers north of the golden gate bridge but it also brings some cool arctic air that will settle in and make its home in the bay area of the next three to four days with that temperature will drop to the mid to upper 20s for your mid lows. i will tell you when to expect that coming up at 645. when
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you buy stuff on amazon-dot- com, you could soon have it at your doorstep through a new deliver service called "prime air." amazon hopes to have unmanned drones -- which look like toy helicopters -- to deliver packages to your doorstep. in an interview, amazon c-e- o jeff bezos says the drones will be ready in four or five years. the octocopters amazon would use are currently in testing. they can only carry packages which weigh up to five pounds, but amazon says 90- percent of the packages it deliveries weigh less than that. sony's play station 4 is breaking sales records across europe. the ps4 beat the eight year sales record held by the original psp. ps4 was released across 20 european territories on friday. selling 250,000 units over the weekend. that's on top of more than 1 million play station 4s sold in the united states since november 15th. police are investigating a fatal shooting in san francisco. the bart contract dispute is heating up.
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a report says bart's two largest unions are planning to file a lawsuit against the agency. they believe bart management illegally stripped the family leave medical act clause from the contract. and they have reportedly consulted with a lawyer to file suit on tuesday. this is just the latest in a series of troubles regarding bart's new labor contract. bart riders we talked to are fed up. to stay on top of the latest a subaru... ...are the hands that do good things for the whole community: the environment, seniors, kids, and animals. that's why we created the share the love event. by the end of this year, the total donated by subaru could reach 35 million dollars. you get a great deal on a new subaru. we'll donate 250 dollars to a choice of charities that benefit your community. it feels good to be a helping hand. the suspect grabbed her by the neck and pinned her against the wall while he completed the transaction the suspect is described as a black man in his 20s, 6 foot 3 inches tall with a skinny build.
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despite spending nearly a half-billion to upgrade its terminals, the chronicle is reporting oakland international airport has seen its annual passenger count plunge by almost 5 million since 2007. meanwhile, s-f-o's passenger annual total has jumped nearly nine million during the same period. officials say this is because of changing airline industry practices that have concentrated business at major hubs like s-f-o. the water of san francisco bay is getting clearer. the san jose mercury news reports that 150 years of tidal action has washed out most of the sludge generated tidal action has washed out most of the sludge generated [woman] you wrapped the... [man] it's nothing but tape... [woman] it's a block. we're havin' a baby! [laughter in background] [woman screams] are we havin' a baby? lifecycle put on a training bicycle ride. this year's event calls for an end to discrimination against those affected. according to the u-n, more than 35 million people according to the u-n, more thfor over 60,000eople california foster children, the holidays can be an especially difficult time. everything's different now. sometimes i feel all alone.
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outdone, amazon is promising new deals as often as every 10 minutes through saturday, along with free shipping on " eligible orders " of $35 and over. it's not clear how they define eligible. target has a buy one get 50 percent of home the court deal along with 25 percent off the dyson for care 3 if beijing them--h &m's cyber monday deal includes 40 percent of your entire purchase as low as 25% off all sell items. h &m is offering free shipping as part of the deal, users should enter code 7376 at checkout. kohl's it is giving you an extra 20% off today along with free shipping when using the code "cybersave" at
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checkout. gap stores like the gap and banana republic are offering 40% off while old navy and pipeline are offering 30 percent of online. enter " cyber at the checkout three free shipping is available for orders above $50. we want to know what cyber monday deals you have found. share them with us on kron4 dot, or our facebook page. when i come back at 6, i've got your cyber monday deals. -more cyber monday deals. we'll be right back. xñ
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>>darya: welcome back. hopefully it will be an easy ride heading back to workers school of george. >>george: we had a nice week off last week the traffic is back this morning. the start and a look of the ride. we've been incident free for
6:45 am
the e shore freeway but the drive times are already up over 24 minutes closer to 26 or 28. picking up some slowing on danville 680 southbound. at 237 of accident here at mccarthy has been cleared and that's out of the way before it had a chance to back up the ride on 880 southbound. marin ride started to pick up some slowing surpass the civic center. there's a look at the bay bridge and the westbound ride with the fog advisory still in place.
6:46 am
fare salmon te'o bridge ride their fog for it. this could check in the weather. here's erica critic >>erica: if we are working up to a beautiful monday morning. concord still holding onto low forties. san francisco to expect some downright freezing temperatures for at least a three to four consecutive days. i want to walk you through exactly why. satellite and radar shows this fairly complex system bring the rain and snow to the pacific northwest. that will continue to track southward. later on this afternoon we will see some light rain for places like eureka and then the rain is actually going to shift east. i think most of us will be dry and perhaps aspirin go north of the golden gate bridge. we will
6:47 am
see the winds pick up to the afternoon and again we do have the rain chance. that's not even the bigger story. i think it would just be the cooler air mass that will settle into the bay area and exactly just how well those temperatures will go. beginning wednesday, national weather service has been a talking about a freeze a warning preadapted is expected to be in the mid to upper 20s for your overnight lows but only climbing into the. >>mark: is in the dow up is
6:48 am
up almost 3003 >>: we were 18 points up from 3003 it was the of december can figure that out. >>mark: a big weekend at the movies. disney stocks that i think the average dealer of their landscape and honker games continues to have a second mass of week after thanksgiving. jennifer lawrence and the franchise is alive and well. with rabin's said lanza gave a huge winner based on that and a vampire films. >>mark: we're already a maze of the growth of amazon out, and the company and we're doing this story unveiling some drones he's delivering
6:49 am
to delivery of goods within 10 minutes in major cities. another incredible step >>: i don't know that much about drones' but i heard they're experimenting with having drawn to the leverage. to your house. we all know about afghanistan and pakistan and of the military is using drones to deliver missile attacks and kill people pretty aggressively and pretty accurately but the same concept being tied towards getting your packages. i kind of love the idea. it's just with fedex and ups their jobs may be replaced down the road. with that said i love the idea of them delivering the that day. i could see more more wal- mart delivery vans. as we
6:50 am
look ahead and after the year that we have had to worry about the government getting in the way again of wall street. >>: yes release thabig business atx
6:51 am
office over the long thanksgiving holiday weekend. for the second week in a row-- "the hunger games: catching fire" was the big winner. it brought in just over 110 million dollars it's now made a $296.5 million in the u.s. in just 10 days,. disney's "frozen" came in at number two bringing in 93 million dollars. and-- in the number 3 spot was "thor: the dark world." it brought in 15-point-5 million dollars. with the golden gate as a backdrop. a few thousand in san francisco got to play santa over the weekend. kron 4 news was a race sponsor. about 25-hundred people took part in the "run wild 5-k" at crissy field yesterday. runners brought new or gently used toys to donate to the san francisco firefighter's toy program organizers filled two fire trucks full of toys for many children in need.
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san mateo county libraries are in the giving and forgiving mood this holiday season. starting this month, residents will be allowed to pay off overdue library fines by donating nonperishable foods. the food will be given to the second harvest food bank. library officials also encourage those without fees to still on a goods. last year, the food drive effort collected more than 25,000 lbs. of food. the 49ers got wide receiver michael crabtree back against the rams and he promptly responded by making the longest catch by a niner wide out all season. there was some pregame drawing the rams felt pretty good about themselves coming in scoring 80 points over their last
6:56 am
two games with wins over and the and chicago but this was one of miners. anquan boldin caught nine passes from colin kapernick and the 49ers beat the st. louis rams 23-13 on sunday. kapernick threw for 275 yds in frank gore ran for a three-year touchdown as the rain and f c champion niner's boosted their position in the playoff picture. crabtree had a 60 yd catch while vernon davis heard of and to the end zone on a 17 yd reception. klay thompson hit a career high eight three pointers up in sacramento.and the warriors needed every one of em. stephen curry made two free throws with 8.6 seconds left and had 12 of his 36 points in the fourth quarter, helping golden
6:57 am
state warriors beat the kings 115-113. andrew bogut blocked the game tying shot harrison barnes and david lee had 11 points for the warriors, who ended a four- game road trip with a 2-2 record. the lead in the n-h-l pacific division was up for grabs at the shark tank over the weekend. a nail-biter. tied 3 and 3 pushing it into overtime. and in the end - sharks win making it five in a row for
6:58 am
a perfect home stand. next- the sharks face off against the toronto maple leafs in toronto tomorrow. and you won't want to miss sports night live hosted by gary radnich. and featuring gary's radio partner larry krueger. a brand new show here on kron 4-- we'll have lively debates.and big time interviews. the show premieres this thursday december 5th at 9pm. check out the facebook page at sports night live - and "like us" for a chance to win a 2,000 dollar home theater system.
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the east bay teenager who was lit on fire sleeping on a bus is expected to go back to school this morning.
7:00 am
kron four's will tran is school in berkeley with more on the in classes. we will have a live report coming up. burns. the los angeles county sheriff's department says speed was a factor in the crash that killed fast and furious star paul walker over the weekend. this is video of the makeshift memorial near the crash site in valencia. investigators say it will take time to determine how fast the car was going. >>erica: into tomorrow the wins will pick up. we're looking at the slight possibility for some showers and then the rest of the week we are looking at some freezing mornings and me


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