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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  December 4, 2013 8:00pm-9:01pm PST

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>> reporter:now at eight: >> reporter: chill out! >> reporter:we know when this cold front is coming to an end. jacqueline is here with your forecast. only on four: >> reporter:human ashes found roadside. and that's just the beginning of a mystery we're trying to unravel tonight. trouble on the tracks for a
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bart train and dozens of passengers. new tonight: did workers do enough to get those riders out of harm's way? a potential kidnapping caught on a bay area busnow -- police are desperate to find out exactly what's going on here. and the niners catching heat after an internal memo goes public. wait until you hear what it >> reporter:we'll let you weigh in, too. >> pam: now at 8-- >> pam: a freeze warning is in effect across the bay area tonight. people bundling up. as temperatures are expected to dip even further. here is a live look at _ _ kron 4's chief meteorologist jacqueline bennett is live in our weather center. tracking the cold temperatures. jacqueline? >> reporter: 36 in antioch we are quite passing a lot of 33 degree readings and they will be dropping into the twenties tonight 20's and '30's bay area wide. the '30's the purple the '20s
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the peak. pink. we do have freeze warnings in effect for most of the bay area other than san francisco reason being, there is no shelter from the winds here. everywhere else,,. calmer but icy roads again tomorrow morning. coming up! >> pam: kron4 j.r. stone is following this story with who the woman was. >> reporter: you are looking at a box full of human
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ashes yes that is right human ashes. kron4 stemming robbers made the shocking discovery. a person whose ashes are believed to be in this box specifically in this back, the same box that was put into years ago for cremation. cosmos was 90 years old when she died and lived in san francisco valley home. the to her husband after suffering and a snack bar. >> reporter: as for how the ashes made it to the side of this road? it is unclear. please >> reporter: will not say if
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there was a burglary or family member left the ashes sitting on the side of the road in plain view for the thousands of cars to pass and seeing. >> reporter: those from the march retail me that they plan on giving those ashes once again to family members on thursday. in san francisco j.r. stone kron 4 news >> pam: a woman in her sixties -- assaulted and robbed in a parking lot at the bay fair mall in san leandro. police are now stepping up patrols in that area. police say at around noon monday. >> pam: a 15-year old girl attacked the victim from behind while the victim walked back to her car in the target parking lot. >> pam: the victim was knocked to the ground and hit several times on the head before the suspect stole the woman's purse. police say the suspect and two 16-year-old boys left the area in a stolen car. >> pam: after a brief
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pursuit -- all three were arrested. police say the victim did nothing wrong -- but this serves as a good reminder to shoppers that these sort of crimes spike during the holiday season. >> you really one to pay attention to your surroundings and keep your valuables closed and secured to you. if you have yourself founder not take it out in plain view so you can be a victim of theft. the really alert. >> pam: police say a witness saw the assault and robbery while it was happening and called 9-1-1. >> pam: officers were then tailing the suspects within three minutes. the victim was treated and released from the hospital. >> pam: the man accused of shooting and killing a man in san francisco over a playstation 4 game console. had his first court apperance today. >> pam: the suspect. is accused of murder and attempted robbery. >> pam: kron 4' s justine waldman was in court.and has the details of this distrubing crime.
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>> pam: >> reporter:a judge set ronnie collins bail at 5- million dollars. the 21 year old is charged with killing another man over a video game system. >>the loss of life over a ps4 is very disturbing. >> reporter:we learned in court.the victim, 22-year old ikenna uwakah, seen in these photos. and his girlfriend arranged on instagram to sell the popular sony playstation. so they met up in the bayview on sunday. but instead of pulling out cash, collins allededgly pulled out a gun. and then uwakah tried to give him the ps4. >>the defendant said naw shot him 4 times in the arms stomach and groin. uwakah's family came to court to see their loved one's accused killer. but they declined to comment. >> reporter:the district attorney's office. called the suspect a christmas time preadtor. the suspect will enter a plea on monday during his arraigment. in sf jw k4n.
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>> we do not need people being demonized before they sit in front of the jury. >>"there's no train service, and we are literally stuck here"/"you know with all the bart strike and all that, it's just one more thing." >> pam: the morning commute turns into a health problem for some passengers. tonight, bart is trying to get to the bottom of a major malfunction that injured a number of bart riders. kron 4's grant lodes joins us now with details on this commute crisis. grant? >> reporter:big trouble on the bart tracks this morning. smokey brakes disabled a train in the tunnel between the rockridge and orinda stations this morning. and once the fumes hit the
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passengers -- it made for a dangerous situation. at least nine passengers were taken to the hospital. dozens more complained of breathing problems. caused by smoke from the brake dust. >> reporter:hundreds of passengers were stranded onboard the train. the bart trouble also triggered major delays. alicia troast. who was also stranded. along with other passengers in orinda. >>"there's been a lot of delays on bart recently we very much apologize for thatwe very much apologize for the wild year it's been at bart." >> reporter:the emergency in the tunnel brought out a large emergency response. dozens of firefighters and paramedics from oakland and contra costa county were called to the bart platforms on either side of the berkeley hills. first believing there could be a fire on the train inside the tunnel. >> reporter:bart is calling the problem a "parking brake failure". saying there was no fire -- just brake dust.
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>> pam: where procedures are in place and what were followed this morning. the band carmen will break it all down for us. >> reporter: emergency brake deployed bernanke the train a halt. there >> was a very strong smale that was uncomfortable for people especially as you became closer to the actual break. making a quick decision on what was the safest thing for the passenger spirit this specific incident it was very light smoked and distinctive imprint smale per we knew that the fire we knew that the train was not on fire. >> reporter: been an active
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buyer with smoke increasing and an evacuation plan would have been set in motion >> you can also couple a trying were you 6¢ a train on the same track in the backs up. opening the door and they connect through and have everyone seemed to file. there is lots of ways to evacuate. >> reporter: ventilation fans kick again. with drought with passenger still on the train. >> asking passengers to helper so they can be properly ventilated and kicked the doors opened. she made several announcements and walk-throughs also an
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account of which passengers were as requesting medical attention. >> reporter: 926 the train was moving again. eight minutes later. >> safest place for them was in that train. >> pam: ahead at eight. >> pam: the search continues in the idaho wilderness. for a missing plane and san jose pilot. plus: new details into actor paul walker's death. and the generous gift he surprised one california couple with. >> pam: attack and next-- a confrontation outside an a-c transit bus caught on surveillance video. and the search for the people involved. [ female announcer ] for those who love sweets your season is here. let's just call it the baking time of year. you need special ingredients.
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>> reporter: nat's of attack >> reporter:an attempted kidnapping >> pam: caught on surveillance camera. a man grabs a woman -- right outside the open doors of a city bus. it happened in milpitas tuesday. and police are now searching for the pair. kron 4's rob fladeboe has more on this brazen assault. >>attack on video >> reporter:that disturbing scene occurred moments after a-c transit bus number 217 pulled up at a stop here on east calaveras boulevard and opened it's doors. police sergeant raj maharaj says the surveillance video, captured by a camera on the bus, jibes with the story told by the bus driver, who called 911. >> as she was stopping her
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boss she noticed in male and female and a physical altercation. the bus driver described her as a draft of from the park. >> reporter:the video shows a violent struggle. the man can be heard referencing a bag at first held by the woman, who in turn is shouting for the driver to call police, who are treating this as a possible kidnapping. what else could it be? >> it could be a domestication issue or dispute are father trying to contact his daughter is to be sorts of things? >> reporter:whatever it was occurred right across the street from milpitas city hall, un-nerving some
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transit riders like erick osorio. police went door to door in the neighborhood looking for someone who saw what happened after they moved out of range of that surveillance camera. >> reporter: new tonight, search and rescue teams in idaho spent a third day looking for a plane that disappeared over the weekend... with no sucess. >> pam: the single engine aircraft was carrying five people, including san jose software executive dale smith, when it vanished in the central idaho wilderness. >> pam: this is video from the search effort on wednesday. two helicopters, five fixed wing aircraft, and dozens of ground crews are scouring the area using infrared equipment. a faint signal from an emergency transmitter was detected nearby, but teams have been unable to locate the source. the terrain here is also very rugged, remote and covered in snow. >> pam: kron 4's charles clifford has a closer look at what search teams are dealing with.
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>> reporter:this is an overhead google earth view of baker city oregon. the beech bonanza single engine aircraft left baker city around 11:30 on saturday morning. it was headed east toward butte montana about 272 miles away. >> reporter:when the plane was.. here...about 150 miles northeast of boise idaho, the pilot.. dale smith.. radioed in that the plane was having engine trouble and loosing altititude. he also requested coordinates for the johnson creek airport which is a remote airstrip here near the town of yellow pine. >> reporter:shortly thereafter, the aircraft disappeared off the radar and hasn't been seen since. for the past few days, search and rescue teams have been scouring this area with ground teams, fixed wing aircraft and helicopters. they've also been using a grid system to coordinate their search. >> reporter:this is very rugged terrain with deep canyons, and steep mountains. also, this google imagry was taken during the summer but right now this area is almost completey
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covered in snow. >> reporter:finally, after three days of searching, the effort to find the missing plane could be scaled back on thursday. in the newsroom, charles clifford kron 4 news. >> jacqueline: look at the sheet of ice that formed over the dog dish during the night. 1 42,in oakland. freeze warnings are in effect. icy roads are
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possible, please take your time tomorrow morning. a lot of twenties! 23 in fairfiel d, temperatures to my morning here is forecast san rafael napa up and oakland and stampers san francisco will break the
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previous record set for temperatures. temperatures in the 40's and low 50's bay area wide. we will search for see some changes for and a storm dropping down. it will be chilly once again. the weekend for the morning hours frigid. heading into next week to purchase will become more reasonable by wednesday. >> reporter: i will show you a memo the forty-niners officials is not was not met for fantasy. for fans to see. >> reporter: something really excited to show you
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this robot could be the future of crime fighting. gate slate i will tell you all about it!
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new at 8 !!!!!!!!!! >> reporter:i have some really cool new technology to show you. it's a combination of
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r=2=d=2 and robo=cop this is "k=5" a new crime fighting robot being developed here in silicon valley. gabe slate tech report >> reporter:i got to see k=5 in person up close and i got to say this is really exciting i think this robot could help cut down on crime in this country here's a look at what k=5 can do. >> look for and think on you to twitter or esther graeme beckham be of suspicious or concerned with tickle the data and create a real time that we're could be any alleged to have been issued. and start looking at overall analysis of the situation. >> reporter: it will not arrest people but passed along the information to local authorities and others. their lives during that period they will live
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the straiw live stream, >> reporter: by all the talk now technology that we have and to a solution to fix a problem it's energizing. >> reporter: is right next year in public being tested. kate slate kron 4 news. i love watching tv outside.
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(male announcer): this is the bay area news station,
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kron 4 news starts now. >> pam: a freeze warning in effect right now across the bay area. and it is cold. temperatures are expected to dip even further. and people are bundling up against the frigid temperatures. >> pam: here is a live look at kron 4's chief meteorologist jacqueline bennett is live in our weather center. tracking the cold temperatures. jacqueline? >> jacqueline: it was already called now it's colder. if you like to send in a picture with the weather is like in your neighborhood please do. kron 4 news found that, kron 4 news >> jacqueline: not just the
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north bay but south bay. 38 in pleasanton, and livermore and it is already 36 degrees in half moon bay. >> jacqueline: we are seeing a hard freeze for the delta. >> jacqueline: with the temperatures and beyond the hook coming up looking at the temperatures in your neighborhood coming up >> pam: this is one of those stories that would have been a little blip in the 80's and 90's but in this era of social media. it blows up. fans are sounding off on our kron-4 facebook fan page.
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>> reporter: it looks like the 49ers are dictating to the fans of when they should be pulling for the forty- niners. >> reporter: so if this memo was just met for the employees does this mean that they tell gate >> reporter: the famous fog horn that you hear after every touchdown or field goal. so what does the 49ers' faithful think of this memo >> this was the right to oppose the to the newspaper.
8:34 pm
>> and not a big issue is your choice if you want to or not >> it is a football game is faunus certain place where you should be quiet. >> reporter: across the national football league this sunday the big games against the seattle seahawks and one more regular-season game at candlestick park which will be a monday night game. foreigners headquarters scott rates kron 4 news. >> reporter:nearly two million social media accounts including facebook have been hacked worldwide according to a cyber security report just released. >> insulting to san stance a
8:35 pm
how-to guide on how to act at the stadium. >> i love that the 49ers are encouraging their fans so much and at the same time will come in support the people give them is a huge attribute at the same time. >> reporter: niners fans, real easy when the office is out there in your quiet on defense is out your loud corporat >> pam: the report says the massive data breach happened after key-logging software was installed on an unknown number of computers. that software stores a person's username and password and sends that data to a server controlled by the hackers. other sites hacked include twitter, linked-in gmail, google plus, youtube and yahoo fortune 500 accounts.
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>> pam: in response, facebook said it will contact the people whose data was compromised and will initiate a password reset for those who have been hacked. >> " when he found out kyle had just come back i remember he it kind of transformed." >> pam: a gift from paul walker. leaves one california couple stunned. how the hollywood actor is touching hearts even after his death. >> pam: plus: new parents seeing triple. after giving birth to identical triplets!
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>> reporter: drama at the white house! >>video >> reporter: you are ok sweetie? sunny and other older brother bonds sonny jumps up and the girl backs up and trips over the apparatus and falls down. and michelle quickly puts sony on the ground. she was fine just the puppy give the little girl a hung up to your old passion garden all was fine. scientists that a little bit excited. sonny just got a little bit excited
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spectacular holiday light >> pam: a baby's birth is special enough. but three identical triplets was a one in a 100 million chance for a northern california couple. >> pam: doctors say the chance of concieving the babies without fertility drugs is very rare. the couple from quincy welcomed abby, brin and laurel. >> pam: the triplets are still in the hospital until they are healthy enough to go home. >> reporter: i will explain and the next edition of people behaving badly!
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>> pam: a coroner's report says the "fast and furious" star initially survived a horrific car crash. but died moments later from injuries sustained at impact, and from the resulting fire. the fast and the furious star was a passenger in the red porsche carerra gt involved in the accident. the driver, roger rodas, was killed from "multiple traumatic injuries," according to the new autopsy report. >> pam: toxicology results are still pending and could
8:43 pm
take several weeks. >> pam: earlier, universal pictures announced they were halting production on "fast and furious 7" for an undetermined amount of time in the wake of walker's death. >> pam: paul walker wasn't just an actor -- many that knew him say was a charitable man. pat harvey speaks to one california couple who is expressing their gratitude. after learning walker paid for their engagement ring. >>"it's still to this day the most generous thing anyone has ever done for me," says. >> reporter: victorville couple, kristen and kyle upham never got that perfect ring when the quickly married before kyle left for his army deployment to iraq. but in 2004 they say actor paul walker made that wish come true while the couple was shopping for a ring in santa barbara. >>"i noticed there was someone else in there but didn't give it much thought and we started looking at rings and what not and he kept wanting me to go bigger and i kept saying 'no look at the prices." >> reporter:kyle struck up a conversation with walker and figured out who he was.
8:44 pm
>>"when we were talking you know we exchanged names you know, kind of talked about what each of us did." >>"and when he found out kyle had just come back i remember seeing the look in his face, he it kind of transformed." >> reporter:kyle and krysten left the store without a ring but a short time later the salesperson called them back. >>"one of the ladies came out holding a bag and just simply said, 'here's your ring' and i think both of our mouths dropped. and i think after a couple of minutes of shellshocked it finally sunk in and we were like well how, who bought it? she just smiled at me and said it was better not to say. >> reporter: the couple recently figured out who purchased the ring. after a jewelry store employee shared the story with reporters following walker's death. >> jacqueline: if you you would want to take your time tomorrow morning. due to the
8:45 pm
icy conditions. >> jacqueline: first, let's talk cold, cold and the bay area. it will be even colder temperatures ranging from 20 to 30 spread take it easy out there tomorrow morning. temperatures in your neighborhood, called all round. 31 and half moon bay, 36 in livermore and pleasanton and 23 in fairfield, 24 and half of 25 in santa rosa. we were close to a couple of records to that but we will probably break a few tomato separate coming close. break a field
8:46 pm
tomorrow >> jacqueline: it will be chilly brisk out there tomorrow bay area wide not very worn at all. not very mormowarm at all >> jacqueline: 8:00 hour train is approaching the coast line. rain >> jacqueline: here is a look at the extended for
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ecast. rain and temperatures in the low 20's and 30's. (male announcer): now, here's stanley roberts who found some people behaving badly. >> reporter: 7 issue of our smart phones are making us not so smart. >> pay attention to which you are doing our hear people are on the prowl. holiday season so please keep your head up. >> reporter: >> last talk a little bit later i have someone approaching me. >> reporter: just a much another is a lot of cellphone theft around here. most
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>> up most >> reporter: of the people they spoke with are certainly aware of their surroundings. >> reporter: this woman who had her head down walking in the market. >> hi stanley. that always behaved badly. i always behaved badly. can you caressed me while i am on camera? >> >> reporter: created to make
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people aware that being distracted can cause problems people everyone has been distracted over a electronic device. if you are saying but to have not then you are living on that island and egypt in now denial. >> pam:
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(male announcer): now, the orchard supply sports report with gary radnich. >> reporter:more trouble for embattled welcome back everyone. >> reporter:the 49ers now a three point favorite to beat seattle in what is likely the second to last game ever
8:54 pm
at candlestick park. >> reporter:.and the national media is >> reporter:jim harbaugh graces the cover of this weeks sports illustrated. >> despite the photo author austin murphy writes that harbaugh is softer and saner than you might think. >> reporter:.and harbaugh is quoted as saying, "i'm not trying to be a jerk, i'm just more serious about winning." >> reporter:harbaugh and the 49ers were back at work today preparing for the seahawks >> reporter:colin kaepernick has thrown interceptions in two blowout losses to seattle >> reporter:but back to harbaugh who was hanging out with his high school coach earl hansen who you can see on the left in the gray sweat shirt >> reporter:coach hansen announced his retirment monday after 26 years 4 section titles and a state championship at palo alto high school >> reporter: former coach today >> reporter:kaepernick
8:55 pm
admitted today what most of us already media. quarterback matt mcgloin start for the raiders sunday in new york against the jets. terrelle pryor all but forgotten.or is he? >> reporter:tomlin fined $100k >> reporter:as expected steelers coach mike tomlin was fined $100,000 today stepping onto the field and impeding the baltimore raven jacoby jones in last week's thanksgiving day game the nfl may also dock pittsburgh a draft pick, affected a play on the field." the fine is the out to an nfl coach. tomlin apologized yesterday for the incident but insists it was accidental >> reporter:tomorrow night's scheduled premiere of sports night live with gary radnich is being delayed until next thursday the 12th. >> reporter:.gary is a bit under the weather, and can't launch a new show without the host. so mark your calenders.thursday december 12th, 9pm.and featured on that show is gary's 1-on-1 sitdown interview with warriors guard stephen curry.
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>> reporter:that leads me to our question of the day. no doubt warriors guard player and a great shooter, but is he a superstar yet? >> reporter:the yankees continue to overpay players jacoby ellsbury just the latest in a long line of bloated yankee salaries. ellsbury $153 million with yankees >> reporter:the new york yankees signed outfielder jacoby ellsbury to a 7-year, $135 million contract today home 52 stolen bases for the world champion red sox last
8:57 pm
season the lefty also hit.298 with 9 home runs and 53 rbi >> reporter:his deal included a $21 million option that would make the deal worth $169 million yesterday the yankees signed mccann to a 5-year, $85 million deal >> pam: that's it for the kron 4 news at 8. stay connected with kron 4 and get latest news developments at or apps. our next newscast is tonight at 11 o'clock. see you then. >> pam: goodnight.
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