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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  December 10, 2013 4:00am-6:01am PST

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>> top stories we are following on this tuesday, december 10th. and the cold weather continues in the bay area and across the u-s. live look outside from mount tam cam we'll tell you how long this cold weather is expected to last. >> with the lingering cold weather p-g and e has transported a record amount of natural gas. we'll tell you what that means for your next bill. >> and the funeral service for former south african president nelson mandela will be held today. we'll have a live report out of johannesburg with details. >> good morning. it is tuesday, december 10th. i'm james fletcher. >> and im anny hong
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>> taking a live look outside at san francisco we are waking up to clear conditions. 24 degrees right now in santa rosa. we are just above freezing and oakland and hayward. we are freezing currently in redwood city. we still the freeze warnings and affect. that will be issued this again to mind. we do have a few more minutes for this. the good news is that we will see sunshine and a slight warming for the afternoon. most locations will be in the '50s. 52 degrees for concord and a little cooler--a satellite radar shows clear skies over the bay and high pressure will slowly build. dry weather will come in and we
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may see a slight warming for the work week and the weekend. in fact, some of the extended model shows 70's by next week. we will be warmer than average and we are not looking at any precipitation. we may see a few raindrops on christmas eve. dry run weather will hold on and i do want to focus on the 7 day around the bay although we have a 10% chance for showers it really does not look too likely. we will continue to monitor your forecast >> and right now, the traffic is looking okay. currently the bay bridge is problem free it does not matter which direction you take. there is no wait. the san mateo bridge is also good to go. all is well in the south bay, northbound 1
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01 and interstate 280 your drive time is that 23 minutes out pass highway 37. >> here are live pictures from mandela's a memorial. coming up befor3:00 pmwe will ha live report from johannesburg. president barack obama was just at the podium speaking. he was comparing him to martin luther king the jr. and abraham lincoln. we will have a live report coming up. >> today is another winter spare the air day. wood burning is prohibited in the bay area for 24
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hours. wood burning is only legal in homes where woodstoves or fireplaces are the only heat source. air officials say air pollution is expected to reach unhealthy levels again today as temperatures drop. this is the seventh spare the air day this season. >> already four homeless deaths out of san jose and sarataga are officially being blamed on the cold. now more are suspected in dublin and hayward. hayward police say a 50- year-old homeless man was found unconscious in only a hooded sweatshirt and shorts. this was in a courtyard behind the plaza center safeway on foothill boulevard. he died a short time later at a local hospital. sara lamnin is with a group working to end homelessness in hayward. she says there are about 200 homeless people in the city, and the men have no options. >> there are no men at shelters in hayward. some of them have a 3 to 4 month wait time. what do we do in
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the meantime? >> shelters have started adding more beds in the wake of the recent deaths. >> with the freezing temperatures over night. many people are now turning up their heat. p-g-&-e says they have transported a record amount of natural gas. the utility company says four-point-nine-billion cubic feet of natural gas during the cold snap to put it in comparison, only two-point-seven billion were transported on thanksgiving day. p-g-&-e officials say they are prepare for the amount of natural gas needed in the last few days. >> it is important to note that when demand is low nationwide we are able to sort out the natural gas and that is what we are drawing on. we are not actually using gas at market rates, up we were able to get a much lower rate. >> you might or might not
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have a high gas billed this month. >> due to the government closing today, the asiana investigative hearing has been postponed. today would have been the first day of the hearing before the national transportation safety board on the asiana crash at the san francisco international airport. the hearing in the july crash will be in d.c. n-t-s-b says they are trying to gather more information from experts on the cause of the crash. three girls died in the crash and its aftermath and more than 180 other passengers were injured when the low-flying boeing 777 struck a seawall bordering san francisco bay. >> there will be a series of protests today related to the october fatal shooting of 13-year- old andy lopez by a sonoma county sheriff's deputy. a march is planned from santa rosa city hall at 4 p.m. to the sonoma county sheriff's office to protest the deputy's return to work. the rally at the sheriff's office is at 5:30. deputy erick gelhaus was on
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paid administrative leave since the shooting. assistant sonoma county sheriff lorenzo duenas said gelhaus will work "in an administrative capacity" in the sheriff's office in santa rosa starting today. gelhaus shot lopez seven times when he mistook an airsoft pellet rifle for an ak-47 rifle. >> now to a story we first told you about on the kron 4 news. kron-4 has confirmed that bart and its unions will be back at the negotiation table on thursday and friday of this week. the district invited its two largest unions to meet and discuss the controversial paid family leave provision. that has become the stumbling block in getting a final contract deal. as you'll recall. the unions voted on a new contract that included the family leave clause. but the bart board approved the contract only after it removed that provision. last week, the unions sued bart for what they say. was an illegal act.
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>> firefighters in san francisco are on the scene of a fire at a recycling plant near highway 101. the call went out around 9- 30 last night at the recology warehouse on tunnel avenue. there were no hazardous materials inside but there was a lot of smoke. the building is full of construction materials like drywall and wood. firefighters say this blaze was particularly challenging. >> we had difficulty with the size inside the building. this is impeding our operation and make it more difficult. we're trying to get the smoke out. normally, the company would mold this around but the big front loaders, not because of a smoker not able to get this out. we're trying to do everything by hand which is very tedious. >> no injuries were reported in the fire. the cause is now under investigation.
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>> coming up on the kron4 morning nils. newly classified documents show that the nsa is tracking people by their video games. we would tell you how these documents were octane and just what they are looking for. >> the recent storms have caused trouble for much of the united states. the weather has caused deaths and has left people stranded. we will have those details next.
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>> welcome back. california's health insurance exchange has a backlog of 25,000 paper applications that must be processed by dec. 23 for the applicants to get health insurance starting in the new year. the deadline to file the applications is december 23rd. roy kennedy, a spokesman for covered california, said monday some of the applications were from insurance agents who were unable to access the online portal in the first
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few days after the exchange opened on oct. 1. he says the agency has added staff to help. still, the california association of health underwriters says those workers are only entering basic information, and insurance agents are being asked to check the site several times a day for clients whose applications need to be entered. insurance companies also must bill the customers and receive payment by jan. 1. >> the n-s-a can track people through several different electronic sources. and newly- disclosed classified documents show. agents even track people through video games. the documents were obtained by the guardian newspaper. from n-s-a leaker edward snowden. they show that the n- s- a and british intelligence. have been monitoring several games. including 'world of warcraft' and the 'x-box live' console. experts say, terrorists like the ability to use fake identities and voice and text- chat. through games. even so. some say, the program raises more privacy concerns. >> it is a privacy violation because people participate with the game interactions. you do not know who the characters are. if it turns
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out that the government is born this activity and analyzing it, leaking that to individuals that i think people would be concerned. >> a spokesman for the n-s- a's british counterpart. would not confirm or deny the reports-- but said that agency's activities are necessary. and legal. >> this is another morning but frigid temperatures. i will talk about just how cold it is when we continue.
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>> welcome back. as a nation and the world mourns the loss of iconic statesman nelson mandela, south africa will hold a week long celebration of life ahead of his official funeral service. >> world leaders, including president obama, are in attendance at the memorial service. let's go live to david mckenzie who is live in johannesburg, south africa with more on the memorial today. david?
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>> it has been a really powerful and day of celebration. thousands of people streamed into this stadium. he came out of a prison end-1990. this prose a democratic transition. he just wrapped up speaking, the president. he stated that nelson mandela had a very personal connection to him. he also stated-that she received a warm welcome and celebrated from a george bush. it has been more like 8 celebration. there have
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been many people who have been deeply touched by nelson mandela. they hope that his legacy lives on. >> i understand that the ceremony started late due to a training. how was the crowd? i heard that there were stumbling at some point. >> they had reported that there were people who was a boy in the current president of south africa. all in all it was a warmer welcome for most of the broad leaders. the rain did play a part in stopping--people come and i drive their vehicles up to eight stadium. nelson mandela will lead would have won this to be a big public event where people of all ages and races could get together.
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>> president obama just wrapped up his eulogy what was the crowd's response? >> i think their response was warm, the moment when president obama gave reference to things in south africa. he used the key terms-session that means togetherness. he had a huge roar from the crowd. they acknowledge this. of course, president obama admitted times have said that nelson mandela, during his presidency was a real icon for him. i believe that his
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remarks were very welcome in south africa. >> so, the rest of the that would just be a procession of dignitaries and coming up to speak? what is the schedule for the rest of the week? >> the rest of the wait is plant and through the commemoration and the events starting tomorrow. tomorrow, his body will lie in the pretoria and of the ordinary people will be able to come right to view the body for several days then, his body will be flown by a military aircraft. this will go to a role area where he was born. as small surrounding. he asks for his actual burial to bid easton area and certainly more people will deal with and remember this
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great man. , today, this is an essential day, independence bridge >> area residents are invited to sign a memorial book and honor of nelson mandela. residents can write thoughts and ideas about the former south african president. sampras's go city hall to the end of the week. memorial book signing events are also planned for elsewhere in the bay area. visitors can also come by these place until december 31st. >> a south carolina sheriff
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is refusing to lower the american flag in tribute to the late nelson mandela. he says, honor should be reserved for american citizens. president barack obama or flax lord have staff for mandela until sunset monday night. pickens county sheriff rick clark says, not in his department. >> as a show, a sign of respect for what nelson mandela's adult, i have no problem boring that in south africa is their country--but not for our country. it should be the people, in my opinion, will have sacrificed for our country. >> sheriff clark received a lot of criticism after first announcing that he would not lower the flag to half staff, but he says the most of the feedback he has received has been supportive. >>
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>> the winter storm across the country have caused problems for most people. in texas, the trouble is eyes, a huge sheets of it. also at dallas-fort worth is in deep freeze about 20,000 customers are without power. more than 26 of the flights were canceled. in the
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midwest, windshields are 40 below zero. in new york, a 20 car pileup injured 40 people sunday night. finally, in nevada, the search is on for two adults along with their children. from state to say, plaza are out in full force, trying to prevent more deadly chain reactions. >> to the salt the temperatures are above the freezing mark. we have seen a lot of precipitation. it should pushout by the time we head into the evening. that is the big story that we will continue to monitor. here in the bay area taken a live look is some of the cold spots. we are below freezing. foster city is at 29 degrees. some spots are a few degrees cooler than where we were before. we have that freeze warning
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still in effect the national weather is thinking of three is showing that freeze warning. we still have two more days so below freezing temperatures. the trade office that it will be a warmer afternoon. santa clara will have a high of 55 degrees. we will see similar conditions in the east with an walnut creek hitting 51 degrees. downtown san francisco was still be below where they should speak with a high of 52 degrees. clear skies and the high pressure will build so that means that the storm that we received will be way to the north. any precipitation more remain in the east. we have a 10% chance for the weekend but it doesn't look likely. warmer weather, plenty of
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sunshine, upper 60s is not low 70's for next week. the temperatures will be warmer. >> looking at the traffic around the bay we really do not have any hot spot in just a few minor accidents. here's a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza where we have great conditions. the san mateo bridge although it is cold you will not encounter any delays. the drive time is 12 to 13 minutes. great to conditions along the nimitz freeway, no problems on the interchange. your ride out of tracy out of 2 05, is still in great shape >> the kron4 morning nils
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will be right back.
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>> welcome back. some of the nation's top high school science students are in washington for the announcement of scholarships worth up to $100,000. the siemens foundation will announce the winners of its annual science competition for high school students during a ceremony in washington on tuesday. the winners will be announced during a ceremony at the george washington university. six individuals and six teams are competing for awards. the finalists come from california, georgia, massachusetts, missouri, new jersey, new york, texas and virginia. linestudy finds prison realignment boosts auto thefts, property crime, as violent crime stays steady sacramento, calif. - a new study finds that auto thefts have gone up significantly and other property crimes also have increased after california started a new program that has led to more jail inmates being released early. the study by the public policy institute of california is the first independent review of crime trends driven by the state's drop in prison population. the study released monday finds that violent crimes did not increase as a result of the program, known as realignment. but property crime increased as inmates who previously would have gone to state prisons were instead sent to county jails. the jails often free them early due to
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their own problems with overcrowding. the nonpartisan institute blames the law for a nearly 15 percent increase in vehicle thefts in the first year after it took effect in october 2011. that's about 24,000 additional car thefts each year. >> to those who've waited... worried... poked and prodded... taken risks... and lived in a state of "what if?"... welcome to a new state... of health. welcome to covered california. the place to find quality, affordable coverage. financial help for those in need. and nobody can be denied because of a pre-existing condition. enroll now at
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>> welcome back. happening now, fire crews are still on the scene of a recycling and warehouse fire. that is happening at the ecologrecology recycling warehouse in san francisco. that is where we find kron4 yoli aceves. >> these are the two buildings, this is where the
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garbage is dumped and recycle it. they have this entire door open and you can see quite a bit of smoke. it is basically under control. i want to bring in the division chief and he can give us a little bit more detail. >> chief, at this point is the fire out completely? maligned the fire is contained in we are still trying to get to the hot spots. there are robert pyles. >> so, there are still hot spots? >> yes there is spread do you know who called the decision? >> the fire department received an alarm bell, our company responded and noticed smoke. >> how bad was the fire when you arrived? >> we saw a lot smoke coming out. the fire-session
4:33 am
>> was the smoke ever an issue? >> no, we never had a shelter in place due to the smoke. we were going toward the southern part. >> and did it cause a traffic hazard? >> not that i am aware of. >> what is there left to do? >> the fire is--it would not spread outside of this building bread we are trying to get to the fog spots. >> how much longer do you think you will be out here? >> i was said about another four hours. >> do you think that this recycling center will be open today? >> i know the regular trash part it is open where the
4:34 am
garbage trucks ago. i am not sure or it would be of to the manager whether or not it will open. >> it think you very much. that was the division chief giving us an update. there are still hot spots. >> i think we are losing joe lis audio. we would check back. >> let's find out about the forecast. >> the cold snap will continue to take a look at your temperatures. it is no surprise that we're already in the low 20s a fort santa rosa. san francisco as mild as 40 degrees pripet some spots, are actually colder than where we were 24 hours ago. we still have the freeze warnings and affect.
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the national weather service center will reissue this. we will seek a another round of subfreezing. keep in mind that the coldest ratings fall between 6:00 a.m. and 7:00 a.m.. make sure that you dress in layers, san francisco was not impacted. the rest of the bay area may fall below freezing. later on tonight you will see for yourself that the temperatures will be in the 30's is not low 40's. >> it is going to be a warmer afternoon with plenty of sunshine. sunnyvale have a high of 54 degrees. low 50's for pleasanton and livermore. satellite and radar shows clear skies over the entire area. high pressure will slowly built then. that means that we will not see any rain and
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the temperatures will warm- up gradually. here is a live look that the 7 day around the bay, another freeze warning will go into effect for tomorrow morning but should still expect sunny conditions. it will not be as cold wednesday night into thursday. the temperatures will turn up and we will be back in the 67 into the weekend. we may actually see upper 60s is not low 70's for next would. that is something that we will monitor. as for the traffic, a few minor incidents that the chp is contending with. this is a good time for you to leave your home. the bay bridge is on a fund with no problems. traffic is flowing freely from all the approaches. you can pretty much say the same thing for the san mateo bridge pripe
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>> the drive time is 12 minutes coming down the east shore freeway from hercules to berkeley. westbound 24 is clear to the caldecott tunnel. we're still seeing green. a again, we're not seen any delays. >> >> a warning that this next story contains graphic photos. a chilling discovery at a windsor park, when a man and his children stumbled upon a skull while they were
4:38 am
hiking. shiloh ranch regional park was closed yesterday as authorities recovered the skeletal remains found sunday. crime scene investigators have not yet removed the remains. chris cane and his two young sons where walking in the park and decided to veer off the trail. cane's 6-year-old son spotted a skeleton and a tennis shoe in a creek bed. cane immediately called 911, then took his boys and headed back to the parking lot to meet authorities. >> deputies confirmed that there was a human skull and found other bones under some leaves in the immediate area. >> police have arrested a hayward catholic school teacher for lubewd tax on a child. they said that the suspect molested a young student over a two-year period 29 year-old mia cu
4:39 am
mmings of oakland, is being held now on a hundred thousand dollars bail. if she worked as an after- school program assistant at all saints catholic school in hayward. she is not charged with felony counts of oral sex. the victim told police of at least 10 separate incidents. the diocese is not commenting on the case at this time. she is on paid administrative leave and to accord in january to enter a plea. please do not believe that there are other victims. maligned coming up on the kron4 morning news spirit will have the tech report with gabe slate.
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>> time for the tech report gabe slate. >> good morning, i have a new gadget to show you. this was developed in silicon valley. this device could
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save your life or for someone that you care about. it is perfect for the holiday. this device plugs into your phone and it turns your phone into a real functioning breathalyzer. anyone can have access to this breathalyzer in their pocket. all you need is a smart phone. this is great for the holiday because there is a lot of drinking and parties. let me show you what it does. >> this is the first smart phone breathalyzer. in all you need to do is take is devised, plugging in to your phone and it basically activates the device from there, you just need to stores this button and it takes a few seconds for it to calibrate. once it is done calibrating you just have to blow into this
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whole and with that is second you will know what you're alcohol content is in real time. >> within a matter of seconds, it will analyze your brokeragbreath. a couple ow features if you had something to drink, you go into this, it will tell you how long it will take for you to sober up. the third, with the push of a button you can't locate capab. >> this device is on the market now and it is at $15 sprea $50 spre. gabe slate, kro4
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new sprea
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>> welcome back. a california court has scheduled arguments next month for michael jackson's doctor to appeal his involuntary manslaughter conviction. the 2nd district court of appeal in los angeles set arguments in the case for jan. 9. former cardiologist conrad murray is appealing his 2011 conviction on various grounds. he says a judge excluded jurors from hearing key evidence and should have sequestered jurors on the high-profile case. the attorney general's office has said the issues cited by murray's lawyers were not errors and are not a basis to give him a new trial. murray was convicted of causing jackson's death by giving the singer an overdose of the anesthetic propofol on june 25, 2009. murray was released in two years in jail. line >> an american singer has made it to final three. on the middle east's most popular music show, despite not speaking arabic.
4:47 am
jennifer grout almost won the 'arabs got talent' show. she stunned audiences by singing traditional songs. in flawless arabic. the judges agreed, praising her ability to bridge eastern and western cultures through song. she was eliminated, but says she has no regrets about going on the show. >> he is six years old and fixated on space. this little boy who dreams of becoming an astronaut one day. is on a mission to save nasa! connor johnson was disappointed to learn that congress is cutting funding to the space program. connor knew he had to do something. first he decided to give his entire piggy bank to nasa. but then, after talking with his family, he decided to create an online petition on the white house website. >> "and to get a response from the white house, i need 100 mil. 100- thousand."/"nasa if you're watching, thank you." >> little connor must get 100-thousand signatures by december 29-th. at last check. johnson's petition had nearly seven- thousand signatures. we have posted a link to connor's petition on our website. just go to kron4 dot com.
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>> san francisco giants pitcher matt cain has pledged a $50,000 donation to the make-a-wish foundation after seeing the success of the organization's "batkid" visit to san francisco last month. make-a-wish grants wishes for children with life- threatening illnesses, such as 5-year- old miles scott who became the san francisco superhero, batkid, on nov. 15. miles, who is recovering from leukemia, went around the city in a batman-like costume fighting villains at staged crime scenes, and had the attention of nearly all bay area residents, with even president barack obama commenting on his superhero talents. cain took notice of the pint-sized hero from tulelake, calif., and wanted to support make-a- wish. the ballplayer and his wife, chelsea, will give $50,000 to the organization once its bay area executive director patricia wilson raises the same amount. wilson has raised more than $20,000 for her part in the annual "brave the bay" charity event for the organization held last saturday at aquatic park in san francisco. >> let's get straight to the
4:49 am
members, santa rosa is down to 24 degrees it is still below freezing above the east shore line. some spots are colder than 24 hours ago. the same goes for fairfield and slightly warm and north of the golden gate bridge. we still have a freeze warning in effect and the national weather service center will be issued one for 10:00 p.m. until tomorrow. we do have two more mornings with temperatures below freezing. keep in mind, the coldest reasoreadings are between 6:00 a.m. and 7:00 a.m.. we will see warmer conditions for the afternoon. >> we have a sunny day ahead where we will hit 52 in oakland and mid 50s down in the south, fairfield will have a high of 51. the
4:50 am
headlines show a slight warming for the next couple of days. your mornings will not be as co by the end of the week heading into saturday we are back in the '60s. your 7 day around the bay highlights by monday it will be back into the upper 60s. some of the extended models are showing nearly dry weather until christmas. the temperatures are expected to be above 50. >> the traffic is picking up a board delays. unfortunately this should not bothered you because it is from san francisco heading into the east bay direction. due to a power issue, in daly city there's actually no direct service from san francisco heading into dublin. blueline is now working in the eastbound direction. bart stated that you should find an alternate
4:51 am
means of transportation. the other lines are not affected by the spread >> we are getting more details and we hope to have more information coming up. if you are getting in your car this morning you are not looking at hot spots although the volume has increased. we're still without wait at the pay gate. the san mateo bridge is problem free we have not seen any delays working your way toward a high rise. over to the traffic mabs' we're still seeing green for northbound 101. your drive time is still under 25 minutes into the city. >> there was a big crowd at a mall in charlotte stephen curry was back in his hometown doing an autograph signing with bobcats guard kemba walker before the game. curry hugs his dad dell, who does tv for the bobcats
4:52 am
now onto the game. and it was a tough one for the warriors. 99 bobcats curry gets a 3-pointer to game. curry had 43 points, 9 assists, and 6 rebbounds but kemba walker - tough driving layup in traffic adds more points on the board with 109-102 bobcats. the final score 115-111 bobcats the warriors go on to face the dallas mavericks tomorrow night at the o-dot- co coliseum at 7:30. >> if you want to take little bit of history home with you from candlestick park-- well now you can. candlestick seats went on sale monday-- but they're not cheap. the 49ers are selling off they are sold only in pairs with a limit of eight season ticket holders only were offered a discounted price of $649 on monday. the stadium will be impolded after this season as the
4:53 am
49ers move to their new stadium in santa clara all proceeds will go to the san francisco recreation and parks department youth programs >> unless more parking is found, there may be no monday night or thursday night football games at the 49ers new levi's stadium in santa clara. at least for the foreseeable future. the team reportedly has adequate parking for sunday games, because spaces shared with surrounding businesses are mostly available on sunday afternoons. but many of those same spaces. are in use by those businesses and their patrons during the week. the team is said to be looking into other nearby parking options. such as mission valley college, as it develops a long-term plan that would ultimately accommodate weekday games. the stadium is set to open in 2014. >>
4:54 am
>> and you won't want to miss sports night live hosted by gary radnich. and featuring gary's radio partner larry krueger. a brand new show here on kron 4-- we'll have lively debates.and big time interviews. the show premieres thursday night at 9pm. xñ
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>> welcome back. a young girl and the streets and borrow, ohio wrote an apology to police after accidentally calling an 911 from a disconnected phone. the police department posted the letter on their face book page. it says " the deer officer, i am really sorry i called you for no reason. thank you for not taking me to jail. i am really sorry and i will not
4:57 am
ever do it again, i promise. " along with the letter, police posted a warning to parents about letting their children play with old phones. cell phones without service or minutes will still be able to make calls to 911. >> the holiday season is in full swing. and people across the bay area are decorating their homes with lights and displays. these are some photos viewers have sent us. we encourage you to share your holiday lights photos with us on facebook. or you can email us at breaking news at kron-4 dot com. we'd love to share them on the air and on our website. malignedwe're getting you in the holiday spirit with another kron local special, amazing holiday lights. our one-hour show takes you live all around the bay bringing you some spectacular holiday light displays, tree lightings and holidays festivities. kron 4's amazing holiday lights, this friday night. december 13th at 9pm. right after kron 4 news at 8. >> coming up on the kron4 morning nils. the cold
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weather continues in the bay area. we will have a live report kron4 mike pelton who was out in livermore. report kron4 mike pelton who was out in livermore. >i love watching tv outside. and why can you move the tv out here? the wireless receiver. i got that when i switched to u-verse. but why? because it's so much better than cable. it's got more hd channels, more dvr space. yeah, but i mean, how did you know? i researched. no, i-i told you. no. yeah! no. the important part is that you're happy now. and i got you this visor. you made a visor! yes! that i'll never wear. ohh. [ male announcer ] get u-verse tv for just $19 a month for two years with qualifying bundles. rethink possible.
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with qualifying bundles. the holidays can be an especially difficult time. everything's different now. sometimes i feel all alone. christmas used to be my favorite. i just don't expect anything. what if santa can't find me? to help, sleep train is holding a secret santa toy drive. bring your gift to any sleep train, and help keep the spirit of the holidays alive. not everyone can be a foster parent. but anyone can help a foster child.
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>> the top stories that we are following on this tuesday, december 10th. it is a another cold day out there for the bay area. just how cold it is in your neighborhood coming up. >> a recycling more house is still burning this morning. we are live on the scene with an update. >> we're also going to go live remembering it nelson mandela. >> in terms of how cold is is is it warmer that yesterday? >> it is slightly warmer in
5:01 am
the north bay but a dramatic drop for the east bay, concord is at eight degrees cooler. we have not made any improvements. we still have the freeze on morning in effect. the national weather service center has extended the freeze warning to last until tomorrow morning. we do have two more mornings of temperatures below freezing. here is a look at the numbers. petaluma is at 21 degrees. upper 20s for foster city. the temperatures will continue to drop. most locations will be in the '50s, again, the temperature will drop back down by 10:00 p.m. tonight. >> high pressure will build and that means that we will not see any brain and a dramatic drop. we may see seven days by next week. i will talk about what is
5:02 am
expected to coming up. >> continuing our team coverage of the cold weather with kron4 mike pelton who was live in livermore. >> it is a very another chilly morning. we are at 25 degrees. of course, the freeze warning will go through 9:00 a.m. this morning. he certainly will want to use your winter weather there. here is the scene from the past hour. a lot of the cars were looking like ice cubes. there were covered in a thick layer of frost. the good nils is that we have not seen the winds pick up but it is still very frigid out here. when i was out here a week ago a lot of people told me that that
5:03 am
were in joined this. after dealing with these frigid temperatures for six or seven days most people- session >> everything is the same it is the same cold weather, everyday, everyday. i see you are starting to get your cold weather attire. maligne >> every day, i will add another piece of clothing. >> let's follow the latest with traffic. we're starting the morning off with bart delays. it should not impact commuters were a factor traffic into san francisco but we have a power issue at the daly city station. that is impacting the service to dublin. word
5:04 am
is that you can get into oakland, and you should be able to get dropped off at the bay fair station. that is where we are not seen any bart service. they are stating that expenditure direction you will need to find an alternate means. they have no word is that will provide shuttle buses. >> the bay bridge is looking good with no delays. i will have a report of drive times coming up. >> we want to go live to the memorial of nelson mandela. you are looking at the president of south africa delivering remarks. within the last hour, president obama spoke at the soccer stadium. here is a little bit of what he had to say. >> like dr. king you gave a
5:05 am
voice for the oppressed. he endorsed a brutal imprisonment that began. he reached the final days had emerged from prison. he was holding the country together when it was trying to break apart. he wanted to preserve freedom for future generations. >> we have the complete transcript on kron4 site web site. we will go live to johannesburg and about 50 minutes. >> in about 15 minutes.
5:06 am
>> happened now, fire crews are still on the scene of a recycling warehouse fire. that is happening at the recology cycle and warehouse in san francisco. that is where we find yoli aceves. >> on what to show you a video of how it was looking at last night. according to the fire chief he stated that the call came man as an alarm going off on a building. he's that when they arrived they saw a lot of smoke. this is where all of the domestic garbage is getting don't.umped. there were able to go inside of the
5:07 am
warehouse to address this fire right away. as far as i know, they have never had to shelter a place every day seems to be okay. the neighborhoods around here are okay at this point and i did talk to the division chief. >> the fire is contained and it should not spread outside of this building. we still have company's operating inside the building. there tried to get to the hot spots. >> how lonely you think you will be out here? >> i was say a minimum of four hours. >> it is still undetermined whether this recycle center will be reopened after they are finished. that is the
5:08 am
most recent information on will find out if there will be functioning today. as far as when they come pick up the garbage, they can still work in and out of this area. it is just the people who come to dump the other garbage is unclear whether or not they will open. >> the time is 5:08 a.m.. coming up on the kron4 morning newest. dramatic video of a dog being thrown at a driver who was pulled over in north carolina held happened coming up. >> remembering and nelson mandela. we will go live to johannesburg, south africa where a memorial service is under way for him. >> after the break, the man accused of killing another man over a game consoles had his day in court. we will
5:09 am
have the details. [ female announcer you get sick, you can' breathe through your nose... suddenly you' a mouth breathe a mouth breather! how do you sleep like that you dry up, your cold feels even worse. well, put on a breathe right strip and shut your mout cold medicines open your nose over time, but add a breathe right strip and pow it instantly opens your nose up to 38% more so you can breathe and do the one thing you want to do. sleep. add breathe right to your cold medicine. shut your mou and sleep right. breathe right. add breathe right to your cold medicine. let'do gts, , let'do spris. ye s, bing t's condenc
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[ male announcer ] find some peace this holiday. get 8 pieces any recipe, 2 large sides, 4 biscuits, and 12 cookies baked in-restaurant, that's a lot for just $19.99! yes you did. yes you did. no i didn't. no i didn't. yes you did. yes you did. no i didn't. no i didn't. did not. yes you did. [ male announcer ] today tastes so good. >> the time is 5:11 a.m.. a
5:12 am
not guilty plea from a san francisco man suspected of shooting and killing another man who was trying to sell him a place station 4. ronnie colllins entered his plea mcorp does today. the charges include two counts of attempted robbery and firearm enhancements. he is accused of killing ikenna uwakah, the two lanes to meet in the bayview district to sell the new ps 4. police say, when the two men were face-to-face, he pulled out a gun and shot him. he is in jail and $5 million bailout. >> coming up on the kron4 morning news. remembering and nelson mandela. we are live in johannesburg with
5:13 am
more on how the country and the world is coming
5:14 am
the ll osuccs. heree hor thprou acmpliment ourtudes analum. peop lik mar salar, anxecuve dectoat ameran r cro. or glin ith,ideo acunt rect at hoo. and r evy garlin, thounds re a hir by huredsf tocompies. ch expanding thenfluce of o pro unirsitof phoex neork. that'sight unersi of oeni enll n. we'vgot fram itinfor u.
5:15 am
>> welcome back. as a nation
5:16 am
and the world mourns the loss of iconic statesman nelson mandela, south africa will hold a weeklong celebration of his life. world leaders, including president obama are in attendance at the memorial service. let's go live to david mackenzie who is live in johannesburg, south africa. >> it has been a special day here in south africa. the commemorative ceremony for nelson mandela. he died at the age of 95. he spent more than 20 years in prison. he brought africa into a free presents. it has been an incredible day but that did not stop thousands streaming in to remember him. more
5:17 am
than 90 world leaders and statesmen came man to pay their respects. president barack obama gave a very moving account of his connection with nelson mandela and what he meant to a lot of people. >> some of the world's most powerful and employed two people came here. >> i am not a saint unless you think of a saint as a sinner who keeps on. >> the festivities, the come member to raise cash as it had been a moment of morning but he was sick for months before and they were expecting his passing. >> it is incredible to get a perspective on a number of
5:18 am
people. i know the stadium could hold up to 90,000 people. we're talking about leaders from all along the road very different-- >> this shows of the universal appeal of nelson mandela. he had many friends, many 8 people who were not friendly with the united states. this has already caused a storm mall on social media. the leader of cuba, many of these leaders crammed into the same area, protocol has to be done. mandela would have liked this. this was more about the thousands of people, more than 40 million watching this on television across the country. of
5:19 am
course, the global stand that he has made. >> over the course of the week ahead, i assume that more people will get a chance to pay their respects. >> they will, in fact the body of nelson mandela will be at of the union building and the pretoria for several days and then that will fly his body to and east end, rural area where he grew up for a very private ceremony on sunday. >> this has been that way for society to reflect on the history, one thing that struck me it was a personal connection that people had to him. they had things to take a share, when he came out of prison and how it impacted their lives. >> we will continue our live
5:20 am
coverage. >> the time is 5:19 a.m.. now we will get a look at the weather. >> let's see how low the temperatures will go, concord is at 25 degrees. mid-20s for santa rosa. we're still hovering above the freezing mark in oakland. we do have a another frigid start and the national weather service will issue a freeze of morning. concord is at a high of a 9 degree drop. we have made some improvements north of the golden gate bridge. santa rosa is a little warmer. the temperatures process would not drop but it is still cold outside pripet the
5:21 am
freeze warning will expire but remember it will be reissued at 10:00 p.m. heading into wednesday morning. >> good nils is that we will see slightly warmer conditions for the afternoon and everyone will pretty much be in the '50s. santa clara will have a high of 55 degrees. upper 50s for san jose and evergreen. we will see similar weather in the east, san francisco will climb into the 50s. a satellite and radar shows clear conditions and the skies are clear that will live most of the cool air to go to the ground. high pressure will build over these areas and that will guide the storm to the north. we should not see any rain for the next several
5:22 am
days. >> the temperatures will climb. here's a look at the 7 day or around the bay. saturday and sunday we are back in the '60s and the temperatures are above freezing. we will continue with this pattern for the next work week although we will be met with mostly cloudy conditions we will see upper 60s heading into next week. looking at the extended model, perhaps the dry conditions for christmas day. more details on your weather coming up. >> we have bart delays due to a power issue at the daly city station. this is impacting the dublin, blind. you can go into the oakland using the other lines and bart is currently turning trains back. there is no direct service from san
5:23 am
francisco to dublin. you can't make your way into oakland and they may do a train shuttle service from those of you who have dublin measure final destination. it does not seem to have a direct impact on the other line so for those of you commuting you should be a problem free. hopefully, we will have more information coming up. >> the bay bridge is doing just fine and the metering lights are still lost. the traffic is building but it is still an easy ride in the commute section. over to the traffic maps your drive time is at 13 minutes from hercules to berkeley. westbound 24 is clear through the caldecott tunnel. >> the time is 5:23 a.m.. we will be back with more in
5:24 am
just a few minutes. good morning nelly! woah.
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>> welcome back. we are watching wall street this morning. >> here are the closing numbers from yesterday. the- out was up five points. the nasdaq added six. the s&p 500 added three. it looks like a little bit of a pullback. there is going to be big nils with the founder of the company due to the recent interview about the pants. he is want
5:28 am
to step down and their stock is up. >> we will have the opening bell in the next hour. we will be right back.
5:29 am
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5:30 am
>> welcome back. the time is 5:30 a.m.. we have a jackie sissel the naso live shogiving t from walnut creek. >> it yesterday, i was in the north bay and was 29 degrees. it is 6 degrees colder now. as it is cold out here we have been talking about this for days. the frost advisory fees and the freeze warning. today, is the coldest. 23 degrees approaching that stashed
5:31 am
once again we have frozen when the shells as you go out to your car you will have a pipe issue, were they may freeze and with no water pripet it would definitely be a black ice type of morning. if there's any more sure, it is cold, it kind of feels repellent repetitive. maligne a repetitive. the >> i am waiting for the next coffee shops opened up. >> you know it is cold when
5:32 am
jackie says that is cold. >> some spots, about a degrees colder than yesterday morning. the north bay is warmer and petaluma is that 21. santa rosa up has a high of 25 currently. we do have several locations from the bay and are way below the freezing mark. coldest reading occurred between 6:00 a.m. and 7:00 a.m. in the morning. for the afternoon you can expect sunny skies. another freeze warning wiccan up for tomorrow morning. past fed, arrest of the week it is printing of sunshine. i will break down your 7 day all around the bay coming up. >> we are starting to see a
5:33 am
light delays in just a cash lanes. no cash lanes and people have to wait pripet as we look at the san mateo bridge the traffic is moving okay. this is your westbound direction where we are having the traffic goes through towards hayward is looking okay. the golden gate bridge, northbound 1 01 is also in great shape. >> we are showing you live from johannesburg, president obama sestet nelson mandela are earned his place in history through struggle, but shrewdness, perseverance and faith. obama is eulogizing of the former south african president at a memorial service in johannesburg. he compared to
5:34 am
mandela until mahatma gandhi, martin luther king jr. and abraham lincoln. obama is urging the world to act on mandela's legacy by fighting any quality, poverty and racism. he says in progress in the united states and south africa must not cloud the fact is there's still work to be done. he says the south africa shows us that we can change. obama calls mandela of the last great liberator of the 21st century, and says that he thinks about how to apply mandela's lessons to himself as a man and as a president. >> sadly there has been some controversy at the memorial including president obama shaking hands with cuban communist leader raul castro. some of the african
5:35 am
presidents jacob zuma drowned out by the booes. garrido complete text of president obama speech on our website ed >> already there has been for homeless deaths of a san jose and saratoga. this is blame to the cold weather. now here is more on the suspects in an dublin and hayward. hayward police say that a 50 year-old homeless man was found unconscious in only a hooded sweat shirts and shorts. this was in a courtyard behind the plaza center safeway on foothill boulevard. he died a short time later at the hospital. shelters have started adding more beds in the wake of the recent deaths. >> a chilling discovery at a
5:36 am
windsor park. a man and his children stumbled upon a school while they were hiking. shiloh ranch regional park was closed yesterday as authorities recovered the skeletal remains. crime scene investigators have not yet remove the remains. chris cain and his two young sons were walking in the park and decided to beer off the trail. his six year-old son spotted a skeleton and a tissue in a creek. it katie neatly called 911, bin took his boys and headed back to the parking lot. >> deputies and confirm to the there was a human skull and some of their bones under some leaves. >> andmerrill newman, the
5:37 am
85 year-old palo alto man who was detained for weeks by north korea says, that the so-called confession he made was something he was forced to do. newman arrived at sfo on saturday. he said in a statement on monday, that the confession had been scripted and says that he was intentionally emphasizing the awkward phrasing mcorp grammar. maligned newman says, and that the north koreans treated him well but his interrogator told him repeatedly, if that if he did not apologize for alleged crimes committed during the korean war, he would be sentenced to 15 years in jail for espionage. newman says, and north korea, the war is not over and even innocent comments
5:38 am
can mean big trouble for former spread >> coming up on kron 4 news. we will have illegal dumping. this will be the next episode of people behaving badly. [ female announcer ] it's a mountain grown morning with folgers lively colombian. it's deliciously dark, just before dawn. it's welcoming the sunrise with a taste of vanilla biscott
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>>anny: welcome back time now is a 540 grid check out this story that has gone to viral. this man was shopping and jumped to his death. tao hsiao was with his girlfriend and a shopping mall and east china. after five hours the 38 year-old finally had enough and demanded to go home. eyewitnesses say he could be heard saying they already have more bad thing and they could carry, but she insisted on going into one more shot. that's when the couple started to really go at it. the shouting match ended when the man through the backs on the floor and jump of the balcony, smashing into christmas decorations on his way down before hitting the floor seven stories below. emergency services arrived at the scene but tao was
5:42 am
killed immediately from the impact of the fall. and north carolina driver doesn't leave police had any reason to put a police canine through his window and onto his lap after a police chase st this is-can video of the dramatic ending. the pit maneuver stopped johnny williams car creek in wilmington police officer stafford brister was a police canine into williams' car. a grand jury, made up of 15 people watch this bought that does video several times before deciding to clear the officer of any criminal wrongdoing. district attorney ben david said he wanted a grand jury to decide if officer brister should be charged with
5:43 am
assault inflicting serious injury. even though the officer was cleared of criminal charges, the police chief says there is still an internal investigation under way. we will be right back.
5:44 am
5:45 am
5:46 am
we're focused on whether. the national weather service has issued a winter storm warning for the eastern seaboard including baltimore washington d.c. philadelphia and wilmington delaware. three to 6 in. of snow are expected. federal offices in washington d.c. are closed today as no heads the region just in time for the morning commute. eastern and central kentucky and south west virginia are also expected to get up to 3 in. of snow. it is and when to read mass. it continues everywhere. erica is
5:47 am
following the forecast. >>erica: good morning james. keep in mind this is the same winter storm that brought rain to the bay area friday night and snow to the syrup over the weekend. it's made its way over the entire country. places like new york city of towards baltimore, maryland. freed up mayor this year is right now we are only seeing precipitation but the eyes are rain should be out over the atlantic that would drift out back toward see for the evening commute home. hopefully we really won't see hazardous conditions for too much longer. this is something we will continue to monitor over the morning. i guess we have it easy to read it instilling with frigid temperatures. concord 4543 and vallejo. 38 degrees
5:48 am
right now and the the city. a 32 of the door in sunnyvale. we still have the freeze morning in effect for much of the bay area. coldest reading expected to hit between six and seven this morning. the national weather service will reid issued this freeze morning tonight heading into wednesday morning sunny skies but still a fairly cool day. temperatures are still cooler the where we should be for this time of year but we will see some improvement. it's going to give free jet once again. temperatures in the upper thirties. we're not talking rain for the next several days but warm-up. the
5:49 am
weekend looking pretty good. plenty of sunshine with temperatures back in the '60s. by next week we could see upper 60s if not low '70's for the middle of december. time ran out as 548 and here is dan. hey dan. >>: residual delays. mission dissipate as the morning progresses. and the bay bridge toll plaza if you're heading into san francisco we have some delay starting to build. fasttrack certainly still moving well at this time. marin lives. golden gate bridge also moving well as well in both directions at this time. >>: here stanley roberts who found some people behaving badly.
5:50 am
(singing): i got a black magic woman trying to make a devil o0ut of me. >>stanley: this is marcus malone and most people his name means nothing but if you are an old school santana fan its might. and going his name, i will have more on thmarcus in a moment. -- googling. i'm in east oakland on
5:51 am
pearmin street near 98th avenue ground zero for illegal dumping. its history were some people have linked it to somalia. since i personally have never been to somalia i can confirm that that-i can't confirm that bridge however, i can say it is as been a huge problem. and it's apparent that these dumpers not all the signs posted of surveillance camera are bogus and so this is a camera. -fake. >>: i asked some of the business owners what is the weirdest things they have seen out here. i've seen everything from dead dogs to everything left over to from pop clubs. in fact, i did find the remnants from pop clubs and closing some
5:52 am
plants and all the other tossed out supplies. the problem according to residents and business owners is this. it just never seem to get cleaned up and when it does get cleaned up, it seems to take weeks to sometimes up to months to clean up this garbage. >>: but it's not always garbage. >>: sometimes they throw away money. sometimes they throw away jewelry? i was writing by one day saw an old pair of jeans so i picked them up looked in the back pocket and 800 $100 bills. what you do with the money. >>: well i used it to buy equipment. >>: on a landscaper and composer. then i asked him what it his name was and he then rebuild this to me. >>: at one time i was with santana band. >>: the original santana blues band. you were.
5:53 am
>>: now i am homeless and on the streets because i got in some trouble. put me in jail. >>: i'm sorry. >>: i lost everything. >>: it's amazing some of the stories you find if you just talk and talk to the people in the street. >>: matter of fact, we created the sarlos santana blues band on potrero hill and my mother's grosz. >>: in oakland, stanley roberts kron4 knows. >>mark:it was mike ditka night in chicago. he had his ears and no. 89 retired. and temperatures averaged below zero,ditka and tom flores the only to people to win a super bowl as a player,
5:54 am
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we are your health insurance marketplace. enroll today at president obama today remembering an icon and his mentor, nelson mandela in south africa.


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