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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  December 20, 2013 8:00pm-9:01pm PST

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a miracle five days before christmas. and stanley roberts reunite as man who fell on hard times with a bay area music legend. he joins me here on the set. a story that stanley did with the people behaving badly led to this. how did it happen? >> i come in and pick a story, this is what i was going to go to oakland i get complaints, there is a lot of dumping there. i look around and there is a fellow. i thought i would approach him. this is what happened.
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>> how you been. >> i did research on you. >> you are the real deal. you thought i was kidding you. >> i had a conversation with his man who was going through the trash in east oakland. what were some of the things he found, i found seens and they had $800 cash in it. >> you found that? >> yes. >> out here on the street. >> i bought equipment. i'm a hand scaper and a composer. >> i asked him his name. >> marcus. >> at one time i was with the original santana blues band. >> now you are picking through the trash. >> homeless and on the street. >> i went to visit him.
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>> what is your name. >> it is important. >> your name is important. >> i brought you a friend. >> who? >> marcus the magnificent. [ laughter ] >> man. look at you. >> look at you. >> man. >> i have to give you a present. i cherished you. >> after this aired carlos santana made trips looking for marcus. after failed attempts his manager reached out to me and i went searching and found him in less than 20 minutes. >> we'll hookup. >> that's the only thought that
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i could find. that's him in the sombrero. >> that's him there. >> i had been producing segments for eight years but never did i ever imagine this. >> black magic woman -- >> it does not end here. if you want to see more with my day with carlos santana go to our web site. there is more to the happy ending we'll have more at 11. >> and how did they lose touch? >> you know there is some history to it apparently he spent three years in san quentin. and he fell off at that point. once that happens everything goes down hill. i mean it is strange i was at
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that spot at that moment. carlos kept saying i was guided by an angels. >> how would they have connected. >> what happens to him? >> i been appointed a liasion between carlos and marcus. he has my card i know where he is. we're going to try to get him on his feet. he has a lot of things going on. >> it came out of a people behaving badly story. look at the wonderful ending, stanley. >> we're tearing up in the news room. there is more tonight and on our web site. we'll keep in touch with marcus and see what develops with him. as well as stanley roberts. other big news tonight a judge ordered that the girl in oakland must be kept alive on life-support. jahi mcmath was declared brain
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dead last week. jr stone was in the courtroom when a decision was made on the child's future. >> reporter: this is the judge who ordered the hospital not to take the 13 year old off life- support until at least monday. today lawyers sounded off. >> there is a distinction what is life and that's the crux of his. >> she was pronounced brain dead after getting her tonsils taken out. lawyers argue that five doctors have confirmed that she is brain dead and not alive. >> it is an awkward situation to deal with a situation where we have a person whose body is no longer alive at the hospital and being asked to continue to provide support to that body. >> reporter: family members were in tears on friday, they
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are -- tears they are hoping for an evaluation independent of the hospital. >> the child is warm, she is soft to the touch. if you rub her foot her foot curls in, the mother has yelled in her ear and she lifted up her arms. this child produces urine. she has input and output. her lungs are not working. >> they want to agree on a doctor who can look at her on monday and hopes of giving a final evaluation to family members by christmas. lawyers for the hospital spoke after the decision. >> unfortunately there is brain death. we're happy to cooperate with the suggestion that an independent expert be provided to confirm again that brain death is the outcome that has occurred here. >> her mother and uncle worn down in the courtroom.
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they did not speak. they will be back at this location on monday morning at 9:30. new at 8:00 the controversy over the desire to take her off life-support is now getting national attention. people are taking sides on this story. and we spoke with a doctor who is an expert on end of life issues and this is a tough situation for the family and the doctors. >> i can only imagine they are suffering terribly to think that something happened on their watch. >> reporter: the doctor said the staff who managed 193 year old's surgery must be devastated. she works with terminal patients every day having more than 20 years of experience in critical care. she feels for the family as
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well. >> most states a drain that has died is a considered a body that died. >> it must be difficult to explain that. >> people can have different jerks and movements and families who are so devastated and praying for their loved one to come back can misunderstand those things. >> we understand the criteria of brain death. they have not been trained they don't know the things. they don't understand the way we understand them from the books and training. >> reporter: how do you make them understand? >> most of the time they understand. there are many variables that can get in the way of that understanding and that communication. there is a variety of them. in this case just the unexpected and shocking nature of it. and her youth and the -- the devastation of that experience. >> as for whether to take her
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off support, every case is different. >> it may not be making it worse for the family to wait, it may make it better and give them relief. ky not know the best way for that family to process this situation. >> stay with us as we follow the story. you can find the latest information on our web site as well as our facebook and twitter pages. a man is recovering after a shooting at the bay fair mall. a man was shot in the parking lot about 4:30 this afternoon. he was transported to the hospital with non-life threatening wounds. police think the suspect and the victim were arguing between occurred. they do not know if there was another motive. and san francisco district attorney says that the city streets can be very dangerous this time of year with people coming into the city for the holidays. last year on christmas eve, a
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woman was sightseeing with her family on twin peaks when she was run down by a drunk driver. today the district attorney used the anniversary of that accident to akuhns that the driver has been sentenced to four years in prison for vehicular manslaughter. before the warning about safety another pedestrian was struck and killed by a trash truck. as we have learned, overall pedestrian traffic fatalities reason getting out of control. >> when it comes to safety, people make their own rules. drivers, vehicles, skateboarders, all putting their personal safety at risk. it is a problem throughout the city, says the executive director of walk san francisco. >> san francisco, compared to other cities, people that die in the traffic collisions is the second high nest the
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country after new york city. >> and according to the statistics, there have been 17 pedestrians in 2013 who have died at the scene of an accident. this is video recorded in the tenderloin after friday's accident on jones. san francisco victory attorney -- >> we had two pedestrians killed in two separate accidents. one in china town and an elderly lady and then a male at tenderloin this morning. this is an area that we are seeing affecting the community. >> reporter: he has reminder for pedestrians. >> you are 150-pound physics can not compete against a vehicle. and we should as walkers advocate and tell the city we want safer streets. unis unlevel playing field. commuters will be happy to
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hear that ac transit and the union have reach ed a deal. this is as a 60-day cooling off period ends. and the possibility of a strike had been looming. the agreement will be voted on by the more than 1500 drivers and mechanics. union leaders have previously reached two tentative agreements with management but the union members voted them down. ac transit provides 1 # 0000 trips daily. i was inside. there was a noise. my house shook like an earthquake. ahead tonight at 8:00, a car slams into a home. why the homeowner and residents are fed up with the incident. a star is benched. less than a week until christmas. how retailers are going into
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overdrive luring shoppers into the store. it didn't feel like winter out there. temperatures in the 60s. and will it stay mild. that's coming up. [ female announcer ] here's to a whole world of happier holidays. time to enchant, delight and amaze. safeway will help you gather everyone 'round. a smoked, shank half ham is only 99 cents a pound. starbucks is just $6.99, that's a cup of good cheer. get sweet clementines for $4.99, enough for everyone here. turns out this season less is really so much more. so make your holiday merrier than ever before. safeway. ingredients for life.
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are starting their sales and promotions early. wal-mart is offering gift certificates and ramping up the price match program to pay the difference and find the same product at lower price somewhere else. penny is offering discounts like 60% off on certain outer wear items. retailers like kohls are staying open later than normal to give them a chance to finish their shopping. toys r us are staying open around the clock during the final days. online stores are trying to boost the sales by offering discounts. amazon is offering one day shipping on orders placed december 23rd and e bay will make some same day deliveries. back live now target was hit with a breach in which a lot of credit card data was lost. as an apology it is offering a 10% off sale throughout the
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weekend. in san francisco charles clifford. the get away is underway as well, lot of people head out for a vacation. at sfo that's the busiest day of the travel season. as we find out it has been a good one for those heading out and coming into town. >> the lines were long on the friday before christmas and with shopping bags things moved quickly. those arriving here from the colder climates found them easy. >> it has been fine and not a lot of traffic going to the airport. and it is on time. >> the flight was on time, i got my bags, i'm excited and happy to be here. >> reporter: more than 13 # thousand people are passing through sfo on this busy day and most had family on their minds. >> my son and daughters, we'll meet in san francisco tomorrow. it will be fun. >> i'm looking forward to
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walking on the beach and catching up, we have been gone for three months. it is exciting to be back. >> reporter: most flights were on time there were a few delays from some east coast cities and some traffic backups getting to the arrival side of the domestic terminal. not even that could spoil the hol -- the holiday spirit of the travelers. >> we celebrate with more and more food. so there is a lot of food and family. fun time and gifts. >> all in all a grade day to travel on this busy day of the season. still you from coming to pick someone up or heading out over the next few days you want to call your carrier to make sure that the flight that you are taking is on time. it was a great day to travel. but if were you coming to or going to any part of the country, we have a lot of
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weather going on. you can see the storms moving through texas and into oklahoma and up into the northeast. believe it or not. this is one long front across the country. we'll get a wave behind it. we're talking blizzard-like conditions. easy to see when we look at the temperature map. and the temperatures are cold. and in the mild colors like the greens and yell lowes and the blues there not as cold. we'll see snow where it is cold. and not where it is cold. and heavy rain and and the next couple of days. here a different story which is why it was so great. high pressure off shore and setting it well to the north of us. we're staying dry. we're staying mild and to the north of us barely to the east. idaho, washington. the heavy stphoáe. we're not going to see that.
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we'll see the dry conditions through christmas. here is a look. sunny skies. temperatures in the 60s. we'll talk about the forecast coming up in a bit. coming up a landmark serving a traditional stew during the holidays where can you eat an italian favorite dish during a special addition of dine and dish. still ahead later in sports another great candlestick memory with joe montana 1997 and hits jersey. and the rookie for the sharks is the leading scorer in the nhl. he will be out. and football at fenway that and more in sports.
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all i learned was a new definition of fear. i need some pudding. yeah, there's one left. [ male announcer ] connect all your wi-fi-enabled devices with u-verse high speed internet. rethink possible. time for dine and dish. >> crabs are sin mouse with the holiday season. i'm here with the chef john.
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what are we looking at. >> we're cooking a signature dish and a recipe. >> one of the pioneers in the restaurant. >> and crab. >> this is clams. >> clams and mussels. >> let me little you dive in and do your magic. the secret revealed here today. >> this is a dish that you want to enjoy it and take the meat out of the shell. that's what is people enjoy that. >> and. >> thank you, chef. >> and this is. >> this is great grandma's recipe. this is a true family affair. we have matt and his father.
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>> how many generations. >> 4. >> that's 90 years. >> not yet. >> and so, i want to give a toast to nana rose. to find out more about wining and dining go to our web site and click on dine and dish. women with women and man with man. 2010 video appearing to show the star of duck dine as city attacking gays. why people are supporting phil robertson even after his remarks.
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the big sur fire the latest on the destruction and damage there. spending the holidays giving back. grinchs stealing deliveries. one woman may be responsible for grabbing other people's packages. temperatures are running in the 40s in most places but edging on the 30s in napa. it will be chilly. the numbers coming up.
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and this holiday season deliveries are disappearing from doorsteps. thieves are stealing the packages but cameras are catching them and police hope they will lead to arrests. we see the videos of people caught in the act. >> reporter: acting cool and calm this woman comes prepared to steal with a tote bag to carry her loot. watch as she bends down and scoops up the boxes, ties up the bag and leaves. this crime in the willow glen neighborhood of san jose happened 22 minutes after it arrived. she gets away in a white sedan. now police are investigating if she struck again. this time in mountain view. notice the bag and white car. all captured on the camera.
8:31 pm
the thief puts her face right in front of the lens she bends down to steal. here is a look at the get-away car. and a grandmother never got packages with knitting equipment to make sweaters because of this lady who acts like she lost her keys so a tenant lets her in the building. she picks up the boxes and leaves the lobby but not before a camera catches her in the act. sometimes they happen right after the delivery driver drops off the package with the lives following them around the neighborhoods. and a car pulls up and a woman walks up to the steps of the house and grabs the goods. >> how do you keep them from stealing. ups offers alert s that you can get on the phone to find out the minute a package hits the
8:32 pm
doorstep. you can require a signature upon delivery. and police say that if you see someone suspicious following a truck. can you call them. in the news room. san francisco animal care and control is asking the public for help to find a kitten stolen from their care on wednesday. and the kitten named arizona had been adopted and waiting to be spayed before going to her new home for the holidays. officials have released this footage and shows them present at the time of the abduction. it has a point coat with a dark nose and blue eyes. the fbi is looking for a fugitive wanted tore racketeering and attempted murder and robbery. he is charged with crimes connection with the south park gang. he should be considered armed
8:33 pm
and dangerous. he was involved in a gang related shooting in santa rosa in september. a woman says she was moments away from stepping out of her front door when a car smashed into her home. this was -- this was the scene this morning at blossom and cree road in the blossom valley neighborhood. a car making a left turn clipped an eastbound vehicle which careened into the home. she says that this is not the first time this has happened. she said it is because people are driving to fast on the avenue. >> ky barely talk about it. there are kids on this corner every morning heading over to herman school down the street. today what happened was two parents speeding down the avenue caused the accident. this is not the first time a yard has come through my front
8:34 pm
yard and the truck on blossom has been hit three times. we had two cars flip over. my neighbor on the other corn her cars in his yard. and ruined brickwork. >> the posted speed limit is 30 miles an hour. residents say that people go past the homes doing 45 or better. and they want the city to consider installing a stop sign or speed bumps. a update on the wildfire -- burning near big sur. rain helped the firefighters yesterday. 917 acres burned, 22 structures were destroyed. no injuries reported. the cause is under investigation. and groups in california are trying to overturn a law that gives students more rights. that law allows the transgender students in schools to select the restroom and sports teams which correspond with their
8:35 pm
defenders. a coalition of groups says it has enough signatures to repeal that law. they filed a lawsuit yesterday though claiming that the state officials are refusing to count the signatures. the goal of the law is to reduce discrimination against transgender students. the utah attorney-general's office wilt challenge a ruling which struck down that state's ban on gay marriage hours after a district judge ruled against the ban, the state attorney- general tale -- attorney- general filed a notice to appeal. that did not stop some from tying the knot. and one of the first same-sex marriage ceremonies was held. two astronauts are preparing for a space-walk in order to fix the international space station. nasa says the crew will replace a faulty pump module. and another will be held and a third for christmas day if necessary.
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the walk will last six and a half hours. coming up tonight at 8:00, holiday is a time of giving where people turn to in times of need and the volunteers lending a helping hand. more duck drama. how fans are trying to get the avo: the volkswagen "sign then drive" sales event is back. which means it's never been easier to get a new 2014 jetta. it gets an impressive 34 highway mpg and comes with no charge scheduled maintenance. and right now you can drive one home for practically just your signature. sign. then drive. get zero due at signing, zero down, zero deposit, and zero first month's payment on any new 2014 volkswagen. hurry, this offer ends january 2nd. visit today hey! have you ever tried honey nut cheerios? love 'em. neat! now you on the other hand... you need some help. why? look atchya. what is that? you mean my honey wand? [ shouting ] [ splat ] come on. matter of fact.
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backlash around the duck dynasty star. his fans are demanding that he be returned to the show. his family is now issuing an ultimatum to the network. now a new video has surfaced which show that's is unleashing an attack during a church everyone in 2010. it is only adding fuel tole firestorm around the reality series. >> women with women, men with men -- >> the video shows the star phil robertson attacking gays as sinners. it was recorded in pennsylvania
8:39 pm
in 2010. and it started with an interview in gq and compares it to bestiality. supporters say he should not be condemned. and at the should not have suspended him. members of the family are suggesting that they will not continue the show without him. putting the future of the strange but immensely popular show in jeopardy. they want him back a bring back phil robertson page has likes petition had about 100,000 signatures on friday. but they are taken aback by the video in which he uses bible versus to launch an attack. >> and they esteem themselves of their per ver shons, murder,
8:40 pm
envy, strive. they are arrogant, god haters. they are heartless. they are faithless. they are ruthless. >> reporter: some experts say that the network should not be surprised given the fact they signed up a family of colorful, opinionated bible thumping characters. highs today were mild. it was a nice day but not winter like. will we see any changes. how about before christmas. more coming up.
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it is one of the busiest places in the bay area this holiday season the san francisco food bank. it is responsible for feeding thousands of people and it is a massive undertaking much carried out by volunteers. we go behind the scenes to see how they do it. >> and they will have some fun! >> yes. >> reporter: volunteers at the food bank have their work cut out for them. this is the busiest time of year. and the pallets rise as food arrives. forklifts are across the floor. we are at the heart of one of the largest networks in california. >> from here it is contributed
8:43 pm
to 450 community partners in the area such as schools, churchs and senior centers. >> you have seen the barrels like these and churchs and other places. all of the food that's left in is brought here to the food bank where it has been redistributed throughout the community and feeding 150,000 people each week. it is fresh produce and work fast to sort and back to the individuals who are in need of healthy food. >> and they are important to the operations. they repack the food and sort the produce and make up the equal of 68 full time employees. >> they work hard and fast. and they do it for free. they are the holiday spirit in action. in san francisco. we woke up to freezing temperatures out there today. it will be chilly. we'll see the 30s and the 40s. and similar to today's
8:44 pm
conditions. in the 60s. this is going to stick with us for some time. and first we'll start with the temperatures out the door and if you have any early shopping it will be warmer than what we saw out there n places like napa and santa rosa. >> and 46 for downtown. 40 in fremont. for the afternoon and the low 60s. everywhere you go. and palo alto. and 64 for san jose. for the valleys the 60s. and concord and pleasant ton. and 62 and union city. at the coast line hanging into the lows -- upper 50s. and. >> and let's take a look at the satellite picture. and this evening. and not a lot going on over the coastal waters either. we have high pressure in place
8:45 pm
here. driving the storm track to the north. and this is called the blocking pattern. and it blocks it from getting into the area. they are up and around the bay area. we see the snow going in idaho and oregon. that will be the way things will remain. they are staying in place for the next sefton ten days. a low average rain fall for us. and likely come in below seasonal averages as well. the impacts and the water reservoir, we have to hope for rain. the next ten days that will not happen. mild in the afternoon. chilly to start. we'll see the 30s the -- 30s and the 40s. as we look at the extended forecast you will notice there is no rain in site. little change over the next seven days. we'll see a bit of high cloud cover here and there. temperatures remaining largely in the low 60s. the vote is in the five month old baby gorilla at the
8:46 pm
zoo now has a name. and the name means little lady. it was the winner of the public naming contest. people donated a dollar to vote for the favorite name. it will go to the gorilla's care. if you would like to see the baby a viewing will be saturday at 10 a.m. the story is not over for fans of harry potter. books and movies according to a statement on the web site of the author a stage play about the wizard is in the works. it will tell the story of his life with his aunt and uncle before going tole hogwart school. and rowling will not write the script. it will start development for teeth merse the uk next year. a playoff berth on the line a preview of the 49ers-falcons game. we look back at another great candlestick moment.
8:47 pm
that and more next. ring in the new year with new year's live presented by nissan. the only local live show in the bay area that will give you a front seat to the biggest and best new year's fireworks shows and party. hosted by gary radnich. this is a way to ring in the new year.
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we'll look at the extended forecast. we do have not much change in the order over the next week or so. we'll see temperatures in the 60s. and pretty much the bay area. if you are doing any holiday traveling. let's talk about the holiday travel forecast. you will notice there is not a lot over california. look at the rest of the country it's another story. we have rain and snow throughout the us you can see it over texas and oklahoma
8:49 pm
stretching all the guy new england. there is a front extending from new england down to texas that will get reinforced by another wave you see it over idaho. so, what that means we'll have some strong rain as you can see over dallas and pushing into dallas and into oklahoma. and some snowy conditions as well. we'll take a look at the numbers the temperature numbers here. it is freezing. look at the purposes. you can see where the rain and snow will meet, the purple the cold and they are mild. and where you see the purple and the green meeting. that's where we'll see the show and rain. where it is now. snow here. rain right here. this will shift to the east over the next few days. holiday travel outside of california. and it may be dicey. as you can see over california. dry conditions now. stay that way for the next sefton ten days. let's take a look at christmas.
8:50 pm
we have the dry and mild conditions in place. they're not planning -- planning on going anywhere. in the low 60s for the holiday. >> gary is off tonight. as we know by now, the candlestick park era is coming to an end. what better time than to romanticise the outdated old stadium by bringing you yet another great moment in the storied history. >> joe montana came on to the scene as sir lanceallot came into camelot. this man has etched his place in nfl history as the greatest quarterback that ever played the
8:51 pm
game. >> lots on the line. they clinch a berth and it is a rematch of the nfc championship game in which the 49ers edged the falcons in atlanta to advance to the super bowl. the a player came out to make another run at the super bowl. only this time it didn't work out for him. falcons come in 4-10. they're a underdog to the niners. they have won four straight and nine of the last 11 games. >> and i have known him going back weeks, months, to the start of the season.
8:52 pm
how important the game is and what the situation is. >> we want to get in the time there. we look at it the last few years. it was a wild card team. we want to get in there and do what we do. >> it's not every day the quarterback gets flagged for an unnecessary roughness penalty so why don't we show you how it happened. and he is throwing a block. and a touchdown. and goes down too low with a peel back block. >> and works for foles. he had a fine today and speaking of foles he is the highest rated quarterback in the nfl ahead of peyton manning. we show you this every year it is a rite of passage. packer fans showing up enmass at lambeau filed to shovel snow
8:53 pm
for the game on sunday. only showed up at 7 a.m. they did not open until 9. they got $10 an hour to shovel. the forecast as they host pittsburgh is more snow. the warriors they have hit a rough patch. they are 6 and 10 over the last month. last night perhaps the low point of the season in losing to a spurs team that played without the best players and tony parker. and over the past decade and that tip in. 2 seconds left. they enough to beat the warriors. and it has mark jackson and company searching for answers. >> it is another thing to say it and then0 to sit down and see what we need to do better.
8:54 pm
>> and there is a long ways to go. >> the sharks, they will be without the rookie tomas hurdle. he will miss a month, maybe longer after this knee to knee collision with dustin brown last night. it didn't look all that malicious but brown received a major for the hit and tomas had a right knee injury. they are not releasing any more details. he leads all rookies. >> and coming to fenway but not for a while. boston college will host notre dame in november of 2015 in the first game at fenway in 45 years that since the patriots called it home in 1968.
8:55 pm
and the red sox play the games there and hockey. pro hockey. college and european soccer has taken the field but not football. and pending the physical, usually a formality and this time grant balfour agreed to a deal pending the physical. and for balfour. that was a sticking point. some concern with the condition of the pitching arm which has previously undergone surgeries. the deal is off. they would not sign him for less money. he was the a's closer. they replaced him with jim johnson. he was good pitcher in the run with oakland. he is looking forea team to play with. and getting back to the niners for a second, favorites to win and clinch the life spot. >> tough expect they will do
8:56 pm
that in front of that and games are $250. i thought they were not that expensive. >> that's the average. >> for 1000 you can see the final regular season game. there is a outside chance that the niners could host the playoff games. unlikely. >> we're expecting the game but christmas on wednesday. we'll be good though? you don't have to boer about it. it will not feel like winter. in the 60s. do you like? a lot of people like it. and. >> it looks better. we are not going to get the rain. we'll be below average. and for this month aide this year. they don't measure it in term of calendar year. we have seen only about six inches. >> yes. >> and have a nice night.
8:57 pm
we'll see you at 11 with more on the story with carlos santana. see you at 11. vú oror
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