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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  December 22, 2013 8:00pm-9:01pm PST

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>> this is the bay area's news station. kron 4 nones at 8:00 starts now. >> a brutal attack leaves one man in critical condition and a suspect on the loose tonight. we share the details and show how a confrontation turned from dangerous to almost deadly. a man in petaluma beaten with a pipe by the same driver who almost ran him over crossing the street. as kron 4's philippe djegal reports tonight, the victim is in critical condition. >> reporter: down on the ground, dazed and bloody. police arrived just minutes after this man was nearly hit by a car then allegedly beaten by the driver but they didn't get there fast enough to head off the driver before he sped
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away. the driver now a suspect in this assault with a deadly weapon. when the victim, a 47-year-old man was crossing the street just after 7:00, the driver driverring a four-door sedan almost ran into the victim. the two men exchanged words and the verbal altercation turned physical when the caucasian man in his 20s got out of his car and hit the victim in the head with a pipe. the suspect drove off last seen heading north on park lane. the victim was taken to the hospital and admitted to the intensive care unit where he is in critical condition. possibly suffering from a skull fractionture and other facial injuries. if you have any information that could lead to an arrest, call the police. philippe djegal, kron 4 news. supporters of jahi mcmath, the teen declared brain dead
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after having her tonsilled removed rallied at oakland children's hospital. the family is fighting to keep the girl on life support. a judge ruled that jahi mcmath could not be taken off of it until an independent doctor examines her. she has been brain dead nine days. family members have asked for a second opinion and accuse the hospital of being callous. an independent medical examiner could look at her as soon as tomorrow. we have continuing coverage of the mcmath's family to keep her on life support. for updates go to workers at a san francisco recycling center. they found a little puppy named
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jim. >> reporter: they were going about their usual business sorting bottles and cans until one of the employees spotted a tuft of white fur. meet gem. she was found on a conveyer belt of recycled materials. she was quickly placed in the care of a veterinarian, her injuries include bite marks. and there is discharge from her ears and eyes. she is said to be lame in both of her hind legs. northeast of her injuries happened before she was thrown away. a painful start to the life of a ten week old puppy. animal control officers are asking for anyone who knows about gem's owner to contact them immediately. workers were sorting plastic and we have done that story. i want to move ahead. one person is in the hospital after a shooting on highway 570
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in oakland. it happened near mcauthor boulevard this morning. there was a freak accident on northbound 101 in redwood city. it happened around 1:00 p.m. and this was the end result. authorities say those injured in the accident were not seriously hurt. a two alarm garage fire caused damage to a fire. the crews found heavy fire coming out of the garage when they arrived. the fire is currently under investigation. only three days until christmas day. for those travelers trying to make their way home, there are no cancellations tonight. the san francisco airport seems relatively calm as the peak travel day has already pass.
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today, we caught up with some fliers. >> it has been going really smooth. >> this is actually my first time flying at 7:00 p.m. i usually go here at 3:00 p.m. and it is packed so this is kind of maybe inside, it is going to be more busy. it looks like it is getting busier. >> and those flying out of oakland can breathe a sigh of relief. san jose, not quite the same. there is a rut of one cancellation. another canceled arriving. those holiday travelers deciding to hit the road will get a bit of a break. the national average is 3.26.
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san francisco is 3.65. a nice day for driving around the bay area today. a lot of sunshine, warm temperatures making it up into the 60s just about everywhere. close to 70 degrees for san mateo and redwood city. san jose and oakland made it up to 67 degrees and the warm temperatures are here to stay as we go through the week. temperatures at night, though, because of the long nights it is still getting cool during the morning hours. we are looking at temperatures inland north bay to go down to the low to mid 30s . mid 30s east bay valleys. and low to mid 40s bay side as we go into the afternoon, look for things to warm up once again though i think temperatures will come down a few degrees. plenty of sunshine. all the way through the day. by the afternoon, look for low to mid 60s for our afternoon
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highs. i will let you know what to expect as we go through the holiday week and if there is a chance for rain. >> thanks brian. with christmas right around the corner, shoppers are out in full force. as mike pelton shows us, shoppers are doing all they can to cash in. stores are cashing in. >> reporter: you don't need sunlight to shop. just ask aileen and michelle who have been shopping since 2:00 this morning. >> we have so much energy right now. >> reporter: they are among the shoppers taking advantage of stores like macy's keeping their doors open all night. macy's, khols's, toys are us are keeping the doors open around the clock helping to make up for a shopping season
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six days shorter than a year ago. >> we soul have had longer. >> we have to do a lot of shopper today? >> reporter: but some are calling this a disappointing shopping season. you will find deals but the amount of disappoints are up 13% from last year. the it is a sign the stores are working hard to get us in. the national retail federation is projecting an increase in sales this year. they also say nearly half of us finish our holiday shopping online. >> we need people to come out. and you know stop by. >> reporter: but there's still big crowds. those looking to dodge them are waiting until late like aileen. >> last weekend, we have to get our shopping done. >> reporter: just two more day to go. in union scare, mike pelton,
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kron 4 news. coming up, changes could be on the way on how the national surveillance agency handles your phone information. plus offers made to a former santana fan member reunited thanks to a story you will only see on kron 4. and a real life grinch. why some presents may not make it under your christmas tree in time.
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>> sadly, this holiday season, package deliveries are disappearing from doorsteps. but security cameras are catching thieves and police are hoping this lead to some arrest. kron 4's justine waldman shows us video of grinches caught in the act. >> reporter: this comcast sportsnets prepared to steal with a tote bag. watch as she bends down, scoops up the brown boxes, ties up the
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bag, and saunters off. this crime in the willow glen neighborhood of san jose happened 22 minutes after the package arrived. she gets away in a white sedan. now police are investigating if the bag lady struck again. this time in mountain view. notice the similar tote back and white car? again, all captured on the homeowner's security camera. this time, the apparent thief puts her face right in front of the lens as she bends down to allegedly steal. here is a closer look at the get away car. in san mateo, a grandmother never got packages with knitting equipment to make christmas sweaters because of this lady. a tenant lets her in the billing. once inside, she picks up grandma's three boxes and leaves the lobby, but not before a camera catches her in the act. sometimes the crimes happen right after the delivery driver
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drops off the package with the thieves following the trucks around neighborhoods. in this video, a dark car pulls up and a woman walks up to the steps of the house then grabs the goods. getting away with gifts that are not hers. so how do you keep holiday grinches stealing your packages? ups now offers e-mail and text alerts to find out the minute a package hits your doorstep. you can also require a signature upon delivery and police tell me if you see someone suspicious following a delivery truck, you can always call them. in the news room, i'm justine waldman, kron 4 news. president obama is hitting a major shakeup may be in store how u.s. agencies gather intelligence. this comes amid fresh outrage on surveillance conducted by the nsa. what president obama may do to restore confidence in the government. >> reporter: under continuing
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fire at home and abroad, @ obama signaled real changes to come. >> we may have to refine this further to give people more confidence and we have to provide more confidence to the international community. >> reporter: one possible reform, moving data from billions of americans from the nsa back to the phone companies. >> it could be redesigned to give you the same information when you need it without creating these potentials for abuse. >> reporter: this comes as the dragnet is proving bigger than is known. new documents revealed by edward snowden and shared with the new york times revealed that the nsa spied on israel and the competition commissioner overseaing u.s. companies like google. this after the administration has insisted they do not spy
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for commercial purposes. today, they said in a statement we do not use our foreign intelligence to steal the trade secrets of foreign companies or give intelligence to u.s. companies to increase their bottom line. critics of surveillance say the president should accept most or all of the recommendations of a reform panel. >> they have done this for a living and made the decisions that are key to keeping america safe. >> reporter: the aclu also a strong critic of surveillance took a lighter look at the nsa ♪ they know who you call and write ... >> reporter: with a youtube video. >> the president mentioned the idea of granting amnesty to edward snowden. he said snowden caused unnecessary damage. tomorrow is the last day to sign up for an obama care plan if you want health insurance
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coverage by january 1. those who want their coverage to start new year's day have to pay their first premium by december 31. if you don't mind waiting for it to start after january 1, you can enroll any time before march 31. the pentagon says some of the american citizens stranded in bore have been evacuated on a united nation's flight. the south sudanese government has tried to push the rebels out. president obama says he may take further military action to protect the american citizens in sudan. a coal mine blast in southwest china has claimed six lives and sent one person to the hospital.
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officials are investigating the cause of the accident that took place saturday night. this after a pipeline blast in november and another blast in early december. earlier this month, the chinese premier called for better work safety regulations. most of the 112 people killed in bangladesh last year were female garment workers. those charged include the owner of the garment company and his wife who serves as chairwoman. other officials have also been charged. snow, ice, and rages waters pounded the midwest on saturday. for more on this extreme weather leaving people talking, ... >> reporter: in the midwest, snow blanketed iowa and wisconsin. in missouri and illinois, thick
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snow and ice had homeowners concerned. >> it has been on the ice or the power lines. >> salt on the sidewalks so i don't kill myself walking outside tonight. >> reporter: in pars of illinois and indiana, severe flooding made for dangerous driving conditions. even this dog was not going to venture out. further south in arkansas, this damage left behind by a suspected tornado. a 73-year-old man searched for hours for his dog in the wreckage. he eventually found him. and this arkansas mother of four lost her home, but saved her family's lives. >> i threw my whole body weight over the top of my 16 month daughter to save his life and i flung my daughter in the bathroom. >> reporter: bizarre temperatures came to parts of the east coast. new yorkers enjoyed warm temperatures across manhattan. >> i lover it.
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it feels like may in december. it is 60 degrees, beautiful. >> reporter: new yorkers soul enjoy it while they can because monday, temperatures will drop. and weather has turned from dangerous to deadly in some parts of the world. a storm is being blamed for the deaths of nine people. a woman to a tornado in arkansas, in canada, five people have died from storm related highway accidents. brian? >> vicki, on the flip side, very tranquil weather in the bay area. no rain in the forecast for quite a while. a live view of san francisco. we have clear sky to night and we will see the cold temperatures despite the warm readings of the daytime numbers could get to the low 30s . tomorrow, we are warming things up through the day. going to the low to mid 60s and then as we go through the
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rest of this week, through christmas, even through the end of the year, sunny and warm weather will wrap up what has been a very dry year. in fact t driest year on record for the bay area. these numbers here are the average rainfall amounts for the year. around 34 inches for santa rosa. 32, san francisco. look what we have received this year for 2013. very dry numbers here. not even ten inches for santa rosa. there is no end in sight to this dry weather pattern. we do have a storm up in the pacific northwest, but all of the rain will remain to the north and that is going the be the pattern that will hold in place through the rest of the week. there may be a few sprinkles saturday, but that is it. temperatures tomorrow, it will be a nice day. sunshine, low to mid 60s for the south bay. we will see low 60s along the east shore of the day.
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62 richmond. walnut creek up to 62 degrees. san francisco, also low 60s , mid 60s oakland. 60s north bay. upper 50s at the ocean. here is the seven-day around the bay. toward christmas on wednesday, sunshine, high temperatures above average in the mid 60s , clouds do increase friday as a weather system arrives and right now, the track of this system is uncertain, but right now, slight chance for a few light showers saturday. vicki? up next, the duck dynasty clan could lose their stardom, but who is really affected? good. good answer. check it out. learning's fun now.
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>> a growing list of retailers have pulled duck dynasty from shelves following their
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comments about homosexuality. >> beyond their shaggy beard, the duck dynasty men stand at the center of a mass market empire. many of their fans shop at wal- mart and buy everything. even the robertson family's hit christmas album. forbes estimates that is up to $400 million in rev new by years end. but what then in contrary to predictions of a financial collapse from the scandal ... >> i think that the core fans who have supported this brand are not necessarily going to turn away because of what has happened here. in many instances, people might be motivated to buy the product more because they support phil rotterson in this situation. >> reporter: how can that be?
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>> i won't apologize. >> reporter: after chef paula dn add midded to using racial slurs, she suffered huge financial blows. the difference? those celebrities were all caught doing something no one expected. the duck dynasty show has been built from the start around a rule family with frank fundamentalist beliefs. the revelation that phil robertson thought homosexually was wrong is no surprise and 50% of the country feels the same way. coming up at 8:30, kron 4's stanley roberts explains just
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how he reunite long lost band members. it is an update to a story you will see only on kron 4. plus, how that reunion is leading to some life changes for the now famous marcus the magnificent malone. >> and we have a beautiful day on the way tomorrow. monday, future cast showing a lot of 60s . the full forecast coming up. good. good answer.
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check it out. learning's fun now. yeah, back in our day, we didn't have u-verse high speed internet to play and learn online. all we had was that franklin fuzzypants. ah, the educational toy bear.
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remember when the battery went out? [ slow, deep voice ] give me your abc's. all i learned was a new definition of fear. i need some pudding. yeah, there's one left. [ male announcer ] connect all your wi-fi-enabled devices with u-verse high speed internet. rethink possible. >> this is the bay area's news
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station. kron 4 news continues now. an update on a story. a long lost band member of santana is found again after 40 years. kron 4's stanley roberts brought together two old friends. one a man down on his luck, the other, a legendary rocker from here in the bay area. this very special story about a magnificent miracle is gaining a lot of attention. first, let's show you how it all started. >> how have you been man? you know, i did some research on you. you are the real deal. >> yeah. you thought i was kidding? >> reporter: back on december 9, aid a conversation with this man who was rummaging through piles of crash in east oakland. i asked him what were some of the things he found? >> i found an old pair of jeans with about $800. >> reporter: you found an old pair of jeans with money in it
8:30 pm
out here? out here on the streets? >> just riding by one day. >> reporter: i also asked him what he did with the money. >> well, i use it to buy equipment. i'm a landscaper and a composer. >> reporter: then i asked him his name. >> my name is marcus. marcus malone. at one time i was with the santana band. >> reporter: you were with the original santana band? >> yep i didn't get your name. >> reporter: my name is not important. >> to me it is. >> reporter: your name is important. i brought you a friend. >> who? >> marcus the magnificent malone. [ laughter ] >> oh man.
8:31 pm
oh man. look at you. >> marcus the magnificent malone. >> look at you. >> we cherish you man. >> reporter: after this story aired, carlos santana made trips to east oakland looking for marcus. i went searching and found him in less than 20 minutes. >> we are going to hook up. >> reporter: this is the only photo of marcus i could find. that is him in the sombrero. >> that's him. that is marcus malone man, all right? his spirit is amazing. >> reporter: never would i have imagined this happening. ♪ got a black magic woman.
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>> reporter: stanley roberts, kron 4 news. today, roberts was on cnn explaning how marcus was down on his luck and a chance encounter changes the life of three men before the holidays. >> reporter: the fact carlos santana watches people behaving badly and knew to go look for this guy blew me away. he said to me, i got in some trouble, i ended up in jail. i said to him, you are telling me the truth right? because i'm going to go look this up. he said no, it's the truth. and he says, you know, he actually said to me, if you can get me some help, i would appreciate it. i said i would do the best i could do. >> bet ever than that, you didn't just find him help. you helped connect him with carlos santana who is on the phone with us now and so carlos, i understand from your point of view, you had been
8:33 pm
looking for marcus the magnificent for a long time. what did you think had happened to him? >> hi, we knew he got into trouble. we also know, we were trying to look for him all these years because we had royalties. he cowrote songs as well. but the most important thing i want to say to stanley is i'm really grateful that you did something from your heart. right now, i'm in a place where i want to invite my brother stanley to come out with me and marcus malone. i just want to get him out of the street. >> today, we went out to share the good news with marcus and here is what he had to say
8:34 pm
about carlos santana's offer. >> i know carlos didn't know personally that i was in this predicament. now that he knows, things might be better for me and i thank god and i thank you people for giving me the opportunity to express myself. and maybe things have changed for me. >> and more good news, santana has invited marcus to join him in the recording studio. brian? >> vicki, we have some nice weather to talk about for tonight. we have a live view right now from south san francisco. this is oyster point where we have temperatures in the 50s currently. and taking a look at the bay bridge toll plaza, we have a clear sky here also. and as we go through this week, we will notice lots of warm weather, lots of sunshine. temperatures low 50s . fremont,
8:35 pm
berkeley, san leandro. now for tomorrow, look for lots of sunshine starting out the day. coolest in the north bay valleys. low 30s . in the afternoon, low to mid 60s , very similar to today. and in the sierra as we head to christmas looking pretty nice also. mostly sunny skies. a few clouds on tuesday and really mild temperatures here. upper 40s , low 50s for the next few days. no snow in sight. and i will let you know if we have in rain in sight coming none a few minutes. still ahead, a shocking documentary has sea world officials doing damage control to win back part visitors but is it working? plus, a holiday wish comes true in a very big way for a sick little girl. we will show you what she asked for. >> kron 4 rewards. log on and earn your rewards on
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you drive. i traded the car for the tattoo.
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>> doctors say eight-year-old jamie stover has only a few days to live. to make her dying wish some crew, thousands of people came together in song and celebrate the life of a little girl. people packed the block and carols and offered messages of hope and compassion. >> i can't even express how i feel. >> this is god's way of saying okay listen, i need you to go and see my little angel. >> the little girl was to too weak to attend the event, but she could hear them singing. she posted a photo to her facebook page. up next, now children are joining the backlash against the amusic park and that could make for a bigger problem.
8:39 pm
>> big changes are coming to facebook. i'm gabe slate,ly tell you all about it after the break. and no big change ins the weather forecast. we are looking at more sunny and warm weather. this afternoon, temperatures in the 60s , close to 70 degrees. ly have the holiday forecast coming up.
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>> sea world is defending itself from criticism from the documentary blackfish. it is now taking out full page newspaper ads to defend itself. a string of performers have canceled shows at sea world and students are petitioning to cancel school trips there. the most recent coming from malibu and san diego. this could mean trouble for the theme park. >> it is really damaging. the specially a cross section of the population. clean cut, well spoken children. talking in a very moderate
8:42 pm
language, talking about how much they have enjoyed sea world, but now, you know, they just can't continue to support sea world until they change their policies. >> sea world is trying to win back customers saying they have not had to catch a killer whale from the wild in 35 years and they have invested big money in the facilities housing the killer whales. still haven't made your plans for the holidays? coming up on this week's dine and dish, we show you where to wine and dine all over town. brian? >> that sounds like fun. we have nice weather to do it. ly have the forecast up next.
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>> now, time for the kron 4 tech report with gabe slate. >> the day that many have feared is finally here. facebook is going to start auto
8:45 pm
playing video ads in facebook feeds. a lot of people are used to thinking that social networking is free. but facebook is a business. they have to make money. social networking is not free. you have to pay to get in to socialize. these big social media companies have got to find ways to make money, and this is going to help facebook do that. the big question is will this be the straw that breaks the camel's back and causes some users to bail out of facebook all together? let me point out one important thing. this is just being tested by facebook at this time. although most industry analysts agree they will be here to stay, it is possible facebook will get a lot of negative feedback and pull the plug. we will see. so the new auto play ad feature will work the way it sounds. as you are surfing feeds, you will run across a video already playing. here is an example.
8:46 pm
the video ad is for the film divergent. that ad runs without sound unless you tap it. in which case it will expand to full screen. at the end of an auto play video, a carousel appears where you can click on two additional videos. these will have been down loaded in advance so it will not affect your data plans. this new feature is going the slowly roll out. you might not see your first video ad for a while. what do you think about this? will this be the straw that broke the camels back or is it really not a big deal? send me a tweet, hit me up on facebook or send me an e-mail. gabe slate, kron 4 news. apple and china mobile have announced a deal to offer the iphone in china. the iphone5s and 5c will be
8:47 pm
available. they will take preorders wednesday. china mobile is the largest carrier by subscribers. more than twice the population of the united states. take a look at this. huge sheets of ice fell off of the roof of outlet shots on saturday. a shopper captured the video in oklahoma city. sheet after sheet lands in the sidewalk. the crowd look on. fortunately, nobody was injured there. bryan? >> well the shoppers are not exactly running for their lives. we don't have to worry about that. though we will see some freezing temperatures in some spots tonight into the north bay. clear skies. there is the transamerica building with the holiday lights. now, for monday, look for lots of sunshine and temperatures after the cool start will be
8:48 pm
pretty mild for the afternoon going into the low to mid 60s , a similar day tuesday. all the days will be similar. lots of sunshine and warm temperatures warming up into christmas day which should be very sunny and we will see clear skies monday night for monday night football and what could be the last game at candlestick park. temperatures starting off in the mid 50s at game time at 5:30 and falling off into the low 50s by the time the niners win at the end of it. temperatures in the morning for monday, look at low 30s here in the north bay. there is the freezing temperature. 40 san jose and sunny vale. san francisco, 47, highs for the afternoon, really nice. south bay, sunshine, mid 60s in santa clara. 64 in redwood city. palo alto, fremont. low 60s for richmond to san
8:49 pm
leandro. 63 degrees, we will have sunshine and more 60s for san francisco for another day. mid 60s north bay. upper 60s at the ocean. lots of blue skies. tuesday and wednesday, going into christmas eve and christmas day. sunny, temperatures above average in the mid 60s . that is where we stay on thursday. there could be a few changes by the end of the week. there is a weak weather system arriving and exactly where this system is going the track is up in the air right now. but for now, look for perhaps a few clouds late friday and maybe the slight chance of a shower into saturday. >> time now for dine and dish with vicki liviakis. >> talk about a time warp. i'm here, what did we just hop to? >> number nine fisherman's grotto here in the war wharf.
8:50 pm
who knew it was here. >> get ready for holiday cocktails. talk to me about them. >> one place to go for holiday cocktails, the big 4. since it is closing for a renovation, go say your good-byes right now. another spot i love is maxfields. another place to go, crock bar. you can swing by jaton cantina. another great one. >> we love our cocktails, but what about the tea totallers? >> there are a couple of great holiday tea ins union square. you can go to western saint francis and the sir francis drake, a great holiday tea. >> they always dress up. but you have a list a mile long. >> so many happenings. you can catch them on
8:51 pm what with you are hungry? >> italian. the feast of the seven fishing. it is an amazing feast and a lot of san francisco it italians are offering it. you have flower and water. conto. all of them putting together a nice beast of the seven fishes. >> they are all different kinds of fishes in. >> you have clams, you have mussels. >> and our favorite. >> crab. >> to find out more about wining an dining for the holidays, go to our website on and click on dine and dish. meantime at the movies this weekend. the hobbit. the desolation of smaug beat out anchorman 2 and frozen took the number three spot. coming up, we get a look at how the raiders fared against the chargers and remember to join
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us for kron 4's new year's live presented by nissan. the only local show ringing in the new year. the biggest and best new year fire works. this is the bay area's favorite way to ring in the new year. good. good answer. check it out. learning's fun now. yeah, back in our day, we didn't have u-verse high speed internet to play and learn online. all we had was that franklin fuzzypants. ah, the educational toy bear. remember when the battery went out? [ slow, deep voice ] give me your abc's. all i learned was a new definition of fear. i need some pudding. yeah, there's one left. [ male announcer ] connect all your wi-fi-enabled devices with u-verse high speed internet. rethink possible.
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>> the raiders acting an awful lot like santa claus today. they pactly gave the game away. oakland on the road.
8:55 pm
raiders helping tout chargers by committing 12 penalties for 73 yards. they turned it over three times. the most painful was a blown punt that led to a touchdown. 26-13. have a nice day. a bizarre halftime entertainment show at an nfl game in cincinnati featuring, yes, sheep herding. not the traditional sheep herding. those are monkeys on the back of dogs that are herding sheep. yes. pushed a herd of sheep across the football field. that's entertainment. it certainly baffled the fans and the television broadcasters alike. not to mention the sheep! >> yeah! they were alarmed by that monkey! i have to admit, we have shown this over the years. >> we have. and the producer says it was a gift to us. >> i really feel, yeah, it was a great gift and i love it every year. >> every year. now we have a little time to discuss the weather. a little rain would be nice. >> and we might have a little
8:56 pm
rain, but perhaps a few hundredths of an inch saturday. in the meantime, lots of sunshine this week. it is going to be sunny and warm, and that includes tomorrow. look for temperatures making it up into the low to mid 60s monday afternoon with 64 oakland as well as san jose, low 60s into concord and antioch. really a beautiful day around the bay area. nice weather for last minute christmas shopping. >> well, here, let's spend christmas at the beach shall we? what does it feel like? >> well the rest of the country the frozen, we are sunny and looked nice. temperatures last all the way through the end of the week and there is a slight chance for a few showers saturday. >> will that's it for kron 4 news at 8:00. stay connected with kron 4 and get the latest developments on or download one of mo our next newscast is tonight at
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11:00. maybe we can dust off the monkey shepherd. goodnight everybody.
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"e.t." >> it's "e.t.'s" "august: osage county" special. we're with the star-studded cast, featuring two oscar favorites. i'm rob marciano. >> you ready for this? >> no. no way. ♪ >> meryl streep is a drug addict mom. >> she takes pills. >> are you going to search me? >> julia roberts is her razor-tongue daughter. >> i'm not hungry. >> eat the fish! >> see why they're oscar front-runners. we're going behind the movie with a cast of colorful characters that will make your dysfunctional family feel downright normal risks we breaking it now? huh? >> plus, "e.t.'s" first interviews with the cast. >> i was actually famous. >> meryl 30 years ago. julia before "pretty om


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