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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  December 23, 2013 8:00pm-9:01pm PST

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>>keep jahi alive! >> catherine: on the streets and in the courts, the family of jahi mcmath fighting to keep her on life support. the latest on the oakland 13 year old declared brain dead after what was supposed to be a routine operation >>whoosh >> catherine: not just a football game at candlestick park tonight. >>there is a lot of memories here. >> catherine: it could be the last game. kron four is there as 49er >>whoosh >> catherine: kron four's stanley roberts searching for people behaving badly and finding just the opposite. his story reunited carlos santana with a lost bandmate. >> catherine: now it is going viral, on cable and on the web. >>whoosh >> catherine: and another story getting a lot of attention. the puppy rescued by sanitation workers in san francisco. >>workers at the city's recology discovered the pup in a plastic bag on a conveyor belt on saturday. find out why animal control
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>> catherine: officials have decided the ten week old poodle should be named. gem. >>"this little girl on life support." >> catherine: now at 8-- >> catherine: pressure continues to keep a 13 year old girl on a ventilator. two-hundred people marched today near children's hospital oakland.. a judge has ordered the hospital to keep jahi mcmath on life support. >> catherine: that's despite the fact she has been declared brain dead. jahi's family says they want to spend christmas with her.. >> catherine: she was declared brain dead after complications with a routine surgery. kron 4's alecia reid is live at the hospital with the latest. alecia? >> reporter: a lot of testing was done on jahi today. dr. is are allowing only one person in the room with jahi. there was a
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temporary restraining order placed for the family, they would like to spend christmas with her. >> reporter: this is what the fed has to say family has to say.. >> we are very excited that we have the opportunity to spend time with her without worrying about someone pulling the plug on her. hopefully to give her the opportunity to wake up on her own. >> reporter: that hearing will be close to the public because it has medical records of a minor. fans of candlestick park are >> catherine: packing the stadium tonight -- as the 49ers face off against the falcons.. it is the last regular
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season game the 49ers will play at candlestick.. this was the scene from our helicopter partnership with abc 7. as the players warmed up and fans started streaming in. >> catherine: we begin our live team coverage with kron4's grant lodes. he's been live all evening at candlestick --- grant? >> reporter: it is impossible not to have fun. even if you want a good party this is the place to be. the niners leading the falcons' 22 tan 20-10 >> reporter: we just do not know yet if a playoff game will be back here. it is potential but not likely. from a strictly point of
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view of this is a big game tonight! >> reporter: this is a huge game and the niners are plain like the niners and they are looking good! we are talking about the possibility of another playoff game here. if you are not into all of that then maybe the 49ers' the great wall excitation will excite you! >> at the to be here tonight excited to be a part of the 49er by goodbye >> reporter: were here when jerry rice snuck up on steve young for the festivities.
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>> reporter: >> looked good and purple, man. >> reporter: still >> we were able to win a lot of football games and there is a legacy here and no matter what happened to the stadium the memories will remain. >> reporter: just another day at the stick with jerry rice. good times and, and hopefully play. >> reporter: if you are a fan of the niners to have won four in a row. if things continue but will get their fifth win, you never know? seattle would have to lose at home to the rams and the
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niners would have to win tonight and next week. do you think we will get a play off game here? >> reporter: am always be optimistic and good things happen when you think in a positive way. >> reporter: take a look at how many security officers and police officers are here at candlestick. this is the video from earlier today during the tail gate teen hours. >> reporter: 40 niners fans are a classy bunch. >> reporter: the national spotlight is on candlestick and the chief of police like everything to go well >> again common with the
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seahawks losing real fans need to understand about the division and coming back here and having another game. the man told the falcons and leave the stadium alone. >> reporter: to get that final game here at the state which would be in the playoffs. it would be off the chane! >> reporter: 2 different locations on fortunately we found a couple of incidents. >> we definitely noticed police officers running to a particular scene. posted a video of police on the same
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can find all my kron4 facebook page but what i really would like to talk about now are the fans. that was out with them till they teem with them. tailga itting >> reporter: it has >> it has been three years than we have been coming out to be to stick >> this is like family and it is difficult to think that you may not be able to tell gate with them. >> you have to be more respected because it would be a better stadium. >> it is sad but we will have a nice a new stadium next year. >> we have been together for
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so long how will we ever find each other a can.gain. >> i was coming to the stick when they were still playing baseball. it will be a shame, the new stadium... i do not know i think i will miss it. >> reporter: during their last regular-season sentimental but in showing the moment. enjoying the moment >> reporter: fans as they were walking and said there will season candlestick park on the fans.
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>> reporter: talking to the fans inside candlestick park no one wants to leave peat. everyone prefer to link her or around a few more minutes before facing the traffic. >> reporter: the niners have posted more monday night games since candlestick opened more than any other in f l teams. nfl >> reporter: they are hoping that this one lee stump the victorious. >> reporter: they want to see the niners hold on and beat atlanta with a v
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ictorius win! >> catherine: ".the investigation." music legend carlos santana >> catherine: embracing a former band mate >> reporter: >> catherine: 3,000,009 been seen all around the world embracing a former band mate now living on the streets of oakland. and it was all made possible by our own stanley roberts. and next-- new video. and the search for more witnesses - after this car smashed into a south bay walmart. >> reporter: this storm passing over utah. one of
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>> catherine: san jose police are looking for more victims and witnesses -- after a driver crashed his car into a walmart. >> catherine: this newly- released surveillance video shows the car nearly hitting shoppers.. it happened in march. at a walmart on story road. after driving into the store. police say the driver. haamid zaid. then got out and began to assault people. >> catherine: shoppers managed to grab him arrived. one of the 4 people injured is still hospitalized. >> catherine: new at 8-- >> catherine: a heartbreaking story with a happy ending. an injured puppy was thrown into the trash and left for dead -- but tonight - she's recovering and expected to survive.
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>> catherine: kron 4's john fenoglio has an update on the lucky little dog that nearlytrt 1:15 >>it's hard to imagine what this defenseless little dog has been through in her short life. >>on saturday, as recology crews sorted through bags of trash, one of the bags began to move. inside this 10- week old poodle mix badly injured, terrified and whimpering. >> reporter:fortunately, she was rushed to san francisco animal care and control and treated for numerous puncture wounds to her neck and chest. >> reporter:and while the cause of her injuries remains unknown, she is expected to survive. what is clear, however, is that someone intentionally threw this puppy away. >> reporter:discarded and almost lost she's being called a diamond in the rough and her new name, aptly put, is gem.
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>> reporter:"and of course animal care and control are investigating this case. they haven't said whether or not they will be treating this as a case of animal cruelty. right now they want anyone with information about gem's owners to contact them. in sf jf. k4news. >> catherine: today is the last day to sign up for health insurance in california. there's been a lot of late enrollment. >> catherine: the national sign-up deadline has been extended through tomorrow. >> catherine: but - covered california has no plans to change ts deadline. california runs its own healthcare exchange. people who enroll by the end of today - have until january 6th to pay for policies. >> catherine: new tonight at 8-- >> catherine: it's almost christmas - meaning a lot of people are scrambling to finish their shopping. but for those who have finished -- tonight was a time for enjoying the holiday spirit. kron four's jeff bush went to union square in san
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francisco where people were out seeing the sights. >> reporter: union square was alive with music of all kinds. >>music >> reporter: read the you were into christmas classics. >> walking unround looking at all the decorations, the christmas trees and lights. >> union square with the lighting and ice skating. >> out there looking at the people with the holidays.
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>> >> reporter: of course there were people with shopping bags full for that special person on their left list. they know that the clock is ticking with a short amount of time left to get everything purchased and wrapped up. >> reporter: taking a life look it is a little bit when the up there and went will continue until tomorrow. still mild conditions with the temperatures and low '60's to mid '50's " on christmas eve. so it can look at the temperature is right now, 54 in oakland and 53 for san francisco with 53 for san a tael. apollo
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alto, 64 for mountain view and 66 for san jose so very similar conditions the for what we saw today. 62 will be an afternoon high in danville. 64 ocean beach, 61 will be the height in a bottle. my bottle, bottl >> reporter: low sixties to mid '60's for the most part. however most of us will be able to enjoy it overnight lows without its being too low. sunny skies which will be a trend around here. we do have a slight chance of showers very slight at that.
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in the meantime mild conditions and a dryristmas. >> catherine: the christmas story by our own stanley roberts. a homeless man and a bay area music legend. reunite. where it goes from here - next. also ahead-- >> catherine: >> catherine: target is hit big-time by hackers. millions of shoppers are affected by a major security >> reporter: highlights of the miners' strike ahead and the warriors are back in action after blowing away the lakers a few nights ago. that and the rest of the sports street had next! >> catherine: and remember to join us for kron 4's new year's live presented by nissan. it is the only local, live show in the bay area ringing in the new year. you will have a front row seat to the biggest and best new year's fireworks show and party.
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gary radnich and i will host >> catherine: the show. new years eve right after the kron4 news at 11.
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>> catherine: target is still trying to recover from a huge security breach. just as christmas shopping hits its peak. hackers stole debit and credit card information from millions of shoppers. j.p. morgan chase-- the nation's largest bank-- has temporarily put limits on affected. chase clients who shopped at target between november 27th and december 15th can now only withdraw 100 dollars a day from a-t-m's. >> catherine: and their daily cap on spending is now 300-dollars. >> catherine: some customers in california have already filed what could become a class-action lawsuit against target. at least one lawsuit was filed in san francisco. this, as people are asking why the problem wasn't noticed sooner. >> as the person in the bank told me, they went for the
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seventh and it was denied because i didn't have enough. i just think that would have been suspicious." >> catherine: 40-million credit and debit card accounts are now considered compromised. with the secret service and the department of justice to investigate. target is offering affected customers free credit monitoring. ♪ checkin' target off my list, ♪ ♪ last minute deals on toys and gifts. ♪
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>> catherine: coming up on kron 4 news at 8-- >> catherine: from the dynasty to ducking controversy. making headlines all over the world why so many people would like to hear about this. coming up next! >> reporter: we have very unseasonably warm weather tomorrow when we return! 5çwç5ç5ç5ç5ç5ç5ççyçy5ç5çwç5ç5ç5ç
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>>"ohhh man. marcus the magnificent malone."
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>> reporter:now at 8:30-- >> catherine: a christmas reunion that's now reverberating around the world. music legend carlos santana embracing a former band mate. who's now living on the streets of oakland a chance encounter with kron four's stanley roberts may have been the turnaround in the hard-luck life of a forgotten man. >> catherine: this is the time of year for family, forgiveness, redemption. and yes, even miracles. >> catherine: vicki liviakis is here now to show how the story of marcus the magnificent resonates with so many of >> reporter:ever since our stanley robert's story ran, we've been flooded with emails, phone calls, online outpourings of support. even job offers for marcus malone. >> reporter:and let's not forget carlos santana. searching for his long lost band mate. and finding him. with the help of stanley. >> we went to woodstock and
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>> reporter: last week's reunion changed all that. carlson tunnels said he'd like to get time off the street. >> we all have families that get misplaced not lost but misplaced. >> my heart goes out for stemming because what you did is redemption.
8:32 pm
>> >> reporter: it is not long after that he has a reuion with carlos santana >> reporter:this is likely the last you'll hear about marcus from carlos santana. he tells stanley - that he
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won't be making any more public statements. and that he, stanley and marcus will all be meeting in the near future to get marcus back on his feet. and get him back into the catherine? see >>stanley' story is getting national and even international attention. he'll have more tonight on inside edition. >> catherine: happening now. what could be the last football game is being played at candlestick. fans wearing red and gold packed the stadium. to see the 49ers play the falcons.
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>> catherine: the video recorded december 4th with the driver falling from a seat when making a turn a fourth grade teacher hit the brakes
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>>video >> catherine: you can hear the children were frightened but everything was okay to eat no one was injured although they did end up in a ditch. the say that the driver no longer works for that particular school district >> reporter: we will talk more about the upcoming days to see if you have fluctuation with the warm weather
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>> reporter: 64 in richmond 61 vallejo, north bay 63 and petaluma and 62 in san francisco for christmas forecast you guessed it sunny skies. mid-60s but a chilly start for the day. great week overall lots of sunshine all around the bay. this trend will likely continue over to 2014.
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>> catherine: happening now the last season game at candlestick grant lotus joins us the stadium. grant? >> reporter: this is memories with a fan base has been waiting for a sum have been dreading for years now. what a game to go out with seconds to go and the game designers appear they are up 3424 the niners of belize had just beaten the falcons beaten the falcons 34-24
8:45 pm
>> reporter: the falcons scored with another touchdown and ran it back, with almost 100 yds which appears to have sealed the deal for the niners going to play of spirit i am being told that the game is not quite over yet sense that has happened candlestick it is possible that they could see another game. if those two things happen the niners would win in the division and play off here at the candlestick stadium. it is unclear if this is a
8:46 pm
farewell to the stake. stick. >> reporter: j.r. stone to say that that the game is over. it cannot have been more dramatic. >> reporter: now one of the all-time memories. all of the highlights coming up with jason! >> reporter: the niners beat the falcons 34 to 24 to secure a spot and the play offs! >> catherine: bangs grant what a night think so grant >> catherine: jason has
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(male announcer): it's now time for gary radnich from the jack in the box sports desk. >> reporter: welcome back everyone 36 game at candlestick in touch down and we may get court and as sticks >> reporter:watch this! no,
8:51 pm
no! it was the shoulder >> reporter: third quarter pelicans are up foul cans are up >> reporter:third quater falcons are up! 10-10 >> reporter:197 yards and t ouch down. >> reporter: early in the fourth water the quarterback draw the middle think are taking control this point. it but as for not cooperating.
8:52 pm
a little embarrassed by it nothing no more special about my service and any >> reporter:niners are going to get it done! falcons come right back! >> reporter:classic moment here >> reporter:to clicn the win >> reporter:the play was u
8:53 pm
nbelievable, but no! seal the deal for the niners >> reporter: 59 as beat arizona at and clinch the division title and we will have at least one more game at the stake. stick! >> reporter: j.r. are you there? >> reporter: i am here and they are rocking and rolling out here. right now they are thinking fans for coming out. wow wow and while. it
8:54 pm
was about football! everyone high-five's being excited! >> we were just like one big family. there is a legacy here and no matter what happened it will still be a lot of memories. >> reporter: hope bully you can hear me now. they state that i was on the wrong microphone print people are coming out slowly, very slowly with confetti coming
8:55 pm
down. >> reporter: it is all that and more. >> reporter: j.r. we could hear you before we could hear you better now. >> reporter: been on the field i thought there are going to rush out on the field because there were so many of them and the poor soul into it. and they were sold in to it. >> reporter: at the other end of the spectrum where the raiders that dropped to five and 11 after yesterday's lost. so is that tutorial prior one last time prior look pretty good at times not so good at
8:56 pm
others get the nod next sunday against peyton manning. that means back to the bench for undrafted rookie matt smuggle men who showed some moxie this year. sunday against peyton reporter: the bench for undrafted rookie matt mcgloin who showed some moxy this year but was just 1- and-5 as a starter. >> reporter:tony romo finally won a meaningful game in the clutch. .but that's not the headline. romo herniated a disk in the cowboys last second win over the redskins and it appears his season is over. .though head coach jason garrett won't rule him out for the finale with philadelphia.with a playoff berth on the line in that one. romo shook off the injury long enough to finish the game and lead the cowboys to a last minute game winning touchdownsetting up the
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sexually based offenses are considered especially heinous. in new york city, the dedicated detectives who investigate these vicious felonies are members of an elite squad known as the special victims unit. these are their stories. man: i'm freezing. you want to warm up? paddle harder. oh, i must have been crazy to let you talk me into this. got to train early to be in shape for the class five rapids this summer. it's the middle of winter. hasn't stopped anyone from using the hudson as a garbage can. ( horn blowing, bells clanging ) must have fallen off a boat. maybe they left us a couple of brews. oh, my god. stabler: we got a call for child abuse. hope you haven't had lunch yet. there's a special place in hell for whoever did this.


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