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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  December 25, 2013 6:00am-7:01am PST

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christmas morning. christmas is being remembered and celebrated throughout the entire world. we'll show you what's happening in places ranging from the vatican to right here in the bay area and the latest in the fight to keep an oakland teenager on life support. what a judge recently ruled. and breaking news this morning, two bodies were found inside a san lorenzo home, we're standing by with a live report, we'll get to that in a minute, but merry christmas everyone. to your holiday forecast with erica. good morning, and waking up to clear skies in the bay area. pretty cold out there, we're ranging from the upper 20s to upper 40s. we have quite the temperature spread, warmer weather into the afternoon and in fact, down in the south bay, we'll be approaching the 70 degree mark, chilly start but warmer conditions as we head into the afternoon. a full look at your holiday forecast in just a couple minutes. good morning, george. good morning, they say it comes only once a year and this is the day, it has arrived.
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and that is your gift from the sfmta, the city of san francisco, no parking enforcement today. today is the day you can park anywhere without any concern about any enforcement. free meters from the city of san francisco. their big hearts and generosity. light traffic around the bay area, your quick commute shows no problems for your drive, whether in the east bay, south bay peninsula or north bay. annie, good morning. >> good morning, george. following a developing story in san lorenzo where two people have been shot and killed, wil tran is there at the scene, wil, what do you know? >>reporter: well, i talked to investigators, they say this is a murder suicide, we're in the vibd of have i -- neighborhood of via amigos, at 2:00 in the morning, it involves a man and a woman, at this point we don't
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know who shot whom, the family members got a call in the middle of a night, we talked to a woman, she says it was a niece who called them and let them know what happened, the niece was inside the home at the time. they came here from hollister, waiting all night waiting for possible information. we don't know motive to the shooting, the sister believes she was having some sort of marital issues, we don't know if it was the man who shot the woman or the woman who shot the man, i talked to the sister, erica rodriguez. here's what she has to say. >> i just got a call from my niece and tell me that my sister was dead. and, um, she just said, she was just she couldn't tell me anything else. she was dead and okay, i'm just going to go over there to find out more details. and that's what i'm here, to find out more details >> reporter: who lives at the
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house? with her husband? >> with her husband and her mother-in-law and father-in-law and children, four children >> reporter: how old are the kids? >> the kids are 16, 14, and 13, and 19-year-old. >>reporter: so right now, it appears the niece is still inside the home with the two bodies because the coroner's office has not arrived on the scene, she says she can't get a hold of her niece right now she's being talked to detectives, a spokesman for the alameda county sheriff's informationn what led to this. back to you, annie. >> very unfortunate. thank you, wil. also happening, thousands are expecting to celebrate christmas at glide memorial church. more on what's happening today, i see the food already being set up. good morning, mike! >>reporter: well, good morning. staff is here, you see
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vegetables, the carving station set and ready to go, staff members sit there at the table, and in half an hour, a lot of the volunteers will show up and start slicing and dicing all this food for the two largest meals today, breakfast and lunch. glide memorial does this every year. they expect to feed about 5,000 people today with the help of more than 500 volunteers. breakfast starts about an hour from now, 7:00 runs through 8:30, ham and eggs and of course, all the sides. lunch runs from 9:00 in the morning until 1:30 that afternoon, ham and turkey and all the fixings, two very large meals. already a line outside and staff members tell me they expect an even larger demand of meals this year as opposed to last year, due to rising rents in the bay area and so many other financial problems that families face. if you miss your opportunity to volunteer, staff members tell me that they see such an outpouring of support over the holidays, but not enough volunteers the
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other ten or nine months out of the year. staff here two large meals today, lunch at 12:00, a lot of people to feed and a lot of food to give out. back to you, annie. >> all right, always a good time at that time glide every holiday. thank you so much. and after the 12-year tradition of serving turk why ey and ham, the homeless at ashbury will close its doors tonight. the san francisco examiner reports, fundraising efforts and a petition that gathered more than 5,000 signatures, the organization has been denied a state extension from the landlord of 1696 hay street. package items in to stores and continue to its services, plannings are moving along but not finalized. also in san francisco,
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you're looking at o'doul's, where they gathered more than 10,000 toys for children in need. it has been delivered to kids in neighborhood in san francisco with the help of the city's police department. police and firefighters will continue today to distribute the donated toys to all the children. a developing story this morning in the continuing legal battle over keeping an oakland teen on life support as a second doctor's opinion afirms, gentleman a affirms, jahi mcmath won't recover. back in children's hospital in oakland told her family she was dead. >> unfortunately, the medical condition of jahi by the statutes you mentioned, she meets all the criteria for brain
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death. she has no brain stem and no cerebral function. i'm going to have to therefore deny the petition that mr. dole ñ:+ filed on your behalf to provide additional medical care and life support to jahi. >> the judge did give the family time to file an appeal or move jahi to another hospital, they have until december 30th for that decision. as you can imagine, it was an emotional afternoon for the family. her uncle says though devastated to hear the news, he appreciated the compassion that dr. fisher gave to his tests. jahi reminded -- jahi's grandmother reminded other families to never take their children for granted. >> if you haven't told them you love them, go home right now, call them. call them on the phone. and tell them how much they mean to you. and how much you love them. >> the life legal defense fund
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may provide medical and financial assistance to the family if they decide to move jahi from children's in to another facility that will keep her on life support. coming more on kron4 news, a security breach that affected hundreds of millions of target customers, is it over? why the company is now issuing another warning. it's christmas day and the holiday is being celebrated all around the world, we'll take a look at the celebrations, including a pope's christmas at the vatican. good. good answer. check it out. learning's fun now. yeah, back in our day, we didn't have u-verse high speed internet
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>> welcome back. the pope celebrating his first christmas day in the vatican, by attending the christmas day mass at vatican city. here's video of the pope from earlier this morning out of italy. this will be followed by solemnity of the native of the lord, the pope delivers his blessing on the world from the basilica. farther east, crowds gathering for christmas vacation, making a pilgrimage for the birth place of jesus christ, they saw a large illuminated christmas tree, also a midnight mass in bethlehem. michelle obama had a bit of
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holiday fun, she spent half an hour getting calls from kids, the santa tracker hotline.b the nasa tracked his trek, thousands of callers around the world, wanting to know where he's going. the tradition came from the 1950s and moved online in 1998. merry christmas, i'm erica, moving on in temperatures later today. a full look at your forecast when the kron4 news continues. female announcer: it's time to make room
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>> breaking news this morning, a woman was hit and killed by a santa clara transportation light rail vehicle in san jose, happened at 1:30 this morning. the woman was struck by a train near the kurtner rail station, she was pronounced dead at the scene. trains are not running between the santa at teresa and tamion stations, and a bus bridge has been set up for passengers. this is still under investigation and we will have more information as it becomes available. christmas morning here in the bay area, here to show us how everybody is celebrating this hoe ly day around the
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world, here's alicia reid >> reporter: many are praying for the gift of recovery, in tacloban where signs of the typhoon are present. left more than 7800 people dead or missing. right now, more than 4 million people are living in shelters and temporary housing facilities are being built. the pope celebrated his mass at the vatican, the pope who became the first south american pope blessed baby jesus during the mass. in washington a christmas eve toy giveaway came to a stop when a man in a santa outfit was shot by a pellet gun. >> oh! oh! >> what the heck? oh, my back!
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>> oh! >>reporter: the man was taken to the hospital to get it removed from his shoulder. police have not found the person who shot him. now, for santa's having fun. good old st. nick traded out his reign deer for reindeer for a more tradition of holiday travel. brings to mind the north pole and snow, but this santa did some skiing, not down hill. we're talking water skiing. it was part of the annual water skiing on the tohomac river. putting on a water show. >> i hope they had their wet suits on. it's cold there. santa was having fun in d. c. today many people celebrating with love and reflection. back in the bay area, keeping an eye on the surf, if you're planning to take a
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holiday walk on the beach, a strong seasonal swell is set to hit coast lines, an increased threat of rip currents and waves. a coastal hazard statement for northern california beaches from so noma county to south bay. advised to keep off the rocks near the water and keep a safe distance from the tide. well, we won't get to enjoy a nice little fire on this christmas day, the burn ban have also been issued once again, it continues today. air quality officials say pollution expected to hit unhealthy levels and high pressure systems, no burnings allowed indoors or outdoors unless of course that's your only source of heating. you might not need it, mild conditions to set records, here's erica, merry christmas. >> good morning, and merry
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christmas annie. we're talking about natural heat, 70s down in the south bay as we head into the afternoon. as of right now, we're starting the morning off below the freezing mark in santa rosa. 38 in concord, so quite the temperature spread right now. as we head into the afternoon, the warmest readings in the south bay. now, yesterday we broke some record highs in mountain view. we're setting the stage for a similar pattern today, red wood, and 69 in evergreen. vallejo 65, 66 in castro valley but again, expect a hazy sunshine, especially where air quality is relatively poor, 68 degrees in napa, san francisco checking in with 64. no storms will approach, we will continue with this pattern of dry weather. temperatures will continue to warm a string of sunshine will
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carry us into the weekend, cool things off as we head in to next tuesday. the time right now is 6:19, a look at the roads now. >> no problems for you, chp has had problems here and there, nothing to concern yourself with, where you're going this morning, light and easy with traffic. the bridges look like this one, lightly travelled this morning and were incident free. and if you're going to be taking a drive through the east bay, the road sensors tell the story here, as you can see green showing on interstate 80, through oakland and hayward, problem free. chp is with an incident or two, but none of them with an impact on your drive. annie? >> thank you, jorng. george. target has learned of more
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scams, company now posting copies of its official communications on p they're really hearing from target when they get e-mails from the retailer. information from 40 million credit and debit accounts was stolen between november 27 and december 15th. a government agency has ordered american express to give back to customers, the protection bureau has practiced unfair billing tactics and deseptemberive marketing. among -- deceptive marketing. among the offenses, identity products it didn't provide, unfair monthly fees that put customers over the credit lipt. american -- limit. american express has begun giving back 60 million dollars, also additional fines to the government. mailing a letter, will soon cost you a little more. the price of first class stamps will goum about three cents -- go up about three cents,
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starting january 25th, it will now be 49 cents. you can buy that until the lower price takes effect. the price is temporary until it can make a deficit, but no one is holding their breath on that temporary claim. a 60 million dollar renovation of the u.s. capitol dome is underway in washington d. c. curved roads of scaffolds will repair the rings, it will allow contractors to strip paint and repair pieces. it is il lum luminated at night, it will take two years to finish and the last major renovation was back in 1960. coming up on the kron4 morning kron4, one popular fast food chain is telling its employees not to eat its food. employees not to eat its food. we'll tell you why. like the enticing aroma and distinctive taste of nespresso.
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. >> kron4 programming is
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sponsored by kohl's. >> and un expected, large increase orders for manufactured goods helped push stock prices higher on wall street yesterday, the closing, dow jones closing up 2 points, s&p over 5, today while wall street is observing christmas. xbox and gaming systems were in short supply this christmas
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season, went on sale last month and sold out in many locations, leaving shoppers out of luck. mcdonald's is telling its works to guess what, not eat fast food, advice posted on an employee website health encyclopedia. it describes most fast food as high in fat and sodium that can lead to obesity. the employee site says a diet of veggies, pass on the pickles and less salt. last month, the mcsource site was coming under fire for suggesting things like dog walkers and nannies, critics say it was poor taste and insensitive, since most workers may minimum wage. coming up, most of you waited until last minute, we visited stores and asked you why, why wait? we have the answers coming up after the break. live look from
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. >> welcome back, time coming up almost at 6:30 on your christmas morning and boy, it's been really mild the last several days we definitely need the rain around here, are we going to get it? here's erica with your christmas forecast. good morning. good morning, yeah, it doesn't look too likely here in the bay area. in fact, models starting to back off on that. here's a life look from our camera, looking at conditions, we head into the afternoon, we'll be approaching the 70 degree mark, little details your morning around the south bay, coming up in just a few minutes. good morning george. good morning.
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you get to park in impunity in san francisco today, that's good news. and no photograph traffic to concern -- traffic to concern yourself with, in the bay area, light traffic in the south bay and peninsula, for the north bay drive and for the east bay as well. annie? our top story, a developing story out of san lorenzo where two people have been shot and killed. kron4 will tran's on the scene, it may be a murder suicide? >>reporter: that is right, involves a man and a woman, investigators on the scene, family members are on the scene, they drove up here from hollister, not allowed on the scene because it's being investigated. jcht d. nelson -- j. d. nelson joins me now, the spokesman for the police department. what have you learned? >> there was a murder suicide that happened here in via a migos in san lorenzo.
6:31 am
confined to the home and there were other people in the house but there's no threat to the surrounding area >> reporter: do we have a motive at this point? >> we don't. investigators are here now working on that, we're working on getting a search warrant signed but on christmas, you can imagine, that's a little bit tough. we're dwg going ton to be here -- going to be here a little while >> reporter: the victim's, husband and wife, do we mownt anything about -- know anything about them? >> the investigation continues, i believe they're husband and wife. >>reporter: any information on who shot who? >> going forward on that, at this point, don't have that exactly >> reporter: also, kids inside at the time, can you confirm that? >> there were people inside, i don't think their ages >> reporter: okay. this is an active scene, he'll go back there tell us about the investigators, a very heartbreaking morning as well, many of them drove from
6:32 am
hollister, walking up to j. d. nelson and trying to find information for themselves as well. they don't know what happened, talking to the sister, there was a sister who was involved again, with he don't know who shot whom, but it was her niece who called them. they came here and they're all bundled up in the very cold morning, trying to learn information. as soon as we learn more, we'll pass it on. this is a heart breaking story for christmas morning, i'll sepd it back to you, an -- send it back to you , annie. >> okay, thank you. a lot of people here in the bay area doing last minute shopping, some of them, mainly guys, waited so long. >> it was much easier to come with empty suitcases examine do all the -- and do all the shopping here than do it earlier and bring everything and pile it in to the car >> reporter: as far as options, some people bought whatever they could find in the time they had. >> trying to figure out what to get, because it's so many things out and so many sales that,
6:33 am
they, you know, it's just like whatever. [ laughter ] >> we looked around, saw a few things we liked, i guess it was an impulse buy >> reporter: others knew exactly what they wanted and went looking for it. >> a tablet. and also bought a case! >> i went in there to find some last minute headphones for my little daughters, her auntie got them some headphones and what not, we did find them >> reporter: unfortunately for some shoppers, the store they needed closed before they got there. >> yeah, it's closed. 6:00. i don't know. you know, wait until he can go, i guess. >>reporter: the men always wait till the last minute. good news though, for some very last minute shoppers, only a small number of stores, cvs, wall wal greens will be open today on krimps. christmas. that's what you get for waiting
6:34 am
so late, but some options. a 60-year-old man in the hospital today with severe head injuries. some beat him in the casino parking lot. the attack happened around 6:30 tuesday morning. he told deputies at least two people were involved and hit him in the head before robbing him. just in time for the holidays, all 100 residents forced to evacuate in this fire in big sur are now allowed to go back in to their homes. the vaekss and -- evacuations and road closures listed, 12 more than they originally estimated, in big sur, the fire burned more than 1.4 square miles in the padres national forrest. >> 911 tapes reveal the begunman told -- gunman told patients to flee before he murdered a doctor. one of the tapes says a gunman told patients to leave or he'd shoot them as he entered the
6:35 am
urology office in reno, with a pistol grip 12 gauge shotgun. he had a vasectomy and that it ruined his life, he told the office. police confirmed 51-year-old alvin oliver frazier had been a patient at the facility and complained about a botched 2010 surgery. he killed one doctor and injured another before killing himself. san francisco health officials have issued an alert to people who ate or drank at the com stock saloon in north beach. a food handler there diagnosed with help stiet -- hepatitis a, on the 12, 15th and 19th. the risk of exposure is low, but they're asking people who ate there on those dates to get tested, just to be on the safe side. a san francisco man charged with murder in a 2012 stabbing
6:36 am
has been acquitted of all charged. the jury found 47-year-old howard frazier acted in self-defense. the jury says his attacker, 54-year-old luther robinson iii had previously bullied and threatened him before the fatal stabbing. this is based on six weeks before the confrontation, when robinson chased assaulted frazier with a club, threatening to kill him. frazier testified he tried to diffuse the conflict by talking to his brother, but to no avail. frazier stabbed robinson once with a pocket knife. the ka grace period -- grace period ends friday to get health insurance that starts in the new year. many consumers are frustrated in their attempts to sign up by monday's deadline. a spokesperson says insurers need time to review policy coverage so coverage can start in the new year. the grace period announced monday after thousands of people unable to get coverage because the website and call centers
6:37 am
overwhelmed. a family whose newly adopted kitten was stolen was re united just in time for christmas. they picked it out from the san francisco animal shelter and named it storm but it was stolen last week. on sunday, the hotel manager found storm and brought it back to the shelter. the family is delighted that storm will now be home for christmas. >> just unbelievable. we just, wouldn't have thought it happened, i want to thank everybody here on the staff, they've been wonderful, everyone who called in tips and manager who found her, and thank you so much, it's just a merry christmas for everybody. >> the family thanks the shelter staff by bringing them baked goods to enjoy for the christmas holiday. an even more special christmas it will be for them with storm. kron4 news continues after the break, time now 6:37. good. good answer.
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>> welcome back. imagine spending christmas eve more than 200 miles above the earth, that was the story for two american [ bleep astronauts. aaron mcpie reports from washington with the details on their successful christmas space walk >> reporter: best christmas ever, thanks guys. >>reporter: two american [ bleep astronauts celebrated a christmas eve success after completing a mission to replace an malfunctioning pump during an emergency space walk. >> let me know if you need me to walk you through steps >> reporter: it all started two weeks ago when a valve got stuck, jep ardizing the cooling system. the pump which removes heat from the system is critical for the station so it flies with a backup. the faulty one was shut down. >> see if you can press the button then >> reporter: on saturday, rick
6:42 am
mistraccoi and hopkins took their mission, five hours to replace the pump. scary as it seeps, macky said not to worry. >> you have a person on the ground, talking to them in space, and you have a ground control in houston, the instructors, flight controllers, a #04: gigantic team to help do this space walk the right way >> reporter: the american space duo plan to continue the work on monday, but there was another problem. this time with mistraccio's space suit. nasa pushed the second walk another day, making this the second christmas space walk in history. the first was a multiday mission in 1999 to repair the hubble telescope. >> it's an amazing experience for the [ [ bleep astronauts. >>reporter: in washington, i'm
6:43 am
aaron pike. a look at your weather and headlines and a shot from outside, the sunrising on this christmas morning, hopefully your families enjoying the kids opening up the presents this morning.
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>> welcome back, christmas morning, be glad you're in the bay area, in other parts of the country, in the northeast, they're in the dark. christmas trees are without power, michigan, maine, vermont, new york state, from your local forecast, here's erica. >> good morning, annie, you have to keep in mind the brunt of this system has pushed its way through, we're talking ri sid you'll power -- residual power outages. still in the lakes, we could see three inches accumulate in
6:47 am
michigan, but most of the system has moved over the atlantic, we're looking at power outages for millions. we're going to follow this over christmas, here's from our tram cam, taking a cold start to the morning. temperatures below freezing in the north bay, let's look at conditions right now. we've got some #406r, 40s, 58 38 in concord. hazy sunshine, we have the air alert in effect, no wood burning allowed, for for tunatly, talking about downtown san francisco checking in with 66 while you enjoy christmas dinner tonight, we're talking calm conditions for most of us in the mid to upper 50s.
6:48 am
satellite shows no big weather heading, any storms originating from the pacific will continue to trek their way north. we will continue with warmer than average temperatures, about ten decrees warmer where we should be for this time of year. dry conditions will carry us into the weekend and it looks like temperatures will start to drop as we head in to next tuesday. the time right now is 6:48. good morning, george. morning, erica. easy ride all throughout the area, no problems or hot spots to alert you to. if you're heading across any of the bay air bridges, this is -- bay area bridges, this is what you can expect, a buffer lane because of the holiday, it's not set up like a normal commute morning for very good reason. this isn't a normal commute reason. that's why all the transit agencies are on holiday schedules, that meansase train isn't running -- means ace train isn't running today. the base routes, 580 and 680 at the dublin interchange, south
6:49 am
bay's very clear today, no problems and the mid bay route, the mid bay transit on 95 #25i9 looks good -- 92 looks good, as does the hill top on 80, and clear between the county line and the golden gate bridge. annie? >> all right, thanks, george. a family in santa if fe got this nasty surprise, a car splams into their home. -- slams into their home. literally, having an open house, the driver of the car, a teenager who had been speeding, lost control. he had been racing another driver. a neighbor rushed to the scene when he heard the commotion. >> yeah, i hear, i see the car hit the house right here, that's all, and then i'm trying to pull back out. and say okay, have any problems, i'm okay, i'm okay. and the young one's crying. >> those drivers had been cited
6:50 am
by san jose police. the family who lives in the house is trying to clean up the mess and now get things patched up hopefully in time for their christmas holiday today. >> ho ho ho! happy holidays from all of us in the police department. remind you to lockup your homes and your vehicles. >> even if you leave for only a few minutes. >> make sure you have a design designated driver. happy season. >> palo alto is among the police departments wishing people a happy christmas, idaho, and virginia joined in that message. how did these traditions come about? kelly looks at some of the red and green that decks the hall every year >> reporter: for a winter
6:51 am
holiday, christmas has a fair share of lush greens and bright flowers. >> a lot of evergreens too that we associate with this winter season and of course, mistletoe. >> >> reporter: and other traditions ubiquitous with these traditions. >> we think of flowers, but they're modified leaves that have that red color. that's what started the association with the holidays >> reporter: pointsettias are plentiful at the garden this year, marking an association that dates back to the 19th century. the u.s. minister to mexico first brought the plants to the u.s. from a trip. fellow americans admired the deep reds developed in the deep darkness of the rainforest. their common name comes from that, joel roberts poinsett. comes from five decades of mixing and matching.
6:52 am
>> very small from the original species are tall and gangly. so it really depends on what the breeder wants to select for and what the ultimate plant looks like >> reporter: despite a starring role in winter, they thrive in well lit areas, good to know for people who want to keep them past december. in washington, i'm karen capa. a special santa spreading holiday cheer at macy's flagship store in new york, but this is not easy to find, kind of secret. the ask american santa is available to in st. louis by special request, families must ask to see the special santa. there are no signs indicating that there's an alternate santa, but a parent told w cbs that macy's has had one for about ten years. it became a point prosecute megan kelly's comments that santa just is white.
6:53 am
when asked about their special santa, macy's said, santa is all things to all who believe. well, last minute shoppers at a kentucky mall were clearly not in the holiday spirit on tuesday, take a look. the fight started to break out between some women, they appear to go back and forth over a pink package. maybe a girl's toy. a man you see is trying to break things up here, the crowd was shouting for security but they didn't get there in time, witnesses say they all went down right next to families waiting to get a picture with santa. they say some of the kids were scared, they were crying and that santa himself shielded some of the children from the violence. the kron4 morning news continues after this break. good. good answer.
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. >> welcome back. this is so cute. southern california hospitals are spreading holiday cheer for new parents by delivering
6:57 am
newborns in giant christmas stockings. check them out, aren't they adorable? the bright red stockings were provided this week for babies born at long beach memorial medical center, the redlands also been delivering newborns in stockings all month, the press telegram reports it's a half century old tradition, dating back from 50 years ago, very sweet. and remember to join us for new year's live presented by nissan.rfug' karen and gary will make sure you have good seats, that's right after the 11:00 news at 11:30. avo: the volkswagen "sign then drive"
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>> this is the bay area 's news station. kron4 news at 7:00 starts now. >> 6:59 and here we are on christmas day.
7:00 am
christmas morning, waking morni, christmas being celra the worldy right here to the bay area back in to your house. we'll have the very latest on that. also, we're going to give you the very latest on the fight in oakland to keep a teenager alive on life support. we'll tell you a judge has ruled in that case. and we do have some breaking news this morning, two bodies found in a home in san lorenzo, we'll have a live report on that crime scene this morning. first, a quick look at weather and traffic, good morning, erica. good morning, and merry christmas, here's a live look from our live cam, clearpw but pretty cold conditions, range from upper 20s to upper 40s, approaching afternoon, we could see 70s in the south bay, some record breaking temperatures possiblily. .


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