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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  December 27, 2013 6:00am-7:01am PST

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top stories we are following on this friday december 27th. jahi mcmath's family makes a big decision on moving their daughter out of childrens hospital oakland --- but the hospital is making their decision nearly impossible. we have the latest details. and a war veteran goes missing from san francisco general hospital. we have the latest in the search efforts. and a family that wakes up to find their christmas gifts stolen is now getting help from the comminity. and not letting a christmas grinch ruin their holiday spirit. the morning and happy friday. i'm anny hong. taking things off this morning it will be dan ronan with our forecast. >>: the morning. we have clear skies with very mild temperatures for this friday. right now
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temperatures 47 in san francisco. thirty and santa rosa 32 and now up 3 at 37 and vallejo which are called the spots. we have satellite and radar imagery that looks pretty different than what it has for the past few days. clouds are starting to approach the state of california. they're welcome over as high clouds. by this evening out the what that means for your temperatures for just a bit. good morning dan. >>george: easy traffic around the entire bay area. the chp is enjoying a quiet morning as well. take a look at the bay bridge. since light traffic all around the bay area. >>anny:new this morning.
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ac transit workers vote for a third time on a contract that looks to avoid a bus strike. their union leaders reached a deal last week. but there's a chance the tentative agreement will be rejected. kron 4's will tran is live at the voting headquarters will, why are workers *not happy with this deal? of voting open to they will do it all the way until 7:00 tonight. here's me all the a.c. transit. 180,000 people ride the buses every day. ac transit. the workers have seen the details of a full details will not be released to the public but we do know it's pretty much like the two previous bills which were rejected for it and 9 percent pay raise over three years. that's similar. now
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they're on and contributed $120 every month for the house plan. there's a lot more than pain 03 which is why we talk to workers already. they plan to vote no. police the worker's we spoke to grid as they vote to know and as a deal is rejected the governor cannot stand because 60 days ago, he stepdad because it was on the verge of gone on strike. the issue date: off. but he can only do it once. if they don't know it doesn't necessarily mean there will go on strike immediately and now they can talk about it. and should they decide to go on strike it can happen whenever they decide three or in front of the building or went into their reaction from the worker's for it will bring it to all morning. it wraps up about
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12 or 13 hours from now and the results will be posted after that. >>: we will keep everyone updated. a major announcement by the family of jahi mc-math, the 13 year old oakland girl declared brain dead after her tonsil surgery went horribly wrong. her family has lined up 'another' facility to care for her. but the hospital may not go along with that decision. a bay area nursing home, which has not been named, says it is willing to keep caring for jahi. but she needs a tube inserted in her throat and stomach before she can be transferred. and children's hospital oakland is not willing to perform such a surgery. complicating hopes jahi will be able to leave the hospital anytime soon. the family's lawyer has promised to fight the hospital's latest move. childrens hospital does not believe and performing surgical measures on a diseased body.
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insurance will pay to keep jahi on life support. just in to the kron 4 newsroom this morning. an avalanche on a wyoming mountain has killed a san francisco man. 29-year-old mike kazanjy was snowboarding with friends yesterday afternoon near jackson hole.on a slope called "pucker face". when the mountain gave way, and buried him beneath the snow. witnesses say the ski patrol found him quickly, but he was already dead. the county examiner says it looks like kazanjy died on impact.
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a shooting investigation in vallejo led police to identify suspects in a string of armed robberies the shooting happened december-eighth near the corner of whitney avenue and pomona drive. one man was seriously injured. police tracked down 20- year-old james brisker in connection with the shooting. 19-year-old jaymon matthews was later arrested after a search uncovered stolen
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property from armed robberies in the vallejo and fairfield area. the family of a missing veteran is asking for help in finding him. derek sell was last seen december 17th at s.f. general. his father says he's very worried about his son's safety. and he's hoping someone will come forward with information. derek is a former navy seaman who is 30 years old. he's described as 6-3. 200lbs. with blue eyes and brown hair. anyone with information about derek is asked to call police. a bay area community came together for a special surprise to a family whose christmas gifts were stolen from their home. this is a picture of the family out of newark. the police department raised about 200 dollars to help the family. but the community went even further, buying a carload of gifts for them and having them delivered by officers.
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the family woke up christmas morning to find out someone broke into their home on cherry street and took all the gifts from underneath the tree. police say the suspect got in through an unlocked window. so far, no suspects have been arrested. dozens are flocking to the city today for the annual san francisco bird count. it's a 31-year tradition where people gather from dawn to dusk to observe over 100 birds species. [ male announcer ] some things are simply better at home.
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welcome back time now is 610. there were triumphs and heartbreaks that rocked the bay area and the nation this year. from obamacare glitches. to a gunman at lax. this morning. we are taking a look at some of the stories that made headlines in 2013. >>: the comeback of 2014 is complete. america's cup will stay in america.
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>>: the government shut down. for health care dock of the glitches errors breakdowns lower-than- expected enrollment. >>: we fumbled. >>: the body turns up on a fourth for exterior stairwell of 17 days after len spaulding went missing from her hospital room. >>: and a low pass. this fatal shooting of a 15 year- old boy. >>: and lopez was only carrying eight replica. >>: visit 23 year-old paul sandia opened fire at a checkpoint. traveling through the caldecott tunnel
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should get easier. >>: what may be the straw guess crisis ever reported the winds gusting more than 200 mi. per hour. america at its best. >>:
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welcome back. the time now is 616. we're now two days after christmas.and still, some gifts haven't made it under the tree because of what's being called a "big brown fail". kron 4 news reporter jackie sissel is live now in san francisco at the u-p-s center.and jackie.a lot of unhappy people want their packages! looks like the workers are at it working hard. ago morning jacket. >>: yes they are getting their best to get those packages out. i can tell you i was one of those customers that was expecting a package
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to arrive on christmas eve. it did not come and i'm not alone. thousands if not millions of other people had problems getting deliveries not only from ups but also from fedex. what happened? there was a bunch of issues. the time now between thanksgiving and christmas was shortened which gave less time to get those packages ordered and delivered. the other issue was the bad weather from last week. that prevented some of the carriers from getting those packages to and from. in fact fedex said dave gotten more than 275 man pieces between christmas-between thanksgiving and christmas. ups said they did about 3 30 million. that's just 275 million pieces. yesterday
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they started playing catch- up. they are saying now that most of those packages should be delivered today. as i said it could see them working hard on loading one of those tractor-trailers' right now permit the sale of continue to work and try to get all of these packages at least a couple of days. >>anny: my sister samantha package from new york. it was supposed to be heard two weeks ago and i'm still waiting for it they said it got delivered but i never got into how long did you have to wait? actually, we got ours yesterday's yesterday it had delivered soda was two days late. for a lot of people what they're doing is coming down to the distribution center. if you
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can track the package and find out where its ads, a lot of the people were just coming down to the distribution centers and picking up by hand. you might want to check into that it has a tracking number on it. >>: it secures for up was from pottery barn and said it would refund your shipping and handling pricks yes. they're giving us a discount on their shipping fees for it at all ups or fedex is going to do. obviously there are a lot of different vendors that are servicing. i'm sure exactly what they're going to do grid i think they're part concern is just try to get those packages out as quickly as possible. >>: thank-you jackie. >>: amazon is refunded shipping and also giving out $20 gift cards to make sure you are following up with your retailer. people are also going up on twitter and using the past ted--tag ups fail. --hashtag
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upsfail. while it's nice to deal with some of the warm conditions around here. here's dan with your forecast >>: yes the weather is a little bit more predictable than the ups package as i guess you could say. to our mount tam cam a very still look. not today. because of that we had our spare the air day and the facts. that's the fifth one and a row. saturday progresses we will stay sunny and unseasonably warm weather returns. partly cloudy skies today which will boyle lot of here the rest of to a 2013 will have dry weather. some variants today. temperatures right now 47 and san francisco, 41 and oakland 33 and concord. and we're getting up to 38 out in livermore. we have the system started to move that critics the first one that came through our
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neighborhoods. futurecast 4 we are pushing ahead to 7:00 tonight. it is a cloud cover really starting to school band of other bay area tonight. there's no rain or o said it with a system unfortunately but we will get some cloud cover. however by tomorrow morning looks like this thing will move on how that there will be back to clear skies sunday conditions mild temperatures. i hate to sound redundant but it's been pretty nice. i guess i could be talking about worse things. the afternoon highs are still pretty good. 68 and campbell 3 the 60 for santa clara 67 an evergreen. 64 castro valley. 64 in union city. 63 for san leandro. we saw oakland set a record high. 67 as what they talked about yesterday. 64 in about. 63 and san francisco and 60 out by the beach for we do have a beach hazard statement of the way down to more moderate
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county. but after these big waves and rip currents treat the such i will be all over the place all through the week and into 2014 will have a very nice new year's eve. if the of plants outside >>george: not checking and a delays i certainly know hot spot. take a look at the bay bridge. all of the approaches are clear now and the ride along the shore freeway is a good one. i will show you that in a moment. san mateo bridge and the golden gate bridge all commute free. residually a have a commute here is not the case this morning. six eighties in no great also looks good. check out the south bay freeways. no slowing for 85 through the west valley. from to 80 the
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marin ride still under 24 minutes from a bottle down to the golden gate bridge. transit back on a normal schedule which means a's trains are running slate however not many passengers. the connecticut state police will release its report on the sandy hook elementary school shooting today at three p-m it's expected to be thousands of pages long. last month, prosecutors issued a summary of the investigation into the december 2012 shooting that killed 20 students and six staff members. the summary did not reveal gunman adam lanza's motive. lanza, who had significant mental health issues according to the report, committed suicide as police arrived. starting tomorrow, federal jobless benefits expire for
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more than one million americans. the checks will stop coming after a program signed into law back in 2008 expires saturday. an additional 850-thousand workers will also lose state unemployment benefits over the next three months. congress extended or expanded federal aid to the long-term jobless eleven times, but an extra lifeline wasn't included in the latest budget deal. a bipartisan group of lawmakers has proposed a short-term extension for three months. that will make it to the floor of the senate -- but not until congress returns to work next month. president obama has signed a budget bill easing automatic spending cuts over the next we'll be right back.
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welcome back. president obama has signed a budget bill easing automatic spending cuts over the next couple of years. he signed the bill yesterday while on vacation in hawaii. the deal reduces across the board cuts, and restores about 63 billion dollars over two years. its not a grand bargain for the white house, but it prevents another government shutdown for now. a man charged with shooting and killing a t-s-a officer at l-a-x last month pleaded not guilty in court help has arrived.or at least almost.for a ship trapped in the ice off the coast of antarctica since monday. crew on the stranded russian ship say they can now see
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the ice-breakers headed their way. the captain of a chinese icebreaker named the "snow expect to get there sometime today. says the captain of the ice-bound ship says all 74 people on board are safe -- despite having spent christmas at a frozen standstill a hundred miles from civilization. japan's government has given the go-ahead to relocate a controversial u-s military base. okinawa's governor approved a proposal allowing for construction of a new base in a rural area. the marine corps air base futenma has been unpopular with the island's population because of crimes committed by americans stationed there. relocation comes more than 17 years after the u-s and japanese governemnts agreed on the original move.
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a deadly bus crash in thailand has killed at least 29 people after it went off a bridge. here's video from the scene. investigators believe the driver may not have been familiar with the route and was maybe going too fast. there were long skid marks where the bus went off the bridge. bridge. at l check it out. learning's fun now. yeah, back in our day, we didn't have u-verse high speed internet to play and learn online. all we had was that franklin fuzzypants. ah, the educational toy bear. remember when the battery went out? [ slow, deep voice ] give me your abc's. all i learned was a new definition of fear. i need some pudding. yeah, there's one left. [ male announcer ] connect all your wi-fi-enabled devices with u-verse high speed internet. rethink possible.
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get ready for kickoff. the craft to fight hunger ball comes to the bay area once again today. matching up the b-y-u cougars and washington huskies. kickoff is set for six- thirty tonight. kron 4's mike pelton is live where preparations are underway. mike? it's $40 if you buy tickets through the hong burbled through at&t park grid from the outside it looks like just at&t park but once you're inside, you get a whole different feel from what we are used to. crews
6:31 am
spent the past few days making a conversion. ahead of the game ball to byu and washington held a pep rallies yesterday in union square. the meeting here to san francisco for the game and its 12th year. combat hunger and the bay area. that party with local hong group organized is including the san francisco food bank. the st. anthony the ball has donated more than 300,000 meals. so if you're a football fan and looking to go to a game bird we just checked on my three tickets are available. it looks like they can fit about 40,000 fans but next year this ballgame moves down to the new span. also known next year of the phyton ball well matched the pact 12 team against the big 10 team each given a contractual agreement.
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>>: here's a look at your forecast with dan rubin. >>: kind of a different picture today. we have temperatures that are. we have a lot of record temperatures. all clear sedan 41. in 34 for ennead.
6:33 am
your afternoon highs. a little bit more here as well. at 66 for sunnyvale 360 in los gatos 3 and 68 in campbell and 69 for the of the man valley. 64 for castro valley. a 63 in san leandro. 64 your afternoon high end danville. san francisco only 60 out by the beach. 63 by the financial district. 63 and now up for it and talk about the rest of your forecast coming up and a bit in concluding your new year's eve forecast. the morning george. >>george: and easy ride throughout the bay area. light traffic. i ride through the east bay this morning. through the south bay all know one peninsula
6:34 am
traffic at 280 l 101 and 92 per it all still very light and congestion free passes the ride through marin county on 101 southbound. >>anny: thank you so much the george street time now is 633. with a new law that protects the rights of trangender students taking effect soon. an el cerrito high school is showing off it's newest addition. it's a transgender bathroom. us required under the new law taking affect january 1st. schools are now reviewing things like locker room layouts, scheduling sensitivity training for staff and reconsidering dress codes for senior portraits. portola middle school will open in december of 2015. it's taking the new law into consideration. there will be 2 bathrooms which will be transgender. what are are the thousands of school districts going to
6:35 am
do to make sure they are ready and able to handle this because if they are not i can tell you lawsuit will flow and they will come rapidly. hitthe changes are happening in a school district where a transgender teen was targeted in a fight. there have been no reported cases of hepatitis a -- after a san francisco restaurant cook was diagnosed with the disease. an infected food handler was working at the comstock saloon on december 12th through the 15th -- and again on the 19th. city health workers say they have not received any reports of customers getting sick.
6:36 am
symptoms of hepatitis a include mild fever.loss of appetite.and stomach pain. an arrest has been made in a christmas day murder. this is the suspect -- ernesto rodriguez. police say he killed a woman at his family's home in gilroy. they also say that just after the murder -- he was no where to be found.
6:37 am
rodriguez was arrested yesterday after being spotted by a patrol officer. investigators say the woman who was killed had taken out a restraining order against rodriguez. for clear skies greeting us on this friday morning and mild. just how mild. dan will break down your forecast a little bit later. good. learning's fun now.
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obamacare deadlines keep getting extended. no wonder signing up has become so confusing -- and so messy -- for millions of americans trying to get health insurance in 2014. you may still have questions about when you can enroll,
6:41 am
when you have to pay, and when you'll face a fine. erin mcpike sorts out the details. >>: peers the bottom-line. it's not too late to enroll for coverage under the affordable care act. in fact according to the department of health and human services you still have 95 days to get coverage. open enrollment and march 31st. that deadline is to avoid a fine of not having coverage so march 31st is critical because open enrollment will begin again until november 15th. then i think the critical issue with the next year and early in these last three years is can he build enough of the consistencies of this program. >>: but what about the american to of already been trying to sign up unsuccessfully for coverage to start on the first day of the new year? >>: and that's because
6:42 am
health care by gulf site record of traffic on monday. 250,000 calls flooded into the office. >>: an alert at the top of health care doggo of reits during times of the specially high demand you may be cute to begin your online marketplace to ensure the best possible shopping experience. in washington, eric make pipe reporting. health and human services
6:43 am
secretary kathleen sebelius is urging customers who have been signing up to call their insurance companies to make sure they're enrolled and will have coverage on hist time. brutal winter weather is getting the blame for at least 19 deaths in the u-s and canada
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comeback 645 is the time.
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brutal winter weather is getting the blame for at least 19 deaths in the u.s. and canada. hundreds of thousands are still without power days after an intense winter ice storm. and as shelby lin reports it could get even worse.more bad weather is in the forecast in already hard-hit areas. utility crews have been working around the clock from maine to michigan and north into canada this week. yet more than 230-thousand homes and businesses remain in the dark this morning. in michigan about 100- thousand people were without power late thursday--down from a high of some 470-thousand earlier in the week.thanks to utility workers like tony carone. >>:any time you have a storm like this, especially an ice storm, it's pretty tough. conditions have been rotten, but that's part of the job, you know it is what it is. just trying to keep safe, keep warm, and get 'em back on. dan malone with michigan
6:47 am
utility consumers energy says a warm-up this weekend could help workers repair the remaining outages. these crews left their families prior to christmas haven't been home for christmas yet, but are here to help bring power back to michigan. maine is another hard hit area. in white-field this man
6:48 am
contemplated his options for combatting the bitter cold. it was tough. i mean it was dark. candles only do so much. i mean the fire, you gotta keep that going. it's our only option. the ice storm blasted fact city officials called it one of the worst to ever hit the city. more than 50-thousand people are still without power. and this toronto resident calls the repair delays unacceptable. the trees are still down. the power lines are still down. nobody's been to our street to fix anything. adding insult to injury.forecasters are calling for more snow in places like maine and michigan.two states that need it the least of all. shelby lin reporting. >>: we have hopes that the system might break a shower but you can look at futurecast 4 at 3:00 this afternoon, definitely getting some cloud cover. you'll note no rain or notes no unfortunately. by letter on this evening letter tomorrow morning, the system completely moving out of there and we are back to our clear and sunny ways. while the clouds might be entertaining. not going to bring in the rain. 66 will
6:49 am
be are high and mountain view. 66 for sunnyvale print out 68 in campbell. 67 your afternoon high and san jose. if east bay we're looking at 63. 65. 63 today. the kron47 day around the bay forecast. not at variance >>: we are enjoying an easy ride of through the bay area. we've had now and to dance to slow the ride here.
6:50 am
the san mateo bridge looks good. the connector commute through the east bay. hercules to barclay was 24 speak have won all want to rent ride is still under 25 minutes. >>: the data loved stan towne for the holidays. a very light traffic. another nose around the states,a new report out this morning reveals damage caused by the rim fire in and around yosemite national park cost the local economy 800 million dollars. the report by the san
6:51 am
francisco p-u-c says the fire has reduced oxygen output from trees that normally absorb carbon dioxide and release air. the value of the carbon storage lost in the fire is between 100 and 800 million dollars. add to that, the value of private property nearby which has been reduced by at least 50 million dollars. the rim fire was started by a hunter's illegal campfire. and burned about 256-thousand acres. netflix says it fixed an issue with video streaming that affected customers in the u-s, canada and latin america tonight. the company tweeted at about 10 p-m eastern it was aware of the problem. about 45 minutes later, netflix tweeted everything was fixed. millions of people tracked santa claus as he made his way across the globe
6:52 am
delivering presents to little girls and boys this christmas. "norad" says it logged more than 19 million unique visitors to its web site on christmas eve. volunteers also answered see 117-thousand calls from children looking for information on santa's whereabouts. an additional 146-thousand
6:53 am
followed jolly st. nick on twitter. and nearly one and a half million "likes" on facebook. the numbers are up compared to last year. tracking santa started in 1955 when a local newspaper ad invited children to call santa but mistakenly listed the hotline of norad's predecessor. wouldn't it be nice if there was a wireless company that put you on their gift list?
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christmas cheer in san francisco's union square. for a patent on a rabbit a prosthetic leg at a car bumper a tuba. these address some of the tens of thousands of items found on new york city transit
6:57 am
system's every year. officials from the lost and found for new york city said there not surprised by what turns up. this is the most common items include wallets keys or reading glasses and cell phones. sometimes they do fine sentimental items like and it's hard to the customer is the lead when they come in to retrieve them. drums have been a hot topic of conversation lately. from the strikes to home delivery and from spreading. christmas cheer along the embarcadero and san francisco. but another person instructed kerman a drum and sent the buzzing around san francisco. take a look. at the video shows off holiday lights and san francisco. it was greeted by--created by beto lopez a filmmaker and photographer. he shot and edited the orioles labeling it as a christmas greeting to the bay area. as a result, a priceless gift and a
6:58 am
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