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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  December 31, 2013 6:00am-7:01am PST

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>> she is born to stay on this a ventilator. i was still keep thinking got. keep praying for my daughter. >> an emotional statement from the family of 13-year- old jahi mcmath -- after a judge ventilator for at least another week. >> plus a police chase leads to an officer involved shooting that sends two people to the >> this was part of a wild police chase. i will have the details coming up. >> we're also watching the weather and traffic. >> as we take a look at the temperatures right now we're mostly in the thirties. as we head into the afternoon we will see low to mid 60's for later on tonight. everyone will be in the upper 40's and low 50's. i
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will break down your new year's eve forecast coming up. >> we are continuing to moderate to light traffic. the quick commute check shows that the traffic is light at the bridge on the approaches and around the bay. we are not tracking any concession for places you would normally find slow traffic. >> the time now 6:01 a.m.. our top story. the jahi mc- math case. an alameda county superior court judge has ordered the 13 year old be kept on life support until january 7th. yesterday at 5 p-m was the deadline to remove jahi's ventilator. but the judge extended the time set in the previous ruling. doctor's at children's hospital oakland say mc-math is brain dead after undergoing a tonsillectomy earlier this month. but her family wants to continue life support, saying there's hope for recovery.
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>> i am not trying to just hold on to a corpse. she is alive. she is warmer. >> for several weeks, she has been dead. a physician wrote hurt the dead. there was also an independent one who did the same. >> jahi's family says it has a facility outside california ready to accept the 13- year-old's body. but that means children's hospital oakland would have to cooperate in getting her moved. line the hospital says that the family has been misled by it's attorney. and that the tragedy of jahi's death is being prolonged by the legal rulings keeping her on a ventilator. here's video in court where motions were filed convincing a judge to grant the extension for another week. >> here's what the family attorney had to say about the latest court actions. >>
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with salt hay proceeding and an injunction in front of the judge. we filed a complaint with the district court. we saw this and we saw this in the appellate court. the georgia build the matter. he heard it, he understood it. to give us an opportunity to do this and this was scheduled through january 7th. the >> stay with kron 4 we continue to bring you the latest developments on this story. you can also get updates anytime on our website - and the kron 4 facebook page. and follow us on twitter.for up to the moment information. >> following a developing story. a wild police chase in san francisco. kron four's will tran is live at the scene near golden gate park with more details on what happened. will? >> two people were injured, a police officer as well as the suspect. i am pretty
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much right next to the ashbury neighborhood. you concede the, creek barrier that broke in half. there are pieces all over the ground. this started in the bayview district at about 8:50 p.m. when officer spotted the suspect. there was something possibly on his seat and a tried to pull him over. he refused to go down without a fight. he hopped onto 80 and went on for way. he got off the freeway and he hop on 19th street. here is video of that location. police officers are in pursuit and we're not sure if there was a high-speed pursuit. it looked like they were trying to put some type of barricade and he tried to expand police slammed into a police officer on the same and that is one other officers opened fire. >> he was not hit by bullets, he drove several
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more miles where he slammed the car and tell this concrete barrier. now you can see this video. this car has nevada plates. you would think after he slammed into here he would stop, no, he had the energy and the will to get out of the car and run. officers chased him and they arrested him a short while later. no shots were fired at that point, the suspect was taken to the hospital as well as the injured officer. the suspect was treated, he will be booked with multiple charges including attempted to murder a police officer. the police officer that he hit, good news, he was treated and he was released. at this point the suspect's name has not been released. >> it is already 2014 and
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other parts of the world. this is video out of auckland, new zealand where people counted down seconds to the new year. at sydney harbour, hundreds of thousands of people celebrated australia's main yvette, and dubai will try to create the world's largest fireworks show. >> this is a live look out of new york. new york officials are gearing up for the new year's eve celebration in times square. this is a live look. not only are they making sure that security measures are in place. there also testing now more than 3200 lights. about 1 million people are expected to cram into times square to ring in 2014. >> remember to join us
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tonight for kron4 is new year's live for presented by nissan. the only local and live new year's eve show. gary radnich and catjerome herine heenan will mae sure you have a front-row seat. that is new year's eve live right after the new is at 11:00 p.m.. >> coming up on the kron4 news. netflix is coming-- cleaning out dozens of movies and tv shows. find out which titles are on the list to be cut. >> plus, fit mom is that it again. this time she is supporting a new bikini and 12 months of what your
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excuse pictures. >> we are keeping an eye on weather and traffic. here is a live look outside from mount tam.
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>> new this morning. doctors treating michael schumacher say the formula 1 champion is showing small signs of improvement but is still suffering extensive bruising. schumacher was skiing with his son when he fell and struck a rock sunday in the french alps. surgeons decided upon a second operation after schumacher's unexpected, though small, improvement on monday. they offered no predictions on whether or when they would bring him out of an induced coma, intended to relieve swelling. >> police say four people.two of them children.have been found killed in a southern california home. fontana police say a 16- year-old boy called police
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monday night to say his family members were injured or killed in the house. police say the bodies of a boy about 10 years old, a girl about 12 years old and a man and woman about 35 or 40 years old were found inside the house and it appears they all lived there. police are calling the deaths "multiple homicides." >> a camp ranger who says he deserves a reward for helping locate fugitive ex- cop christopher dorner. won't get any fact he has to pay some. richard heltebrake's said he alerted officers when then former los angeles police officer carjacked him. but a judge found heltebrake's claims had no merit. and he has to pay more 15- thousand-dollars in attorneys' fees to the city of los angeles. dorner killed four people and held other officers in a standoff before killing himself in a burning cabin in the san bernardino mountains. >> live in the weather center we have mild conditions. i will walk you
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line >> welcome back. the time is 6:14 a.m.. new this morning, she's at it again. the "fit mom" who caused controversy after posing scantily clad with her three young boys has now released a new calendar. maria kang is releasing a 2014 fit mom swimsuit
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calendar. the proceeds will benefit her nonprofit. fitness without borders, which focuses on fitness education for kids. earlier this year, the sacramento mom posted a photo of herself with her kids with the caption "what's your excuse?" >> we will now get more with the weather. >> we're starting a morning off with temperatures above freezing. in santa rosa they are holding steady at 33. low 40's out the door for san francisco. we are clearer are around the waterfront but we have patchy fog that is developing. the visibility is less an amount for santa rosa. it really is something you should keep in mind and we also have patchy fog for the south. maligned you can expect a hazy sunshine because we do have a spare the air alert in effect.
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>> the highs today will not be like they were for the past couple of days. 64 degrees for campbell. low 60's at through the valley. downtown san francisco will have a high of 61 and 64 degrees for oakland. the temperatures are still above normal and comfortable for later on this afternoon. if you're going to go to the waterfront, but embarcadero you can expect upper 40's. make sure that you have your jacket. >> the 7 day around the bay shows warmer weather, take a look at thursday, we will get close to seven days especially for the south and we will continue with warmer weather for the week. it will still be fairly mild for the next work week. the time is 6:15 a.m.. >> the light traffic that we
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have seen, almost two weeks continues. we will continue to see light conditions and problem free bowl there is an incident on an estate 580 it will account for a small delay. the golden gate bridge, the san mateo bridge are light. it is problem free and zero delays. checking the traffic map, about here, castro valley boulevard there was an incident reported with one lane blocked but it does not have a big impact but it may slow your ride briefly. it is not enough for you to concern yourself with. >> the south bay freeway is looking good, 1 01 is about 16 minutes heading north out of coyote valley. 237 and
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the north bay ride is under 25 minutes. most transit agencies will provide free service tonight starting at 8:00 p.m. and when i say most, that means almost all except for bart. >> the time now 6:18 a.m.. two trains collided and derailed in north dakota. bursting into flames forcing hundreds who live near the scene to evacuate. it happened near the city of casselton. near fargo. black smoke from the tanks could be seen for miles. as many as 20 train cars caught fire. dakota are concerned that a weather shift will increase the risk of potential health hazards. no injuries have been reported. the cause is under investigation. >> two terror attacks have rocked the same russian city in two days.killing more than 30 people. now there are questions about the country's security, just weeks before the winter olympics. the attacks in the southern city of volgo-grad happened in a span of less than 24 hours. more than a dozen people were killed when an
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explosion hit a crowded trolley bus. sunday -- 17 people were killed in an attack at a railway station. earlier this year, the head of a chechen rebel group threatened to use "maximum force" to disrupt the olympic games. >> "there is a high possibility that they might be behind, figures belonging to the resistance movement might want to bring attention to their fight." >> more than 25-hundred athletes from nearly 90 nations will be in sochi for the games. russia is promising strict security measures to prevent any attacks. >> today mark's the first new ham year's eve in boston since the marathon bombings.and it's being immortalized in ice. as part of the city's new year's an ice sculpture paying tribute to the victims. it bears the boston marathon logo. and sits in copley square,
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not far from the finish line. >> "another celebration of the resilience of the citizens of boston, greater boston, massachusetts, in the face of what happened last april at the boston marathon." >> the april 15th attack killed three people and injured more than 260 others. >> good morning. there are going to be major changes coming to netflix. if you use this service, we will fill you in after the break. good. good answer.
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rethink possible.
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>> it is time for the tech report with gabe slate. >> good morning. fix yourself a snack nats grab the remote nats do some blinking excersices and warm up your eyeballs you've got some watching to do stand up - netflix is about to remove around 80 popular titles from its streaming service. there's a good chance a movie or tv show sitting in your que is about to disappear. >> according to a redit post and cnn, netflix is about to purge over 80 titles it currently offers for its streaming service. i'm waiting for official word from netflix but one of their spokespeople told cnn that the company routinely adds and deletes titles from its streaming service due to licensing contracts. >> here is a random sample of titles to give you an idea of what will be cut
6:24 am
there's some popular stuff here in the movie department: top gun titanic transformers dark side of the moon immortals "being john malkovich," "braveheart," born on the 4th of july half baked "flashdance," "ronin" "platoon" and "war games." >> and some of the tv shows being cut include. "mr. bean" , dark shawdows, kids in the hall and some of the saturday night live seasons. this purge will affect all 40 million of netflix's streaming customers but their 7 million dvd custumers can still order those titles on dvd. >> here is some good news a number of new titles also will become available for streaming on netflix at or near the first of the year, including theses movies "jack reacher," "the talented mr. ripley," "hansel & gretel: witch hunters" and seasons 5-8 of the tv show "dexter, if you are worried anything you have sitting in your watch list will be one of the titles they are about to cut visit kron 4 dot com where we have listed them out for you to get a closer look.
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>> gabe slate, kron 4 news. >> apple's ceo to get pay cut in docking himself $4 million because of the companies under performing stock prices. apple's board decided this past year to align its ceo's pay with the company's performance. of course, could still manage to take home a lot a money. he is getting more than a million dollars in salary, a cash bonus of about $3 million. that is all along with his 36 million in stock grants. his pay cut amounted to about 10% of his overall compensation. >> watching wall street this morning. mark ad libs about futures trading. no matter what happens today, it has been pretty much a banner year for wall street investors. here's a look at yesterdays closing numbers.
6:26 am
the dow rose 26 points. and is up 26-percent, that's the most since 1996. the nasdaq finished the day down two points. the s and p 500 lost a fraction of a point. the s-and-p is up 29-percent so far, on pace for its' best year since 1997. >> wells fargo has agreed to pay fannie mae five- hundred-and-91-million- dollars to settle claims over defective home loans. the deal covers loans made through 2008. wells fargo says it resolves nearly all repurchase liabilities it has with fannie mae, the federal mortgage buyer. lenders including bank of america, citigroup and jpmorgan chase have also agreed to settle mortgage claims with fannie this year. >> happening now. america's most popular of light bulbs are about to become much harder to find. light bulbs are born to start being phased out tomorrow. companies in the united states will no longer be able to import the
6:27 am
traditional 40 what and 60 w light bulbs. this is part of a 2007 energy efficiency lot that was signed by then- president george w. bush. instead of cadiz, consumers will find more efficient laped, halogen, wore fluorescent bulbs. you can still buy these bulbs that are already on store shelves. >> the san francisco fire department is working on a fire on fulton . this was called in at 5:42 a.m.. this is the 600 block near laguna. this is a one alarm fire. we have crews on the scene. >> coming up on the kron4
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nils. this year is turning out to be the driest one in history for the state. we will see how this is affecting you and the california landscape. >> plus, ringing in 2014. will tell you how to get around the bay area without getting behind the wheel. female announcer: sleep train thanks
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>> welcome back. the opening bell on wall street. dow futures are up 25. >> happening now, san francisco firefighters are on the scene about one alarm fire that is happening on fulton street near laguna. kron4 will tran joins us now. >> this fire is considered to be out. the latter is being used because at one point this fire was very huge. you could see some other residents were forced to be outside on the street. we learned that this fire was accidental. i spoke with the battalion chief and i wanted to know what they meant by accidental. he
6:31 am
stated that it was started but the cause, they knew it right away. it appeared that one person was injured, a woman, minor smoke inhalation. some other residents are all side and one unit was impacted and it is completely destroyed. the fire crew wanted to clear the senate to make sure everything was safe. the one place that did catch on fire affected four people and you concede they're still here and they should be here from the next hour or so. >> they are torn some of the items that burns on the street. that want to make sure that the hot spots are out. >> we can all smell the smoke in the studio. you might beat waking up to smoke. >> there is a fighter in the
6:32 am
south bay. about 20 a. are burning. this might have been caused by a car accident. >> let's get a look at the bay area weather and traffic. >> we have foggy condition. in terms of the temperatures most of us are at or above freezing. 37 degrees out the door for oakland and mid 40's for something there. in the afternoon you can expect mostly sixties and we are warmer than average but we will see a mixture of sun and clouds. a warm-up for 2014 and not have a look picture forecast coming up 6:45 a.m.. >> we are tracking some slow traffic this morning and there's only one location and that is on interstate
6:33 am
580 of the dublin and grave. there was an accident on the shoulder and it was enough to produce a brief delay. otherwise, the entire east bay is free of any congestion. the south bay peninsula and the north bay. >> new york officials are gearing up for the big new year's eve celebration in times square. this is a live look out of times square. not only are they making sure security measures are in place. they are testing out more the than 32-hundred lights on the waterford crystal ball that will drop at midnight. about one million people are expected to cram into times square to ring in 2014. >> although some transportation around the bay area tonight will be free.some will cost more than you're used to paying. all muni rides will be free between 8-pm and 5-am new year's day. samtrans and caltrains will also offer free rides. bart will offer extended service until 3-am.
6:34 am
as for higher prices. lyft car service is raising their prices 200 percent. uber will also increase their fees. >> this is a great idea. i am from alabama. it's great that they are letting people ride for free. >> i received 8 e-mail and the ceo will be out tonight offering a rise from his car. >> that is exciting. >> remember to join us tonight for kron 4's new year's live presented by nissan. the only local and live new year's eve show. gary radnich and and catherine heenan will make sure you have a front row seat to the best fireworks shows and parties. that's new year's eve live - right after the news at 11. >> the city oakland is
6:35 am
bracing for a couple of protests beginning today. demonstrators are planning to march from frank ogawa plaza to city hall. this is one to be around 9:30 p.m. tonight. they stated that is a protest against the police. the city has seen its share protest and there will be extra police on duty. a noon rally is also planned in memory of oscar grant. he is the young man was shot and killed by a board officer five years ago. >> people scrambling to get a 2013 is going down as california's driest year on record since 1894. friday, the state will do this season's first snowpack survey. this will look at--a
6:36 am
lot different. in fact, the biggest challenge may be finding any snow at all. 90 percent of the state has been an official dropped since may. as kron4 cath erine heenan reports. neither rain nor snow, is in the forecast. >> the state water project is down to 40%. this is that 19 percent. as a result, the city has posted their residents and businesses have to reduce their water by 20% and landscaped areas are only allowed two dayspripets can also face a mandatory. san jose has only received 29 percent of rain. a oakland 23% and san
6:37 am
francisco 20%. >> coming up on the kron4 morning nils. from tournedos to typhoons, we will take a look back at the wild year and weather. >> a same-sex couple of california is going to tie the knot in an unusual way. we will show you more. >> keeping an eye on bay area weather and traffic here is a live look outside from san francisco.
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>> welcome back. the time is 6:40 a.m.. a same-sex couple is making history -- getting hitched in the middle of the rose parade! danny leclair and aubrey loots will be featured on this float during pasadena's main event tomorrow. the aids healthcare foundation float features a giant wedding cake -- they'll be the grooms at the top!
6:41 am
leclair says when he recently popped the question, he suggested they >> danny leclair groom-to-be aubrey loots groom-to-be >> the pair will be joined on the float by a lesbian couple who've been together 42 years, and were legally married five years ago. >> on to football. if the 49ers are to make it back to the super bowl.they'll have to do something they've never done a playoff game in green bay. course they're just 0-2 all- time but it sounded good when i wrote it. kickoff at lambeau field set for 1:40.early forecast calls for 15 degrees. but no snow. the niners beat the packers in the divisional playoffs last well as in week one this year. but both those games were at >> stay with kron 4 for continuing coverage on the niners. they visit the green bay packers sunday in an n-f-c wild-card game at 1-40 p.m. kron four's mike pelton will be in green bay for the game. he will be giving us updates starting later this week.
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>> coming up on the kron 4 news. it will have a look at the headlines, weather and traffic. here is a live look outside from walnut creek.
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>> welcome back. we have an update of fire that is burning. firefighters stated that it is a 20 a. blaze. it was a torched a vehicle that was stolen. fire crews are on the scene. >> we will not get a check of the bay area weather and traffic. we will start with george in the traffic center. >> we were looking at a little bit slow traffic on interstate 580 in the westbound direction but it has been cleared out. there
6:46 am
was a minor accident and castro valley. just seconds ago the sensors updated and they rumbled all the indications of slow traffic. it was not a big delay but this was the only delay that was spotted. in fact, so far this week we have seen nothing but light traffic. along the peninsula take a look at the interchange of 84 and won a one. both of these are completely cleared. there's no contest and for the dumbarton of the san mateo bridge. the north bay ride is still looking good. the golden gate bridge and the san mateo bridge is light in what would normally be considered the commute direction. this is westbound from the golden gate bridge and assault on traffic is still light. >> over to the weather with erica.
6:47 am
>> this is the last day of 2013. the to bichirs are above freezing. 35 degrees for concord and we are enjoying mid 40's for san francisco. it is a little foggy outside. it looks like the visibility is limited in the south pretty close to zero for san jose. you can expect from the conditions are not sfo and we might have flight delays. >> the cloud cover will left and you can expect a mixture of sun and clouds offer letter on today and the temperatures will be cooler. we will see plenty of 60's. 62 degrees for santa clara and low 60's through the san ramon valley. >> we do have a spare the air alert today. san francisco will be a 61 and apple will have a high of 63 degrees. if you are going to be going to any new year's
6:48 am
eve celebrations you can expect clear skies. tablatures will be a 40's, enjoy it. take a look at the start of 2014 the temperatures will be on the decline and thursday will be the warmest day of the week. we will continue with this pattern and took next week but temperatures will try offer as we head back to work on monday. >> >> you can see that king thide is getting underway. >> from while out fires to typhoons and tornadoes, this has been a year of extreme weather and disasters. sun
6:49 am
;emlen serfaty has a look at this year's worst. >> this costa a pack into a serb bird in 17 mi.. >> you hear people say, i have never heard of that. 24 people were killed among them were nine children. this brought a lot of hard bread to arizona. the fierce fires raged on for nearly two weeks. 19 firefighters were killed battling the blaze. >> it is not what they did, it is who will work. >> in august, the second dose. this california rim of fire was one of the largest
6:50 am
in the state's history. it was caused by a man and dry conditions. >> it blunter more than 235,000 a.. >> in september lane in colorado fell for days. and roads, bridges, highways were wiped out by floods. >> we lost absolutely everything that we own. >> it killed eight people. in november, there was a another storm that hit the philippines. this was at 3.5 times the strength of hurricane could train them. >> this isn't really, really, bed. this is worse than help. >> the death toll was around 5000 people killed.
6:51 am
>> but one major thing, it did not bring in any major hurricanes. this was the least active hurricane center in more than 30 years. only two hurricanes formed. both of these fears about. >> a little welcome relief after a mother nature. in washington. maligned keeping our eyes on wall street. >> we had modest gains for the dow jones. they're now up by 20. they're not as 16,000, 25. >> some states are bringing into the new year and we will show you some of them coming up. >> here's a live look at the bay bridge approach. 5çwç5ç5ç5ç5ç5ç5ççyçy5ç5çwç5ç5ç5ç
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female announcer: he needs a firmer he needs a firmer tempur-pedic... she wants a softer tempur-pedic...
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traditional sparkling ball drop, some states are bringing in the new year in their own special way. margaret, but reports. >> states across the country are preparing objects to drop at the countdown. >> 3, 2, 1 happy new year. in florida, they have been daudet drag queen. >> this was the expired--i wanted to take this to do this by some and been fun. >> spider-man, and the star of the show is ready. will more than 2500 crystal's installed and weighing a lot. the times square ball is a hundred and six years tradition. this year, new
6:56 am
yorkers are going to help generate the power by peddling of bikes. about a million people are expected to join times square. if you do plan to be in the middle of that action you should get here early because police will start closing down roads. >> the security will be high. they will be checking bags, backpacks. drinking in public is illegal. the energy of this crop is better. >> in other nose. sashews. be yonce is under fire for using audio from the
6:57 am
challenger disaster in her new song " x-o ". former nasa the astronauts and their families caught her decision insensitive. she issued a statement saying that her heart goes out to the families of those who died. she says that her intention was to help people hill. no word yet if she will delete the challenger disaster audio from our song. >> coming up on the kron4 morning news. will have the >> coming up on the kron4 morning news. will have the la fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. yeah. everybody knows that. did you know there is an oldest trick in the book? what? trick number one. look-est over there. ha ha. made-est thou look. so end-eth the trick. hey.... yes.... geico. fifteen minutes could save you... well, you know.
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>> here is a live look at new year's celebrations from seoul south korea >> there are waiting for the fireworks to kick off. >> i believe this is a live
7:00 am
out of the towers which assay large rebel area. i think that you can hear the countdown. they will bring this large a bell. their goalre it goes. there are worse in everyone happiness. >> there wishing you a good year and. and they're ringing the bell again. >> that was fantastic. we're gonna show you shots throughout the world. >> before that, we had ey


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