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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  January 8, 2014 6:00am-7:01am PST

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this morning on the kron 4
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morning news. another person killed on the streets in san francisco. in the sixth vehicle - pedestrian incident in the city in one week. and we're keeping an eye on any travel delays and cancellations brought on by the bitter cold in the midwest and out east. and here's a live look at stormtracker four. some sprinkles spotted in parts of the bay area this
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morning but the lack of rain continues. our top story this morning. kron4's will tran is live with more. >>will: the new year is just a little more than a week old and so far we've seen a lot of accidents. the victim was trying to cross the street. he made it across six out of seven lanes and it got hit on the seventh lane by a woman driving harper aren't. you can see they're still crime scene video at this location. here's video that we got right after it happened. that happened around 620 and evening at a time where it was very busy on van ness. people going home from work. we do know that before the accident happened he was across the street near the symphony building. he got into a confrontation a verbal issue
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with a couple and then he weaves his way across van ness. for whatever reason he didn't see the car and garden and see him. slammed in to him and indentation into a car shattered the windshield. the driver immediately pulled over pre that she cooperated with the police. as far as they said no alcohol involved. all we know is that it was a 38 year old man. we will try to get more information on its identity now that it's been turned over to the coroner's office. >>: this was not a crosswalk accident. two of those accidents actually occurred with children and the
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crosswalk at the time. sarah as you it was parked. that person is their right around there. her name not be released but we looked at her. >>: thank you very much reporting allies. >>darya: listen to the land in this video. it's a white out tree is at least 21 deaths are
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being blamed on this cold weather across the u.s. including seven and a little as six people who died in indiana. though many flights are canceled in chicago cleveland and detroit today, we are not seen the ripple effect right here to the bay area like we did yesterday. only three flights are canceled coming in to sfo to that and what are not canceling any cancellations or delays at this hour, or in san jose. nearly 500 scheduled flights were canceled today and other parts of the country. so still dealing with the fallout of the storm. >>: no store here of course with weeks of dry weather some cities are already telling with drought conditions. water restrictions are in effect for parts of the north bay. the russian river is at less than the 1950's and the reservoir are also at historically low levels. the lack of rain has cities that
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of some simple steps to make a big difference. melamine >>darya: in oakland this morning investigators will release a total of the vehicle believed to be connected to the death of a young man last summer. aya nakano was shot and killed after a fender bender in june of last year just one day before his 23rd birthday. police now have a
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vehicle they think was involved in the collision leading up to the shooting. and a family is offering a $100,000 reward for information leading to an arrest. coming up in our next half-hour, we will have a live report from oakland on the store with kron4's and jackie sisel. >>james: coming up on the kron4 morning news, we've got some amazing video of a geyser of water turning twice. plus, the outburst by former nba star dennis rodman about an american held in north korea comes to a head today as system is set to play. a month after the rim fire destroyed thousands of acres a sign of hope as a camp plans to reopen to the public.
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609 is the time of a 48-year-old woman from contra costa county has died from complications from the flu. county health officials say the woman had underlying health conditions in addition to being infected with the h-1-n-1 virus. the woman's name is not being released. but we know she was one of 17 people under 65 years old in contra costa county to be hospitalized with the flu this season. >>darya:camp mather will reopen this summer after being damaged in the rim fire. the camp reports they "largely survived" the fire you see in this video that ripped through yosemite and stainislaus national forest in august. registration for campers is now open.and closes february seventh. new this morning. >>erica: live in the weather center we may finally see rain and the forecast. all
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police in dunwoody, georgia say crews were working in the area and dug a hole exposing a pipe. a few hours later, the pipe burst in below-freezing temperatures. nearby fences and power poles were covered with ice! the road was closed and salted while crews shut down the water.wednesday >>james:and here's what it looks like in milwaukee, wisconsin. the lake is frozen over and steam is coming off the water. wind chill temperatures plunged to 35 to 55 degrees below zero. the bitter cold also closed down all non-essential city services in milwaukee. including garbage and recycling pickup. the 49ers up against a near
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>>dan: some relief is definitely on the way. 13 degrees right now and cleveland ohio. temperatures are definitely on the climb but when chilled is still a factor. fills like 20 below zero. 21 below zero and minneapolis so it is very cold around the great lakes but we've seen some great improvement for the south and even for some of the folks along the eastern seaboard. a lot of that cold arctic air in the starting to filter out. here in the bay area liking up to some high and low clouds. foggy and spots a bunt police a lot of us are like enough to 50s. a very mild weather out there with 52 out the door and oakland. visibility is limited and the north bay along the coastline. melo yourself a little time along the roads. today shaping up to be the cruelest fate of the week. upper 50s low 60s out there. 60 today and
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sunnyvale. daly city with a high of 55 degrees. here's the bigger weather story. futurecast 4 shows perhaps some rain in northern california. this is a pretty weak system. check it out. as the ships out pushes its way to the bay area is start to break apart so this will be to organize when it arrives tomorrow. i think we could see a few sprinkles and the north bay. but of the extent rain models are really starting to back off on that possibility. as we head into the weekend vary as important playoff game. the 49ers had to carolina. 10 of 5 our time. temperatures will be in the mid-50s low 60s. mostly cloudy conditions with a patrol for some showers. we ourselves are looking at the potential for some showers on saturday. it's 20 percent chance for most of us. this is a stronger cold front. it would drop are temperatures and perhaps bring some rain
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but again i think it will be very light in nature and short duration. pass that, we are back in the sunshine. temperatures start to climb yet again. in fact, by early next week we could see '70s once again for the bay area. as 616 hears whether there's that-now traffic with a torch. >>george: an accident occurred right here at the north and a possible curve and right were the central freeway meets interstate 80 the the james lick freeway began to. the accident now gone up with no residual slowing. bay bridge we didn't have to get early activation of the metering lights because of the san francisco crash. that was lucky but things are starting to slow here and you can see it's fasttrack commuters in the center lanes that are most of the traffic heading to the bridge. it's not backed up except a ride through the center lanes from here at the end of the east parking lot. golden gate bridge
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looks good. how about 92. sam still looks good. the volume is building up as we are packing more cars into smaller spaces on the san mateo bridge. the westbound ride is still tracking at 30 minutes. tracking the commute for you as we look first at your east bay ride. interstate 80 westbound still just a 14 to 60 minute drive time. we've picked up a little slowing on at 6 '80s out for the ride out of concord and pleasant hill. west 580 still slow from the optima to the dublin interchange. south a traffic just beginning to pick up some slowing 011 north bound and your north bay ride looks good from about all the way to the golden gate bridge in fact it still looks good from petaluma heading south towards the capp the line. >>darya: it looks good for the 49ers. they're up against a near mirror image this weekend in carolina.
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the carolina panthers are a team led by a dynamic and dangerous young quarterback and backed up by a stellar defense. kron 4's sports director gary radnich spoke with hall of famer steve young about the similarities between colin kaepernick and carolina's cam newton. bamut take a look and then go. when he goes and has grown to go like he did last week he devastates teams. the teams he struggled against dark teams like carolina and seattle. he takes a look and when he doesn't see if he goes down. it's a defensive front that to differ from a lot of teams in the late so that's the challenge and that's what seems like this are particularly difficult because of the nature of them. >>: give us your thumb nail sketch of cam new 10. >>: he's got a lot better. he last year. he struggled
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trying to manage and i think the carolina panthers saw what the 49ers did. and they said look we are going to restate to we are. we're not going to put the spotlight on camp new to many more. every time we walk into the state is not all about him. they have a ferocious defense especially the front seven and a great running game and cam we're going to stop them back a little bit and we are going to be more careful and we are going to save some of the heroic things towards the end of the game. that's exactly what the 49ers have done historically it since the jim harbaugh era. it looking at another team very similar to 49ers in strategy and how they approach the game and how they have a young could dynamic quarterback. he strides because of that three and a row question for me is when they get into these big games the alecia and take more risks
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and he was talking i figured he would be talking about kapernick. because that's exactly what we are facing. two similar teams. you can see the rest of gary's interview with steve young tomorrow night on sports night live right here on kron 4 at 9. the mayors of san francisco and charlotte have made a friendly wager over the 49ers' playoff game with the panthers. if the niners win, charlotte mayor patrick cannon will have to wear niners gear at the u-s conference of mayors later this month. and must give san francisco mayor ed lee some of charlotte's famous barbeque pulled pork. if the panthers win, mayor lee will don panthers colors, and surrender some boudin sourdough and ghirardelli chocolate to mayor cannon. there's no getting along a football. 621. we'll be back with more th mwholwheatoas♪
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now time for the kron4 tech report with the gabe slate. >>: good morning. day three of the c e s is about to begin. that's the world's largest consumer technology show going on right now in las vegas. yesterday, was the first day officially that the expo hall was opened so 150,000 attendees rushed in there and got their hands on the new gadgets that are being unveiled. there's a lot of big news to come out of this year's show. here's a look of some of the highlights. >>: katie couric yahoos know as lead personality took the stage with yahoo as ceo or supplier to rebuilt yahoos new product called news digest. it's a separate cell phone at that that will provide daily and summaries of today's top news. each story is created out of multiple stories included aren't graphic pictures and video. meyer says these digital magazines will be a
6:26 am
core part of the future yahoo strategy. sony also held their ceo press conference the rebuilt anew streaming cloud service competition now. it will allow placed a chance to stream games directly from their councils or mobile devices and accessed games from previous generation consoles like the ps/1 ps/2 or p.s. 3. the service will be rolled out to customers this summer meanwhile, outside of the convention center formula e n ", released a new race car. it's capable of speeds 150 mi. per hour. it was driven by former formula one driver lucas the grassy and gives the media their first chance to see and hear the cars that will compete in the new formula east championship. for more from this year's c e s log on to kron4 dot com.
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gabe slate kron4 knows. >>: and 626 carries video fromformer n-b-a star dennis rodman and others will play their game with a national team in north korea today. but the outburst from rodman shocked the family of kenneth bae who has been imprisioned in north korea for more than a year. bae has been placed in a labor camp. he also suffered a series of health problems and has since been transferred to a hospital. in an interview with c-n- n's chris cuomo, rodman suggested bae had done something wrong to deserve the imprisonment, but didn't specify what. specify what. whil check it out. learning's fun now. yeah, back in our day, we didn't have u-verse high speed internet
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there's the opening bell. a live shots at the new york stock exchange and of the nasdaq where right now futures trading has been a bit mixed. we have the recipe in nasdaq futures positive. we will see were trading goes. we have financial expert rob black coming up at 645. what chat with him up following the latest headlines. you tell me." joining us live from the oakland police headquarters. jack is a soap has a story. what's the connection between this vehicle and this death. >>: this is the vehicle that police believe was involved in a fender bender that led to the shooting. i'm here at the oakland police headquarters in downtown oakland or later they will
6:31 am
hold a press conference to release some of the information that happened about the shooting happened six months ago. finally they may have a break in the case. on june 12th the this man was shot just one hour away from his 23rd birthday. he recently graduated from the university of oakland. he played pickup basketball game with some friends over at the emeryville area. he was driving back, and around 11:00 at night. he got into a small fender bender. got out of his jeep cherokee. we were talking to the other people in this accident. at that point altercation ensued and he was shot and killed. since then, there really have been no leads in the case. the family has offered a reward of $100,000. what we are being told by the oakland police department is later this morning at 1030, they're going to hold a press conference and released a
6:32 am
photo of the vehicle they believe may be connected to this case. as i said it spent six months in the making. the family has not given up hope and have tried to keep this alive and increase the rewards to 100 and $100,000. we will post a picture on the web. the police department looking for any help on this case. the help us will be one go break this case. >>erica: erica has details on what to expect us to get out this morning to work in school. >>erica: foggy out there for some of us but as we head into the afternoon will see mostly cloudy conditions expected cooler day ahead. with perhaps some sprinkles into tomorrow's forecast. we have some minor changes to highlights. i bring up your
6:33 am
7 day around the bay coming up and 50 minutes. >>george: will go to interstate 80 and the ride hercules were westbound highway 4 ride at interstate 80 and overturned accident occurred. a vehicle ended up on its roof. that's right here. and not far away there's reports of a vehicle fire. thus interstate 80 of the hercules on ramp or near it. you can see the sensors are down. there may be problems on your ride to the dumbarton bridge. let's see if it can improve the maps. for some reason we're not responding the way we are supposed to. baltimore at once this morning. here's a
6:34 am
new story for you. and other companies promoted the court found that sherwin-williams con agra and other companies promoted paint they knew was harmful to children paint they knew was harmful. to children. the money will go to help several bay area jurisdictions, including santa clara, alameda, san mateo, and solano counties, plus and the cities of oakland and san francisco. a burglar got away with at least 100 thousand dollars in property after hitting a home in hillsborough.
6:35 am
at least one suspect entered the home on the 300 block of alberta way by breaking a rear glass door with a patio chair. the suspect stole various items including coins and jewelry from the master bedroom and upstairs office then fled through the front door. an alarm system is installed at the home, however, it was not turned on before the burglary. police in the south bay are seeking the public's help in identifying a bank robber. these are surveillance photos of the person police say is responsible for robbing five banks since early november. two of the robberies were
6:36 am
in san jose and one was in milpitas. the most recent robbery occurred monday. police say the suspect originally just passed a note and showed a handgun. however.that suspect is now making threats surveillance photos suggest the suspect is african american, and between 20 and 30 years old. the suspect is anywhere from 5 foot 4 to 5 foot 7 inches tall and wears a black wig and dark sunglasses. while the suspect appears to be female, authorities aren't so they have
6:37 am
gotten conflicting reports from tellers. police are hoping rewards offered for information will lead to an arrest. bank of america and wells fargo are offering rewards up to 5-thousand dollars. crime stoppers is offering one thousand dollars. we're now just four days away from the 49ers divisional playoff matchup against the carolina panthers.
6:38 am
preparations for the game are underway and there is talk of warm playoff temperatures in charlotte. in the 49ers locker room. equipment managers and their crews are putting away the ski jackets that everybody needed in green bay. as for the players. they're mostly sticking to their regular game week routines. we caught up with tight end vernon davis. who says everybody on the team understands what's at stake this sunday. sunday's game against the panthers is an early one. kick-off is at 10:05 am. kick-of[ female announcer ] shop at safeway now through january 14th
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a marin county couple has
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been trying to fly out of philadelphia since last friday. alan pacchione and meagan keane are fed up.after weather forced south-west airlines to cancel their flights multiple they are in happier times.during their trip east. >>: it's really frustrating thing to be a part of. >>: been very pleasant and we thought that because we
6:43 am
didn't complain because we were patient we would be treated a little better. but they say their real issue is that south-west didn't email, call or text them about the cancellations. then they say southwest un- cancelled a flight in the middle of the night.and texted them at six tuesday hour before the flight was set to takeoff.
6:44 am
they obviously couldn't make and next flight southwest could get them on.thursday.six full days after they were supposed to leave. as of last night-- they were still in philly.braving the polar vortex.and desperate to come home. south-west reached out to alan and meagan and booked them on a flight for today.instead of thursday.and will comp their flights on their next trip.
6:45 am
good. good answer. check it out. learning's fun now. yeah, back in our day, we didn't have u-verse high speed internet to play and learn online. all we had was that franklin fuzzypants. ah, the educational toy bear. remember when the battery went out? [ slow, deep voice ] give me your abc's. all i learned was a new definition of fear.
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i need some pudding. yeah, there's one left. [ male announcer ] connect all your wi-fi-enabled devices with u-verse high speed internet. rethink possible. >>george: traffic coming out
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of franklin candy and westbound on highway 4 is also likely to be affected. we've also been monitoring a new accident reported here westbound on 24 college ave. we had a trade their that overturned and has been ruled to the right hand lane. traffic is now starting to back up beside the caldecott tunnel for the westbound a ride. the golden gate bridges are reported problem free and 922 the san mateo bridge is are without the lead on the westbound ride. we did for a moment have some concern with problems at the caldecott tunnel because of an accident report it east bound in their report westbound grid it turns out it is and not a commute direction so it's real affecting traffic coming from the dumbarton bridge
6:48 am
heading down towards the nimitz freeway. that will not affect your commute. over to the weather center here is erica. >>erica: looking out a cloudy skies some areas of dense fog primarily in the north ave. it can also be pretty moist as to how to work or school. pretty damp out there as we are experiencing some drizzle. a lot of us waking up to 50s. san francisco currently at 52 degrees. quite a contrast to the subfreezing temperatures we've been experiencing for the past 30 days or so. fog tracker 4 shows the clotted conditions will stick around even as we head into the afternoon. although we will see some clearing along the delta and the north bay. expect properly audit conditions and the north bay will be surprised if you see the sunshine along the immediate coast. by 3:00 pretty much the same for all of us. some pockets of sunshine cooler afternoon. take a look here
6:49 am
oakland 61357 for san francisco. antioch with a high of 59 degrees. we have been born shore putsch-push. we're also tracking a some weak low pressure systems that could bring some rain into the bay area. one system will move and as we head into tomorrow but i think rain that will pass by the north bay will evaporate before it actually hits the ground. still looking at a 10 percent chance. gergor law fraternity for rain later on the week. its saturday where we increase the likelihood of rain. of the thing we do civil did a very light and nature and also very short- lived perhaps just a couple of hours. high pressure back and play as we had until sunday and start the next work week so plenty of sunshine and easy that right
6:50 am
temperatures back and the '70s and >>darya: time to talk wall street. looking at the doubt a little off and contrast to what we saw the market's due yesterday without featuring finishing up almost 100 points since the highest closing. we're with rob black talking about the latest. that i have some halides i you have some too. >>: let's began the federal reserve will release their december minutes. what we learned out of this? the >>: i don't think everyone knows but part of it is the their say we are seeing a trend in hiring. we like that or pickup inflation and we are worried about that. we're just looking at little word to say maybe they will taper faster. maybe they will raise rates in 2014 instead of 2015. that affects the entire company. now fiscal policy coming out of congress. the cheaper the cost of the more opportunities we have to
6:51 am
create inflation and wage inflation as a less price inflation which is bad. >>: the monthly jobs report came out 380 p came out today reported their findings of better than expected 283,000 positions created in december just like the bad weather. is this a good sign? >>: friday is the jobs report and it's probably the only day that i need to come to work that i don't come to work. the first friday and this time it's the second friday because of the weather and holidays. jobs report. it will be a good number for the obama administration. it's something to say at things are approves main. -- improving. the back half of to those of 13 was all about job creation and now we are starting to see it. at the >>: we have four shares getting a bounce in pre- market trading. microsoft went down on news that c e l l one on it would be staying at fourth. it was rumored to
6:52 am
be taking off steve ballmer. >>: knee-jerk reaction? >>: microsoft will hire last year on the rumor that this great ceo who turned around for it will come in and manage microsoft into the 21st century. it not going to happen. the ford stock was being sold last year. now that he's staying on the news it will be higher. he's a great ceo as something people should watch. >>: the has this new jobs they to have and what street is a love with >>: we are out of time but we will sit with you at 915 with a lot more to talk about with rob black coming up then. in the >>darya: continuing our role. the
6:53 am
golden state warriors. david lee had 22 points and 18 rebounds to lead the golden state warriors to their 10th straight win. a 101-80 victory over the milwaukee bucks last night. this is the warriors' longest winning streak since their nba-title season in 1975. stephen curry contributed 15 points as did klay thompson. the warriors, playing their sixth game of a seven-city road trip, led by just two at the half against the bucks, who have the nba's worst record.
6:54 am
the nashville predators beat san jose 3-2 last night for their first victory in four games. joe pavelski and patrick marleau scored for san jose, which has lost two of three. the predators took control against the sharks by scoring three goals in the second period. nashville is undefeated in regulation this season when scoring at least three times. the raiders are sticking with head coach dennis allen.
6:55 am
team owner mark davis confirmed the team's intentions yesterday after meeting with the coach. the move comes in the wake of speculation that the raiders would part ways with allen following a 4-12 season. davis, allen, and general manager reggie mckenzie will meet today to discuss the future direction of the team. coming up at 7:45 i'll be talking more sports with gary.
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the bells a 14 off to a fatal starts. the only weak into the new year and more accidents are occurring. all have full details coming up. this morning on the kron 4 morning news. another person killed on the streets in san francisco. in the sixth for the start and a traffic center with george rask he had some hot spots. >>george: the first of which is here on interstate 80 and highway 4 in the westbound direction. the accident actually occurred on the connecting ramp from westbound for on to westbound 80 and now one lane of the 80 is blocked.


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