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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  January 16, 2014 11:00pm-11:31pm PST

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. i am jeff bush in san fracture where there has been a year of deadly accidents. i will tell you about it coming up. the man wanted in connection with a string of arsons in san jose is in jail. his victims peek out. the bay area caught up in 49er fever with the championship matchup. we will show you how seattle is trying to make it a 49er-free zone. kron4news at 11:00 starts now. seattle is prepared for the
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nfc championship game. the fans, the 12th man, are gearing up. >> we love the seahawks. >> it is all about the seahawks in seattle right now specifically the 12th man, which represents the loud crowd. >> sounds like the town is going wild. >> i have seen a salmon with the 12th man on it. >> really? >> yeah. >> reporter: thursday it was easier to find the wacky than a 9ers fan. want to get married on game day? a shotgun wedding. >> they wanted to hurry up and get married before the game starts. >> reporter: buying thousands of seahawks napkins.
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>> 2,000 doughnuts. those are coming in. >> people will remember your napkins. >> i hope so. they will not be red and gold. >> reporter: the only red i saw was on this bag and in this girl's hair. >> i notice there is all most a red and gold look to that hair of yours, almost 49er colors, almost 49er colors. >> you can probably get a discount on red and gold. we are the seahawks baby. >> reporter: there are rallies scheduled for friday morning. before december, 2013 was going to be an arrange year for
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pedestrian fayitallities. 6 people were killed. a 6-year-old was killed at polk and ellis. it is the highest number since 2007. 900 people a year are hit by vehicles in the city. that number continues to grow. the police department is addressing the troubling situation. jeff bush finds out what they plan to do. >> reporter: it was a packed house at city hall. people lined up to talk about pedestrian safety concerns. >> i am a walker and driver. i have never felt so threatened. >> i sustained a traumatic
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brain injury and fractured vertebrae. >> safety, many of them say they are the ones that get into the accident next. >> 21 pedestrians and 4 bicyclists were killed in 2013 including this crash on market street where a man in a wheelchair was killed. a 6-year-old at the end of the year was killed. the driver was charged, but drivers have not been charged in the past. >> the person who hit me is not cited. she has never good afternoon given a dime or apology. >> reporter: they are looking for distracted drivers,
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speeding drivers, and red light runners. it doesn't address pedestrians jay walking. we are learn being the suspect in arson fires in san jose. they believe he committed many if not all 13 fires. there were fires in the late 1990s. there is brenan's mug shot. the church was victimized by 2 fires. what is the reaction tonight? >> reporter: they are relieved, pam. the church was never touched, but last week the buildings in the back lot were set twice.
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sunday behind greater saint john's church is a sad reminder that patrick brenan caused here. the de con has experienced since the last fire. >> we were not comfortable until he got got. >> reporter: the mood around church is improving. flyers can go in the trash. >> relief. we know he will not be back to burn the church or another building. >> reporter: he doesn't know what possessed him to light the church. he holds no ill will. >> he is forgiven. he is probably not the person
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inside him. if he had god he wouldn't have done what he did. >> reporter: he vows to rebuild the trailers destroyed. well, there was another warm day around the bay. we have several record temperatures largely in the 70s. we had places in fairfield that set a record. same in oakland, 78 degrees, a new high for today but a new high for january. as we look ahead it will be a little chilly tomorrow morning, temperature in the 30s. i will let you know if we will break records tomorrow in a bit. on line dating can always have risks. a san jose woman learned the
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hard way. her story that was costly coming up. surveillance photographs for what happened on a muni bus. stay with kron4 for the best in technology. we will feature the top 20 gadgets at the electronic show. tell air friday, january 24th at 9:00 after the kron4news at 8:00.
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new tonight at 11:00 the san francisco police department is looking for people who vandalized a muni bus. you are looking at surveillance photographs from december 20th. the bus was at haight and ash bury. some windows were shattered and
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others were marked with graffiti. >> i will be losing my house and i am embarrassed. >> a fraud victim left in a desperate situation. dry weather leading to dangerous conditions. stay tuned for inside with the dry conditions. traceadkins in rehab.
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despite all of the advantages, it has become home to rip off artists who prey on the vulnerable. they are finding targets on dating sites. a woman was duped out of a half a million dollars. >> i hope my experiences will help others avoid becoming a victim. >> this woman doesn't want her identity revealed but wants her story told. she met someone on a dated site, trusted him and got ripped off. she met him at christian
11:16 pm he was a british citizen and returning to the bay area. >> i chose a christian site thinking i would meet values similar to mine. >> reporter: they struck up a relationship on line and by phone. he started asking for money he promised to pay back and encouraged to keep it between them. >> i searched the internet. i verified he was the person he was. i asked for receipts. i asked for contracts. i viewed his bank account. i was convinced he was a real individual and was honest with me. >> reporter: everything was phony. over the holidays family members contacted authorities
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and recovered the last $200,000 wire transfer. the other $300,000 is gone to someone in nigeria. >> i will lose my house. i am out a lot of my retirement. my life is changed drastically. >> reporter: don't send money to strangers especially if you have never met them. marin county is experiencing a dry winter. the reservoir is pumping water to the southern sections of the county. the ♪ municipal water district
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is asking customers to volume tearily cut back. >> the ground is so dry. a little rain will be absorbed. we need it to run into the reservoirs. >> a second one is being prepared in case they need to be tapped as well. drought conditions are spreading across the country as well as california. the dry weather is prompting prompting disafter areas. >> this shows just last week california was dealing with
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extreme drought. there is an updated map that this week half of the state is dealing with extreme conditions including the bay area. the u.s. department of agriculture has designated natural disafter areas. they can apply for low-interest emergency loans. the governor will announce we are in a drought freeing up relief money. officials are so concerned about the dry conditions. there is a lack of snow in the mountains where most of the water comes from in the summer. this is a map from the oceanic and atmospheric
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administration. the darker the color the more snow. this was 2012. let's go to january 2014. you can see across california there is very little snow. there is almost nothing in northern california. >> reporter: the dry conditions will be continuing. right now it is chilly. temperatures in our valley is getting down to the 30s. 35 in fairfield. the hills in the north bay are running in the 60s. we have winds warming things up to 72 degrees. tonight where the wind stays breezy it will be calm and chilly. we will be cooler than today and the trend will continue
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into the weekend. in the south bay we have low 70s. 70 in san jose and 72 in sunnyvale. 68 in concord. 66 in hayward. at the coast the upper 60s. 66 in ocean beach. 67 in downtown san francisco. we have record territory. here are the projected highs. we will break a record in santa rosa. we will be close in livermore and possible 70 tomorrow. the record will be safe but hayward is coming close. the forecast is mild, a slight cooling trend and high cloud
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good evening. 49ers in seattle is almost
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here. our news director says the flat fronts -- colin kaepernick is ready to roll. his mother is the head of the 31 stations owned by our parent company. it is a big deal around here. . >> you have to play perfect. if it is not perfect, you have to play close to it. it will be a show down. >> we are coming together. we have a feel for each other and one another doing their job. the sky is the limit. >> we must be smart as we go into this thing. the moment we let them take our pride is the moment we fail. >> 49ers are 3 and one half
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point. tom brady had a little sniffle. brady was right back. he is 10 and 4 career against peyton manning with a 2 and 1 record in the post season. >> there are days where i missed practice, you know, you just deal with them. i played a lot of football over the season. i got back out there today and felt good. >> the warriors keep getting it done. he was not selected to the canadian olympic team. he will concentrate on the sharks. they led the panthers. 22nd goal and alex stalock, 3-
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0, san jose over florida. 61st match at the australian open for williams. she has won more matches at the open than any other player. pasty margaret had 60. that is barry gordie's son. that is his girlfriend. she advanced. pam, i don't know if you remember, his first event was in salinas. it was 6-1-6-1. he is hanging around tennis people. that's the way you do it. i wanted to be a sports caster and hung around a woman sports
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the sound of silence. kate gosselin's twins, the cringe-worthy appearance as they suffer stage fright on live tv. >> oh. then -- country singer trace adkins. his brawl on board a cruise ship. did he really get into it with his celebrity impersonator? and -- whistle while you work, mr. president. >> i've never seen him whistle before. plus hell on earth. and the man fighting to save his home. >> sir you're fighting a fire? >> yeah i'm trying. and rage at the movies. >> shut your mouth. >> why are so many fights breaking out in theaters across america? >>


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