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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  April 21, 2014 11:00pm-11:31pm PDT

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an extraordinary story. a 15-year-old boy from santa clara. skirts security and gets onto the tarmac at san jose mineta airport. then slips into a wheel well on a hawaiian airlines jetliner. the 15-year old flew from san jose to hawaii on sunday. and tonight -- as you might imagine. there are major concerns about airport security. kron 4's j-r stone went to the airport and found defects in the fence that could be exploited. we have team coverage on this incident. and how this teen could have survived such a flight. beneath the plane's pressurized cabin.
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tonight, the boy's family has been informed. and he is in the custody of child welfare services in hawaii. new at 11. a doctor tells kron 4. how the teen defied the odds.
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kron 4's jeff bush is live at the airport in san jose. with details on what the boy likely went through. jeff? the airplane reached a crusing altitude of 35,000 feet in a short amount of time. the plane was higher than everest, oxygen is almost non existant and the temperature at that hight is about 80 below freezing. and, somehow this teenager survived. emergency medical doctor, mighael bresler says the boy's survival is truly amazing. we were talking about it this morning, the docs, and we were thinking that a combination of hypothermia and low oxygen must have put him in, if you will, suspended animation. doctor bresler says e.r. doctors use a similer technique in the emergency room. brestler
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we use hypothermia after a cardiac arrest or some surgeries. we cool patients down and that decreases their metabolism so their brain and their heart doesn't need as much oxygen. it's concievable that that somehow happened. that plus the combination of only being 16 years old, and for some reason this boy is very lucky. would not recommend it to any other teenagers or anyone else. the doctor says it is unlikely and amazing the teen survivedusually, a story like this ends in death. brestler the combination of low oxygen and low pressure starve the body of oxygen and there is not enough oxygen for all the metobolic functions of any o fthe organs but particularly the brain. the teenager is doing well and is in custody of child
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protective services. now a look at a wheel well. which is similar to the one the teen spent 5- and a half- hours inside. kron got a private tour today of a 727. which is like the 767. in which the boy was hiding. but a bit smaller. the opening is roughly the size of a car's trunk. and once the wheels go back into room. in this case, the 15-year old was said to be unconscious during the landing. officials at san jose mineta are still scratching their heads. over how this could have happened. the airport says, it is reviewing security measures with the t-s-a. to determine whether any changes need to be made. to prevent this from happening and we continue to follow
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developments online. you can check kron 4-dot-com -- where an expert talks about the stowaway and how he defied the odds of surviving. you can also join the conversation -- and share how you feel about airport security. that's again on kron4-dot-com. u.s. park please tell crumb for an unknown incendiary device was found in a car. the bomb squad is on the screthe scene tonight. a devastating crash. closes a south bay freeway for three hours. this is video from our helicopter partnership with abc 7 news. one car -- pancaked. with the back seat slamming into the front seat. and in that back seat was a little girl. who lost her life.
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three other people are in the hospital. kron 4's alecia reid is live at santa clara valley medical center in san jose with the tragic story. it is unclear why one car was parked on the shoulder of highway 85, but another car came barreling down and slamming into a car that had a woman and a little girl. that little girl passed away on impact. the car
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was hit so hard that it traveled three lanes across the highway. the car was so mangled that police could not identify but which type of car was. the pleas are still piecing together what caused the 65 year-old man to drive on shouldthe shoulder of e road.
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but the approval process has hit a bit of a hiccup. we'll explain. thousands of people flood golden gate park for "4-20." did they leave a 10-thousand - dollar mess behind. like they did last year? and -- they thought it was a slam dunk. but the warriors' hopes for a waterfront arena in san francisco. came up against some strong defense. now, the team is tossing up a new plan. details on that -- and the land the warriors just bought for it.
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the warriors scrap plans for a waterfront arena. and swap the site for another san francisco location. in a few years this will become the new home of the golden state warriors. the team purchased the 12- acre site. on 3-rd and 16-th streets in san francisco's mission bay neighborhood. it is just a few blocks from a- t- and-t park and has access to the muni t- line. take a look at where the old arena was located. in comparison to the new mission bay site. critics who hated the idea of a waterfront site.say, they are happy with today's news. the site change will push back the warriors debut in the new
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arena about a year. to the 20-18 season. the warriors have not commented about arena today. but say, they plan to make an official announcement tomorrow morning. still ahead: an update on the men who police say, used a craigslist ad, as a ruse to rob unsuspecting women in a public parking lot. where detectives tracked the men down. and, the new bart trains' seat colors are causing a controversy. before they even hit the tracks. the main complaint some people have, and what's being done about it. walls of your future castanest
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more experts weigh in on the south bay teen who stowed away on that flight from san jose to maui. see it, after the news. san jose police say, they have arrested these two men in tulare county. officers say, they forced two women to withdraw money. after connecting on craigslist about buying i- phones. we first brought you this story in march. it started with one woman, who used craigslist to meet the men to buy cell phones. when the men arrived at an east san jose target store, they showed her a gun, forced her into their car. and made her withdraw money from her a-t-m. then, they demanded she call her friend for more money. 18-year-old cody hollinquest was tracked down in visalia. willie christopher was arrested in nearby tulare. p-g&e has pleaded 'not guilty' in federal court today -- to charges stemming from the deadly san bruno blast. the indictment alleges the company quote- "knowingly and willfully" violated safety requirements. of a pipeline in question. a portion of line- 132, ruptured and caused an explosion
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and massive fire in 2010. eight people were killed. scores were injured. and more than three- dozen homes were destroyed. no company officials were named in the indictment. if the company is convicted -- p-g&e could face a 6- million dollar fine for the 12- charges. or, a special charge which calculates the damage done to the victims. two helicopters were needed to rescue a palo alto man in yosemite national park. park officials say, the 26- year-old fell 30-feet. while climbing with a partner in the park's cathedral mountain range. he suffered serious injuries and needed a california highway patrol helicopter to get him off the mountain. the man was then taken in a different helicopter. to memorial medical center in modesto.
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there was a small mudslide that
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city officials are looking into for future problems. in the next several hours will have feet deep tell and that of the storthat tell end of them sweeps through. what spotty shower until th the morning commute. we're all
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expecting 100 of the inch of rain to a 10th of an inch of rain in most areas. though the mid-60s expected down south. along the coastline running in the upper 50s. as for the sierra mainframe right now. as tempters drop were expecting a little bit of snow. as for the extended forecast tomorrow a few morning showers isolated to route the area. by friday and
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will have a new with possible rain in saturday. the annual "420" marijuana celebration in san francsico's golden gate park may have been full of illegal activity. but it was a lot cleaner this year. hippie hill, sharon meadow and other locations in golden gate park are mobbed each year on april 20th. police arrested 10-people during 4-20 on sunday. about 15-thousand people left a mess last year that cost the city about 10-thousand dollars to clean up. this year. there was not as much of a mess. as local leaders urged people to clean up after themselves. a parks deparment crew of about 20 was out picking up trash last night. that crew doubled in size this morning. and the workers got help from volunteers who wanted to pitch in. clean up costs. the new fleet of bart trains is not even in service yet.but there is already a petition to change the design. some 49-ers fans are saying the neon blue and green seats look like seattle seahawks colors. a niner's fan out of stockton is
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so upset he started a petition on change dot org. he calls the design "an outrage" and a "slap in the face of every san francisco 49-ers fan who rides bart". it has 16-hundred signatures at this point. passengers will start riding the new trains in 20-17. drinkers could find themselves sprinkling their favorite beverage rather than pouring it. powdered alcohol brand 'palcohol' is set to hit store shelves. although it's not clear exactly when. earlier it was announced that the feds approved it. now we're hearing that's not true. and the company is awaiting the green light. there are seven versions of palcohol, including margarita and cosmopolitan flavor. japan and europe already have powdered alcohol in stores. welcome back everyone. rough night for the warriors. nothing going right for them down in l.a tonight. nothing going right for them down in l.a tonight. moments of certainty.
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on to baseball. a's coming into tonight's game with texas owning the best record in the american league ryan vogelsong didn't bring his "a" game tonight for the giants.
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or even is b.c.or d game. vogelsong lit up early and often in colorado. giants/rockies ryan vogelsong it's not getting any better for vogee top 1st vogelsong gives up a solo home run to nolan aranado 1-0 rockies still top 1st willin rosario 3-run home run off vogelsong 4-0 rockies top 2nd charlie blackmon solo shot off vogelsong 5-0 rockies final: 8-2 rockies giants: 11-9 blackmon hit 2 home runs rockies hit 5 the terrelle pryor experiment is officially over in oakland
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the raiders quarterback traded to the seattle seahawks in exchange for a meager seventh round draft pick. pryor just 3-and-6 as a starter last year. he was electrifying at times.especially running the ball.second among nfl quarterbacks in rushing.but never evolved into the quarterback they had hoped he could pryor gets his
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stowaway. the teen who hid in the wheel and flew to hawaii. >> did he really go into human hibernation to survive? then, tug of war exclusive. mom versus cops. fighting over her 5-year-old daughter. here she is. as her dad speaks out. and the high school kid who got suspended because he asked miss america to the prom. >> would you still ask her. >> reporter: and what miss america is saying today. plus the family trapped at the safari park, their car is on fire, and they're surrounded by lions. >> what would you do to get out alive? under attack at the safari


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