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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  May 20, 2014 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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now at 6. we're watching the weather as there could be a chance of thunderstorms today. anny hong tracking it all for you. a teenager hit and killed by an amtrak train. while walking with earphones in. the latest details, next. developing news this morning. a fire destroyed two vehicles at a san jose home. they've been hauled away. now investigators are calling that fire suspicious.
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>>anny: hi guys. we are looking at any conditions this morning. and also ahead with his body signs out there. we also have a chance of some act of weather. asked his elegant temperatures. 55. in the fifties also for our friends in livermore. 56 and oakland. temperatures are getting up into the '60s and '70s on again. we're watching his arms as of that could bring us, showers or even an isolated showers. also talk about your memorial holiday weekend forecast. but first here's george with your traffic. if our >>george: going anny. as we continue to monitor an area like the back of is just beginning to form and when the advisory is in place this morning for the san francisco fed oakland and bay bridge in the nation
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bridge and are to read. also i remind advisory this morning this is a ride on interstate 580 of where a wind advisory was issued for the of the law passed than this morning an accident jamming up the ride on 17 in the northbound direction at the summit for a eighth time off load plans and walked north bound. some of >>: thanks a lot george. above recovering news. a fire that destroyed two vehicles. toughest where investigators are calling it suspicious to readthat fire broke out around point drive.that's in the hotfoot eastern part of san jose. the fire is out now. an 18-year-old girl is dead after she was hit by a train she never heard coming. the incident happened last night around six in san leandro. police say brittney silva
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was wearing earbud headphones when the amtrak train hit her on hesperian boulevard. witnesses tried to warn her, but she could not hear them. the family has a memorial set up next to the tracks. silva was a straight a student accepted to two different universities. she wanted to be a doctor. another lawsuit is expected this morning in the deadly bus accident near chico last month. from a family of one of the students who died in the fiery crash. 18 year old ismael jimenez.who was a senior at inglewood animo charger high school near los angeles. was one of ten people killed when the tour bus he was on collided with a fedex truck. that bus was on a college visit trip. at least one student hurt in the crash have already filed suits against the bus
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company and fedex. now the families of at least two students killed in the crash have as well. new this morning. the obama administration is pushing congress to make sure there's enough money to as battle an already busy fire season. histoday, agriculture secretary tom vilsack will propose keeping the funding to equal 70 percent of the estimated 10 year average firefighting cost. his plan also calls for another 954 million in disaster funding. good news on the battle
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against one of the largest wildfires in southern california. firefighters say the blaze in san diego county is expected to be contained by thursday. the fire started last week in san marcos and burned 36 homes and a business. its one of nearly a dozen wildfires that exploded through populated brushlands during days of hot and windy weather. all together, the fires burned 44 houses, an 18- unit apartment building and two businesses. the very first blaze started tuesday and was caused by a spark from
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construction equipment. cause of the other fires are under investigation. there could soon be a limit as to how many cars will be allowed in the popular lombard street. sphene san but hotit's a big
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tourist attraction and there are safety concerns for pedestrians, drivers, and people who live in the area. kron 4's will tran is live off
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moments of certainty.
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a dot of pretty similar to yesterday with a few changes carried a live look from our growth camera ready to concede a cloudy skies are kind of white and puffy clouds with some birds of sunshine. our still breezy out there. that would be the case for much of the day. they will be a little warmer for a lot of locations and we do have that's like a chance for showers and thunderstorms. and the entire bay area. tomorrow the warming begins. a lot of
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'70s and '80s. for memorial day weekend as well for the most part afternoon highs are topping out at all '70s for the north bay cree and while '70s and san jose st. 63 is also san francisco to off a wind speed. in presenting spots like an oakland 13 mall and our cause of the tests were showing us a slight chance for some isolated showers and thunderstorms for the antarctic court packwood
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corporate why as a
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is 618 the santa rosa woman accused of assaulting a child not to suspect it was bullying her daughter might have been targeting the wrong blood. please that's according to the sonoma county sheriff's office. thirty year-old dally of garcia's who was arrested friday accused of putting her hands around the neck of a 12 year-old boy ate at an elementary school. the boy was pointed out as someone who in been harassing her daughter. if the justice department says it hasn't found any evidence of that however. their relative of the suspect says she has six children would never heard a child. percy of directors
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says cross a desert asking for the ad community tell us this morning about that flight from san francisco that nearly crashed into another plane as it was on approach at new jersey airport last month >>: we now know the landing united airlines flight that was 90 from san francisco at about 200 ft. from an offensive brought brought ground no sticking out of the same time creed express and jet's pilot can be heard for saying he was keeping
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the nose down of the planes. the united flight was order to abort its landing. investigators are trying to figure out how the planes were directed to be so close to the first place >>: in a developing story the sba budget issue it and another aircraft warning about dog treats that could make your shot your dog very sick as of may 1st more than a thousand why not hawks have died because of chinese and made in jerky treats report when nearly to, stocks have also gotten sick from those trees. so far the fda has now been put the point out exactly why so many pets are getting sick from the streets it's not a specific brand of dirty tricks either the week into a look for some pet owners are warned of this this morning. if you feed them jerky treats watched him closely for any signs of any.
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mcdonald's has a new mascot. he is called happy. he is encouraging students to be a happy, eat healthy foods. he looks like a half e-mail with eyes and teeth. >>: we'd like to know what to think about it. >>: it's been fun reading some of the comet because some people say the tech is paring its years old. other people say he's coming to eat you. but of a kron4 dog, man. i must begin my journey,
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going a little bit of each day this week. temperatures
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and one top and aren't aware '70s. the bay upper 60s and a coach. are the roads
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looking. and and is as l.a.
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has began the process forcing embattled edwin owner donald sterling to sell the team. they set a hearing for june 3rd in new york and shortly after owners will vote on whether he must sell the team. this is 75 percent of the 29 other owners vote him out that he would be forced to sell the clippers and of course he plans to appeal to read this to take a little while because his own to fight these things to the
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nail that might force responders from the bay area are going to join others and los angeles for a today urban search and rescue system test. if they're going to show how prepared they are for earthquakes and other disasters. if they started the demonstrations at 5:00 this morning. they're going to continue to show off their skills through tomorrow afternoon. >>: in san francisco school is not apologizing this morning after removing a students pitcher from the year book. if the sacred heart catholic school took jessica senior fatah out of the year bug and printed the year books with out aren't dumb because she was wearing this. it tuxedo for her class stair going to pose for photographs and there will reword and their
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address polos it 23 if they call a growing experience 3 recovered alive here. people are upset about it and how they changed their tune. if the most shocking surveillance video of phoenix arizona up rich man seen at the ride a 23 month old daughter if into the pool to teach her a lesson. so he some rule the toddler into the pool to the jury lessen thrift the girl's mother also claims that he hosed that child down with water. if that father now could face child abuse charges. >>: said if you are going to stay at a hotel sometime this summer for your vacation make sure that you are check out to take a look at to the fees your bid charge because consumer reports said those fees include all kinds of things that you may not have known about such like there are resort fees for athletic authorities. you will see
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the sea. you can't really argue that off. we're going to take a quick break will be back with more in a minute. all wrapper mclemore is apologizing for wearing the costume. we'll tell you why he says he started today. seat in the bay area's
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come back to the kron4 morning news 640 is the time on the clock. a u.s. marine fell from an aircraft in north carolina. with what ever reason he fell out of the aircraft monday night. it is the highest rainfall
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ever recorded in the balkans of the danube river is not expected to flood the area. hot rapper mclemore is apologizing for wearing a costume that some have found to be anti-semitic. the grammy award winners as he did not mean to block the jewish people at his performance last friday in seattle he said he randomly chose random pieces is a need to disguise himself a move freely around the secret show. if he said the beard and a fake nose want men to the character of the jewish man. and we're waking up to partly cloudy conditions on this tuesday morning. we do see the chance for some unstable weather in the form of
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showers and maybe even some storms grid for more details on that and also a look at your memorial day weekend forecast on the
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editions yesterday. it was when the overnight. >>anny: does in the winds will be as strong for the rest of today. we are scene of some breezy conditions and hear some satellite and radar picture. but the blue. we have snow falling off in the mountains and the sierra and that's no continues this morning where we could see one to 3 in. above 3,000 ft.. we're also looking at the possibility of some thunderstorms for the bay area is and i think it's a really small chance. incident was a lot of problems. here's a look at what we are expecting thrift a slight chance for some thunderstorms today and we're probably going sugh 3 here's a look at our headlines three breezy and milder for the afternoon and we will see a slight chance for isolated showers storm today for the entire bay area. tomorrow the warming begins it will be pleasant. '70s on low 80s. we will see warming conditions for the rest of the week into your
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we can carry it does look pretty nice. for memorial day.
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5:00 tonight is to be a fairly dry evening commutes if we do hold on to the slight chance for thunderstorm or shower. for the rest of the day to day. right would what soft
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fez happening today in oakland in the public works department announcing and 3800 smart parking meters that are going to be installed. if you want to go to loot stores and shops and appear as much quarters as i do. their 700 m parking spaces and 3800 are going to be converted to these marketers by the july 1st from today bay area seventh graders fight through the finals of the national geographic be in washington d.c. 13 year-old to cover its and michael's birse chemicals such as zane goes to a new wave of sleigh hillsborough he represented in california back in 2011 when he finished in the top
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10. so we're wishing him well to get a live look at the capitol first let michelle obama is hoping to ready off for the one first white house and much else. the president's committee is hosting the this and as from eight schools around the country are part of a program called turnaround artist. if it's designed to help increase student achievement through the arts so the white house tell us shot through their own little star search. those in out pictures. if tim duncan scored 27 points and san antonio dominated the awards plus a defender in the opener of the of western conference finals drifted nobly at 18 points and tony parker did not appear limited by his hampshire and injury. he scored 14 points and so this is as well. thus under struggled on defense all game long. san antonio has 66 college in the paint
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and shot 58 percent from the field. if what four words of tim love says he wants out of minnesota and the golden state warriors are reportedly one of the teams interested in picking him up. he has one year left on his guilt and he says he will walk when his contract is up so it will be nice for the timber wolf to treat him now. if the los angeles lakers are also interested in the third three-time all- star love average 26 points per game last year.
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in 7 we are watching the weather and actually it is starting to rain in a little bit. we'll tell you where. to end the bay area amtrak train at a train heads and tails a teenager who was walking with airbus the latest on that story coming up. >>: and james the world cup history to cooper kron4 news that seven stars now. never mind. we have hot spot to talk about whether


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